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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  December 28, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> live look at allentown lehigh county temperatures struggled simply to get out of the teens today. no matter where you go, you cannot escape this bone-chilling cold at least around here. thanks so much for joining us. i'm lucy noland. >> i'm chris o'connell. iain has the night off i doesn't look like the cold is going anywhere soon. let's get right over to the fox 29 weather authority. scott, any relief in site? >> no relief unfortunately. the arctic assault continues,& chris. take look at today's high temperatures a good 20 degrees below where we should be for this time of year. dover 23 degrees was the high. only 21 in philadelphia. those were the air temperatures. knight 19 degrees that was it in reading. but look at the arctic invasion. it's 34 in memphis now. 19 in st. louis. single digits in billings, mon montana and minneapolis. take look at our current feels like temperatures how you should dress, how your body reacts. feels like 12 below in mount
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pocono. >> we still have the wind still advisories up for sections of the poconos mountains for ten to 15 degrees below zero feels like temperatures overnight tonight back into the single digits and also the teens and coming up, a system well to the north and west around montana will gather and that link bring us a chance of snow by the weekend. guys, back over to you. >> oh, yay thank you much scott. no matter the weather first responders are risking their lives to save others they always do 24/7, right? with temperatures dropping rapidly the colder it gets the more dangerous it is for everyone involved. fox 29's sabina kuriakose live in delanco, new jersey. sabina. >> reporter: lucy, you said it. any given day an emergency responders job is tough but with weather like this, it is that much harder and that something the team here at delanco ems learned first hand this morning. >> we got dispatched out there for regular call today and got out there and realized we had an
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actual rescue that wasn't our normal rescue. >> reporter: 20 minutes before he was commanding this intense scene, captor patrick daily was home in bed. temperature hovering in the teens. a quick turn aid round under most circumstances but this was unforgiving. trouble from the start. >> we smash ice to get the boat ramp accessible by car and boat. we had our equipment freezing out there. rope was freezing we were trying to use different things like that. definitely making sure all of our equipment can be used. >> reporter: time was ticking by. a hunter with a hurt leg was trapped on hawk eye land blocked off by ice along the river bank. >> access to him wasn't going to be easy. as long as you're out there, the more chances are you'll rise with life-threatening situation. >> he wasn't worried about the injured man. he was thinking about his team of fellow delanco emergency responders. >> we had ice in our boat. ice in the other boats from the water coming in. >> reporter: here it is still caked in ice and slush hours later. >> probably got about three quarters of an inch, half inch, three quarters. >> reporter: all in all it took a dozen agencies, state,
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local and even the coast guard to get the hunter to safety. those red suits warn by rescuers from delran bracing wind, cold and pearl little us will ice to carry the man to the boat. >> like wet suits so they come out they can get out of the water if need be. >> on a good day with 50-degree weather it's really cold out that. on days like today when you're in the teens, low 20s, it gets really cold out there. it gets hairy. >> reporter: pat, john and pat tell us it was all in day's work for them and their team. but then again heroes never do ask for much in return. >> we're like the postal service, cold, heat, you know, snowy weather, we're here. >> reporter: and the team here gave me a list of how many agencies were involved and really it takes a small army of heroes to safe even just one life. now that hunter is recovering in the hospital. meanwhile the crew here back out on their next call. chris. >> of course, they'll be ready. thanks is a bean thatch. you know who had it rough
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today. firefighters out in this morning brutal cold battling flames inside this ban donned church. bitter temperatures made this fighting this fire a lot more difficult with freezing hydrants and hoses. septa brought if buses for warming centers on the scene. no word what caused the fire. >> sky fox over train tracks near temple university. definitely not a good day to be stuck on freezing platform waiting for temple train. that's been the case for lot of folks. problems with overhead wires& disrupted service today. this morning septa suspended the chestnut hill east line while other lines were delayed. everything is fixed now but residual delays continue. you can track these frigid temperatures in real time along with scott, sue and kathy. download the fox 29 weather authority app to see how cold it will get. it's easy it's free available in
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both i phones and google play stores. scott will be back a little later with his seven day forecast. happening right now, neighborhood is stepping up after the sudden death of a young girl. doughing are pouring that nor the family 11-year-old girl who died during a steep over in northeast physical. authorities now believe they know why she died. all right dave schratwieser joins us live from northeast detectives in mayfair. dave? >> reporter: lucy, northeast detectives just wrapped up a news conference a short time ago and they now say their part of this investigation is over. >> the findings are that most likely will be natural death. >> reporter: that was the word from philadelphia police thursday following a thorough investigation and an autopsy on 11-year-old jordan pre shunk who died during a sleepover tuesday night at a neighbor's home an angus place in the northeast. >> there was no sign of trauma or foul play. a couple tests neuro pathology test they're waiting to come back.
