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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  October 31, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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bad bunny, a real monster, on halloween, takes him off the street, a delaware county man charged with sexually abusing children through his costume business. why police fear the list of victims could grow. russian bomb shell, charge s handed down in the investigation in the russian's meddling in the election how washington is responding, and who pleaded guilty to charges. and let me be the last to say trick or treat, halloween is here, the forecast looks pretty darn good, so, bring your kid down to fourth and market this morning, for our annual "good day philadelphia" halloween party.
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we have our costumes ready to go, too late now, we cannot change, good day everybody, it is tuesday, october -- >> no, it is tuesday it is wednesday. >> it is tuesday. >> october 31st, 2017. >> so, if you started dressing up we want to see your customs how about this one that was sent to me yesterday, little brayden, can you guess who he is dressed as. >> wow, wow, wow what is this? is that me. >> he is mike jerrick, yes, brayden irving, he went as you for halloween, and he won first place in his category, in audubon new jersey. >> he won first place. >> yes. >> first time i have ever won anything and it wasn't me. >> we will tell you more about
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this, the story behind it, later but please send in your costumes even if you are in the mike jerrick we want to see them. our #fox 29 halloween. >> i would like to thank the academy and my mother and father. well, that was great. brayden, great. >> yes. >> he will be in this position in about a month. all right. sue. you know, nine years ago today was one of the sweetest days of our lives. >> i remember. >> the weather was so good. >> yes. >> we won the world series. >> look at how blue the skies are, the weather could not have been more perfect. >> it was perfect. >> will we ever have this again. >> i don't know. >> any team in philly. >> i don't know, lieutenant of talk about our eagles, that is for sure. it has been since 1960. is today anything close to nine years ago. >> yeah, i think it will be. we have cobwebs around. >> yes. >> and ghosts. we have a bat.
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>> oh. >> coup the bat. >> the ghost says it is a 10. >> it is an eight. >> little chillier out there temperatures are in the 40's and 50's and bus stop buddy in his perennial king tut mummy costume ready for trick or treating? are you? frost advisory for this morning but i think we will be fine for this evening, when kid are going out, and getting that kind. 49 degrees right now in philadelphia. 12 miles an hour wind out of the southwest and here's your halloween forecast, plenty of sunshine. we got rid of the mess from yesterday, 58 degrees and trick or treating should be clear and cool, so just remember those flashlights and watch where you are driving because you know little ones get so excited in the neighborhood bob kelly they start running around every where. >> i'm excited in the neighborhood running around. >> watch out for bob kelly. >> look out for me darting between the cars. good morning. hello chester county. live lot at bypass gang coming
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out of the coatsville, royersford, hello northeast philadelphia, in problems at all on i-95. we are seeing volume pop around the board leaving northeast philadelphia how about the boo route. >> yeah. >> 476, in problems here, for gang leaving saint david, villanova coming from south jersey again some delays on the freeway, and then look out , into maple shade, new jersey the shaders good morning to you along route 73 here but look out in brooklawn they announced emergency construction beginning today, northbound lanes of route 130, only one lane opened from the brooklawn circle from browning road that will tie us up during midday, leaving work early to get to the kid halloween parade at school and you go through this area to give yourself extra time. mass transit, looking good, mike and alex, back to you. this morning we had a fire in juniata section of the city , sending three people to the hospital, two of them children. fire broke out just before 3:30 on bennington street,
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fire crews had things under control in less than 15 minutes. we're told all three people taken to the hospital have smoke inhalation and currently being evaluated. and then bad stuff going on this morning in the delaware county a man who made money entertaining, kid at parties is, in jail. >> accuse of assaulting young boys, we will bring in lauren for further details on this one, lauren. >> reporter: details are so disturbing. d.a. says his motive was very clear to pray on young victims they think this list could grow longer. latest victim 17 able to implicate four three-year old michael crips and now police say they have their guy, behind bars, yesterday they got him, he wasn't happy when asked about the charges filed begins him. prosecutors say crips has been able to hide behind a character costume company he advertised on facebook where parents pay him for him to come to kid parties. it was then he befriended moms
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of the little boys. >> the mo is very clear, he goes after young boys, he exploits these young boys he sexually molests these young boys and in effect he ruins these young boys lives after he makes this relationship with the mother. >> police say this all dates back to 2013 at the time crips was prosecuted on multiple burglary charges and incarcerated for a few years. in september a five-year old at a sexual assault center helped police zone in narrow in on the four three-year old colwyn man. details are so disturbing and graphic n1 case involving just one victim 36 counts alone, many more counts of course coming from all this and they hope any moms that may have had even counters with this man will come forward to help them with this investigation. >> unreal, all right. 6:06. also, police are searching for several men after the murder of the retired postal worker.
