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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  November 1, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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governor in just six days there is morning, liver in studio, republican candidate, kim glad and owe is here to make her pitch. >> few questions have come in, good day everybody, it is november the first, all saints day. right? >> yes. >> that's true. >> all saint day. tomorrow all souls day, or was that last night? i don't know. i need to go back to church. >> get your cat err kiss many out. >> i know, my baltimore katicism. >> let's go for ride. skyfox up over this accident in delco. live look at a crash on state street. just off of 476. in delaware county. jammo in delco. looking live again, state, just off of springfield road, which is right off the broomall interchange of 476. skyfox logging some miles for us here this morning.
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let's go to the maps again to give you an idea if you are rolling off the blue route, again the broomall interchange right there by the springfield country club, to kind of give you a locate or, water main break in norristown, main, just off of walnut. now we just saw few no, ma'am ago from skyfox the water department on the scene. the kids were getting pick up on the school bus. so that's going to be a hot mess here along main as you roll through norristown. septa says, because of an equipment issues from yesterday, that's a left over for this morning, they say to expect delays and over-crowding on the regional rail lines today. i don't remember having any equipment issues yesterday on the regional rails. but, here's a mess, too, this is wide load sitting off to the side here westbound schuylkill jammed, from approaching city, out to belmont. sue, we've got good looking
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forecast for your hump day? >> a lot of sunshine for halloween, expecting quite a few more clouds, so we will go with a seven out of ten. november 1st, peanut butter month. bus stop buddy starting his -- the month with just a whole jar every peanut butter, not even bothering with the sandwich. temperatures cooler than yesterday. chillier, still have frost advisory in effect, same counties as we had yesterday. 44 degrees in philadelphia. >> whole lot of cloud cover, sunset time 5:58. everything will change over the weekend because time change over the weekend, that and the seven day forecast coming up. >> chaos, just after 3:00. at least eight people dead, nearly dozen hurt, including a kim of children on a bus that was slammed into by the
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terrorists. the mayor's calling this a terror attack, yes, investigators say this man drove a rental truck, that he rented in passaic, new jersey, ton a bike path in lower manhattan, running down people, on that path. many of them tourist frost argentina. this guy eventually shot and injured by new york sit police. he's now in the hospital. >> steve keeley, a very active investigation going on at the scene? >> here is one of the daily runners coming up the sidewalk on the other side of the street, normally, he said, he would be running on that bike path, running path, and he said he would be one of thousands, but, he had to find new route and new spot to run so the reason he couldn't run on it, completely shutdown still. little bit of light coming up. but you can see, construction lights, and in addition to the street light, the traffic lights, because they have this entire bike path lit, they'd
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been walking with blocks and flashlight, there, looking for evidence along the entire route, and it seems like they're finding it, because we've been watching them live on tv, from both of our vantage points, first from three blocks away, from the scene where this terror attack ended now seven, eight blocks away, they're putting evidence markers down. so could be evidence, so where we, are several police officers for the entire lent, greg showing you now where the world trade center once stood, and now the freedom tower stands tall. you can see it now, with the a little bit of daylight, even though lit up. that's essentially is where this attack happened. you can see, as we pan down, in the middle of the street, you see flashing police lights up there. so as far away as we, are that tells you how wide and how long this crime scene is. >> freedom, democracy, what we, are and we are proud of it, that also makes us a
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target. we go forward together. we go forward stronger than ever. >> if you just look at the mo of the attack, that is consistent with what's been going on, so that that, along with the statement, has unable us to label this a terrorist event. >> and so, we're now looking across the hudson river, at new jersey. now, that's jersey city, probably the most populated biggest city in new jersey now. but the third most populated city, is patterson. and i mention, a half hauer ago -- hour ago, mike and alex, this terrorist lived there according to resident. fbi agents have been swarm ago apartment building, a garage, and a mosque, and i also said that the biggest newspaper over there talking to the resident who said that this guy was seen living in this apartment building driving this white toyota sienna mini-van. them we look at the aerials, look at the home depo, in
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nearby passaic, not far from patterson. and police have a white toyota sienna mini-van with florida plate just like the neighbors told this guy, they have it surrounded in the hope depo, where the rented truck was taken from. so there is guy, drove his mini-van, from his home in patterson to this home depo, rented the truck yesterday, then drove the truck over here, to commit his terror attack. so, a big new jersey tie, once again, to the latest terror attack, and the biggest one here in new york since 9/11. >> yes, apparently, a truck drivers license, not that would you need that type of license to rent a little pick-up truck like that. steve, probably can't see this, but we do have a live shot up of that truck after hitting the people on the bike, running, he slammed into school bus, and four people were injured on that school bus, two adult, two children. in fact, disable children, to
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begin with. >> coming up 7:06. >> president trump took to twitter following the attack writing nyc looks like another attack by a very sick and deranged person. law enforcement is following this closely. not in the u.s.a. >> four hours later he wrote: i just ordered homeland security to step up already extreme g vetting programment being politically correct is fine. but not for this. >> you know this type of attack is not, well, pretty uncommon in the united state, but not around the world as you know, we talk about this all the time. bars loan, a spain, in august, of 2017. the london bridge in june of 2017. westminster bridge, just few month before, in march of 2017. berlin, the christmas village, attack, remember that, big truck? and even here in the states, ohio state university, november of 2016. france on bastille day in june of 2016. >> so we want to bring in counter terrorism, ed, to talk
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this morning, because educated we have talk about this. and we've talked about this, just seems like it keeps happening. this seems to be isis method of choice. >> it is, first of all, they've been routed from their base in iraq. we new they would move to other locations. and i think more to the point. it is not that they have interest send fighters. >> the no. >> you have people who come to this country, who are energized by what they read on the internet. and i have to say. with all of these attacks, one of the commonalities, first of all, they strike at soft targets, during holidays. >> yep. >> so yesterday, you had halloween. isis issued an order to its followers, strike at the non-believers on halloween. the second thing, the communicate through the internet that they can still
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do so given the nay which some our internet communications are monitored, and then cut off, it is absolutely dumb founding. >> yes, and he followed the recipe that you can read in isis magazines and websites, you know, rent a truck have a gun or knife on you when you jump out, even though all be it pellet gun and paint gun, but still had two guns in his hands. he followed the plot right like it said on the internet. >> let's add another thing. if you admit someone into your country, and his name, and his native language, means sword of allah, maybe you're making a mistake? and we continue to have a problem in admitting people without thorough vetting. and once they're here, i heard somebody talking about have to go through the truck places and tell them how careful they
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have to be about renting a truck what happens when you deny someone a truck, and then suddenly you find yourself at the other end of the lawsuit, because you've discriminate in the. >> yes. >> and this is a very difficult situation to find ourselves in. >> press conference yesterday, they said they talk to what more than 130 different rental companies, and they told them these are the signs you should look for and then you notify someone, if you see something, that seems a little bit odd of. >> so they are saying, that but i guess it is just hard to prevent. here is what may be different educated. with this case he's still alive so there is some information we could get to get some intel on this? >> i imagine. we will find out. not that he was directed, but instead, that he found his inspiration through the internet, maybe you can track down a cents mosque where there are other like-minded people but the real sign of
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the problem here that these attackers don't have to be directed. they're simply motivated by what they read on line, world view incompatible with free human existence, what we do in response, we winds up putting greater and greater restrictions on ourselves so free open spaces aren't near as free and open as they used to be. >> let's talk about free and open spaces. you and have i talked many times about our network at 46 and six. about ten years ago because of these attacks, they put in giant flower pouts. you see them it front of the building, sixth avenue. these big flower pots. look like decorations cents, but it is not. it is to prevent trucks and cars from slamming into the front of our network there. how can you stop this? we talk about kelly drive here in philadelphia. you know, like jump the curve and driver down the bike path, the jogging path. do you put these barricades up
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all over the country? >> mike that's been the default of people in counter terrorism. look, i think we need to do a number of things. we can't be in a defensive crouch putting up ballard and large barriers, i mean, we try to dress them up to make them attractive. but in the end it really does prevent access for regular people. we know the people who deal in this kind of act of terror. >> deny them entry into your country, deny them the means every communication. which is why i don't want to be a broken record, but i go back to the internet, the fact that you can still see this kind of violence porn, islamic violence porn on the internet i think is telling. i think we're out of our minds not to go after that to shut
