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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  January 1, 2018 7:00am-8:58am EST

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people in north philadelphia forced in the bitter cold by a pur outage and water main break overnight. who is stepping upright new to give these people some relief. and, as you necessity the regular season is over, now it is time for the playoffs? are the eagles ready? >> i feel great, i feel really confident. i know guys are confident in me. >> nick says he is ready heading in the post season but two dismal performances have eagles fans wondering is this going to be one and done? donnie jones say keep your pants on. all right. good day, everybody, happy new year. mike's obviously not here for a second. >> i'm almost ready, i'm almost ready, i did the same darn thing, hold on a second. >> why aren't you ready. >> is it cold outside. >> he left his pajama pants on >> i can't in the do a show with my pants on.
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>> how often have i said that. >> now i can't get them off my shoes. >> hop on ever. >> dawn imagine heavier getting them off and trying to punt with his sweat pants on. >> sit a rule you are not allowed, you have to be in an official uniform. >> he forgot to take them off. >> yes. >> you know, there is rules for uniforms. >> yes, because some of them wear long sleeves, spandex but i don't know if you can wear pants over your pants. >> i think it would have been okay, legal, you know, with the rules but i'm sure he does in the want to kick with pants on, sweat >> well, sure you don't that have range of motion. your range of motion. >> i have none right t do pedalt your feet. >> because we have weather, to cover that. >> that is right you can adjust while we give you
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forecast for 2018, it is what, yes, it is, of course, still cold out there it was cold last n morning. every place under at lee a wind chill advisory, and in the pocon feels like 10 to 20 degrees below bit, dangerous cold eryuddy it is beo and that is the way dress if yor any length of time today. is there one going down market street right now. we have a temperature of 7 feele five below in the city, sunrise time com at 7:23. but the sunshine is not going ow zero wind chillslot. every where, 10 below in lancaster right now, so yeah, happy new year, just got kind of cold out there it is 11 by 9:00 and our high temperature
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today been 20 but will feel colder then. that that is your forecast for today. seven day forecast just ahead. lets check traffic as we get started on your new years day. we earlier had, a multiple car accident roosevelt boulevard northbound approaching wissohickon. the accident has been cleared but there is still a lot have debris remaining on the road. we have to travel carefully around there, and then, mummers parade,a.m. and 6:00 p.d closures from broad street to washingtonnd bunch of streets on the side. then we an accident to tell but route 422 westbound off ramp to the squeezing by right there so that is what is going on, on your first day of 2018. >> we have some traffic issues coming up. we are getting reports possible breeze section of the city. right around 1700 block of south 21st. we are sending a crew down there getwi oer, let us know if you are being asked to
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leave your homes or anything out in the cold so 1700 block of south 21st street i'm prettys point breeze. so we will keep an eye on that this... penns course, they had two shows, one at 6:00, one at midnight of was beautiful. >> and cold but we are still celebrating. one of things we do best is have an amazing parade our community watch. >> did you see fire works at fourth and markethat? >> it is going on right new. >> come on by. >> come on come by. >> do yourld. >> we love it. we did in the get this year at all because i forgot about the o put it on your phone as well, and it. >> can't get off your phones.
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mummers are going. they a getting ready getting and doing all sorts of things. so dav >> reporter: well, the mummers , it is all about family. familytlen with your boys here, introduce us to him. oldest son, james perez, myth perez. they have been going out for years. and. >> how are you feeling are you worried about this weather. they were talkin parade but it l going on. >> it is still going on. great parade in the country and the fact that we have a lot of extra buses on t chartered for us, it is just terrific. it is all about tra pageantry, l about father/sons, dancing, genn >> will they learn to play instruments yet. brigade and there are fancies and string
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band down at other end. we are know >> good times. happy new year to you. we hope you have great fun well. >> god bless, happy new year. >> two street they are couple hd then back to two street for more partying. partying all night, i can tell frigidl , i don't think there is as many people in times square i was you could see patches of the street, that were not filled. it people are getting tired of it , second coldest ever.he were ls people, fewer people but there was greater security so wayt coe patches have street thaw could see but there were fewe record . >> listen to this though. buckeo be done. >> didn't expect it to be this t not this cold. >> everything went well.
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i was watching mosof harvey didd job in his big white coat for fox and unbelievable as were you saying. the president rang in the new year at h in west palm beach, florida, every year, an extravagant new yeael o , and, of course, they did it lady was there, his son were there, baron, eric, anr the event or $750 per guest. president telling supporters th be, worth it. >> what a tie. ac philadelphia on the observation tower at liberty one, length place. that happened in cities all over this planet. >> there was one also here at the bellevue. thousands. >> i decided not to go because i didn't want to put on at is c.
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last thing i want to do. >> lou good in the tuxedo. thin. probably smart thing to stay home. the president w tweeting. >> president trump posted this message to twit eras o rapidly r and smarter i want to wish my friends,mies, haters and even very dishonest fake news media, a happyew year. 2018 will be a great year for n, anyway, 7:08. are without power in the cold now in the northeast. into warm place but not in their homes. ro theyably with friend and sent a september bus up there. this is victoria wood apartments. this is a war crew that they are working to get power backup there they were trying to create aer. these families had young children, babies, people
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living on of ashton road. power went out around midnight you can see them on t out for hs >> what a great idea to bring the bus up there, quickng similar for some of our mummers as well, maybe a few warming bus >> warming stations, yeah, for everybody. >> good? >> for people fox chase, 2017 an end with a fast moving flood what started out as a leak turned wan break and ice rink on street, basements on the block were filled with two to 3 feet of drd with a layer of ice, the city, clean upheight pushing water out and ripping rugs. at 7:30 there was brown water, gushing, gushing through ahe over the ru.
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that is our whole family room down there not just a >> happy new year. >> water kept will replace hot water claimed by the flood. >> that goodies. >> we will stay on that and make sure t investigators in colorado are trying to determine what triggered, a iraq war vet to open fire on denver police. >> we know tout r others were wounded. and also two is 37 year-old. his name is matthew riehl. himse apartments. these are 49 that survived. this is onetragically more thand s were fired off. police they know he has no criminal history but he has been posting rants recentl enforceme. just horrible. also there has been apped af american lives right there. it happened in the foreign carrn
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citizens and two crew members area shortly after take off. this is in the northwestern section ofountry, if you have ever been there for any holiday, costa rica's pu these photos of the burning wreckage, i is a nature air on the its way to the capitol i. is report ago this a former montgomery cse killed, we know that there were many members of the same family. that is very interesting, so probably on holiday down there we will get more wind s that cause them to recruit that flight plan initially as ps new years day. >> we have also had new developments government protests again in, iran and they are deadly. we lee 12 demonstrators have been killed as opposition groups are policeg on them.ia say there
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were no bullets shot by police the president the first time saying people have right to protest but violence is not on t they have had economic problems and unemployment. they have also shut media that people are using to get together and korea's leader hasa new years message for u.s., kim jong unsays u.s. should ab wear as nuclear war head a justa threat, during his annual new dr also said he has a nuclear deska game yesterday, eagles end a veryor the most part on a low note. game had no impact on osh just . what was the final scoreotng. >> six to nothing.