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and a toxicology test we're waiting to come back. >> i think everybody feels for them. >> reporter: neighbors like rachel tildeman and her family were still in shock over the young girl's death. >> it's sad. my daughter used to play with her. so it's really sad. >> reporter: police released the autopsy results 24 hours after jordan was found unresponsive in a second floor bedroom at her neighbor's home. a search of the home yielded few clues as to what caused her death. >> no parent should lose their child. >> reporter: as her family grieved behind closed doors a gofundme page set up to help with funeral arrangement generated $8,000. sources say neighbors and friends have also stepped up some even offering to pay for the funeral and a headstone for the young girl. >> i think it's great. um, this is a close knit neighborhood. >> reporter: rachel tildeman meanwhile explained how she broke the sad news of jordan's death to her own daughter. >> i told her that, um, something happened to her in her
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sleep. she's sad. she's sad. >> reporter: tildeman says she will always have fond memories of the young girl who touched so many lives here. >> she was very generous. she would always take the time out to play with my little girl. >> reporter: that gofundme page up to $9,400 those tests by the medical examiner could take a few more weeks. grief counseling is now being set up at the young girl's school for next week when classes resume. chris? >> all right, dave, thanks. we're tracking developing story in chester county. a 15-year-old phoenixville boy is dead. shot and killed in an apparent drug deal gone wrong. the district attorney just releasing these surveillance photos of the what is believed to be the get away car of the shooter. ninth greater jason ortiz cameron was shot dead in the dunkin' donuts parking lot on nut road just before 7:30 last night. investigators say ortiz cameron and a few friends planned a robbery during a marijuana deal. police say a car pulled up with a group of people inside.
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two groups started arguing. someone pulled a gun and shot ortiz cameron. he died later at the hospital. the da is urging anyone in that car to come forward. a woman has died and nearly three dozen residents cannot go home after a fire in princeton. police say 73-year-old bar tone died in her app as the fire tour through the complex on billy ellis lane right around then last night. red cross is helping 35 residents out their homes. no other injuries were reported. investigators are looking into what started the fire. investigation is underway after a police involved shooting in east germantown turned deadly. as we told you last night, police shot the driver in a car they were after. that man and in his 20's died this morning. this all happened on the 1900 block of west nedro street. police tried to pull over the car they believed was connected to murder. investigators say the driver sped off, hit a plain clothes officer and his car, then hit& another parked cars. police say the guy then got out and ignored officer's commands.
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>> the male was not at this point associated with the homicide that occurred at 1860 east atlantic street and there was no weapon recovered from the mail on the highway or in the vehicle. >> the officer hit by the driver will be okay. police have pledged to have an objective transparent and comprehensive investigation into their use of deadly force. the countdown begins take live look at times square right now the cross roads of the world getting ready for the big new year's eve celebration much have you ever been there new year's eve? >> i have. not on new year's eve. i active the avoided it when i lived in man money. >> i would avoid it this year. 19 degrees forecasted when the ball drops. >> my goodness. >> that's not going to stop a million people from packing times square. let's get the latest from fox's bryan llenas in new york city. >> reporter: recent terror attacks not deterring crowds from times square for new ears eve. more than a million people are
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expected to ring in the new year in new york. >> we are ready to have a great celebration. and i want to emphasize what you heard from the commissioner. there are no credible and specific threats against new york city at this point in time. >> reporter: security precautions to protect revelers are expected to be unprecedent unprecedented. typical measures like a mix of klain plane clothed and uniformed officers will be deployed as always. but other steps such as increasing security at nearby parking garages and closer surveillance video of large rem trucks are also being put in place. >> the nypd is the best police force in the world. we have tremendous cooperation with our partners we must have the help of the people of the city to do everything we need to do. >> reporter: with just days to the new year, people already gathering in times square thursday this in an effort to start 2018 with a clean slate celebrating the annual good riddance day. >> how does that feel. >> it feels really great. >> now gnats 11th year the event gives folks the chance to write down their worst moments of 2017 thread them and move.
