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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  December 18, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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i'm lucy noland. >> i'm chris o'connell in foray iain page. let's get to right where we know about today's deadly derailment. 78 passengers and five crew members on when the train hurdled off the overpass 17 miles south of tacoma, washington, late this morning. that train on its way to portland. going more than 80 miles an hour when it flew off the tracks. some cars landing on traffic below. several people were on the ground were hurt. one official telling the associated press that train may have have hit something before going off the tracks. it was making its very first journey on that new route at that speed. fox 29's joyce evans live in our operation center tonight with the very latest on this story. joyce? >> reporter: well, chris, those millions of dollars were spent to give passenger trains their own tracks free from lot of curves, those tunnels, and those slow-moving freight trains and passengers were really looking forward to that. what they got, though, was a nightmare.
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>> it was oval yous that there were some fatalities and there were a lot of injuries and some people were able to get off the train. >> reporter: those people taken away in ambulances or standing wrapped in blankets along the road. about 40 miles from the seattle amtrak station where they boarded the very first run of a faster new route. >> multiple cars and trucks were struck by train cars that left the train tracks and went down on to the road. >> it's a terrible thing. very upsetting. >> even though when you see the pictures, it's pretty horrific at this point nobody in any of the vehicles is a fatal. the fatals are all contained to the train. >> reporter: but train cars and passengers, vehicles and motorists were tossed everywhe everywhere. >> what you're seeing is what it is. and on the other side of that bridge there's three or four more cars that are upside down on the road and in the woods. >> reporter: early information clocked amtrak train 501 traveling more than 80 miles an hour when it derailed at the dupont overpass. carrying 78 passengers and five
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crew members. ntsb officials say they're investigators will have to determine if speed was even a factor. since the new route was supposed to be faster. >> i'm just wondering if they did any dry runs on this before the passengers aboard. >> reporter: well the ntsb investigators will be looking at all possibilities. human error, mechanical malfunction, and, yes, something obstructing the tracks. when they arrive on scene. chris? >> all right, joyce, thanks. of course, philadelphia no stranger to deadly train crashes. it was two years ago when an amtrak train going twice the posted speedy railed in port richmond killing eight passengers. 115 others suffered injuries in the may 2015 crash. pennsylvania attorney general josh shapiro charged the conductor with involuntary manslaughter but a philadelphia judge later throughout those charges. and of course, stay with us as we continue to track this
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developing story. and remember be there the first to know about breaking news. just download the fox 29 app and make sure to allow notificatio notifications. happening right now, pennsylvania state senator daylin leach says he's not resigning after former staffers have accused of him of harassment and sexual misconduct. governor wolf is calling for leach to tepp down. leach denies any wrongdoing. fox 29's jeff cole spoke to the governor live now at city hall. jeff. >> lucy, state senator daylin leach is moving away from a tougher stance he took sunday against his accusers. he now says he's heart broken that he felt or made anybody feel uncomfortable but still the top democrat in the commonwealth wants him gone. senator daylin leach appose tonight to be trying to hang on to his state state seat a day of the inquirer bombshell report. in bold headline the paper reported leach pope highly sexualized terms around young female staffers and touched some
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in ways they found inappropria inappropriate. >> why so quick toll call for leach to resign in light of this report? >> i want to be consistent. >> reporter: governor wolf a fellow democrat called on leach to quit win hours of the story being publish in a philadelphia monday to veto a bill restricting abortion, wolf admitted he hadn't talked to leach but wanted him out. >> he says it did not happen. he said he was in a crowded room. it simply did not happen. you've called for him to quit. is that not premature. does he not require a full investigation. >> the inquirer talked to witness who were -- in afternoon posting on facebook the state senator wrote it's heartbreak to go me have i put someone in position that made them feel uncomfortable or disrespected in the future i will take more care of my words and my actions. there was no answer at leach's door monday on facebook.