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>> we got one touchdown from it. >> six. st>>g. it was so cold, d we know who w. >> we know who we will play. >> yeah. we don't know who we will play jones, love him forget to go take off his warm up pants because it was so off. got them over his cleats. i don't know how. he punted did see nick fels fore or four plays, and nick has ha of 11 and threw an interception on h game. despite second straight badhe is confident. he is not shaken at great. honestly, i feel great. i know i can still go out the do. sports are crazy at times. you don't always want
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to do but you keep truck ago long, keep working, i feel really great confident. >> what will he say? i think he does feel confident so is there the matchheirst roud bye, you know that, and we now he3th att they will play, 4:35, in the cold. as for who we're going to play it will be the out of the wild d round so it is either going to be the the saints, or the panthers.he falcons beat the rams the falcons w the 13th. if the tam panthers or the we will be watching to see what happens. you got it. arctic temperatures enough to keep us inside. >> yes. >> but not our eagles fans. >> look at this, tailgating. you knew they would come out. we are a hearty crew, huge
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rival. my husband was going to go. look at those people dressed for weather having a good time there we caught up with some people. of course, we will come. >> we have the sweats. i have thermals. two pairs of socks. >> you have to have as many layers as possible or you still got to get your maneuverability for food and the drinks. >> and every single tailgate tents there was heat source. they are smart people. those are friend you like to have. they have food as well. get to know them. a grill or portable heater. >> that just looks like so much horribleness. here's sue. >> they wanted to be there. >> yes. >> so they made it work. today is not going to be much better. wind chills throughout the day time hours, even with sunshine is n'synx will digits and wind gusts up to 20 miles an hour at times possible nine day
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stretch now, looming before us with temperatures below freezing. last time we were above freezing was tuesday of last week when we had a high of 33. wind chills will be below zero we have a wind chill advice rid in effect. basically we will show you the numbers, right now, temperatures are n'synx will digits, below zero in the mountains where it is 10-mile an hour wind. factor that in it feels like 20 below, again, just a half an hour outside with exposed skin, start to feel symptoms of frostbite, you have to be careful. five below here in the city. right now we have nothing to show you on ultimate cop already radar but we will look ahead to the future. still a lot to be determined about this possible coastal storm but not today or tomorrow and won't be wednesday during the day. it looks like it will role in wednesday night around midnight, and through can see possibilities of some snow, coming into the area and possibly a folking our us this
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morning commute, stay tuned for more on that one, whenever you hear coastal storm the potential for a big mess. thirty on wednesday. still below freezing. then that early snow possible on thursday, and then temperatures, during the day, in the teens, yes, even colder then today, friday and saturday. that is your seven day forecast. now lets get to the road. not a lot of traffic on this new years morning. but mummers parade, march begins today south broad and south penn square, road closures on market, sansom, pine, carpenter, coming up from delaware to see the parade. road are cleared in new castle county, and for you this morning and it looks like, i-95 and vine street expressway, are cleared as well. now, we do have one little issue, route 422, westbound, there was an injury with an accident, police are on the scene, westbound, near the
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intersection with the schuylkill expressway. guys, back to you. thanks, sue. >> i'm a big fan of mariah car ey. >> yes. >> is what song that i like that she does so well? i'll get to it. so mariah carryye went back to the scene of last year. here's last years performance where she was solving trouble. >> ♪ >> we're missing some of these vocals but it is, what it is. >> we will let audience sing. >> just let audience sing because of the technical difficulties. >> you could tell. >> disaster. >> this was so bad. walking around, she cannot sing, dance. >> it was bad. >> so, do you go back and try it again. >> of course. >> that is only thing you can do when you screw up, you have to do it again and still deserve to be the star that
7:19 am
she is. >> that is why i come in every day. >> yes, better next time. >> that is right. >> you blame your ear piece and say no, that was not ear piece at all. she came back last night and here's what happened. >> okay. >> ♪ >> i think it was excellence. i think our lip syncing is off let us know what you think she were not lip sync. >> what do you mean, that is the whole point that the voice is going wow, and she's like talking. >> i can never tell. i don't even care if people lip sync, i would rather hear it good. and it was good, in the
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studios, just lip sync. >> as long as you dance and put on a good show. >> brittany spears it was her last show she ended her residency she did her last show from vegas. >> yes. >> here we go, she said she tweeted out after the show she thought it went darn well. happy new year. she was happy witt. >> i'm happy with it. >> okay. >> she also tweeted out later in the day that she got her tea. this is in reference to what happened before she started singing, listen to this. >> cup of tea, they were telling me there would be tea. disaster. okay, we will rough it. i will be just like everybody else with in hot tea. we will try to do this song for you. she boarded on getting snip i and snapping off at somebody but she was promised hot tea. she's a darn singer and 0 degrees, they should have
7:21 am
hot tea for her. i was promised hot tea. she turns around theres no hot tea. >> after last year and that whole debacle, and she had to be better behavior. and, and, times square. >> yes. >> yeah. >> ore but she kept, she kept, she bordered on flipping out. >> well, yes, she did. >> it is to be a big star. >> much more entertaining had she gone off on the guy. >> where is my tea. but then she tweeted i got my tea. making fun. >> that is even cuter when she does that. >> difficult just skip pennsylvania something. >> it about hang over. >> oh, no. >> people are waking up feeling not so great but we have some suggestions, hang over fix, this is it, this time we got the real deal.
7:22 am
>> yes, do you have a hang over. >> no, i went to bed at eight. >> how boring. >> yes. >> fcc requirement we must do a hang over segment. we will do it with doctor mike before this hour is over i promised that. did anybody hit the lottery over weekend. >> nobody hit, power ball and nobody hit other one. >> it is mega millions and power ball if you get them both it is close a billion dollars on tuesday and wednesday and i will hav ,000 in america last year.
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something is left behind and i don't like that. dove is clean,... ...very clean. my soap,... ...dove. clearly dove is cleaner rinsing i'm convinced. i'm absolutely gonna be switching to dove. dove cleans beautifully there is something i like to do every year, there is new laws that go in effect around america and so here's one, today, it is already happening an illinois couple's in divorce court. >> here's the deal. >> will have a judge decide who gets custody of their pets >> if you have the dog, both love the dog, you can take a case out of this and get to the judge and they will treat your pets just like they are part of your family because they are but even your children basically. and less like property. under the old rules, you know, they were divided between couples, as part of their estate. not like they have monetary
7:26 am
value but emotional value they have. >> that is in the state of illinois that will spread across the country would i think. >> then we have marijuana becoming legal today in california. the golden state will treat cannabis like alcohol, people 21 and older will aloud to get up, to an ounce of pot and grow six marijuana plants at home but you can only have six >> depends if you live in the apartment you have to get permission from your landlord if you are allowed to smoke it >> like getting a live christmas tree you have to get permission, you know. >> okay. >> just like that. >> yes. >> interesting california starts a lot of things maybe that will spread through the country. >> well, at this point, i mean seriously. that wasn't as fun as some years. there are bizarre laws, in different states. >> we have a lot of won locally, lot of money won. in new jersey they are getting rid of the estate tax, a lot of good stuff and minimum wage
7:27 am
is going up, that is good news taxes going down. >> you cannot marry a goat or you can still marry a goat in arkansas, some of those weird laws are still on the books. >> i bet dave kinchen knows something? well, not about goats. >> okay. >> i thought that is where he got his hat. >> all right, dave, speaking of the mummers. >> yes, on two street here, the folks, probably didn't get a whole lot of celebration, some coffee there, they are ready to take formation for start of the mummers parade in a little while but it is already a party down here after the break what you need already a party down here after the break what you need to know about the with dunkin' deals, you get two egg & cheese wake-up wrap sandwiches for $2. already a party down here after the break what you need to know about the and two of those for two of those means you deserve a few of those. stop in for the latest dunkin' deal, two egg & cheese wake-up wrap sandwiches for $2.
