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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  December 31, 2017 10:00pm-10:36pm EST

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. bracing for the cold, windchills well below zero, bundle ♪ toyland, toyland ♪ little girl and boy land ♪ while you dwell within it ♪ you are ever happy there daddy, it's christmas! ♪ childhood's joy land never let go of your dreams. the mercedes-benz winter event is back. lease the glc300 for $449 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. . live from center city in philadelphia, this is fox 29 at 10:00. out with the old and in with
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the cold. snow on the ground in the poconos, but it's the tripped weather that's got everyone layering up. we got a windchill advisory, windchills ten to 20's below zero. in some area, and this as people are trying to ring in the new year, celebrations happening in philadelphia tonight and of course tomorrow but many are determined to see those fireworks in the annual mummer's day parade, thanks for joining us. i'm iain page, it is the kind of weather that makes you want to stay inside. now, it's only going to get worse, meteorologist kathy orr, let me guess, what to expect, cold >> more of the same, happy new year everyone. penns landing is place to be for the fireworks at 11:00 and 12:00 we're looking at busy conditions in old city and across the delaware valley. the temperature is only one, i should say 10 if you're going outside but the windchill around zero, winds out of the west at six miles an hour, we do have
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the windchill advisory for six to ten degrees below zero in the philadelphia area, but as you head towards the poconos, about 20 below overnight. feels like one below in millville, one below in atlantic city, zero in philadelphia, six below in allentown and pottstown feels like 22 degrees below zero in the poconos, and it's going to stay this cold overnight in many places get colder. clear skies but breezy conditions are the reason why. and tomorrow if you are going to to the mummer's day parade, obviously, bundle up because temperatures will only be in the teens, windchills around 0 at 9:00 a.m., by 11:00, 4, by 1:00 it will feel like six, even though the temperature will be 19. more frigid weather coming this week, the first week of 2018, iain it will be one to remember because of the cold. we'll talk more about that coming up >> thanks. excitement builds across the delaware valley less than two hours away from the new year. people across the area counting
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down, especially out there by the waterfront let's get it out to fox 29 joyce evans at penns landing. joyce? >> reporter: you know what? iain doesn't matter what the numbers are, it is just plain cold out here. let me tell you what. there are people out here. but you wouldn't be able to tell it if you look over my shoulder here down at the skating rink just a couple of people out there lots of folks are inside. and nor good reason. it's truly cold along the water here. you know, we found they're not the crowds we've seen in the past. but this is not the weather. certainly that we are used to on new year's eve. a lot of the people out here taking advantage of the weekend or holiday package deals these are folks who would not be stopped who we spoke with >> you're all primed for this cold weather >> we've been told all day. >> and you still haven't had enough >> i have but i'm going to watch the fireworks anyway
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>> most everybody we spoke with had made weekend reservations weeks ago. hotel, eagles game, dinner, fireworks, >> anything for fireworks. >> new yorkers passing up time square for penns landing. >> phillies better we got to come to philly for new year's eve >> they're not even cold >> this is not bad >> not at all. i don't want to say pleasant but this is a good night >> what's your buddy's name >> that's bentley >> he's trembling. >> bently >> is he afraid of us >> no, he's not afraid of anybody. he is cold though. >> what do you have on >> i have four pair of pants on, three shirts, big jacket >> despite the cold, party organizers say they're sold out. >> sold out will they come out >> they will definitely come out and the reason i say they will is that we actually have people right now selling their tickets and buying them on our facebook page. >>. >> reporter: only one place colder than watching fireworks
