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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 5A  FOX  January 1, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EST

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and good start. we know it will be cold. we have men that for weeks, basically. it will be all right. >> it is just a matter of degrees. we have not been above freezing since tuesday of last week day after christmas. we don't expect to be for the foreseeable future. it is a laugh there, blah. so we have got wind chill advisory continuing until 10:00 o'clock for every county in our viewing area and that is so brutal that we are only going to give you a three out of 10 today. we have sufficiently bundled up our bus stop buddy, yes, we make him work on holidays and with clear skies temperatures have truly plunged this morning. we don't see any precipitation , not just yet, not until later on in the week so, with 9 degrees, and and, zero. and, if utility like walking out the door, eight he low, in
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in pot town and eight below. and 11 degrees for a real temperature and 20 is our high temperature for later today. that is what we're dealing with, happy new year. let's talk traffic, bob kelly has day off, it has been a rough start this morning, and that is not what we want to hear on this new years morning. it was a horrible accident with overturn cars on route one roosevelt boulevard northbound approaching wissohickon avenue, it is off to the side, hasn't been cleaned up, road closed for mummers new years celebration, broad street all the way to washington avenue, other streets affect, 15th and market, sansom street and pine all in that area this morning as far as, automobile traffic, you won't be able to get through but, of course, if you want to watch parade just bundle up and have a good time
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this is what new years eve looks like in our area, this was one of our shows that we had, two shows at six and at midnight, one for families and war for people out to dinner and for parties, absolutely gorgeous over the delaware river. lets go up to new york... >> three, two, one... >> there goes the confetti and that crystal ball, dropping right there. we can hear old lines sang, thousands came out despite the cold and tough security they had there in the wake of what happened out there in las vegas. they had to wait in hours in line and be there at roughly around afternoon if in the the morning to watch that ball drop, only 10 degrees in new york city, second coldest they have ever had out there and so lots more security but it went fabulously. of course, in our area what we do on new years day we
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watch the mummers parade a loftus may be watching it from inside at our tv sets but it is a wonderful tradition. they said they with do it anyway, not postpone it because of the cold even if they can barely play the instruments. here's people outside, we have got our own person outside, right now, dave kinchen to explain some of the things we are doing to make sure that people don't get frostbite, on this day. >> reporter: city and mummers leadership say we are philly is this is what we will do, we will not cans well these somewhat record freezing temperatures, let me just give you lay of the land, real quickly here, you can see 15th and arch, police moving in with their barricade and pan over you can see beginning of the parkway where police are lined up as well they have got things shut down and traffic moving smoothly down the parkway few cars out here but as we get to the video of the mummers practicing for what will come down this way on all of these road, the big party beginning at 9:00 o'clock we
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can tell you that the mummers have been worried about their instruments drying -- freezing up i should say, saxophones freezing up, they have been worried about their fingers bleeding when they play ban gets and everything else. they will have warming tents. five of them, so that they can stay warm, and perform without a problem making music as high quality as possible. listening into how else they are preparing. >> we just want to be safe, dress in layers, keep instruments warm, and warm at all costs and anyway we that we can. with the high winds, being cautious of the large props, they will be manned continuously throughout the day and be aware of your surroundings and help each other out. >> reporter: use of those heating guns up and down sachs fence to keep them warm so they do not freeze when you blow into them. that can be a problem as well. back here live you can see viewing stand where it is likely the costumes and
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everything will be judged if they make their way through the area, people setting up here, crews were setting this all up over weekend working hard through cold, temperatures then and, of course, you know, the city of philadelphia, the mayor's office says if you are a spectator stay warm stay and go to the dilworth cafe which is right over here but there is limited space off here or you can get down to the subway concourse and stay warm down there but i have to tell you i was down there over weekend doing city traveling it wasn't much warmer dunn there then it is out here but depends on the time of the day. hopefully everyone stays warm and have a good time. >> hopefully, that is a good wish for this new year, thanks , dave. >> yep. so many of you are sending out tweets including our president has was very interesting he tweeted saying, i want to wish all of my friends, supporters, enemies, haters, and even the very dishonest fake news media, a happy happy and healthy new year. president ringing in the
