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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  December 18, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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at least six people are dead tonight with dozens more injured. thank you for joining us on this busy nighttime lucy noland. >> i'm chris o'connell. iain has the night off. here's what we know so far. 78 passengers and five crew members on board when the train hurdled off an overpass about 4e this morning. that train on its way to portland was going more than 80 miles an hour when it flew off the track. some cars landing on traffic below. several people on the ground were hurt. one official telling the associated press that the train may have hit something before going off the track. it was making its very first journey on that new route at that speed. let's get more on the deadly derailment from fox 29's joyce evans. joyce, what's the latest. >> reporter: chris, amtrak passengers were really looking forward to a more direct faster commute with that new route designed to eliminate lost the curves, the tunnels and the freight traffic on the rails that had been slowing everything
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down. >> just seemed like there's always something happening around this area. >> reporter: lauer roo reid never expected to see something horrible like this. passenger train cars toppled from the tracks. down on top of traffic that was flowing below. >> when we got to the scene, it was obvious that there were some fatalities and there were a lot of injuries and some people were able to get off the train. >> reporter: those people taken away in ambulances or standing wrapped in blankets along the road. about 40 miles from the seattle amtrak station where they boarded the very first run of a faster new route. >> multiple cars and trucks were struck by train cars that left the train tracks and went down on to the road. >> it's terrible thing. very upsetting even though when you seat pictures it's pretty horrific at this point nobody in any of the vehicles is a fatal. fatals are contained to the train. >> reporter: emergency crews saying there was no one angle to make out here. just what commuters on the train and on the highway endured.
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>> what you're seeing is what it is. and on the other side of that bridge, there's three or four more cars that are upside down on the road and in the woods. >> reporter: early information blocked amtrak train number fear zero one traveling more than 80 miles an hour when it derailed at the dupont overpass. carrying 78 passengers and five crew members. ntsb officials say their investigators will have to determine if speed was even a factor since the new route was supposed to be faster. >> i'm just wondering if they did any dry runs on this before the passengers aboard. >> that is a good question and speed will be one of many areas that federal investigators will be looking into. the first ntsb agents are expected to arrive on the scene tonight chris. >> joyce, thanks. philadelphia no stranger to de deadly train crashes. it was two years ago when amtrak train going twice the posted speedy railed in port richmond killing eight passengers.
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159 others suffered injuries in the may 2015 crash. pennsylvania attorney general josh shapiro had charged the conductor in that crash with involuntary manslaughter but a philadelphia judge later throughout those charges. and stay with us as we continue to track this developing story and remember be the first to know about breaking news. just download the fox 29 app and make sure you allow notifications. >> happening right now, pennsylvania state senator daylin leach says he's not resigning after former staffers accuse half em harassment and sexual misconduct. the governor is calling for leach to step down a mid the allegations, but leach denies any wrongdoing. fox 29's jeff cole spoke to the governor live now at city hall. jeff? >> reporter: lucy, state senator dana leach is clearly trying to hang on to his state senate seat tonight softening his language it's heartbreaking to him he made anybody feel uncomfortable but clear toll night states toes top democrat tom wolf is not buying it. >> on the walls of senator
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daylin leach's principle of prussia office hank awards marking his long career as a left leaning democrat. a dye after the inquirer reports leach made sexual statements around young female staffers and touched some in ways they found inappropriate this political career appears in deep trouble. >> why so quick toll call for leach to resign in least this report? >> i want to be consistent. >> fellow democrat governor tom wolf hit leach state senator from montgomery county with a polite cal body below sunday by calling on him to quit. in philadelphia monday, to veto a bill restricting abortion, wolf would not back down. >> he says it did not happen. he said he was in a crowded room it simply did not happen. yet you've called for him to quit. does that premature. does he not deserve a fully investigation. >> i don't think what i sideway premature. >> in a banner headline sunday claiming leach's actions crossed
