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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  December 23, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. the holidays are upon us and that means lots of people out and about an estimated 107 million americans are hitting the roads and taking to the skies. scores of others scurrying around trying to check everything off of their shopping lists. the wet roads are making for slick traveling and slowing drivers down. we're talking about a bumpy ride on santa's sleigh christmas eve. thanks for joining us. i'm dawn timmeney. busy saturday for folks especially in our area. the rainy weather is not helping the stress factor for a lot of people. meteorologist monica cryan is here with when we can expect that rain to move on out. monica. >> i'm sure this was not fun for a loft our shoppers getting
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soaked with few rounds of rain. we're actually experiencing another round heavy rainfall through parts of delaware coun county, philadelphia, all the way up into bucks. you can see abington, some of that yellow indicating moderate rainfall. all the way up into trenton so this is another soaking this rain is going to start to come to an end as we head through the rest of our evening. now, this is all rain because look at these highs for today. 60 degrees in philadelphia. well above freezing and well above average in the low 40s. and so we're going to keep with mild temperatures through the night few hours and into the overnight. we're still sitting at 60 degrees. that southerly flow bringing in a lot of moisture but keeping those temperatures on the higher side. 50 degrees right now in pottstown. 58 for those of us in millville. now for tonight, we're going to stay above freezing as that rain starts to move out there could be a few slick spots with those streets really wet through the overnight. partly cloudy through tonight. then tomorrow, more sunshine but temperatures will be cooler. i've got look at your forecast
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coming up in just a bit. dawn. >> monica, thank you. major mess in northern liberti liberties. take a look at this. fox 29 viewer zen us this video of a water main bursts sending water spewing out on to the street. and now it's causing traffic delays, problems for shoppers. definitely not something you want to deal with two days before christms. fox 29's joanne pileggi joining us live from northern liberties with the latest. gentlemen on. >> reporter: several businesses and residents dealing with a water main break. and that means no electricity new york city gas service, no water until they make all of the necessary repairs. yeah, no, never a good time for this to happen. but it did this morning. a busy saturday morning for a restaurant nail salon and a few other places along girard avenue in fishtown. a 12-inch water main broke gushing water everywhere and into the basements of a number of buildings near front street. >> we found several properties
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with water in their cellars. so each property on this stretch has some water in the basement. >> some worse than others but philadelphia water crews were here quickly and started the process of pumping out all that water. while other workers break up the blacktop to reach the water main below. >> water everywhere. my basement was 3-meters. >> the city has 3200 miles of shared water mains. many dating back to the 1800s. while the city works to replace miles of pipe each year, breaks occur routinely. >> unfortunately, every water main break is unique and, you know, i don't know what caused this one to take place. we are in our winter season. so the colder the temperatures the water sometimes you see a higher frequency water main breaks. >> reporter: they don't know how this water main broke. but they do hope to have it repaired by the end of today. so the people who live here, the businesses here, hope to be back
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in service by tomorrow. a lot of crews out here right now working in the rain to try to make all of the necessary repairs. dawn, back to you. >> all right, that's hope it happens soon. thanks joanne. adding to the chaos fire break out at the springfield mall. crews getting the call just after 3:30 this afternoon to baltimore pike forcing shoppers to leave the stores. firefighters fortunately everything cleared up in about 20 minutes. the springfield fire department tells fox 29 the fire started in a kitchen at pizza place in the mall. officials estimate a record number of people will be taking to the skies and/or hitting the roads as they head home for the holidays. we've already seen a fair share of the matt mad rush in our area. fox 29's brad sattin checked out the airport and 30th street train station to see how folks are fairing. >> reporter: there is nothing better than being home for the holidays but getting there can sure be for the dogs. 800,000 people will pass through philadelphia international airport during this holiday season through january 1st.
