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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 4A  FOX  January 1, 2018 4:00am-5:00am EST

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pottstown that is our hot spot this morning. just crazy. so yeah, by 9:00 when parade kicks off we will be at 11 degrees. twenty will be our high for the day but with the breezes out there it will feel even chillier, so that is what we have got for your forecast for new years day we will talk about possible snow, a little later on in the week and continued cold temperatures in that seven day forecast, just ahead, bob kelly enjoying the day off today and we will check traffic unfortunately we have a couple accidents to tell but. one on 422 westbound between trooper and oaks. taking out right lane, some minor delays as that is clearing up. a vehicle fire earlier, unfortunately to start in the you year and that took place on the schuylkill westbound, on ramp from 26th street, however, that has cleared up at the moment you see green there on the map means we are moving okay. another accident taking place on 422 approaching wissohickon
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avenue, with two overturned vehicles. just be careful out there this morning, lot of traffic this hour of the day. so beautiful, so of course it is not new years without wonderful celebrations and fire works, lots of people ringing in the new year at penns landing this was first of two fire works show on the river front but party goers enjoyed the light shows at six ape at midnight. three, two, one... and you can say so many people still packed into times square despite bitter cold they were there for hours having to clear security to watch that famous ball drop, and it was only 10 degrees in new york city the second coldest celebration they have ever, had, and they had to stepped up security this year and it all went off smoothly. we will tell you how mariah did later. of course, we have our
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mummers, huge new years day tradition right here in philadelphia, it almost didn't happen, because of the very, very cold weather, but the show will go on and so many from our area will be marching or watching the marchers as they do their strut. we want to make sure everyone is safe. lets get tout dave kinchen at broad and pine streets in center city, dave. >> reporter: hey we are in the center of it all, where it will be in a matter of hours. i will show you barricade are set up, right now, crews work hard, probably hard working people even working through the new years weekend to put all of the barricade up. down broad street crew where is settling up last night. we will get to video that our fox 29 cameras shot as one of the string bands was getting all ready for this big annual wonderful tradition of folks music, costumes, colors and you know it, almost did not happen because of record sub zero temperatures, at least according to the wind chill
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that is what it will feel like out here. string bands we talked to all week worried that their instruments would freeze up, that their fingers would bleed when they played the strings, that the horns would freeze up as well. they decided to to go ahead, with five warming tents, that will allow the mum tours warm up before they perform. let's listen to how they are getting ready. >> with the weather we just want to be safe, dress in layers, keep the instruments warm, you know, at all costs and anyway that what he can and definitely with the high wind, be cautious of the large props, that will be manned continuously throughout date and ab wear of the surroundings and help each other out. >> reporter: i cannot imagine playing guitar in in kind of weather. they are professionals or very dedicated musicians so they will do well. as we are back live here clearing broad street right now. other thing that the city says is that they will have buses
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for, set for the string band members, the mummers to stay on to stay warm before they get out, and, march, and also, they said that the public, looking to stay warm can get to the cafe at dilworth place at city hall or keep warm on the concourse of the septa, platform, subway platforms as well. so there are ways to stay warm , of course, drink warm, liquids perhaps like hot chocolate that is always good too. new back to you. that is what they are always drinking is hot chocolate dave, back to you are the. >> reporter: yeah. president had a interesting new years music i want to wish my friends, supporters, enemies, haters and even the very dishonest fake news media a happy healthy new year. and the president rang in the new year at his estate in west palm beach, every year they have a new years eve bash held at mar-a-lago joining president, first lady melania who looked gorgeous and rest of his family, sons baron, eric and donald junior.
