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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  October 31, 2017 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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live from center city inphilades at 11. wife's did it pate plea tonight after police found her husband dead. a week has come and gone since someone killed that father and left his body in local middle school parking lot. his family they just want answers. thank you for joining us. i'm lucy noland. right now police say they're looking for several people. our brad sattin joins us live from darby borough with more on the investigation. brad. >> reporter: lucy, police are pretty baffled with this case. they really are in need of the public's help. brad haze was a father a grandfather, even great grandfather last monday night doing what a lot of us what doing watching monday night football with the eagles, but a few hours later, he was found dead. >> just if anybody out there has seen anything or knows anything just please come forward.
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please put my heart to rest. >> reporter: vanessa haze needs to know what happened to her husband and so do police. brad haze died after police say he was found violently beaten inside his own car early last tuesday morning in front of pennwood middle school on summit street in darby. >> it's not like we're looking the guy was selling drugs, well the guy had domestic, well the guy was involved in this. you know, none of that comes up. >> reporter: retired after a long career with the post office, brad was by all accounts a good guy. he was with his brother while what happening eagles last monday night. they stopped off briefly at a bar. then brad dropped his brother off at his home near lipped berg boulevard. three hours later, he was found beaten in his car by the school. police say one man ran from the car as they arrived. a second man spotted nearby was later caught on video with the suspect. police want to talk to both men and two witnesses who were caught object video. >> this guy was just to me -- this shouldn't have happened to
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this man. whoever did it needs to be taken into custody. >> he was a good man. he didn't do anything wrong to anyone. he just told jokes all the time. his smile. we need closure. we need to find out who did th this. >> reporter: now at least little good news. police say they do have a bunch of surveillance video of both the suspect and the person of interest. they are in the process right now of end happening that video and hope to release it soon much lucy, to the public. >> thank you, brad. new this evening philadelphia police are investigating the attack of a 26-year-old woman. skyfox over the scene tonight in olney. it happened right around 8:00 on lance diss street. a robber establish the woman in the arm and hand obviously that' not skyfox. that's just graphic. she's at the hospital expecte ed to be okay. police have not made any arres arrests. all right. so the van you see right here, philadelphia police are hoping it's going lead them to the driver in a deadly hit-and-run. they say the van in this just
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released photo is connected to a crash that killed a 31-year-old man in port richmond. investigators are hoping someone comes forward tow sew the victim's familiar confidential get some closure finally. fox 29's dave kinchen live at the accident investigation division in north philly. dave? >> reporter: well, lucy i spoke with the friend of the victim online who said that the victim was a good man with a good heart. a lot of people very shocked by all of this, and the fact especially that the suspect is still out there. >> fining this van will bring philadelphia police one step closer to solving the hit-and-run that killed 31-year-old eric magne on the 2200 block of east allegheny avenue in port richmond octobe october 14th. police say it's a white chevy express van, the kind that you can fit 15 people in to. it has chrome and black front bumper with the right headline assembly busted and looks to have damage on the right side of the bumper all indicating a big
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impact. now, immediately after the collision, cops shared what they found at the scene. >> his shoe was found almost a block away. indicating that the vehicle may have dragged one of the shoes all the way to the next corner. report which is a distance of several hundred feet. >> reporter: crash investigators believe the driver's door has dark marks on it. although it could be a logo or something else. also there are tinted windows on all sides including the back doors. detectives noticed the front bumper has a fail yellow license or vanity plate which could hold an new jersey tag. >> whoever was the motorist, they need to come forward and contact the police so we can help solve this and bring some lows closure at the families. >> reporter: police tell us when they first got to the scene it was so bizarre they thought the victim had been shot. but they say that was not the case at all. they say that van was last seen
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going down allegheny heading towards memphis. back to you. >> all right, thank you very much, day. neighbors in one delaware town can sleep a little easier tonight knowing that guy is off the streets. prosecutor sauce 39 year old robert johnson burglarized homes in mag kneel ya kent county over the past couple of months. he now faces more than two dozen charges including theft and criminal mischief. now investigators are looking into the shooting at the king of prussia mall yesterday to decide whether police used proper judgment when they shot an arm suspect. now police say they tracked down a serial robber. at the mall parking garage yesterday afternoon. that he tried to run them over leaving them no choice but to shoot him. district attorney kev ken style says the officers are on administrative leave which is policy. the man they shot is in serious condition at paoli hospital. this delaware county man has entertained children at parties, donning all kinds of costumes. this same man now stands accused of raping young children. police say he has many victims
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but the youngest at just five years old. fox 29's chris o'connell joins us live from our operations center with more on this investigation. chris? >> reporter: that's right, luce seem the delaware county district attorney is sending out a warning to parents tonight. a man they have charged with child rape makes money doing kids parties and investigators are worried there may be more victims. it may be halloween, but prosecutors in delaware county say the man behind these costumes was more like a monster. >> when he comes to children's parties, he will dress up like mickey mouse or mini mass or elmo, dora, barney, and you pick your kid's parties.ll come to- >> reporter: pre-year-old mychal anthony crips of colwyn shouting obscenities and giving the finger to the camera. minutes after the district attorney charged him with the rape and sexual assault of five young boys throughout delaware county. as young as five years old.