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new year at his estate in west palm beach, every year an extravagant new years eve barbies held at mar looking owe, they looked lovely, joining the president first lady melania in that stunning dress, also the rest of his children there, as, well. and lets take a look at the unique traditions in our area, chester county fifth year for mushroom drop in kennett square which had a giant mushroom decorated in lights. schuylkill county home of yuengling brewery raising a 6- foot tall bottle of lagger and in hershey, of course, a 7-e chocolate kiss was raised at midnight. and new years eve means also businesses will be closed , is what opened, what is shut? powe office closed no mail, liquor stores in pennsylvania, they are closed and, of course , dmv is closed as well. and here's some good news, parking is free, today, in philadelphia. all right. lets get to some breaking news not good out of northeast philadelphia, dozens of people , were forced out into
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the bitter cold, and, because they had a problem with their apartments. lets get out to lauren johnson to get what we know and explain what is happening. >> reporter: you are a mom. you can imagine families affected with this with babies and even young children. it happened to 50 people here at victoria wood apartments in torresdale. it is bad enough when you lose power but losing tonight these temperatures can be dangerous and even deadly. thankfully though septa had a bus rolling into rescue those, families, this he were allowed to wait on that warm bus while crews worked to restore power. our cameras caught them up high atop these power lines, trying to restore that power and while they waited a water main break happened in the parking lot making a bad situation much worse. families were forced to call loved won to rescue them from the frigid cold temperatures and if they had no one, red cross also showed up to help assist the families, the eastern pennsylvania chapter confirmed this on twitter just after 2:00 a.m. this morning saying they were here to
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answer the call. so, everyone has he escaped the cold to find comfort with their families, their friends or, of course, the red cross but what a morning and what a way to get 2018 off, man, out in the frigid cold temperatures. >> that is the truth, all right, lauren, thank you. 5:08. there is a little boy in the hospital after being burned, we will get a lot of fires this one happened on the 2700 block of c street, it was about 3:00 yesterday morning in kensington. they did get fire under control in about 20 minutes but that little boy just five years old needed to be taken over to st. christopher's hospital for children where he is being treated. lets get to another fire in the overbrook section where two people, including a fire fighter needed to be rush to the hospital after that fire. we know that the fire fighter is in stable condition, we don't know the condition of the other man, you know, this fire started just before 4:00 yesterday morning the scene there is 6100 block of lansdowne avenue, we have not known that cause. and there is a burlington
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county man now facing murder charges after two women were found dead, in a home, neighbors called police saturday after hearing screaming coming from a home on east narberth terrace, when they got there they found two death and another was seriously hurt. forty-eight year-old colleen rownow and alycia mccloskey were announced dead at the scene. the third victim is still in the hospital. police say that the suspect, mark leadic was still at the scene and now charge with first degree murder and attempted murder. a number of philadelphia police officers have filed a lawsuit begins their own department because this group of officers says this group of officers has staff inspector, lieutenant, captain, claiming on their arrest paperwork, and a attorney for the officer says they were forced to do so to protect confidential informants without following the rules of due process. the officers all work in the
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very troubled narcotics bureau of the past and they claim they were racially discriminated against when they refused to lie on the paperwork, police department spokesperson says they will not comment, but they are investigating those claims. lets get to bucks county where an out of control car careened off the road and crashed into a home, these are the tire tracks in the snow, showing where the driver swerved off gunn red in bristol township this happened around 6:00 last night. nobody seriously hurt. they think it was icy conditions that played a role. and for people living in fox chase section, they had a fast moving flood that create aid problem there, a leak turned into a full blown water main break on the 900 block of strahl street, basements on the block were flooded with, feet of water, and ruining everything inside. driveways were coated with a whole layer of ice, city brought out crews to fix that pipe right there and trying get the water out of the house
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s as well. i have never seen anything like it, we went down basement at 7:30, it was brown water, gushing, gushing through the garage door but all over the garage, that is our whole family room dunn there in the just basement. a lot of people have that problem, they have to rip everything out, right now they who their heaters and hot water tanks, the city says it will replace these. lets get to some, good news, camden county, busy weekend for oaklyn fire department. first they rescued a dog. they fell through ice covering newtown creek, doug was not hurt and reunite there had she is coming back in with her own her lives in nearby ought one. lets get to another animal rescue. before saving the dog they saved some chickens, a fire broke out at a garage and a chicken coupe, one haddon avenue knew. first responders were able to safely put the fire out without any injuries to human or foul.
