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tv   Good Day Philadelphia Weekend  FOX  October 1, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> from the fox 29 studios, this is "good day" philadelphia weekend. >> the juice is loose. o.j. simpson a free man after being released overnight. what's next. plus this. >> i'm worried about one thing, saving lives. >> puerto rico still crying out for people as they fight to survive. how people in our area are supporting the devastated island after being slammed by hurricane maria. and it was a nail biter last weekend for the birds. >> the kick is away and the kick is... it's good. >> jake elliott's 61-yard field goal secured the win for the eagles. will they be as successful today in california? and how old is too old? there's a new age limit on halloween taking the fun away from some trick-or-treaters.
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>> the kids love it. good day. it's sunday, october 1st. >> man, already october. >> can you believe it? >> no. >> where has the year gone. >> how old is too old. >> i'm too old to dress up i think. >> if you have to think about it you're too old. >> these morning walks with diamond getting a little chilly. >> a little chilly, temperatures in the 40's, even 30's for the poconos so definitely feeling like fall and also feeling like october. live look outside of our studios we have a lot of sunshine for your sunday but those temperatures are chilly to start so have those jackets and those sweaters. weather by the numbers, scale of one to 10, what about a perfect 10 for today. a lot of sunshine. live look right now along the parkway showing the sunshine but look at the temperatures. upper 40's right now officially in philadelphia. it is nippy out there. we have winds out of the north at about 8 miles per hour.
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take a look at the numbers north and west right now. 34 degrees mount pocono. we have 41 degrees in pottstown. 41 in allentown. currently upper 40's in wilmington. dover 49 degrees. 48 in millville. we'll zoom into parts of south jersey right now. look at hammonton. 46 degrees. mid 40's mullica hill. upper 40's in cinnaminson. over to camden we have 50 degrees sea isle city and low 50's in wildwood. so, high pressure that will be in full control, wall to wall sunshine expected for today with high temperatures only in about the upper 60's across the area. wall to wall sunshine. don't forget to have those shades handy with all that sunshine and once again, a light jacket or a sweater. definitely feeling like fall out there. sweater weather. we're looking at temperatures hour by hour. by noon, 63 degrees. upper 60's once again, lauren, later on this afternoon. we'll talk about that entire seven-day forecast and if we'll see a warmup coming up.
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>> all right, scott thank you so much. breaking from overnight o.j. simpson is a free man this morning after nine years behind bars. he was released from the correctional center in nevada. lauren blanchard has the details. >> reporter: nearly a decade after an armed robbery at the hotel behind me, o.j. simpson is a free man for the most part. >> the 70-year-old former nfl star was released from prison after serving just under nine years of a 33 year sentence. though known primarily for being acquitted of the 1994 murders of ron goldman and nicole brown simpson his incarceration was in connection with a 2008 las vegas kidnapping and armed robbery conviction. after months of legal wrangling a nevada parole board unanimously granted simpson parole calling him a model inmate. one of the people encouraging release was the victim of the crime himself who said it was time for simpson's time in
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prison to be over. >> he never laid a hand on me. we all make mistakes. oj made his. he's been here and from what i'm told he's been a model inmate. he's been an example to others. i don't feel that he's a threat to anyone out there. >> reporter: as for what comes next, even though the attorney general of florida says simpson isn't welcome in the sunshine state, simpson's attorney says he still plans to move to florida where his family lives. >> he's obviously, like i said, he's got to go back and reestablish himself in society. he's got to resume his relationships with his family, his friends and he's just basically got to lay low. >> reporter: simpson may be free but that freedom comes with legal restrictions. if he were to violate any of the terms of his parole, he risks being sent back to prison. in las vegas, lauren blanchard, fox news. >> all right.
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happening now a huge effort to help puerto rico here at home. loads of donations head to the battered island and it's all setting sale from the delaware river. brad sattin joins us along eddystone with this good deed. good deed for sure, we're in eddystone south of philadelphia international airport. and this is a port here, this is called penn terminals on the other side is the delaware river and this place as been busy 24/7 since thursday. i want to show you what's going on. you can see a tractor-trailer to my right. we have been seeing nonstop trailers coming in all morning long. they're coming from government warehouses in alabama to unload supplies, food and water. they've been, as i mentioned, doing this nonstop, the supplies being then loaded into metal containers, these 40-foot containers. we do know on friday they loaded 180 of them to then be put on this barge. let's show you some pictures
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here. the barge will eventually make its way down to san juan, puerto rico, the port there where supplies have been arriving. you may have seen the pictures over the last several days, the problem is not getting there, it's with the distribution because of all the damage in puerto rico the supermarkets the distribution centers they've been very slow to reopen. there's been a lack of trucks and truck drivers to get the supplies moving to the people who need them. fema is running this operation. they are on the ground here in philadelphia as well overseeing the process. we know here in philly they are loading 86 tractor-trailers of bottled water as well as 86 tractor-trailers of food, the kind of food the combat uses in the military along with breakfast bars, cereal, things that don't need refrigeration and have a long shelf life. another barge we also know is going to be leaving out of pennsauken with about 150 container loads of supplies. so, as we come back here live, you can see we've seen at
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least four or five of these trucks arriving at penn terminals here over the course of the last few hours since we've been here. they are going to eventually be loaded onto this barge leaving today, headed to san juan and we are told, lauren it will take about a week for it to get there. back to you. >> we are happy to help. brad sattin reporting. thank you so much. president trump continuing to slam the mayor of san juan puerto rico after she criticized the federal response to hurricane maria. >> i am done being polite, i am done being politically correct. i am mad as hell because my people's lives are at stake. >> the president called cruz a poor leader while praising the governor of puerto rico, he tweeted yesterday "the mayor of san juan who was very complimentary only a few days ago has been told by the democrats that you must be nasty to trump. last week the president vowed to visit the island on
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tuesday. also happening now, police continue to search for the shooter accused of hitting a six-year-old boy with a stray bullet. it happened just before 8:00 friday night on 24th and norris. police say the innocent six-year-old was outside with his family when the boy was hit in the shoulder. hawphe was rushed to the hospitl for surgery. we are told he'll be okay. philadelphia police also investigating two shootings that happened early yesterday morning. the first one happened just after 1:00 a.m. germantown and abbottsford avenues. police say they found a man in his 20's shot in the head and legs. crews rushed the ma and t the me hospital where he remains in critical condition. an hour later police say man was shot several times inside his car on vine and water streets in olde city. police say the victim's girlfriend told them he came home and left to go park the car. when he didn't come back, she went outside and found him shot in the car that was still running. right now police don't have any suspects in either case. a new warning before you head out to make a deal.
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it may seem like a simple craigslist post to make some cash but police say it could turn into an armed robbery. the wilmington police department warning the public about people selling dirt bikes on web sites like craigslist and let go. authorities say they are investigating a number of armed robberies and attempted robberies stemming from people looking to buy dirt bikes, meeting with folks who posted on those sites. the police department recommends that buyers meet up during daylight hours. don't go alone. and meet somewhere in public where cameras are located. in the new jersey governor's race the two top party candidates to succeed governor chris christie are taking very different approaches to one of the top issues. democrat phil murphy and republican lieutenant governor kim guadagno are leading in the polls when it comes to property taxes, guadagno is making lowering rates a top issue. she's proposing capping reavies. murphy is hoping to lower
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rates by pumping more money into education. the election takes place on november 7th. >> ♪ let's talk national news. an air france flight from paris to los angeles forced to make an emergency landing in canada. the aircraft landed safely yesterday after one of its engines failed during the flight. all of a sudden passengers say they heard a boom. everyone is okay. the airline says it brought in two flights to accommodate the nearly 500 passengers to get them to l.a. 7:10 this morning. coming up, playing pretend got all too real for an actor in indiana. why the production company is taking the blame after he was shot onset. plus, could there be an age limit to the spooky holiday? one city says so and you might be shocked at the age they say is too old for halloween. >> ♪ >> hi, i'm sue serio. weekend wendy is so excited about the upcoming 76ers
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basketball season. you can get a preview of this season's team today at the palestra right there on the university of pennsylvania campus on 33rd street. it's the 76ers blue-white scrimmage from 1:00 until 3:30 p.m. trust the process. from weekend wendy and me. : new jersey is
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>> welcome back on this sunday morning. we're waking up to chilly conditions right now. the normal high temperature for this time of year is 72 degrees. highs later on this afternoon pretty much stuck in the upper 60's. temperatures generally right now in the 40's to 50's this morning. by this afternoon, once again, high temperatures in the upper 60's. a little milder by the afternoon but you still will need that light jacket. a lot of sunshine out there, so have the shades. looking pretty good later on this afternoon at the ballpark as well. live look right now at the pocono mountains. look at this picture postcard worthy shot showing you a lot of sunshine out there but temperatures in the poconos this morning are in the 30's. so, there could even be a little bit of frost on the old pumpkin there in the poconos. 49 degrees officially in philadelphia. winds out of the north at about 8 miles per hour. but look at the temperatures right now. we have 34 degrees mount pocono, 41 allentown, 41 degrees in pottstown.