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them down, deny them any breathing space. >> ed, thank you. >> another reason too why they decided to keep going with the halloween parade. we'll keep going. >> this was already planned, and something people look forward to. so we will let them stop us. >> yes, they said at the police conference up in new york they have a thousand officers, that's their whole job, to study the internet now, that's where we've come to. so, immediately thinking philadelphia, kelly drive, all of the place that is we like to jog and ride bikes. >> and so, lawyer send out there, kelly drive now. with, yes, start thinking about, could this happen in our area? in filly? >> that's a question that create little fear in some people who use this popular path right here along our riverfront, for other they say they're not so scared, because things like this will happen. but we cannot be crippled by fear. we want to get some reaction and ask the people that we caught up with what they& thought about what happened in manhattan yesterday, including our police commissioner richard ross who expresses
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similar sentiment, warning philadelphians, you have to remain vigilant but not fearful, especially on night like last night when crowds were out in big numbers enjoying halloween earlier in the day at 29 year old man with new jersey ties, plowed down innocent people including afternoon on popular path near the world trade center. the news makes many who spend substantial time here along kelly drive a little uneasy. >> i feel susceptible, walking down the both path down there. nothing to protect me. like i said they're going so fast down this road. it is awful. it is terrible. i can't believe something like this would happen. >> now many people are asking the usual question that comes, could this tragedy have been avoided specifically that is relate to that home depo truck the suspect rented just an hour before the attack. do we need more strict controls, but ed just spoke to that point, too, will that he create lot of lawsuits, of course, one of the questions
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that is emerging now from this horrific incident. as for safety here in philadelphia, the police commissioner tells us his offers letters continue to do what they've always done, mike and alex, sometimes he says, they receiver criticism for showing up at places like parades, protests, but they have to be thereto try to hope to avoid situations like the one we saw in mat hand and yesterday. >> 7:15. somebody on twitter just said talk about the affordable care act. open enrollment begins, well, already started today. between 10:00 and 12 million people expected to sign up for plans this morning. this afternoon. this evening. the price of premiums, are expected to rise by roughly 34%, about 80% of enroll east who buy coverage through healthcare dot gov will be able to buy a plan for $75 or less a month, open enrollment comes to an end, decembe
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december 15th. let's check in with sue. >> chillier this morning than it was yesterday. but at least finally starting to get light out. >> in fact, colder today. but we will have cool and mostly cloudy day today but milder temperatures to ends the work week, just to make things confusing. frost advisory continues for many of the counties we saw yesterday. we've been watching snow out in western pennsylvanian ohio and indianna, but it doesn't look like any of that will make its way here. so we've just got cloud cover maybe stray shower, but temperatures in the 30's, 40's, throughout the region. jump up to 74 tomorrow. seventy-two friday. finally looks -- friday gray great weather day. autumn seasonable temperatures, chang the time saturday night, fall back, then showers possible on sunday, monday, and tuesday, of next week. so little roller coaster ride bob kelly with our
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temperatures. >> extra hour, we get extra hour saturday night dance party out there with bob that pan tan owe at 2:00 normally when the place clause -- close, oops, extra hour. look at this, wide load here. they pulled off to the side. their intention is to enter the schuylkill expressway. what? already jammed solid westbound on the schuylkill, from approaching the boulevard, all the way out to belmont, so good luck, let's see what happens, but already causing delays there. good morning gloucester county new jersey coming in to philly on the freeway. heavy from 295 in toward the walt whitman bridge bridge. septa had some equipment issues yesterday afternoon sake potential for some delays and over-crowding, some of the storm damage from the other day, damaged some of the overhead wires, for the afternoon ride, yesterday, we had some police activity at fernrock, septa said they had to stop all of the trains, because they were looking for someone turned out unfounded but running with delays on the
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subway this morning, and for the gang in springfield, an accident, state road, right at springfield road. back over to you. >> i'm reading about fish store. >> i people exaggerating on fish stories. >> i hope we're not exaggerating on this one. >> we caught a big fish yesterday during the show, during the show yesterday at 9:00. >> try, that's right. dolphin. >> what? is it a dolphin. can you eat dolphin? i've had -- actually eaten dolphin. >> are you supposed to? >> this guy's last name sounds like a piece of sushi. his name is jay ajayi. >> oh, gosh, does anybody know? can you get on twitter? >> a-jayee? >> there was a comedian back in the day. jay ajayi. his last name was aja. really funny. probably still around. anyway i digress again.
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they say they had some trouble with him in the lockerroom, wasn't getting enough touches. >> yes? well, my thing, it is also -- how is it going to help with us our injured players? we need replacement for jordan hicks, but it is fine. >> too late? >> ya, jay. we gave up fourth round pick, and but 'd break out season last year rushing 1200 yards, including three, 200-yard games, touchdowns. but he's off to kind of slow start this year some have questioned his character, saying he sometimes he would storm out of the lockerroom, even after they won, like mike, you were saying, didn't get enough touches. >> i want to run the ball more. well, we will break that habit of his. >> you think snow. >> eagles are very tight-knit, group in the lockerroom, can you imagine fletcher cox, don't be griping about not getting the ball enough. we'll give i the ball.
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>> right? >> or i'll sit on you. >> right in lower manhattan where steve is, the big store. >> i believe it or not, mike, the crime scene, we were talking about how close to it, even though far from where the attack ended look there is more investigators who showed up right after our live shot in those white protective suits, a big crime scene unit truck. >> how far are we? there is the freedom tower in the shadow that far at the base of that, where that home depo truck and school bus all crashed and managed. so this gives awe sense how wide this investigation; still now at daylight, so, we've gone all night, and this investigation is
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>> little steel i dan for you, alex. >> yes, just when you thought we were done talking about amazon, trying to get to move their second headquarters to philly, we did a big bill up, talk about, that well, we're still trying apparently even after the deadline. philadelphia is taking the campaign to seattle. uh-huh. they're doing month long advertising brit, on buses, trolleys, they want the folks in seattle to be thinking about philly. >> because they still have to make the decision even though the deadline came, the goal is to keep philadelphia in the mind of the people who live in seattle, who have to make this decision. the on line retail giant, amazon, says a total of 238 cities and regions, submitted proposals, we're up against 237 other proposals. the company is promising to bring in 50,000 new jobs, they may bring in $5 billion in revenue, to that area, and
7:25 am
that would be philadelphia, and they plan to announce a decision, sometime early next year. so, they're blanketing seattle with messages about fill. >> i like sub miami until, you know what i mean? not that we care about what other cities think. but if you're living in another city would you think that's cheating? >> like we -- admit t the deadline is passed. >> so what? >> do what you got to do? >> the decision hasn't been made. >> true. >> so just blanket them with philly info. you want to leave? you want to get out of this rain, don't you? it rains less in philadelphia. >> oh. look at you. is that going to be your campaign right there? >> where it rains less. >> always sun any philadelphia. >> bug them for like a month. you should go to philly. philly is great. >> all right. what are we, six days away from election day in new jersey. vote letters pick a new governor for the garden state, republican candidate kim joins just studio. if you have a question for her, jump on twitter right
7:26 am
now. >> hurry, she next. >> hurry. >> did you know it is national sushi day? i'm not kidding. jen's in south philly. hi, jen. >> you look like seattle. >> yes, look at this. hello. i'm not in seattle. a in samuel seafood company in south philadelphia with the king of sushi himself, young, from b2. we will see what he is looking for when he buys fish like this. guys, you have no idea how big this facility s come on back. by the way, happy national sushi day. yes. a bridge shut down over politics. their biggest triumph was a traffic jam. chris christie and kim guadagno's failures shortchanged our future. after 8 years- incomes are down, costs are up and our economy is crawling. we are better than this. i'm phil murphy together we'll build a stronger, fairer economy that
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works for every new jersey family. christie and guadagno left new jersey stuck. i'm serious about moving new jersey forward. nice to meet you sir. joseph, i'm nice to meet you.u? how's it going man? the yankees? come on. [ laughing ] look at the smiles and the hard work that the people here are doing. it's like making mini sandwiches.
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they're no different than anyone else. they just want a job. they want respect and they want dignity. this is a nice place. yeah. he plays basketball with lauren. steve called, fairly frantic. you know, he had a premature baby and i think he had just been given the diagnosis that she had down syndrome. lauren brought out the best in me. she made me a different person. deep down in his heart he feels for people who are disadvantaged. lauren's a light in everybody eye. she's the spark that has started the fire. the goal is to keep places like this open so all people, regardless of disability, have an opportunity for employment. see, i love you. i love you guys too. you know that. yeah.