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next to the water? on the water aboard the u.s.s. new jersey >> it's below zero but they're used to it from ukraine >> when you're from florida >> i'm frozen. >> you're frozen >> i think -- i can't feel parts of my body. i lost feeling, i don't think i'll ever get feeling back >> water coats and look cute and all and it's not that fun. >> reporter: they blamed it on their bensalem buddy whose had done this before. >> was it this cold >> no, that's why it was more fun >> freezing, i want to go inside. >> yes, i do too. so let's wrap this up. you know, a lot of people we spoke with said they're planning on being out at the mummer's day parade tomorrow. my limit is about 15 minutes out here and we're passing that right now, i'm going to say good night to you and happy new year >> same to you, joyce, my limit is seven, so we're way beyond that. a fire in kensington sent a
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5-year-old to the hospital with burns, it happened on the 2700 block of cstreet around 3:00 in the morning, crews did get the flames under control about 20 minutes and tonight the little boy is being treated at st. christopher's hospital for children. it's not how folks in fox chase wanted to spend near new year's eve, which started as a like turned into a full blown water main break and had flooding and a hole in the street. let's get the latest now from our jeff cole live in fox chase. jeff? >> reporter: certainly iain this is not the kind of weather you want to have any kind of flood. everything will freeze. look at the barricades, that's where the eight inch water main was that broke. it has actually been fixed. the water is flowing here tonight. but for those people whose homes have been flooded, they just don't have any heat. 2017 came to an end for the residents of the 900 block of stray street with the geyser of
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water an fast moving flood >> it burst open this morning, you saw the water >> it was everywhere. it was like a river >> that started as a trickle running down stray friday evening into saturday. it was eight inch water main break starting to fail. they called the water department >> we woke up to a big blast out in the street. and we're a little disappointed with the water department >> it blew early this morning filling basements with two to three feet of water. and coating the street and driveways with a glassy layer of rock hard ice, the water department said it's had so many main breaks in this arctic blast. it's had to respond to the first. and this was only a like >> when you have a high volume of main breaks, we triage prioritize where our services are needed most >> i've never seen anything like
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it. went down the basement apt 7:30, there was brown water gushing, gushing through the garage door. all over the rugs, like that's a whole family room down there, not just a basement. >> reporter: the city had clean-up crews at nightfall pushing the water out and ripping up soaked rugs. it will replace hot water tanks and neighbors argue faster action could have avoided all of this >> took too long. >> it took too long they h present plenty of preparation >> they will put water heaters into people's homes, it's not really the cold air that forests the mains to break, it's the cold water running through as we reported tonight. it will stay cold for awhile in our city, and those water mains
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many old will burst. live in the fox chase section, jeff cole, fox 29 news. iain back to you. >> thank you. those arctic temperatures enough to keep many inside but not eagles fan, the link, just full of tailgater it's ready for the dallas cowboy, jennifer joyce went to check out how the fans stayed warm and some got pretty creative. >> even in the bitter cold, eagles fans showed up on sunday with chants and cheers. >> e a g l e s, eagles. parking lots near the link, began feeling up hours before the birds took on the dallas cowboys in an icy and contentious new year's eve game. >> tailgating in the cold is the best. football is best in the cold. we got our heaters going. we got hot soup coming later and hot chocolate. >> i go to school at south carolina, so i'm very out of my element right now. >> i got the sweats.