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the line the inquirer quoted former staffers who said they were the subject of end will come touching there was no answer at leach's home monday in a facebook post this afternoon leach wrote, it's heartbreaking to me that to put someone in a position that made them fee uncomfortable or disrespected in the future i will take more care in my words and my actions. >> what's clear leach will not quit the state senate as the governor wants him to and says he'll only take a step back from his campaign for a seat in the u.s. congress. people come forward with evidence that is acted inappropriatacted inn popei this not who we are and we can't have that kind of behavior. >> reporter: now the leader of the state senate democrats jay costa says harass system intolerable in the workplace. he says they will try to get specific information on some of the claims made here and take appropriate action. unclear tonight what he thinks
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appropriate action is. live at city hall, i'm jeff co cole, folks, we'll have more at 6:00. >> all right. jeff, thanks. as jeff mentioned governor tom wolf in philadelphia today to veto a bill that would have limited abortions to the first 20 weeks of pregnancy in the state of pennsylvania. it would have been the most restrictive abortion law in the country according to planned parenthood. pennsylvania's current limit is 24 weeks. the 20 week limit would have kept in place exemptions under current law for when a mother's life or well-being at at risk. the bill had no exceptions for rape incest or fetal abnormal will thes. >> this legislation is a disingenuous and balled face attempt to pass the most extreme anti choice legislation in the country. this legislation is an attempt to criminal lies the decision that is women must be allowed about their own health care. >> bipartisan vote last week, the pa house passed the bill by
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121-70 margin. skyfox over burlington county, new jersey, earlier at the scene of a deadly car crash. police say two died after this car hit a pole and caught fire at in tabernacle. as you can see firefighters hosing down the car this happened just after 12:30 this afternoon. authorities say a nearby school was evacuated as they worked to secure that pole. so far police have not released the victim's names. >> happening right now, tis the season for crooks to make off with your expensive outdoor holiday decorations. bruce gore doesn't is live at philadelphia police headquarters and bruce, this was not a bling and you'll miss it theft. >> reporter: no, lucy, in fact, the thieves involved in this south philly caper were on seen for several minutes. cleaning out the front steps of a home that sadly has been targeted before. josephine's granddaughter gia looks happy as can be this holiday season.
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as for grandma, not so much. >> it's terrible. how could somebody do that. ruin someone's christmas. take everything out of you. >> reporter: it was 5am on saturday the ninth of this month a pair of crooks arrived at her home on the 1100 block of fitzgerald in south philly with one acting a look out the other sets to work stealing her handmade holiday decorations. >> took months to make and they took them. >> it wasn't easy this tree, for example, was wired in place. along with the decorative presents below. no matter, the crook pulls out a pair of wire cutters and makes off with the tree. then like the infamous grinch he snips and cuts and hacks his way through several more decorations. even using the neighbor's posh to get a better angle on window mounted topiary. >> i was so upset. couldn't believe they would take everything. it was bare. >> this is not the first time thieves have ruined josephine's outdoor handy work. >> two years ago they robbed christmas decorations then. the same year they robbed my halloween decorations.
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>> reporter: this time array of security cameras captured all of the action. home and commercial burglaries are down a whopping 45% in philadelphia since 2011. but with almost everything caught on camera these days, you'd think crooks would all but give up on this kind of crime. nope. >> they're going to do what they're going to do regardless of the consequences. so i think at the end of the day if you have people that are intent upon commit a crime they'll do no matter how many witnesses or cameras might be around. >> reporter: as for josephine she grabbed a showman for the basement and set him out a lot of ditch display holiday spirit. >> i do mean last ditch. >> next year i will not do anything. >> no more decorations. >> no. not for someone just to come along and take them. terrible. >> reporter: stolen your christmas spirit. >> really did. >> reporter: now it's not clear whether these thieves were looking to use the stolen decorations in their own home or sell them for cash. either way, chris, they should be ease city spot.