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>> following latest news out of new york city, at least l eight people dead, dozen hurt what the mayor there i guess were all calling terror attack. investigators say that this guy drove a rental truck onto a bike path in lower manhattan. running down people, on the path, many of them tourist frost argentina witnesses say the truck traveled almost eight blocks, almost a mile, before crashing into a school bus. the guys was eventually taken down by police shot in the stomach and that terror cyst now in the hospital in lower manhattan. >> so we have steve keel any new york he will will give us more updates as this investigation is going, we'll continue to check in with him. >> november 21, 2017. here's sue. >> and november national
7:30 am
peanut butter lovers month. so our bus stop buddy has jar of peanut butter plus gloves, warm fleece, chillier than it was yesterday at this time. temperatures many more of them in the 30's, than we saw yesterday. have frost advisory in effect for a lot of new jersey and part of pennsylvania, same counties as yesterday, but finally, the sun is up. it is 44 degrees, with just 7-mile per hour breeze. so, make sure you have enough on today, warm enough jacket. 60 degrees is the high. mostly cloudy skies, unlike yesterday, with stray shower or two, tonight, we're down to about 56 degrees. so not as chilly as it is right now. remember, our radio partner 101.1 more fm. your forecast there, your forecast here. and your traffic here, too. hi, bob kelly. >> boom, you got t7:30, couple of accidnt out there, northbound lanes of 95. right at street road. you got what looks like the left lane block here. again, this is on the northbound side, right at street road. and we jump on out to 422, where the eastbound side of 422, an accident, right near
7:31 am
the trooper road interchange. that's causing delays for the gang coming in from collegeville. hello south jersey. gloucester county. headlights making their way in toward 295. your normal traffic pattern there. septa had some problems, last night, on the way home, with the regional rails. so they're saying heads up. they could have some delays and over-crowding this morning. ten minute delays on the broad street subway this morning. for some earlier police activities, and a crash along route 130 northbound, right at vansciver parkway. mike and alex being back over to you. >> thanks, bob. 7:31. big reminder remember to go out to vote tuesday november 7th. >> among the question new jersey resident must decide: who should be your next governor? >> so lieutenant governor kim joins us liver in the studio here this morning, good morning to you. >> good morning, thanks for having me. >> how do i address lieutenant governor? >> well you know it is fun, because you've had lieutenant governors here in pennsylvania for a long time. >> first time i'm the first lieutenant governor had one of the very first decisions we
7:32 am
had to make, what do you call -- >> what do i call you? >> kim. >> isn't that the easiest? >> oh, okay. >> come on, it is east. >> i you give us permission? >> absolutely. >> kim. >> look, he's still hesitating. >> by the way, you know all about this kind of stuff. your dad was here in philadelphia, what was he, the gm? >> was phl17, yep. went to a lot of phyllis games. >> i bet. i bet. >> well, avenue important question for you, about sport then later on. >> okay. >> okay, but of course weaver to bring up what happened in manhattan about 3:00 yesterday afternoon. this terrorist had a residence in your state, rent add truck in passaic, went through the tunnel and did what he did. >> it is awful what happened to those eight families, to those numbers that were hit by the truck. as former federal prosecutor, former state prosecutors, i know that we need to make new jersey more safe and the twi
7:33 am
do that to did better vetting, tune not make new jersey sanctuary state. which is a big issue now in the campaign. i think it makes new jersians less safe now it makes all of the region less safe. >> so go into that polling place, on tuesday, that's going to -- that's a big issue on people's minds, so if you don't like the idea of sanctuary cities, pull the lever for you. >> right. because it has become, well, especially after yesterday's terrorist attack, it has become the issue i think in the campaign going forward. i've rejected idea of any governor to enforce the laws not only of the state of new jersey but of the united states has to keep that oath and one of their key obligations is to keep the people of the state safe. which keeps the people of the state safe. >> spoken very strongly, against that position, and specially withholding state funding when it comes to police and some things that we need here. >> right. and exactly, you know, we
7:34 am
don't know what exactly happened yesterday. we don't want it jump the gun on that. but i do know in new jersey there have been examples where violent criminals have been released from custody without detainers, have gone out to commit other crimes, that's my concern, that's who we need to protect our population from. it also puts at risk federal funding and puts other law enforcement officers at risk because they'll be told to stand down. >> at the top, we ask your opponent, he decided not to do that but man, like you said, i think a commercial for his campaign ran just before you came on. most of them you see him with the bridge, the gw bridge in the background, almost every shot. did you no, i mean, lieutenant governor, did you know anything about that? >> absolutely not. the testimony at the trial, completely debunk that myth. and phil those that, comb
7:35 am
politely irrelevant. if it is all do you have complain about, and chris christie is not on the ballot in november, it is in that's the best you have, then that's all he has got. >> he want to call you christine christie. >> you know, isn't that a little exist? think about that for just a print. my job for the last eight years has been to create jobs in new jersey, went from 9.8% unemployment under the last goldman sachs governor and we're now at little under 5% unemployment. we keith ate dollars 330,000 jobs on my watch. that will was my job. more people working in new jersey, than ever before in the history of this state. phil murphy ' project every raising taxes, the proposal, platform, and promise of raising taxes, on the most tax people in this country will stop that growth. and put hard stop on it, put wet blanket on it and hurt everyone in new jersey. >> do you think though it is something that the people care about though of new jersey whether or not there was a connection if you actually new anything about? >> i don't think the people of new jersey think that it is relevant, because chris
7:36 am
christie is not on the ballot. what's relevant is what my record is, what my view of the future of new jersey is. and my view is lower property taxes, make new jersey affordable for everyone again, phil murphy doesn't have a plan for property taxes, it isn't even talking about property taxes and, in fact, done exactly the opposite. he has promised people that he's going to increase taxes a bill dollars, and i think that's just a billion dollars to start. >> don't we need our pocketbook, the standards thing, right, more property taxes than any, higher than any place in the country. real quickly, now, mr. murphy chose not to common. now, some might say well he's so far ahead in the polls he didn't want it risk being on live tv. but of course, i don't know what you think about polls, if we believe the polls, we would be saying president clinton this morning. >> right. >> you know what i mean? >> exactly. this is going to be a low turn out year. people are going to go, and phoning us on this, in the next couple of days, right before the election, that's
7:37 am
how new jersians do things. when they finds out phil murphy is in favor of higher taxes on the most taxed people in this country, and now, become a hot i shall glue look at the numbers. >> yes, i can't see them from here. >> 57%, 37%. >> just depends, the quinnipiac university poll. really? >> what's also interesting -- >> of all of the ones. >> sorry, i'll take my internal polls any day. we chose dead heat. you know it is a dead heat. bridging in bill clinton, president owe bamm, a hillary clinton and harvey weinstein. >> why don't you bring in president trump? normally a president in your own party, did you call and ask for one this. >> right. let me tell you. the people in new jersey are not worried about what's what's going on in washington, they're worried about what's going on in new jersey. >> did you ask for president trump's endorse (. >> , no have i. >> did he offer it. >> no. president trump doesn't know about property taxes in new jersey. >> sure. >> we've seeing back local people who were going out for an election, we've seen him do that. >> you have.
7:38 am
i haven't called or asked him because i don't think president trump or anyone in washington can help with you your property taxes. the problem in new jersey is property taxes, and, that's what i'm talking about. i wish phil murphy would talk about it and tell us a little bit about what his plan is. >> pez trump knows about taxes in new jersey. he lives across the river. >> but he's not on the ballot either. my concern is property taxes in new jersey, he can't speak to that issue, and quite trangly, neither could president clinton or all of the other, you know, hyphal using people, that phil murphy has brought n he can't speak to the issue. you know what this? they get to go home. they don't have to pay new jersey high property tax. >> real quickly here, i misspoke. we put out calls to phil murphy. we just never heard back from him. so he is going to try to common before tuesday. but we don't know exactly what i day he will be on. >> real quickly here, probably the most important question: are you an eagles fans or giant or jets fan?