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♪ >> reporter: we found two of them trying to cheer people up playing guitar while waiting for their friend to pick then up. no sign of him after 45 minutes. >> we're waiting for our ride. he said he's coming in. maybe traffic. we don't know. >> while go with traffic to safe him some face. >> reporter: almost six and a half million people are flying this holiday. many surprised the lines weren't longer. >> we got through in about ten minutes, and we haven't had any issues since. >> we thought we were going to miss our flight. we got to the airport an hour before they were supposed to take off went made it through. >> i thought it would be lot more chaotic in there but everything seemed to go very smoothly. again, everybody is in good mood. serve really nice so that helps. >> reporter: but we found some delays by rail. jessica allen trying to get to connecticut to see her family but the train was running at least 30 minutes late and counting. >> i was supposed to get there at 10:45 but now i'm probably 11:00, 12:00 you never know. >> reporter: brad sattin, fox 29 news.
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happening now, police in philadelphia's kingsessing neighborhood are looking for a group of men who put a child in the hospital. police say they're driving a red four door vehicle and they fired a bunch of shots hitting a four-year-old little girl in the leg. she was taken to children's hospital where she is recovering. but now police are checking out private surveillance cameras to see if they can uncover anything that might help in this investigation. fox 29's jennifer joyce has mo more. we heard pop pop pop pop pop pop. >> reporter: andre wright says he heard several gunshots fired outside of his home on the 5900 block of springfield of a late friday night. >> i was out walking my dog. i was getting ready to bring him back in. and that's when the shooting occurred. >> reporter: neighbor lee fisher took cover. >> when i got up after i heard the last shot, i called down there to see if anybody was hit the guy said yeah his daughter was hit. >> reporter: police confirm a four-year-old girl was hit in the leg by one of the flying bullets. it happened as her 24 year old
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father was carrying her from the car to their kingsessing home. police say a red vehicle pulled up and the four men inside wearing hoodies opened fire. >> the guys turned around right where your truck is, and made a u and went back down there. >> reporter: sign that it was a targeted shooting. fisher says, officers arrived win seconds. police rushed the child to chop where she was stable life. >> it's horrible. it's right before christmas. i mean it's not right. >> reporter: shavon in a clark was inside of her home with her eight children when the shooting happened. >> i was just shocked and amazed that it happened literally in front of my door. and the shots fired and rung out and they pulled off. never seen anything like that happen. i just moved out of north philadelphia. >> reporter: this car parked in a handicapped spot bore the brunt of the gunfire. neighbors say the bullet riddled buick with its windows shot out blongs to a woman who is on oxygen and often relies on others for help. but in this case, she may have
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been the lifesaver. >> if it was for a parked vehicle situated in between the shooters and the sidewalk, there could have been more damage. >> reporter: jennifer joyce, fox 29 news. right now the fbi investigating whether a shooting in harrisburg that injured a police officer is an act of terrorism. a prosecutor says there's no doubt the 51-year-old man who fired at police at pennsylvania state capital was targeting police officers. he is accused of going on shooting spree yesterday aft firing a gun at at a capitol police officer and hitting a state trooper. al malfi who authorities say had two guns was killed during a shoot out with police. >> as you saw there's police cars here from throughout the region. everyone, you know, responded quickly. >> it sounded like firecrackers at first, and then i heard like a barrage of shots.
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and i assumed that's when the officers shot back. >> the state trooper is doing well and is expected to make full recovery. authorities currently say they do not have a motive for the attack. developing news. the top leaders of the miss america organization resigning after being implicated in an ugly e-mail scandal. ceo sam haskill resigned from the atlantic city based organization earlier today on -- one day after he was suspended by the board. president josh ran danley lynn widener resigning today. the 3e broiled in e-mails that mock former miss americas about their appearance and inn elect and sex lives. they were sent among the organization's top leadership. the eagles are gettinready o face the oakland raiders on christmas day but christ mace come early for the birds. sean brace here to explain what this all means. sean? >> good evening, dawn. yeah eagles will play on christmas night for the second time in franchise history when they welcome the raiders to town first christmas game was played
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in 2006 when back up quarterback jeff garcia letter the eagles to victory over the dallas cowboys. fast forward present day eagles fans are hopeful to have another backup quarterback lead the way to a win in nick foles. up for grabs, still the overall number one seed in the playoffs. that's pretty important. minnesota vikings take on the green bay packers tonight in green bay. if the packers pull off a christmas miracle, the eagles would lock up the one seed without having to play on monday night. which puts head coach doug pederson in an interesting position with nothing to play for. do you rest your starters? >> within the game. i mean, to play our best players and win. i think it's important that they continue to play. if we're in that position f we're fortunate enough to be in that position to rest, um, i'll make a decision at that time. but i think it's important here in these next couple of days we continue to play. >> gave an answer but he definitely left them out there as well. now i know better to say it
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won't happen, but the vikings are a nine-point favorite and want that one seed just as bads the eagles i doubt they lose tonight. on monday night if that's the case, win and the road to the super bowl which is being played in minnesota runs through philadelphia. exciting times when your football team is whipping during the holiday season. dawn? >> sure is. thank you sean. all right. is it an ale yep? maybe a ufo? an out of this world light show in the skies it has a whole lot of people talking online. trying to figure out what the heck it is. a local police department says it's mayhem at the mall. it's tired of seeing kids hanging around without their parents. so we asked the question, is the mall your babysitter?