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upper 40's in wilmington and dover. we have 48 degrees right now in atlantic city. high pressure, that is in full control, so wall to wall sunshine throughout your sunday. first pitch 3:05, 67 degrees, we're looking at a a lot of sunshine, a nice fall afternoon but once again have that light jacket. temperatures across the region stuck in the mid to upper 60's areawide down the shore 67 degrees, 66 for the lehigh valley. that weather authority seven-day forecast showing you upper 60's today. back into the mid 70's early next week and then turning warmer, upper 70's to near 80 by the latter part of next week. back over to you. >> all right, scott, thank you so much. a final farewell for philadelphia fire lieutenant, police officers firefighters and loved ones lined the streets yesterday near engine 45 to honor lieutenant kenneth green. fox 29's steve keeley was there. >> reporter: the number 37 and flowers was on the front of engine 37.
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the same one lieutenant kenneth green was working at at the firehouse when he collapsed in uniform on duty september 3rd. he never recovered and died 11 days later. >> we went back 24, 25 years. we started the fire academy together, came on the job and always good friends. >> ♪ >> reporter: at his funeral, those like kenneth green who put their lives on the line every day, both firefighters and philly police officers, all sharing that same brotherhood of dedication, of putting the public's lives before their own. saying and saluting a last goodbye. >> you might have some down time in the station when you're not training or out on the street doing something, it's still stressful because every time the bell goes off there's a stress that builds up and, you know, you start thinking about where you have to go and what you're going to encounter and you never know if it's going to be your last call. so, even while not actively involved in a fire you're
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still always in that frame of mind that you're in service and on duty. >> ♪ >> reporter: before serving the city, kenneth green served the country in the u.s. army, flying proudly in the fall breeze, bravery and patriotism on display just liken in this green displayed throughout the day his life. steve keeley, fox 29 news. >> tensions high in spain this morning as police clash with voters in a planned referendu referendum. they're seeking independence from spain and is urging the region's voters to make their voices heard. spain's constitutional court is calling the independence vote illegal or unconstitutional. let's head to north korea. secretary of state rex tillerson says the united states has three channels of communication opened with north korea despite rising tensions between the
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adversaries. he added that it is important for north korea to stop its missile testing to heal relations. this comes as tillerson is meeting with the chinese president in beijing. china considered a crucial player in diplomatic relations with north korea as the countries share close economic ties. a movie set turned all too real for an actor in indiana. turns out the production company never warned nearby businesses or even police about their robbery scene. the actor was dressed in a ski mask with a gun in hand when he will walked right into the a brewery in crawfordsville. someone inside the brewery thought a robbery was about to take place and they called police. officers arrived yelled at the man to drop the gun and he did not and they opened fire. luckily though they missed. the movie company says in the future they will make sure to notify police and anyone else of their productions. >> we're not just separate like levels of people, we're all just the same. >> high school football
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players take a powerful stance but it's not about politics. why these athletes are walking onto the field hand in hand with police. >> ♪ >> ever wonder why at the end of the month you're a few cents short of a dollar? i know why. look in the drive way. average consumer spends about 8500 bucks a year on their ride according to a aaa survey. it's not just the car payments it's everything else insurance depreciation repairs. it all adds up but it doesn't have to break the bank. just a few tips on how you can get your cruise on without spending a boat load of dough. first, think about sharing it. you don't have to own it. that's right, more consumers
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change your thinking about buying your next one. >> this is fox 29 sports in
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one minute. >> good morning. i'm sean bracey. the eagles take on the winless los angeles chargers today. catch the game at 4:05 right here on fox 29. let's check out penn state taking on indiana. saquon barkley taking the opening kickoff 98 yards for the touchdown. barkley also threw a touchdown pass in this one. penn state rolls 45 to 14. temple owls at home taking on houston and it was 20 to nothing cougars before temple got the message. final seconds in the fourth one last try and he gets picked off his third interception on the day. houston wins 22-13. finally phillies and mets game 161 and if you're in the ballpark for this one my hats off to you. this had to be settled in extras as odubel herrera hit a three run homer for the mets. they win seven to four. that's sports in a minute. i'm sean brace.
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go birds. >> ♪ >> how is that for some excitement? i like that. with halloween just around the corner kids are already excited about trick-or-treating but now we have a question for you. how old is too old to participate? because one town in canada is actually working to set an age limit on trick-or-treating. officials are on track to pass a set of rules this month prohibiting people over the age of 16 from going door to door for candy. if you're caught, you could face a fine of up to $200 so that brings us to this morning's instant poll reaction question, how old is too old to trick-or-treat? is there an age limit? should there be one? let us know your thoughts on any of our social media channels. you have to use that hashtag fox 29 good day. >> let the kids have fun. >> i agree. >> let the kids have fun. >> can it get a little creepy with -- let the adults have parties. >> i don't think there's anything wrong with dressing up past a certain age but why are you going door to door as an adult trick-or-treating.
7:26 am
>> that is creepy. >> that is creepy. go canada. it's definitely feeling like fall and that means coughs and sniffles are not far behind. a flu warning from doctors about who is most at risk this season. plus, local effort to help puerto rico. brad sattin is live with more. hi, brad. >> ♪eporterbrad.
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: new jersey is facing an epidemic fueled by opioid painkillers. vanessa: we want you to know that recovery from addiction is possible. christie: the signs you spot today... vanessa: ...could save a loved one tomorrow. christie: to learn more, visit
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>> ♪ >> 7:29 this morning. o.j. simpson, there he is, a free man again. the former football legend released from the love lock correctional center in nevada just after midnight pacific time. he served nine years for a botched hotel heist in las vegas. after months of legal wrangling a parole board granted the 70-year-old parole unlike the last time he went free 22 years ago he'll face up to five years of parole supervision. another setback for the gop hoping to make big changes to healthcare. president trump's health secretary tom price resigned on friday, this comes amid investigations over his use of costly charter flights for official travel attacks payer expense. this makes it even more unlikely that republicans can repeal and replace affordable care act. i cannot believe october
7:30 am
is here. >> just like that. remember last week a lot of folks were saying you know what, it is too hot. high temperatures were in the upper 80's to low 90's. well, it finally feels like fall. a lot of sunshine for today. high temperatures upper 60's but right now we're waking up to numbers in the upper 40's officially right now in philadelphia. winds out of the north at about 8 miles per hour. so, as we take a look at those temperatures, look at the 30's right now mount pocono. there could be a little bit of patchy frost there. we have 41 degrees in the lehigh valley, 41 in reading, 41 lancaster. upper 40's the general rule as we move into parts of delaware and also interior south jersey. we have numbers right now 52 ocean city, 50 sea isle city but look at the 40's. 44 mullica hill, 46 trees right now in hammonton. ultimate doppler, it is dry. it will stay that way because of this big area of high pressure that has set of shop so that will mean high temperatures upper 60's for today, wall to wall sunshine. not as breezy as yesterday
7:31 am
with that area of high pressure. grab a pair of shades if you're stepping outdoors at any length of time for today and also, maybe a sweater or a light jacket. 69 degrees the afternoon high temperature in center city. 67 down the shore, 66 for the lehigh valley and then temperatures for tonight, chilly again, right around 50 degrees in philadelphia. 40's elsewhere. low 40's north and west. the seven-day forecast showing you for tomorrow, a lot of sunshine, temperatures a little milder into the 70's again. upper 70's by the middle and latter part of next week, maybe a shower chance sneaking in that seven day by friday of next week. lauren, back over to you. >> all right, scott, thank you so much. a huge relief effort for puerto rico happening right here at home. loads of donations heading to the battered island and it's all setting sale fro sail from e delaware river. brad sattin joins us live in eddystone along the delaware river. hi, brad. >> reporter: yeah, with a working microphone this time i'm happy to report.