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>> be be friends women then stabs some type of relationship with these women and these women are all women who have young boys in their custody. he then goes with these young boys and sexually molest these young boys. >> it gets even more disturbing. investigators say crips ran a facebook costume for higher business and did kids parties. posing as all accused costume characters for 65 bucks an hour. delco parents we spoke with were creeped out to say the least. >> fear, shock, um, great concern. and wariness to bring anybody in to a situation like that. >> it's a shame. it's a shame. it's like you can't do nothing. it's like the world is going crazy. i don't understand why it. why kids, though, why kids? >> reporter: now, crips has been under investigation for the past several years. but prosecutors say they didn't have enough evidence to charge
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him until today. crips remains in the delaware county jail. a judge has set no bail tonight much lucy? >> all right, thank you, chris chris. pennsylvania governor tom wolf signed legislation authorizing a major expansion of state gambling under the measure the state will become the fourth to allow online gambling. the first to allow online play for casinos in the state lotte lottery. governor wolf he wasn't always been theen us a that is about say the gambling but he said the state needs a recurring revenue stream. >> president trump's former campaign manager paul manfort and his associate rick gates say they are not guilty. the first oh toys charges in special counsel si robert mueller's investigation along with a campaign adviser also enter add guilty plea. fox's sharon crowley has the details. >> reporter: that former adviser to president trump george pap top plus admit towed lied to the fbi about his
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contacts with russians specifically a professor with ties to the kremlin who claimed to have house happened of hillary clinton e-mails. >> when you read that guilty plea, there are -- there's a pretty indicative footnote in there detailing about how this guy e mailed higher level campaign officials. >> separately today president trump's former campaign chairman paul manfort surrender to do federal courts in washington. manfort and his associate rick gates are facing charges including conspiracy, money laundering and failing to disclose his work as an agent of a foreign government. both have plead not guilty to all charges. president trump push back hard against any notion the manfort gates indictments had any link to him or his campaign. tweeting this morning, sorry but this is years ago before paul manfort was part of the trump campaign.
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but why are crooked hillary and the dems the focus???? also there's no collusion. >> today's announce and has nothing to do with the president. has nothing to do with the president's campaign or campaign activity. >> paul manfort was brought in to lead the delicate process which he did, and was just dismissed not too long after that. >> democrats on capitol hill had different take. >> what we know now an alleged unregistered foreign agent was given the chairmanship of a campaign for the presidency of the united states and with it untold influence on future sharon crowley reporting there. at monday's court appearance a judge set bond another ten millions follows for manfort and five millions dollars for gates. both creed agreed to home detention. >> dangerous intersection crashes left and right and drivers in this local neighborhood -- they pleaded for help and they just got it. fox 29 getting results. now tomorrow night children are going to hit the streets for
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halloween loading up uncapped, of course. parents have quite a few good reasons to maybe sneak a it way some of the that hall from your kiddos. hank's take next. christmas not that anybody is counting is just eight mondays away. all right. somebody is counting. rocket feller center tree's heading to the big apple from state college, penn. this norway spruce is coming down on thursday, november 9t november 9th. more than 50,000 multi colors lights will adorn along with a swar
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♪ fox 29 getting results tonight a dangerous road in cobbs creek is now a whole lot safer. residents and drivers have been sick and tired of the car wrecks and near accidents at 59thth catherine. i mean look at that. three malfunctioning yellow lights have been the problem. the green light would go blank, then just boom red. just last week the intersection saw three crashes within a 48 hour period. but since we first aired that story earlier this evening, neighbors have already started seeing changes. one bruce gordon story late and a worker from the streets department showed up to change the bulbs. it took bruce gordon much it's done. >> the age to buy tobacco in new jersey about to go up. starting november 1st the
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legal age most from 19 to 21. for cigarettes, cigars, rolling papers and e cigarettes. >> the change is catching a lot penal by surprise. merchants say hardly anyone including them knew it was coming. they are now bracing for angry customers who are not expecting the change. >> they'll be made. they'll cuss and everything. they did it because the youth can stop smoking but it's not going to happen. once people are addicted, they're going to be get it from anywhere. >> new jersey is the third state in the country to sell -- set the legal tobacco buy age at 21. you got lollipops, chocolate bars, sour patch kids galore, obviously tomorrow is halloween. and children everywhere are drooling at the excitement of collecting their favorite candies. as hank flynn shares, we have more than one reason why eating all that candy could come back to he wasn't us. ♪ >> reporter: it's hank. i've been eating halloween candy all day long.