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♪ gloucester township police are investigating a crash that killed a man early this morning. a white car lost control, flipping over around 1:30 this morning. this was on the 200 block of davis town road right across from the post office. the driver was ejected and killed. that road was shut down for four hours while crews worked to clean and investigate the deadly crash. hanging at the mall. it used to be right of passage but police in cherry hill are not feeling it at all. they're telling teenagers you don't have to go home but you can't stay here. what gives? here's hank's take. ♪ >> zero tolerance policy, you know, for any type of disruptive or disorderly behavior. it's hank. i'm at the cherry hill mall which local police are keeping an eye on for the day after
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christmas. my take is the kids have cell phones, they got no school and they probably got gift cards. that's a recipe for nonsense. mall fights are parental thing& the day after christmas. who knew? well, for one, police chief bud monaghan knew and he's having none of it in cherry hi hill. >> so we brought in additional resources, additional officers for that day. we have plane clothe clothes ofn the mall you wouldn't know they're police so if these kids want to act up, you know, thinking that they don't see uniformed officer in their sight, they better be very careful because a plane clothe s office of officer might be right next to them. >> reporter: and to parents monaghan adds the small not your babysitter. don't treat it like one. i used to love it if my parents cut me room at the mall, caulk talk to friends, make girls it was cool. monique met herman at mall. good times. >> my mom would drop me off at the mall. give us a couple of dollars. we would have pizza and have f
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fun. we didn't cause any problems. it was a good time. nice safe atmosphere. >> still is by and large. monaghan says something like 20 incidents in malls nationwide last year on the 26th including fights like this one that happen at cherry hill four years ago. sometimes there are reasons. >> nine times out of ten there is no reason. >> young guys tell me when kids from different schools different towns come together, the energy is there. all anyone needs is a spark. >> it's like if they see each other, they'll try to, you know, they'll try tonight pick with them. >> that's kind of all it takes. >> that's basically what it takes. that's what basically sets the fire off. that's what happens. and then chaos starts. >> reporter: i'll go out on optimistic limb and say everything will be fine and good for cherry hill police for putting the word out better safe than sorry. but these kids today, right, wrong. there's nothing wrong with this generation. everything is going to be fine. i'm hank and that's my take. ♪
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burlington city police surprised a local family with an early christmas gift for their son who's battling a rare bone disease. the family was surprised with a fully paid trip to disney and a year member think ship to the ymca so their son can have water therapy. four-year-old drew has purse disease forced him to have hip replace many surgery. he walks but he uses leg braces and a walker and still has difficulty stepping up and down. the police department also donated handrails and installed them around drew's house. >> just to know that he can safely get in and out of the house that's amazing because he, you know, as good as he's doing right now he does have times where he's unsteady. beyond overwhelmed. everything they've done for us already was over the top. >> the gifts are made possible by officer who formed becky's beard unit foundation in honor of becky scott a local para medic who lost her battle with cancer. becky's fund sponsors scholarships and children like drew fighting adversity.
