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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  January 4, 2018 7:00am-9:00am EST

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to shovel it, because it is so >> with the snow coming in it light, is that true? is fluffy makes it easy to >> this is true. shovel. the problem is the winds could >> which company are you with? are you with the city of ruin your shoveling job. wilmington? >> priority services. >> okay. minutes after you shovel, the and so you guys are going, tell me little bit about your wind very high right now, and morning? getting higher. you can see, that the edge of >> well, we had to wake up at this storm, the back edge, is 1:00 today. and we started shoveling. as far west as central and i mean, really, there is really, you really can't pennsylvania. looking at ultimate doppler shovel. because then just comes back radar little more in depth on. you got to shovel again. into that in just a few so right now just giving a moments, but at this hour, every day, we gave you a number, and it is very rare pass, giving everything a pass. >> okay, so you're going through, hitting the bus one out of ten today with bus stops, is that a primary stop buddy with the obvious, target for you? it is snowing. we have some windchills that >> yes, the bus stops, other are in the single digits this transportation stations. >> because they're still running? >> yes. >> they're running 24/7 morning. >> we are higher gusts out actually. >> you guys are also driving there this morning, as women, through it, can you talk a blizzards warnings, winter little bit about driving conditions, is it getting little more slippery? storm warnings winter weather we see these roads are advisory out, there and high becoming more snow covered. temperature not different >> yes, it is actually, really from where we are right now. but it is not going to feel actually pretty dangerous. like 26 degrees blowing and yes, like this truck, it is a commercial truck, and we're actually having kind of trouble with it. drifting snow, in the process
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and i mean it doesn't have of that hitting us, so mike four wheel drive, that's masco outside, and you just probably why. so i mean just be careful when got some new information about you're out there. this nasty nor'easter. >> thank you very much. so it is after 7:00 guys, have good day, be safer, thanks for taking care, people of >> we are getting into the wilmington, we appreciate it. heart of the storm, and i want >> your welcome. to go over to graphics, because i want to show you >> so it is after -- soree? >> channel six? what this storm looks like and >> twenty-nine, channel 29, also overlay what we are looking in terms every pressure reading, over to yes. after 7:00 we would radar graphics, we will show normally see a lot of people you, there is the storm system out here getting ready to go to work, i think a lot of people decided to go home, maybe their offers is closed sitting 218 miles off atlantic because taking live look at the bus stop, there is nobody city but central pressure at out here right now. this hour, somewhere around karen, thomas? >> so hard to judge the roads there specially when snow 968 millie bars now, already covered to know exactly what's ice in these below freezing temperatures here. jenny, thank you. be safer out there. seeing sustained winds picking >> normal work day, rodney up but look down toward square would be jam packed, atlantic sit, sustained wind center of the community there, at 30, gusting close to everyone staying home. let's look at another 40 miles per hour in the last community. hour, we have new guidance >> right here. moorestown, burlington county. know this area all too well. into fox. i want to bring you over to grew up not too far away here. fought your cast, you have to come to the tv screen, take a i tell you, they're dealing with it this morning, as well, look, modeling now, not only the snow, but the suggesting, we could see gusts winds are starting to pick up.
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as high as 50 miles per hour and we saw couple of people out as we look at the shot, shoveling the driveway perhaps, too early because you have to do it again and again heart of the storm cracks and and again with the winds, and gets going, the post storm impact are as great as the the continued snow. >> that's one of the fun storm itself. activities sometimes. screaming winds developing a lot of are you second through the course of your pictures in, we appreciate day. them, also get to go them. that could certainly lead over to some scattered power still see this, a lot of snow coverage even on the main outages. and i'm very concerned, sue, drags right here, we take a look, george our camera guy myself, cathy, scott, we will there making the right and going around the communities. be talking about harsh yes, amazing how dark it looks temperatures right into the obviously with the storm weekend. overhead. and sue was showing us, seeing rare warnings, into the some lightning in the system details on that coming up in off coast. just little bit. so we still have a lot more to back outside live, looking out go there. >> once again we love to see towards old city, light fluffy what you're seeing this morning, no matter where you snows, crews doing great job on the roadways right now. are, of course be safe, sends but that's not the case bob in photos, videos, using kelly, all across the delaware hashtag #fox29snow. we've been talking about the different areas, different valley. >> simple going to have pockets every intense snow, i problems with the power lines. know our jenn fred has been out, there you know this very well, because go from one location to the next, completely different scene. >> all of the energy folks, peco power play, live look, >> hi, jen. >> yes, hi, guys. 309, southbound, right near mostly going through delaware county. we're driving by, very empty
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norristown another accident, don't have a lot of volume on parking lot of pen crest high the roadways, good and bad. it is good because phoned school, baron road, newtown square area of delaware county. we're headed toward middletown don't have the jam but salt brine, don't have a lot of township. traffic, flag getting the work again, this is a main road. out, live look at the ben franklin bridge, all of the it is not the schuylkill obviously, or i95. but baron road is a main bridges, speed restrictions, artery that if the kids were live look at the boulevard, going to school, this is the notice the visibility getting road that the school buses would be coming up, and going dropped down now wind blowing down. know knocking down visibility, now, i can tell you that mike going to the seashore, live g, my 17th favorite live truck look, ocean sit, there is what it looks like on the garden state parkway. driver of all time, we slid accident on the parkway near through a light just few minute ago. and so, underneath, you're wildwood. beginning to see little bit now that it is getting more light out. de-icing, hundreds cents of underneath this snow and kind cans lace, check the flight of yucky, like salt pebble status before you put the bags mixture, it is very, very in the trunk. some flights canceled yesterday. and again this storm going up slick. and again, that's probably one of the reasons why school the east coast, they don't want to have the planes stuck district and transportation in new york and new england, associations are making the call to try and keep their and if they have to come through philly, will probably workers, their students, their administrators offer the road stay where they are, speed this morning. restriction on all of the and until the crews can get to
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trains, trolleys for septa. these areas. so the trains are getting we've seen plenty of snow through, afraid, of any of the plows. we've seen plenty of trucks that are salting. overhead wires, icing up then and moving the stuff out of the way. and even though it is not coming down too terribly fast, the extra chance every getting at this moment, it has been pulled down, naturally delays on all of the regional rail steady. and as we've talked about all morning long, the stuff that's lines. new jersey transit running on coming down now is coming down regular schedule, cross honoring patco doing their on roads that are already in the teens, 15 degrees, best running on snow schedule. karen and tomorrow back to 20 degrees, we're at the you. >> keep us update. intersection right now of can't say it enough. dealing with several stages to painter road, anbar on road. the storm. see the snow and then the just to give you an idea of winds move in. where we r i have to say, we it will intensify, then could have take answer left dealing with the ice and the and gone down a hill. bitterly cold temperatures. i think both every us were like let's not slip. >> we have you covered no matter where you are, we have let's go up the hill. reporters and crews all over let's not be so slippery. from delaware, jenny joyce as you can see, the deeper we get on this road, the more delaware county jenn fred, and in the middle we have steve challenging it becomes. keeley. it is one of the reasons why we will be starting off with you, steve, because you've we have these roving vehicles been getting just hammered by so we can go in and out this storm out there on the through all of the different neighborhoods. just moments ago, probably coast. around 6:30, we were on the chester county delaware county line. and it didn't look this bad. but certainly the roads were snow covered.