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i got thermals and i got an extra pair of sweats. two pairs of socks. you have to have at many layer as possible. you still got to have your food and drinks. >> reporter: did you think twice about coming to today's game >> not at all >> tell me why you wouldn't. >> it's my kid's first time. >> reporter: almost every tailgate tent there was a heat source of some sort >> we're doing breakfast sandwich first >> i thought i found the best spot for tailgating under this tent by this warm heater until i looked down at my jacket and saw that my winter coat was melted. >> that was our queue to back away from the heater. and then we came across this. and invitation to warm up in a uxury rv that happens to belong to our fox 29 friends and legal contribute tore fred ttc >> i staying in here where it's wonderful. >> reporter: we had to learn more about this makeshift
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warming station >> what are you doing >> wrapping and keeping the heat in to stay warm. it's a cold day in philadelphia. >> reporter: memories in the making for sure, what ryan cole of cherry hill said it's about >> coming to eagles game with my dad at the veterans stadium, the coldest was eagles dallas at the vet. 13 to 12 chad lewis touchdown it's like memories all over again. >> reporter: reporting from a cold eagles tailgate, jennifer joyce, fox news the eagles losing if i think regular season game, six-0 against the cowboys, what does this mean for the mrauft jim and sarah kristen rodjers is here with a look at the big picture >> they will want to leave that play back in 2017 now that they're headed in the new year and the playoffs, the birds know they have to get their offense back in a rhythm, we only saw notes for a quarter before nate got his first nfl game, but it
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was uninspiring play, foles was four for 11, they never made it into the red zone you once, team's confidence hasn't been shaken. >> i feel great. i know i can still go out there, i know what i can do. sports are crazy at times. you don't always play 100% of what you want to do but you keep trucking along and working and i feel confident evening the guys are confident in me. i played with a lot of these guys, i'm excited to get to work and get ready for the playoffs. >> am i concerned? i'm not. it's tough in the situation before you know you're kind of maybe only get a quarter or a couple of series and you're coming out still got a lot of confidence in the guys. >> coming up on sports sunday you'll hear from the guys in the locker room how the offense can reset. how nate sudfeld felt and really what the eagles have to do to make sure they're not one and done in the playoffs. >> thank you. >> a fiery crash, a plane burst into flames in costa rica
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investigation into what went wrong. a drunken arrest leads to an alarming discovery, a stash of weapons at a whole r
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and train robbers as many as 2 million people will pack time square for what's expected to be one of the coldest effective in history, lauren blanchard has more on how the people will ring in 2018 in the frigid cold. >> reporter: temperatures not keeping revellers away, an unprecedented blanket of security marking this new year. >> three, two, one. happy new year. >> reporter: keeping all these people safe a major concern, the more than million party goers going through pat-downs and bag checks >> there's so much police around, and they checked us
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pretty well. when we came in here, so i think, i think it will -- it's safe enough. >> reporter: following the terror attacks and concerns in new york and october shooting in las vegas, barricades and trucks filled with sand block entrances to time square and snipers have been stationed in high-rises overlooking the crowd. plus thousands of police are positioned all over. >> very heavy undercover presence especially in the hotels because they learned from las vegas, and nypd ahead of the game >> the white house saying president trump has been briefed on security measures across the country. despite all the reminders of potential danger, those gathered in time square getting into the spirit of the night. >> yeah, it's a bucket list. >> i didn't expect it to be this cold. i knew it was going to be cold >> despite the cold temperatures and windchill well below freezing this is still one of the hottest places to welcome in
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2018, lauren blanchard, fox 29 news. tragedy in costa rica. a plane carrying ten american citizens and two crew members crashed in a wooded area in the northwestern part of the country earlier today. costa rica's public safety minister posting pictures of the wreckage belonging to nature air, on way to the capitol of san jose at the time of the crash. the cause is under investigation a deputy sheriff is dead and several others injured after a shooting in colorado this morning. the officer were responding to a domestic disturbance in a denver suburb. the gunman shot and returned fire is no longer a threat. will carr has more. >> reporter: a handful deputies walked into an on schroth of gunfire responding to a disturbance call the suspect evidently making a lot of noise when the officers walked into the apartment, the suspect unloaded. firing more than 100 rounds.
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four deputies were injured, zachary perish were shot and killed. suspect whose not being identified was shot and killed by members of a regional swat team. the gunman was someone a family to local law enforcement. used a rifle in his attack and evidently was waiting for officers to arrive. deputy zachary per issue was 29. was married and had two young kids. a heartbreaking loss for both his family and fellow officers. >> we are deeply saddened by the loss of zachary . when i sat with his wife and held her hand i could see in her eyes her life was over. and i've been a blessed sheriff, i had wonderful thing happen to me. wonderful savings. my deputies have been shot, ran over. and they survived.