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america runs on dunkin'.
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oh, man, at lee the fire& works were hot. everybody was freezing out there but pretty good show at 6:00 and midnight last night. it looks pretty cool. here's something new, for the new year, it is, it is a new way of working out, again, people will be flocking to the gym later today and tomorrow, i will lose weight this year. it is a naked work out class. >> you cannot be serious. >> i can be serious. everybody is naked. >> it can't be men and women. >> oh, hold on, yes, it is.
7:31 am
it is co-ed. >> do you want to see that all that jumping and jiggling and moving, you cannot unsee that. >> you know, that is a good point. don't you have those like medicine balls at home. >> yes, the big yoga balls. >> just. >> oh, lord where are you going. >> we also wanted to hear, every other morning show in america is doing what is your resolution? exercise. so we will do a non-resolution , of the anti resolution, so, like is there a bad habit you have always wanted to have. >> you didn't get anyone to send any in. >> yes, difficult. that is why i brought it up but now i have lost it. oh, thinks horrible. nicole, in the what i i'm really looking for. my non-resolution is to be more of a submissive wife and
7:32 am
be more sexually free. >> she did not write it. >> she did not. >> her husband did. >> no. >> it is good to be free. >> it is in the exactly what we're looking for here. i mean, let's just work on it rest of the morning. >> he did get his wife's twit ter. >> and the power of suggestion >> yes. >> a lot of people out there, yes. >> this is the mountains and they are on the slopes, the wind chill needy remind you, yes, i do, is at lee 10 below zero, probably 20 below at the top of the mountain. so yeah, lot of those hood where all you can see is your eye balls hopefully and getting excited, yes, snow boarding, snow skiing, all that fun stuff for them. it is a three out of 10 as our number, it is dangerously cold and you need to be wrapped up, like buddy, celebrating a new year but wind chills are not only below zero in the
7:33 am
mountains that would be every where which is why we are under a wind chill advisory in philadelphia, 7 degrees is our temperature, five below is the wind chill. and we have we low zero too. it feels lake below zero. happy new year, anyway we have got a 11 degrees at parade time at 9:00 and high temperature 20, that is first day of the year, we will see what happens, in the first week of the year in the seven day forecast, coming up and we will check traffic this morning. 422 westbound near where you get on the schuylkill expressway, police are on the scene of an accident. ramp partially block. still disable vehicle on the schuylkill approaching girard, and, no traffic delays there and very few cars are on the road this point, and everybody
7:34 am
has probably gone home from their partying. >> let's hope. >> we hope receive safely. >> we have people out on the street here, basically at 21st and morris, we have got four homes evacuated because they have fumes. we don't know fit is gas leak, people are smelling something, fumes, so they are just being cautious. lauren's almost there one of our crews. >> people are using different heat sources, generators and that that can create problems. >> lets get back down to two street. this is big day, mummers parade. oldest parade in the world. well, country, anyway, hey there, dave. >> one of the mummers version of the when the saints go marching in as they get ready to make their way to the starting line of the mummers
7:35 am
parade, straight street, live ly here. i'm sure all night. >> happy new year. >> happy new year. >> we have talk to members of the fralinger string club band , one of the more famous groups out there and they started to put on make up early this morning. >> put some make up on. >> we started at 2:15 a.m. we have been here, all morning >> reporter: other side of two street where there is another group, i think these might be the wenches and river front mummers down that way. all of the clubs coming together saying hi, old friend s, family down this way as they get ready for great celebration. five warming tents set up for mummers. they were concerned about their instruments not being able to perform because of this deep cold out this way. the city and mummers leaders
7:36 am
saying we are philadelphia we do not do. that fit is cold that is how we dit. it is january 1st, it is mummers no matter how cold it is, and, a lot of fun, in store, guys, back to you. >> yes. >> all right, yes. >> thanks, dave. lets get back to the eagles now because that was a horrible game. one of the worse. we have g. cobb coming in. what need to be fixed? look at nick foles there. >> how miserable does he look. >> he will be fine. >> he will get his sea legs there bottle legs there. >> here's something good. >> maybe you will be a millionaire in the new year because nobody hit over the big two drawings we had over last weekend, no one hit for mega millions or power ball. >> so, i just learned some news, thaw cannot win them both in a week. >> within six months. >> yeah. >> you have to pick one or the other. >> if i would win them both this week, i would have close to a billion dollars but that will not happen because you
7:37 am
can only win one of them. it is an outrage. it need to be change. of course what are the odd of winning
7:38 am
7:39 am
7:40 am
it is gorgeous. >> it will be a beautiful day. a bright spot. >> it will be 2 degrees but fur bank account, kind of took a hit over holidays and i think we all did, you know, you want to get out of debt. it will require spending more money. i know that sounds ridiculous. we're talking about playing the lottery. you have to play the lottery. two bucks, a dollar. >> yes. >> play to win. >> they have both been two dollars now. >> four whole dollars. >> if you win both, power ball , mega millions, you would have close to 800 million-dollar. >> yeah, combined. >> so that is because jackpot 343 million-dollar, for the mega millions. and power ball, of course, it is wednesday and that is up to 440 million.
7:41 am
so if you won that combined but you not allowed to win within six months you have to give that other ticket to a friend but that is just dreaming. we will not really hit. >> i did not know that rule, of course, it will not happen, no one will win them both but i didn't know that. >> good, you know, learn something new every day. >> you can give to it your friend. >> really generous. >> or family member. >> just say let's make a deal, give you five bucks if you turn this in for them. and, turn this in for you. i know karen ace big fan, when i try to get her a gift, she likes her gin and tonic. s what does that say burr personality, they organize different cocktails and spirits, and matched up, personality, if you order gin and tonic what does that mean about you. >> psychopath. i will take my vodka tonic and
7:42 am
gin and tonic. >> maybe, consider the source, if you like bitter drinks. psychopath, and pleasure topic and hot and spicy food. what are you looking at me like that for. >> you are more psychopath i can then i am. >> you can have them, a personality trait and enjoy torment willing people. so they compare if you like bitter taste it is that roller coaster ride where you like things that induce fear. but lots of us do children love roller coaster. that is why we have parks. >> that is why i have fed my kid gin for years. >> i had a story, i cannot tell. >> 74:00 to. >> now you have to tell. >> i cannot, i cannot. >> does it include gin and tonic or vodka and tonic. >> what? >> i will tell you in the commercial break. >> we had a incident we went ice skating.