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some other unique new years tradition in our area chester county this was fifth year for mushroom drop in kennett square which featured a giant mushroom decorated in lights. and schuylkill county the home of the yuengling brewery pottsville raised a 6-foot tall bottle of lagger beer and in hershey the 7-foot high replica of the check late kiss raised at midnight. new years means a lot of businesses will be close today so is what opened, shut. powe offices are closed. liquor stores in pennsylvania, they are also shut down. since they are state run and, of course, dmv is closed, for business, and don't forget you do have to pay, you don't to have pay for park nothing philadelphia today if you want to come check out the parade. all right. lets get to breaking news out of northeast philadelphia, dozens of people, are without power, on this bitter cold, morning. officials and a septa bus to the scene to keep people warm while red cross sets up a
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temporary shelter. lets get out to lauren johnson with the very latest on all that, lauren. >> reporter: hi, sue. karen, good morning to you. i'm thinking have sue because she just said temperatures 9 degrees in philadelphia my phone said 10 degrees. either way can you be being in this weather and being sent outside your apartment because the power inside was out. that is what happened to families living at victoria wood apartments shortly after they rang in the new year. fail's office of emergency management and peco were both called to the scene to assist with the situation here. later the water department was cold out for a water main break in the parking lot. so, multiple issues, and families need sod way to stay warm. as you mentioned, karen, a warm septa bus showed up to allow families to wait it out until their loved won could come rescue them or they could get some help from the red cross, and the red cross tweet ed out they did assist these families. most of those families are okay at this hour. george and difficult a drive through of the property when we got here and we could not
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find which building was without power, so, karen they could have power back on but many families went find out until later this morning since they had to leave the property because it is dangerously cold weather this morning. >> circumstances there, lauren , thanks very much. a number of philadelphia police officers have filed a lawsuit begins their own department. this group of officers including a staff inspector, lieutenant, and a captain, claimed they were forced to lion arrest paperwork and an attorney for the officers said they were forced to do so to protect confidential informant s without following rules have due process. officers who all worked in the narcotics bureau claim they were racially discriminated against when they refused to lie on the paperwork. police department spokesperson says they will in the comment but that they are investigating, the claims. little boy in the hospital this morning after being burned in a fire, it all happened on the 2700 block of c street, about 3:00 yesterday morning in kensington.
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crew did his get this fire under control in about 20 minutes, five-year old boy being treated at saint chris hospital for children. another fire, that time have the year in, one in overbrook two people including a fire fighter were rush to the hospital after that fire broke out at a home, we know the fire fighter is in stable condition, other man's condition is in the yet known, fire started just before 4:00 yesterday morning on the 6100 block of lansdowne avenue , in word on that cause. there is a burlington county man facing murder charges after two women were found dead in a home, neighbors called police saturday after hearing screaming from the home on east narberth terrace. when they got there they found two women stabbed, another seriously hurt, one stabbed and other seriously hurt. forty-eight year-old colleen brownow and alycia mccloskey were pronounced dead at the scene, a third victim still in the hospital. police say suspect mark lisack was still at the scene facing charges of first degree murder
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and attempted murder. in the bucks county, an out of control car careens off the road, we saw tire marks right through the snow, driver swerved of a gun road in bristol township. accident happened around 6:00 last night, in one was seriously hurt, police are still investigating but they say the icy road played a role in that collision. for people living in fox chase, it came to an end with a fast moving flood, water main break which started out as a leak turned into a full blown water main break on the 900 block of straw street, basements on the block were filled with two to 3 feet of water, driveways coated with a layer of ice, city has had clean up crews oz scene and they work through the night pushing water out and ripping up, soaked rugs. >> i have never seen anything like it. we went down basement at 7:30 it was brown water, gushing, gushing through the garage door, and all over the rugs. that is a whole family room down there not just a basement
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water department says it will replace hot water tanks and heaters, claimed by the flood. and then busy weekend for oakland fire department in camden county first responders came to the rescue of the dog. dog fell through the ice of newtown creek, luckily no one including the dog were injured she was later reunited with her owner in nearby audubon. >> oh, nice work. that wasn't the first animal rescue of the day before they saved that dog they saved a bunch of chickens after fire broke out there in the garage in the chicken coupon east hat on avenue. according to sports first responders were able to safely put out the fire without any injuries. a lot of people on our area were down at the linc for new year eve, so, braving the cold to cheer on our eagles down there cowboys ended up winning this one. not much to watch. it was six to nothing. lower scoring game. bird final regular sees than game no ate strong showing