7:39 am
>> oh, now you're in trouble. now you're in trouble. >> come on, we need an answer. >> i'm a sixers fan. let me tell you why. >> oh, come on. >> i'll tell you why, why, because their team moved over to camden, right? >> yes. >> and that is why i'm a sixers fans, i'm not dodging it because my philadelphia lives in philadelphia. i went to college here in pennsylvania. i'm -- i watch little football on the weekends now, but, you know, when there is an eagles-giants game, there is a lot of trash talking in my house. >> ya? >> lots of trash talking. >> on either side. >> but i'm inclined to believe if you're a sixers fans you're an eagles fan. >> boy she is still going that far. >> if you think i'm touching that, hey, this is an election. >> all right. >> that last kick, though, that 63-yard. >> sixty-one. >> 61-yard kick is tough. that's was tough. >> please. >> all right, i don't know how you get people to come out and vote. but it will be a low turn out. please don't, i mean get out. >> get out to vote. clear difference in opinion. i'm for lower taxes, i'm a
7:40 am
working mom, i've promised lower taxes or not run again. sanctuary states, i'm absolutely opposed against as former law enforcement official. phil murphy is goldman sachs multi-millionaire who has promised to raise taxes and want to make new jersey -- >> so if president trump called today, i'm column up here, endorse you, would you say no? >> i'll taken doorsments from anyone. >> really? >> i'm all good with that. why wouldn't you? he is the president of the united state. i would take an end doserment from anyone. why, because i believe go, right ahead. let's see. so, but, the reason is because if it helps people understand that new jersey is the highest property tax state in the country and that phil murphy will raise his taxes, i'm all good withdrawing attention to that. >> if you don't get taxes down you say one term? >> one term. >> you won't run again? >> look, i've only been in toll particulars pen years. my backgrounds is really law. aim lawyer, i practice law for 35 years. i'll go back to practicing law. you know, number one problem on the minds of my constituents is property
7:41 am
taxes. >> probably is. >> i have a plan to lower property taxes on average 800 per person. phil murphy doesn't have a plan. in fact, his plan to raise property taxes. >> that's big promise toy? one term then. >> sure s because i don't need this job. i want this job. >> that's a good way to put it. >> yep. >> thank you for coming in. >> thank you very much for having me. it has been great. thank you glenn again the call is out to phil murphy many and we will see what day he chooses toss common if he does choose to common. 7:41. >> kevin spacey house every cards come crashing down. the latest move by netflix a mid sexual assaulting
7:42 am
nobody delivers more for south jersey than steve sweeney.
7:43 am
he stood up to north jersey special interests to increase funding for our schools. he stopped christie's commuter tax, saving south jersey residents over 200 million dollars. and he led the charge to pass paid family leave. aarp applauded sweeney for freezing property taxes
7:44 am
for seniors and cutting prices on prescription drugs. "i got to take my hat off to him. he's a man of his word." steve sweeney. because there's more work to do to get south jersey's fair share. >> accident near trooper road. off to the shoulder. that's causing delays for the gang from royersford, collegeville, headed on in as you rope your way trying to work in toward king of prussia. coming in from south jersey. gloucester county. northbound on the freeway. heavy from pretty much 55, all the way in toward the walt whitman bridge. septa, left over from yesterday afternoon, equipment issues, saying possible delays and over-crowding on a lot of
7:45 am
the regional rail lines this morning. so far it has been okay. police activity, at fernrock, still running with ten minute delays on the broad street subway. here is a double shot for the gang coming in from south jersey, the freeway, 55, all coming out of gloucester county trying to get in toward philadelphia on the walt whitman bridge. and an accident in new jersey route 130 northbound right at beverly road. all of the northbound lanes are blocked, folks are kind of scooting through the shopping plaza there. forecast for your wednesday, sue has got it in 15 seconds. >> 7:45, and we still have a frost advisory in effect, hopefully you realize that it is chilly out there this morning. of course telling you, won't be telling that you tomorrow, but it is so colds in northwestern pennsylvania, yes, there is some snow
7:46 am
falling, and same for northern ohio. around indianapolis, they've had some snow today. but for us just cloud cover. and it is chilly. let's check some temperatures throughout the region. cut town, 37, good morning, west chester. it is 42 for you. williamstown new jersey only 40 degrees and look at voorhees only 35. chilly start to the day in jackson, new jersey, with 37 degrees, right now, what's your average high? 61 degrees. we were almost there, halloween, seasonable again today with mostly cloudy skies, though, not as sunny as it was on halloween, then we jump to the seven's for two days back to seasonable on saturday, chance of showers sunday, monday and tuesday, and don't forget this is the weekend, mike and alex whether we change the time we fall back. >> so much usual i in my life i start today shake lands like this. very weird.
7:47 am
>> the key, top notch fish. if you are going to have sushi. and jen is with a big fish now. >> i'm with a big fish, with the big fish, okay, so, come on back after the break. young is going to give us the secret to picking out the fishment and we will answer the questions. is your food good at the restaurant because of the fish? or because of the chef? we will find out after the break. why are south jerseyans turning against steve sweeney? it's because sweeney's been exposed as a double dipping pension padder. caught spending campaign money on lavish dinners and fine cigars for his pals.
7:48 am
investigated for being a lobbyist and a senator at the same time. sweeney voted to raise taxes 145 times while our economy continues to struggle. south jersey is a mess, and it's time to take out the trash. on november 7th, make a change. dump sweeney.
7:49 am
christie: this is new jersey is facing an epidemic fueled by addictive opioid painkillers. codeine... oxycodone... fentanyl... morphine. these are just some of the medications prescribed for pain relief. these pills can be highly addictive, and the addiction doesn't end when the prescription runs out. many times, people turn to a deadlier option - heroin. addiction is a disease, but help is within reach. call 844 reach nj or visit
7:50 am
>> we love sushi. yes, the chef is important. you've got to have the best fish. >> i did ask him the question. good morning, once again. good morning, everyone, by the way. this is like an amazing crew here, we're at samuel and sons. seafood company. there is no son, just samuel seafood company. first of all, is it the sushi chef or is it the fish? >> it is very tough question. >> just answer the question. >> fish. >> okay, good. all right, so, here, basically, you come here, and you look at all of the stuff that they have. what are you looking for? >> so, you know, like i liked really like really firm, the shine, the color. >> this is all of the good stuff. they found all of the good stuff for you. >> these are great, great
7:51 am
looking fish. >> so in the grocery store, not that i would go to the grocery store, because apparently you can come right here, apparently you can come right here to buy fish, they have this type of thing where you want to make sure it is firm, you don't want it slop. >> i right. right. >> you look at the fish. like, you know, the tuna has to be like real nice breitbart red. >> okay? >> these look great. these two looks like big eye tuna. these are yellow fin. you know, i love them. i love them all. >> you are looking at the different colors in the fish watch color are you looking for? >> i like nice dark red. that's more pretty to me. >> but looking for fat too right? >> absolutely yes. so if you go around here, and the tuna has a little bit of pink part, that's the fat. >> okay. >> so it has more fat, then it has got more flavor. that's what i am looking for. >> and pick up one every these fish so people can see. do you rec people picking up the fish in the market or in the grocery store? >> you know what? when you hold the fish like that, the fresh fish is really
7:52 am
firm. so they have to like they always stand straight like that. like this, this, the quality of this seafood here is exceptional. that's why i come here all the time. to buy fish. >> so you come in here. like we went in the back. there is literally people working here 24 hours a day. they are bringing in fish, the fish is going out. they are like an importer annex porter. are you table ask them for specific fish so you get the good stuff? >> i always do. >> do you. >> what do you ask for. >> what came in today? you know, what did you bring in? then i like to inspect myself. take look at it. that's how i go. >> so if you were in a grocery store, would you say the same thing, what came in today? what was fresh? >> you know what? i don't go, if i dover, especially the way it looks, you know it, looks fresh fish it is shiny and breitbart. >> jen, what's the big green fish in the front? looks lick he's frowning. >> this guy or this guy here?
7:53 am
the yellow guy is what? >> tile fish. >> that's a tile fish. >> tile? >> so pretty i want to put it on -- bring it home and put it on my wall. >> yes, red snapper? >> this is a stripe jack. >> this is the red snapper mike. it is from florida they said. >> okay. what's this guy? do you know? >> this guy is an amber jack. >> amber jack. so some of this stuff is not for sushi, just for really good fish eating. >> right. but most of them, most of them here i can do sushi. >> so i don't know if you heard the plan. but here is the deal. here at samuel's, okay, literally taking some of this. >> absolutely. >> to montgomery county. >> okay? >> to the house he built. and we're going to make some sushi. guess what? we'll make some carson wentz sushi too. sushi day. >> carson wentz sushi? >> thank, guys. >> it tastes like -- >> carson? like winning? >> like winning. oh, that's good. you know you see there trucks all over town. you walk outside see samuel's and son all over the place.
7:54 am
>> i guess hop in one of those trucks and head over there now. i have a question for you, alex. >> what? >> we just found this pizza place, that says no kids. no kids. >> in a pizza place? >> yes. kids love pizza. so let's talk to preston and steve. do you like a restaurant where there is the option of we're not going to run into the kids. we'll talk to preston and steve joseph, i'm steve. how are you?
7:55 am
nice to meet you sir. nice to meet you. how's it going man? the yankees? come on.