7:43 am
we were in the cold enough. they wanted to have jen, quincy come out and ride the zamboni. >> where at penn's landing in whoever town. >> outside. >> at the stadium. >> inside but it is obviously cold. >> would i like to do that, i have never driven one. >> they would love to have you out. >> let's do it. his name is jack, we will check. >> eagles in the season, playoffs, they played a horrible game. if you were at that game and sat through that can you tweet me right now. i want to know what you thought about that. is there anyway eagles can give us our money back for that. that was just horrible. >> we had backups playing. we didn't to have win per se so one of those, you don't want anybody hurt. >> all right, all right. >> we will be
7:44 am
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now having said that is there a gas leak in the 1700 block of 21st street between morris and moore, and not sure what cause that had gas leak but, there are going to be some road closures, in that neighborhood as a result. accident on 422 westbound, near the off ramp of the schuylkill expressway, it has
7:47 am
been cleared and the accident on the schuylkill, eastbound at conshohocken curve, right lane is blocked there, it looks like a vehicle spun out in the wrong direction, might have been an icy spot but it is proof that you give got to be careful out there this morning. but, how cold will it get, we will let you know in 15 seventy-fifth 47. probably won't break a record, we won't for morning low but the coldest high temperature we have ever haddon any january 1st was, way back in 1918, when we got down to a 16-. the record for this date of low temperatures for four. we have down to seven this morning and that will end up being our official low
7:48 am
temperature for january 1st of 2018, where we're predicting 20 degrees later on. we will see how that plays out regardless a wind chill advisory continues until 10:00 . wind chills below zero, in our viewing area single digits for zero for actual temperatures like lancaster, temperatures zero, and, we will pick up more, now that the sun has listen those breezes, giving us, continued, cold, cold, cold temperatures. ten below, is like it feels like in lancaster. five below in philadelphia we have got this potential for coastal storm, and it looks like timing for that storm is not today, tomorrow, but probably late on wednesday night in the overnight hours as we head into thursday morning. a lot of unpredictability, where coastal storms are concerned, initially we thought it would stay out to sea, in the so lucky according to the computer models here with the possibility of, snow
7:49 am
spreading through the area and that will have an affect on school and work thursday morning, stay tuned for more on. that continued high temperatures, below freezing throughout this entire seven day forecast, so the race time , we reached, freezing or above was tuesday afternoon of last week and then by friday and saturday of this week after the snow is out of here, daytime high, guys only in the teens. >> the teens. >> no let up in sight. >> lets get back to breaking news that sue was just talking about in point breeze. >> we have lauren johnson on the scene. we know people were evacuated. what else have we learn, lauren. >> we met up with andre living here at 21st and moore street a lot of people heading outside. tell me what happened this morning. >> we smelled some gas. called the gas company. they came out. our neighbors had gas leak. they are right here, sorry,
7:50 am
neighbors. >> we can get back in the house now. everything is better now. >> you woke up and smelled something. is what your name. >> stacy. >> did you wake up and smell something. >> yes. >> what did you do. >> about 4:00. we opened up windows and turned off gas and kind of wait todd see what would happen. we heard them pull out. we yelled out window that we had a leak. >> they are digging in front of your front yard. you had to leave in, heat. >> i don't know when we get to turn our heat back on. >> good thing you have neighbors like andre. >> that is true they took care of us so andre, is what next for you. >> i will go back to sleep. >> yes. >> maybe parade in a little bit, i don't know yet. >> what do you think about the cold it is pretty cold out. >> that is it. >> yes. >> mike and karen, you can see crews working in the front happy new year to you as well trying to get the heat restored to the neighbors over here. i can tell you some of these guys don't have gloves and it is freezing. even with my gloves on i have
7:51 am
been outside for six minutes outside truck my fingertips are freezing. >> okay. >> go back to bed. >> it is cold. >> wind chillies five below, five below. >> if i was out for four hours i would go back to bed too. would i go back to bed myself right new. >> andre's kind of cute. >> really, the guy out in the cold. >> kind of cute. >> getting back. >> it is probably cold in his home there. >> all right. >> lets talk about, oh, my gosh. >> if you need to snuggle go by and see andre. >> what a horrible game yesterday. >> it was slow, boring, people were making, mistakes. nobody could hold on to the ball. >> nick foles sitting, miserable, six to nothing. the cowboys win. so, how much confidence do you have now going in to the
7:52 am
playoffs? nick foles says that he is confident, he went four for 11 , 39-yard, there was an interception. and then after he was done he got to sit on the bench, nate sudfield, he was nine for 23. >> nineteen for 23. >> like i said 19 for 23. >> he looked good. i watched his first two drives and he put together good drives making first downs. cold weather messed with bet teams severely. >> of course. >> their fans. >> so nate sudfield, 19 of 23. there was some kind of record for a third string quarterback or something. >> um-hmm. >> hihest percentage, his completion percentage 80 percent was like the highest ever for a third stringer. >> isn't that wired. 134-yard. some people were saying he should start. >> no, no. >> it is nick foles. >> foles will be fine. two weeks off. every within regroups. >> we tried to figure this out
7:53 am
we have it here. eagles will play saturday january 13th, 4:35 p.m. so they will have to play within of these four teams on the bottom of the screen there if atlanta wins they will come here on the 13th. so, if atlanta loses to the rams then we have to play either the panthers or the saints, whoever wins that playoff game on the seventh. >> it goodies to figure out, it is holiday weekend, i wanted to go away. my husband is like i want to go to the game. >> what holiday is that. >> martin luther king weekend, yep, 12th and 13th, so we were going to go away. just so you know it was football game. new we have word it is saturday. thus, ruining the entire weekend. we will be glued to the tv. >> i will go, i want to play falcons. >> hopefully. we will see what happens. >> most people will say that too. >> we will know by next week even. >> martin luther king weekend is 13th, i thought it was
7:54 am
third week of january i'll be darn. >> fifteenth, that is right, yeah, january 15th. you will go skiing, in this cold. >> we cannot afford plane ticket to florida it will be lovely, great. >> get a fire going, it will be fine. >> okay. i have a few to do things, and , have a few too many -- >> did you drink too much last night. >> yes. >> you have a hang over, we have some ideas. >> yes. >> we have some tricks, every year we say we will have them, i don't know if any of them work. >> we will do this, segment every year, doctor mike, do you have, this is what he says , a lot have people at parade will have a flask of alcohol, to keep them warm. he says, that is a really bad idea. >> he will tell you why. not because of the alcohol. >> i'm sure they won't drink at all
7:55 am
your daughter wants to stay organic. your husband wants to stay free from artificial ingredients. you want to stay free from artificial preservatives. and your debit card wants to stay on a diet. fill your cart with small victories like giant's nature's promise brand. great prices on over 1,300 items.
7:56 am
eat well for less. only at my giant.
7:57 am
7:58 am
okay again, doctor mike, thanks for coming in. >> hi. >> happy new year. >> we try to do segment different then any other talk show, is this a talk show. >> and you have to do a hang over segment every new years day. so we beg you to tell us something, new is there any new way to get rid of the hang over sit possible. >> well, science continues to progress. >> okay. >> i brought some alcohol. i brought some bourbon, some g in. mainly to show that dark, spirits, here, like bourbon, have a lot of what we call, and thinks gin and has less. many people think that may be part of why, a, hang over occurs. i have a list for you. >> real quickly i want to show
7:59 am
you, exactly what we have got here. we have that list. >> we will put it upright now, is this symptoms. symptoms are fatigue, tired ness, sleepiness, headache, dry mouth, nausea anyone who drank a lot last night is probably or too much, it is experiencing some of these, right now. so, about six hours, after your last drink, is the alcohol level goes to zero. that is prime time for symptoms what causes them. number one. metabolism, when you consume alcohol it gets metabolize by the body i. one of the compounds can cause a lot of these symptoms. this is the new study, it changes the intestinal bacteria, and, the immune system, and also, i mentioned these conge ners, if you drink a lot of bourbon that can caused an increased problem
8:00 am
and family history even. what do you do about the hang over? >> all right. >> one, abstinence, drink fluid. you have one drink, drink one glass of water or gator aid. now new science, suggests that , because your immune system may be involved you want to take some non-steroid als, like, motrin, something like that later on, in the morning, and followed by an anti histamine, that is where the science is going and it may also affect your intestinal, bacteria, and probiotics. >> you mentioned asian pair juice or something. >> there about 20 police cars went by, probably head together parade. i got distracted. >> i will see, there they go. >> look at that. >> look at that. >> they are on their way to get what i just said, pair juice, is one of the natural products that you can try and there is more and more science
8:01 am
to show that actually works because it increases the metabolism of alcohol. through go. >> i love you to. no matter what. >> that was really television. >> because that was one interesting thing i thought thank goodness we saw police cars. they are going to the parade. >> we have security at the parade, because it was low speed. >> where can i get korean pair juice. >> it is probably available, i have not seen it on shelves recently, i'm sure it is available, if you want to get it, but one last thing very important. >> yes. >> real quick. >> real quick if you are going to the parade with minus 2 degrees, avoid alcohol today >> yes. >> none of this hair the dog that kind of stuff. >> yes. >> in reality that was going to be the whole segment why we are avoiding the alcohol don't take a flask of hard liquor. >> no. >> stay hydrated. >> worse thing you can do.