7:32 am
we are along the delaware river. i want to take a look -- take a look behind me. you see the moving truck. we've seen a lot of activity here. we are at penn terminals. these tractor-trailers coming and going, they're coming actually out of alabama where there's a government warehouse there to unload supplies, food and water to help the folks in puerto rico. now, they are unloading way down there. we're going to show you in the distance. you see those big 40-foot red containers. they are loading up those containers, about 180 of them to then be put onto the barge to set sail for later today. that barge will eventually make its way to the port of san juan in puerto rico where supplies have been arriving. you may have heard about this. the problem is not getting the supplies there but it is in the distribution because of all the damage in puerto rico, the supermarkets there, the distribution centers, they've really been slow to reopen and there's been a lack of trucks and drivers to get the supplies actually moving to the people who need them.
7:33 am
fema is here on the ground in philadelphia. they are overseeing this operation. at last check, they have loaded up about 86 tractor-trailers of bottled water as well as 86 tractor-trailers of food, the kind of food the military uses in combat we're told, things like breakfast bars and cereal, things that don't need refrigeration and obviously have a long shelf life. another barge we're also hearing is going to be leaving out of pennsauken, they've loaded up there about 150 containers of supplies. so, the plan is to get this barge moving later today. it has been a huge effort. they have been working 24/7. we are told since thursday. and just over the course of the last few hours that we've been here, we have seen tractor-trailers coming in from alabama, so they are in the final stages to get this shipment going. it's going to take, lauren, we're hearing, about a week to get down to puerto rico. >> and they will be happy to see that come in. brad sattin, thank you so much. >> reporter: for sure.
7:34 am
>> two women behind bars this morning after police say they poured lighter fluid on the floor of a 7-eleven in frankford. it happened around 3 o'clock this morning at the store on the 5,000 block of frankford avenue. initial reports say the women had that planned on starting a fire inside the store. that didn't happen luckily. philadelphia police now investigating. also happening now, police continue to search for the shooter, accused of hitting a six-year-old boy with a stray bullet. this happened just before 8:00 friday night on 24th and norris. police say the innocent six-year-old was outside with his family when the boy was hit in the shoulder. he was rushed to the hospital for surgery. we are told he will be okay. let's talk health this morning. doctors say it's time to get your flu shot. health officials are worried that the upcoming flu season could be a bad one. the concern comes after flu season hit australia hard this summer and in the u.s., small clusters of the flu are already popping up. the cdc is urging everyone six months and older to get a flu shot. tomorrow morning on good day mike and alex will get a flu
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shot live at the cvs here at third and market. meet them down here and get your flu shots. all right, watch out. the love bug is lurking, well, sort of. we're learning how a love hormone can boost your personality. >> ♪ >> i'm anthony and this is your tech bite from the tech tank. we covered a lot of apple with all their announcement but maybe that thousand dollars you want to put somewhere else. well, we got a smartphone for you. it's the samsung galaxy note eight. it's the answer to the iphone x. now, first off, it has a 6.3-inch huge infiniti screen. it's basically the oled screen quality so it's really the best in the market. for those of you complaining with the iphone x that you're going to loss your fingerprint reader, guess what, samsung still has one for you. they also have facial recognition. now one thing we got to say, it's not quite as good as the iphone's. the samsung will recognize your face but in poorly hit
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♪ ♪ hi ted, glad you could join us!
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♪ ♪ give it a try. mmm. give that to me. ♪ ♪ (laughing) ted? ♪ ♪ >> ♪ >> hey, everybody i'm jen frederick. i have one of my favorite coworkers vaughna with me. a group of moms are asking each other for help and i always feel guilty. do you feel the same way. >> yes, i do. >> any particular time. >> one time i was running home late. usually my husband is that
7:40 am
able to pick her up and this particular time he was caught at work also so we had to ask one of my friends to pick her up and i feel bad imposing. >> and yet if someone asked you. >> i would do it in a heartbeat. >> so, that's the situation. this is the message today. ask your friends for help. and it's okay if the first one says they're busy, right. >> yes. >> because everyone, every mom working mom, stay-at-home mom, single mom, married mom we're all in this together. i'm going to ask for help when i need it more often. how about. >> yes, i am. it worked out perfectly. >> coworker, love her. momma log. >> ♪ >> some people it's just hard for them to ask for help but you have to with kid. >> don't be scared. >> scared. tighten up scott. if you're a social butterfly you have science to thank for that. researchers say it could be due to what they're calling now the love hormone. the hormone is actually called oxytocin and researchers at stanford university say it
7:41 am
encourages people to be social by encouraging good feelings when people get together. findings could lead to new ways to help people who have difficulty socializing including those will autism and schizophrenia. >> so, you're supposed to spray something on you and you'll become a social butterfly. >> or maybe you can pop a pill with like some hormones in there gets you a little more social. >> i don't know about that. >> you don't like that. >> i've heard of -- >> some people when you're in those settings they get completely overwhelmed and they're too nervous to venture out into crowds and some people it just comes natural and they just do it. >> some type of possession. >> are you a social butterfly. >> depends on like you said the situation. >> the setting. >> or the setting. >> 'cause my mom is very shy in public but at home she will never stop talking and i'm like are you still talking. >> trish. >> trish, she will not stop but in public she's quiet as a mouse, like doesn't say anything and i'm like
7:42 am
whatever, lady. the birds have back as you know, it's sunday. sunday fun day. will they be able to secure a win out in callie without one of their top players?
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>> ♪ >> it really is beautiful. a lot of sunshine across the area but a little chill in the air so grab those light jackets and sweaters as we take a live look right now down the shore, there's a cool breeze so have the wind breaker. still a little chop in the ocean so just be mindful of that but we're looking at least sunshine across the region for today. temperatures right now, though, look at the numbers. upper 40's officially at the philadelphia international airport. humidity 83 percent. winds out of the north now at about 8 miles per hour. look at the low 40's north and west toward the lehigh valley, allentown, 41 degrees, 41 in pottstown. we have upper 40's in millville. 48 in wilmington along with dover but look at mount pocono. a chilly 34 degrees, just 2 degrees above freezing there. down the shore, 52 degrees ocean city. 50 sea isle city. cinnaminson, camden 49 degrees. high pressure as we look at ultimate doppler. that will be in full control for today allowing for lots of
7:46 am
sunshine feeling like fall. first pitch at 3:05 the phillies taking on the mets, 67 degrees, a nice afternoon and then, yeah, out west, the eagles taking on the chargers at 4 o'clock. it will be mostly sunny out there, a light wind and temperatures by kickoff will be i in the upper 70's so great weather out west. as far as temperatures over the next seven days, upper 60's today, 74 degrees for monday, a lot of sunshine. mid 70's by tuesday. then upper 70's to near 80 degrees the latter part of next wek so temperatures going back above average. maybe a shower chance in the forecast next friday. lauren, over to you. >> all right, scott, thank you so much. 7:46. dozens of animals in philadelphia, they come from hurricane zones, texas and florida. the goal now find these little babies some new forever homes. fox 29 photojournalist bill rohr reports. >> reporter: many dogs and cats were left without a home. >> hi, guys.
