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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  October 10, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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busted. investigators say trying to sell guns and pipe bombs. what police and the fbi say they found when they caught the wom women. >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. >> we begin at 6:00 with developing story out of new jersey. two people arrested and charged with trying to sell illegal weapons. thanks for joining us at 6:00. i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. we're talking about high-powered rifle and pipe bombs. who they were trying to sell to remains unclear. fox 29's jeff cole live in atlantic city with more. jeff? >> reporter: lucy, the context here is obviously what happened in vegas and other cities in america which has everybody on edge clearly but police say they got word on the street last last week there were bombs for sale and maybe a long begun. they called the feds. went in and made the buys. police say it was thursday afternoon when they pick up news
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that pipe bombs were for sale in an apartment along pennsylvania avenue in the city of gaming and surf. >> the potential was there these items could have been used to cause pretty mass destruction and havoc. >> reporter: residents say they saw police come to an upper floor apartment to see danielle demmers also known as daniel smith who had walk her dog here. police say they bought from her enough material to make five pipe bombs, a high powered rifle with a scope and over 300 rounds of ammo. >> it's crazy. i mean, it's only i wasn't hundred feet away from my job. could have shot us. could have blew this whole block up real quick. >> reporter: investigators say demmers advised undercover cops to put nails in the pipe bombs when he made the sale and also described himself. >> survivalist had these items and recently we believe she need to do raise money to support some other habits that she had
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and was selling these items. >> reporter: also under arrest 31-year-old nina house of margate for helping demmers. police see no link to terrorism but see the potential for great harm to the people of atlantic city on its streets and its beaches. >> this kind of brings the crisis that we've seen across the country home. it's the first time that atlantic city has been this close to having some type of destruction. >> reporter: daniel demmers born a male transitions to a woman is charged tonight with possession of a destructive device. same thing for nina house. no link to terrorism. but plenty of reason for concern. live in atlantic city, i'm jeff cole, fox 29 news. iain? >> jeff, thank you. a septa worker is recovering after being shot and robbed last night. police say just before 4:00 a.m. a septa bus driver was talking to catch a bus to work when guy approached him on the none hundred block of ridge avenue. the guy pulls out gun as he tries to rob him shoots him in
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the leg. so far there have been no arrests. >> temple university student visiting miami is dead. shot and culled by police. they say she ran over an officer with her car. 22-year-old cariann hedge thon's father says she was in miami celebrating her birthday. police say she was driving a black bmw crashed into another car and took off. she hit another car took off again then hit a police officer which is when another officer fired into the car hitting hedge thon who floored a parked car. she later died at the hospital. >> how could, you know, things escalate with 5-foot two, 5-foot three, 110 soaking wet young lady who couldn't harm a night escalate to this. >> his thon transferred to temple to study political science. a man who got out of her car at the scene of the crash they are now interested in talking to. >> mug shot of the man who hit an elderly woman in fox chase has now been released
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24-year-old joseph bradley, jr., has been charged in a crash that left 84-year-old mabel stoteler fighting for her life. bradley hit the woman on the 8,000 block of pine road around 4:30 in the morning yesterday. she's still ex creamily crit cat until hospital. bradley has been charged with dui, aggravated assault and other related charges. berks county and a 23-year-old woman murdered. dumped into a wooded area. police in lower heidelberg are looking for the person who killed madison wall from reading investigators found her body sunday in an area of regal road. they're weight waiting for toxicology results. if you know anything give them call. let's get a check on your weather authority now. we take live look at rehoboth beach, delaware. >> nice july summer day. it's lovely, isn't it? at some point in time autumn will arrive that's months away i'm sure. meteorologist kathy orr joining us now. hi, kathy. >> wouldn't that be great?
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>> it that would be for me, yeah. >> i'm with iain. you know, we'll take it as long as we can get it. because we know what's coming. we love fall, but winter can be long. it can lag a little bit summer seems so short. rehoboth beach, delawareing logging great this afternoon with sunshine, mild temperatures we do have sea breeze at the beaches and down the shore. wilmington made it to 85 degrees today. unbelievable. the average high is 69. philadelphia 84. atlantic city 84. that's at the airport. trenton 82. allentown and reading at 81 degrees on october 10th. amazing. 69 degrees in the poconos right now. 81 in wilmington. 81 in millville. 79 in lancaster. down the shore we do little bit of a sea breeze that on shore flow ocean water temperatures back up to 73. shore temperatures in the 70s ocean city peaking at 75 this afternoon. dew point temperatures in the 50s which is comfortable and the 60s. little muggy. 72 is humid in millville and that drier air will be moving in over the next couple of days.