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a spectacular sight in the skies over california last night. take look at this. space x launching from the vandenberg air force base sparking quite some excitement on social media. some concerned thinking they saw a ufo that led to hash tag aliens trending for hours. here's more. >> wow, talk about friday night lights. this light show in the sky over los angeles setting social media light with speculation. >> ufo or something? >> you guys that's really weird. >> another one coming out of it. >> oh! is that a ufo. >> despite the recent revelations of the pentagon now defunct secret government program to investigate ufo sightingsth in tweet from elan musk it wasn't a ufo, nonetheless, one from north korea. >> three, two, one lift off. >> back to his space x falcon nine rocket faced from southern california. >> i ain't never seen crazy like
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that in my life. >> why the cool light show? it's really just physics mix water vapor from the rocket engine and very cold temperatures at high altitudes you catch stunning images like these on camera. watching this play out in person i have to say the pictures really don't do the lights justice. most people had no idea that it was successfully carrying ten satellites instead they were wondering if they were experiencing independence day over christmas. in los angeles, will carr, fox 29 news. lines of people in the rain looking to get their favorite treats for the holiday. people waiting along south ninth street in the italian market today. waiting patiently in the historic shopping district. the two-day line traditions have become part of the fabric of the italian mark and many families holiday traditions. >> people come from all over. it's just tradition that they maintain. they'll stay -- the line will be down the block when we get here tomorrow morning at 2:00 a.m. people camping out overnight
6:20 pm
which is insane. it's very very flattering. >> i guess, right? don't worry if you couldn't get there today the stores will open tomorrow from 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. massive flames shooting out of an oil well. firefighters tackling the flames for hours. but they're missing one thing. water. >> deputies in this town are stopping cars, no, not no give them a ticket. how they're
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♪ massive flames sweeping through an oil well site in whipped soar colorado last nig night. a worker was taken to the hospital. this fire started after 9:00 o'clock crews got the fire under control hours later. firefighters say they ran into problems because there's no water available on sight. so crews were hauling water from nearby hydrants. deputies say it appears to be the result of an industrial accident but the exact cause is still under investigation. happening now, more than 120 people are dead after a tropical storm hits the philippines. flash floods triggered by a tropical storm setting off landslides and sweeping people and homes away. authorities say the casualties are on the main southern island of. amateur video showing the devastation caused by the floods. just last week, frick people were killed when a typhoon hit the central philippines. two former soccer official
6:24 pm
are convicted of corruption charges stems from the fifa bribery scandal. jose marron and juan angel in a pout have been convicted of racketeering, conspiracy by a federal jury in new york. prosecutors accused the officials of agreeing take millions of dollars of bribes in businessmen wanting media rights to fifa tournament. men were actually framed by a third official defense attorneys argue. >> weariest disappointed with the verdict as you can expect and mr. napout will continue fighting and explore our options and determining what we're going to appeal. as you can expect we're all very disappointed. >> more than 40 people facing criminal charges in the united states in connection with that scheme deliberations continue next week for a third official. someone wrote a really nasty message on local family's car but now fox 29 viewers are taking action to make sure this family has a very merry christmas. and a stroller stolen at
6:25 pm
disney? this family didn't give up. see how they track it down and got the suspect arrested. meteorologist monica cryan is talking about your christmas forecast. >> we've got lot of questions surrounding will this rain move out in time for our christmas eve and who has got a white christmas on tap? all your answers coming up. ♪
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♪ it's a story you first saw on fox. someone wrote this message in lib lipstick ton a car window.