7:47 am
>> reporter: in partnership with animal rescue core -- >> so glad to be home. >> reporter: animals from shelters in areas affected by hurricanes made the long drive from that washington, d.c. to pennsylvania's spca in hopes of being adopted. >> if anyone is at home thinking i was thinking about adopting now is a great time. >> reporter: the pspca is acting as a hub for other regional shelters. these dogs will be going to kingston new york. just two dogs and a cat will be staying here in philadelphia. the cat is available for adoption in about a day. the dogs have to hang around a little longer. >> we will quarantine those for two weeks to check on their health and make sure they're not bringing flying our lollipop laying. >> reporter: they will join the other dogs inside the pspca's greenhouse where they will wait for the perfect family to take them home. >> it's very meaningful for all of us. when a tragedy like this happens people step up and open their eyes to something they might not have considered in the past and hopefully that brings new people into our shelter and shelters across our state and other shelters in the regionism philadelphia,
7:48 am
bill rohr, fox 29 news. >> a touching show of support for police before friday night football game in illinois. a high school football team stood with law enforcement during the national anthem as a display of unity. nfl players are kneeling during the national anthem to protest. the football team's athletic director says their gesture is not about politics but instead showing appreciation for the work of first responders. from high school to the pros let's talk eagles. >> ♪ >> ball is spotted. the kick is away. and the kick is... it's good! and the eagles win! >> that was an exciting moment last week, 61-yards, jake elliott's incredible kick gave the birds a w last sunday against the giants but will they be able to keep that winning streak going. that's the big question this
7:49 am
morning, right, scott. >> what an amazing win last week. >> i know, i know. the eagles escape scott's fall weather opting for sunshine in clifornia with hopes of repeating last weekend's successful game. this will be their third away game in a four-week span taking on the los angeles chargers but the team will be without a key player. you know this happened last week defensive tackle fletcher cox out due to a calf injury he suffered in last week's game. but you can look for guys like tim jernigan brandon graham to step up as they already have this season. >> and the birds opponent the bolt, they're o and three just as bad as the giants were last week. the first three games for the season and they kept things close in the first two weeks before the chiefs comfortably beat them last sunday 24 to 10. so, now against the eagles philip rivers will try to rebound from that awful game and some say it was one of his worst performances in recent memory. he's kind of been a shell of himself but, you know, some
7:50 am
consider him one of the best quarterbacks in the nfl so we'll have to see if he kind of steps up to the plate this week out west and back in 2013, he showed the eagles his ability to make changes before the snap and pick the defense apart at every level of the field. >> and then there's our qb, you know him, carson wentz. despite it all, people are saying he and the birds, they got this. they're going to win this one. i mean, they definitely have some good weather. i will say this. being a former athlete traveling is tiring for you when you make that long, what, six hour trip out to l.a. >> out west, yeah. >> so that can be a little tiring. they've been on the road a lot. the momentum at our stadium kind of helped last week, too, i think. >> final score. >> ooh, i'm never good at guessing these. >> 21-14. >> all right. >> the birds. >> don't forget you can catch all the action right here fox 29 and kickoff because they're out in l.a., 4:05 live from los angeles. all right, get this. a philadelphia brewery knows how to endear itself to eagles fans.
7:51 am
the -- what in the world? wear boker is offering a pale ale called dallas sucks. chief operating officer says the name is all in good fun in the spirit of the rivalry between the cowboys and eagles. some of those proceeds will be going towards hurricane relief in texas. the company says the beer has a low alcohol content on purpose so that eagles fans can drink plenty of it at a tailgate or at the bar during the game. >> drink responsibly. >> always you should. doughnut delivery sounds delicious, right? wrong. wait until you see who delivered the goods that sent this girl running. >> ♪ >> "good day" philadelphia thomas drayton with my good friends mike bob sue and alex no relation to the good day crime all these little fellas are available for adoption here at the pennsylvania spca and i'm also excited to introduce you to some other little friends that need a fur
7:52 am
ever home. meet rocky, this 85-pound gentle giant is one of the happiest dogs you'll ever meet. the eight-ear-old pit terrier mix lovers to play with toys and will be a great companion for those long want looking for an easygoing cat then banks sure to be your best friend. this five-year-old domestic short hair is ready for a fur ever family that lovers to chill. he's ready to show them just how laid back he can be. take a good look at gaston, this one-year-old black and white papillon mix loves to play around. his trainers say he's super social and is great with children. say hello to milo, this one month old adorable domestic short hair is shy at first but is looking for a fur ever family that he can grow with. if you would like to learn more about these little friends the pennsylvania spca would love to hear from you. give them a call at (215)426-6300 or visit their web site at ps and if you have a friend you provided a fur ever home to, we would
7:53 am
love to see your pictures. share them with me on facebook instagram or twitter. >> ♪
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7:55 am
>> all right, that was a live look at the art museum steps. they're having the 2017 philadelphia out of the darkness community walk there benefiting the foundation for suicide prevention.
7:56 am
registration already started and the walk kicks off at 8:30 so that will be nice. >> beautiful weather. a little chill. grab a light jacket or a sweater. sweater weather on this sunday. >> i know, it is. this story is terrifying and straight out of a horror movie. tell me what you think about this, okay. >> uh-huh. >> a creep preclown an sweet treat they're marrying the two ideas. take a look. >> so, my god. [laughter] >> okay, so the doughnut shop is called hurts doughnuts. it now allows customers the chance to hire a clown to deliver doughnuts. >> no. >> you can do it as a prank to your friends or maybe revenge for your enemies. [laughter] >> the chain is based out in the midwest. >> oh, gosh. >> so you won't have to worry about any of them popping up near philadelphia. i cannot even imagine. >> yeah. >> i don't do clowns very well and you're at your office. >> her employer let the clown >> apparently.
7:57 am
it's either funny for your friends or revenge for your enemies. >> she might have emotional distress. >> i would. if you're going venture out to watch the game. >> a little alfresco dining maybe, grab the light jacket, a little chill in the air, high temperatures stuck pretty much in the upper 60's but last sunday we had high temperatures upper 80's to low 90's so everyone was asking for fall. it has arrived. beautiful weather for the phillies game later on this afternoon as well. temperatures back into the mid to upper 70's. by the latter part of next week we could hit 80 again, so. >> i like that. >> yeah. >> remember we asked the instant poll reaction question we wanted to get back to it before the show ended. we have about 30 seconds. a lot of people are saying roughly the age that they think it should be cut off for halloween costumes. >> okay. >> is 13 to 14 years old. they say once you can drive don't go door to door. >> this woman says they could
7:58 am
be doing much worse than trick-or-treating. let them hold onto one last piece of their childhood. all right, everybody have a terrific sunday. trusted battery for your son's favorite toy?t maybe not. maybe, you could trust he wouldn't leave the upstairs water running. (woman screams) or, you could just trust duracell. ♪ : new jersey is facing an epidemic fueled by opioid painkillers. vanessa: we want you to know that recovery from addiction is possible,
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>> chris: i'm chris wallace. president trump faces a growing backlash over the response to the desert base station, devastation in puerto rico >> i'm done being polite, i'm done being politically correct, i am mad as hell. >> the governor of puerto rico is so thankful that the job we are doing. >> chris: we will discuss the humanitarian crisis, recovery efforts and allegations the administration moved too slowly with fema director brock long. then, president trump pushes his tax plan promising a certain economic growth. >> this could be remembered as the moment we took control of our destiny and chose a future of american patriotism, prosperity and pride. >> we are reaching across the
8:01 am
aisle to see folks that are reasonable. what is good for the american economy and families. >> chris: we will ask mick mulvaney whether getting tax reform passed will be any easier than repeal and replace. plus... >> i've never prayed to win this campaign, i've only prayed justice will be done. >> chris: roy moore with victory in the alabama southern primary. if we will ask the panel whether the g.o.p. is headed for a civil war in 2018. all right now on "fox news sunday." and hello again from fox news in washington. president trump travels to puerto rico tuesday to see the devastation from hurricane maria first hand. and it could get awkward. this weekend the president picked fights with officials there over recovery efforts. since the storm hit 11 days ago much of the island has been without power or communications and critical infrastructure.
8:02 am
sam once mayor says people are dying because of the slow federal response. but the president accused the mayor and other local officials of poor leadership. in a moment we will discuss relief efforts with fema administrator brock long. but first let's bring in mike tobin with the situation on the ground in puerto rico. >> wheels down, san juan, this d.c. eight just navigated the traffic. >> very, very busy, a lot of relief flights coming in. >> it carries a 36 tons of aid, water filtration kits, and hygiene kits. america's purse is small, they can use their own transportation and work around the bottleneck stranded at the seaport, unable to reach the people who need it. >> we aren't able to cover the whole island so we work to serve those who might have fallen through the cracks that fema can't cover. >> 86-year-old gladys is one of
8:03 am
those people. it soaked insulation on the floor, she has no ability to even start cleaning up. she says everything is destroyed and i don't have a house. going to wait and see if someone will help me. the metal roofing here is pretty similar to the construction of a mobile home and it just didn't stand a chance when that hurricane moved so slowly and so powerfully over puerto rico. the sad thing is that this is not unique, this theme is repeated over and over again through the neighborhoods here in puerto rico creating tremendous need. only 5% of power has been restored. if the army corps of engineers is trying to lower expectations that the lights will come back on soon. two hours outside of san juan we can buy the hurricane. last night the governor gave in order to evacuate communities below that dam, fearing it could fail. >> chris: mike tobin reporting from san juan, thanks for that.