8:02 am
>> worse thing you can do. last week i said you can get from his bite in a half an hour in this weather. you need to be very, very careful, layers, covered up, don't get wet and avoid alcohol. and no tie len until too. >> e need a she to do this i need a whole hour. >> no tie len until when you are drinking it can hurt your liver, no don't do it. >> thanks, doctor mike. >> i love you both, happy new year. >> i didn't get kissed last night at midnight. >> oh, well... . >> roll the tape. happy new year, happy new year but i mean it. >> dangerously cold, temperatures could not stop the celebrations, and this morning it is time for one more, the mummers parade goes
8:03 am
on, yes, we will have a camera there. plus a new year means new resolutions and we have got the tip, and the tips for a successful year from getting a couple app toss get your finances in check to helping you sweat it out to reach your goal. and a new years surprise, in one saw this coming i don't think. the famous faces that tied the knot on live television, in times square. what better way to get married, 3 degrees, in times square. >> yes. >> 8:03. i necessity woman who did it and she's a lovely, lovely woman. hi there, sue. >> hi. >> all right. >> it seems sill toy say, gee, it is cold out there because
8:04 am
this has been with us, this snap, since wednesday of last week. >> yes. >> it is still here. it is a three out of 10 because it is kind of cumulative, the effects of this cold, here we go with bus stop buddy, barely, you can barely see him, that is a good thing he is all covered up does not want to get frostbite wind chills are right now below zero and that is why we have a wind chill advisory for every where, until 10:00 o'clock this morning when we have below zero wind chills including up in the mountains. sun's bright but it is 8 degrees and feels like 4b low, sunrise time just happened, we have got 18 below is wind chill in mount pocono. twelve below in lancaster. your holiday forecast is for high temperature of a whooping , 20 degrees, and chills, in the single digits. that takes care of to today. it looks like someone finally showed up to take care of that
8:05 am
disable vehiclal approaching girard avenue on the schuylkill. we have a gas leak that is still underway in the 1700 block of 21st street between morris and moore and yeah, there we get, that is in point breeze area of south philadelphia, gas leak still underway there and septa market frankford line has delays due to police activity at allegheny station this morning, mike and karen. >> lets watch some fire works down on penns landing. 6:00 o'clock show, midnight show, everything went off well biggest problem was the cold, of course. >> take a listen. >> ♪ >> we have got music, and comes to the crescendo and nice theme this year, about reaching for the stars. family show i like to show to, yes. >> i go with the kid. >> a lot of people went for nighttime show too. >> now we have mummers parade
8:06 am
that will start here in a little bit. dave kinchen is in two street in philadelphia they are all walking toward the par rate right now, hey there, dave. >> getting more lively here by the half an hour. you can see, that they have put the barriers up along two street here, second street into third street for all of the festivities, the mummers clubs, everybody coming out of their clubhouse getting packed into their trucks. you can see customs. take a look chris show what is inside that rider truck right there, you can see some of the outfits there, the yellow colored outfits as part of the equipment people are putting on with their costumes and sequence. a lot of people in the getting a whole lot of sleep. that parties normal. new years eve celebration, maybe an her of sleep and then they get up, get ready to have some fun and then they will do the parade and more fun, party , party, party, two street is men for legendary
8:07 am
celebration that seems to never end, the city saying you know what parade is going on anyway because of cold, five warming stations for mummers with they are instruments so they can warm up and instruments getting preserved in this weather and there is also a cafe at dilworth plaza and subway lines where spectators can get to stay warm too back to you. >> warm, you know in, times square they still had a million people or more. it was 10 degrees in times square when the ball dropped, wind chills below zero. so let's listen to that one. it is a happening. people come out. i don't know why they with wait in line for so many hours and get through security and watch it and everyone goes away. >> i dit once, i broadcast there once. it was about 0 degrees. it is something do you once in
8:08 am
your life. people grew up there don't go but a lot of tourist love it. people from all over the world and then you kiss, it is great so also, it was a chance for mariah carey to redeem herself from has years performance. here she was a year ago. >> ♪ >> i will let audience sing. >> she blamed her ear piece malfunction as, spokesperson for dick clark productions called that hog wash. she called that it. here she was yesterday. >> ♪ >> y watched some of this. that is completely out of sync >> it is,. >> but she looks gorgeous and
8:09 am
sounds great. i don't know, fit is not sync ed right. >> who watched that last night i went to sleep. i saw her, you know, do her cup of tea thing. and having a fit about that. so if you watched it last night, did it look that way or we just screwing that up. >> they said it didn't look that way. >> why does it look that way now. >> is that our screw up. >> i don't know. >> so it certainly. >> we will try again next year , next new years day to make that better. >> that is one of our resolutions we can try, to always make things better and improve. she was happy with her performance. she sent out a tweet with shaking her head no. >> we will not be able to fix it any better this year. >> so we screwed that up. >> yes. >> we are trying to show that she redeem herself and it is completely out of sync.
8:10 am
>> it has been wrong since 4:00 this morning. >> it is now eight. >> it could have been wrong 20 times. >> it goodies to be back. >> happy new year. >> it is the first good day she of the new year. we appreciate he joining us. >> what i love we just kind of scolded her for last years performance, you know, she& screwed up, and then we try to show her redeeming herself and we screw it up. she should call us right now and say, you screwed up. >> completely. >> undoubted. we do every day, so... >> so, did you go to the game yesterday. i know it was a cowboys game. you kind of to go. i admire people that went out there. man, lot of people did. it looked, it was probably 95 percent full. >> we could not believe. >> donnie jones forgot to take his pants off before he had to go out and punt. somehow he got them off over
8:11 am
his cleats in time to take the snap. >> nick foles went four for 11 , in the first quarter. cowboys won the stinking game six to nothing. we could not even get a field goal, man. how are you feeling going in the playoffs. are you confident, nick foles said he will be fine, everything is fine. so we have two weeks to figure things out january 13th is the next game we have to play the falcons, the panthers or the saints. >> okay. coming up after the holidays we all get strapped for cash. so, dan roccato, what did we decide to do. >> some app toss help us get back on track. >> instead have generic financial tips, he has two app s that i i'm thrilled to put into my phone. >> help us get back on track. i'm excited.