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>> he was beaten to death in front of the middle school. that is where steve is, now steve? >> reporter: well, this murder mystery starts with last weeks monday night football game with the eagles and two brot hours watched it together. the 57 year-old brad heyes drops his brother off at home and stops or meets someone he seems to know all seen on surveillance, police find his car parked suspiciously in front of the school, about 4:00 a.m. last tuesday morning , and then they find him, dead, in the back seat and then look on surveillance and see a guy running away from the car and another guy running behind the school. >> numerous, numerous surveillance cameras in the neighborhood where we see these guys for several minutes moving around. there is video now and we have them being enhanced so we can get much clearer pictures out of him. >> reporter: detectives also say that they have lots of dna
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evidence found on both victim 's wallet, which was found tossed just a few blocks away and dna from inside the car, and they are trying to match an criminal database, while they are working as you erd to get a good clear picture pulled from that surveillance, mike and alex. >> all right, thanks, steve. 6:08. big story that moved through over weekend especially on sunday, all that rain and then yesterday, there is plenty of clean up all across the northe part of the country. deadline day eagles have just hours left. >> look at this. >> yes. >> wow, look at that. >> that was to the north of us , we will show you this, unreal, man a lot of rain, flooding. now what were you saying. >> i was talk about the eagles it was deadline day just hours left to replace jason peters and jordan hicks via trade. they may be looking at a possible last minute deal. nobody delivers more for south jersey than steve sweeney.
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he stood up to north jersey special interests to increase funding for our schools. he stopped christie's commuter tax, saving south jersey residents over 200 million dollars. and he led the charge to pass paid family leave. aarp applauded sweeney for freezing property taxes
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for seniors and cutting prices on prescription drugs. "i got to take my hat off to him. he's a man of his word." steve sweeney. because there's more work to do to get south jersey's fair share. look at the power of flood waters, that home completely washed away, it hits the bridge, wow, and so this is a resident in warren, new hampshire, posted the video on facebook, and, man, we had a lot of rain from philadelphia, all the way up into new england, that is for sure. a close call for a family in rhode island a big storm sent a tree crashing down in
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the boys bedroom over the weekend. the parent say he was not home but his sister was sleeping in the nearby room. tree is still resting on top of the home and boy's room littered with debris. neighborhood was hit hard by clean up, as the clean up continues this morning. >> close call. rescue in question? why the coastguard says that there is some inconsistencec ies from the story of two u.s. sailors, you know, woman lost at sea for half a year we have been reporting on for last couple of days. inconsistencies, um. >> i had my doubts from the very beginning of this. >> did you. >> yes, i did. >> you never mentioned it. >> i kept it to myself. >> well, now let us hear it because we will talk bit. >> i don't no what it is, but >> i don't. what it is.- >> but when we come back and dot story, you say what you were thinking first and then we will compare, bob. >> gilligan over here, he has it all going on. >> i have my doubts about bob kelly, too. >> 6:11. good morning, chester county live look at route 202 and
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septa shutting down one of the busy train station this is morning we will have details, as some fun trick or treating pictures, when we come right back.