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some of them had kind of a black and white zebra like vibe to them a little unusual. again, handmade and a lot of sentimental value there. >> obviously. heartbreaking. let's hope police catch that thief. thanks, boob p bruce. turning to weather now, let's take a live peek at allentown where it's shaping up to be a mild evening. kathy orr says there could be warmer temperatures ahead. i know kathy we were talking today. time to break back out the shorts? >> maybe, chris. it depends on your tolerance for those cool mornings. you're still going to have those chilly mornings. but the afternoons are going to be pretty decent. not all of them but a good deal of them considering what we've h take a look hind me. it is busy at blue mountain they're goes a skier. eats blur. that's how fast he's going. temperatures in the mountains are pretty mild in the upper 30s right now it's 38 in the pocon poconos. 44 in allentown. 47 in philadelphia after a high of 50. 42 degrees in millville. 49 in ac at the airport. as we go hour by hour, we have a
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westerly wind so staying in the lower 40s through the 9:00 o'clock hour. and then even by the time we get to ten, 11:00 o'clock, we're still in the lower 40s. so it's going to stay mild even during the overnight. here are your overnight lows or your morning lows. 33 in the poconos waking up to around 40 in philadelphia. 36 in pottstown and 37 in wilmington. so everyone above freezing overnight tonight and tomorrow, temperatures on the rise. we'll take a look at that plus christmas day. wet, warm, white? >> i'll let you know. >> we'll see. thanks kathy. >> you bet. all right. the president delivers a speech unveiling his administration's national security strategy. we'll break it down coming up. >> big win for the eagles over the weekend. our kristyn rodgers will join us way doug pederson is saying about
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mii'm alive and have a second chance. james: i'm thankful for the help and the opportunity that i received. darlene: i'm thankful to be able to help people in crisis. vanessa: i'm thankful that addiction is treatable, and that help is available. christie: new jersey is experiencing a heroin epidemic fueled by opioid painkillers. but if you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, i want you to know: we are here for you. this holiday season, choose help. call 844 reach nj or visit
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>> happening right now, in at land at a time power is back on at the world's busiest airport. but not before snarling air travel around the country. [ applause ] >> the cheers despite regaining power at hearts felled jackson international airport, it is still slow going. the power outage caused the cancellation of more than 1500 flights officials say the airport should be largely if not completely back to normal by tuesday. well before the big travel weekend ahead of christmas. fire broke out sunday afternoon causing a failure in a back up system. power wasn't fully restored until about midnight. we are tracking a developing story out of england.
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driver and a car tried to ram the front gates of an american -- air base in suffolk u.s. military personnel are stayinged. briefly went on lock down. american service members did fire off shots when it happened no one is injured. authorities arrested the driver a from-year-old british man for criminal trespassing. they're not treating this as terrorism. lock down lasted about an hour. happening right now, the president has just pulled back the veil on his administration's national security strategy. >> fox's doug mckelway in washington with more. america is coming back, and america is coming back strong. >> reporter: president trump laying out his vision to put national security of america first. >> this strategy recognizes that whether we like it or not, we are engaged in a new era of competition. >> reporter: president making the case that economic security is key to national security. and that alliances with the united states must be fair and rei cipro kell. >> any nation that trades away
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its prosperity for security will end up losing both. >> reporter: greatest threats to the united states today the president's stressed not just rogue regimes like north korea but also here at home. >> this strategy recognizes that we cannot secure our nation if we do not secure our borders. >> reporter: as a result the strategy to be presented to congress includes calling for building a wall along the southern border. >> if we rediscover our resolve and commit ourselves to compete and within again, then together we will leave our children and our grandchildren a nation that is stronger, better, freer, proffered proud and, yes, an america that is greater than ever before. >> reporter: the president's speech also emphasized improving the nation nation's inn from a structured and referenced the high speed train derailment of
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why his administration plan must be approved. in tweets before and after the speech he offered his condolences. in washington, doug mckelway fox 29 news. >> the president of espn is stepping down. john skipper says he's resigning to take care of a substance abuse problem. the sports network says the former president george body den heimer will take over as acts head of the company for the next 90 days. skipper says he struggled with many -- for many years with substance is a abuse addiction and wants to be able to care of it now much he's been the head of the company since 2012. the oldest son of former alaska governor sarah palin has been arrested for domestic violence. 28-year-old track palin was arraigned on charges including burglary and assault. details of the incident that let will he had up to his arrest not known at this time. track palin was also arrested for domestic violence back in january 2016. ♪ it's another victory monday for the eagles. they held on against the giants
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on the road yesterday but it has been a tough road to get to 12-two. our kristen rodgers with how the eagles are learning from all the challenges. >> the eagles are checking off a lot of their boxes right now. clinched the nfc east check. clinch a first rounder bye in the playoffs. check. they're trying for home field advantage. crossing these things off has been extremely tough for the birds. doug pederson said today, no question, the biggest obstacle for the eagles this season has been injuries. i don't think to go over who they lost because the list is just too long. each week the eagles manage to step up. peter pederson credits that are ability to get through this adversity to the fact that they've bought into a collective mindset a long time ago. >> one thing that i know about this football team is it's very unselfish, and it's a group that doesn't really care who gets the ball. the bottom line is trying to wi& the game. managing everything to win and if we win, then we just move on to the next one.