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feel a little lightheaded whole lot nauseous. my take i'm reminding me self why i steel and throw away two-thirds of my sons halloween candy every of year. ♪ >> rock fizz on arch street in old city has all the candy. i spent 17 bucks on it today i'm not the only one. >> this is the day people can get together and kind of really geek out about it. seems like halloween does that for candy. >> hammer and salt water taffy down my fat throat i thought of the $2.7 billion americans will spend on candy this halloween. cracked open a box of in other words at wal*mart i'm the only one eating trick or treat supp supply. >> i ate half of it and there were trophies of children. >> my problem. >> i was like oh my god i had to hide upstairs and turn my lights off. >> candy industry numbers we'll buy a third avenue billion dollars more candy this year than we did in 2011 just the thought made me woozy. a little sick to my stomach. maybe it was the taffy.
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i don't know. i went to see dr. mike. >> well, well, well, boy do you look terrible, man. >> terrible. >> i just need little more can candy. good dr. mike loves halloween he even hit me up for a chuckle. >> from childhood. >> hmm. >> but he says this candy feast isn't good physical elbows is the, weight gain higher risk of diabetes. >> there's a lot of literature, hank that's correct indicates that sugar is bad for us in a number of ways. not just with our weight line. but it can also cause problems with our metabolism and even science that just came out recently that certain cancers might like sugar. ♪ >> use it as teaching tool adds dr. mike. that sounds good. here are my children from last year before the hold halloween fairy made off with most of their candy. don't remind yourself i'm hank and that's my take. >> ♪
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live look at wildwood. and with the wind blowing out there it just looks cold, kathy. the question is, of course, tomorrow is it's the big night for trick or treater. >> yeah. >> we're hoping not to wear longjohns under the costumes. >> i would. [ laughter ] >> you know me. i don't like the cold. yeah right now we're looking at some breezy conditions outside. on the parkway and temperatures that are falling pretty quickly the numbers falling through the 50s into the 40s. ultimate doppler showing our triple sweep nothing going on not a cloud in the sky. no precipitation. so no issues like we had last night with the rain and wind. right now looking at 44 in the poconos. 47 in pottstown. 48 in wrightstown. 52 in philadelphia. southwest winds at dover and the temperature is 49 degrees. now as we look at the fox future cast we go hour by hour. southwesterly wind becomes westerly westerly during the day tomorrow, skies are clear. deep blue sky but temperatures are only.50s at least 5 degrees below normal. now overnight, into tomorrow morning, this is what's going to look at.
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the poconos waking up to 33. 39 in pottstown. 42 in wrightstown. reading and lancaster only around 40 degrees. of course, philadelphia in the mid 40s so a morning chill like jackets sweatshirt send the kids out with costume maybe with a light coat on. i know they hate that maybe a sweatshirt underneath during the day tomorrow with that blue sky temperatures rebound to 58. afternoon looks decent. winds out of the west about five to 10 miles an hour. but when the kids trick or treating the sun will be setting late in the afternoon early evening. by 6:30 it's dark. temperatures will be falling. so 58 at 4:00 o'clock. 6:00 o'clock 54. by 8:00 o'clock 50 degrees after that, we are down in the 40s. but no wind that will make a difference. on your seven day forecast from the weather authority. wednesday increasing clouds 56. look at thursday and friday. it's almost like this was just a bad dream. the temperatures in the 50s and thetemperatures by thursday it's 70. friday it's foo 72 and then a chance of showers over the weekend it's more typical november weather.