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>> high winds and hire waves. tides working in our favor and so, karen and thomas, mike masco said it about 4:15 this the winds blowing waves morning, he said, don't look out your window. staying down, not splashing up and he famously said, don't over the sea wall like we often see in the inlet look out the window and say what happened? so if you are wondering what section. >> you can see it, looks like, happened, it is continuing to it is getting dark out. happen, it is continuing to rather than light out. and the ocean doesn't look too happen, right here on these mean and furious, but if you roads, so definitely take it look the other way, boy, the slow, just as a re can, we sky looks ominous. have: what happened? very low visibility. we've had the bars. the snow blowing sideways. >> yes what happened was -- our flakes are bigger than >> and we had butt lane. they've been all morning. >> and i love how you say mike's your 17th favorite live truck operator, even though we the wind stronger than it's been all morning, national only have 16 live truck weather service, saying foot operators. (laughing). to foot and a half here at >> you speak my language, thomas. come on. >> tap the brake. atlantic city, southern most tap the brake, my friend. new jersey, from atlantic city we will check in with you in a down to the cape may point. little bit. and we've already got a foot wow look at the snow. >> certainly beautiful but and a half depending on where also dangerous, when we have weather like this, a lot of you walk, like look at this, other problems, we'll have so we've been talking about accidents on the roads, have the drifting situation. all of the pipes breaking and we also unfortunately have a this is a good foot, 2 feet of lot of fires that can be snow, but again, if you, related. so we've had number of them throughout the area. because of the wind, you have
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no snow in spots. we go it to montgomery county so, that's the problem. crews have been real busy battling this one out there. and bob said, sue said, you this is plymouth meeting. you can see this fully could shovel and then mother nature will be like do you engulfed, i mean, just a have shovel again. battle, monticello lane, i just got update from my flames breaking out at about police in moorestown, so once i get done working, they're 4:30, here's what happened. they say it started in the telling me they're now going garage. then went up through the to get six to 8 inches in walls, and that's why it goss moorestown by this afternoon, through so much of the home and then those cold and just really dug its nails temperatures to follow if you don't get the snow while it is in, and ripped in through it. powdery it will be rock hard they're still on the scene. for the next two days. they're still battling this so boy you can't win. one. the good news, though, no you don't even know when to injuries. shovel this stuff. >> yes, crews very busy this because if you shovel it, you morning. one of two fires here, might have to re-shuffle. philadelphia firefighters also if you wait to shovel, you battling this was a two alarm might have harder job doing it fire, at second and pemberton because the snow will be in queen village this morning, harder itself. the fire it, broke out just so, big trouble out here, best before 4:00. to stay inside, and just wait this was a 3-story row home. for the snow and maybe the they did amazing job getting winds to stop. it under control by 5:30, no and before it get completely cold, go out and shovel. reported injuries this morning, but once again the i guess that's the best advice if you don't pay somebody else to do it for you. investigation continues and crews are still on the scene. but again, this is a familiar >> let's get over to sue. spot to our viewers. when we take a look, different and we've seen the ocean scenario on the snow and above blowing way over this, seen everyone's heads, but just the streets flooded, flooding about everybody getting wacked in the face with all the heavy is a worry down here because winds. of the tidal situation. >> and winds just getting
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and the winds. higher because the storm is but so far, no problems other closest to us, at this point. than just blowing snow everywhere. and you're only facing that if you're out and about, either driving or walking in this, stick with the map, most of us guys. >> yes, and see several rounds will probably end up on the every at least if you shovel high side of the snowfall estimates, closer to the ten, you have to do it again and than the six. again and again because of the strong winds that you're closer to the six than the four. showing thaws we're seeing closer to the four than the right there. and we should know atlantic two. city electric, i know you're depending on you liver. not surprised by this, look at the projections of reporting a thousand people snowfall amounts, this right now without power. morning, now, we're got the and there is concern that we could see additional customers blizzard warning continuing, along the coast, winter storm without power once we start warning here, and went he seeing the icing, and then the weather advisory to the north win intensify even more with of that. you can see, now, we're really the downed power lines. filled in with this moisture. we had some dry slots earlier. >> right now we hop on over to and not too much of that, at wilmington where jenny joyce least not in our viewing area, is, get that, talking with even as far west as the lehigh somebody, checking in, hey, valley seeing some heavy snow. but the darkest blue there in jenny, what have you got? atlantic city getting >> yes, good morning, guys, so hammered. little egg harbor, other we just saw the crews, you're places all along the garden kind of brushing this snow. state parkway and the a.c. it is not, you don't even need expressway as well. specially getting closer to the shore. so, it is playing out. that way. couple of pockets of heavier snow in delco where jen has been all morning. netter providence getting heavy snow. radnor as well. and then it will let up for
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little bit. will get heavy for all while. exeter, even you, in berks county, getting some steady snowfall this morning. so, as we look at the future cast, we see this snowfall continuing at the same rate along the shore points, but starting to ease up, maybe by 11:30, 12:00. and then slowly moving off shore from west to east. and we should be finished with this by about 5:30 at the very latest. but, as mike masco knows, trying to predict these coastal storms, as crazy, and sometimes they speed up, as they're exiting. we will see what happens. >> we were kind of crossing our fingers and toast that it would speed up. not really speeding up. it is actually doing everything we expect it to do. only thing that changed of course is that it came a little more west. now, it is all about just seeing how these bands develop. you know the hammer zones will be along the garden state parkway, it will be along the a.c. expressway, then you can take a line all the way down toward delaware. and that is where you could be