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>> what are you shredding forg forgetting today? >> i've got a whole list of human evils and my own personal smoking. >> for some though it's not just 2017 that they need to put behind them. >> 20-year-old bills. good for you better late than never. so what was the impetus for right now finally getting rid of these. >> she needs to clean her house. >> reporter: for those who couldn't make it out to new york city organizers are encouraging people to tweet using the hash tag good raid dance day and promise to shred your madd bad memory for you. bryan llenas, fox news. there could be a whole lost sledding going on this year a car burst into flames and two police officers raced over to save the lives of some very lucky teens. plus your fox 29 weather authority tracking this dangerous cold. will there be any relief?
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,000 in america last year.
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we need to stand up and say enough. the only way this problem is going to be solved is if we raise our voices. choose help over helplessness, hope over hopelessness. make sure that the lives we've lost will not have been lost in vain. addiction is a disease. when you ask for help, help is there for you. [ splash ] [ horn sounds ] dang! ok, i gotta run. hey, wait, there's something i need to tell you- dang. dang!
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dang! dang. dang. see zero in a whole new way. get zero down, zero deposit, zero first month's payment, and zero due at signing on select volkswagen models. now with the people first warranty. >> one big square for homeowner. person walked downstairs and police say found that guy in the kitchen of the oak lane home tuesday just past 2:00 p.m. police say the guy broke in through a first floor window and the noise of all it tipped off the homeowner. police say the guy took off out the back door with some jewelry and loose change. >> philadelphia police charg chd man carjacked are jacked a woman, robbed a local deli before officers shot him. township cereal bay sill harrison charged with robbery, assault and carjacking much police say he robbed the finest deli on south 52nd street at
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gunpoint tuesday morning. investigator sauce he took off in a stolen black suv and led police on a pursuit before crashing at 49th and walnut. an officer opened fire when they say he didn't follow orders. harrison was shot in the chest and survived. family who lost their little boy in hit-and-run days before christmas is now talking about what happened. eight-year-old budda alvarez was in the car with his dad when another car slammed theirs last week. fox 29's shawnette wilson sat down to talk with the family. >> this is a major major trage tragedy. something i can't get over. >> the family eight-year-old budd amount very rose is devastated over losing him in horrific crash. >> he was a little angel. he was a little man. >> reporter: he died wednesday of last week after a driver hit the car he and his father were in. the little boy later died at the hospital where his dad remains in critical condition. i talked to his uncles outside temple hospital. >> he was just a blessing, you know, good at skateboarding, b
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boxing. church every sunday forced everybody to go to church every sun day. little kid of god. >> reporter: budda was a saint he regularly went with his grandmother wanda and uncles to feed and clothe the homeless with mother's mission. he would save his allowance to buy candy to give to the homeless too. fox 29 covered the group feeding the home in kensington on thanksgiving day. they're budda helping. >> he never was disgusted of any person in the streets. he was always like, why and how can we get them going? how can we help? >> they're cold. let's bring them blankets. >> reporter: his father was single dad two weeks before he died he allowed him to meet his mom for the first time. >> that was one of his christmas gifts to meet his mom. he finally meets his mom. two weeks later he's gone. >> reporter: his father sudden serious injuries inn clueing a hematoma on his side and a broken pelvis. but the pain of losing his son is the worst. >> it hurts. nobody knows what it is to lose a child except him.