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it was very difficult today. to go see zach the last time. >> as the investigation continues, the procession led deputy's pot medical examiner's office. president trump weighed in saying my deepest consequences at dc sheriff and their families. we love our police and law enforcement, god bless them all. we've learned that the remaining victims have nonlife-threatening injuries. will carr. a vigil for a kansas man killed being what's being called. andrew finch died after officers responded to his home in wichita after getting a 911 call about a shooting and hostage situation. the 28-year-old answered the door and was told to put his hands up slowly he moved them towards his waist and police thought he was going for a gun. finch was shot and later died. authorities believed it was all a prank, his family heart
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broken. >> the cop murdered my son. over a false report in the first place. >> police have arrested a 25-year-old california man in connection to that incident. >> police find guns and ammunition in a houston hotel room hours before a big new year's eve celebration. the weapons were found by police pthey were called after hotel n, security had trouble subduing a drunk man. a search. hits room turned up an ar 15, a shotgun, a handgun and plenty of ammo >> the officer he noticed inside the suspect's room there was ammunition laying around, so he called for backup. and backup got there. arrested the suspect. found the suspect to have several guns inside of his room. >> 49-year-old russell is facing charges of assault of a police officer as well as criminal trespass. a couple's home burned down and they lost everything days before their wedding, thanks to
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strangers their big day has been saved. bottoms up. tomorrow morning could be a little painful, we're talking about the
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♪ . fireworks lighting up the sky over the blue cross river rink, sugar house casino presenting a couple big show, you're seeing video from the 6:00 display called the fire
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within. fireworks will go off again at midnight, that show reach for the stars will feature music from star trek, star wars and 2001 a space. a supply store in kansas city missouri found a way to dispose of christmas trees to feed their to get. it's a game momentum across the nation, over the past few years with more and more farms beginning to ask people to donate the christmas trees after the holidays. while we've been dealing with the brutal cold, people and animal have been dealing with lake effects snow, these ducks waddling through the white stuff in new york, north of syracuse, yesterday, a little guys trying to find food and it was frigid in central new york with windchills ranging from ten to 25 below zero. in your health. if you got one too many, doctors have a few suggestions on how you can beat the hang over. we all know you should eat
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before you drink but snacking through the evening will also help keep your blood sugar levels steady. how to avoid the headache, take a pain killer like aspirin or advil before you hit the sack, tomorrow morning, don't drink caffeine, it will make you dehydrated. sprite originer railin instead >> a fire destroyed almost everything they owned after christmas and days before their wedding, patty walker and her fiance moved into her childhood home just a few months ago. she said they were fixing it up for a new life. inside bouquets, clothes and food for the wedding went up in flames. thanks to the kindness of stranges on facebook, their wedding is saved. >> it's not just a wedding. it's the turning the page and starting the new year, and hopefully a complete now having to rebuild everything fresh start >> thankfully no one was hurt.
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even their pet turtle got out and not clear yet how the fire started a local fire department had here their handful an icy rescue. and seems like we seen it all, 2017 has been a big year for viral videos. taking a look at the scenes that shocked us and some that moved us. kathy >> we're talking about frigid cold, look at these temperatures, pretty much everywhere, 11 below in minneapolis, ten in philadelphia, going down this week as we ring in 2018, we'll take a look at the seven-day coming up.