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heading in the playoffs. we will have more on the game coming up in sports in a minute. meanwhile playoffs are set , in the afc jaguars and bills, their first playoff game since 99. chiefs and titans rounding out second wild card match up. in the nfc it will be rams and falcons and then saints and panthers, that game will be on sunday at 4:40 right here on fox. eagles will play falcons, saints or panthers because they will face the lowest seed , still remaining. do you see this all over twitter? the eagles, yeah, it was so cold, watch this the punt are donnie generals for got to take off his warm up pants before a punt. you can see him taking his sweat pants, they are still on i have to take them off. all right. coming up on "good day philadelphia", she's back, mariah carey giving it another try do you remember her rival erformance last year for the wrong reasons. lets take a look. >> ♪
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>> well that was last year. how did she do this year? we will show you how twitter's reacting. frozen solid. it is cold here but nothing beats that, where this ice picture was taken, right
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look at that. the victoria harbor in hong kong. celebrating, pretty fabulous right there ringing in the new year, 10 minute show began at stroke of midnight. the display including a magic star dust fire work inspired by idea of dancing fairies scattering magical star dust for new years blessings, to the city. i love that. take a look at this one as absolutely stunning, a world record for dubai on new years, city broke guinness world record for largest, laser light and sound show on the single structure thinks the world's tallest building, the building in a laser lights and dynamic danced synchronizedded with music. of course, nobody can make it to midnight so these little won, so cute, over at adventure aquarium in camden
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having a big party. not only did they spend last few hours with some of the sea life and sea creatures there they got to groove out to the sounds of the dj. 4:16. lets get over to sue serio with our weather. >> that is our count down, count town to noon, we love that, for the hours that we keep as well, and if you are up this morning, you are up from last night or got up early. we'd love to hear from you on social media, hopefully get us on twitter, just #, fox 29 good day, and we had love to hear from you. we don't want to be loan troy day. we are inside, warm. hopefully your too. wind chill advisory for entire viewing area, for this morning , so, lets take a look at what is up next, a look at our current temperature. temperatures are cold enough, mess of them n'synx will digits but you have to factor in the wind. wind will be a big, factor
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today because we expect them to pick up. with these wind speed at seven or 8 miles an hour, feels like two below in philadelphia and seven in wilmington, at plant i can city. it takes 20 minutes to half an hour for exposed skin to start to get frostbite. so, that is why you have to take extra care and cover up as much as possible, when you are outside, later on today because wind chills aren't going to get too much better this afternoon. nothing on radar, we will move ahead in our future cast to later on in the week because we have a possibility and it is looking like greater possibility of the coastal storm, coastal storms, they don't bode very well for us, they are usually snow makers and we are thinking wednesday night into thursday morning, there you see thursday around midnight some snow starting to spread in the area. that is the way the models are looking right now. it could change but we will let you know. your average high is 416789 been a long time since we have been around there. there is monday christmas day
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when we got to a high of 40 degrees. tuesday was last time we were above freezing with that high of 33. we have been in the 20's ever since yesterday's high was 20 to day's high will be 20 degrees and tomorrow only 25, and it is, 34, with that snow, wednesday night into thursday and even colder after that even colder then it is right now with a high of 15 degrees on friday, 14 on saturday, and back in the 20's , on sunday. so some crazy, cold out there it is just not going to let up and we may have some snow just for fun, not on thursday morning, so we will see what happens with that. that is your seven day forecast. time to check traffic. this is not what we want to hear on new years morning. we have accidents out there. be careful folks. thinks on route one, approaching wissohickon avenue , two overturn vehicles, on that portion of the boulevard, this morning, and then a accident on the vine
4:19 am
expressway, between the schuylkill and 23rd, that has been moved to the shoulder but you have to be careful out there, karen, this is why, you know, new years morning, extra , extra caution. >> a lot of people are driving impaired, sue, thank you. 4:19. developing right now another tragedy, 10 americans air monk victims of the new years eve plane crash in costa rica that killed all 12 people than board. officials say plane carrying 12 american tourist and two crew members crashed you can see it there burning in the wooded area in the northwestern part of the country. plane went down shortly after take off, costa rica's public safety ministry shared photos of the burning wreckage of the nature airplane, a charter flight on its way to the capitol of san jose at the time of that tragedy. >> it goes through an inspection for air worthiness and functionality that permits operations such as those it was carrying out. >> the crash is still under
4:20 am