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he's strong. my brother is a real good poker face. he's strong hearted. he feels it. >> reporter: the funeral will take place friday the burial is saturday. and the family also plans to hold what they call a ride out because of his love for cars. in north philadelphia, shawnette wilson, fox 29 news. the city of philadelphia is suing a recycling facility after residents have complained for several years about debris and odor. bad odor. northeast times first reported the news of the lawsuit against britton industries. neighbors there began smelling a nasty stench near the facility on the 8900 block of torresdale avenue. a hearing is set for january 30th in city hall. and with just a couple days left in 2017, president trump is delivering a report card of sorts on his first year in office. >> grief jenkins has more from washington. >> reporter: this week president trump is still in florida where he'll remain through the new year but he's been fairly outspoken both in person and over twitter about his administration' accomplish
5:18 pm
many and his own presidential performance. >> we want to give police people credit for the great job they do. >> reporter: president trump and spending final few days of 2017 visiting a west palm beach firehouse. praising the work of firefighters and paramedics and his own administration. >> we have more legislation passed including the record was harry truman long time ago. we broke that record. >> reporter: proette president touting his administration's work over the past year including rolling back government regulations and cutting tacks while claiming credit for the stock market hitting record highs. plus, the president's latest string of tweets this week boasting of past year achievements including an 83% increase in arrests of ms-13 gang members and associates. a dramatic drop in isis fighters since inauguration day from 35,000 to 1,000. optimistic forecast for 2018 seeing the gop's recently past tax cut bill will result in more jobs. >> president trump's twitter
5:19 pm
report card coming as his predecessor, president obama, in an interview with prince harry took aim at the sitting president without mentioning him by name. >> one of the dangers of the internet is that people can have entirely different realities. they can be a cooned in information that reinforces their current biases. >> reporter: according to gov track a website that tracks bills in congress president trump signed nearly 100 bills so far. but while the president says that number breaks previous records, gov track also shows that it's actually the fewest for a president at this stage in more than 60 years. i'm grief jenkins in washington, fox news. in alabama democrat doug jones historic victory over roy moore in the senate race is now official this comes after moore filed a last minute lawsuit claiming voter fraud the republican lost a mid accusations of sexual misconduct involving teenage girls. jones will be sworn in next wednesday. ♪
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the eagles play their final game of the regular season sunday at a frigid lincoln financial field. kickoff with the dallas cowboys is 1:00 right here on fox 29. eagles fans have plenty of questions before the playoffs. my question to you, kristen, how many layers you'll be wearing? >> lots and lots and lots. lucy, yeah. eagles offense will be the first to tell you that wasn't great performance against the raiders on monday. in fact jason kelce calls it the worst performance they've had all season. so it's time to sharpen up before the playoffs. nick foles is feeling the weight of that game while the eagles say it's not on one guy, he's working this week to strengthen the chemistry with his receivers. the snaps with kelce and he says he wants those reps on sunday no help him focus up before the playoffs come. >> absolutely. just having another preparation week, having another opportunity to go out there and play a game especially here in front of our crowd, we're playing here. we're playing at the linc. we're playing in front of our fans much that's what we work
5:21 pm
for as an organization all season. >> coming up later in sports, foles talks on if he'll start against the cowboys much plus what he saw in tape from raiders game and the number one thing he's working on to correct this week. >> chris good he better get to work. >> ready for the playoffs. >> i'm hoe so. eagles announced when you can start buying tickets. they go on sale ticket master next thursday january 4th at 10:00 a.m. of course, the birds will play against one of the nfc winning wild card teams. and coming up, talk about taking a long walk off a short p ier. a man chased by police drives his car right into the water. it's bitter cold. temperatures feeling like they are in the single digits. scots scott's forecast straight ahead. ♪
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isis has claimed responsibility for a string of attacks in afghanistan's capitol have killed dozens of people. number of suicide attackers stormed a shiite muslim cultural today setting off bombs.
5:25 pm
41 people died. many more are hurt. scores of people have gathered to mark the december 1979 invasion of afghanistan by the former soviet union. caught on camera, police rescuing a group of teens from a burning car. the video shows milwaukee police officers jumping in to action after witnessing the crash. the crash happened tuesday nig night. office nicholas sly and nicholas read saw the car lose control slam into a pole and catch fire. while those officers sprang into action and quickly pulling out the 16-year-old driver and another teen from the car that was upside down. as the third passenger escaped on their own. all three people were taken to the hospital. to oregon where man drove no a river to avoid police. take a look. police say the 27-year-old man drove his truck off a peer then tried to swim away from officers. didn't work out so well because that water extraordinarily cold. he actually turned around and said, can you help rescue me?
5:26 pm
of course they did. police say he was trespassing on boats. doctors treated him for hypothermia who set him off with police who put him nice warm jail cell. >> good samaritan in china smashes ice with his bare hands to rescue a 70-year-old woman drowning in frozen water. this accident happened early tuesday morning in the northern part of china. 54-year-old she lee saw an eld elderly woman fall into the icy river he broke into the ice jumped into the frigid water and carried that woman to bank nearby the woman get immediate medical attention and guess what, she went back to work. >> that is one dedicated worker right there. >> chilly. we're not the only ones dealing with this deep freeze. coming up, how is the rest of the country coping, scott. >> the deep freeze it's here to stay for quite sometime. even some snow for a part of the weekend. we'll
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we just moved in about four months ago, but the living room's pretty blank. it's really nice when clients come in and have done some of their own research. working with a bassett designer was really easy. just kind of ties in very well. we love it!