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>> the eagles can actually cross off that home field advantage box as soon as saturday. coming up in sports, a look at how that can happen and the play that made nick foles channel carson wentz. chris? >> kristen, thanks. major provider of hot meals for the homeless has reopened its doors after months of renovation just in time for the holidays. this is face to face in germantown. they serve their first meal today in their brand new dining room. 32-year-old building on east price street began renovations seven months ago. >> over and over this morning they said we're so happy to be home. their faces as they walked in the door were beyond what i could imagine. they feel welcome here. they feel treated like human beings. we don't offer shelter. but for so many people this is home. >> face to face operated out of temporary location while all that work was taking place. coming up a that package
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that they stole from woman' doors step not a christmas gift. it's a man's ashes. his daughter very much wants them back. and to tip or not to tip. if that's the question you're wondering, look no further. we got you covered. don't go anywhere. ♪ ttp://>[a5df]
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more than 8,000 firefighters are still working to contain one of the largest wildfires in california history. it's been more than two weeks since it began. the thomas fire is still burning in southern california. destroying nearly 1300 structures in its path so far. authorities say the fire is 420 square miles. roughly the size of the city of san antonio, texas. firefighters are still in a desperate race to save more homes. >> we were able to do prepping in these areas days before to allow the fire to burn around back burn around some of these homes. we were able to fire out some of
5:24 pm
them. unfortunately when you have winds that severe, we all saw it yesterday, you just physically cannot, um, safe every moment. >> one firefighter has been killed battling the flame. corey iverson died on thursday from smoke inhalation and burns. mother and her three young children are dead after a fast-moving house fire in brooklyn. it happened this morning right arond 2:30. five other family members managed to escape the flames. some by jumping from windows. the five surviving members are at a local hospital. three are in critical condition. five firefighters are also injured e-z gators are looking into what started this fire. investigators still don't know exactly what happened here in croix ton pennsylvania this morning a car philadelphia inquiry err trick crashed head on. paramedics did take one person to the hospital. we do not know that person's condition. police are investigate a stabbing in west philadelphia overnight.
5:25 pm
someone stabbed a 25-year-old man in the lower back inside a home on the 600 block of north frazier street. paramedic transported him to press web hospital where he's in stable condition much the victim new his attacker but so far no other information has been released. and a bizarre story out of oklahoma. a package stolen off a woman's porch but it wasn't a gift. it was her father's ashes. her neighbor saw the package on her porch right after it was delivered but when she got home, she found no note from the postal service and no package. the funeral home which shipped the remains say the package should have not been left without a note on the porch, without a signature. they require all of their deliveries to be signed for. >> this was the final kind of step in the process of me saying bye to my dad and making at range. and sending him home here and to know that he was so close and then taken it breaks my
5:26 pm
heart. >> the us postal service has apologized for the delivery error and are offering a reward of up to $10,000 for any information. fox 29 following developing news. after an amtrak train derails just outside of tacoma, we'll have the very latest thon deadly crash coming up. >> kathy? we have a flow of warm air across the region, and that is going to continue for a little while. coming up we'll talk about the christmas weekend forecast. warm, wet, white? oh, boy. i'll let when you know we come back.
