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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  December 28, 2017 12:00am-12:29am EST

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>> joe: the foster farms bowl on fox is sponsored by gatorade there is quencher. the proven sports fuel. liberty mutual insurance. liberty stands with you. and by foster farms. the new comfort food. 31-28. looks like this could be a shoot out. all points coming in the first part of the game, but nothing since. 5:37 to go in a 3-point game. khalil tate first action on first down. he's got room to run. he does. has eight. >> brady: khalil tate at one point in the season was a heisman candidate. 42018, this is when you start to build your case, not what he already did by bursting on the scene earlier this year, but
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it's this sort of game that can catapult him into the race early on next season. >> joe: you said about something clock related. taylor into the arms of markus bailey finishing four for what was down for a first. for a arizona team that started the season 6-2. the 4-0 october. but faded in november, losing 3 of 4 to finish, coming up with a way to win this game. they trail 31-14. what a great way to springboard into the future which will be led by this man. >> brady: he's going to make a play at this point. >> joe: purdue brings pressure. bailey. stopping j.j. taylor on again three. 2nd & 7 inside 5 minutes. i say led by this man. there is a very young man khalil tate. just turned 19 years old.
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trying to lead the come back for the wildcats. one year removed from 3-9. 7-5. driving here. zips won the sideline, a strike for a first down. shawn poindexter. >> brady: not many quarterbacks can make this rule. rolling out to his right, but it's fitting in the window with this much zip. this had a paper trail to it. look at that thing. >> joe: dug out by brown. stays on his feet to the outside. shows that speed bursting down the sideline for an arizona first down. >> brady: that's what makes shun brown so dangerous. gets to the top speed in a hurry. if he does not stop before he get started, he's going to hurt you.
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this is what they call an ace offset. the run, they got play action pass off of this to either wolma or donnelly. >> joe: spending, collapsing in a phone booth. ezechukwu, loss of two. inside 4 minutes now. stayed on the role. steps up. open men in the end zone brown! arizona takes the lead for the first time since the first quarter!
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>> brady: it all starts with the protection. off the play action fake, tate has enough time. it works the pocket. shun brown is all open in the back of the end zone. when you start to have rolled to the right against a defense, you think you're going to only throw in that portion of the field. instead, it's a throwback to do shun brown, leading scorer of the wild pack team. >> joe: five touchdowns, more than 300 yards now. arizona takes the lead for the first time since the first quarter. back in 30 seconds. a heck of a finish coming. good! thanks! but i don't need luck, i have skills... i don't have my keys. (on intercom) all hands. we are looking for the captain's keys again. they are on a silver carabiner. oh, this is bad.
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as long as people misplace their keys, you can count on geico saving folks money. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. >> joe: the fourth play of the game, fifth touchdown pass for khalil tate. >> brady: it all starts with the play design. you will get a couple of guys this way. running back out of the backfield where if you play it now, puts the quarterback in a binder. he wants to play j.j. taylor and he thinks he's got help from the safety. but the tight end took away from the play. >> joe: now it's on elijah sindelar's shoulders. a purdue offense that had much is way in the first half, scoring all 31 off its points have lost its way in the second. >> brady: had a number of issues with this offense.
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but things that stand out to me, you look at the interceptions, turned into seven points. mahoungou with a drop or deflection in that case. other drops as well that could've been big plays for this offense. anthony mahoungou has been a big part of the passing game with elijah sindelar. he's got to step up now when they need him most. >> joe: self coverage on him with the bottom of the screen. knox motions out. sindelar looks at the opening created by the motion man and completes it to open the drive with a gain of seven or eight. gregory phillips yet another reception. 13, and you purdue bowl record. >> brady: halfway in the season total coming into this game. >> joe: 30 all year. 13 tonight. 2:56 and counting. 2nd & short against pressure. he got rid of it. it's phillips again. first down at the 41.
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>> brady: very similar contest contest. they preach that read to coverage. right now they are playing more zone coverage of that side of the field so it's phillips able to find a soft spot in the zone. >> joe: bowl six up. zipper on >> joe: the defense on mahoungou. second down. >> brady: they've gone to this a number of times. jace whittaker has stepped up every time. in this case, the ball needs to be out a little bit sooner. jace whittaker has a feed on it. you can see them get the football to get a hand in. at some point you almost have them go vertical. keep running them towards the safety, instead of throw it up, letting mahoungou run the play. >> joe: 6'3", not a lot of size in the arizona defensive
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backfield. underneath, broken up. dane cruikshank. the throw for brycen hopkins, makes it 3rd & 10. >> brady: this is where elijah sindelar has got to find a matchup that he likes. has been a leading wide receiver for this team in the slot. has been huge for purdue so far tonight. >> joe: mahoungou. arizona dropped seven into coverage. still able to flush them. knox flips the tackle and gets the first down! d.j. knox, one of the biggest plays tonight for the boilermakers breaking a tackle and running for 22. >> brady: he wanted gregory phillips who is going to hook up
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in that hole. once elijah sindelar has to move, he has to go to his outlet in d.j. knox. and knox has the ability and open space to break the tackle and get more. >> joe: first down at the 38-yard line. pressure coming. sindelar retreats. throws incomplete! off of trevor wood's hands. the defensive end dropped into coverage and in the converted tight end didn't feel anything like one there. >> brady: arizona brings the pressure. it's going to be him to drop back out. he never saw the dropper. this could have been a disaster for purdue -- for arizona. you would think that wood would be able to catch that. >> joe: that's why he's a defensive end. snapped by sindelar! completes it to mahoungou. this is a remarkable of a 1 yard completion as you'll ever see.