6:29 pm
that car owned by family with at app eight-year-old son with a terminal illness but tonight a bunch of people who saw that story wanted to make things right. our chris o'connell with the heart-warming story. >> play a game. >> reporter: you've got to excuse five-year-old palmer. >> hi garrett. >> and his brother garrett for being a little excited. >> who is it? >> the stretch limo in the driveway was a dead give away. this day was going to be special. >> we get to go on our special trip. our special trip! >> ahh! >> reporter: the first class day was planned after a disastrous 12 week ago. the coins family visit to santa turned sour in the king of prussia mall parking lot after someone wrote this message in lipstick on their suv. "ur not handicap" the message was a kick in the gut for family with a son suffering from baton's disease a rare terminal illness. >> garrett could walk, he could talk. he could read. >> reporter: three years ago
6:30 pm
gargarrett was a normal kid. since then the disease has left him blind and losing his functions he may not have long to live. that's why this christmas is so important. >> whoa! cool. >> reporter: after hearing the story the valley forge tourism and convention bureau helped a range day of fun at lego land at plymouth meeting mall. >> garrett himself since he can't see or speak any more, he just loves being around kids and lego land is filled with kids. >> he's liking all the noise and the action for sure the. >> reporter: the family is hoping their story garrett's story will help others understand the challenges of families of those with special needs. >> hopefully whoever did this, hopefully they get to see this and get to understand who garrett is, what we do as fami family. >> let's hope so. the upper merion police tell fox 29 they have identified a suspect in the vandalism who is
6:31 pm
actually an elderly woman. the case is now with the montgomery county district attorney's office and we're wishing that little boy a very merry christmas. police in west cohen township or searching for whoever broke into a home and robbed and assaulted the man inside. the suspects hit the road on cal in lane on wednesday. the victim was tied up and hit in the face repeatedly. the suspect got away with guns and some jewelry. the man inside that home was taken to the hospital where he was treated for his injuries. two people are facing charges after police say they were caught with drugs. delaware state police say they found 65 grams of marijuana unprescribed pills and about $3,000 of suspected drug money in a home on the 100 block of jerry lane in dover. 20-year-old carlisle lindh mark and 20-year-old jasmine harris facing charges of possession with intent to deliver marijuana conspiracy in the second degree and other related charges. all right. let get to your fox 29 weather authority. as we take a live look at
6:32 pm
doylestown in bucks county. pretty sight there. little warmer out there today. but the rain is making things really messy for anyone whose on the roads or getting their traveling done or shopping. meteorologist monica cryan here now with how long the rain will stick around. really ugly and messy out there right now. >> it is. i think a lot of people were hoping if anything was to fall it would fall as snow but no way with these temperatures in the low 60s. 60 degrees i can't believe we're talking about that and it's a few days before christmas. now, here we are looking on your radar and and again it was a wash out through most of today. at times we're talking moderate rainfall. this is going to start to come to an end. i'll map it out for you around eight, 9:00 o'clock you can see it's still in south jersey but at times pretty heavy rainfall. this is gone at heat through ten, 11:00 o'clock. so that by early tomorrow morning, our christmas eve is starting off with partly sunny conditions. and actually most of our christmas eve is going to be dry. it's not until late in the evening, sunday evening, around
6:33 pm
10:00 o'clock we see another round of rain and some snow pushing through. notice areas like trenton, philadelphia, may see some sleet leading off but then it quickly switches to rain. wilmington, atlantic city, dover. this is all rain then areas in the lehigh valley up through berks county and into the poconos, this is going to be falling as snow accumulating all the way through the overnight. so a lot of us will be asleep through this. who this is affecting saintism he's going to be flying through this that's not going to be fun for him. but this is going to be accumulating sleet and snowfall at least through the overnight. but i think most of this is done as we head into our early christmas morning. there could be few flurries flying christmas morning. but most of this is out of here. when we are talking about our graphic earlier did have some of the snowfall amounts. areas in the poconos one to 3-inches. and then for the lehigh valley bucks area we're talking less than an inch. so again for your christmas morning, 33 degrees, partly sunny, there's a chance pour a
6:34 pm
flurry but nothing too impactful christmas morning. those areas north and west of philadelphia will be waking up to snow on the ground but nothing really falling. christmas day, mostly sunny, high of 39 degrees. notice it's going to be windy. we're talking gusts 30, even 35 miles per hour. that is going to factor into the eagles forecast. we're talking temperatures in we're tahe low 30s through abouk off. it's going to be dry. but as those temperatures start to fall to about 27, 25 degrees, with that wind out of the west, it's going to feel more like the teens. so for our fans headed to the link make sure you bundle up. and wear those layers reduce that exposed skin to combat that wind chill you're 43 degrees on tomorrow. and then as we head into our monday we're at 39. temperatures declining look at this 35 degrees on tuesday. notice your overnight temperatures start to get really really cold. we're in the 20s and even teens as we head into the midweek. things are really going to feel much colder, much more like
6:35 pm
winter wednesday into thursday. snow chance and snow showers as we head into next weekend and the new year. dawn. >> thanks, monica. now to a developing story. that four month old baby attack by a raccoon in her mom's apartment is continuing to recover tonight. the family of little baby journey black sent this video to fox 29 this was taken at saint christopher's hospital. they say she's actually doing well. that's good news after journey needed more than 60 stitches when a raccoon pull her from her bed in north philadelphia this week. licenses and inspections went to the home where the attack happened on north 22nd street. they say they believe the own are in was running an illegal rooming house. they have cited him. a 16-year-old has a new basketball hoop thanks to the winslow township police department. officers say on their facebook page they saw 16-year-old elijah was practicing basketball on an old basketball net every day. well, they decided to buy him brand new one. not a bad christmas gift.