7:09 am
talking double digit jackpot amounts. let's go to the board. i want to show you what the storm looks like. look, i've been headlining this. this system is actually only 218 miles to the southeast of atlantic city. you know, we were talking about this storm earlier this week. we were thinking it was 300 miles. so obviously it is much closer, and that's of course been producing more snow across the region. now, let's go to the buoys. this is pretty impressive stuff. because last hour, we noticed a wave height, right, at 21 feet. wind gusting off of ac, 67 miles per hour. what a day to be in the boat. well there is will be the deal. look, wind gusts will continue to blossom, expands, toward, look, steve keeley, hole onto your hat, buddy. because 50, possibly close to 60-mile per hour winds, and then, if it doesn't get any worse, how about the windchills? we're looking at now a windchill alert. it could feel like, bob kelly, five, ten, 15, degrees below
7:10 am
zero. you got that? >> that will freeze up your jelly donut real quick. 7:17. common inside. we got some hot cocoa for you. live look at 422 eastbound, accident, right near the oaks interchange, vehicle went off of the roadway. and what's happening now, as you get everybody all back up behind it, you got the snow plows, the plow trains, salt trucks, not able to get through, there is a live look for the gang trying to work their way out of collegeville. let's go to 95. this is a live look, at i-95, northbound, accident, right near columbus boulevard. so it is just north of the walt whitman bridge taking out two left lables. look at this guy facing the wrong way, and that's an example what's underneath whatever snow you think there is. it is ice. underneath there. look at the flag getting work out. you can see the wind, and poor visibility, that blowing snow, knocking visibility down. hey, who took the boulevard? it is in here somewhere. this is a live look, as you can see, the headlight heading down toward the schuylkill. let's go down the shore, south jersey, live look at route 55. where again, snow covered, and
7:11 am
speed restrictions here, and down in delaware, a live look at route one, there you go, one guy venturing on out. but again the snow just blowing back on to the roadways, the snow blowing back on to the roadway. >> good morning, bob. >> departures down there, i believe, southwest terminal at the moment. over 200 flights that have been canceled today. >> this is as you know this is major impact storm that's not only affecting philadelphia, but, it is affecting the east coast, and specially, the northeast section of the country today. so, there is a sort of kind of a domino effect involved in this, as well. so, the important thing is that if you were planning to fly today, make sure you circle back with your carrier.
7:12 am
and check on flight status, and if necessary, you need to re-book. the good thing is that actually, yesterday, the airlines were very pro-active in cancelling flights for today, as earls early as yesterday. able to actually get little out in front of the situation. and so by cancelling the flights ahead of time, people were not showing up at the airport today. only to find out that their flight had been cancel. >> soy you don't a lot of folks stranded down there, i guess what you're trying to say? >> light now there are people here because there are flights that are departing this morning. but certainly isn't a mob scene down here. i think that's due in large part to were age to get these flights rebooked. >> thank you so much for checking in, we barely make out the visibility, not sure if that's a truck or plane
7:13 am
tacking there? >> the snow is coming down, at a pretty good clip here. >> all right. >> well hand out some smacks to everybody and stay warm, diane. thanks so much for checking in down there at philadelphia international airport. >> david sullivan, good friends of the show, there thank you for serving, luna can't wait to get out in the snow in the somerton section of philadelphia. open the door, let her run. thank you, david. and send us your pictures, use the hashtag #fox29snow. >> luna can't wait to play. sends us your location, tell us what you're seeing, come right back. stay with u
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>> whether you're shovel, fire out the -- shovel out the fire hydrant, as well, make it easy for the firefighters ashes well. >> and transition to the pipes over the next 48 hours, we'll see bitterly cold temperatures. so we will give you another warning about what to do to avoid the pipe from freezing coming up in just a little bit. we've been out and about all morning long, all across the delaware valley, showing you
7:17 am
what your our dealing with this morning, one of the places i guess you could say hardest hit so far. wilmington, jenny joyce joining us, hi, jenny. >> good morning, guys. so i just stopped this woman in her tracks, this is one of the few people that we found out here on the street. you said where are you going in you going to work. >> mnt bank. >> i just asked, they're staying open? you said as far as you know, right? >> as far as i know, yes. >> i just made the trek in. >> how did you get here what were the conditions like. >> i brought, came in on the bus, i actually thought coming up to wilmington was going to be little bit better than down dover way, or towns end way. it really is not that much better. >> no it is not. visibility low. roads you can see, roads are becoming snow covered. and it is cold out here. >> it is cold. >> yes. >> but our driver did a great job. >> well, that's good to know that you got here safely. were you happy with the driving. i'll let you go to work since you're so cold out here. you have a good day, too. so she didn't even, again, thinks twice about going to
7:18 am
work, she just said i got to go. so but not many people are going to work, live look downtown wilmington. people out here on the roadways, talked to someone in the last half hour, they were driving around in a truck, and even that was slippery. so, if you are headed out this morning, you got to be careful. i know we've been saying that all morning long, but that's the bottom line, back to you. >> can't say it enough. i know a lot of office managers busy this morning making the phonecalls and the workers, what? we have to go in? despite all of that snow? jen, thank you, 7:26. >> from one jen to another jen right now. hello, jen. >> okay, so we just tried to make it up this hill that didn't look into that steep. so you guys know where we r we're on road that goes within ridley creek state park. in the delaware county area. i have to say, the guys from s and d mechanical, they literally tried, look on the front of our live truck to see if we had tow hooks, because
7:19 am
oddly enough, our live trucks are not four wheel drive. and they couldn't even find tow hooks to pull us up. we didn't want to mess up the very expensive live vehicle. because we're so mindful of that. so now we're trying to get down this hill which as you can see, it is not that steep after hill. not talking about the roads around gladwynn. we are up in the poconos. we're talking about a state park here, guys. and this is somehow slippery they can be.