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a lot of people in our area, spent yesterday, down at the linc watching those cowboys, it was such a disappointing game. so low scoring six to zero. we who. final leg season game. we had our backups n we will have more on this coming up in sports, and when our bird will be playing, their first playoff game, we have the time , we have the date, and the day. meanwhile, speaking about playoff picture afc will be jaguars and bills, their first playoff game since 99. chiefs and titans rounding out second wild card match up. it will be rams, falcons and then saints and panthers, that game will be on sunday at 4:40 right here on fox. eagles will be playing falcons , saints, panthers we don't necessity but it will be played you the by who wins. we will be face being the lowest seed, remaining. did you see this all over twitter? eagles game, it was so cold, catch the ball for that matter but punt are donnie jones
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forget to take off his warm up pants before he did a punt, tried to take them off, once he noticed they are still on. who wouldn't want to start new year as a millionaire, wouldn't that be nice, mega millions and pur ball continue to grow, so get into your office pool, how much you could take home, after this break and also, how about this take a look, frozen solid. it is cold here but it is colder there, where we are seeing this beautiful picture
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you can hear them chanting right there hong kong celebrating new years at a victoria harbor. that is impressive. ten minute show. they blew everything up. they had great music. they had something pretty neat do you see this a magical star dust inspired by idea of having dance i fairies scattering magical dust to everyone that felon to in that city. let's get to dubai. thinks a record, a world record for dubai on new years city broke a guinness world record for largest laser light and sound show on one single structure. thinks the world tallest building, it is the khalifa, and it has laser lights and dynamic dance synchronized,
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with music. pretty cool. of course, we cannot make it to midnight count down to noon all over the place this happened to be the adventure quarter yum in camden, they got to spend some of the, last hearst of that day, with some of the sea life there and dj having so much fun. what he had many local libraries and please touch museum as well. lets check our forecast, 5:17. don't you wish you had those kid energy, jumping up and down. we're so excited. we're just like this today's wind chill during the day, will be n'synx will digits. we will in the only have cold temperatures but wind up to 20 . we are facing a nine day stretch of below freezing temperatures which started wednesday, of last week. tuesday of last week was last time we were above friesing. every where we have wind chill
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advisory in effect. here's where we have with numbers. nine in philadelphia five in reading. three below in mount pocono. eleven in wildwood. factor in the wind of 10, eight, 6 miles an hour depending where you are and it feels like six below in trenton. 4b low here in philadelphia two below in wildwood. and 20 below zero in mount pocono. brutal cold. it does not take long to get frostbite outdoors for a while , we have to cover up as much as possible. let's talk precipitation. nothing today or tomorrow just cold, cold, cold and that is how it will be during the day on wednesday. here we go, we will see increasing cloud and we are anticipating a coastal storm. it still could go either way. it could push off shore but it is looking increasingly likely we will get snow on thursday morning, maybe wednesday night into thursday morning this is as far as the model goes until about midnight and we do see
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some snow spreading through at your use with possible accumulations. that is as far as we will go with that predigs for now. 20 degrees today. twenty tomorrow. we may hit 30 by wednesday. that early snow on thursday, and, then even colder, temperatures, after that, with daytime highs in the teens, those nighttime lows in the single digits and below zero wind chills. no let up in sight, even through the weekend, with those bitterly cold temperatures. that is your seven day forecast, lets check traffic on your new years day, morning , and we have a rough start to the new years morning with an accident, that happened a couple of hours ago on roosevelt boulevard northbound approaching wissohickon. still some slow traffic in that area, road closed for mummers new years celebration, broad street to washington avenue. other streets affected by parade will be 15th and market , around there, sansom street, pine street in the area, and if you don't wish to
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brave the wintry weather, well , septa will run on a regular sunday schedule and new jersey transit will update on a weekend and major holiday schedule for today, karen. >> sounds good. 5:20 right now. we have a developing story we begin at this time, 10 americans air machining victims of the new years eve plane crash that went down, plane in costa rica killed all 12 people on board. they say plane was carrying 10 american tourist and same family. two crew members in this wooded area it went down in the northwestern part of costa reek a it happened right after take off. costa rica's public safety ministry shared picture there, burning wreckage, the plane itself was a nature air, it was a charter, and it was on its way to the capitol of san jose at the time of the crash. it is under investigation but we do know there were strong wind that forced a change in the plane's itinerary. colorado they are investigating what led a guy