investigation but there were very strong winds in that area that forced the change in its continuery. lets get out to colorado where they are investigating what led a 37 year-old man to opened fire on sheriff deputies killing one and injuring four others, in addition to two civilians, also injured, that is where it happened. deputies responding to a domestic disturbance at an apartment complex, right near denver yesterday. they say suspect, matthew rieh l, opened fire, police say they were shot at more than hundred times, those four are deputies involved, 29 year-old zachary parish was killed, he is a father. other deputies say they tried to pull him from the line of gunfire but barrage of bullets and their own injuries, forced them to retreat. >> i was sitting here hearing 15, 20 different gunshots and seeing the police officers huddled over which assumed was another officer swat team entered the apartment the exchange of gunfire left the gun man dead. he does not have a criminal
4:21 am
history but he was known to police. this is another tragedy, vigil held for a man in kansas after a deadly prank. he was killed during what is being called a swatting prank. mourners gathered to remember andrew finch, he died after officers responded to his home in wichita after getting a 911 call about a shooting and hostage situation. twenty-eight year-old comes to the door. he was told to put his hands up slowly when police opened fire. he died. investigators now believe it was all a cruel prank, his family's heart broken. >> the cop murdered her son, over a false report in the first place. >> there was a 25 year-old man out in california who was arrested in connection to that incident. and, the frigid weather has transformed one of the eighth wonders of the world, niagara falls, stunning, it is an ice sculpture, mist from the falls has left everything coated in a stunning beautiful ice, pictures of the serene site has been shared thousands
4:22 am
of times on soaks media. all right. coming up on good day philadelphia, some new laws for new year, and some could mean, more money in your pocket? why n this is charlie. and this is charlie not coughing because he took delsym 12-hour. this is charlie not coughing while trying not to wake zeus. this is charlie not coughing while sitting very still. and this is charlie not coughing while getting a little too into nana's party. because he took delsym. nothing lasts longer for powerful cough relief. delsym. the joy of not coughing. and don't forget kids 4 and up. delsym is #1 pediatrician recommended.
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good morning i'm kristin rodgers as eagles welcome a new year and playoffs in two weeks they want to leave some things like their play against dallas back in 2017. neither team had much if any
4:25 am
offense yesterday still scoreless in the fourth quarter dax prescott some bryce butler for touchdown eagles fall six to nothing. nick foles says the bird confidence isn't shaken. >> i feel great. i know what i can do sports are crazy at times. you don't always play 100 percent, but you keep working. i feel great. i feel confident. head coaching firings have begun sunday colts parted way with chuck pennsylvania bain owe and del rio was with oakland for three season. pagano was was indianapolis since 2012. sixers and suns, ben simmons, jy reddick knocks down the three. philadelphia goes up by 11. they win 123-110. that is sports in a minute happy 2018. that is the truth, we will be confused writing out new checks if you still do that, sue serio, you know, cross it out, and next year. we know it is cold. >> there are a couple places
4:26 am
where we still write the checks but there is no place, that you can escape, from this brutal cold, not only every county in our viewing area but in the entire northeast under a wind chill advisory, in some cases it is worse then others and that would be poconos mountains where it feels like 10 to 20 degrees below zero. we will have more low numbers for you coming up as "good day philadelphia" continues. happy new year.
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♪ you need to survive much more than the cold to be a polar bear plunger.
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it takes courage, bravery and heart. each year these winter warriors jump to frozen glory to raise money for special olympics pennsylvania athletes and with nine locations statewide you're never far from a polar plunge in your area. join us... the many, the brave... the ones who are "freezin' for a reason."
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that sounds so lovely ringing in the new year. the folks in our area kicking off new year as we must say with a bang. we have a lot of problems when we have these cold temperatures breaking overnight we have lots of people forced out into the cold, the red cross has been helping dozens of people, after their apartment buildings loses, power. and also, we have so many tradition oz than this in year , new years day them golden slippers or mummers hitting streets for annual new years day extravaganza. and lets take a live look outside you can see writ behind sue and i in the area of city hall getting red which
4:30 am
the lights swirling there they are ready for big parade. >> we have some road closures as we do every year. the key will be to keep strutting, don't stop, because , that is the only way to get through this cold today >> people on this will do, we will be dancing or something, moving along. >> in between systems, yes. wind chill advisory in effect for every county in our viewing area, everybody experiencing wind chills below zero. just a matter of degrees how much below zero are we talking b it is a three above for our weather number today, it is very brutally cold and bus stop buddy, of course, very covered up with those below, zero wind chills. so, nothing on radar to show you, it is all about the numbers this morning, and nine , for our current temperature in philadelphia, two below is what it feels like, sunrise time 7:23 and we will, at least see some sunshine today but it will stay breezy to keep wind chills in the single digits.