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>> blizzards warnings in effect, snow continues, high wind right now, the entire lent, by the way, of west ave. north street to 59th street, designated, a snow emergency route. so just keep that in mine. do not park on either side of the street, as crews get through. all right, bucks county, doylestown, looking at you right now, see that flag, whipping in the wind, really the winds is one of the main stories, we're getting the snow sure, making the driving dangerous, but you can barely see, do you see how dark it is in doylestown. that's what i'm struck by, everyone of the live pictures we're taking right now, it is very, very dark outside. storm is overhead. >> yes, once again great to have you with us here at 7:30 this thursday, dealing with the nor'easter, it is moving through right now and starting to see the wind, sue serio, 30
7:23 am
plus mile per hour winds. >> right. the wind, tan will stay that i way for awhile. so that makes for horizontal snow in so many areas. seeing the snow fed in by the coastline, feeding in the moisture, will continue throughout the rest of the morning, for sure. and maybe even into early afternoon, for some. so, this is going to be a one out every ten, because it is not only the potentially heavy amounts of snow for some, the wind blowing the snow around. single digit windchills, can't ignore, that bus stop buddy is bundle up, don't even trying to make a snowman, too windy out there today. 24 degrees, feels like ten, so we've got the snow with us, throughout good portion of the day, it will stay snowing at the shore for awhile longer. our sunset time, 4:50. so, that's the deal for today. we stay in the 20's, but don't let your guard down after the snow ends. because then we have dangerous cold temperatures.
7:24 am
>> i think you have the chilly's here on the corner, that is pack down ice, believe it or not. even though they put that salt-brine solution under there, the snow just blowing back on the to the roadway, live look at 422 eastbound, almost an hour, because after accident at oaks, vehicle off the roadway if you call for help it, could be a while, make sure to stay warm. live look at the freeway, headlight coming in toward the city out there with us, are the plow crews, the salt crews, here is a live look at route 50, down the shore. >> amtrak now has switch failure at the bryn mawr station, that's causing domino
7:25 am
delays, on septa's regional rail lines, at least, 20 minutes, on a lot of the lines including wilmington, and the thorndale lines. karen, thomas, back over to you. >> bob, thank up. you saw the four sections on the map that sue just showed you, four different areas of snow cover. talking anywhere from one to 2 n as you get closer to the shore, six to 10 inches, and that's exactly where steve keeley is, atlantic city, starting to see the winds, we saw it moment ago, pick up. what are you dealing with now, steve? >> rook look at this poor seagull. my cameraman, stole the frosted pop tarts with the sprinkles, make saw it through the window, but we will try to throw him something to give him some strength. but it is almost like he's a kite, attached to a string, he doesn't even have to flap his wings, and moving up and down,
7:26 am
but nice of him to demonstrate the wind strength here, offer the beach here in atlantic city, so what you're looking at below our seagull friends, is the alleged sunrise, at 7:23. the sun looking north right on cue, so as the tide is getting closer to high tide, late morning, we are probably going to see some flooded streets what it morning, close to the beach in spot, difference this time is with those temperatures going down to zero and windchills below czars cents as i showed yesterday, salt water can freeze, so, that flooding not going to recede, probably will freeze, and you'll have solid ice in many streets along the
7:27 am
jerry shore. monday, so, that's going to be treacherous, and you won't even see the ice, probably, because it will be beneath this bed of blowing and drifting snow. now, jared will turn around, possibly, and face me once again. i showed this drifting snow, by the see wall, it is cents getting almost as high as the see wall now, so, jared is walking right below his feet, he'll stop, no snow on one side of the peer he's standing on, 2 inches away, two, 3 feet of snow, from blowing and drifting. and as i walk closer to the see wall atlantic city electric already first power outages reported, i noticed some down in ocean sit, they
7:28 am
say the cause right away, heavy wet snow. this is powdery snow. but, what they probably mean is high winds, and snow, and then you've got the snow that will accumulate on street signs and on power lines, that will bewaring stuff down, bringing power lines down, not good time to be without power, especially, if you're heat relies on any kind of electrical. >> the next 48 hours we see the temperatures drop, over 1,000 customers right now without power. >> thanks, steve. all right, so show us your pictures, sending them in, we appreciate it, take a look at this one, we love your pets. high. they would rather stay in here than get their pause wet. hardest part, to get them to go out for their walks. >> so i had to hold my little one, my little doggy, just didn't want to play in the snow there. certainly not the case. snow place like well hashtag fox 29 great to see your snow pictures this morning, don't forget to send us your location so we know exactly where you are. >> tracey, cute one right there, if you're a cat looking on out there. i was so cold i had to move my chickens into the garage. finally got that cold.
7:29 am
>> chicken sweaters just for them? sandy ann, good morning, just cleaned 4 inches off the birds feed nerve galloway township new jersey. you're expecting couple of more there, so, stay with us, stay warm, stay inside if you can, and we're coming right back, right after this as we look live at the radar system. well, it is not moving out just yet.
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>> just were nobody else there, getting hammered surge along our coastline. >> the music certainly appropriate for the amount of issues we're dealing with, all across the roadways this morning, here in the delaware valley, triple a, we talk about this couple of days ago on new years day alone, had to deal with over a thousand dead batteries, number of calls, and they keep on coming in. janet, joining us this morning, thank you for being with us, on this snowy morning, what are you guys dealing with? >> my pleasure, guys. we've, you just mentioned,
7:33 am
thomas, since the beginning of the year, we've responds dollars to almost 3500 dead battery calls. and, the snow is literally, you know, piling onto our member calls for roadside assistance, so as you're seeing on the cameras today. most people will heed the advice staying offer the roads if they don't have to be, many of their local schools are closed, but once we see the roads clear, and people start to venture back out or try to venture back out, we will likely pick up where we left off with more dead batteries. >> batteries not working on full strength. >> are you getting a lot every calls, people have slipped off the road, they need your help, they need a tow? >> we will get some of those, but not likely, tip inch zero i cannily do not see develop calls during a storm like this because most people heed the
7:34 am
warnings. once things clear up, that's whether we see our roadside assistance. >> quickly tell me, certainly, certainly enough gas, have an emergency kit, any tips for actually driving in the snow? i know a lot of people are asking what do i do if i begin to skid? any tips for them? >> give yourself plenty of extra time, whether it is rear while drive or all wheel drive, hole on to the steering wheel, and if you begin to slid, let the car go, apply the brakes slowly, but let the car go in the direction that it is starting to skid. if you reverse that wheel to go in the opposite direction, quickly, that's when we see the spin-out. definitely want to remain cal
7:35 am
calm. >> good reminder, we know your crews will be very busy over the next 24, 48 hours. >> so our jen driving around, having some difficulties, as well, we check in and see what's happening. check out route one, in media, we will be back right aft ,000 in america last year.