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ladies and gentlemen, it will be an interesting next few years. that is your philadelphia phillies, new manager, gabe kapler, i'm not kidding. all right. is he married? is that what you want to know? no, he was divorced in 2013. does have two children. his nickname when he played for boston was, the body, he has a fitness blog and what he wants to necessity from sue serio now that he lives in philadelphia is, is it warm enough to tan today. >> i don't think he will mind being out in cool temperatures , you know, soak nothing some vitamin d, now, when you first said his name welcome back k ot ter, gabe kaplan but could in the look more different. impressive rainfall totals from the pennsylvania couple of days sunday and monday,
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over 5 inches, five and a half in lakehurst, new jersey, elmer four and three-quarters, four and a third in glasgow, delaware and bensalem over 4 inches on have rain as well, a mere 2 inches, almost two and three-quarters, in chestnut hill, pennsylvania. get that math straight. so, for trick or treating tonight, you don't to have bundle up too much but it will be on the cool side. it will be creeping out the door at 58 degrees going out early with the little won at five: creepy by 7:00, 55. fifty-two at 9:00 p.m. so basically lower 50's, plan on that for your temperatures. is there a frost advisory for counties this morning, cumberland, atlantic, gloucester, camden, burlington , berks, lehigh under that frost advisory until 9:00 a.m. nothing to show you on ultimate doppler radar in our area, so lets talk temperature and pretty much in the 40's this morning. 49 degrees in philadelphia. forty-four in reading.
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53 degrees in wildwood. only 36 as we start the day in mount pocono. 12 miles an hour wind in philadelphia but not as windy as yesterday. max wind gust in philadelphia yesterday was 41 miles an hour , that is tropical storm force. average high is 62 degrees. fifty-seven yesterday. upper 50's again today and tomorrow and then we will jump up in the 70's for two days, could see morning shower on thursday, next chance of showers on sunday for third eagles home game in the row and we will get to a high of 62 degrees by then but really we have cleared out nicely perfect trick or treating bob kelly. >> could not ask for better weather. 6:17. good job. good morning. i-95 near philly international heading to the airport flying out for trick or treating fun in, problems getting there and in problems on the tote board. roosevelt boulevard looking good as you head on south down toward the schuylkill expressway and they were doing some paving overnight. that is gone coming from new
6:18 am
jersey, freeway starting to see pockets into the walt whitman. villanova head up villanova train station norristown high speed line closed until december so commuters used the stadium station. accident in south jersey north bound lanes of 55 at little mill road exit number 43 rolling north up through franklin and 295 looking good as we roll pennsylvania our camera between route 73 and route 7o head up for gang in pottstown they are shuffling lanes around traffic shift, coming our way later on today along 422 eastbound between 724 and arm and hammer boulevard, mike and alex, back to you. white house is firing back following the grand jury indictments of two former trump campaign officials. >> president trump says that their alleged crimes had nothing to do with his campaign that they were committed these crimes years ago. >> so former campaign chair paul manafort and long time aid rick gates pleaded not
6:19 am
guilty to a dozen charges yesterday, conspiracy and money laundering dating back to 2016 through 2015 while lobbying for ukraine interests manafort and gates are accused of laundering 75 million-dollar through off shore companies and bank accounts and trying to conceal millions of unreported income. analyst noting that the charges are unrelated russian collusion. >> what the special prosecutor is likely doing here is putting pressure on someone he knows was at center or feels like was at center of the this relationship with russia and used criminal charges as a way to get cooperation from manafort. >> manafort faces up to 80 years in prison if convicted, gates faces up to 70 years. they are due back in court on thursday. 6:19, alex. so we have an update on two women rescued at sea after being stranded for six months. we have been telling but this. yesterday we showed you them
6:20 am
talking, reuniting with their coastguard and they had their pets with them. u.s. coastguard is noticing i list of growing inconsistency. you said, you already had a feeling or had a they are bye them. >> when we first did the story , i promise i have not looked ahead i'm only one who knows what the inconsistencies are. >> only thing i thought and i kept to it myself is i don't know, they look pretty fresh for six months at sea, stranded, you know, okay, maybe they did this about a month ago they took off and they did it for notoriety and to become famous you are implying they were never really who or just not that long of a time. >> which one. >> not for that long of a time and maybe they were never had been lost. >> /kay. they say woman never activated they're mergecy beacon and question bit, they never fear for their lives, originally