4:31 am
right now feels like 21 below in mount pocono, three below in wildwood and nine below in lancaster this morning. so when the parade kicks off at 9:00 a.m. or whatever you are doing it will be 11 degrees outside and 20, our high temperature which will happen, at about 4:30 this afternoon. now, happy new year, as long as, we keep going warm, and and and vine street expressway , earlier, it happened between the schuylkill and 23rd street, it has been moved to the shoulder but there has been some delays , because of, you know, some people watching and slowing down, well, we will have details, on the parade route, and which road are closed, but coming up, next time, in the traffic report as bob kelly, enjoys us this morning.
4:32 am
oh, yeah, that is how we did it ringing in the new year at penns landing, first of two fire works show on our river front, party goers enjoyed late shows at both 6:00 for families and midnight for the party goers. and, of course, all eyes are on our mummers parade, they will get ready to set up huge new years day tradition in philadelphia, we almost were going to postpone it because of the weather. dave kinchen outside at dilworth plaza with more on all of. that dave, are they marching up and down broad street this year. >> reporter: yeah, there is a lot to go on here we can tell you we're right at center of it, 15th and jay fk, and, and the cops have really moved in, to shut down some streets. you can see just john the department of recreation that 10t is one of the warming tents, one of the five in play for mummers to warm up their instruments. as we go to video of mummers,
4:33 am
practicing, last night we can tell you lot of concern this week, about instruments, freezing up, the horns freezing up, when you blow into them that is a lot that can freeze up those holes and when you press those buttons they don't close if you know anything about sack phones so you cannot play. also the strings, worried about, fingers, as well. and, mummers, leaders, and got together, they have going to get ahead with it. as planned, they have warming stations. let's come back live here, and we have seen this, dilworth plaza, and see that city hall area, the city says people can gather there, if they want to stay warm, they can also get on to the septa concourse, part of this newly designed at dilworth plaza, toward the subway and keep warm down
4:34 am
there. not much warmer down there it is still pretty cold as we come back over this way. we will show you another barricade set up where people typically turn going over to dilworth plaza it is shut down for big parity to start up. people will be here later. fantastic folks music, ape that tradition will continue in the cold. back to. in pennsylvania, the real id law, finally goes into effect. you will be with a blood alcohol content of just 0.1 you get the option to get it sponged from your record. restrictions are lifted for bingo, so you are now allow to advertised your games and increase maximum prizes for your bingo games at churches,
4:35 am
rejoyce. fire works, vendors in pennsylvania, they can now sell, consume are grade fire works. it chris things like roman candles, rockets and mortars. now they will come with 12 percent tax. lets get over to new jersey, estate tax being faced out. sales tax rate has been reduced from 7 percent to 6.85 . and minimum, wage increased, 16 cents to $8.60 per hour. we will get to break news. so many dozens of families were displaced after a power outage at their homes, big bus brought in, lauren johnson joins us with the very latest, lauren. >> reporter: imagine, being out in this cold for how knows how long it was before a septa bus rolled into rescue some families that live here at vittoria wood apartment in
4:36 am
torresdale, just after 12:00 o'clock when suddenly everything goes dark, the power, is out, inside of several apartments here. philadelphia's office of emergency management and peco called into the scene to assist with the situation and our camera caught them working on the power lines above. later the water department was called out for a water main break in the parking lot. multiple issues meant families need sod way to stay warm and luckily a warm septa bus showed up to allow families to wait it out on board until their loved won could come to their rescued or they could get help from the red cross, red cross showed up to assist, 50 families, and mess of those families are okay at this hour we did drive through this apartment complex, and could not tell who is sleeping in the dark and if the power is still out, but we do not that this is a tough way, karen to start a new year when temperatures are what nine, 10 , 11 degrees right now. >> feel for all of those people. thanks very much. 4:36.
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welcome back, in your health news, if you had maybe a couple too many last night, if you have not even gone to bed doctors have the same suggestions they always do, eat before you drink but that is already too late, snacking while you drink as well.