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37 years old to opened fire on sheriff deputies killing one and injuring four others. we also know two civilian where is hurt, at that complex right there. they were called out, the guy was fighting with his male roommate at this complex right here near denver yesterday, when suspect his name is matthew riehl opened fire, police say the dupes were shot american 100 times, the fire went off, four went off, this man unfortunately, died, 29 year-old deputy zachary parish was killed, a father, husband, other deputies say that they tried to pull him from the gunfire but barrage of the bullets, and their own injuries, forced them to retreat. >> i was sitting here, hearing 15, 20 different gunshots and seeing police officers huddled over which assumed was another officer. >> when the swat team entered the apartment, they did have an exchange of gunfire there is suspects and he was killed. he doesn't have a criminal history but was men to police
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they have been called out there in the past. there was a vigil held for a man in a kansas. they call it a swatting prank that turned deadly. mourners gathered to remember andrew fin this much weekend. he died when officers went to his home in witch tap. they got a 911 call there was a shooting, hostage situation. he answered the door and tell to put his hands up slowly and police opened fire. he died. they have arrested a 25 year-old man in california, and in connection, squatting incident. colder for so many of this country, take a look at this, this is niagara falls, basically an ice sculpture, my has left everything coated in ice, so it is absolutely george to us look at. people taking pictures and it being shared thousands of times on social media. she's back, mariah carry cannot keep it down, she gave it another try after a performance last year that was
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a disaster. here's disaster from last year when she cannot hear, move, sing, dance. how did it go this year. we will show you.
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there. we're looking at nashville they had a big celebration, sounding better when they had some sound but there was explosives, the crowd screaming at jack daniels music city. the celebration, they dropped a 15-foot tall music note at midnight, and they also had, a musical performance that, sounded like keith urban. listen to this. this is atlanta ringing in the new year with the annual peach drop, thousands, took to woodruf park in downtown atlanta for night of fire works, music, there was an 800-s down, i love all of the different things people drop, they have been doing that one since 1989. all right. in your money news right now, if your bank account is still hurting from the holiday shopping, maybe you'll get lucky, maybe hit lottery. well, nobody won power ball or
5:27 am
mega millions jackpot which means they are worth 800 million-dollar combined, the jackpot for mega millions which draws tomorrow, is 343 million-dollar. power ball which will draw on wednesday is up to 440 million and both games two bucks to play. so we know it vice cold for much of the country, lets get over to sue, look at hershey, well, that is bought full right there. she will have our forecast in a matter of
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happy new year everybody, this is folks in our area, delaware valley, starting new year with a bang and then there were these folks forced out in the bitter cold, we needed to have red cross come help them when their building who power. and, as they say the mummers will be strutting on broad street, getting judged. we will be watching, it is tradition. we put it on getting ready, watching divisions, shows, having fun. when stay inside or go outside we will be watching that. good morning, everybody. we have bob, thomas off today. it is sue and i. good morning, happy new year. >> i think more mummers make
5:31 am
up the better. it can insulate your face. >> it will, actually. >> yes. >> then layer of vaseline on top of that. i don't know but whatever you have to do to get through it if you are out and about because there is a wind chill advisory in effect for today and it is for all of us, not only in our viewing area but entire northeastern part of mountains it is worse with 10 to 20 below zero wind chills this morning. our number is le as well for your number of the day only three out of 106789 he is feeling festive but covered up , with those wind chills, below zero, bitter killed but while celebrating maybe mummers parade today you'll have to cover up, as much skin as you can, and still be able to see where you are going. 9 degrees, i should say wish it was nine out of 10 kind of day feels like 4b low and that is philadelphia wind chill. wind chill in trenton is six
5:32 am
below, so is wilmington delaware and atlantic city. you have the idea. this is continuing. there is in let up in the brutal cold. we will get to a high of 20 degrees that will hit around 4:30 in the afternoon, happy new year to you just stay as warm as you can. lets talk traffic. we had an accident, pretty bad on the boulevard with two overturn vehicles, clearing up , traffic starting to get by more quickly but really just be careful this morning. road close today for mummers parade, broad street all the way to washington avenue, the 15th and market area also closed, sansom street, pine street, affected by parade, and good news is that mass transit, is running, is running on holiday schedule today, new jersey transit also on their weekend and holiday schedule as well but you can take public transportation today, you don't to have drive if you do in the want to.