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>> we are still tracking developing story out of a deadly train derailment in washington state. 78 passengers and five crew members were on board that amtrak train 501 when it hurdled off an overpass in dupont, washington which is about 17 miles south of tacoma. the train was on its way to portland, oregon going about 80 miles an hour when it flew off the tracks landing on i-five incredibly busy corridor. now paramedic took at least 50 people to the hospita. some of them have critical injuries. details are still breaking hours later. fox's jonathan hunt has the very latest. >> reporter: this us official telling the associated press one that at least six people have
5:30 pm
been killed and, two, that the preliminary investigation appoints to the train possibly striking something on the track. chaotic scene in pierce county, washington. where an amtrak passenger train derailed during rush hour. sending at least three cars toll toppling off on overpass and on to busy highway below. amtrak says there were 78 passengers and five crew members on board at the time of the crash. >> multiple cars and trucks were struck by train car that is left the train tracks and wept down on to the road. >> reporter: several other cars landed in a wooded area completely upside down. police say there are multiple deaths and injuries. and the main focus at this point is on the rescue operation. the cause of the crash still isn't clear. but it happened on a new route which amtrak touts more reliable. >> it is all the more reason why we must start immediately fixing the infrastructure of the united states. >> reporter: some passengers
5:31 pm
say they noticed the train start to shake before it fell off the overpass multiple state and local agencies hoping their investigation will shed some light on the tragedy. >> we train for this all the time. we have air force bases and train tracks and ferries and this is is a multiple agency response. very coordinated response. >> reporter: the national transportation safety board is sending a go team from washington, d.c. to lead the investigation. in los angeles, jonathan hunt, fox news. stay with fox 29 and for the breaking details. joyce evans will have live report coming up at 6:00. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. let's take live look where are we tonight? reading berks county. looking nice and clear out the there. and kathy says we may be in for a mid december warmup. her forecast 15 seconds away.
5:32 pm
it's great night in the poconos, in the city, at the shore. how about let's go tubing at camelback. doesn't that look cool? all deck out for the holiday season. busy already there. the mountains temperatures are in the 30s right now. it's pretty comfortable. as we take look at temperatures over the pass self days, the normal high is 44 degrees for this time of year. thursday we were at 37. we had our last snow on friday. the high only 29. saturday 42. yesterday 44. right now it's 47 degrees. the high in philadelphia made it to 50 degrees today. so that's 6 degrees above average. dry conditions out there right now. some showers to the west. but that's going to lift toward the north. so we don't have to be worried about that. 48 right now in wilmington. 38 in the poconos. 46 in reading. 45 in lancaster and in millville 42. 49 at the airport in atlantic city. so temperatures fairly uniform from north to south. as we go hour by hour over the next couple of hours or so
5:33 pm
through the evening, you can see some cloud cover moving through. other than that, no weather issues. any lingering showers go to the north just fadeaways we look ahead though through the rest of the week and into the holiday weekend, you can see this flow coming up from the southwest a huge ridge is building in the east kind of the reverse of what happened the first couple of weeks of december. we have high pressure off the coast. the flow around this is clockwise so it brings all of that milder air up the coastal plane. not for the entire stretch but for a good part of the next seven days. so as we look overnight temperatures are going to be on the mild side. 40 in philadelphia. 36 in pottstown. 36 in millville. 40 overnight in wildwood and 37 in reading so everyone above freezing. that's got news. during the day tomorrow, it stays on the mild side as well. temperatures in the mid 50s some spots to the south possibly even making it to 60 degrees. so as we look at our seven day forecast, you can see wednesday turning gusty the temperature
5:34 pm
46. thursday winter begins the temperature 44. we go to 52 with rain late on friday. saturday not a great travel day. 60 degrees but we have rain likely. sunday a chance of a shower. and by monday, christmas day, mostly cloudy the temperature 5. unfortunately there is a chance of rain so it look like a better chance of wet than white this year for christmas. but typically we don't have a white christmas around here. >> yeah, i know. >> rats. >> it's going to be wet christmas there. you go. it's all good. warm, that's knight nice. thank you kathy. >> you bet. coming up why people who are stopping to take a selfie might want to back away from the smart phone for a little bit. what some experts are now
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selfie relate the issue tops your health news tonight. there was a bit of a pause because i was look at this. >> taking a selfie? >> thinking about it. >> we can escape the selfie these days. >> fox's brian scott takes look
5:38 pm