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and that will keep your blood sugar, steady, so when you get home they say maybe just coming in take a painkiller, aspirin, advil before going to bed and then try to avoid, who are these people kidding, avoid caffeine go for ginger ale. this is good news in your money news, apple offering now a special battery replacement deal for anybody with a older iphone. i'm very excited about this one. after several class action lawsuits, accusig apple of deliberately slowing iphones that we buy nut won apple says old batteries don't work at optimum level. they will give you batteries for 29 bucks, which business a 50-dollar discount and it is effective immediately. today's day a lot of people in california have within waiting for, and it has nothing to do with the holiday but recreational marijuana is now legal, there. this historic day arrives more than two decade after
4:41 am
california paved the way for legal marijuana bypassing the first medical marijuana law in the country. here is the deal. they will treat cannabis like alcohol, got to be 21 and you have got to have about an ounce of pot and grow six marijuana plants at home but living in an apartment we have to ask your landlord if you can, partake. coming up on "good day philadelphia", take two we all remember the old performance from mariah carey, how did she do this year? was it better? take a look. >> ♪ ? >> well, she looks amazing, lip sync may be off but we >> well, she looks amazing, lip sync may be off but we will have more on her
4:42 am
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in beijing the count down takes place at, the gate, locals braving the cold, there as just about every where it seems like, except in your warm climates, wonderful, look at that, the light show, cultural performances at that public square, the gate is's rebuilt version of the main dynasty era landmark. this is, thailand, that is
4:45 am
how people there welcomed in the new year fire works lit up the sky over a historic bridge in the western part of that country. crowd gathered, to see the bridge and like we do all over the planet we hold up our phones and share it with our friends. that bridges thailand and burma. lets check traffic right now because some people may be just coming home, sue serio. >> it that hoist we lot at world through our phones. well, not while you are driving, right? yeah, be careful. good morning. the new years day is always time for special caution. we had an accident earlier on the vine between the schuylkill and 23rd, that is cleared now but on the boulevard, route one north bound, approaching wissohickon , we have had an accident, two overturn vehicles there, that is going to slow you down and we don't want to see any more of those this morning. be careful. of course, mummers parade starts at 9:00, and the strut starts at city hall, they will get down south on broad street
4:46 am
to washington avenue, and all of those roadways, of course, will be closed for the duration. we will be back with the forecast in 15 seconds it is winter but i don't know about a wonder land we had that snow on saturday. it never melted for most because we never got above freezing but talking about possible record today, we will talk about the second coldest january 1st, because 16 is the record set in 1918. we may not get that low, with our temperature in philadelphia today. the record low temperature for a january 1st, morning will probably stand as well. it is 4 degrees. that was set in 1881. our forecast ted morning low was seven, we are at nine in
4:47 am
philadelphia. daytime high is forecast ted to be around 20 degrees. close but we will in the break any record today. still brutally cold out there with the wind chill advisory in effect until 10:00 a.m., the act you'll temperatures we will be cold enough with 9 degrees in philadelphia, three in reading. six in allentown. eleven in wildwood. we have enough of a breeze along the shore to make things so much colder, so seven below is wind chill in atlantic city and allentown. wilmington delaware as well. feels like two below here in philadelphia, pocono mountains , 20 below zero. nothing on radar but we will be watching possible coastal storm not tomorrow, for back to reality for so many, and not on wednesday, during the day, we are talking about wednesday night, into thursday morning, the possibility of a coastal storm little too early to tell who it will affect and how much snow we will get but it looks like, thursday
4:48 am
morning could be a little tricky around these parts. 20 degrees in philadelphia 25 tomorrow. and then we could inch above freezing on wednesday, before the snow hits. and that would be wednesday night into thursday morning. then we're into even more brutally cold temperatures, colder then it is today, and today will be the coldest of this cold snap, by friday and saturday highs in the teens, karen. both days. >> i don't even believe i am saying these numbers. >> all right, sue, thank you. it will be all right. it is winter. it is speaksed to be this way. 4:48. if you open up any social media site you will find powes wishing you happy new year, tons of text from your friends and family. here are celebrity powe that stood outlets look at james comey tweet former fbi director posting a message, a lot of people taking it as a dig to the president. here's hoping 2018 brings more ethical leadership, focused on
4:49 am
the truth and lasting values. happy new year, everybody. courtney kardashian switching gears, sending a typical message happy new years eve 2018. she teased a handy article, on her app, what about preventing hangovers this morning. and will smith, celebrating 20 years of marriage to his queen jada pink it smith and shared i love this throw back picture to their wedding day alongside lessons he learned since he said i do i have learned to take pleasure in nourishing your dreams, rather then fulfilling myself fish need and my insecurities. love him. lots of people find certain word, and phrases, maybe we will subpoena saying them in the new year. lets get through them. this lake speaker your university out with the annual list they would like banish, they include preown. why not just say used. like advertising. on boarding, stinted of hiring
4:50 am
on boarded. how about drill down, instead of expanding. and then one more phrase they with like to see gone, fake news. we were like to she that one gone. colder it gets creatures get inside. wait until you see what happens here. there is basically a flying squirrel, split goes, right on the police officer this family police officer is laughing. he thinks it is funny. upstate insuring, family was saying squirrel had gotten in and was eating all of their cookies. they called police. watch, one more time, right on the body cam. i love his laugh. so much fun this he were able to get squirrel out of the home. two times a charm, mariah carey gets a redo and does nicely. how was this performance? we will let you be the judge when we play some more. yeeeeaaaahhh!