5:33 am
love the sound of the fire works lighting up the sky, this is people celebrating at fire works in our area, called reach for the stars inspired by the stars and fantasy of what lies beyond, second of two shows on the river front, the first one with the 6:00 o'clock for family, this was for the more adult crew there been out celebrating. of course, it is day we have mummers parade so we get to watch from the street, side line or from our homes, in front of the tv, so it is fun but it will be a cold one this year. lets get out to dave kinchen with what is happening right now, hi there, dave. >> reporter: right new barricade up, everybody getting ready here. you can see barricade set up this way, move down where the viewing stand is, where people will be able to see the costumes and hear the live music. you can see maybe bleachers set up. i also want to move over toward the right a little bit
5:34 am
past the department of recreation mobile unit. you can see one of the tents, one of the five warming tents will be mummers will be able to keep warm. lets go to video of their practice last night. we can tell thaw as you know as you have been following fox 29, it wasn't even certain that this was something that was going to happen because of frigid temperatures and for the if first time in perhaps many, many years as many as 15 years there was consideration of pushing this back a week, pushing mummers parade back a week so that there was still january, temperatures but nothing like the deep freeze that would freeze up the pipes thaw are hearing there on some of those instruments and make hands bleed of the string band players but they decided to move ahead, we will have warming tents, we will come back out here live here and i'll show you this other area, you have probably been flaw this dilworth plaza cafe, city of philadelphia, mayor's office say people can stay warm in there they can go on to the concourse, subway concourse and stay warm, that
5:35 am
way. either way it will be freezing out but the sense that i got talking to both city officials and mummers last week this is philadelphia, this is what we do, it is january, it is new year, happy new year, bringing it in style, mummers parade only way to do it, back to you >> absolutely that is the not even freezing it is, 15 degrees. pennsylvania's real id law goes into effect in october. so it will require you to have a passport even when you are flying domestically. if you are caught driving under the influence of a low blood alcohol content of just 0.1 you have an option to get that convictions expunged from your record. binge get, people that love bingo, churches, great news you can advertise your binge get game, and you can increase max prize for your bingo game as well. we can now sell and buy fire works in pennsylvania. so this means roman candles,
5:36 am
bottle rockets, big weekend for folks who wanted to buy their stuff. they could only legally be sold to out of state people, now, they will add a tax to it because they want money, the state does so an additional 12 e works. lets get to new jersey, estate tax has been phased out this year, sales tax rate has been reduced from 7 percent to 6.875, minimum wage will get up 16 cents to 8.60 an hour. in delaware, employers are now prohibited from screening job applicants based on their pay history. employers are also banned from , excuse me, seeking a applicant's pay history for their current and previous jobs. lots of changes, of course in, california they will talk about that recreation marijuana. all right. lets get to some breaking news out of northeast philadelphia, we did have a big power outage , so, you know, that is
5:37 am
a situation where people were forced out in the cold. we had red cross that came out to help them right there, you can see lots of families, they have put them on a september bus to warm folks up and they tried to call friends and relatives to find a new place to stay and we can see we have got them, power crews working to get that pur back on, so we will have a live update on that coming up in a little bit it is 5:37, as we click over, coming up on good day, philadelphia how about this confetti, champagne, and a wedding? a lot happened on fox's new years eve celebration last night, a big congratulations a surprise wedding, for maria manunes how exciting is that but first here's kristin rodgers. it is on to 2018 and nfl playoffs for the eagles but which version of the bird will show up in the new year. coming up hear why they say show up in the new year. coming up hear why they say th
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i'm kristin rodgers. 2018 and nfl playoffs in two weeks. eagles will play falcons, saints or panthers. before then there is some things they will want to work on. neither team had many, if -- had much of any offense in the game with dallas. dak prescott to bryce butler for the touchdown. eagles fall six to nothing. brent celek know the eagles have to step it up for the post season. >> all these guys have to understand, this is it, you know, this opportunity may in the come for anybody, again.