6:21 am
they. >> they have been out there six months but they had 24 hours left. >> then they claimed, most telling one they claim, tropical storm damage their boat in may but national weather service shows no storms in the region during that time frame. >> yeah. >> still coastguard says there is no criminal investigation going on at this time. >> well, again, just conjecture just a thought i had feeling i had. >> okay. >> just a feeling. >> we will stay on it. you can check with noah and i don't mean the guy with the arc, they could have used him because he survived. >> yes, too. >> big flood, 40 years or something. >> is the time line the samey don't know. >> was it 40 days, was it 40 years you are thinking of lent
6:22 am
, jesus in the desert, yes , sue. >> forty days, 40 nights. >> i thought that was lent. >> i don't know. >> no. >> jesus did. >> you are talking about noah. >> they have a drop of me saying i don't know. >> no, that was me or sue. >> that was sue. >> i'm sure we will get tweets , i need to go to sunday school. >> i apologize sister a pol guys. what will happen with zeka , ezekiel elliott will he play or not? he may be out six games. that would include them when they play, well, eagles play in dallas, yeah. we will check
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good morning aim kristin rodgers. phillies found their guy gabe kapler has been named new skip per for philadelphia he is now former director of player development for dodgers and former player himself, young guy with the new school of thought on the game, it seems like that is why matt klentak hired him. sixers/rockets last night sixers trying to hold on to the lead, ben simmons had himself a night, beautiful dunk, 24 points, career high, and they take down the rockets
6:26 am
115-107. flyers taking on the win less coyoties team once down three to nothing now down three-two, claude giroux to shawn couturier this game tied up this went to overtime. coyoties with the puck, alex, that is in, air zone gets their first win of the season. not a good look for flyers. nfl trade deadline is tuesday and eagles look like they will be very aggressive y not bolster a roster. whoever they bring in doug pederson says they have to be a good fit. that is sports in a minute , i'm kristin rodgers. thanks, kristin. lets get to ezekiel elliott news. what is deal for when he comes to play us. >> i don't want him to play. >> federal ruling last night clears way to reinstate his six game suspension for a second time, so this means he could be out, when eagles go to dallas on november 19th. but saga isn't over because if he appeals then his ruling. >> which he will. >> puts it back on hold.
6:27 am
so we don't want to say officially he will in the play against eagles but it would be nice for him not too. >> so we have no update. >> for now he won't be playing , that is the update. >> this is tuesday. >> tuesday october 31st who knows what can happen by november 19th. >> or this afternoon. >> jury jones he doesn't play that. >> he don't play. >> jerry's palas in dallas. >> sue, talk to me. >> i will tell you about, trick or treating tonight, we don't have any lightening in the forecast, don't get nervous, it will be dry, cool for trick or treat forecast we will start off evening with 58 which is our high temperature today but find out what happens aft
6:28 am
joseph, i'm steve. how are you? nice to meet you sir. nice to meet you. how's it going man? the yankees? come on. [ laughing ] look at the smiles and the hard work that the people here are doing. it's like making mini sandwiches.
6:29 am
they're no different than anyone else. they just want a job. they want respect and they want dignity. this is a nice place. yeah. he plays basketball with lauren. steve called, fairly frantic. you know, he had a premature baby and i think he had just been given the diagnosis that she had down syndrome. lauren brought out the best in me. she made me a different person. deep down in his heart he feels for people who are disadvantaged. lauren's a light in everybody eye. she's the spark that has started the fire. the goal is to keep places like this open so all people, regardless of disability, have an opportunity for employment. see, i love you. i love you guys too. you know that. yeah.
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a wife's desperate plea, a local man went out to watch eagles game and then never came home, one important clue that police have that could help them catch the killer. more fall out from sexual assault claims against actor kevin spacey, why some are bashing his apology but what does the future hold for house of card? not good. october 31st, time for halloween because we are ready come on down to fourth and market, we are having a halloween party, and we will show you video from past years , kid trick or treating.