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60 on saturday. 60 on sunday. 67 on monday. some years we've had snow by n now. so this is pretty good. >> this is okay. all right. so i'm going to back to my candy corn. i know you're doing your little poll on instagram right now. >> you like candy corn. >> idol i don't know kristen rodgers does, though. that's a no over there. >> hard no. hard no, sorry, guys. >> i'm going to skip on that. phillies hired new skipper some people may not be thrilled but i think he's going to be great in philly. i'll tell you why next. >> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. everybody still drying out from all that rain we had over the last couple of days bit get ready for traffic pattern scuffle coming our way to pottston. route 422 they'll shuffle the lanes around between 7:24 and arm and hammer boulevard paving coming to buck county tomorrow route 611 at route 32. look out for delays there if you use the norristown high speed line at the villanova station that's closed today through
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december so you'll have to use a stadium station. we'll have your trick or treating forecast of course our famous halloween show all starts tomorrow with kick it off starting at 4:00 right
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♪ phillies have named their new manager gabe kapler may not have been the first name on everyone's list but kristen rodgers thinks it's a great higher. her commentary in 15 seconds. ♪ the phillies have found their new skipper gabe kapler. former direct of players development for the dodgers and a former player himself he september 12 years in the majo majors. kapler is only 42. he's going to be the third youngest manager in mlb. more importantly, i think he's the right fit for the phillies.
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here's why. first and for most, kapler new school of thoughts for the game is going to be a plus for this team. i'm not hating on any old school baseball having a keen eye when it comes to things like saber metrics and nutrition and strength training will be big plus for this team give them an extra push. secondly the fact he has a successful history of developing young talent which is something the phillies have lot of the we should see improve many quickly. also the fact that kapler is a young former player, that gives the phillies something they can easily relate to. so we may see more cohesion in the dug out. because really any time you bring in a new coach, you see a pretty rapid response you see that spark that they bring. i think this one going to be a good one for the if you lease. lucy. >> all right, here's hoping kristen. thanks so much. some unwelcomed news for fans of netflix political drama house of cards. the show is folding. netflix says it will end after its upcoming sixth season although at least one source says the company made that decision months ago, news does
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come one day after accu saving sexual misconduct against star kevin spacey. in a statement netflix said it's deeply troubled about the allegation made by actor anthony ra ben franklin p. he says spacy came on to him put him on bed jumped on top of him in 1986. rapp was 14 years old. pace pace see doesn't remember but has apologized. so tomorrow is of course halloween. >> halloween. >> favorite candy? >> reece's peanut butter cups. >> same. really? >> i like the peanut butter cups, too. >> i know i like her. >> because i like the candy corn. i'm being ostracized it's okay. love you guys. >> tmz follow
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he dressed up as costume characters at children's parties and now accused of sexually abusing children. plus a man goes with his brother to go watch the eagles game but never comes home, there is an important clue that police have that could help them catch a killer. also ahead guess what today is? it is halloween. are you ready to send kid out trick or treating ? send us your halloween photos using # fox 29 halloween. love to see all of the ghosts and goblins. >> it is halloween. >> great to see you on this tuesday, trick or treat. >> i am dressed like a pumpkin , that is my custom you are a pumpkin. >> well, thank you that is nice of you bob has some orange on, as i can see. >> this is before pictures.
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we will see the after before the big halloween show at 9:00 >> we better get to the forecast and as promised had much improved from yesterday, so we have all that rain, wind , and mess, out of the way , yesterday, today we will give you an eight which is pretty great. but bus stop buddy, his traditional, king tut mummy custom and ready with the candy with his little pumpkin, yes, his pumpkin treat, pumpkin. anyway, what is that? anyway, we have got, to show you more on radar, so that is a good thing. all lit up yesterday but today is calm, 50 degrees. beach southeasterly breeze at 10 miles an hour. sunrise time 7:29. here is your halloween fright cast, spooky sunshine, all day long, and we have trick or treating for tonight, mostly clear skies, dry, cool, maybe just a little sweater underneath that costume 40's
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through the morning, chilly by lunchtime at 53 degrees and creepy 57 for a high temperature today, bob kelly, have we played this you have enough. >> i think we have. we are good to go. 4:00 o'clock. happy trick or treat go ahead of us. schuylkill expressway closed this morning all eastbound lanes block at 30th street, so traffic can either exit at 30th street around the big station, or, you hook up with the vine street expressway across town. they are working on the westbound side, a crew westbound, just west of the bo o route 476 out toward king of prussia, they should be out until 5:00 o'clock. looking good on the bennie no problems at all from south jersey and mass transit off to a good start, as well, karen and thomas, back over on you. this morning we are following a homicide investigation at an apartment building in salem county, new jersey. police say someone was murdered at penn terrace, on meadow road in pennsville and we are learning this morning it was a woman that was killed


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