at a new study what's being called selfie isis. >> reporter: selfie, selfie everywhere. for some all the time. >> if we're out, once or twice an hour. maybe three times. >> i'm on it constantly. >> yeah it seems to be very common thing today the. >> reporter: can too many self shots really go to your head? >> maybe. try it on. selfie itis the term popped up in a hoax a couple years ago but new study in the international journal of mental health and addiction found there may be something to it. it studied the selfie habits of about 200 people and found for some taking and sharing the selfie had become a chronic even uncontrollable habit. >> it does feed into narcissistic type personal. >> jim wes cease more and more of social media and selfie contributing to issues. especially for youth these days. self-esteem, even depression problems. >> if they don't get enough likes then they're asking all their friends, why didn't you like my picture? trying to force them to like their pictu
5:39 pm
picture. >> but as the selfie itself cross the line to addiction. >> only the study says more research is need so selfie itis some say maybe but others say -- >> i mean what's wrong with a selfie, though? researchers suggest and i know that this might seem really radical, but just to put down your phone enjoy the moment. at least once in awhile. talk about enjoying the moment. philadelphia eagle malcolm jenkins teaming up with the philadelphia police for a very good cause. the jenkins foundation and police provided holiday meal baskets for 140 philadelphia families at the foundation's third annual holiday dinner basket surprise. the event is part of malcolm's on-going work with commissioner richard ross and others in the philadelphia police department to explore and support department efforts to strengthen trust within the community. >> so their help has been great for to us really engage the
5:40 pm
community. but also provide an opportunity to have positive interaction between our law enforcement and members of our community. >> the event took place at the police athletic league center in strawberry mansion and after the event jenkins and other eagles teammates hand delivered some of those baskets to families as well. no secret the school district of philadelphia has financial issues. one city councilman is helping out of his own pocket. councilman alan dom presented checks for $2,500 to five philadelphia public schools city hall. before taking office in 2016 he had pledged to donate his entire salary to philadelphia public schools and that year he donated to 23 schools across the city. and today he donated to the kensington health sciences academy mayfair elementary and aloysius fitzpatrick elementary, paul robe son high school and william h. sayre high school. >> winston churchill, he he has the greatest line that i love. he says, we make a living by
5:41 pm
what we get. but we make life but what we give. that's what today is about. [ applause ] >> he also gave 2500 to sick public schools in june of this year. well it is a familiar dilemma this time of year. to tip or not to tip? a guide to michael: i'm thankful that
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i'm alive and have a second chance. james: i'm thankful for the help and the opportunity that i received. darlene: i'm thankful to be able to help people in crisis. vanessa: i'm thankful that addiction is treatable, and that help is available. christie: new jersey is experiencing a heroin epidemic fueled by opioid painkillers. but if you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, i want you to know: we are here for you. this holiday season, choose help. call 844 reach nj or visit
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really? really? really? really? really? see zero in a whole new way. get zero down, zero deposit, zero first month's payment, and zero due at signing on select volkswagen models. now with the people first warranty. >> keeping to a budget around the holidays could be as tough as avoiding that slice of pie in fact. 25% of americans say it will take them six months or more to pay off their post holiday debt. that's according to a poll lie arrow money. a mobile banking start up. the good news is, not everyone puts themselves in to hole by going overboard.
5:45 pm
nearly half of americans say they will pay off that balance on their credit card win one month. well, tis the season for hal holiday tipping. this is a question we talk about every year. who should you be tipping? >> yeah, and maybe more importantly or as importantly exactly how much? fox's allison morris is breaking it all down for us. >> the cost of living high in new york and the tipping here is higher than you'll find anywhere else in the united states. >> reporter: door men, mail men, the style live at your salon. who should you tip during the holidays and how much should you give? >> the best rule of thumb is to start with the people that you are accustomed to tipping even in much smaller amounts during the year. so any service professional that you might be seeing, so hair colorist, a hairstylist, massage therapist, an acupuncturist. >> going rate -- >> you are going to tip that person the cost of one visit as their holiday gratuity. so if you go to a ten-dollar
5:46 pm
barber down in the east village and you want to give somebody holiday gratuity you'll tip ten dollars. >> as for your door man or garage attendant definitely tip but think about what you have or haven't done throughout the ye year. >> if you are not tipping throughout the year, you need to look at your tip at the end of the year as accumulation of all the tips you didn't give. >> the one person you should not tip your mailman. >> by law letter carriers are federal employees and they cannot accept cash or cash equivalents not even a get charred could be exchange exchar redeemed for cash. it's illegal. >> thomas farley is etiquette expert known as mr. manners and says he gets questions about tipping all year round. >> this is a perennial topic if you want to see war happening on social media bring up tipping in restaurants throughout the year. >> ride hailing services are big question mark these days. now that uber lyft and drivers take tips, what should you do? >> i would certainly tip those people as well. now that the ability is there. >> and what about taxis?