8:12 am
>> i'm not kidding yes. >> he has this thing called the mint we will explain it how to get on the phone and what it will do have at break and i promise it will be great and din roccato wait until excuse me everyone! paul? paul? this is three million dollar mega multiplier the new game from the pennsylvania lottery with top prizes of three million dollars! three million dollars! did you win? i don't know. i'm so excited about it. this could be a big winner! just had to share. carry on. sometimes the moments before you scratch are as exciting
8:13 am
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trusted their soaps for years... this is the soap i grew up with i use this every day i feel clean, there is no film like there's nothing left on my skin but are their soaps as clean rinsing as dove? i'm not sure what this is for. this is my soap something is left behind and i don't like that. dove is clean,... ...very clean. my soap,... ...dove. clearly dove is cleaner rinsing i'm convinced. i'm absolutely gonna be switching to dove. dove cleans beautifully
8:15 am
vehicle spun out of control a few hours ago and wrong direction on eastbound schuylkill at conshohocken curve. it has been moved over to the shoulder, tow truck is leaving the scene with the vehicle, so things are finally moving along smoothly there. what about this weather? how low will these temperatures go? your um mummers forecast is coming up. 8:15. so here it is, your mummers forecast, cold at 9:00 with 11 f
8:16 am
zero. bitter cold at 11. get up to 16 and then 20 for our high temperature. frigid all day long. we will have a max wind chill of around 6 degrees, if you are heading out to the parade to day cover up as much as possible, layers, you know the drill. wind chill below zero, giving us a wind chill advisory for this morning. we have single digit temperatures and those wind chills that are below zero. so we will look at the seven day forecast, it is a high of 20. little better tomorrow but not much. high of 25. thirty by wednesday, it is wednesday night into thursday, we will watch out for a coastal storm, morning snow, potentially on thursday and then even colder temperatures after that, daytime highs in the teens. >> walking in i was walking by a trash can and a squirrel jumped out at me and i went oh >> i'm not kidding. have you ever gone out on the
8:17 am
patio. >> yeah. >> the squirrels are inside. anyway, squirrel jumps out, scares the heck out of me. i'm sure collecting acorns and nuts. it brings to us our financial segment. because we brought in a nut. no, we have to get your finances in order. second most, number one resolution every year is you have to lose weight. >> um-hmm. >> second is i will get my finances together. >> yes. >> let's make this easy with a couple of apps. here's dan. he knows what he is doing. he is worth billions of dollars. >> in a dream. >> acorn, squirrels gathered and then saved them. that is name of the app. >> but first, a lot of folks say i wish i could save more of these. so impossible. so hard to do. lets make it simple for every within today, i love this app, couple folks, it is called acorn, free app for your smart phone. you linc your debit card, credit card to the app. every time you make a purchase
8:18 am
, it rounds up to the next dollar. you buy something for $1.06, 40 sentencings automatically into your savings account. >> oh, god. >> average user at the even of the year has about 700 bucks in savings, without even doing anything all you are doggies rounding up a few cents at a time. >> i really like that. >> really cool. >> puts it back in my regular checking account. >> you can invest tonight a fund, you have plenty of options but key thing is it automatically saves for you without ever thinking bit and free it keeps track of your spending too. >> yes, best part, it is like a financial gps for savers. >> i really like that. >> all of us, i wish i could save a few bucks more. this is an easy pain freeway, in 2018, anyone can do it. >> okay. >> 700 bucks at end of the year. >> you could buy an airline ticket. >> or my present. >> your present, yes.
8:19 am
>> mint is the other one. >> what is that about. >> how many times do you know where i dent necessity where my money goes. get your paycheck where did my money go? the good news is there a bunch of apps. one we like at fox 29 is called mint, free app, you put on your smart phone and it will track your spending, for you like a financial gps, right. it will give you reports of exactly where your money is going, it will prompt to you pay your bills on time. essentially it learns your behavior based on your financial. >> so do you always have to pay down to the card. >> it makes sense to use your debit card or credit card because it will also catch your cash when you take cash out of bank and stuff like that. it will know you are taking cash out. >> do you ever buy anything with cash. >> i love cash. >> but then you can't keep track of that. >> that is down side. having said that studies have shown thaw and i couldn't zoom er spent 18 percent less
8:20 am
when we pay with cash. >> i think that totally makes sense. >> i like 2 percent back credit card and they track everything. they will tell you what you spend on food, clothing, travel. >> best credit card for new year city double cash card 2 percent back, we have talk bit before. it gives you 2 percent back, mike on every single purchase you make. in the just there is a bunch, there is bunch getting in the game, look for the credit card that always pays cash back, forget miles unless you are traveling a lot. >> that was great. >> acorn, mint, we can do this in 2018. >> put this on my even if today. >> more have these in 218. >> that is a hundred dollar bill. >> happy new year. >> first lady gave me my allowance this morning. >> did you hear about apple, they were trying to fool us by our battery was going dead so we would have to buy new batteries. they got caught, they apologized and now they are getting replacement for a lot less money we will tell you how much.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
before we start, i just want to say if anyone still doesn't have fios, please stay out of the way so your lag doesn't get us all killed, ben. what's so good about fios anyway? uh. what's so great about a 100% fiber-optic network that makes your gaming system actually work awesomely? hey. did you take out the trash? haha, garbage boy! dad, i already took out ben. it's not funny. gaming is best on a 100% fiber-optic network. so get fios. now, just $79.99 per month with a 2-year price guarantee with a 2-year agreement.
8:24 am
apple people, computer people, the phone people got caught, so now apple's offering a special battery replacement deal because customers with older iphones this were slowing down our i fence doing it deliberately and saying our battery wasn't able to process as quickly as it needed to be. they were slowing them down. like a kid ended up figuring it out. we are not spending a thousand bucks to get those brand new i phones, most of us in fact, so they will offer us a deal, since they got caught, they will replace batteries, before it was 79 bucks. now it will be $29. >> all right. >> so for 30 bucks get a new battery and your iphone five, six, seven will run as fast it did as the day you bought it or not enclose. >> what a bunch of creeps. >> i'm happy for $29 get it fix, because mine has been deleting all my pictures thinking that is the problem. >> it was deliberate. >> probably update i did and
8:25 am
down loaded. >> so 30 apologize instead of 80, they will sell you one for 30. >> i'll take it. >> all right. beggars can't be cheesers. >> coming up, they say opposite a track but does that lead to a healthy relationship advice from a relationship, i have heard, forever that opposite attract. you balance each other out. not so fast. >> i can see both side we will discuss let us know. turning 65. downsizing.
8:26 am
enrolling in medicare part d. these are moments when people realize that where you get your medicine matters. and they come to cvs pharmacy. for advice and ways to save money. including copays as low as zero dollars. switching is easy, call 1-833-cvs-medd and transfer today to cvs pharmacy.
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8:28 am
are you ready for this? the number one, resolution, every year, i'm going to lose weight and get to the gym. >> we have been eating so much more in the holidays. new we are bloated and have extra padding.