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he complained of reports coming to his home and said he was taking a step back from his campaign for congress. >> people come forward with evidence thats he acted inappropriately. all of us in public live need to say that's not who we are and we can have that kind of behavior. >> reporter: source tells fox 29 tonight that leach is not absolutely not dropping out in that race for congress in the seventh district. only taking a break for the holiday and then taking a look at the race now. meanwhile the state senate democratic leader wants specifics about the allegations against leach and then says that he will take appropriate action. live at city hall, i'm jeff cole, fox 29 news. folks? >> thanks, jeff. as jeff mentioned governor tom wolf in philadelphia today. here to veto a bill that would have eliminateed abortions to te twiers 20 weeks of pregnancy in the state of pennsylvania. the state's current limit is 24 weeks. a 20 week limit would have kept
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in mace exemptions under current law for when one mother's it live or well-being at is at risk. the bill had no exceptions for rape, incest or fetal tal abnormalities. >> this legislation is a disingenuous and bold face attempt to pass the most extreme anti choice legislation in the country. this legislation is an attempt to crit criminalize the decisions women must be allowed to make about their own health care. >> in a vote last week the pennsylvania house passed the bile by 121-70 margin. all right. checking in with fox 29 weather authority now. let's take live look in wilmington. there is some good news on the horizon that is if you like a warmup. >> kathy orr has a quick check of our forecast. hi kathy. >> well g evening. good evening everyone. we're talking about temperatures pretty mild today in the 50s. as you can see in the mountains, blue mountain looking pretty. good the skiers are loving it. it's cold enough to be snowy and
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also cold enough to be comfortable. look at this 37 degrees in the poconos. 44 in allentown and pottstown. 47 in philadelphia. and 48 in wilmington. philly we made it to a high of 50 degrees today. now as we look overnight, low temperatures around 40 in the city. 30s elsewhere. everyone above freezing. that's the good news. but huge pattern change as we see a lot of warmth building up the coastal plane. not just 40s or 50s but how about 60s. that's going to be going into the holiday weekend. we'll talk about your christmas forecast coming up in just a few minutes. i'll see you back here with the seven day. all right. >> sounds good, thank you very much, kathy. so a south philadelphia woman says she's had enough. no more elaborate holiday decorations outside her home. throw times in the past 26 months thieves have stripped holiday displays from her front steps and our bruce gordon is live at police headquarters. bruce, this just breaks my heart. this latest burglary happened right in front of an array of security cameras. >> reporter: yeah, lucy, smile
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while you're swiping that hand decorated christmas tree. the victim in our story is full of holiday spirit. always has been but now she says, enough is enough. joe's fenn machete's grand daughter gia is all smiles on this week before christmas grandma has got the holiday blues. >> i just wasn't so upset. couldn't believe it. that they would take everything, it was bare. >> reporter: around 5:00 a.m. on the saturday before last a pair of decoration stealing dead beats hit her home on the 1100 block of fitzgerald in south philly. as look out kept watch, this they have said to work stealig her expensive handmade holiday display. it wasn't easy. this tree was among self pieces wired in place along with the decorative presents below not to be deterred the crook pulls out a pair of wire cutters and makes off with the tree. then like the infamous grinch he snips his way through the rest of the decorations even using the next door neighbors stoop to get a better angle on window
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mounted decoration. >> thing in the wire were wire in the house. he really took his time to find the wire. i had the wires like hidden outside. they found them had way to cut them. >> reporter: ba mc 2015 thieves stole her outdoor halloween decorations. then followed up by take her outdoor christmas display. >> i didn't put a lot out in 2016. this year i went out and did everything. they took it all. >> this time array of security cameras right across the street captured all of the action. there was plenty of it. the thieves were out in front of her home for three minutes making sure they got everything they came for. >> they certainly no what they were doing, and, um, while they did take their time, they were pretty efficient with their get away. >> after the burglary josephine crabbed a know man from hess basement set him out as a last ditch display of holiday spirit. she says she will not be victimized a fourth time. >> next year i will not do anything. >> reporter: no more decorations. >> no. not for someone just to come
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along and take them. terrible. >> reporter: it's interesting burglaries of homes and businesses in philadelphia are down something like 45% since 2011. likely in part because of all those security cameras in place. still, some crooks seem not to know or frankly care there every move is being watched. chris. >> bruce, thanks. sanu puppy on your holiday list? listen up you may not get what you paid for and online trick that could leave you empty handed this holiday. kristen. >> that's really sad, chris. the eagles are getting closer and closer to their end goal. how does doug pederson handle revving his guys befor
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michael: i'm thankful that i'm alive and have a second chance. james: i'm thankful for the help and the opportunity that i received. darlene: i'm thankful to be able to help people in crisis. vanessa: i'm thankful that addiction is treatable, and that help is available.