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just kind of ties in very well. >> fox 29 winter wet authority tracking the brutal cold. live look at wilmington which looks beautiful. unless you're out in it. bone-chilling temperatures have definitely taken hold of the delaware valley. >> it looks like these frigid temperatures are here to stay. take live look outside our old city studios i got to thank iain for not coming in tonight. i'm inside tonight. meteorologist scott williams is tracking this arctic assault he'll join us in just a few minutes it's not just the delaware valley feeling this deep freeze.
5:30 pm
>> it stretches i was ross nearly half of the united states. fox's mike tobin who is all bundled up because he's not in studio is out there battling the subfreezing temperatures himse himself. >> reporter: from broken pipes to spikes in emergency medical calls wave of live float threatening cold weather is causing problems across the northern united states. >> when i left home it was minus 40. >> some people are trying to have fun and make the best of extreme weather it's triggering hyper though they remember ya and frost bite warnings. >> it feels like your skin is going to be on fire. it gets -- it hurts after you're out there for hill while. >> arctic blast delivering wind chill alerts and temperatures as low as 37 below zero new record low in international falls, minnesota, thursday. >> i was kind of hoping my vehicle wouldn't start so i can stay home. [ laughter ] >> but it started. >> reporter: new hampshire mount washington thursday it was so cold weather observers poured boiling water into the air and it immediately turned to snow as temperatures there hit negative
5:31 pm
34. meanwhile in chicago, it's been tough going for first responde responders. in one area a car hit a fire hydrant triggering a large flood and icy mess spanning several city block. in another neighborhood, a fire truck got stuck in the ice while responding to a house fire. now officials are urging people to stay indoors and to check out elderly during this extreme co cold. >> extreme weather is more than an inn 15. it remains a serious and potentially life threatening event. >> extreme weather now affecting half of the country. upstate new york firefighters forced to to use a pay loader to rescue a woman trapped in her home by 6 feet of snow. in chicago, mike tobin, fox ne news. >> can you imagine. >> we don't have it that bad here. just really cold. hundreds of passengers in the united kingdom have been stranded in airports because of snow and ice across the upon. the weather forced one airport near london to shut down runway for time yesterday. that meant the cancellation of dozens of flights. about 300 passengers were stuck at the terminal waiting to rebook. many had to spent the night on
5:32 pm
cots there. not comfy. it was another day of headaches for travelers today. more delays as crews worked to deice plains. it's so cold in new jersey annual tradition to celebrate the cold has been canceled. ventnor's polar bear plunge will not go on scheduled. it's simply too dangerous and the decision was made to air on the side of safety of got say the colder the weather, the better for a polar plunge. i lived in minneapolis. they're doing this. 20 below they're doing it. >> hank flynn went out to ventnor he'll have a story on tonight at ten. >> he'll do it any way. >> he thinks it was wise idea he went out that thinking not wise. >> body can handle it. >> let's check back in with your fox 29 weather authority. live look in boils doylestown, buck county. temperatures struggling to get out of the teens. wind chills below that. many spots across the delaware and lehigh valleys. how low will the mercury go. scott will let us know in 15 seconds.
5:33 pm
the bone-chilling cold will continue right into 2018. no relief really in sight. dangerous wind chills. so dress in layers. remember to moisturize as well. we have dry dew point temperatures in the single digits. so it's really cold outdoors. saturday, yes, some light snow in that forecast we'll be watching a clipper move from the northwest to the delaware valley. look at the current air temperatures. 20 degrees in philadelphia right now. we have 19 in atlantic city. we're looking at 18 degrees in wilmington. five mount pocono. but you have to factor in the wind how your body reacts. how it actually feels right now mount pocono look at that 12 below zero. feeling like four in allentown. it feels like 4 degrees currently in wilmington it feels like the single digits all the way down the shore.