7:36 am
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7:38 am
>> we are seeing this scene all over, the roadways, snow covered, i'm getting so many tweets, down by the airport, i got one from bill saying to bob, you know, to everybody, the team out there, turnpike, eastbound totally snow covered, valley forge, that's the scene. >> the thing is you just don't know what's under the snow. even if it is just a dusting, came in shortly after 1:00 this morning, and barely anything on the roadways, but it was still icy, that's what you need to keep in mind this morning, bob i'm sure you'll second that? >> second that emotion right there, coming around the curve. what we've seen so far of the cues are out, put down the brine, maybe the salt, the snow, fine crystals roll across the roadway instantly icing it up. so really be careful if you're headed out. live look at jam east on 422,
7:39 am
all because after accident, one car, off the roadway. and this is an example of why make sure you have full tank of gas, you got the charge, the charger for the cell phone. you got the blanket if you're headed out. here is double shot for the gang down in delaware, this is route eight, in deeper into delaware, here is a live look at route one, right near dover, downs, as the cameras try to recycle there. this is live look just outside new castle. so again, depends upon where you begin and end your trip. a combination of some really heavy snow, or in this situation, up here in bucks county, you're good to go, roads are wet. this is i95 on the trenton side of the scutters falls bridge. good morning to yardley. live look there. just outside of newtown yardley. coming in from new jersey, live look here at the 42 freeway. again, so your major lanes are wet. but those on and offer ramps were really slippery this morning, the forecast and sue, got it next in 15 seconds.
7:40 am
>> selby ville, 7 inches, margate city, 4 inches, milt ton, delaware, three and a half, mal owe way township, p inches every snow. that's so far, you know there is more to come. these temperatures, are in the 20's. but we have to factor this is the win, feels as code as it has any other morning. look at this, 36-mile per hour wind gust in millville, new jersey, atlantic city at the airport, recorded a 44-mile per hour wind gust. >> here comes, the storm little earlier, we had some
7:41 am
dry slots everybody is getting snow to some degree. mike masco outside. hearing the hashtag bomb cyclone. we were discussing earlier, we never heard that term. we heard bombo genesis for this kind of storm. already happened with this one, right? >> right. still scratching our heads about the whole word. >> what is that? >> i don't know. bombo genesis is very common term, terminology which means it is rapid deepening of an area of low pressure, actually happened in october. so it is not like this is historic, you know, situation. just like the polar vortex, right? all right. now, this is a storm, folks, that's continuing to evolve. watching pivot in around margate city, stone harbor, airs that are just getting snack down with snow. i want to go over to graphic, let's take a look at the storm first, nasty looking storm on radar, down below 970m.
7:42 am
libar pressure. that means the pressure equivalent to category two hurricane. that's pretty impressive. we've been watching buoys reporting 25 to 30-foot waves off shore. now, hurricane warnings have been issued off shore. because winds could get at high as 90 miles per hour from this storm. this is a big bad beast sitting off of our coastline. their satellite and radar, coastal front off shore, that will continue to enhance the snow bands. right along the garden state parkway, a.c. expressway, as you get down toward cape may, this is going to be the real deal snow for the next couple of hours. and then the wind just go nuts. i mean, sue just showed you, 44-mile per hour winds gust, we could get closer to 50 to 60 miles per hour as we get through the afternoon hours. if you're on the shore, you're under blizzard warning. as we get through the afternoon hours, back inside to you, guys. >> thank you so much. take, it almost looks like arm get on, all of our skies were
7:43 am
full under the storm. >> kind of in the midst of it, if you, will another live look at sold city this mornings the winds it to pick up here. we've been out and about all across the delaware valley. jenn fred as well with photographer mike. here in elwyn, delaware county, what are you seeing out there? >> i'm seeing some snow on the roads. okay? so seeing a lot of snow on every road, in every location, i'll show you what we are looking at. and it looks a little bumpy, crusty snow cover, right, guys? this is route one. we just went by the 352 under pass. this is a major road. i'm sure the speed limit, you know, definitely un regular days is above 50, 55 miles per hour. and here is what i can tell you. people are going to get stuck on roads like this. we saw it for ourselves, you were probably with us just few minutes ago, and we tried to go through one area around ridley creek state park. and we got stuck.
7:44 am
and by the way, people, you saw us getting stuck on one side. we got stuck trying to come in, trying to go out. we tried to make it a three-point term. that will was ugly, too, probably one of the main reasons why this morning many, many, many school district, in and around delaware county, decided not to have school. we are talking about penn-delco, springfield, talking about garth end valley, rose tree media, upper darby, and of course chester upland. these are the school district that are notorious for waiting until the morning. it is clock 52 this morning, you can see this is already how bad these roads are. and again, i can't emphasize this enough. this, guys, is a main road. this is a road that's had know plows on t when you look outside your window, it looks like there is not a lot of snow. the problem is the amount of snow that we have is sticking on the road. by the way as we wrap it up, mike would like me to get switched out, wants me to have different camera person because he is sick of it. >> i don't believe that. >> i think we should have like a tag team.