5:47 pm
>> unless the driver has been sorely with you or is driving erratically, 20% is an appropriate tip. >> reporter: how about take out? >> you don't want to tip them something it doesn't have to be the same as you would if you were in the restaurant. but ten to 15% as minimum on a take out order i think is entirely appropriate. >> even starbucks, not necessarily. >> the tip jars are really for those going above and beyond. >> what's above and beyond. >> extra foam? >> i have some questions about a few of those. >> okay. >> yeah. >> we were did you go the mailman thing. >> yeah. >> somebody may be breaking the law around here. i'm not sure. >> someone we won't name any names. big heart i have to say. big heart. all right. all right. it's a holiday menu featuring the flavors of venezuela. >> fox 29's mike jerick check it out and seay gotta try this.&-úe tell you south fourth and yet it's just north of south if that makes any sense at a venezuelan
5:48 pm
and restaurant. tell was, i'll introduce this segment by using some of my spanish i learned in high scho school. >> (speaking spanish). >> okay that was her. you on this place? >> yes. me, my husband and my brother-in-law. >> okay. all in the family. i like it. i love all the colors in here. it's beautiful. what did you say in spanish? what's the name of the restaurant. puyero. >> what does that mean. >> having lot of fun. >> like the sign says grab, order and. >> i'm here to try a dish you'll be eating in venezuela by the way i forgot to tell you i'm going to occur as companies in ten days. if i was there on christmas day, this would be a traditional christmas dish. >> yes. >> what's it really called.
5:49 pm
>> ijaka. >> how do you open it. >> you cut the strings and unwrap like a present. >> are those plantains leaves. >> plantain leaves that you don't eat. >> okay. >> they're just for wrapping think much the like a present. that's the idea. >> yeah. >> it look locate a tamale. >> yeah, i think like a version of it. this in particular are made with chicken. each family there have their recipe they can be made with chicken, pork, beef. >> it's like a cookie, christmas cookie party you make your own version of your favorite cookie put it oh an plate and take it to your friend haas house and all share different cookies. >> that's cool. we do the same. >> wang this yellow thing. >> corn flour mixed with fat from the soup so you can have more flavor. >> inside you have the stew that you make it's made with chicken and it has raisin ands olives. now you can eat.
5:50 pm
>> okay. that's really good. >> you can order five, ten and take them home. we'll give you instructions how to reheat them. >> i can give them to my friends? >> i guess no one is going to get that present. >> you think i'm going to eat them before i give them away? >> yeah. >> this is great. congratulations on the restaurant. >> thank you. >> ya gotta try this. >> fantastic. speaking refronts generous diners in virginia making a huge impact on restaurant employees this holiday season. here's what they're doing. the group goes in. they have their big meal they leave really big tips, and we do mean big. they left $1,100 trips on a $125 tab. before they leave though they contact a local news crew who shows to film the server's reaction. this particular server needed the booth so much a fire destroyed her home two years ago. >> tell me how you're feeling. >> overwhelmed. like so thankful. i don't even know what to say. i'm so happy. >> it gives me hope for humani
5:51 pm
humanity. hearts out there and that means so much. >> that's server was injured in the fire and says the money will pay with her medical bills she racked um. >> paying it forward. >> absolutely. >> just in time for the holidays community is coming together to help honor the memory avenue little girl who lost her battle with cancer. >> and they're making her dreams come true by giving back to sick kids. fox 29's jenny joyce has more from delaware county. >> reporter: this sight is dream come true for five-year-old jillian massey, a pep rally to honor the overwhelming success of her very own sassy massey toy drive for children at area hospitals. massey's goal 10,000 toys. the chop patient died from cancer earlier this month before meeting that goal. >> merry christmas. >> reporter: but sassy massey carried on thanks to family, friends and even strangers who rallied behind the child's mission to make her hospital
5:52 pm