6:31 am
>> that is generic of humans trick or treat ago cross the world. >> everybody will be trick or treating tonight. start right here right behind us at fourth and market, fun time. >> we have little kid, costume parade, like everybody else. >> it is on tv. good day it is tuesday, it is halloween, kate, come in here, stand in between us for a second. this is kate, one of our interns. >> hi, kate. >> she's operation game. >> operation woman. >> operation woman. >> do it again. >> i used to love that game. >> when i came in this morning and said cool outfit and she goes, mike, what are you supposed to be? you know what she said? what did you say. >> the crypt keeper. >> get out. >> i can see you. >> so, real costumes sending
6:32 am
in your halloween photos. look at this one. >> boo. >> that is a great one. tina says it noise joke but that is a joker. love it. rachel said you are my aka marshall, happy halloween, cute. connie says we won first place at yogi bear campground in elmer, new jersey, congratulations, that is intense. >> sue, your outfit is great too, number one in my book. >> everybody was waiting to see yours and new it has paid off, haven't we. >> yeah. >> we have a creepy number of the day, eight, it is great. we have bus stop buddy in his traditional king tut mummy costume. temperatures are mostly in the 40's, a couple in the 50's, chilly calm unlike yesterday when it was raining all over and so windy now we have a frost advisory in effect for several counties in the outlining area 49 degrees right now, sunrise not until about an hour from now 7:29 officially, southeasterly at
6:33 am
12 miles an hour, winds have calmed down since yesterday and then yes, your halloween forecast is for a high temperature of 58 degrees. there we go, dry, cool, throughout the day, so will you look cool tonight? well, that is up to you, stick around for rest of good day because we not only have our attempts at halloween costumes but the cute kid will be worth watching throughout the 9:00 o'clock hour, is that right. >> you know one of the best parts of the year here halloween and fox 2:96:33. good morning. live look at the schuylkill expressway eastbound a disabled right here near conshohocken interchange conshohocken curve, that is slowing us down just attracting some attention and we are starting to see volume pop. a lot of unusual volume, some folks going to work early so they can move out at lunchtime go to see kid halloween parade at school maybe even leave early to get home for trick or treating. north on route 55 rolling up through franklin township, new jersian accident at exit
6:34 am
number 43 for gang in wilmington northbound lanes of 495 some construction, two left lanes blocked causing delays but looking gup and over bennie, flags getting a work out, mass transit, so far , so good, mike and alex, back to you. 6:34. >> horrific crime parents are really concerned about. >> yeah, this morning a delaware county man who made his money entertaining kid at parties, is in jail accused of assaulting young boys. >> lauren johnson is live at delaware county district attorney's office. lauren, mothers and parents would invite him to their children's birthday parties and things. advertising on facebook to get these woman to buy into his crime, and, prosecutors say. and, for now, they have been able to stop him in the act, because he is behind bars. the four three-year old colwyn man has a elaborate scheme
6:35 am
going. he created a costume character company and advertised it on facebook. parents would pay him $65 an hour to have him come to their kid parties and then target mothers with young boys, bee friend them, eventually move in with her and then victimize her children. so far five of those young boys have come forward. >> we have grave concerns that we have many more victims even though we documented five victims here today. we have concerns there are many more out there that he has exploited, victimized and sexually abused. >> reporter: police are deeply disturbed by details and pictures he posted on facebook are troublesome where they say he has young children sitting in their lap. he was able to get close to these kid through that company and he start that had company after serving time in prison on multiple burglary charges. now new charges far more serious in nature and disgusting to prosecutors. they are calling him a serious child predator who they are happy to have off the street and they are sharing this
6:36 am
story with the public hoping any moms who came in contact with him at any point will come forward with their stories and details to add to this investigation, mike and alex. >> let's hope so. we have an attorney to talk about this. i mean somebody to come tour parties. 6:36. retired postal worker and father murdered in front of the middle school. >> police are searching for two possible killers, and witnesses of any kind, steve in darby boro. >> reporter: week ago this morning just about this time of the day where police officer sees this car parked sus push usually in front of the school and then one guy runs away and when they look at surveillance they will see that guy and another guy behind the school meeting up and walking away and all over the town. later found victim's wallet. they are figuring robbery a motive but question is also on surveillance, this victim, at one point, seems to know
6:37 am
killer because he let him into his car. >> it is not like we were looking this guy was selling drugs, the guy had a domestic or the guy was involved in this. you know, none of that comes up. >> he wasn't type of guy to get in trouble, never got in any trouble, never had a attitude, just a nice guy this guy to me was john q citizen this should not have happened to this man and whoever did it need to be taken in custody. >> reporter: brad heyes was out because he had his brother over to his house watching eagles monday night football game two mondays ago and driving him brother home and sometime between dropping off his brother, and getting back home is when all this happened now in addition to the video evidence they are trying to get enhance todd get a good clear picture. that is why we don't have anything to show you they say they have dna evidence found in the victim's wallet and lots of dna found in the car, where he was at the time he
6:38 am
was found in the back seat. 6:37. >> age to buy tobacco in new jersey business to go up. starting tomorrow legal age moves from 19, to 21. this is for buying cigarettes, cigars, rolling papers, e cigarettes, and all kind of pipes. governor chris christie signed the law in late july with little fanfare. new jersey is the third state in the country to set the legal tobacco age for buying at 21. >> a friend and mine were over at wawa and we were looking for cigars and stuff like that and the guy behind the counter said i would have to have an id to buy a cigar. i said look at me, it looks like i have smoked a million cigars. i don't care who you are. you go to the bar in an airport in america you have got to show them an id no matter how old you are. >> i mean, come on. >> it is a compliment.