7:45 am
>> yes. woe like to tap out. tap out. >> go tap out. >> you guys are a pair. it is like frick and frack, we love the two of you together. >> you know, you get time and a half, hazard pay, mike. >> we wish. look at that, speaking of hazards, some issues right there. guys, we appreciate. hop all around, going to new jersey. >> we are looking at moorestown right now burlington county, much of the same scene. non-essential workers two hour delay, essential workers on time. a lot of people head today work thisng, please if you're out there be safe. take it slow. and of course, watch the latest condition. >> we go right now to montgomery county pottstown area, another major road, up thereon 422, eastbound, heading in. eric smith behind the wheel. so he's been along at a pretty good clip. wet roadways, probably some of the best conditions. we know they're getting little will he snow. >> see were you you get to work, eric, be safer out there. good morning, thanks for joining us this thursday, watching the latest on
7:46 am
7:47 am
7:48 am
7:49 am
>> the snow far from over, there is cents azzards warning, in effect right now, six to 10 inches expected. >> so, different scene in the city. we're dealing with the wind, and it is very dark, almost raining snow, in fact, i've seen some of the people walking around out, there under umbrellas t does look like it is raining snow, it is coming down so heavily right here. >> of course we know schools have been canceled told, but a lot of people have to go to work being obviously check with your individual workplace, see if you do have to go in. right now, the schedule is on time. >> we're all across the area this morning, look at the scene here, we've been following the scene since 4:00 l more inches in rehoboth. blizzard warning, also in
7:50 am
effect there, as we are dealing with the high wind. >> so, this is the radar above our heads. we can see the win speeds right now, so some of them have fallen a little. looking at 20's, 21, 16, and there is some views that sue serio shows us, where there is actually lightning we see on the radar, as well. so we check in. delaware looks like some of the hardest hit, look at rehoboth, all but disappeared, see what it is like down there, going to del dot, good morning. >> good morning, thomas and karen. >> saw continued winds, 25 miles per hour, i know major concern this morning trying to clear the roadways. >> absolutely, we've actually had gusts over 50 miles per hour, reported, at the under yan river inlet bridge just south of rehoboth. so it is a very windy situation, which is making clearing the roadways extremely difficult in sussex county this morning in fact, l one driving wning, encouraging drivers to stay off the roads, unless there is
7:51 am
a significant reason to be out on the roadways. >> so how are the major highways? i imagine the side streets are big mess, but how are the roadways? >> primary roadways doing fairly well, mostly wet, some slush, but moving as well as can be expected on a snowy windy morning. and we're continuing to have our plows out, treating and plowing the roadways. >> i know we're trying to get through the morning commute here, always looking ahead, though, as you know, so what's the plan for the rush hour? continuing to salt as necessary, and staying ahead of the drifting snow. >> how many plows do you have out on the road right now? >> roofly 400 pieces of snow roof removal equipment state-wide. we have all of them in action today.
7:52 am
>> tracking the nor'easter, right in the middle of it, have cup many of more hours of snowfall, and talking about e then the dangerously cold temperatures. we are approaching the 8:00 hour here on thursday, january 4th, let's continue. >> this is "good day philadelph. a winter whallop. >> timing of the storm is concerning for us. >> from the roads to the slip have i roads, very strong winds there is storm can look different depending where you live. but that's not stopping the school closings rolling in from everyone of our counties. >> whether this vicious nor'easter will spin out. >> sends us your pictures, use the hashtag #fox29snow. >> the best part of the morning, seeing your pictures, seeing what you're seeing out there, once again, good to have you with us,'m thomas
7:53 am
drayton in with karen hepp. >> alex offer on vacation, mike taking care every his sister, s we'reing the duty today. tell us your neighborhood, tell us the hashtag #fox29snow and sends us your pictures, look, this is 8:00 a.m. it almost looks like it should be 6:00 a.m. it is so dark. >> the system we're dealing, with looking at radar a moment ago, see how large this system is. we talk about the difference between nor'easter and a hurricane and just the wind feel with the nor'easter. it is much larger, much wider. solo have update on the snow totals coming up in just a moment. looking at septa. septa still going. this morning, in the city. but by the way trash of course trash day canceled for the day, they are going to resume friday. sue serio very busy this morning, what are we looking at. >> the storm throwing back snow and in the case specially of the coastline, lots of it. but we are seeing bands of heavier snow, and lighter snow inbetween. not unlike a lake effect situation where you'll drive 10 miles, and see completely
7:54 am
different weather situation go from nothing to 5 inches. so, that's what's happening out there this morning. we have one out of ten in your weather by the numbers today. yoyou know, we give every day a number but rare that we give it a one. windchill still in the single digits, win such an issue this morning, and right now, we see the snow falling, pretty heavily here in old city, 24 degrees, and it feels like nine, that's what i'm talking about, because sustained winds 21 miles per hour. so we stay in the 20's all day, but will feel a lot colder. because we could see winds even inland, gusting as high as 40 miles an hour. mike masco, so happy to have you with us all morning. so story we stuck you outside. but i have to say one of my favorite cliches during snow situations cents we haven't heard yet this morning, seems to be falling at a pretty good clip.
7:55 am
>> this is a nasty storm. look, if this moved west, by 70 miles, this would have been a raging blizzards up i-95. this go-around, though, just off the coast, enough to just provide our coastal sections with a very nasty morning, and we will segway easily into an ugly evening. let's go to the board. i want to show you what these graphics look like in this storm looks like. winds, again, have been an issue through the morning hours. with the winds, we have been watching the modeling, here at fox actually we have a model that can foresee or project out what the power outage potential is, or power lost potential could be, and we are seeing an along 195, garden state parkway on south, the possibility of losing power. we check in with atlantic county power. they're reporting over a thousand outages, and that's
7:56 am
just going to continue to increase as the winds increase through the course of our day today. so just be aware of t thocus o boy does it get cold. 8:00, this evening, once the polar front drops through here, it gets as cold as two below in allentown, 18 below in mount pocono. and you say mike, that's enough. nope. thirty, 25 degrees below zero, dangerous cold on the way, we will talk more about it coming up in just a little bit. bob? >> give us the 95 corridor to really drive everybody crazy. ninety-five corridor. here is a live look at route 202, as you roll through chester county. perfect example. look at this guy, trying to be a trailblazer here. so there is typically three lanes, this is packed down. snow covered. very slippery. these guys are the smartens, just staying with the travel lanes, where you have some concrete. but look in the opposite side. again these roads have been treated, they've been plowed, but that win just blowing the
7:57 am
snow back on, look at the tractor-trailer here, passing this guy, on the right. >> live look route one, outside of dover delaware again the roads have been treated, plowed, but snow covered, nonetheless, live look at the 42 freeway, hit light in towards philly, poor visible, a live look here, this is near thorndale, on and off-ramps, and again, couple of miles can make a difference, only few miles away from that snow covered malvern camera i just showed you. >> amtrak had switch failure bryn mawr station, running with modified schedule, same deal on dart. >> septa running with delays across all of the regional rail lines. back over you. >> either the far right or far left lane that you have to watch out for. >> rolling the dice on that.