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christie: new jersey is experiencing a heroin epidemic fueled by opioid painkillers. but if you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, i want you to know: we are here for you. this holiday season, choose help. call 844 reach nj or visit
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dog or puppy is on your holiday shopping list, please be careful. one couple got taken for more than a thousand dollars for what they thought would be their new four leg family member. >> shelter pets are always a great idea. >> of course. >> however fox's natalie has the one thing you should do if you're absolutely set on buying a pet online. >> reporter: these three boston terriers run the cigna rollly house hold. tom and again today wouldn't have it any other way. >> we have the best dogs in the world. they're completely crazy. >> reporter: getting to this point would take months of frustration and heart ache. after their two dogs died last year, they started looking for the next generation of dogs to join the family. they searched for puppies on websites selling boston terriers and found a seller on a boston terrier facebook group. >> we found a girl who toll us that she had three boston terriers available. >> reporter: that girl sent
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them these pictures of the puppies which she said would be ready for pick up in just a few weeks. >> she gave us a good price and three dogs which was $1,500. >> reporter: they paid for the dogs up front. >> we bought her hook, line and sip kerr. she portrayed herself as a lover of animals. >> reporter: but when it came time to pick up the dogs, the seller kept coming up with excuses. >> eventually she sort of admitted she didn't have them. >> reporter: the couple weren't just out the money they were also out three family members. >> you know, you love dogs and you're looking forward to getting these dogs. so there's that little heartbreak that goes along with it too. >> reporter: they eventually bought three other terriers from a legit seller. but according to the better business bureau, online scams involving dogs are on the rise. and up to 80% of ads claiming to sell puppies could be fake. to avoid getting ripped off, never pay up front. even if you think you're getting
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a great deal. meet the seller and dog in person beforehanding off your hard earned cash. >> we love our dogs, and, um, that's great. you know, that's a happy ending, but i still want my money. >> reporter: natalie bomb key, fox news. i got like 3,000 things i could say about all of this. >> i know do you. i think one thing up top of that list, you can always go to shelter. >> you can go to a shelter and there's, f you're set on certain breed, that's fine. there's breed specific rescues as well. they're homeless animals need homes. you're going to have them in your house. you can meet them. >> plenty of them out there. >> all righty. local woman defying the odds after a life altering diagnosis. in december of 2013, 28-year-old shanay pits was diagnosed with a condition that causes intense swelling in the brain and spinal cord. she went into a coma some doctors believe she would never walk or talk again. well, now she can talk and get around with a stroller today she was at jefferson cherry hill
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outpatient physical therapy department to say thank you to the staff who helped her in her amazing recovery. >> god bless her. >> congratulations. >> fox 29 weather authority right now. live look at doylestown, bucks county of course. this monday night where temperatures are kind of mild. >> right? >> yeah. warm. >> exactly. it's only going to get better too if you like the warmth. kathy's forecast in 15 seconds. what day. high temperatures in the 50s across the good part of the area. right now we're looking good. blue mountain busy with temperatures in the 30s in the poconos. atlantic city made it to 55 degrees. of course at the airport wilmington 52. philadelphia 50. 49 in trenton and upper 40s in reading and in allentown. tomorrow we'll have another. thirty seven right now in the mountains it's 48 in wilmington
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and 36 in millville. with clear skies wrightstown at 38. as you look at the nation as a whole, there's not a lot of very cold air anywhere. we're looking at the coldest temperature boston at 34 degre 34 degrees. minneapolis is only 39. so not that frigid not like it was the first couple of weeks of the month of december. so we do have some snow showers to the north in new york and some rain showers heading into central pa. but those are going to fade during the evening. we'll see some cloud cover as a result of those rain showers but otherwise, some morning clouds giving way to some sunshine during the day for your tuesday. then we'll keep it clear for tuesday night into wednesday. little bit brisk on wednesday with cooler temperatures and gusty winds. but it still stays sunny right until the epidemic of the week. and then what we're watching is this surge of warmth it will be mild tomorrow but by saturday, temperatures around 60 degrees. 60 plus in some locations. as we see this warmth build up the coastal plane with high pressure anchored off the coast. it's not going to stick around though. we will be seeing temperatures