8:04 am
joining us now live from fema headquarters here in washington is the head of that agency, brock long. i want to start with the disconnect between what the trump administration is saying and what the situation on the ground in puerto rico seems to be. here is the acting head of the department of homeland security on thursday and the mayor of san juan on friday. >> it is really a good new story in terms of our ability to reach people in the limited number of deaths that have taken place in such a devastating hurricane. >> this is not a good news story. this is a people are dying story. this is a life or death story. >> chris: millions of people clearly still struggling as we just saw in mike tobin's report. is it a mistake for folks in washington to say this is a good news story? >> brock: i'm just going to say that i think the secretary's words are being taken out of context. we are not going to be satisfied until the situation is
8:05 am
stabilized. in the bottom line is this is the most logistically challenging event the united states has ever seen and we have been moving and pushing as fast as the situation allows. every day we make progress, every day you have some setbacks. for example, you don't just bring the commodities income you have to be able to put them down the railway systems that we have been working our best to get them open. we've opened up 11 major highways but this morning there are over 3200 different problems reported with the systems from bridges missing to roads being blocked by floodwaters, to roads just disappearing because of landslides. we are having to work for all that. not only do we have enough commodities, a massive amount coming every day, with also established 11 regional distribution hubs to where we have great communication with 77 mayors within puerto rico where we are operating with the governor and those mayors in unified command to be able to coordinate the dissemination of
8:06 am
these commodities. it's not only the commodities that we are having to push forward. if we are also having to work with the private sector to get them back up to speed because this response extends far more than what fema can do. if the bottom line is we are trying to get the private sector in an up and running. over half the ghost dome grocery stores operating at a baseline level. over 300 pharmacies are beginning to operate. these are signs that routine is going back and that progress is being made. do we have a long way to go? absolutely we have a long way to go. >> chris: i want to pick up on something you just said because i have not heard this, you say this is the most logistically challenging relief effort ever in the history of this country? >> absolutely. i think people have to take a step back and understand what's happened over the course of basically the last 40 days. fema has led the response of the
8:07 am
federal government on behalf of governors from texas to florida to north carolina to south carolina to georgia to the virgin islands and the bottom line is that we registered almost 3 million people for disaster assistance and most likely many of those were uninsured and we've been able to get well over a billion dollars in their hands to support. if not only a logistically complex event just getting to the islands and being able to support an island that was hit not just by one major hurricane but two within basically a ten day period. the bottom line is you can only shove so much into an island prestorm because if you pushing too much stuff the storm may damage it. we had to pull back, not only equipment and staff because we don't want to suck up vital shelter space, we want to continue to push forward after the fact and move more equipment in. the ports were damaged, the airports were damaged. this morning, someone was saying we are not seen flights in san juan. we are not using san juan near to the degree we were.
8:08 am
our goal was to open up incident support bases and other airports so we have three of those operating so that commercial flights can come back up in san juan. the problem and the frustration is the way information is being misrepresented across the board. i don't have time for that. but we have time for his being a laser focus help puerto ricans. >> chris: i do want to pick up a little bit on the question of misinformation because some people would say it's not surprising that you are having trouble but that isn't being reflected here in washington so you have this disconnect between statements, claims of great news in washington, and as you say, and understandable, but nevertheless a really tough situation continuing 11 days after -- if i may, i just want to pick up on this and the president in particular. between september 19th, the day before hurricane maria hit, and last sunday, he sent two tweets on puerto rico and 12 on sports in the controversy over the
8:09 am
national anthem. yesterday after mayor cruz complained about the response, president with this. "the mayor of san juan, who was very comfy mentor only a few days ago, has now been told by democrats that you must be nast. such poor leadership ability by the mayor of san juan and others in puerto rico who are not able to get their workers to help." i know you don't have much raisins for this politics, but frankly it was the president who started talking politics. >> brock: what i don't have patients or is the fact that what we are trying to do and what we have successfully done is we have established a joint field office within san juan and you should go there. you should go see that operation where we are having conversations with all the mayors, we are working with the governor, his leadership to be able to create unified objectives. if mayors decide not to be a part of that than the response is fragmented. the bottom line is that -- >> chris: let me ask you
8:10 am
directly -- i was going to say, is mayor cruz not participating in the fema effort? >> brock: there was a good article in the "washington examiner" and mayor otero is basically saying look there has been excellent communication with not only the governor but also fema and the way that we are trying to tackle this. we can choose to look at what the mayor spouts off or what other people spout off but we can also choose to see what's actually being done. that's what i would ask. >> chris: fema got high marks for how you responded to the hurricanes in texas and in florida. as part of the reason that you had -- i understand the logistics, , and island is different than just shipping stuff across a state, but as part of the reason that you've had more problems and more pushback in terms of lower marks, in terms of puerto rico, because the first responders, and we all learn things, the
8:11 am
first responders are not fema, it is state, in this case commonwealth and local officials, that they weren't as prepared as they were in texas and florida? >> >> brock: puerto rico and the virgin islands, is different than what goes on in the continental united states. in some cases the infrastructure was incredibly fragile. that's not an excuse but the reality is that the infrastructural was incredibly fragile. you have to understand that both of these territories were hit by two major hurricanes. a lot of the infrastructure was damaged by irma and then maria comes in and finishes it off. by the time you go back in after maria a lot of the local responders, a lot of the citizens have disaster fatigue. the capacity is diminished. not from a disrespecting standpoint of local leadership but from a truly, they've taken a big hit and the bottom line is that a majority of the response,
8:12 am
an overwhelming majority of the responses on the federal shoulders. we are trying to push in and push forward. we have nearly 13,000 people working in both islands, both island territories right now trying to do everything they can to push forward. in that capacity grows every day, but there are more and more success stories coming out where we provide a few the other day to over 700 district 700 diffes stations. we've gotten 700 of them back up and running. if you notice, there are cars driving around in some cases. there were 16 deaths. 16 deaths confirmed right now. my teams have been all over puerto rico, even into some of the roughest areas. that's not to say that number won't climb but in katrina there were over 1800 deaths. i think we have to put a lot of the stuff -- we have to filter out the noise and continue to push forward. my guys back here have been
8:13 am
busting their rear ends day in and day out for almost 40 days now to help americans. it has been incredibly complex. there's not a person in this country that would change jobs with me right now. >> chris: about 30 seconds left, can you give us a projection to the folks that are down there in puerto rico, a week from now, two weeks from now, how much improved will things be? >> brock: weeks from now. the key is it's a couple factors. right now many days ago we assigned the army corps of engineers to do one very important job, emergency power but also rebuilding the grid. getting power back is obviously the most important thing. in conjunction with that we are trying to work with the private sector to get telecommunications backup. the governor's reporting this morning that about a third of the telecommunications has been put back up after two major hurricanes and all the equipment that was damaged, telecommunications is about a third back up and running. we have to get the power up, we
8:14 am
have to get communications backup and the bottom line is that takes a long time because it was almost a total loss when it comes to the power grid. it will be multiple months before power is restored to many of these areas and that's just a reality. that's what we were saying before the storm hit and i think people have to remember that. going into the storm we were setting expectations by saying this is going to be a nightmare for puerto rico. >> chris: mr. long, thank you, thanks for your time. in addition to relief efforts you also have to deal with the politics here in washington, thank you very much. >> brock: thank you. >> chris: up next we will bring in our sunday group to discuss the situation in puerto rico, also the resignation of hhs secretary tom price over his use of charter flights on the taxpayers dime. ♪
8:15 am
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>> with saved a lot of lives, we've done a really good job and that would bring in the people for distribution. >> we are dying and you are killing us with the inefficienc inefficiency. in the bureaucracy. >> chris: president trump and the mayor of san juan getting drastically different pictures of the situation in puerto rico.