7:56 am
[ laughing ] look at the smiles and the hard work that the people here are doing. it's like making mini sandwiches. they're no different than anyone else. they just want a job. they want respect and they want dignity. this is a nice place. yeah. he plays basketball with lauren. steve called, fairly frantic. you know, he had a premature baby and i think he had just been given the diagnosis that she had down syndrome. lauren brought out the best in me. she made me a different person. deep down in his heart he feels for people who are disadvantaged. lauren's a light in everybody eye. she's the spark that has started the fire. the goal is to keep places like this open so all people, regardless of disability, have an opportunity for employment. see, i love you. i love you guys too. you know that. yeah.
7:57 am
>> preston and steve, we found a biz a place, no kids at all. >> no kids. >> a pizza place where you would think you want to bring kids. >> do you think that? >> are you sure. >> kids love pizza. >> they do. well, preston, you have kids. you have kids who are well behaved. >> yes, but we're past that time where we have to worry about taking kids to a
7:58 am
restaurant. whenever we would go to a restaurant we would make sure that it is a place that one the kids will enjoy the food that's there, two, there would be other kids most likely and it wouldn't be anomaly. >> would you go on the break between strippers. >> exactly. so they weren't expose today that. >> i mean, yes, if they want to do it, they want to do it. >> someplace haves done the no kids thing in the past. they've seen their business go up. and i mean i think it might be good idea to do a certain time after this time, there is no kids allowed. i don't know, doesn't really bother me. >> if you're going to do that then also people who smack when they eat their food. >> that would be nice. >> and old people. >> you know what? i have a six year old, now, not so much a problem, but whether he was younger, you know, i would like to go out to eat. and there were only specific place that is we could go to. avenue friends that owns a few restaurant, locally, he doesn't ban people but most of his children are high tops, he doesn't have booster seat, high chairs, nothing like that. he sends a message that way.
7:59 am
>> that way you won't go back there again if you have got a kid. >> not east. >> i but they've outright said no kids allowed. >> there is a sign. it says no children. >> he said the reasoning is that he had too many times where parents wouldn't take control and take the kids out of the restaurant. >> , you know when the kids are running around between tables, looking at people. >> so the parent fault. >> it is annoying, yes. i was at restaurant last night, guys. i wish that this rule had been in place, because this kid ways four or five, listen, i'm a parent. i get it. i understand you have to be understanding but his kid would not stop. the par dent not rain him in at all. coming over the boot he was in, in ours, obnoxious little kid. i felt back for -- bad for them but my dining experience kind of ruined by this little punk. >> like when your kids act up in church. do you have somebody held hostage in your studio? what? >> oh, behind us? >> that's hanible electric tore, and you'll never be -- never guess who gave that to me. doctor mike!
8:00 am
>> really? >> oh, my god. >> yes, it is a hanible hector, apparently has a basement full of these things. they're pretty awesome. >> that's not concerning at all. >> he's a fine doctor. >> cancel doctor mike today? >> really, we were supposed to that's what he's doing in his spare time? >> thanks, guys. >> love you. >> that's a good impression. >> good day it is november the first, 2017. >> from the fox 29 studios. this is "good day philadelph ia". >> horror turns to who are on in hand at and. >> a particularly cowardly act of terror. >> aimed at innocent civilians. live in lower manhattan, the authority search more about the man who mode down people on a bike path killing eight,
8:01 am
injuring more than 11. >> it seems kevin spacey's life has become a real house of cards. >> just days after the actor accused of sexual assault, plus the latest hollywood hot shot being investigated, for harrassment. >> wendy williams major scare live on her talk show. >> win i said overheating caused her to faint on the air. however, what her team is reportedly most worried about this morning. >> hey, sue? >> seven. the number of the day. not going to be as breitbart as it was on halloween, not as much spooky sunshine, cloud cover expected today little
8:02 am
chillier this morning than it was yesterday at this time. we begin national peanut butter of lovers month. with our bus stop buddy, in a nice warm fleece at the bus stop this morning, still have frost advisory in effect for a lot of the suburbs, we have cloudy skies here in old city, and 44 degrees. and as we go through the day, we will see a lot more cloud cover. can't rule out stray shower, high temperature bob kelly of 60 degrees. >> live look at 422, eastbound accident, right near trooper road. that's causing delays for collegeville, royersford, the gang headed in toward king of prussia. down to 17 miles an hour, as you work your way around that saint gabe's curve back up on the benny mid-span into downtown 459, jammed at exit four, because of late running construction, running north this morning use i95 through wilmington. now, here is a update from
8:03 am
septa accident involving the route 11 trolley trial and school bus 57th and woodland, they are they have about eight people reported injured, no words on whether their injuries came from the school bus or the trolley. >> skyfox on the way, we'll take you there when they arrive. septa regional rail lines, possible delays and over crowding this morning all because of last evening's equipment problems. and northbound lanes every route 130 closed in beverly, all because after accident, folks are being push through the parking lot there. >> accident here in this corner of the room. >> mike, your order will be delayed. got to get back to the kitchen and get you some new coffee. >> oh, darn. i was looking forward to that omlet. >> i'm right on it. >> thank you, bob. >> 8:03. >> as you know by now, chaos in manhattan about 3:00 yesterday afternoon. eight people are dead. nearly dozen or more now
8:04 am
injured. >> many in critical condition. it guy running down people on the bike path, and the jogging path five of the dead were tourist frost argentina. well, this guy, right here, running through the streets of lower manhattan, eventually shot in the stomach, by police officers, he's now in the hospital. i think bellevue, matter of fact. >> so steve keeley is near that area, and in new york city tracking the latest, and steve you said you've seen a lot of activity even this morning when it comes to investigators in. >> yes, and we're going to go from chaos to life back to normal. so there is the freedom tower, back where we were just hour ago, the investigation seemed to zero in on something. and i want to reminds you of something. the macy thanksgiving day parade will be coming right down broadway three weeks from tomorrow. so you can bet that the police are already adding extra
8:05 am
protection to that. and as life gets back to normal, here we, are stumble upon a tv production of another episode of law and order. so everything is going on just couple of blocks from where we saw real life drama yesterday. >> this was ac o terror, particularly terrible act of terror aimed at innocent civilians, aimed at people going about their lives, who had no idea of what wasut to hit them. >> we seen the guy huddle up. bunch of bike, bikes there on the floor. it was really chaotic. >> all right, so, here is a picture, that we found in our air yacht footage from yesterday. notice, police surrounding white mini-van. this white mini-van we've learned has florida plate. and is owned by the 29 year old terrorist, reporters talked to his neighbors at an apartment building in patterson, where they've seen
8:06 am
f.b.i. agents swarming since 2:00 a.m. this morning, so, it looks like even though this had florida plates on this, and everybody's reporting i shall initially he was from tampa,'s been living just 20 miles outside of manhattan with a wife and two kids, gave patterson address when stopped for ticket outside of hershey, pa, i know the poconos. so a lot of local ties to this guy, alex, mike? >> always surprising to hear that they have a wife and children. they have children that that they're going to lever behind. because this guy thought he was going to be killed by the police because he left a note saying what he was up to. all right, 8:06. >> well, locally, our city's top cop speaking out in wake of this tragedy. >> yes, commissioner ross is commenting about first responders, bravery, message to keep us safer, all of us philadelphians, lauren johnson where people like to jog, and ride their bikes, kelly drive.
8:07 am
>> popular place, kelly drive here, pathway, parkway, trail, whatever you want to call it, try to enjoy the city. the philadelphia police commissioner says he and his officers will continue to protect people who live and visit our city who might be in this area, ross says many times, people start to question police presence, at certain event or in certain areas of the city. i says in light of what happened in manhattan yesterday, that is why officers try to be present and keep a presence to protect soft target like the innocent people in manhattan, enjoying a halloween afternoon, on a popular path there. for us, here in philadelphia, it is kelly drive, stretch of riverfront trail that sees crowds throughout the day. and the commissioner says, his warnings this morning remain the same. >> i just urge people to do what we've been asking for years now. that is if you see something, suspicious, let us know. if you see a change in behavior, in individuals, please don't wait until the last minute, and please don't
8:08 am
have that on your conscious. at a later time to say that i should have called someone. >> so, as federal agent try to learn more about the suspect responsible for plowing down people, killing eight, injuring dozens more, we've learned he has new jersey ties, authority visited a home there, as well as a hope depo store, where they say he rent that truck, used in the attack. and so this morning, the conversation has shift today ask the question many people are wondering, could this have been prevented it we heard from experts, mike and alex, you just don't know what to expect sometimes from certain people. you can't predict or protect people in those moments. >> , no you can't. >> only thing we did do learn from what has happened and try to see what we can do. >> all right, lauren, 8:08. let's talk about what's going on in hollywood. actor kevin spacey facing even more fall out now after sexual assault allegation. netflix, has now suspended the film of house of cards. >> and this is one day after
8:09 am
announcing that the six season of season that they were filming is going to be the last season. so, actor anthony rap claims kevin space i tried to seduce him in bed at a part in 1986 when he was just 14 years old, and kevin space i 26. backlash came when space i addressed the allegations in the same statement where he also announced that he is living life as a gay man. >> okay. >> many believe the 58 year old actor was trying to deflect the assault allegation by also using that time to come out in the same statement. >> meanwhile, cbs is now investigating sexual harrassment allegation against actor jeremy pivon actress accusing this guy of groping her twice. she made the allegations after he said in a interview that he never sexually harassed anyone. she remembered this. and says not so fast. so there is another one they have to investigate. >> and he's from entourage, one of his biggest project.