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>> brady: this could've been another disaster for purdue. at times this season, i've seen kirk barron snap the football with a little bit of zip. but he's usually pretty accurate with it. >> joe: third down and 10. arizona bringing pressure again. this time it is picked up. into one on one. mahoungou makes the catch and fights in for the purdue touchdown!
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>> brady: absolutely unbelievable. we talked about it at the beginning of the drive. somebody had to step up and make a play. it's been anthony mahoungou for the end of purdue. comes up clutch for the boilermakers. >> joe: the go-ahead touchdown with 1:44 a to go, snapping 21 in a row for arizona. the boilermakers are back in front. >> brady: this is the risk you take. they bring pressure up front so they are 1-1 on the outside. elijah sindelar has the wherewithal to buy time, put the football enough with enough air that allows mahoungou to make a play on the football. and you are talking about 6'3" working on 5'10". he's got the advantage. and he utilizes it for the
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touchdown. >> joe: the senior out of paris, france, who started playing football when he was 13 after he first read about football in a comic book. then fell in love with the game watching the super bowl. ordered a copy of madden, developed a dream of playing college football and somehow found a route to do that out of paris, france. perhaps the crowning achievement of his career. here in his final collegiate game. the go-ahead touchdown with 1:44 left. >> brady: still, though 1:44 left for the carolina offense with two timeouts. >> brady: this is how legends are made under this scenario. fourth quarter were the game is on the line and you have to drive your team down and try to find a way to get the win.
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>> joe: another senior trying to cap his career with a big moment. hits the sideline. explodes across the 30. tate has not had a huge night running the football. but through the air, very efficient, very productive. those five touchdowns, another drive to add to those totals here. >> brady: i would imagine that in this scenario, 139 left, two timeouts, he's going to find his way running around, creating to buy more time to allow his wide receivers and tight ends to get open. >> joe: number three rushing offense in the country, limited to 128. the 300 through the air. an opportunity here with 1:39 left to play with a 19-year-old sophomore khalil tate. starts the drive with a play-action pass maker and sets his feet.
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throws it out-of-bounds. second down. >> brady: he hesitated. can't hesitate, especially at this point in the game. you've got to pull the trigger. he had shunned brown on the outside left. he allowed the coverage to sink underneath him and take away the easy throw to the sideline. >> joe: well protected here with the coverage downfield tight on my out of time. throws it away. 3rd & 10. >> brady: once again he had shun brown. standing over the ball in front of him. the coverage had blocked back underneath, and i wasn't sure if khalil tate couldn't see over the rush and over the offensive line, but he could've had an easy completion. instead, they find themselves at 3rd & 10. obviously at this point in the game you would imagine it's fourth down territory.
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>> joe: this is where defensive coordinators have nightmares with guys who can extend plays and make things happen even when there is nothing there. third down and long. tries to do just that. lobs it into the arms of jacob thieneman for an interception! brown had come open, missed him. 1:16 left, the boilers take it. >> brady: he's been phenomenal all night on loan until this point. he's got eyes on khalil tate the entire way playing the deep middle of the field safety. as he moves outside the pocket, he does exactly what he's coached to do. shadow the quarterback and make the play in the football. this is a poor throw by khalil tate.
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for the most part, he's been pretty accurate. >> joe: he was thinking brown was going to keep running and brown throttled down to it 1:16, 1st half was sealed it. arizona could stop the clock twice. >> brady: problem being is they are not going to have great field position or a lot of time. >> joe: even if they do get it. knox bounces off the line of scrimmage and this could seal the deal. first down into arizona territory. but then a flag flies afterward afterwards. >> brady: it looked like he was tossing. even though it was to his sideline, he's got to remember there is a defender right there. you just can't do that. >> referee: the ruling on the field is that the runner made the line for a first down after the play was over. unsportsmanlike conduct. purdue, number oh 1.