8:18 am
time now for our sunday group, josh holmes, mitch mcconnell's former chief of staff and the g.o.p. strategist. charles lane of "the washington post." former democratic congresswoman donna edwards and the head of heritage action for america, michael needham. congresswoman edwards, you could hear the frustration and exhaustion in brock long's voice. he makes some good points, it's obviously a lot tougher providing all these resources, to an island, and also an island where a lot of the roads on the island have been wiped out. how fair do you think that the criticism of the administration's response is and what do you make of president trump's tweets over the weekend? >> i think you have to realize that puerto rico was already in a very fragile economic state. i think that combined, i understand brock long's point but i also understand the mayor of san juan and i think anytime you have a crisis like this, a real humanitarian crisis, and infrastructure crisis, you would
8:19 am
expect that there would be different vantage points through which people would see that and unfortunately i think for the president he continues to punch down. you understand the mayor's frustration. there's no reason for him to have tweeted like that and also implying that the people of puerto rico are lazy and not paying attention to their own needs. i don't understand the president punching down. i think that he should seek higher ground and he could do that by continuing to just lend their support and get the job done on the ground. >> chris: mike? >> we know this is a president that when he gets punched he's going to punch back and whether he should have or not is a completely separate subject from the response to the hurricane. the reality is as the congressman said it's a small island, hit by by a hurricane t directly by a major hurricane, communications were put down, even knowing what needs to get in was challenging for fema. i think they did a fantastic job, they are doing a fantastic
8:20 am
job and in the light of a tragedy, one that will need to come together and see how to deliver both compression and food to the people of puerto rico, that's what the focus should be on. there have been a lot of opportunistic attacks on what has been an incredibly difficult and tragic situation. i think you saw from the fema administrator somebody who is doing the absolute best taken. >> chris: i certainly agree with that, you haven't heard this from the fema administrator, but from the president and from the acting head of dhs, for them to say things are great, we are doing well and obviously it isn't, is that just a mistake and obviously adding to a frustration and puerto rico? >> sure. it's obviously adding to frustration. i think similarly, the president and the head of dhs, you saw the fema administrator, frustrated, they are doing absolutely everything they can. one person said recently why didn't they preposition support and relief efforts in puerto rico? where you reposition things in an island that is about to get
8:21 am
hit by a major hurricane? i think there is a frustration from people who are making attacks on them that aren't grounded in the reality of an incredibly logistical situation. that's causing all sorts of people to say things they probably shouldn't say. >> chris: i want to return to another story, the resignation late on friday of hhs secretary tom price after revelations that he spent close to $1 million on either private planes or government chartered planes and dozens of flights in just a few months. if he's been hhs secretary. president trump was not happy, curious. >> i felt very bad night because price is a good man but we are looking into it and we are looking into it very strongly. >> chris: price is not alone. epa administrator scott pruitt, steven mnuchin, ryan zinke and secretary david shelton have all flown on private government plans at taxpayer expense.
8:22 am
chuck, how big a deal is this and how about the fact as republicans point out that various democrats when they were in positions of power to the same thing? >> how big a deal as it? i think if we didn't have this big story about puerto rico and the nfl and all the other things that this would have been an even bigger story because it does go right to that perception of the trump administration, to some extent created by the president himself and his heavy expenditures on secret service protection and travel back and forth to new jersey, they are a little loose with the taxpayers dime when it comes to their own personal comfort. i think it's very significant that the president asked axed m price with such speed. there was some price, pardon the pun, to be paid for health care. secretary price had really performed a lot more dynamically and done a more impressive job in trying to get through that
8:23 am
health care bill he might have had more of a purchase on the president's loyalty, which we know is a fleeting thing to begin with. inspiring is also about the fact that the president was upset about what happened on health care. that's also part of the story and part of the reason it went down so quickly. >> chris: josh, isn't this part of what voters hate about d.c., the idea that public officials are living large on the taxpayers dime, and i want you to pick up on -- or say whether or not this wasn't just about the price, but also the fact that he failed, or at least wasn't seen as being a big player in trying to push obamacare repeal and replace across the finish line? >> i think there's a good role in government these days, if it feels good, don't do it. in this case flying across the country and gulfstream's and everything certainly feels good and it certainly qualifies as something you don't do. a very populous time.
8:24 am
i think the american people when you think about traveling of government officials, what they think of is i'm not going to be happy until they are sitting middle seat next to the bathroom. the reality is that secretary perez took this way too far, $1 million in private flights, none of which seem to justify that kind of expense from my perspective but i think charles is right. it this has a lot more to do wih his overall standing within the administration and how they felt like the repeal and replace effort was managed from a department point of view. >> chris: michael in the little bit of time we have left, with the failure of repeal and replace, one of the things that the administration hopes to do is either through regulations or executive orders, undo some of obamacare, say what you will about tom price, he knew the system pretty well. is it going to be harder with price out and how hard is it going to be to get a new hhs secretary with the battle lines already formed on health care?
8:25 am
>> tom price obviously needed a health care system, as many people who know the health care system. i don't think you will have trouble getting so many through. problem is that most of obamacare is statutory, regulatory given to the dash given to washington. the republican party spent eight years saying it wants to repeal that authority. what was learned the last nine months is that it's not true. there's probably -- the challenge president trump is going to have is finding a way it once we move past tax reform to get the republican party to congeal around a plan that follows through on promises that they would make to repeal obamacare, which frankly the vast majority of electoral republicans don't actually believe in. >> chris: really quickly, one quick answer. if a candidate for hhs secretary? >> i don't. i think you could look like psalmody like ron johnson in the senate who obviously knows health care very well, plenty of people on the outside but i don't have just one name.
8:26 am
>> chris: as early, thanks, panel, we will see you later. when we come back, seeking a win after the failure to repeal obamacare, president trump rolls off the republican plan to cut taxes. we will discuss it with white house budget director mick mulvaney. that's next.
8:27 am
>> chris: coming up, president trump's hhs secretary tom price resigns under fire for taking costly taxpayer-funded private flights. >> i was disappointed because i didn't like it. >> chris: we will ask the white house budget director about new guidelines
8:28 am
after 8 years of chris christie, is kim guadagno the change new jersey really needs? guadagno is christie's hand-picked successor. says she's "proud to be part of the christie administration." guadagno was chris christie's right hand as our schools came under attack, critical services were underfunded, and our credit rating was downgraded...11 times. from the bridge to the beach, we've seen it all, and we've had enough. kim guadagno isn't the change we need.
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p://>[a5df] ♪ >> chris: president trump unveiled the republican plan for overhauling the tax code this week calling it a once in a
8:30 am
generation opportunity. but there are already serious questions about who benefits from the plan and how much it will add to the deficit. we want to discuss that now with the director of the office of management and budget, nick mick mulvaney. before we get to tax reform, i want to ask you about the tom price travel controversy because you sent out this memo on friday to all executive agency heads saying that they now need prior approval from the white house chief of staff to flight on the government or private plane and you added this. every penny we spend comes from the taxpayer. just because something is legal doesn't make it right. question, why did you feel the need to write that? >> director mulvaney: my thought it was the clearest way to articulate that the president believes in one of the reasons -- at least the reason behind why the president was so upset about what happened mr. price. by the way, i got that memo from the lawyers and it was fairly
8:31 am
sanitary, those were the two sentences that i added just to make it explicitly clear that this is the policy, just because it's legal doesn't mean it's right. my guess is, the ongoing investigations and a couple different agencies were and i will find out that all this travel was entirely legal. the question is whether or not it's right and i think that's the lens the president wants to look at this travel through, not just whether or not it follows the law. >> chris: as i discussed with the panel, tom price isn't alone. i want to put these pictures up on the screen, at least three other members of the cabinet as well as the head of the epa have all taken it a private and/or government flights. they said they needed to get where they were going in a hurry and they got approval from their agencies. are they in trouble? >> director mulvaney: let's be clear, there are absolutely times where this type of travel is appropriate. you look at some of the places particularly that they won, there's no commercial service anywhere near where ryan zinke was going.