5:41 am
so, you know, let's step it up , and lets have a great two weeks of practice and lets get ready farewell saquon barkley he announced he is leaving for nfl. he had almost 1300 rushing yard and 21 touchdowns this season. sixers took on suns last night, fourth quarter, ben simmons to jj reddick, knocks it down from three-point range , philadelphia goes up 11 they win 123-110. that is sports in
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new zealand on my bucket list some day i will get there, so stunning there, welcoming in the new year, country, one of the first to ring in the new year, celebrations began with the count down on auckland's sky tower followed by fire works right there sky tower celebrates 20th anniversary this year. ♪ >> i think this is one of the best australia celebrating nut year, celebration begins with this amazing fire works display over sidney harbor. it is just so stunning. so families celebrated earlier in the evening with their own set of fire works. they have a welcoming ceremony for new year featuring dancers , and, music. i always say sidney, hong kong for some of the best. 5:44. receipts get a track of our road because some folks may be just coming home from the
5:45 am
festivities, sue. >> yeah, i'm sure you noticed in your drive-in this morning i left the house about 10 after 2:00 and it was mobbed on the roadways this morning. unfortunately, we have this accident on roosevelt boulevard, approaching wissohickon avenue, this is northbound, on the boulevard, and there are a couple vehicles we understand some overturned vehicles, only the left shoulder is getting by, left lane, left shoulder, so basically only one lane gets by and a ramp from the schuylkill eastbound, on to the boulevard is closed at this time, so, you might want to avoid that until they get that cleaned up. meantime we have road closed for mummers parade, broad street all the way to washington avenue, where parade takes place. so the streets along either side of broad will be affect by the parade as well, 15th and market, sansom street, pine street, and, so far we have got pretty clear traffic other than that one problem on the boulevard, and everything
5:46 am
is looking good, on i-95, on schuylkill expressway, blue route, and the vine street expressway. so far, so good, lets try to keep that it way. we will be back with your forecast in 15 seconds it will be cold but will it be record cold? here are numbers for you, coldest high temperature that we have ever haddon a january 1st was 16 degrees from 1918 and coldest morning low, was 4 degrees, that was recorded in 1881. that record has been standing for quite a while. here's our forecast for a morning low of seven and daytime high of 20, not record but pretty close, we will see how numbers play out today, regardless it will feel like it is below zero, every where, and that is why we have wind
5:47 am
chill advisory in effect. we have single digit temperatures, 11 degrees, 11 in wildwood but we have to factor in this 9-mile an hour wind and it feels in wildwood like two below. 4b low is our wind chill in philadelphia very cold lancaster. wind chill of 12 below. these are wind chills where we will feel the frostbite symptoms in as early as a half an hour, if you are outside for that long. so, we have to cover up, cover up, cover up, now for precipitation with this cold weather when is our next chance of snow, it looks like wednesday night into thursday morning there you can see some snow spreading from a possible , coastal storm with the snow, at lee forecast right now, after midnight wednesday into thursday morning, and, we will see how that plays out you know with coastal storms they tend to change as we are's forecasting a few days ahead. bitter cold weather continues through tomorrow with a high of 25. we may make it to 30 on
5:48 am
wednesday but probably still below freezing during the day and then that snow rolls in possibly on thursday morning and then even colder air then today on friday and saturday with daytime highs only in the teens. karen if they decided to move mummers parade to next week it wouldn't have been that much better. >> then they made the right call, sue or worse. >> yes, exactly. >> goody, you can be colder in the future. lets get to news the star of the real housewives of new york city going to rehab, lou ann says she's getting treatment after being arrested last week. police took her in custody on palm beach christmas eve morning charged with among other things battery of an office are and disorderly intoxication. in a statement she said i'm truly embarrassed. the pitch perfect cast giving fans the greatest gift of all time behind the scenes footage from the very first movie, lets look. >> ♪
5:49 am