7:58 am
>> here you go, back outside, crews are spread out all across the area this morning as the storm continues to move through. >> we got jenn fred in delaware county, jenny joyce in wilmington but we will start with steve keeley who is down the shore, and once again, it looks like the winds pack back up, steve, getting wallopped. >> my back is to the win. we point the camera in the direction of the winds, and you will see the waves kicking up, on the left side. >> they are kicking up approaching high tide. because the visibility is solo, it looks very cloudy. but where you are looking at is snow. and we are seeing some of the waves now encroaching in the streets, especially on the bay side, and that is going to cause the minor coastal flooding, minor, because it is not major.
7:59 am
but anybody that deals with flooding is used to it except when the flood and salt walt kerr freeze because we will have wind chills following this blizzard whenever it end ends. >> more treacherous conditions for everybody on the jersey shore as this storm not only feels like it is getting worse but getting forecast to be worse, now a foot and a half snow, be forecast for points atlantic city and south down to the tip of cape may. and boy the drifting situation is unreal, as well. already seeing the power outages start to mount up, here along the coastline, because both the winds and the snow and the ice clinging to power lines and tree branches. >> so forecasting, you know, 12-18 inches.
8:00 am
well, you can see, that this is already probably 25 inches in spot. but, then, next to 25 inches of snow, no snow so seeing all kinds of conditions. spposedly sunrise hour ago. no sun possible spotted. no warmth from any sun to be spotted, at least until next week. so, as bad as this blizzards is, i think it will be even worse after the blizzard all of the flood water coming in from both the bay and the ocean will freeze, and cause very hockey ring type street conditions, and a lot of places on the jersey shore. guys? >> yes, hard to tell the hour with it being so gray out there, almost seems pointless. i know, crews were treating the roads out there, they did pass-over. but once again they're covered. >> absolutely, let's get over to jenny joyce who is in wilmington right now, sorry,
8:01 am
steve. and see what it is like there. goodness that looks very snowy jenny up how much does it look like you get there. >> well, you know what? such unique storm, talking about the wind, all morning long, so here, i'm actually liver in the street. it is kind of hard to tell where the street ends, and the sidewalk begins, but, there are definately a couple of inches here, the snow is continuing to come down, and as you can see, i think, as they were coming to me live, you can see the strong winds gust, little while ago, we were watching some people shovel their front steps. unfortunately, they're going to have to come back out here at least two, three more times until this storm is over. i see a man brushing offer h car over here, i think he was one of the people who was out, hi, sir, how are you doing? >> did i see you out shoveling a short time snag. >> yes, did you. >> and look, there is already snow. little bit of build-up because of the wind? >> yes, and we are expecting more. >> and expect to go get more, several inches more. >> yes, definately.
8:02 am
>> you got to go to work? >> yes, i do. packages don't stop for us, so we got to keep it going. >> how far do you have to drive to get to the office? >> newark. >> newark? >> new castle area. >> look at these roads. >> just take your time. those who don't need to be out, don't go out. stay home. >> unfortunately ups said we need you. >> yes, absolutely. >> drive carefully. thank you so much for talking with us, you have a good day, as well. so, again, live here, downtown wilmington, where the streets are covered. we know that the plow trucks are going to be out there. but they're going to hit the major roads first, so parts of the city, and various towns, neighborhoods, where people are living, they might not see the clear roads, any time soon. back to you guys. >> yes, what can brown do for you? the packages still need to be delivered as we see there. by the way we have number every jenny, thank you, school closings and delays right there on the bottom of the screen. as well as new jersey, we talk about non-essential workers, two hour declares, central
8:03 am
workers, a lot of people still have to go to the office today. please be safe. >> absolutely. >> some power outages, hammonton, 300 people, but affecting you that certainly seems like big deal. we go to delaware county right now, jenn fred, and see where she s hey, jen? >> (laughing). >> i love the laugher. >> we are in media. i mean, well, you know? it is delerious. we're in media, delaware coty. check it out. the snow certainly coming on down, we will tell but the conditions when we come back right after the break. with dunkin' deals, you get two egg & cheese wake-up wrap sandwiches for $2. and two of those for two of those means you deserve a few of those. stop in for the latest dunkin' deal, two egg & cheese wake-up wrap sandwiches for $2. america runs on dunkin'.
8:04 am
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(burke) at farmers, we've seen so we know how to covealmost almoanything.hing even a swing set standoff.
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and we covered it, july first, twenty-fifteen. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ >> conshohocken, fayette street, main drag, not too many people out. my brother, rob hepp, and sister-in-law, and little baby aubrey, and hello to everybody out there. >> that's small amount. once again, good to have you with us, you know what we do this time of year, of course,
8:07 am
we put out the chairs, folding tables, whatever you can find, to safer the spots. philadelphia police saying with more snow on the way, this winter isn't giving us a break. let's not make it worse by arguing over parking. remember, when you play the game of combs, there are no winners, of course, playing off the game of thrones there. >> i love it, with the dragon coming in. that's what it feels like, like right above us. that dark outside of our windows right now. we check in with bob kelly. basically the roads are snow covered. >> snow covered in philly. police are sending out the tweets. accident eastbound on the schuylkill 30th street. is a causing a back up for everybody on montgomery driver all the way in through downtown. ninety-five, a guy made a u-turn laverne, and didn't intends it to happen that way. but they had to stop traffic here, north on 95, near academy road. so, again you're moving along at pretty good clip. all the sudden you hit a patch of ice. and you're going spinning.