8:32 am
i think that the instance in many occasions. the question is are we doing the best that we can to be good stewards of the taxpayer dollars? are these particular choices, the private charters, the military flights, are these the absolute last options that we go through or get to it and think that's what you will see. it was unfortunate what happened with dr. price. if the president is telling everybody is not going to happen again. >> chris: let me ask you a direct question because you are now at a conference in canada where we are talking to your firm, please tell me that you flew commercial. >> director mulvaney: not only did i fly commercial, i paid for it myself. i'm up here visiting a college with my son. >> chris: so i have that wrong, it's all self-funded? >> director mulvaney: yes, sir. >> chris: good. let's turn to the tax reform plan that republicans rolled out this week. the republicans told americans who benefits. >> by an illuminating the tax breaks and loopholes that primarily benefit the wealthy,
8:33 am
our framework ensures that the benefits of tax reform go to the middle class, not the highest burners. >> chris: director mulvaney, independent experts say what the president just said there isn't true. i want to put up this chart. the nonpartisan tax policy center did this analysis. it shows the middle fifth of households in america, those earning between $48,086,000 a year, they will get an average tax cut of $660 next year. meanwhile, the top 1%, people making more than $730,000 a year will get an average tax cut of almost $130,000 next year. i understand that this isn't done yet, that there are only basing it on the plan as it exists at this point but according to their analysis, that middle fifth gets 1.5% of the total benefit of the tax cut while the top 1% gets 8.5% of the benefit.
8:34 am
that doesn't seem fair. >> director mulvaney: a couple different things, obviously i can't see the graph that you just put up but i think that i have seen in previous to this and what i think that particular organization did was, they didn't do any dynamic scoring. you look at the details of what they put out, they assumed no benefit to the overall economy, which is just absurd to think that there won't be -- >> chris: i'm not talking about the economy, i'm talking about the benefit -- the tax cut they get. >> director mulvaney: i got it, you can't look at the docks but on the family until he realized how much better off there will be in a growing economy. they had to make assumptions because we didn't put any of the framework yet about where those particular tax rates kick in. there's nothing in the document yet about that. not because we are hiding it, but because working with congress to try and establish where the different rates kick in. there's 0% rate, we know that will go up to $24,000. after that it's 12, 25 and 35.
8:35 am
if absolutely no decisions have been made about where those percentages kick in and in terms tax bracket. it's impossible to do what the national tech center just did. my guess is, i think that's the one -- it's not surprising that former chief for a democratic vice president doesn't a republican tax plan. i don't put very much weight. >> chris: it's a nonpartisan group, first of all, and secondly, you can talk about it's going to kick in at this level are that level, but if the middle income person is getting a $600 tax cut and the top 1% is getting $130,000 tax cut, i thought the whole point was that the wealthy weren't going to get a tax cut at all. >> director mulvaney: it was, i'm laughing because i've been up -- i've done a couple of these interviews and i was on one of your sister networks and they were accusing the tax plan of not getting any tax cuts to the wealthy. they were accusing it of raising the taxes. i was on network and they were accusing it to give all the
8:36 am
benefit to the wealthy. the beauty as any i eye of the beholder at this point. the real details of this, we are looking at the middle class in terms of making sure they can pay less and, this doesn't get nearly enough attention, it's easier for them to pay. almost 90% of american families, not businesses but families, actually pay someone else to do their taxes. there's another benefit we are trying to get to them. the second thing we are trying to add is that lower corporate tax rates as we try to spur the economy. the president's attention is on the middle class making sure it simple, fair and better. on the corporate tax rate to try and get folks to invest in america again. his focus has not been on the impact of the top 1%. >> chris: let's get to the other issue you were discussing and i interrupted you and forgive me for that. the issue of cost. the senate republican budget plan calls for a tax cut that is going to cost the treasury $1.5 trillion over the next ten
8:37 am
years and some outside experts say that the plan that was unveiled this week actually will add to trillion dollars to the debt over the next ten years. back when you were in congress you were a deficit hawk. what happened? >> director mulvaney: i think that 2 trillion number is coming from the same organization that did not score this dynamically. >> chris: that's coming from a few different groups. >> director mulvaney: let's talk about this, i've been very candid about this. we need to have new deficits because of that. we need to have the growth. if we simply look at this as being deficit-neutral, you will never get the type of tax reform and tax reductions that you need to get to sustain 3% economic growth. we really do believe that the tax code is what's holding back the american economy. the reason we've been growing at 1.8% for the last 8-10 years, way below the historical average, in large part because of our tax code. it's important to us to get the biggest, broadest tax reduction, tax cuts, tax reform that we can
8:38 am
possibly get because it's the only way we get back to 3% growth, that's what's driving all of this. how do you get the american economy back on the historical growth rate of 3% and out of the doldrums of 1.8, 1.9 that we had of the previous administration. >> chris: i want to pick up on this. if some of your fellow colleagues in the trump administration are not just saying that it's going to unleash massive growth, they are saying more than that. here is treasury secretary steven mnuchin this week. >> that's $2 trillion in additional revenues, $10 trillion of economic activity and not only will this tax plan pay for itself, but it will pay down debt. >> chris: but the fact is, there is no evidence the tax cuts pay for themselves. the reagan tax cut back in 1981 added, added, $208 billion to the opposite over four years. the bush tax cuts in 2001 and 2003 added $1.5 trillion to the
8:39 am
debt over ten years. you can argue whether or not tax cuts spur economic growth, i think that's a perfectly legitimate argument. there is no evidence that they pay for themselves. >> director mulvaney: is look at the facts. you can go back and make an assumption and you can run some numbers. you have to make a couple of assumptions about growth rates and so forth but if we had 3% growth, which is what we are trying to get to, what we are at right now. trying to maintain that 3% growth. if we had been at that over the last ten years the budget very nearly would be balanced this year. that's a big a difference it makes when you grow the american economy that additional 1% over ten years. over the next ten years if we can grow at 3% instead of the 1.8% of the nonpartisan congressional budget office says, that has been the average under the previous demonstration, if we can get to that 3% it is 2-$2.5 trillion more. 12 million additional jobs and those are 12 million jobs paying
8:40 am
into medicare, paying into social security. growth really is what's driving all of this and growth is what our focus is, which is why we are willing to accept increased short-term deficits in exchange for that long-term payoff. >> chris: that's the point i want to make and you seem to be agreeing with me, growth is a great thing and there's no question tax cuts can produce growth, although it isn't just tax cuts. in fact in the '90s, bill clinton had a tax increase and we have the biggest growth without in any decade in recent history. if a lot of other factors i think you would agree other than government fiscal policy. the chairman of the council of economic advisors for ronald reagan said the benefit, the payback from a tax cut is $0.35 on the dollar. in other words, he is saying if you cut taxes a dollar you add $0.65 to the debt. >> director mulvaney: i'm not familiar with that math. i'm sitting here trying to think
8:41 am
of how to respond to it. there are a lot of other fiscal policies that we have put in place already, chris. i don't want to draw attention away from the reformer done. we are at 3% already. i think i was on her show a couple months ago and you had stuff from a couple groups that said there was no what we would get a three person ever and here we are already in the first eight months. growth works. what we are doing in the administration to spur growth in terms of regulatory form works and we are working right now to make sure the tax cuts add to that. we do believe that sustain 3% economic growth is possible and that's the way you can balance the budget long-term. you will never balance the budget again without it. why am i now interested in deficits? the only way you balance the budget in this country long-term is through sustained economic growth and that's what everything we're doing in this administration is aimed at that end goal. >> chris: director mulvaney, thank you, thanks for sharing part of your weekend with us,
8:42 am
especially on a college trip with her son. we'll track the progress of the tax reform. up next, roy moore's victory over a candidate backed by president trump and alabama senate primary. it sets off talk about a republican civil war. ♪
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>> i think the people of alabama know me and they understand what i stand for. i certainly support president trump's agenda and yes i'm an outsider, not part of the establishment. >> chris: judge were more saying he supports the president but not republican congressional leaders after beating their candidate, luther strange in this week's closely watched alabama senate primary. back now with the panel. josh, you mentioned earlier that you used to be the chief of staff to mitch mcconnell, the senate republican leader and most observers read moore's victory as a slap at mcconnell and their establishment, the
8:46 am
party leaders in congress. a sign that the populist movement that propelled donald trump to victory isn't done. are they right? >> i think it's a lot more complicated than that. this whole effort is being led by mr. bannon, who of course was at the right hand of the president for the better part of the last eight months and didn't accomplish a whole lot. eight months later after he's fired it's got to be somebody else was called. what done is his first target, go down to alabama and target somebody who has 100% voting record with president trump's agenda. luther strange. it replaced him with somebody, quite frankly, was artie said he wouldn't report rand, cassidy, the repeal and replace measure. some trouble voting for a budget that you ultimately need to vote for the tax of our package. it's unclear what they're trying to accomplish here. it certainly isn't in support of making america great again. >> chris: mitch mcconnell was one of the targets of the