8:10 am
>> i'm sure he plays a agent. jeremy piven. very famous acting family. speaking that far there is topic came up at a beauty pageant. now in the country of peru. the miss peru beauty pageant, it was on sunday, right? but we found some videotape. when the contestant, believe it or not, in this pageant for miss peru, you know they come out at the beginning, i live in certain town, or whatever. they actually circumstances i think miss america used to do this, too, they give their measurements, their bus, their waist and their hip measurements. >> really? >> so, the contestant got together, no, no, no, not in the wake of all of these allegations, so the contestant who represent different part of, you know, peru, boldly skipped out on this thing about giving their measurements. so instead, announcing statistics on violence against women in peru. >> oh, wow, sounds like it was
8:11 am
powerful, car glenn for all of those reasons, maybe turning the tide world-wide, becoming a subject every discussion right now with each woman stepping forward with that introductory line, giving statistics that were really just chilling revelations. let me give you couple of examples. >> one said. a girl dice every ten minute due to sexual exploytation in peru. another says more than 70% of women in that country are victims of street harrassment. gender based violence prevalent issue in peru after the government claimed 800 women have been murdered in gender related violence in the last six years, leading to up 2015. led congress to pass a law to establish greater measures to prevent women against violence. so, obviously, a lot of people very shock, because they expected they'll see this beauty pageant. all the sudden women decide to come out and highlight the vie len against women. they'll have big march coming up in fact with the rallying people to come together in lima very big important city there in peru. >> good for them. >> yes, it is good.
8:12 am
>> all right. >> get the conversation going. >> the latest from lima. >> it is the real life corky, the real life corky romance. >> oh, dina and scott are here. how their love turned into a major motion picture
8:13 am
a bridge shut down over politics. their biggest triumph was a traffic jam. chris christie and kim guadagno's failures shortchanged our future. after 8 years- incomes are down, costs are up and our economy is crawling. we are better than this. i'm phil murphy together we'll build a stronger, fairer economy that works for every new jersey family. christie and guadagno left new jersey stuck. i'm serious about moving new jersey forward.
8:14 am
he stood up to north jersey special interests nobody delivers more for south jersey than steve sweeney. to increase funding for our schools. he stopped christie's commuter tax, saving south jersey residents over 200 million dollars. and he led the charge to pass paid family leave. aarp applauded sweeney for freezing property taxes for seniors and cutting prices on prescription drugs.
8:15 am
"i got to take my hat off to him. he's a man of his word." steve sweeney. because there's more work to do to get south jersey's fair share. >> fifty-seven and woodland, accident involving a school bus, and a septa route 11 trolley. now, first of all, good news is that there are no kids on the bus. trolley using shuttle bus us now between 49th and 58th street. again, no kids on the bus according to septa, saying
8:16 am
eight people were injured, seven on the trolley. one on the school bus which was the driver, and they're getting a report that the bus pulled out in front of the trolley, and then made contact with the bus. you can see philly firefighters on the scene, this is 57th, and the septa route 11 trolley using shuttle bus this is morning, between 49th, all the way to 58th. so we will stay on top of it, bring update if it warrant. rye now sue has your forecast, in 15 seconds. >> weaver frost advisory continuing until 9:00 this morning, same counties as we had yesterday. and you will feel the difference today. it is chillier one thing we're not specking what they're getting in ohio and
8:17 am
northwestern pennsylvania, that's a little bit of snow. you see on radar there. but we just have cloud cover around this morning, all we are expecting for today. we have 40 degrees in lancaster, we have 44 in bear, delaware. and in trenton, new jersey, 41 . our average hi, 61 degrees. our halloween hi, was 60, so we call that seasonable. the same for today. 74 degrees, tomorrow. clouds in the morning, sun in the afternoon. and it is another mild one on friday. by saturday, though, it is cooler, and we change the time, we fall back, late saturday night, for the eagles game sunday, still have shower chance, and the rain could linger into monday and tuesday of next week. so temperatures jump around just little bit in that seven day forecast. but it look like a mild start mild finish to the work week, mike and alex. >> thank you very much. >> i know first going out, i wanted to look really special
8:18 am
for you. because you -- >> i know. >> i wanted to be very near you and stuff like. that will really, i wanted to look good for you. >> that's sweet. that's so cute. >> ya. >> it is sweet, honey. >> thank you, sweetheart. i try. i don't always get the desired approach. but at least iatria. >> when you say -- >> a couple dealing with autism from our area, they star in a new documentary. >> a few of my friend have een this, they say it is fantastic, called dina was the winner of the grand jury prize at the sun dance film festival. here is a little bit more. >> was that this? that was it. >> we were excited we wanted to show it first. >> i wanted to show it twice. >> dina herself, dina is here and her husband scott. >> how are you doing? doing a lot of traveling? >> sure, i've been traveling for like six months, probably since april i think.
8:19 am
you guys now are movie stars. >> she's the star, i'm just in the move. >> i i'm loving, loving being onsets, and loving, loving travel and this is my thing. >> well, you are making philly kind of famous. i mean, sun dance is a big deal. why did think name the movie scott? >> because the idea originally about her. but then i moved into her apartment in glennside, where we live, and she asked me to be in the move which her, as reluctant as i was, because i'm not as photo jet i can as my lovely wife here, but i relented. >> it was kind of interesting. we were right before i wanted him to move in with me earlier, you know, than did he. and i think it was junior april, he had moved, it was april, i said, ya, he moved in in june. >> where did you meet? >> we originally met at a
8:20 am
dance on the main line in 1988. i saw her across a crowded room, wearing a white dress, the prettiest girl in the room. we hit it off from there. but i was very introverted person back then. i didn't know exactly how to react to it but now i'm older and i have her. >> do you think she has brought that out of you? because you're not introverted at all any more. >> , no he is doing great. >> so in this you guys talk about when you met, when you first saw her, in this movie we see what it is like when you guys first move in together what it is like living together. >> right. >> and how was that? an adventure? >> it was quite the ad venture, i had been on my own for nine years after losing my husband, john. so i was like determined to make that work. >> i -- think i ever wanted to get married again, kind of scary. >> welshing it is. >> so what what is it about scott? i want you to live with me, move in?
8:21 am
>> well, we started, we met at each other at a dance, then kept running into each other at these different groups. i met scott again at another group. we started hanging out every night. but then at the end of the night we had each other's numbers, me, i'm determined, i really like this guy. so then i get his phone number, i wait couple of days. and i call. and the answering machine was on. and with less than an hour he called me back. and -- >> oh,. >> he was out. i think he was working. he called me back. and, you know, so he said, you know, there was not enough time to talk to you. i really enjoyed it. >> just looking at this guy, scott, he looks at you like you're an angel. >> that's from what i understand, yes. >> is she an ainge snell. >> she certainly is. my guardian angel over here. >> he keeps on telling me i am like the rock and i hold him together. you know, with scott, now i
8:22 am
have a whole new responsibility. you know what i mean? i was saying to myself before i met him i really like this guy, but do i want to have responsibility, i've been alone for nine years. but then there was something about scott that i like. so, i, you know, casino every was the strong one. we talk on the phone every night for like four days. finally i said, you know, would you like to get together? and i was the one that told him. >> you know, dean, a you sounds like you're the talker and the one in control? >> she sure is. >> so what was it like when you watched this movery? it had to be very revealing. >> right. >> to open up so much about yourself and also relationship with your mother, how was it to see your life on screen? >> well, for one, you know, i'm working on a book right now, so it kind of figured that it will all be out in the open. i really, it is kind of hard, i wanted to tell my story.