friends smile. over the last several weeks, sassy massey collected more than 24,000 toys for young patients. >> she did this as distraction even though she passed it doesn't matter. this was a distraction. she wanted this to happen and she wants all her friends to be happy at chop. and now they have so many toys. so they'll be happy through holidays and jillian is probably happy also. >> jack is one of her two big brothers both are proud to be supporting their sister in heaven. jess was jillian's in you at chop. undoubtedly one of sassy massey's biggest supporters. >> whole thing is amazing. the masseys are an incredible family. they have changed my life. they have -- you can see all the people that jillian and her family have affected here with us today. >> reporter: police from several departments and agencies on horses and motorcycles and in patrol cars arrived at the rally to escort the parade of trucks packed with toys to their assign hospitals. before taking off, the ridley
5:53 pm
township police honored their late friend jillian massey with her very own badge and uniform. while she's retired from service, her loving and spunky spirit will live on through her sassy massey toy drove with a mission to deliver miles of smiles. in delaware county, jennifer joyce, fox 29 news. >> coming up one of hollywood's biggest stars. hugh jackman is talking about his new movie and how he became tinseltown
5:54 pm
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5:57 pm
>> hugh jackman has showcased his singing skills on stage, on screen and also dances by the way. he does so again for his latest movie the greatest showman. quite the talent. ashley dvorkin talks to jackman about his new role and plans for the future. >> made difference by being like everyone else. >> hugh jackman is a triple, singer, dancer and act and does it once again in the greatest showman. but what some may not know, jack mon didn't start out in the musical world. >> it surprised me i got into musical. i studied acting. i didn't stud musical theater. i got into beauty and the beast on stage when i first graduated and i learned that i really loved doing it. and that i was okay at it. i can do it. so i've done five musica musicas then i've dawn bunch of movies at this point in 2009 when we
5:58 pm
first discussed this project, i had never done movie musical i really want to do that. >> he did always node he'd be a performer. >> when i was six doing camelot at one point on stage and i always was in the school play. i would sign up we would do our own plays even on our own time through school, through university and even after. i didn't realize i was going to do it as a profession till i was probably 22. i think it took me a long time to kind of have the courage to say i wanted to be an actor. but it was always something i knew i loved and i felt comfortable doing. >> and when it comes to more musicals he's already working on one for the stage. >> i am working on something. i'm working on something hopefully with justin and binge who wrote this to do something new and new musical on stage. actually part of me thinks if we a dapped it could be great on stage as well because we kind of developed it in the same way you'd develop a broadway music musical. >> in new york, ashley dvorkin, fox news. and fox 29 news at 6:00 starts right now. ♪
5:59 pm
>> three times and she's out. one woman's holiday spirit crushed after a thief made off with her handmade decorations again. now she says she's just done. >> fox 29 following developing news the first day on a new route takes a deadly turn. amtrak train derails just outside of seattle leaving cars dangling off an overpass others resting on highway. >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. we begin at 6:00 with that developing news. the deadly train derailment in washington state. it was supposed to offer people a faster way to get around. but instead an amtrak train's first trip on a new route turned deadly. train cars left dang lynn over an interstate others crashed into traffic. thank you for joining us.
6:00 pm
i'm lucy noland. >> i'm chris o'connell in foray iain page. let's get to right where we know about today's deadly derailment. 78 passengers and five crew members on when the train hurdled off the overpass 17 miles south of tacoma, washington, late this morning. that train on its way to portland. going more than 80 miles an hour when it flew off the tracks. some cars landing on traffic below. several people were on the ground were hurt. one official telling the associated press that train may have have hit something before going off the tracks. it was making its very first journey on that new route at that speed. fox 29's joyce evans live in our operation center tonight with the very latest on this story. joyce? >> reporter: well, chris, those millions of dollars were spent to give passenger trains their own tracks free from lot of curves, those tunnels, and those slow-moving freight trains and passengers were really looking forward to that. what they got, though, was a nightmare


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