8:47 am
moore campaign and the whole idea of the senate leadership. mitch mcconnell was seen as a detriment to the party and an advantage to roy moore. >> it came as a surprise that the one person working as hard as he possibly can as mitch mcconnell. there is no separation between the president and him on that. if they are going to focus on something, honestly, on a legislative site, this number from caucus of legislators, for a five of them. each and every time we are talking about repeal, they are frankly not quite on board yet. we're talking about somebody to target, i think that's the right spot. >> chris: michael, i think you are from the more insurgent wing of the party. at moore's victory party on tuesday night, the aforementioned steve bannon said they are not done yet. here he is. >> the question was called today and the state of alabama. who is sovereign? the people are the money and
8:48 am
alabama answer today, the people. >> chris: how much trouble are mitch mcconnell and his colleagues in? >> i think josh's answer right there shows you everything what's wrong with the republican party right now. always from the republican establishment's alleles who was to blame for the problems that this party has right now. steve bannon four years ago, briefly it was me. at the core of the problem right here is that the republican party is premier li speaking for its donor class. if donor class think that economic opportunity is going great in america, the donor class think that social issues d issues of american identity aren't a problem. the donor class is very good at navigating washington, d.c. that's not republican voters are feeling right now. if they are economically anxious in a world of globalization, donors think that washington, d.c., is a deeply. if republicans think that most of the elites think of themselves citizens of the world than citizens of this great country. we're not going to be healthy as a party until the republican establishment, the leadership of the republican party, starts to
8:49 am
understand that there are real and legitimate concerns which keep popping up and causing -- make donald trump the president of the united states, get roy moore elected and alabama. similarly, we have to understand institutions matter. we do have a functioning republican party, we need to have that senatorial committees and campaign committees within a party. until the republican establishment says that the voters of this party have the right to be told the truth and have a seat at the table and we come together and work together we will keep having this. josh seems to fundamentally misunderstand that. >> you're talking with a truther, who was talking about the truth? visit mitch mcconnell, who is preventing repeal and replace? >> do you think that there's 52 republican senators who want to open repeal obamacare? >> i don't, i think with demonstrated that. >> people ran and said they wanted to repeal obamacare, where they line? >> you could do a whole show about what we think about -- the point is what roy moore was
8:50 am
talking about, the reality simply doesn't exist. that reality is that somehow mitch mcconnell is the one shortcoming the trump agenda and the overall agenda of the republican party. >> chris: let me ask you, isn't he part of the solution of the problem? >> i think he's done a very good job on judges. this year on obamacare mitch mcconnell does deserve credit. i don't think he's 100% responsible for everything. he's the leader of the the party and the buck stops with leadership. when you look at the party it is a party that does not understand that the economic opportunities that their donors feel is not shared by americans across the country have anxiety on their wages and see all their prices going up. mitch mcconnell does not understand that just because you know how to navigate washington, d.c., doesn't mean that the american people feel that they have access to the halls of power. he's part of a leadership for this party that is grotesquely out of touch with its base. if you don't believe that look at the 2012 republican autopsy, which was heroically wrong on everything. tell mike about what the party
8:51 am
needs to get right. look at the fact that 16 out of 16 out of 17 people that were going to be serious candidates and donald trump won because he's in touch with what voters in the party believe. >> chris: congressman edwards how much are you enjoying this fight inside the republic and party? >> it's like the dismembering of the republican party. >> chris: yes, you are enjoying. be honest. >> i tell you something, looking at down ballot races and a handful of states where democrats won by overwhelming margins. this does not bode well and this writer does not bode well at all for the republican party. >> chris: let me bring in chuck because bannon is basically saying we are going to go into some of these other states and we are going to impose the incumbent with somebody more of a conservative hard-liner. we saw that play out in 2010 and sometimes races that seemed winnable or republicans ended up
8:52 am
being unwinnable when they got someone who was too far to the right. >> steve bannon loves to stage dramas and put himself in the center of it. the current one i guess is this civil war in the republican party drama. let me just throw a little cold water on it in the following sense. this race and alabama had a lot of very powerful local factors having to do with luther strange and his, what was perceived to be his corrupt -- his ties to governor bentley, who played a huge role in that race. really tied him down with a republican electorate in alabama. i'm not sure that the roy moore formula necessarily translates in every other state. i will say that it is absolutely the case that there are a lot of republican voters, this has been true for many years, whose goal in the ballot box seemed to be send a message to my party. they are going to keep on doing that and there will be some surprises along the way.
8:53 am
what it means for actual results in washington of course is very unclear. >> chris: we have to take a quick break here but when we come back, as we get ready for some football, the nation is still divided over nfl protests during the national anthem. we will get our sunday groups take, that's next. ♪ you're here to buy a used car,
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truck, suv. that's smart. truecar can help. it's great for finding a new car, but you already knew that. it's also great for finding the perfect used car. you'll see what a fair price is, and you can connect with a truecar certified dealer. so, no matter what you're looking for... there it is. this is how buying a used car should be. this is truecar. ♪ >> you cannot have people disrespecting our national anthem, our flight, our country, and that's what they are doing.
8:55 am
in my opinion the nfl has to change part or you know it's going to happen, their business is going to go to hell. >> chris: as we get ready for another week of football president trump continuing to criticize the nfl saying owners should fire players who kneel in protest during the national anthem. we are back now for some overtime with the panel. congresswoman edwards, where is this controversy headed and as all the back-and-forth this week among the president, the players, the league, the owners, has it accomplished anything? >> i want to get back -- when colin kaepernick took the need it was drawing attention to racial injustice to police brutality to what was happening to black people around the country and it didn't have to do with dishonoring the flag, disrespecting the country and i think there has to be room at the table for people to voice their feelings about the country and express themselves in whatever way they choose. it may not be the way that i
8:56 am
choose, but it's the way that some do. if the president actually should recognize that that is kind of fundamental to our country and free expression. i want to bring us back home to where it started when kaepernick first took his knee. >> chris: let me pick up on that, michael, because the president says that this whole controversy, at least his involvement is not about race, it's about respect for the country, respect for the flag and the national anthem. the protest, as congresswoman edwards pointed out, started out about racial injustice and police brutality and here was the comment this week from one leading athlete. >> the people run this country, not one individual and for sure not him. >> chris: can you really separate this from race? >> i think it's very tragic that our nation is coming apart on these types of civic issues. it's certainly something the way president trump has encased this
8:57 am
issue has not helped, extorting the part. let's not pretend that barack obama did not help tara nation apart, nothing unifying about making catholic nuns by birth control. there's nothing unifying about when parents of goodwill or trying to have a conversation about following the rights of transgendered students versus legitimate fields of privacy and security and barack obama goes to the department of education and opposes the view of how this question should be answered. it is deeply concerning the way our nation is coming apart, we need need to come together on all of these issues. it's probably not going to start with politics, it will start with teeth each of us. both parties and both of the past presidents have taken actions that have brought us further apart. >> chris: we got about a minute left and i want to go to josh first. you've got 30 seconds. people keep saying to me, to the president just dropped off on this or was this a political strategy? how do you answer? >> i don't know if it's a strategy but he certainly highlighted something of great
8:58 am
concern to a lot of americans and a lot of football fans, frankly. i think it simultaneously extremely useful to be concerned about civic injustice, racial inequalities but also respect the american flag and respect what it says to service members when they are kneeling during the national anthem. i think that he was highlightin highlighting, frankly it like he is winning billing chart, 20 seconds. >> i don't think dominic want to say it's making the flag a political football, but it is. that only happened in my memory in the 1988 campaign, and even that wasn't as anguishing as this one. >> chris: thank you panel for putting in some extra work. we will see how the players on the crowds respond during the playing of the national anthem. that's it for today, have a great week and we will see you next "fox news sunday." as a co ♪
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hello. i'm here because for the second time the nfl is making its home in the old smoke. should be quite the curfufal today. drew brees is a straight -- jay cutler is no and just as they go head to head. week four is no time for either to wag on. you can bet they will be -- my understanding of the british language is squib.


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