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80 degrees this evening with a northwesterly wind. northerly winds tonight it will be 75 degrees by 9:00 o'clock. so a good night to be outdoors take advantage of it because some rain will be coming in and then by late night hours look at this 11:00 o'clock 71 degrees. we do have periods of rain coming our way with our neck cold front that's out towards st. louis and chicago. all of this moves toward the delaware valley so clouds and rain and cooler temperatures at least for couple of days. i'll have the seven day coming up. we'll send it back to you. >> sounds good. thank you much, kathy. >> penn state former athletic director tim curley is out of prison after 2.5 months. the 63-year-old is on house arrest for the rest of his sentence in the jerry sandusky sex abuse scandal. curley plead guilty in march to child endangerment for not investigating a complaint by an assistant coach fort university. a judge sentenced him to seven to 23 months and he's now serving four months of house arrest followed by two years of probation. fox 29 working to get results tonight for some homeowners in philadelphia's overbrook neighborhood.
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people there are just tired of the mess that's around a long vacant property. they thought something was going to be finally done after a hopeful sign on the property turns out that was not the case. our bruce gordon is live on the block tonight in overbrook. bruce looks like you're already get something action. >> reporter: it sure looks that wage we'll talk about that in just a minute. behind me, one of the many vacant homes strewn throughout the city of philadelphia left behind when this city depopulated over the last half century or so. nearly half a million philadelphians gone leaving behind a mess that really causes some problems for neighborhoods like this one. >> hi, ya'll take care. bye-bye girl. >> reporter: 1600 block of north 56th used to be such a nice place to live says block captain rose rollins. >> very nice. really nice. all homeowners then. >> reporter: over time many homeowners have moved away or died. vacant properties now dot the block. then this sign appeared on the front of the long empty 1685. work in progress. >> what was your initial
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reaction. >> i was very happy about that. very happy. >> reporter: something good is going to happen. >> something good is going to happen here. >> reporter: so much moore high hopes. rehab work started and stopped. started again and then seemingly stopped for good. in the meantime, the weeds grew and the trash piled up. rollins says squatters come and go from the home. >> you see people staying there. >> i have seen people in there. >> reporter: how does that make you feel in terms of your own security? >> very badly because you never know what's going on. >> reporter: the own are in according to city records sadar rin carr i found his phone number and called him. >> the property over there is a mess. it's been a mess for months and months and months. >> the man at the other end insist high had the wrong number. told me he'd relay my questions to carr. philadelphia's department of licenses and inspections has cited this home 16 times over the past seven years. mostly for nasty conditions on the outside. we saw five different city violation notices jammed in the door or tossed on the posh all seemingly ignored. that's how folks op this block
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feel about their appeals to the city and rollins has a message for mr. carr. >> please come out and do something to this house. we'd be so glad you to do something to it because we hate living like this. >> reporter: well, what do you know? moments after our 5:00 o'clock report a worker showed up on scene. on orders from mr. carr he tells us to get this clean up at least underway. this thing looks a little better than did earlier this afternoon at least some of the mess is off the sidewalk. much more cleanup still to go though i reached out to clip the community live improvement program for the city. they plan oncoming out here and citing the home opener mr. carr if this isn't completely cleaned up f he responds, great. if he doesn't they clean it up and bill him f he ignores the bill, they put a lean on his property. we're starting to get tough with this one, lucy. >> indeed, thank you much, bru bruce. man is in custody after police say he robbed a pizza delivery driver at knife point. police in new castle county say it happened saturday on west holly okay drive. the driver called police he called the person who ordered
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the food and the person said hank on moment. shorely afterward a man pulled up were i was 95 demanded the driver empty his pockets. see that picture right there? police arrested jonathan sacks who face as list of charges including robbery and aggravated menacing. >> new jersey controversial bear hunting season has started. so far it's good news for the bears it's off to slow start. could also come up in tonights first garden state gubernatorial debate much this year's hunt could be the last in democratic candidate phil murphy wins next month election. he says he's impose a moratorium so officials contest the effective of bear trouble but lieutenant governor kim gag know backs the hunt to control the bear population. >> governor tom wolf is throwing this support to ban the bump stock accessory for rivals. not a lot of people new about this until the las vegas massacre a device that fits on arrival basically turns night a full automatic weapon the gunman in vegas used bump stocks kill
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58 people and injure 500 others. bump stocks are legal but now members of congress from both parties and the nra say we need to take another look at all of that. we're on ton of breaking news for you right now. skyfox is live over a fire in villanova. you can see clouds of smoke over the home on the 600 block of sprowl road in delaware county. firefighters say they got the first call right around 5:30. so far we have no injuries to report as of yet. we'll stay on top of this and bring any updates. >> new effort to crack down on bullying by punishing the parents but is the new policy doing more harm than good. >> tom. >> iain the issue over nfl players kneeling during the national anthem may be cupping to a head. ahead in sports what commissioner roger goodell is telling mfl owners that may or may not resolve the on-going issue.