6:39 am
>> i'm 21. look at this. >> nobody is shocked. >> are you 21. >> i don't know, i don't think i could relive this life, i wouldn't make it you make it sound fun. >> it has been a good time. >> we look like floating head maybe we shouldn't wear black. >> it is halloween. >> i guess we should wear a necklace. >> hey, will they make a deal? this is the deadline of the 4:00 o'clock this afternoon if eagles make a trade, they will do it by 4:00. we will talk to anthony gargano who he thinks they should pick up. jason peters, we miss ( floor creaks)
6:40 am
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on november 7th, let's keep him fighting for us. chris brown for state senate, he's on our side.
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all right. it is 6:42. we have until 4:00 in the afternoon, i say we, the philadelphia eagles, have until 4:00 o'clock at the deadline to pick up some other players. >> we need players. >> my goodness. well, anthony gargano has been talking bit at 97.5 the fanatic, hi ant, good to see you. >> hey guys, happy halloween. >> i like your outfit. >> yes, is that a costume. >> yes, i will go as myself. >> frightening. >> i will go as a butcher from ninth street. >> so lets start with jordan and jason, lets start with jordan hicks, have you heard of anybody to replace him.
6:43 am
>> yeah, they will be looking at line backing help, looking at offensive line help, these are big injuries as you said with jordan and jason. there is not a lot out there and price pretty high, i don't know that they go that route. i think they will probably stay status quo from what i'm hearing. howie roseman is a guy that can make a trade, 41 trade he has made since becoming general manager and that doesn't include 2015 when he didn't have any personnel obligations. one spot running back, guys, that is a spot that can happen , they are short with darren sproles. that is an idea, frank gore a name. >> now he was a 49er and he plays with the colts now. >> wasn't he with the eagles for like a day. >> yes, yes, he was going to come here until talk out of to play for chip kelly.
6:44 am
no i'm in the coming to philadelphia and playing for chip kelly. i think we like to play under doug pederson. >> how things are going now. >> exactly. >> i feel like jason peters we need someone to replace jason peters, don't you think. >> yeah, here's the thing when you are seven-one the cowboys just lost ezekiel he will why the to a six game suspension. that will bury them. now is the time to sure up because these opportunities don't crystallized every year, we have to take advantage of it. i'm with you. if you are just bolster offensive line, look for another tackle, you saw big v on sunday, he is okay but if you can get a tackle, i would go do it and linebacker. >> what is all this talk about wide receivers, though? aren't we happy with who we have. >> yes, you know, funny because tyo is a name he is on
6:45 am
the books for 8.2 million, alshon and torey smith just one year deal, i don't think that happens, just too expensive and eagles did not inquire about megatropical vin johnson, no. >> so lets just take the whole day and summit up, do we think torey, he is in the donnas a player, is he? >> no, but next year i would be surprised if he is back. he hasn't done much. they expect more. we have matt hollins and played well. >> i will change my halloween outfit i will be the new phillies manager, gabe kapler, well, then again maybe not. >> you are a beef cake. >> you are a beef cake. >> that is me. >> i'm cake, there is no beef. >> have you seen the picture
6:46 am
he is a fitness fanatic. >> no red meat, he is a stud. i love the higher. other than joe girardi who i would have wanted and i heard he wanted to stay on the east coast, new york, philadelphia it is a good hire gabe kapler because he played, he worked, i know, i'm jealous too. he is a guy who knows front office, so he brings a lot of different skills to the position. it is a good hire. all of the girls love him. >> do they. >> fill the seats. >> all i saw yesterday on my twitter time line were shirt less picks and i said what is going on. >> forty-two. he has a couple kid. >> do you think's proves of the fact instead of the showing him in the phillies uniform all people are doggies googling and showing these. >> he is used to it, probably doesn't like it. >> yes, you know he is a
6:47 am