8:23 am
tell it like it is, have it hang out, let it all hang out, the people on the autism spectrum can have a full life. >> well, do you get -- >> and you're evidence that far. >> do you get bothered by people, oh, they're so different than the rest of us? >> i do. we're really no different than the rest of us. i real dow get, trying to prove to the world, that we are no different from the rest of us. i get really frustrated when words like they have a condition. i get, well, i've heard about myself, she's different. she has a condition. >> she is suffering? >> she is suffering. i feel sorry for her. this is even before scott. and then what happened was first, i think, when scott got n facebook before we actually saw each other at this dance, and scott started having an interest, he said, i didn't know were you working on a book. he said can you tell me, i have as burger's too, but i didn't know -- >> well the great thing, the great thing about the film, and the book you're going to
8:24 am
write, you're going to start dispelling these myths and stereotypes of people dealing with autism, congratulations. my advice to you, go see dina. >> yes, it is a love story. >> right. >> a love store. >> i okay, thank you both for being here. >> thank you so much. my pleasure. >> yes. >> you're famous. >> you're famous. >> you're famous. >> you're famous. >> stay here. honey, what are you doing? watching a cow...? what's it doing?
8:25 am
impressions start your day with the new hash brown scramble bowl from chick-fil-a. he's a husband, father, veteran... but most of all, he's a fighter. chris brown has never been afraid to take on the big fights. that's why he stood up to republicans and democrats alike to fight the north jersey casinos and the takeover of atlantic city. chris brown is fighting to protect jobs in our region... a true champion for the working men and women of atlantic county. on november 7th, let's keep him fighting for us. chris brown for state senate, he's on our side.
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8:27 am
>> this accident happened right at 47th and woodland, septa says, that there were eight injuries, seven passengers on the trolley only one person on the school bus, the driver, no kids injured or involved in this crash. that's the good news, right now woodland avenue is shutdown there, in both directions, with the investigation. it we -- if we can go to the happens, route 11 trolley using shuttle buses between 49th and 58th and those buses will run along woodland avenue, and expect delays in
8:28 am
the neighborhood, for the rest of the morning. alex back over to you. >> bob, would you consider yourself a hot head? >> no. >> well, you might be after you try some of these hot sauces. okay, whose hot sauces, something we'll explore next, bob will be eating some of them. >> what? >> yes, interesting, we will put bob to the test. do you have water, milk? we'll be christie: this is governor christie.
8:29 am
new jersey is facing an epidemic fueled by addictive opioid painkillers. codeine... oxycodone... fentanyl... morphine. these are just some of the medications prescribed for pain relief. these pills can be highly addictive, and the addiction doesn't end when the prescription runs out. many times, people turn to a deadlier option - heroin. addiction is a disease, but help is within reach. call 844 reach nj or visit
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8:31 am
>> grab warm enough jacket like bus stop buddy did, fleece, gloves even, if you are waiting outside for awhile on this first day of peanut butter lovers month. temperatures in the 30's, 40's, still have our frost advisory in effect, and quite a few clouds over old city. 44 degrees, get used to the cloudiness, because it will be with us all day stray shower
8:32 am
possible, generally mostly cloudy, cool today. mike and alex. >> being that you. we would like to take you to the campus of rowan university in glassboro, new jersey. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> the esteemed president of rowan university, he is a doctor has come to offer a bran new scholarship to student in need at the rowan campus. this is esteemed doctor is making this money by creating a hot sauce. what? >> doctor, welcome to "good day" philadelphia. nice to have you here. welcome to our studio. >> he's making hot sauce for hot wings. >> how is everything at rowan. >> wonderful. >> you're the president of rowan university. >> yes. >> in is your face? is this what your hot sauce does to people? >> my face but not approved by
8:33 am
my wife. she hates it. >> oh, she does? >> she does. >> oh, no. >> but it is a perfect picture of what happens to you when you eat your sauce. >> that's right. >> your head explodes. >> so you were born in iran? >> yes. >> in tehran. >> yes. >> have now become the president of rowan university. >> that's right. >> congratulates. >> thank you very much. >> that's amazing. >> when did we start going into hot sauce snaz. >> any time you want. you can start by trying -- >> i mean even with you though when did you start? >> oh, i start about 15 years ago, gardening, and i'm gardner, so i started growing hot peppers and one year i had much of it, so i decided to make a hot sauce. i pack those things, i do a lot of cooking. >> you grew up with nine other siblings in your family. >> yes. >> do they all like hot sauce? >> none of them do. >> so who do you try them out on. >> did i here with my friends. >> oh, let's bring in bob kelly. he says he can take anything.
8:34 am
he is our guinea pig. >> i have no i intention of hurting you or harming you. >> not intentionally. >> but the name of the sauce has the word hawes recalled us in it. >> look out. >> let's try the mildest. >> exactly. i strongly recommend that you start with the mild one yes. >> do we just dip the wings in there? >> if you want to double dip, you already have the sauce on it, but if you want extra go for it. >> double dip, bob. >> this is the mild? >> yes, this is the very mild. >> you're really being generous. oh, geez. >> he consumes, how do you make monday which this? >> welshing we sell these things on line, and at clicky and pete's and other places and every penny we collect all of it goes for need based scholarship. >> he is starting to feel it. >> mild? >> it is kicking in and out. >> going to the medium? >> what's the moa -- milk for? >> to calm you down. >> so you find the best way to break the heat is milling? >> yes. >> and bread. >> milk and bread. >> oh, my god.
8:35 am
see bob, you're brave. go for it. i'm impressed. >> you're doing some big dipping. >> i have to invite this guy to campus and give him an honorary degree. >> keep going, bob. you hear that you might get another degree. >> is this wing bowl? >> i heard there were hot people over on the rowan campus. but this is ridiculous. >> this is actually not that bad. >> okay. >> this is the hot. >> maybe your tongue is numb and you can't tell? >> maybe. >> al next. >> feel it kicking? >> oh, now this one is called nasty vicious. >> okay? >> nasty vicious? go. >> what's the hottest pepper you grow? >> caroline ooh reaper. >> the reaper? >> the hottest pepper. >> grim reaper? >> yes. >> all right, bob. >> like habanero. >> lot. >> oh, god. >> okay, he's grabbing the milk. >> god? >> you all right? >> that's hot. >> now, where can people, once they see this, like i don't want to try t where can they get it? >> they can just go on line,
8:36 am
rowan.e du/hot sauce, orders it and we will get it to them. >> and chickie's and pete's'? >> i think so. i hope. >> congratulates. >> so far you've already started raising a lot of money. >> sold more than $5,000 in about few days,. >> in a few days? >> yes, yes. >> that's amazing, and it all goes to scholarships. >> every penny of it. >> i got a gig for you. put a picture of everybody on a shirt with the smoke coming out. >> yes. >> so the next it will be bob kelly on shirt like this. >> exactly. >> so what do you think? did you like this? >> ya, i was good until we got to this one. >> if you want to challenge somebody, just let me no, i sends you another jar. >> okay. >> this is my relative. >> so if you hear people screaming in glassboro it is his fault. >> all his fault. hazardous hot sauce. thank you so much. this is wonderful what you are doing. thank you. >> we have to talk about what happened on wendy williams at 10:00 yesterday morning. >> major scare that was on her talk show. what people close to her are
8:37 am
reportedly most worried about. and also, we're hearing from her about what happened. joseph, i'm steve. how are you?
8:38 am
nice to meet you sir. nice to meet you. how's it going man? the yankees? come on. [ laughing ] look at the smiles and the hard work that the people here are doing. it's like making mini sandwiches. they're no different than anyone else. they just want a job. they want respect and they want dignity. this is a nice place. yeah. he plays basketball with lauren. steve called, fairly frantic. you know, he had a premature baby and i think he had just been given the diagnosis that she had down syndrome. lauren brought out the best in me. she made me a different person. deep down in his heart he feels for people who are disadvantaged. lauren's a light in everybody eye. she's the spark that has started the fire. the goal is to keep places like this open so all people,
8:39 am
regardless of disability, have an opportunity for employment. see, i love you. i love you guys too. you know that. yeah. what can you do with two bacon, egg anfor $5 from dunkin'? settle a debt. make a friend. save the day. or keep 'em both for this handsome devil. with two bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches for $5 the future is in your hands. america runs on dunkin'. t comes to cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia, she's coming for the multimodal therapy where the specialists form a treatment plan together. we were looking for a cancer team that would help us decide the best course of action. we have so many tools at our center. this is what attracted amy all the way from new york. these were people who were experts in their field. and for us that was the best choice. learn more about our breast center at slash philadelphia.
8:40 am
>> bosh is still drinking milk. >> why would you put yourself through this? but people r they're ordering them like hotcakes. that's cool. >> burn my throat, my lips, my tongue. >> hot lips kelly. >> call the fire department. >> i made a mistake every trying one in the break. >> you okay? >> definitely some tingling and things going on in the mouth right now the. >> the the rumor mill going crazy over wendy williams. it happened about 24 hours ago. >> so, a show insider said staff remembers worried about her, which is understandable.