8:29 am
>> i have been doing that for 50 years. >> there is a i new kind of class, you exercise, naked. and there is some science, involved in this. okay. >> but it cannot be science, it is hot yoga are we bending. >> it is not even hot yoga but it requires, nudity, and they are co-ed he had classes. >> the lights are out. >> more than i want to see, all right. >> make sure you wipe off the equipment. >> you why. >> the ones you sit on. >> yeah. >> i love this every year. well, years when it gets so cold. that is niagara falls. you thought would it never completely freeze over but it is darn close. well, we will show you other pictures. it is so artistic, sculpture. >> like out of the movie frozen, elsa and ana. >> but this is real, kids, real. >> well, we can believe it. we have in the been involved,
8:30 am
we have not been above freezing, since when, sue. >> tuesday have last week. >> yes. >> so we're almost at a week of below freezing temperatures and it looks like we could end up, nine or 10 days in a row, we will see how it all plays out. it is all about numbers. our number of the day is a three. bus stop buddy, you can barely see him and that is a good thing and that is how you should be dressing especially if you are going to the parade today or anytime you are spending out of doors, wind chills below zero now and single digits later on. we have that wind chill advisory in effect for almost all of our counties and boy, in the mountains it is 10 to 20 degrees below zero. that is what it feels like outside. it is eight in philadelphia right now. feels like 4b low. other wind chills, well, they are all below zero except for reading where it feels like two. so cold. all right. we have got happy new year, regardless of the temperature, high today 20. single digit wind chills that is your first day of 2018.
8:31 am
we will talk about the seven day forecast and even colder temperatures, coming up. but it is time for traffic right now at 8:31. we have haven't had too much in the way of traffic but we have had a few incidents this morning other then the schuylkill and roosevelt boulevard, we have not had too many accidents on i-95, we have had nothing on the vine or the, or on i-95, so there is an accident having said that to tell you about on the schuylkill eastbound at conshohocken curve. it is cleared. roadway back to normal but you know you can hit those icy patches out there, anywhere this morning. so be on the alert for that mummers parade starts at nine. road closures all along broad street and the side streets, around the parade, it wind up those road closures at 6:00 this evening, guys, back to you. >> hey sue. >> yeah. >> we have known each other a long time, over last five years or so you know, i sometimes host the st. christopher's hospital for children. >> i love when do you that. >> cancer prom, one of the best. you did it for me one year
8:32 am
when i could not make it. >> one of the most nation things. you have developed a close relationship with the people there. >> especially, my little friend, laney, there is laney, i don't know how many years ago it was, but, quite a few, but so year after year i run in to laney at this prom. >> look at her. well, she has decided to come by and visit, on the first day of this year and her mom is with her, hi, heather. >> hi, laney. >> hi. >> boy, you are growing up, you look so tall, and you are like a woman. >> hi, laney. >> hi. >> can i come over. >> look at you. are you in school. >> yeah. >> what school do you go to now. >> that is a good cool. that is a pretty good school. >> what grade would you be in.
8:33 am
>> sixth. >> well, no. >> which is it, don't lie to me. >> i'm in first. >> i'm in first. >> first grade. >> what do you want to be when you grow up. >> a teacher. >> oh, good, hi, heather. >> hi. >> what is the prognosis. first of all, remind everybody , what she was dealing with. >> she battled, two times, with a cancer, and, right new we are proud to say that we are one year cancer free. >> yeah. >> now, i have a little bit of a been to pick with you. i cannot believe you got a tattoo. >> she had to be like mommy. >> yes. >> i love that. >> look at laney's name there. >> yes. >> is this real. >> no. >> wow. >> let me show this again. >> what does it mean. >> you have a heart there and
8:34 am
what are these. >> wings love maine but doesn't say me. >> like angel wings. >> yes. >> and was this one over here. >> is this real. >> no. >> no. >> and that is good too what does that say. >> love, fun, peace, music. >> you like music still. >> yes. >> and love. >> yes. >> and peace. >> yes. >> look at you, you are all grown up, i can't believe it. >> doesn't she look so much older. >> i have a present for you. >> you brought me a present. >> where did they come from. >> they came from hawaii. >> were you in hawaii. >> you went to hawaii. >> and, you didn't take me. >> yes. >> you went with him. >> yes. >> we went for make a wish. >> make awe wish took to you hawaii. >> what was that like. >> it was like so much fun. we went in the pool with the dolphins.
8:35 am
>> you swam with dolphins. >> i have never done that. >> was that cool. >> yes. >> was the weather beautiful. >> yes. >> what was your favorite part of hawaii. >> going on the beach. >> boot full where did they go >> can you speak hawaii. >> no. >> i cannot either. >> do you see street signs over there in honolulu like really long names of the streets and stuff like. that. >> so what is this. >> for you. >> should i wear this. >> this is for you. >> that looks a lot like you. >> it is. >> that makes perfect sense. >> it is for your fridge. >> it has a magnet on the back >> so there is two pictures. >> does that come over. >> okay, mom.
8:36 am
>> well, thank you, they are both beautiful pictures. >> you are a beautiful girl. >> i then this i made this for you. >> let me look here, to mike yearrick, that is me. >> yes. >> merry christmas. i'm guessing this is the tree. see, nothing gets by me. love laney. >> a christmas tree with a heart. because you have a big heart. >> i know. >> yes, you do. >> it went through here. >> from the front. >> well, yeah, that happens. >> and then. >> can you come back every day >> you are about the same size as alex, maybe you can take over for her. >> this is for sue. >> sue, come on in here. >> what are these. >> they are from hershey,
8:37 am
pennsylvania. >> hershey park. >> you went to hershey park. >> you gave me a kiss. >> thank you so much. >> and this is for karen. >> karen got a kiss too. >> and who are you going to give this one too. >> can you give this one to alex. >> sure. >> so sweet. >> i'll make sure. >> thank you, laney. >> do you have a big part. >> she's amazing. >> i don't know, she has really grown up. >> she's beyond her years. she cares and thinks about everybody else before she thinks of herself. could not be more proud of her >> look at that smile. >> lets see those teeth. >> yes, looking good. >> all i want for christmas is my two front teeth. >> i already have my two front teeth.
8:38 am
>> that is what i was going to give you, two of your teeth but you already have them. thank you for my gift. >> your best gift for me was seeing you again, you know that. >> i. >> i love you. >> i love you too. >> take a quick
8:39 am
with dunkin' deals, you get two egg & cheese wake-up wrap sandwiches for $2. and two of those for two of those means you deserve a few of those. stop in for the latest dunkin' deal, two egg & cheese wake-up wrap sandwiches for $2. america runs on dunkin'.
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so we know how to cover almost almoanything.hing even a swing set standoff.
8:41 am
and we covered it, july first, twenty-fifteen. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ and when youod sugar is a replace one meal... choices. ...or snack a day with glucerna... ...made with carbsteady... help minimize blood sugar spikes... can really feel it. now with 30% less carbs and sugars. glucerna. justin dull knowledge us for a little bit, because i forgot to tell part of the story there has been a little port in her body here just under her arm. and is what the purpose of the port. >> easier access for her chemo and medications. >> and chemo and medication will be fed through this little port. >> it goes right up here and come down, to a tube that feed into her central line. >> you are going to the doctor and what will they do. >> they will take it out. >> they will take it out. >> after two and a half years. >> what will you do a port.