serious guy, he doesn't like that. >> taking the press conference with his shirt off. >> he is single he is a divorcee. >> yes. >> we don't have time to talk about ben simmons we have a whole season to talk about him >> unbelievable. >> love it. >> great to see you he is the real deal. >> happy halloween. >> aj, 6:47 here's bob. >> no one talked about the phillies official press release, right. >> shirt and hat. >> 64:78. southbound i-95 disabled near allegheny avenue causing delays from the great northeast, jammo on the schuylkill eastbound disable right here near conshohocken curve, and that is causing delays from king of prussia and around the curve there. volume underway on this halloween morning, north wound lanes of 55 in south jersey franklin township an accident right at exit number 43, which is little mill road jammed up in wilmington for gang heading north on 495, and construction
6:48 am
at edgemore road and flag getting a work out but road are dry coming up and over ben franklin bridge, 95 south brake tap from cottman into girard. mass transit looking g we are all hoping for a good trick or treat forecast, sue has one in 15. all right. we are starting off with a look at what it is going to be like later this evening, sending the kid out in the neighborhood, the weather is cooperating, the rest is up to you to make sure it is a great costume creep out at 5:00 to 58, creepy at seven with 55 and creepier at 9:00 with about 52 degrees but this morning keep in mind you want to wear a warm enough jacket because is there a frost advisory for many suburbs
6:49 am
until 9:00 o'clock, atlantic, cumberland, gloucester, camden , berks, lehigh counties , still may see some frost on the pumpkin we have all pumpkins out now, don't we we have a little bit of lake effect precipitation off of lake erie but for us, nothing, it is a dry morning. 49 degrees in philadelphia almost everybody else in the 40's but 36 in mount pocono and 53 in wildwood. at least these wind have calmed down. fifty-eight today. fifty-seven tomorrow. what? seventy-two object thursday. seventy-four on friday. so, bump up in the zero seven 's for two days. back to seasonal temperatures over weekend. saturday looks good, we have a chance of showers for eagles game on sunday but temperatures will be feeling like they are supposed to feel and this is of course, the first week end in november. >> why are we whisperingy
6:50 am
don't know. >> because there are ghosts. >> there are ghosts. >> yeah. >> it is 6:50.& >> okay. >> kevin spacey is taking heat for recent allegations of sexual misconduct. we talked about this yesterday but the heat is coming from both fans and hollywood. >> yeah, thomas, what is the very latest now. >> very serious allegations we're talking about a 14 year-old boy. fall out coming fast here, big announcement yesterday, emmy foundation said it will not honor space i with the international emmy founders award, decision comes after the actor was accused of sexually harassing rent star anthony rap when he was 14 years old. space i quickly took to twit erin cyst continuing he just doesn't remember incident sincerely apologizes but what he says afterward that is drawing fire. he goes on to explain how story has encouraged him to address other things in his life like his sexuality and came out as gay in the same
6:51 am
statement. >> it seems as if he used coming out as a deflects technique as the community might suddenly rail around him but we won't be used as a shield to deflect from alleged misconduct. >> people taking issue saying it is two completely separate issues. meanwhile season six of the show he stars in, house of card very successful will be the last season this was decide by netflix several months ago but they did come out in a statement saying they deeply, they are deeply troubled by recent allegations more fall out to come here. >> that is what the company say they will were going to cancel it anyway. >> they decided two and half months ago this would be the final see on. thomas, thanks. never too early to get in the holiday spirit the pennsylvania connection to this years big tree. >> isn't there always a pennsylvania connection or white house that sometimes gets a tree. >> i'm telling you either white house or 30 rock up in
6:52 am
manhattan, it seems like tree comes from pennsylvania every year. maybe that is a given i don't know but tree, from 30 rock fridays pennsylvania and i'll know but tree, from 30 rock fridays pennsylvania and i'll tell what you town it hey, girlfriend. how's your café au lait? oh, it's actually... (squeaking of balloon) it's ver... (squeaking) i'm being so serious right now. i really want to know how your coffee is. it's... (squeaking of balloon, laughing) i had a second balloon! goodbye! oof, that milk in your coffee was messing with you, wasn't it? yeah, it happens to more people than you think. try lactaid, it's real milk, without that annoying lactose. mmm. good, right? yeah. lactaid. it's the milk that doesn't mess with you. and now, try our real sour cream. it's delicious.