4:51 am
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welcome back. you are taking a live picture right now honolulu we can see some fire works that are popping out there in the sky, and just in case you are wondering the temperature about 72 degrees, if you happen to be lucky enough to be out there in hawaii. i love just watching fire works go off so beautiful the celebrations around, this
4:54 am
planet. lets bring you some more, pretty wild display, this is what it looked like in moscow, i love when they all get off there crowd gathering at red square, all night to ring in the new year. this is that country's most popular holiday so they are still probably celebrating. how about mariah carey returning to the stage for re due on her new years eve performance. last year was a disaster. let's start with that. >> ♪ >> well, happy new year. >> you remember that, she said she could not hear, she blamed ear piece malfunctions, for why she could not keep up with the track and blocking. spokesperson called her, quote outrageous and absurd but she decided you have to get right
4:55 am
back in the saddle and get up there and do it again. she decided to give it another try. lets take a look. >> ♪ when it went on tv her singing matched the track, but went much more smoothly, it looked divine and sounded phenomenal, and we will get that so it looks, as good as it actually was. lets get out to our reporters because it is cold outside way check of is what happening, lets start with dave. we have got mummers coming up at 9:00 o'clock that parade , ripping through, center city and, of course, south philadelphia park, across the city, we will show you barricade and tell you what you need to know to stay warm. lets chick with lauren. >> hey, dave as you know it is ú, being in the darke, imagine
4:56 am
inside and being forced out in these temperatures that happened at our apartment complex. we will tell you rolled into help 50 families displayed in this weather, we will be right back.
4:57 am
♪ you need to survive much more than the cold to be a polar bear plunger. it takes courage, bravery and heart. each year these winter warriors jump to frozen glory to raise money for special olympics pennsylvania athletes and with nine locations statewide you're never far from a polar plunge in your area. join us... the many, the brave... the ones who are "freezin' for a reason."
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right now on "good day philadelphia", from the delaware valley, to the deep south. or how about the midwest, and let's not forget about the west coast, u.s. rings in the new year in grand style, this look at a morning's different celebrations. a new years tradition, the mummers set to strut the streets this morning, despite bitter cold temperatures, we're live along the parade route. plus breaking news overnight dozens of people ringing in the new year in the cold, why they were forced out of their homes on this bitterly cold morning. "good day philadelphia" at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. mummers will strut today. >> we were talking about our new years tradition, it is a new year january 1st. good morning, sue serio. >> happy new year. >> yes. hopefully you had a good one
5:00 am
and good start. we know it will be cold. we have men that for weeks, basically. it will be all right. >> it is just a matter of degrees. we have not been above freezing since tuesday of last week day after christmas. we don't expect to be for the foreseeable future. it is a laugh there, blah. so we have got wind chill advisory continuing until 10:00 o'clock for every county in our viewing area and that is so brutal that we are only going to give you a three out of 10 today. we have sufficiently bundled up our bus stop buddy, yes, we make him work on holidays and with clear skies temperatures have truly plunged this morning. we don't see any precipitation , not just yet, not until later on in the week so, with 9 degrees, and and, zero. and, if utility like walking out the


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