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that will be a 15-yard penalty. that is number one's first unsportsmanlike foul of the game. >> brady: first off, tremendous play by d.j. knox to be able to reverse field. not only pick up the first down. but think about staying in bounds. you can see clearly he was talking to the true freshman troy young, number 11. that's what draws the unsportsmanlike conduct. >> referee: it will be 30 seconds in late. >> joe: they use a time out, but the clock started as soon as the ball was spotted. 1:07. they can only stop it once. >> brady: if you are purdue, you've got to feel pretty good what you've been able to accomplish this season. than dol from a year ago. as head coach.
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an incredible job of get team to buy in building the type of culture that is one of success. he joins joe tiller as the only other head coach at purdue to take his first year. >> joe: 3-5 at the end of october. back-to-back losses to rutgers and nebraska. the chances of getting to waive bowl game did not look gd, bare. their first bowl tripped since 2012. and now they can run out the clock to win that bowl game. >> brady: remains undefeated as a head coach. didn't lose to kentucky. nice start to his career at purdue. >> joe: takes a knee and arizona uses their final timeout. elijah sindelar 23 of 53,
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396 yards and four touchdowns. >> brady: don't know if they anticipated throwing the ball this much coming into the game, but i think this is where jeff brohm would like to see this purdue offense get to. the downfield shots. gregory phillips, what a night that senior had. a career game for him. you can tell he felt confident and all the preparation leading up to the bowl game with the game plan and what they needed to play. anthony mahoungou, the guy who is sindelar has really developed a connection with since he's taken over as a full-time starter capitalized. >> joe: foster farms bowl record for completions, both of these programs woven into next season. david blough came back hoping to compete with for the
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job. either way, brohm's going to like his quarterback situation. a bit of momentum what they did in the first year. arizona brings back a ton as well. >> brady: samld leads usc. that pac-12 south looks like is a very wide open with what arizona has coming back. you have to think that they would be one of the favorites >> joe: just have to snap it one more time. >> brady: how muchthis been tho? >> joe: really good. >> brady: tremendous venue. the bay are bowl, has been phenomenal. fantastic to work with. >> joe: so that will do it. they finished jeff brohm's first season as head coach with a win
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in the foster farms of 39 38-35 over arizona. it was a game of runs. at one point, purdue scored a 21 straight. then arizona scored 21 21 strat to take its first lead in the first quarter in the closing minutes. elijah sindelar to anthony mahoungou what proved to be the game-winning touchdown inside the two minute mark. let's go down to bruce feldman. >> bruce: thanks, joe. elijah, huge game tonight.
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you seem to get in a random and all of a sudden they came roaring back. what was the difference on that drive in the end? >> brady: we knew we had to score. we were down by three, didn't have a chance to get what we wanted. we knew that was the last chance we had. this team has fought the whole year, couldn't be more proud of these teammates. >> joe: . >> joe: anthony mahoungou has a great story. first heard about football in the comic book in paris, france. he's now getting x-rayed so he doesn't have a chance to enjoy this with you guys. what do you say about the performance tonight? >> he's one of my good friends. it's been such a privilege playing with him. what a blessing to him. i can't wait to go see him to make sure he's okay. he's been a phenomenal player and we couldn't be more happy to have him. >> bruce: joe, back to you? >> joe: all right, bruce. a heck of the game tonight. a really fun game to be a part of.
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>> 38-35. we go dtage. bruce feldman, take it away, man. >> bruce: thank you, offensive mvp, elijah sindelar and defensive mvpy. a bunch of their friends. while the wild game tonight. you guys on quite a rally. so we are first going you a elijah hood of for throwing for 400 yards, a bunch of tds, who would you say about your team's performance to rally the way are doing tonight? >> brady: couldn't >> just a privilege to play with these guys. all glory to god. i am so happy to be here. baby. >> bruce: living inut this scho. what does it mean to the program
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the way that jeff brohm has seat year on this note? >> it sets year after this. if we aren't coming back here where going to come to a bowl game this win that one too. >> bruce: you were abletantes r. what was the key for you guys and >> tackling. bowls what they all emphasized game is coming and tackling. most of the time aning pads so t was something we emphasized and we came out and did it been thrh the lean years. how special is it seeing all a ? >> we've had a lot of ups and downs in the past. did, we talk about finishing and we went out and put a stamp on it. that's what we see how boiler nation travel and we just can't be happier.
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nks, ja'whauno foster farms bol , laura flanagan. >> what an exciting game here tonight. we our partners, the san francisco 49ers and fox sports, for helping us p a e tonight. and we'd likeo all the amazing fans ofd arizona. your spiritonly helps your teamt sales from tonight's meals for 0 families in need. so thank you for helping us in the fight against hunger. acknoe arizona for the first a well thought game here tonight. and now for the moment
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been waiting for. special congratulations to that, the staff or purdue for an outstanding game tonight. on behalf of all of us at foster farms, i'm proud and honorfostel chairmanship trophy to the purdue s purdue boilermaker >> bruce: standing with coach jeff brohm.s going through your mind on the last drive to come back and this game? >> brady: they work hard all deserve the bowl win. our


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