5:34 pm
so we're dry, quiet on ultimate doppler. a little bit of light snow around chicago but that's not our next system you have to head towards sections of montana and idaho a clipper not a whole lot of moisture but watch the clock and watch how it develops tomorrow move across the great lakes and then early on saturday morning it moves in from the west. temperatures cold enough for that snow to stick immediately. you can see by 11:00 o'clock, we're still looking at that snow across the good chunk of the area. then it moves out of here into the early afternoon time frame. so the latest computer models painting about an inch perhaps up to 2-inches of snow before all is said and done once again this is going to be saturday morning into the afternoon as that clipper kind of moves across the area. a coat to go about 2-inches of snow. temperatures for tonight it's cold. 1 degree in mount pocono for the low. 13 in wilmington. nine in millville. along with atlantic city about 14 degrees in philadelphia. so the core of the cold air moving from canada.
5:35 pm
moving down toward the lower 48. it's going to be a long duration cold because, look, januar january 7th we're still looking at that cold air across the delaware valley. so take lock at the temperatur temperatures. 27 degrees tomorrow. 29 on saturday with that light clipper system. bringing with eight coating up to 2-inches of snow. bitter cold new year's eve. and also for the eagles game and then look at the high temperature on new year's day. a bone-chilling 19 degrees. then watching the coast the end of next week for a potential nor'easter. back over to you. >> all right. thank you very much, scott. money and your waistline, yeah, the secret to staying slim could have something to do
5:36 pm
,000 in america last year. we need to stand up and say enough. the only way this problem is going to be solved is if we raise our voices. choose help over helplessness, hope over hopelessness. make sure that the lives we've lost will not have been lost in vain.
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addiction is a disease. when you ask for help, help is there for you.
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>> violent robbery in port richmond when a gunman attacks two employees. the man in the black mask is on video walking into the wing stop restaurant on the 3800 block of aramingo avenue just before 9:0. police say he grabbed a 19-year-old worker from behind,
5:39 pm
held a gun to her back and began choking her. officers say he then struck another employee. 16-year-old boy in the head with a gun and ordered him to open the safe and register before taking off with the money. in your health tonight, a new diet has experts concerned as people begin their new year's resolutions, doctors are warning people against the fad of water fasting. that's right. water fasting. relatively new trend where people consume nothing but water for several days even weeks at a time. >> who would think that's a good idea. >> i don't know. nutritionists say this is the same thing as starvation. despite the initial drop in waste prolonged fasting slows metabolism and digestion. it can cause extreme hunger, fatigue, dizziness and fainting. try a healthy sustainable diet to shed a few pounds. if you sit a lot during the work day take some breaks, stand up walk around stretch your legs.
5:40 pm
new study finds sit fog long periods of time on consistent basis is bad for your heart. they had to have a study for that one. publish in the journal circulation finds that people who sat for ten hours or longer a day are more likely to have higher protein levels that show up during heart attack. here's news women climbing the career ladder may embrace turn out that as salaries rise for women, their adversary watch weight tends to fall. no such news for men, though. the cdc released the report which analyzes federal data from fetch of 2011 to 2014. about 45% of women are obese compared to 30% of women at higher income levels. >> workers preparing to power wash the side of a home in california made a very surprising discovery. they found 83 mexican free tail bats nesting behind an outdoor mural at a home in the san francisco bay area. the colon knee of nocturnal bats they were sleeping so when workers accidentally disturbed them, they began falling to the ground fearing they were injured
5:41 pm
in the fall the crew call the peninsula humane society and the spca which they should have do done. the bats are settling back at their new home and the homeowner is reporting fine with this since they're good at pollinating flowers and eating insects. >> like mosquitoes are fantastic with that also do you know that they can't take off from the ground level. they have to like take off from an elevated area? anyhow. have you been behind the wheel of one of these babies, chris yes. >> no i have not y. >> coming a look at back
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♪ it all starts with a wish. the final days of wish list are here. hurry in and sign and drive off in a new lincoln with zero down and a complimentary first month's payment. ♪ developing to night from apple remember earlier this month the company finally admitted that phones were slowing down and batteries burning up on older models. well, when the new iphones come
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out check this out. now apple is cutting you a break on battery replacement slashing the price by 50 bucks. they'll sell i was new battery for your iphone six or later starting in 29 bucks at the end of january. angry iphone customers have already filed lawsuits over this scandal. >> which is probably why the whole battery discount thing is going on. >> exactly. >> have you ever heard of the snowball express? it has nothing totter with weather. everything to do with helping military families. >> that's right. to night the second part of a story we brought you last night here at 5:00. the goal to provide happy memories for the children of fallen military heroes. here's fox's caroline fountain p behind each of these smiling faces there's a story to tell. >> what is it like walking off the plane for the last time for snowball express? >> now you'll make me cry. um, i'm going to miss my family