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>> parents could end up in jail for their kids actions. town in new york just pass add law that could punish parents for their children's bullying.
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the consequences could be as much as 250 bucks and 15 days in jail. lawmakers there are hoping this will end bullying by hold something parents accountable. so far it's gotten mixed reactions. joyce evans joins us now and joyce other towns are considering this as well. >> and some of them have been looking into similar actions for quite sometime but some people say it goes too far. others say it just may be the only way to get some parents involved. there's yet another way. that historic philadelphia theater has been using, n they say not only offers help to victims of bullying but it may actuallactually stop buehlly er. >> go ahead and cry. cry, cry, cry! >> okay. >> reporter: a walnut street theater drama program under the direction of former public schoolteacher shows there can be the victims. >> scared they don't like who i am. >> reporter: and appeal to the little bullies to change their ways. >> show kids the rye way to
6:16 pm
behave. um, and really talk about the ways to kind of get at the real roots causes for why bullying happenings in the first place. >> reporter: thomas quinn's traveling plays that require audience participation have been going strong for almost a deca decade. >> bully, bully, bully. >> we reached 172,000 kids last year with everything we do. >> reporter: oftentimes he says resulting in bully victim getting the courage to come forward. >> very often we'll get a question someone who, hook raises a concern. >> reporter: and school counselors are able to step in, offer help to the victims and try to get to the bottom of why the bully is acting out. >> i will not let anyone else hurt me. i will hurt them first and keep on hurting them because that's what i can do and what i can control. >> it's their chance to seek attention and they are being bullied at home that's probably the number one indicator actually of bullying. >> reporter: it's why he says he worries that punishing the parent may do more harm. >> whenever i would call home about student behavior that was always in the back of my mind is what is the student's actual
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home situation? and what could the consequences job. >> reporter: he says social media and greater access to deadly weapons have taken bullying to a much higher, scarier level. >> definitely different social media has really changed the degree because as we say in our shows the bullying really doesn't stop. tom quinn says the plays offer alternatives to fighting back or shutting down. >> what we try to do is try to create that environment kids can talk about it. >> reporter: and for the current school year the play is the bully buster rides again. it's now performing at schools and community centers all over our region, and they're able to do this through grants and donations. so there could be a small fee but maybe not. you just have to check it out if you want the wall street theater actors to come out and perform for your kids, we have that information for you on our website, fo >> fun and informative. >> thank you very much, joyce. can you believe this weather, joy evans? >> i can't.