>> look at some of the fun out takes, skylar aston sharing videos of the instagram page. it has been almost six years since the original came out and people came out to see new one out in theaters right now. now just ball that dropped on live tv maria manunes and kevin ungaro got married right before midnight. >> i think it is so cool that when no one wanted us together 20 years ago and new we're here, it is just a whole other story. my parents are here. it is a dream come true knowing they got to see this and love you so much and i thank you for being here. >> i love you to, sweety. >> i love you so much. >> i love you. >> genuine tears she's so excited and congratulations. they have been together for 20 years she was co hosting fox's
5:50 am
new years eve broadcast with steve harvey who officiated the wedding. her dad and mom battling stage four brain canser were bet able to be there for that moment. i want to show you this because, i don't know if they were laughing with him or at him when they put olivia pope to compare who wore it best. olivia pope with steve harvey. people talked like he was guy the night everybody was talking about, thanks for sharing that, i appreciate that, always checking our twit ter where you can follow karen at fox 29. how about mariah carey returning to the stage basically a reboot because last year was a disaster. lets take a look at last year. >> we're missing, something here. >> ♪ >> so, last year she was blaming an ear piece malfunction which she is like cannot dance around the stage, can't hear anything, dick
5:51 am
clark productions called it outrageous and absurd. she said i will get right back on that horse and do it again this year and do it flawlessly and she tried and here's what happened. >> ♪ >> she looked amazing, beautiful, much more smoothly, no miss hap this time and she sang her popular song hero. she was thrilled. she had a couple tweet has she put out wishing everyone a happy new year and later this morning she tweeted this. found my tea, nicely done, nice small there as well. good day coming up in a couple minutes. >> do you know what that tweet is all about. >> explain to it me. >> i'll tell you we have the clip.
5:52 am
>> okay. >> were you sleep last night at midnight. >> i was asleep at 8:00 o'clock. >> here you get big performance she starts the performance, we are all waiting for her big come back and she says, let me get my hot tea. she turned around to the back of the stage and it is not there. so, now, you know somebody is in big trouble. she goes they promised me hot tea and she's on the verge of throwing a fit. it is her voice. >> yes. >> 1 degree. >> they promised her stinking hot tea because she's about to sing. it is not there when she turns around. so she had to come back around and get cranky or sing. so she goes, we will just, that is it right there. >> yes, that is why, i she said i fund my tea. instead of throwing a fit. i bet she did have award.
5:53 am
if you promised mariah carey hot tea. >> it is a new year, new you, new attitude, gratitude is her new attitude. >> somebody should have had hot tea there. she's a singer. it is 1 degree. >> yes. >> that is why she said i fund my tea. >> yes. >> nicely done. >> i wanted to give you context. >> with the bow. >> we getting wrapped. >> what else do we have in the show. >> i want to see if you go to the parade did you look like a tic like the kid in the christmas story. so, load up on your layers, and then take a picture and send us to us here and we will put it on tv before you leave here for the parade. >> see new seven minutes. >> okay you
5:54 am
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welcome back. we may have cold hand, camelback hundred tane i was just up there with the family got two runs in. it was about 6 degrees outside it looks like we have about eight right now. lets take another lot at celebrations from around this world, china. that is the gate, people coming out there they had a light show culture performance s at this public square, this is a rebuilt version of the meng dynasty era landmark. lets get to brazil.
5:57 am
that is the place to see fire works 2 million people came to the rio di janeiro, ring nothing new year 12 minutes of fire work and then afterward they had samba and then this. canada, that is gorgeous as well, hundreds of thousands came out, for the display there in ottawa, so, they could cancel the live musical performances of parliament hill because it was just too cold. get ready for our mummers to start strutting on broad street strutting up and down& with parasols and them golden slippers. we will break down what they slippers. we will break down what they will do
5:58 am
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hey, happy new year, let me be the last to say happy new year. here's something, guess what fire works marked beginning of the 2018 from penns landing. not kidding, at 6:00 and then midnight, this year they dit at midnight. >> yes. >> there were thousands of people to braved bitter cold to celebrate the new year. all right. also for a change we will have that mummers day parade. it is a tradition. >> sure it is we will still do it we don't care how cold. we will put on our costume and them golden slippers a inn strut on our broad street but it is dangerously cold so we


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