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but hurry this offer ends january 17th. go to busy weekend for the oakland fire department in camden county. first responders rescued a dog who fell through the ice covering newton creek. thankfully no one including the dog was hurt. she was later reunited with her
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owner in nearby audubon. the oakland fire department just before they saved the dog, they saved a bunch of chickens after a fire broke out in a garage on east haddon avenue according to local reports. first responders were able to safely put out the fire without any injuries. cameras were everywhere watching our every move. they're in obvious places like casinos, airports and banks but we also have them in our home and phones ready for just the right moment. and tonight, fox's carolyn shively takes a look at the top caught on camera moments of 2017. >> reporter: it was a year filled with instagram worthy moments. our facebook and twitter feeds filled with laugh out loud videos, some made our hearts sing, others struggled at our heart strings, a few sparked a nationwide movement like this scene from early spring, an elderly doctor dragged from an oversold flight. frequent flyers were furious, united airlines paid dearly a
10:31 pm
settlement and pre nightmare and in the wake, changes were made across the industry. >> jaws dropped when video surfaced from charlottesville showing a car driving into a crowd. they were protesting white nationalities who came to rally in their town, a young woman was killed, the driver charged with her murder. cameras love crime and they recorded a lot of it. like the growing trend of porch pirates. bad guys casing out houses and making off with deliveries. cameras caught the cops getting robbed in florida. a wig being pilfered in fresno, chicken and biscuits weren't safe. dash cams were eyewitness to shocking scenes like this. a delivery truck running a red light in missouri and toppling on its side, a traffic stop in ohio taking an unexpected turn when an suv slammed into two patrol cars. a police pursuit in utah ending
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in tragedy. and the world's most famous tiger gets busted for dui. and ariana a grande concert targeted by terrorism. a bomb filled with shrapnel killed 23 and hurt hundreds more. a blast in new york city sends commuters running for safety. injuries minimal, police say the as planned.vices didn't go off it's still unknown why this was planned. the deadliest mass shooting in the nation's history. gripping video gunfire raining down on country music fans, more than 500 people hurt. death toll peaked at 58. cameras were rolling when bad weather rolled in. clouds forming above from texas to illinois. a rare snow tornado recorded in eastern europe. in 2017, we cheered on the animal kingdom. we witnessed the worst of mother nature. but also the best of man kind.
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and at times, when we needed it most. caroline shively fox news. inc it's cold. here's a live look over the ben franklin parkway less than an hour and a half left in 2017 and tonight many people ringing in the new year inside because it's so cold outside. meteorologist kathy orr is talking about windchills below zero. >> iain in many places we're already there, lots of crowds heading towards penns landing for the fireworks at midnight, temperatures are cold. it's ten degrees in the city, pof the west at six miles an out hour, the windchill advisory for the region, the tri-state area until tomorrow morning at 11:00 we're talking about six to ten degrees below zero, that's what it will feel like in the philadelphia area, as you go in the lehigh valley and poconos colder, in the poconos 22 below, that number will stick right through tomorrow morning. six below in allentown, pottstown and reading, and it's going to continue to be quite cold. 10 in philadelphia. six in pittsburgh, look at the
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cold through milwaukee, international falls is the temperature 15 below, it's 11 below in minneapolis, the core of the cold air to the north in canada. the temperatures 24 below, 24 below, 18 below, so there's more cold coming. and as you look at the united states as a whole, this is the brutal cold going down in the central part of the country and heading into the deep south, and as we go through this week, the first week of 2018 it's going to be sticking around right through the week, and even into the upcoming weekend. the brutal cold another arctic blast will be coming in, overnight. nine in philadelphia, five in allentown, five in pottstown, two below in the poconos, the temperature and you add the wind and obviously that feels like it will be 20 below come tomorrow morning, tomorrow we will see the sunshine. the high 19, don't pay attention to the temperature, with the wind out the northwest at ten, it will feel like it's between zero and six below zero even in philadelphia that windchill advisory until 11:00 a.m. the as
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we look ahead of a typical year, we're not usually this cold, the coldest high ever on january 1st was 16, that was in 1918. the record low, four in 1881, and of course, the forecast for tomorrow, the morning low, nine, the daytime high, 19. we'll come close to those records. look ahead on your seven-day forecast from the weather authority tuesday, we're going for more bitter cold wednesday 31, high, thursday a chance of snow, look at these morning windchills. friday, 10 below. saturday, five below. then mostly sunny around 30 degrees on sunday. but temperatures staying below freezing again this week. look at this scores iain i gave eight three, a three, a three. might have been able to give them twos >> you might give it high there. >> that's your seven-day, happy new year. >> thanks, 30's will feel like a heat wave. that will do it for us on the fox 29 news at 10:00 keep it
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here because sports sunday is up next. this is sports sunday presented by nissan. we're just a short while away from the new year and after ending the regular season with a loss, the eagles are going to want a fresh start now in the playoffs. coming up. how the eagles felt about getting shut out against dallas, how the offense can get its groove back and w


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