5:46 pm
that's my family. >> snowball express is her family. a family that's been there for darsey and her two children for ten years. a decade of trips to dallas. >> my husband captain todd siebert he was killed in action in february of '07, and he was in 15 years. maryland almost 13. had two kids. and six and nine and we've been doing snowball ever since. >> reporter: this is the last picture darsey has of her husband and two children. it's from new year's eve the day he left for iraq. they were six and nine at the time. now they're 17 and 20. officially graduated from the snowball express. >> what was the most memorable thing this time around? >> of course, the walk of gratitude with the balloon launch. one last message on balloon to lift up to the sky with
5:47 pm
everybody else going through the same thing. >> what was the message that you put on the balloon this year? >> same thing, you know, that we miss him and love him and we'll never forget him. >> another family released their balloon for the first time. >> it's truly amazing and you wouldn't understand unless you're just there and in it and you see it. >> christie brown and her two daughters released their balloon for army specialist fred green. >> i was nine years old and, um, probably one of my memories when we all went to the beach and he would play with me in the water and pick me up and throw me in. stuff like that. we called him a jungle jim because he would let us crawl all over him and he would flip us and play with us on the beach. >> haley green says that she can share those happy memories and the sad ones with people just like her. >> it has been very difficult. i'm a suppress sore for sure. so i tend to push things down and don't like to feel a lot of
5:48 pm
my emotions but going to these things kind of like forces you to remember and feel it and those are like -- those are good thing. even if you don't want to they're very good thing. >> reporter: a good thing whether it's your first time going on the snowball express or your last. >> it's all about the kids and having fun. that's all it is. five full days, you know, that's what we look forward to. five full days of smiles. [ applause ] >> in charlotte, i'm caroline fountain, fox news. awesome. the greater philadelphia coalition against hunger just got one big check it's all about helping families get enough food to eat. dietz and watson premium deli meats and cheeses and acme just handed over $2,500 check. the money comes from a program called helping -- families helping families it ran from november 13th that was december 10th. dietz and watson donated ten cents from every pound of london
5:49 pm
broil roast beef that customers bought from the acme on schneider avenue in south philadelphia. >> so we're so happy to be here today. to present a check to the greater coalition of hunger. they are wonderful organization and they do soap for our community. >> philadelphia coalition against hunger connects people with food assistance programs and nutrition education providing resources to a network of food pantries and more. firefighters in california working tirelessly against the wildfires in that region get some help from some four legged friend you'll like this one, lucy. >> okay. therapy dogs visiting firefighters and first respond responders at the venture what county fairgrounds earlier this week trying to lift the spirits of firefighters. they have had their their handful with several massive wildfires. handlers say the dogs help first responders deal with stress. >> it actually brings us a lot of joy and a lot of satisfaction knowing that we can bring a little bit of happiness to the firefighters and the personnel
5:50 pm
here. >> we're hoping they'll feel a little bit more comfortable a little bit more less missing being home. >> isn't that awesome? that's the best medicine. >> it is. >> alliance of therapy dogs run treat completely by volunteers and trying to get more dogs to visit those firefighters. >> that's fantastic. yeah. as we get closer to the end of the new year, well the end of year, fox 29 taking a look back at 2017. >> in fact fox's shows us the year in cars. ♪ from electric cars to self-driving cars and the complete opposite of both. america's auto makers were on it in 2017 introducing some truly amazing machines. tesla model three may have gotten most attention this year chevrolet beat it to mark with the battery powered bolt. which became the first electric car with a range of over 200 miles per charge you can buy for less than 30,000 bucks after govenment incentives. sales of the quick fund every fun to drive crossover have been
5:51 pm
quietly up creasing all year as general motors confirmed plans to follow it up with 20 new electric models over the next five years. general motors also took its first big step toward the fully self driving cars schedule to launch in 2019 introducing super cruise shipment in the cadillac ct6 sedan. the driving aid uses cameras, radars and very accurate 3d maps to allow hands free driving on the highway, locks itself in the middle of a lane as well as a very attentive human can which adds a level of safety for districted one. ford gt can't drive itself and you wouldn't want to. it is a will he man's racer for the road with top speed of 216 miles an hour, the fastest american car ever. it does it in a very american way. by using a twin turbo charge v sick based on the one in the f150 pick up. ford charges more for it.