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cooling after that. so overnight tonight, lows in the 30s. it will be around 40 in philadelphia. 36 in millville. 39 in wildwood. in the poconos above freezing at 33. during the day tomorrow, we'll see some sunshine. partly sunny skies expected. highs in the mid 50's. some spots to the south could make it to 60. very mild for december with a normal high is 44. so this is some 12 degrees above average. winds out of the west at about ten to 15 miles an hour. on your seven day forecast from the weather authority, wednesday 46 with that gusty wind. winter begins on thursday. you'll have a morning low of 29 but an afternoon high of 44. late rain friday but mild. saturday rain is likely the high around 60. and then sunday a chance of a shower for christmas eve. the high 48. the morning low 42. end then by christmas day we're looking at mostly cloudy skies. perhaps a scattered shower the high temperature 50 degrees but look at those numbers. there are no highs in the 20s or the 30s. the coolest temperature is 44
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the day that winter begins. so not so bad, guys. we started the month with a huge chill. it's kind of flip flopped, though. we had about 8-inches of snow so far this month, kristen and now heading into christmas, nil. >> none. it's looking great right now, kathy i'm not going to complain for warmer weather. the eagles are crossing thing off their goals list one at a time. doug pederson is staying aggressive with the playoffs around the corner. coming up if he'll rest the starters soon. plus how nick foles is
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♪ i know all of the armed chair quarterback at home yesterday had one thing on their minds. they wanted to compare nick foles to carson wentz which is pretty silly they're two different styles of quarterback but they do have one thing in common, they both pull out wins for the eagles. if you had any concerns about foles, they were shut down about four touchdowns later yesterday. the guy clearly doesn't have any chemistry problems with his receivers. after the game, foles did thank carson wentz, though, who gave him some inspiration on how to evade jason pierre paul. >> i watched carson lot. i channel my inner carson wentz right there. and just made a play, you know, just tried to get him to move and step up and then, you know, defended and hold his arm down but torry did a great job fighting through. >> so with the first round bye in the playoffs all locked um, the eagles could get home field advantage as soon as saturday.
6:25 pm
that's if packers beat minnesota but doug pederson doesn't want to rely on that. so he's saying he isn't planning on resting his starters for the playoffs just yet. >> once we get to next week, we'll figure out next week. um, but, but, my mindset this week is all about the oakland raiders monday night football, um, and if we win that one, and like i said, pretty much these last few weeks, we control sort of our destiny right now. >> joel embiid is out tonight against chicago kind of expected though considering he played a career high 49 minutes against the thunder in that triple i don't have name loss on friday. but it's going to be tough one for the sixers tonight on the road. the bulls have won five straight. tip off 8:00 o'clock. and the holidays are a time to give back. but i think former phillies pitcher cole hamels has out done all of this. he is and his wife heidi are do it nag that 3200 square foot mansion in missouri to charity
6:26 pm
the entire house. reportedly worth $9.75 million. but instead of selling it they're giving it to non-profit that helps families with special needs. helps out with camps as well. they didn't have a chance to move into the house. they haven't lived in there yet. because he's in tech text now. but this is where heidi grew up in missouri, and so now they're giving the house away to chari charity. absolute al mazing. >> a lot of athletes get a bad rap wrap she's a good one. >> he's one of good ones. >> that's nice. i want to you guys to take a look here join us tonight for fox 29 news at 10:00. do you notice anything at all in that picture? you got to look really close up in the corner. >> casper. >> ghost, right? >> or just reflect. >> it's freaking out not just that family but some folks in our newsroom. we're looking for answers tonight at 10:00. because the truth is out there. >> that does it for us here at 6:00. >> up next page six followed by
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mii'm alive and have a second chance. james: i'm thankful for the help and the opportunity that i received. darlene: i'm thankful to be able to help people in crisis. vanessa: i'm thankful that addiction is treatable, and that help is available. christie: new jersey is experiencing a heroin epidemic fueled by opioid painkillers. but if you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, i want you to know: we are here for you. this holiday season, choose help. call 844 reach nj or visit
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right now on "page six tv," katie and suri, who else was at the same nick game. what's with harvey weinstein's hush money payouts. when they were spotted holding hands on a skating rink and why is mario batali in hot water again? all the answers on "page six tv." welcome to "page six tv." here are today's top stories. okay. lindsay lohan, chris rock, michael j. fox, john stuart, suri cruise, emily ratajkowski. they all gathered to watch the oklahoma thunder. yeah. oh, the knicks were playing, too. we have so many inside stories on the people who were at


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