6:53 am
and now, try our real sour cream. why are south jerseyans so angry headlines at sweeney? up. sweeney repeatedly sided with chris christie to underfund south jersey schools, increase standardized testing like parcc, cut take-home pay for teachers, and broke his promise to fund the pensions of hundreds of thousands of new jerseyans- all while padding his own. steve sweeney says a lot of things. but the truth is, he's not on our side.
6:54 am
6:55 am
i don't know but pinky pie is that somebody we should know. >> is that my little pope i. >> well, maybe a character pinky pie. >> oh, manny will be schooled on twitter. >> i'm sure my little pony. >> my little pony. >> so cute, thanks, jennifer. >> pamela say vivian took her costume very seriously. and halloween air gas silent film. it looks like they are black and white film. >> yes, vintage. >> yes, liz, brayden is recycling trash can and all his idea, way to go, brayden, i love it. so cute. jillian says jeremy's first october but no halloween she's sick. >> oh, my gosh. >> she can get some candy. hopefully she feels better soon. >> she's so sick she's turning orange. >> please continue to send us your halloween photos and costumes using #fox 29
6:56 am
halloween so we can see them and put them on tv. >> pennsylvania we are proud again never too early to start thinking about christmas, that is for sure. one more day and then talk about christmas but rocker feller center christmas tree, 30 rock in new york city is getting in holiday spirit. they announced it will come from pennsylvania. >> what part of the pennsylvania. >> well, state college up there at penn state, this norway spruce will be cut day after tomorrow that would be what november the ninth? no, next week. thursday, november 9th is when it will be cut and it will be wrapped with more than 50,000 multi colored lights and crowned with the giants crystal star thing and then it will be lit to the public to see on november the 29th. >> i have been there before, it is big, beautiful. >> big and beautiful. >> so future of travel ace
6:57 am
parentally now, is there a tweet by eye lon must thank could signal end of sitting in traffic. >> i know what that is, he is boring a tunnel of the streets underneath highway and freeway >> i thought that was years a way. >> he is digging hole in los angeles. >> sue, that is like being in the tube. >> wouldn't it be like the subway. >> no, he explains how it is different from the subway. >> okay, good. >> what is going on here ghoul and goblins are waiting to come out we are going to give trick or treat forecast coming up.
6:58 am
honey, what are you doing? watching a cow...? what's it doing? impressions start your day with the new hash brown scramble bowl from chick-fil-a. he stood up to north jersey special interests nobody delivers more for south jersey than steve sweeney. to increase funding for our schools. he stopped christie's commuter tax, saving south jersey residents over 200 million dollars. and he led the charge to pass paid family leave. aarp applauded sweeney for freezing property taxes for seniors and cutting prices on prescription drugs.
6:59 am
"i got to take my hat off to him. he's a man of his word." steve sweeney. because there's more work to do to get south jersey's fair share. grit. some have it. some don't. when the odds are stacked against you, you either hide, or stand up. at strayer university, we've seen it in our students for 125 years. and if you ever think of quitting, our success coaches will be there to pick you up, and work with you every day to put you on the right path. it's time. strayer university. let's get it.
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real life monster on this halloween. >> he comes to parties he will dress up like mickey mouse or mini mouse or elmo, dora, barney. >> now off the streets, a delaware county man who runs a costume party business accused of praying on young boys. why officials fear the list of victims could grow and how to protect your family when you hire someone you do not know. bomb shell, first charges are filed by special council robert mueller so what is next we are live in d.c. with the


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