6:36 pm
deputies in in this town are stopping cars, no, it's not for a ticket. they're spreading holiday cheer in secret santa fashion. and photo of the bombs often make you laugh but rarely move to you tears. and this one, well, it's about a special i'm a small business, but i have... big dreams... and big plans. so how do i make the efforts of 8 employees... feel like 50? how can i share new plans virtually? how can i download an e-file?
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k mart agreeing to pay more than $32 million to settle over billing allegations. the settlement announced yesterday. the justice department says the company did not report the marked down prices to medicare part d medicaid and the try care the health program for uniformed service members and their families. the settlement is part of a global $59 million settlement that includes a resolution of state medicaid and insurance claims against k mart. well, photo bombs typically bring laughter, but one in particular brought a military wife to tears. the holidays can be the toughest time of the year for spouses of deployed military members. inn fan free specialist terrence clark deployed to afghanistan six months ago. he just got back but he didn't tell his wife mariah who carries
6:40 pm
around a cardboard cut out of him. mariah went to holiday lights show in north carolina and she brought cardboard terrence along with her to take pictures but in the picture, well, the ultimate photo bomb as you can see. >> kind of hard to deal with. honestly. it's like you know you spend a lot of time together and then you're just gone. >> i wanteed to something for hr that would be a big deal to her. something that would be really memorable. >> awe. mariah did not expect terrence to come home for at least another month so for the next two weeks shell get to swap out that cardboard cut out for the real deal. police in east texas are spreading holiday cheer. secret santa style. deputies pulling drivers over but no, not to give them ticket. they're surprising the lucky drivers with christmas cash. in return, some gave the sheriffs deputies hugs while others shed tears of joy. the county cher lives office pro he posted the christmas joy on
6:41 pm
its facebook page. patient tas tampa hospital are getting their spirits lived thanks to special visitors of the four leg vary much not dogs. hunter and bolt made their first appearance at tam pageant al hospital. the pigs are part of the pet therapy program. after spending time with patients, the pair took a walk around the hospital grounds. they are the first pigs to volunteer at the hospital. a baby born 24 years after she's conceived. we'll tell you how that is actually possible. plus, a not so magical experience. a family's $1,800 stroller swiped at disney. but with a little help from social media and detective work that stroller
6:42 pm
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in your health tonight a 26-year-old woman has given berth to a baby who spent 24 years as frozen embryo and now she stand as an example of a scientific method for the gift of life. fox 29's joyce has the story. >> people say, oh, well it's science. no, i think it's just purely the lord. like this is a gift from the lord for sure.
6:45 pm
>> that's interesting. >> i think that's crazy. does. >> reporter: young couples we spoke with fought thought lot of things about the tennessee couple who are the proud parents of a baby girl who was a frozen embryo for 24 years. >> that's cool. >> 24 years? >> that's a lot. that's like might have age. >> reporter: well the mom tina gibson is only 26. >> oh wow. tina is older than the baby. >> that's crazy. >> how did they do that. >> that's scary in a way. >> reporter: not any different what's been going on for decades says rma at jefferson. >> it's interesting and cool certainly a nice story. but from medical standpoint it's actually pretty state forward. >> the gibsons received a donor embryo from an older couple who frozen their embryos earlier in life. donation is one option dr. maureen kelly hopes more couples might consider now. >> there are still probably hundreds of thousands of embryos that are frozen in this country that people haven't made a decision what to do with them.