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>> it's amazing like summer out there. tell was. fox 29 weather authority right now. this is a live look at cape may, new jersey. how pretty is that? i love it when the sky goes cotton candy like that. so nice down the shore. you probably still have time to hit the beach before finally starts to feel like fall. meteorologist kathy orr joins us now with a full check of your forecast. kathy, i'm telling you, maybe bathing suits would be in order at this point in time. >> i was just looking at that just dreaming, right. >> hmm. >> i know. i love that view. one of my favorite places. love cape may. >> outside temperatures are still in the 70s. in the 80s. about less than an hour to go before sunset unfortunately. but it will be a nice evening. 82 in philadelphia. winds out of the west northwest at 7 miles an hour. the high 84 in philadelphia. that is 15 degrees above normal. 69 right now in the poconos. northerly wind. look at this on shore flow down the shore. still warm though in the 70s. 77 in dover. 81 in millville and in wildwood or i should say in wilmington as
6:19 pm
well. dew point temperatures are in the 60s. and the 70s. yesterday we were pushing 80. so not quite as humid. 50s are very comfortable in the poconos. sixty one comfortable dew point once you get into 64, 65 that's a little muggy. 72 it's humid in millville so these numbers will go up actually when it rains tomorrow but then the drier air will be moving back in. we have high pressure to the north that's helping to drop that humidity. but here comes a warm front and that's why lucy seeing that cotton candy sky down the shore we're seeing high clouds building in. some pretty sun sets tonight and this rain will be moving in as early as tomorrow morning. so let's go hour by hour. we'll see the clouds moving in tonight. ahead of that front and also a few showers coming up from the south. this is in the morning. we'll be warming up and then we start cooling down with that cold front. so the noon hour you able to run out grab some lunch before the rain moves n periods of rain heavier at times south jersey and delaware into the afternoon but not raining all day like occasional rain. and then some spotty showers
6:20 pm
into the evening if you're going out tomorrow night. when we look at the amount of rain our gfs model saying a third of an inch. european models saying a couple tenths of an inch of rain. overnight tonight low temperatures in the 50's to the north and west. 60s mainly to the south and east and during the day tomorrow, going for temperatures in the 70s. still above average. but some showers in the morning, showers in the afternoon. a northerly wind component that wind out of the north at 5 miles an hour. as we take a look at your forecast for tomorrow, temperatures mainly in the 70s. the poconos in the 60s. your seven day forecast chance of a morning shower thursday. that's our coolest day. then we warm it back up over the weekend into next week and then the next tuesday back in the 60s so it's kind of like up and down trying to transition into real objection. we'll send it over to you. >> all right. kathy. thanks. >> all right. tom what's coming up in sports. >> guys, thank you good news and bad news on the medical front as the eagles get ready to take on the panthers. that is thursday night and roger goodell is trying to bring the issue of players kneeling during the national anthem to a close
6:21 pm
but not sitting well with some. sports coming up next. where are we?
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♪ the nnl and players association coming to a head and coming to it quickly. xs and os game strategy replaced by national anthems, protests, kneeling, staying in the locker room it's not good for business. commissioner roger goodell apparently wants a resolution and wants it fast. the controversy over players kneeling during the anthem is at the center of the latest memo that goodell center to nfl chief executives and club presidents he's considering a change
6:25 pm
requiring players to stand during the anthem. in his letter he says "like many of our fans we believe that everyone should stand for the national anthem. then saying the controversy over the anthem is a barrier to having honest conversations and making real progress on the underlying issues ". >> goodell wants to move forward. malcolm jenkins is skeptical. >> i think that would be an unfortunate decision if that, f that's all that came out of it. if there was no effort to continue or to replace the platform that guys have been using to draw attention to, you know, issues in our country. if there's no effort to assist players in that then i think it would be very very unfortunate and i don't think that will go over well. >> this story has lot of legs guys. eagles with good news and bad news going into thursday's game. fletcher cox returned to practice today. he missed the last two games with a calf injury. lane johnson wendell smallwood doubtful either will play.
6:26 pm
fans love the thursday prime time guys. players don't the quick physical recovery and limited preparation time. >> it goes more to the mental as spec of not just the physical aspect because you don't have the long hall week like you neural every you're dollar for sure it's a lot of being more in the weigh playbook more watching film and doing walk throughs guys, you know, taking it just that much more serious because you know you're not going to get those four reps you get throughout a week on regular monday through sunday. >> wrapping up eagles and panthers sunday morning at 10:0. 1:00 o'clock that guy named aaron rodgers he's pretty good. taking on the vikings. >> i'll tell you what. packers and vikings. >> he's not bad. i think he may be the greatest quarterback of all time. >> do you? >> of all time. greatest quarterback of all time. >> he's pretty good. >> beat the cowboys. i'll tell you that. >> tell was. dominated. >> i like that. >> that does it for us here at 6:00. we'll see you back here at 10:00. my daughter is...
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