8:41 am
after ever since the husband cheating on her, woman on the side, she is getting thin. so they have some concerns. then what happened yesterday, really topped it all off. so here's what happened. she was trying tonight deuce the next seg many. and she fainted. >> so it was a lot of fun. let's get started. our first guest -- oh. >> audience: oh! >> so, you saw the crew rush in, audience, they were like what's happening. they went to commercial break. when they came back, she was still on the show. and she said hey i just overheated, i was in my costume, everything fine, then tweeted yesterday, that, you know shall everybody relax, i'm doing just fine, i just feed some water and electrolytes. then she started talking about her halloween costume which was amazing, then people still worried and concerned. so she posted video on instagram saying she is fine. >> okay? >> i'm home.
8:42 am
and hydrating. and i will definitely be there tomorrow with the rest of the story. >> and i can't wait to watch it at ten. >> i'm sure so many penned, trending people really really worried. >> look at that panic look on her face. so doctor mike, look at the footage, you saw him there. and he's going to give us his take. wendy is great though. because one of the first things she talks about, thanked her glam squad. they got her back together. you know, the hair, the make up, all of that. >> because it was a great costume. i guess heavy. >> wonderful. jenn fred, is celebrating, it is national sushi day. and south fill. >> i hey, okay, so i've moved. i'm in montgomery count now on the b2, amazing place, probably been here for happy hour. so what does carson wentz eat sushi-wise? the guy who owns this place knows, bec
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> cloudy skies, cove haven in the pocono mountains, peak, peak time of year now for the fowl foliage. so this is the weekend, probably the last one to really get out and enjoy that in the mountains and around
8:46 am
here, it is getting little more colorful, as well. november 1st is today. one more month of tropical storm season, and what a 2017 it has been. here are all of the names for the season, the last one we used was philippe, rena, sean, tammy vincent whitney left on the list but let's hope we use none of them between now and the last day of november. we have been watching little bit of snow in the northwestern part of the state headed to the north and away from us. so that's not our concern today. high temperature today seen on recall 60 degrees, we warm up, cool down saturday, chance of shower or two sunday into monday, tuesday of next week, the week we go back to eastern standard time. now when you think of carson wentz, what kind of food do you imagine him eating? north dakota. >> likes took hunting, so wild games? >> some casino every wild
8:47 am
games. big piece of meat, maybe an elk. eat sure. >> i big sushi fan. >> jen? >> this place is beautiful. >> gorgeous. b2. i hate to say it like. >> this where are we, chef? like we're on city line avenue. across the street from target. where old chops restaurant used to be. but it is a gorgeous place. and we made it here, in record time from south philadelphia. so, chefer you have been making stock for the eagles, you say, jen related just say we need giant trays of food for giant men? >> right. they have a big practice friday. and they have really big lunch there. soy they like to add sushi on to the menu. so whole season last year, then few in the beginning. >> you know specifically what carson wentz want, he says this is what carson wentz want. >> really don't say who want
8:48 am
what. but i guess special request. >> carson is special guy. >> amazing. what does he like. >> he likes crafts. >> okay. >> he likes river crunchy, so we often use, not traditional way, but good way to make little crunch out of the flour, give you other crunch, real popular in sushi, that's what likes. >> even though sushi place he likes the cook stuff more than raw? >> i guess he came from middle of the country. >> yes. >> maybe not living local with a lot of fish yet. >> maybe he hasn't been to japan. >> yet. >> yet. >> now you'll get him accustom to it. and what, okay, so, what was in here. >> this one, crab stick, imitation crab, so we use both king crab in the role with avacado, cucumber, make it
8:49 am
king crab california roll, put smoke salmon, so philadelphia thing, you know. >> of course. >> smoke salmon and cream cheese. >> love it. >> put little craft on top like as a garnish. >> i love it. so it is national sushi day. >> how are you? >> good. we planned this before. we didn't know it was national sushi day. >> he'll be honest, i don't have this stuff at my house. what is this stuff? >> so this one is -- you can get this thing from asian store. >> really? >> absolutely. >> back in south filly? >> are there any in montgomery county? >> one in upper darby. hmar. we have. >> cheltenham. >> what am i asking for? i want the stuff that young uses. will you give me list? >> absolutely i can do that.
8:50 am
>> so look, this is one you can make at homy think. so you see if you can repeat this one here. >> so do you it this time 9:45 i'll try to repeat t but do it now. >> you think it will take me couple of times? go ahead. >> so you put avacado. >> okay. >> you know i love avacado. >> right. >> little tuna, then spicy mayo. >> spicy mayo. so put little. >> very prep. >> i then i love, i love cashews. >> so if you do it. look at that. >> then garnish ro. >> ro is eggs? >> yes,. >> now in my ear i have mike
8:51 am
jerrick going like this. oh. >> sso you put after kad/in the water. >> yes. >> yes? >> that's better, mike. >> little bit of tuna on top. >> i like tune a do you minds? >> as you like. >> more tuna for mike, okay. >> and then? >> little spicy mayo there as you like. >> mike, they're wrapping me. so i have to sit here and just eat all of the tuna while you guys do the news. sore bye that. bye bye. >> you can tuna piano but you can't tuna fish. >> they should call that the carson crab roll. >> i agree. carson a hunter, he eats a lot of fish. he says he's good at wiggling out of things after he eats fish before the game. he can wiggle like against the redskins. did you notice he was wig link? now, look at this he is wiggling like a fish. >> so you credit the sushi
8:52 am
he's eating? >> slippery and he works for scale. >> all right. i learned that because i'm very smart because i live in a school. that's why fish are so smart. they live in schools. >> very true. >> 8: 51. >> well, j-lo and a rod, they're opening up about how they became our favorite power couple. you won't believe what jay rod did, or j rod? that's what they're called now. what j rod did on the first day to get the romance going. >> he went into the bathroom. >> don't tell it now. >> what were you doing in the bathroom? >> taking care every business. a bridge shut down over politics.
8:53 am
their biggest triumph was a traffic jam. chris christie and kim guadagno's failures shortchanged our future. after 8 years- incomes are down, costs are up and our economy is crawling. we are better than this. i'm phil murphy together we'll build a stronger, fairer economy that works for every new jersey family. christie and guadagno left new jersey stuck. i'm serious about moving new jersey forward.
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why arit's because sweeney'sing been exposed as aeeney? double dipping pension padder. caught spending campaign money on lavish dinners and fine cigars for his pals. investigated for being a lobbyist and a senator at the same time. sweeney voted to raise taxes 145 times while our economy continues to struggle. south jersey is a mess, and it's time to take out the trash. on november 7th, make a change. dump sweeney.
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8:56 am
>> we know it is november 1st, just got through with halloween. did you go to get a drink at starbucks this morning? did you notice the holiday cups are out already? officially here. they hit stores at 5:00 a.m., in every time zone across the country so go to your spot they should have them. everyone always freaks out whenever the holiday design comes out. it feature white, red and green holiday decoration, complete with hearts and stars and gift and snowflakes, and everything nice when it comes to the holidays. >> last year had the solid color, did it in feel, other people saying oh, it is not holiday enough. let us know if you think that's holiday enough this year. 8:56. hollywood dominated halloween this year. the three celebrities caught wearing the same costumes? so, who wore it best? you be the judge. plus the rumors swirling kim's reportedly pregnant, sister khloe, or is see snot so
8:57 am
you've worked hard. busted tail. and impressed the boss. maybe it's time to be your own? transform your career with strayer university's mba program today.
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let's get it.
8:59 am
with strayer university's mba program today. he stood up to north jersey special interests nobody delivers more for south jersey than steve sweeney. to increase funding for our schools. he stopped christie's commuter tax, saving south jersey residents over 200 million dollars. and he led the charge to pass paid family leave. aarp applauded sweeney for freezing property taxes for seniors and cutting prices on prescription drugs. "i got to take my hat off to him. he's a man of his word." steve sweeney. because there's more work to do to get south jersey's fair share.
9:00 am
>> disrate up 9:00, wednesday, car send here. >> good morning, gang. >> you have never worn this outfit. >> i have not worn this outfit. >> it is beautiful. >> thank you. >> that's a lot going on. >> it is a lot going on. i thought i would check it out. good day, all saint day, it is all saints day. someone tweeted me, tomorrow is all souls day. >> so going to mass today, my kids going to mass,. >> today and tomorrow. >> what do they call people that go to mass every single day? there is a word for it. >> holy. they're going to heaven. so, jennifer lopez, alex rodriguez, big time power cup. >> i they have their own name, j rod? >> jay rod. opening up about, well,


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