6:46 pm
>> reporter: it's still very much controversial. depending on what people believe is natural or the right thing to do. >> embryo is not manipulated. it's just hanging out doing its thing. really we have no intention of manipulating embryos. our goal is to build families and that's it. >> i like it much it's nice. it gives people the opportunity to, i don't know, build a fami family. i like it. >> reporter: while the embryo may have been the longest frozen on record, doctors say that should have no effect on the baby's well-being. >> the time when a cell or embryo is most vulnerable is during the freezing portion and the thawing portion the length of time it's frozen does not affect the cells whatsoever. >> not weird, strange or sci-fi crazy. >> no, it's decent. >> i guess it's the future. i don't know. >> reporter: think about it little emma ren was actually conceived in 1992. the longest on record that an
6:47 pm
embryo has gone from frozen in a lab to a warm breathing baby. and doctors kelly and gutman say many more young women are freezing their eggs more than ever before. they say the younger the egg, the better the quality and chance of conception later in life. joyce evans, fox 29 news. major recall tonight from fiat chrysler. the automaker is recalling nearly 1.8 million ram trucks. the problem is shifter can move out of park even without a key in the ignition possibly causing the trucks to roll away. at least seven people have been hurt. this affects certain 2009 through 22017 ram pickups and chassis cabs fee autocracy her will be notifying the owners. a brazen theft at disneyworld. a family's very expensive stroller swiped from the stroller area and it was found on social media up for sale. fox's tiffany has the story. there's designated, you know,
6:48 pm
stroller parking area. went there and all of a sudden there's just no stroller. >> reporter: what was supposed to be family night at disney saturday turned into a transportation nightmare for dave diaz and his family. >> all the other strollers were there. severing fine. i look, nothing. >> reporter: they're expensive double industrial stroller for two young sons had vanished. along with the attached car seat, diaper bag and other baby gear. after scowering the park with no luck and filing a police report, diaz took to facebook writing a lengthy post to thank disney for all their help. but what happened next he never expected. >> not only were my friends looking everyone was looking for this stuff and contacting us and letting us know and eventually one day one of our -- one of our good friends found it and she was like i think this is your stroller. >> reporter: she was right. photos of their must have baby products plastered all over facebook market mace let go and offer up. her stroller advertised for five hun deahundred bucks to 700 bucs
6:49 pm
depending in you bought the car seat with it saying it was in new and perfect condition much the diaper was going for $40. that's when orange county sheriffs deputies stepped in responding to the ads and posing as a buyer. >> they decided to meet based on, um, the sell of the property. we met her at a location where we affected the arrest. >> 24-year-old amanda pointer was charged with dealing in stolen property. after deputies were able to match the serial number on the stroller to the car seat base. diaz snapping this photo with the detectives when he finally got his stuff back. >> getting it back was -- was just -- it was a god send it really was. >> police say the investigation is just getting started detectives are still trying to track down other stolen property they also believe the suspect might have had some help. despite everything william hudson has been through this past year, being shot eight times and countless surgeries, he's still thinking of others and wants to make sure they have a very merry christmas.
6:50 pm
hudson and his two children buy gifts at an atlanta walmart for complete strangers living at the norcross extended stay. the same place he was shot last year. >> 18 surgeries done. everything that could go wrong went wrong. my can you niece failed. my lungs collapsed. my liver was shot. giving is one of the things that we have to do. we are god's people and we have to take care of each other. >> hudson says he can't wait for christmas morning when he dlivers all those presents. if you're bad at wrapping gifts don't count on online stores for their help. if you shop online for the holidays, you may be on your own when it comes to getting your gifts crapped wrapped. some online retailers are getting a bad p rap for doing a sloppy job or stopping the service altogether to make sure gifts get shipped on time. some shoppers say packaging adds an element of surprise an somets it's more special than the present itself. >> i would say it's 40% product, 60% presentation of the product.