8:42 am
>> make it a necklace. >> make a necklace out of it. >> so it will be still be a part of you, away. >> been keeping you healthy. >> yes. >> and what will do you after the port is out, i understand you want to get in some classes, some exercise. >> no, gymnastic. >> oh, gymnastics. >> you want to be a gymnast. >> yes. >> and go to the olympics or what. >> no,. >> just want to take classes. >> good luck with the port. >> okay. >> i want to see the necklace when you make it. >> okay. >> i don't know if they have gymnastics where quincy is but i bet they do he is working out. number one resolution. >> it is time, to get right i'm at sweat fitness olde city , time for people to pump it up. you have a resolution. you say i can't do it. i cannot get fit this year. but guess what these guys have some tips, and listen, it is easier then you think, tell you bit when we
8:43 am
8:44 am
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when my smile is bright, i feel ready to shine. some whitening toothpastes only remove surface stains, colgate optic white high impact white is different. it has hydrogen peroxide, to whiten four shades for a visibly whiter smile. trust your smile to colgate optic white. well, it is wintry every where but here is where it is a wintry wonder land. woodlock in the pocono mountains is looking like a christmas card. it is cliche but it is gorgeous out there.
8:46 am
it is just cold. wind chills are in the 10 to 20 degrees below zero. we have 9:00 o'clock stepping off at 11:00 feeling like zero , 16. by 11:00 by two. we should reach our high for the day of 20 but it will feel like single digits out there maybe around six. so we have 8 degrees in philadelphia right now, even lower north and west of the city, that is actual temperature. we will factor in the wind as high as 12 miles an hour to the south of us and 4b low in dover. two below in wildwood. twelve below in lancaster right now. looking ahead though to the future we will watch a storm system to our south, which looks like it is shaping up to be a possible coastal storm aka a nor'easter, yeah, so by wednesday in the afternoon it is in the carolinas, spread something snow and it looks like by wednesday night it could start to spread snow in our area and by one in the morning it could be throwing throughout the area to start
8:47 am
your thursday. we will see what happens. still a little bit of uncertainty but it looks like it is shaping up to do something, on thursday morning it stays because low freezing the whole time, after the snow is over on thursday, for friday, saturday, dame time highs in the teens. that is even colder then the forecast for today. no let up is basically what we're saying. >> thank you, sue. >> mike gave nicest gift to alex and i, i got us these nice snuggies that has pockets in the front. >> it is utility as well. >> lets get to this naked work out segment now that i have been talking about all morning >> we will not do that right now but we will get to quincy. he is not naked. >> no. >> please. >> not number one resolution every year toys get in shape. >> every year. >> lets see what quincy's doing. >> it is same thing last year, it is something different because we are at sweat fitness in olde city right around the corner from our job we have no excuses, this year,
8:48 am
right guys, right. we have jamill, joel, and, contrary toy popular he leave people think man, coming to the gym is tough. i have to eat greens. i have to be super strict. you are telling me not. >> not at all. >> really. >> what you want to do is, don't set standard way up here , but at the same time don't set it too low. when you set your standard low , once you hit that gel, you automatically quit. i got it. i who 5-pounds i'm good. what i find works great is schedule out a vacation reward yourself. >> always. >> absolutely. you want to go plan a vacation for yourself or maybe more competitive, put yourself into a situation where maybe i got to get rid for a mar then or some kind of an event. always set a new goal. first step toys take it one step in front of the other. >> can we see work outs. >> absolutely.
8:49 am
so joel will take you through a work out. what we will do, we want to burn body fat as possible. >> yes. >> contrary toy popular belief , running won't get you what you want. >> what is going on. >> you are not getting where you want to. >> we will show you what you need to do. he will give me high knees and give him a little resistance. get heart rate up, burn body fat but here we go, high knees , nice and quick this will burned about i fast and relax, contrary toy belief, we're doing the legwork out now. >> what do we do right here. >> pull ups. >> joel huskie guy he will crank these out real quick. give us three or five of them. >> okay. >> now listen, me and mike jer rick cannot do that is what modification. >> perfect maryland case to this one is you want to just
8:50 am
step up, get a nice firm grip and slowly slow yourself down. >> that is effective as well. >> so come down nice and slow. >> what is next one. >> from here we will get into a bear crawl. 2 inches from the gun. feel your abs working and triceps, flex. slow and steady. >> this is effective. >> you work this stuff out. >> absolutely. >> we are working your core the entire time, so we will get them. >> absoluteliy don't have to be a super vegetarian. >> listeny can drink a little bit. >> if my complaints were to tell you what i do, we will go ahead. >> you need to come to sweat. >> you need to come to sweat at sweat. >> mike jerrick around the corner from the job right by star bucks, you need to come in. >> hey mike. >> give him a message.
8:51 am
>> i know she's a great trainer, i might be a little bit better. i love you, mike. >> a little bit of shade. >> i'm joking. she's a great young lady. i don't want any problems. >> i know. >> i bet she's watching too. >> look at that. >> i hate pull ups. i refuse to do them. >> i have been working with jl lewis, all right. >> i see it all over your social media. >> i bet she's watching. i will get a text any second because she's trying to steel her timey will work out with him. >> i bet you will. >> he is around the corner. that is within good looking man right there. >> should i read what is in the prompter. >> go ahead. >> here we go. >> burr. it is cold out there. >> really, wow, i don't say. >> don't forget your hand
8:52 am
warmers, don't have any. no problem. i know this dude he is a chemistry professor at temple and he showed me how to make hand warmers because they are sold out across the city. hand warmers because they are sold out across the city. we wiin america last year.0 deas we need to stand up and say enough. the only way this problem is going to be solved is if we raise our voices. choose help over helplessness, hope over hopelessness. make sure that the lives we've lost will not have been lost in vain. addiction is a disease. when you ask for help, help is there for you.
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we have a couple more accidents to tell but including one on the pennsylvania turnpike westbound just past bensalem left lane is blocked at mile marker 350.3. also an accident in vineland route 55 northbound off ramp to route 674 north and don't forget about mummers parade and street closings around broad street, broad to washington is basically the route of the parade and then a lot of the side streets are blocked off as well. your best betties mass transit if you are going to the parade today. i want to thank jacqueline
8:56 am
look at how festive our traffic producer is this morning with her happy new year hat. basically you just continued the party from last night. >> um-hmm. >> looking good today. >> yeah. >> thanks for your help this morning. >> happy new year. >> yeah. >> thank you. >> mike said how was the party >> amazing. >> yes. >> you have not been home yet. >> i haven' slept. >> big question did you get kissed at new year. >> maybe. >> she's teasing, maybe by a couple. >> lots of kisses. >> you know what i was doing at midnight. >> she knows how to get around town. >> it is my wedding anniversary. >> she knows how to get around town that is why she was in traffic. >> thanks for coming in. well, it is the new year and with the new crazy way to work out at the gym we have been talking about we will
8:57 am
give you details now, it is a naked work out class, and it is a real thing and i will naked work out class, and it is a real thing and i will tell you iand i like these award-winning cheddar puffs. first place. both events? booyah! we're an awards family. you'll like them both but love our price. award-winning organic cheddar puffs from aldi. simply smarter shopping.
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actually, the biggest dinos only ate plants! mu-um dinosaurs only eat meat! and country crock is made with plants. country crock has always been made with the goodness of plants. it has real, simple ingredients... and the same country fresh taste you love. welcome to crock country.
9:00 am
it is still, looking great , come on. >> yes. >> so nice to look at. >> hi everybody. >> yes. >> let me be the first to say, it is first day of a brand new year. lauren johnson is in out of the cold, and, you know, you'll eventually thaw out in about 20 minutes. >> i hepp so. >> it can take hours. >> i feel like you cannot get warm all day long.


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