5:52 pm
1,000 of the super cars will be sold at a starting price of $450,000. which would buy you five of these. $85,000 dodge challenger srt demon is the muscle car to end muscle cars. the most powerful money car ever with its 840-horsepower super charge v8 and plenty of hig high-tech trips tricks that makes it the world's quickest production car on the drag strip where it cover a quarter mile in under ten seconds or just cover the track in tire smoke. in new york, garrett g. stilu fox news. >> the new year is a few days away. gyms gearing up for the annual rush of people resolving to get fit in the new year. what you need to know before
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
well some of the most popular new year's resolutions quit smoking and get in shape. >> absolutely. that means of course the next few weeks will be very busy for gyms. fox's erika shows us how fitness clubs are getting ready for the rush. >> reporter: studies shows that roughly 50 million americans pledge to increase activity and lose weight in 2017. fitness related new year's resolutions as a whole are most common and gyms like new york sports club capitalize on it offering sign up specials to get you in the door. >> within the new year, definitely going to be increase in members especially new members. >> reporter: while more bodies may mean less available treadmills, current gym goers like liam stewart say it's a
5:57 pm
good problem to have. >> it gets me excited because there's definitely like a feeling of community in working out and like caring about your body. >> reporter: but win that community trainer marion easily cease a trend amongst now members. >> i call them key chain membe members. they come and they sign up get a key chain and then they come, they try it out for little while and then they fall off. >> just as quickly as traffic and membership spike at gyms in the new year bite second of week the towel has been thrown in on most of those fitness resolutions. so how do you stick with those good intentions? >> if you sign up, and don't know what to do, you're not going to come back. if you want to make the move of it, find some help. whether it's a class, a friend, or trainer. >> even if you're not feeling it, just get yourself to the g gym. do what you can do. because once you get routine it becomes like more of a pain to then not go to the gym. >> report roar as you set out to make it a routine it's important
5:58 pm
to remember changing your behavior and lifestyle takes time so don't beat yourself up. >> it's not a quick fix. so it's like as long as it took to you be stuck in that lifestyle it's going -- not take you as long but long as long as you give eight shot to change, like, it can work for you. >> reporter: on the upper east side erika walkter fox news. >> any resolutions. >> i do res luce every single day. i resolve to be better every single day. i got to lot to work on. >> i don't make them, i don't break them. fox 29 news at 6:00 starts right now. ♪ the arctic blast is in full swing bitter temperatures brutal wind chills. it's all anyone can talk about once they come in from the cold and warm up. >> it feels like 12 below in mount pocono. feels like four in allentown. >> your fox 29 wither weather authority is track it all. >> the freezing cold not making it easy for first responders in our area. >> on a good day with 50-degree weather it's really cold out there. on days like today when you're
5:59 pm
in the teens, low 20s, it gets really cold out there. it gets hairy. >> crews dealing with two major icy rescues in less than 24 hours. ♪ live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. the bitter cold taking hold take live look at a deserted wildwood boardwalk can't blame for not want its wanting to go outside tonight. weather the shore or city you can't escape the bone-chilling temperatures. live look outside our studios in old city. arctic assault is no joke. it is dangerously cold. thank you for joining us at 6:0. >> i'm chris o'connell. iain is off tonight. and the cold weather wreaking havoc across the delaware valley. sky fox over a frozen franklin square this afternoon. a stunning sight right that. the freezing temperatures turning that fountain into one big icicle cher.
6:00 pm
let's guest over to meteorologist scott williams. scott, please tell us you have good news about this cold. >> no good news about the, chr chris. it could get colder as we approach new year's day. two days in a rotem hers have struggled to make it even into the 30s. take look at today's high temperatures. dover 23 degrees. philadelphia 21. 19 in reading. look at the numbers right now. southeastern pennsylvania balance will cynwyd 17 degrees. pottstown 15. 15 degrees in coatesville. six towards the pocono mountains as we move into south jersey, moorestown 18 degrees right now. vineland 18. 19 degrees ocean city. same song and dance through delaware temperatures in the teens to low 20s all the way to the delaware beaches. you factor in the wind it feel like 14 below mount pocono. it feels like 8 degrees in philadelphia. temperatures for tonight will dip back to around 14 in philadelphia. single digits north and west. we're dry on ultimate doppler but well off to e


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