6:51 pm
>> i know you're not supposed to judge a book by its cover but the wrapping absolutely says everything about a gift. >> if you're a procrastinato prr and haven't wrapped your gets. >> you have still have time and the easier than you think. there's gift bags and gift boxes pretty nice looking these days. >> i still got to wrap my gifts. >> i'm almost done. >> i like your green dress. >> in the spirit of christmas. let's talk sports, dawn. reggie white is number one on the eagles all-time sack list. do you know who is second? that player in his 85 sacks are calling a career on monday nig night. i'll tell you who it is and joel embiid missed thursday night's game versus it raptors a game where the sixers blew a 22-point lead. embiid is playing today making a
6:52 pm
♪ [ splash ] [ horn sounds ] dang! ok, i gotta run. hey, wait, there's something i need to tell you- dang. dang! dang! dang. dang. see zero in a whole new way. get zero down, zero deposit,
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stake. there's only one regular season box to be check for the eagles and that's the overall number one seed in the playoffs. regardless of tonight's vikings game let's focus on the eagles next opponent the oakland raiders who will be bringing the linc with them and attitude because they have to be aware from their families on christmas day of course that would upset me as well. also, coming with them is a few talented mares on the roster including the great beast mode marshawn lynch and khalil mack. mack with his ten and a half sacks one of the nfl premier edge defenders and will be facing off against lane johnson the majority of the game. >> he's elite. he's right there with miller. supposed to get off, got good power -- explosive get off. a lot of moves. he's right that with vaughn. if we play this afc west this season and this is a great opportunity this week in khalil and he's a tremendous player and, you know, lane, lane is doing an out staning job. obviously pro bowl player that's played well and lived up to -- lived up to his potential.
6:55 pm
>> now the game being played at 8:30 on christmas night head coach doug pederson who you just saw was able to be lenient with the pre-game schedule link as far as times to show up to get ready. obviously pederson who who just lost his father last season knows family comes first. >> i think it's important that they spend time with their families christmas morning and so giving them an opportunity. i push the schedule back a little bit. we don't play obviously until 8:00. you don't get these times back. you don't get them back and it's too important to me. my family and so i want to make sure these players with young kids, coaches with young kids they get a chance to spend christmas morning together. >> join us tomorrow we get you start width fox "game day live" at 10am followed by two very important nfc games, falcons at the saints and then at 4:25, the seahawks versus the cowboys. go see hawk. it was announced that trent cole what officially retire as philadelphia eagle monday night. cole who is a fifth round selection by andy reid eagles back in 2006 played for the
6:56 pm
birds till 2014. spending time at dm and linebacker finish his career ranked second in franchise history in sacks with 85 and a half only trailing the great reggie white with his 124 total sacks for the birds. and santa came early for the eagles offensive line injured quarterback carson wentz hooked up the boys up front with accustom pair of cowboys boots go perfect from last year's gift he bought the offensive line shot guns. my guess next year a truck or tree stand. >> yahaw. >> the sixers are in interesting place when you talk all pre long about making the playoffs you raise expectations now head coach brett brown, yeah, who hasn't extremely young team his seat is getting warm after blowing a two-point lead in the second half to the toronto raptors this past thursday night brown and sixers getting a coons even the score they play the raptors again today in toronto. joel embiid missed thursday night's game with back spasms was a go for today's game and of course making a huge difference.
6:57 pm
first quarter ben simmons with the drive and harlem shake he looks back and he finds joel wide open for three. he hits that. now to the second, toronto wright he needs to know, don't test the big man. that's defensive player of the year stuff right there. into the second raptors pass it around and you remember this guy. that's nova kyle lowry. he hits the three. raptors up 75-63 in the third of course this game is still in progress. >> all right. go sixers. >> yes. >> yeah. be sure to join us tonight for fox 29 news at 10:00. we're continuing to track this wet weather as it makes its way through the area. how long it will last and what you can expect for the christmas holiday. monica will wrap it all up for us at 10:00. your life lottery is next. followed by tmz and the gifted. thanks for watching and have a great night. ♪
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