8:08 am
i believe weaver i can in our news van here, live look, his fixed dash cam. so not driving, and using camera. this is affixed camera. on the dashboard. this is a live look, at route 422 coming in, in toward that king of prussia, oaks, trooper interchange. what eric doesn't know, he will come to grinding halt shortly because we have an accident, vehicle off the roadway, and here right at the observation audubon interchange. the controls err you get to king of prussia, the more gridlock we get into. but see here the conditions of the roadway. wet, but as go to hit those breaks, again, err, or you go to change lanes, all slur, again, 24 degrees, quickly freezing over. all it will take is good gust every wind, to blow the snow from the grass, back onto that road surface, and then it will freeze instantly. that's really the concern that we're having here, for the next 12 hours or so. let's go back to the computer
8:09 am
maps here if we k here is a live look at route one accident, southbound, heading down toward the pennsylvania turnpike. and again, all bunched up here, trying to get down into the turnpike, looks like number every vehicles involved here, again, this is route one, up in bucks county. the rest of the forecast, the rest of the day, how much are we going to get? when is it going to stop? sue and mike have the answer in 15 seconds. >> 8:17, we continue to watch radar, and watch more every these bands of heavy snow, move in, from the ocean, as this storm is almost parallel to our coastline here, in new jersey, and it is just getting stronger, and stronger, no let up in site really. and we've got sort of line of demarcation here, in the middle of montgomery county.
8:10 am
just west, i guess, of route 202, where it gets really bad, as you continue to move further eastward, if you're going from west to east. so that is what you do. you drive in, out of the heavy snow bands, 24 degrees in philadelphia. and you got to deal with the wind gusts of 32 miles an hour in the city. 41-mile an hour wind gusts in atlantic sit, hurricane, sorry, tropical storm force, that's tropical storm force, the storm that is off shore has some hurricane strength with it. so, wind chills are in the single numbers around the area, visibility, is very poor, with all of that blowing and drifting snow. and as far as whether this thing gets out of here, starts to lighten up little bit over the next couple of hours. but it sort every takes its time exiting real quick look what happens after that, important to remember, these are dangerous windchills, that are coming our way, dangerous
8:11 am
cold temperatures, from 26 today, to high of 16 tomorrow. and a high of 14 on saturday. and in the overnight hours, we will have wind chills in the single digits, below zero, so, there is no let-up in bad weather, just different type of bad weather, thomas, karen, after we finish with the snow. >> just a lot. >> general. >> just keep bracing yourself for all of this! >> that's the truth. thank you. i know, person bracing all morning long, dodging the roads. >> giggle duo, mike and jen. >> i have to say, the bomb has landed. the snow bomb has landed. and in the words of our third favorite, meteorologist, at fox, you got sue serio. >> you got sue serio. >> then you got cathy area. >> then mike masco. cutting. he said people will look out their window and say what happened? well, here is what happened. the snow probably came in a little bit later, if you got up real early, especially if
8:12 am
you were a kid or mom or dad or working parent, they had to see if the kids would go to the school. and you might have seen just a little bit of snow. guys, when you look out here, in delaware county, it still looks like a little bit of snow. what you can't see, from your window, and from your television, is that underneath this, you know, maybe inch, 2 inches of snow, it is slippery. it is very slick. the roads were frozen overnight. you know it has been so cold in the delaware valley the past couple every days, so that whether even a inch or 2 inches fell on these roads, it stuck. so it wasn't like just powdery stuff that was coming off of the roads. it is probably one of the reasons why the school district's in and around delaware county took a while to decide whether or not they would have school and sure enough penn-delco, part of rose tree media other ones do not have school. and here is my advice to you. if you're a kid and you live in media, put on your little boots, put on your little gloves. and go over to bittersweet kitchen where we were for the big pep rally couple every week ago, open and they have
8:13 am
hot cocoa and fresh baked goods! >> oh, there is someone walking the dog. >> right in the middle of the street. you know, walk in the middle of the street, too much on the sidewalks, bittersweet great recommendation, not bittersweet about that. thank you there, jen. >> we love seeing the animal pictures, little dogs, little cats, keep them coming in. tell cents us how you're spending your snow day by seconds us your pictures. >> what? >> that is hysterical. you're at the river winds golf and tennis, how about that? that's great picture. thank you for sends. you guys are too funny. thank you, mike, that one just made me laugh. ]
8:14 am
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more "earning something you love" per roll bounty is more absorbent, so the roll can last 50% longer than the leading ordinary brand. so you get more "life" per roll. bounty, the quicker picker upper rebel against messes... ...with limited edition star wars prints from bounty. >> look at the mess, 422 east,
8:17 am
eric smith, our chief, what is he doing. >> he does it all. chief -- >> operations guy that does all of it, sure. >> driving into warning, trying to make it here. so please be safe out there. no matter where you have to go. let's get check on the roadways this morning. >> all right, let's go right now to steve shapiro. thank you for joining us from department new jersey every transportation, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> we got snow covered roads on the pennsylvania side, what are you seeing on the new jersey side? >> traffic is moving, but we do rec folks stay slow, crews have been doing great job out there. you know, fighting the storm, keeping the roads clear, and but it is cents still definitely a challenge particularly with the winds blowing, causing a lot to blow back on the roads, so motorists need to be caution of changing road conditions. >> still dealing with the morning rush here, any areas of concerning, how are the bridges looking, what are you up against? >> oh, bridges are always a
8:18 am
challenge, because they freeze quicker than the road surface. the coastal regions definitely hit the hardest. >> speed restrictions between cape may and exit 125,. >> the new jersey turnpike, is got 45-mile speed re vection for the lent of the turnpike. >> hard to see, makes sense to drive slower. thank you for your time. really appreciate it. >> another reason to take it slow. steve shapiro with new jersey dot, thank you so much. as you warm up the vehicle, keep in mind, if your car is soldier than ten years old, do you have let it go for at least ten minutes, newer vehicles, you know, they rec five minutes.
8:19 am
and if you're lucky you have no have a garage, be sure to open the garage as you warm up the vehicle this morning, we see people warming up the vehicle with the door closed and never a good ending. we are coming right back, tracking the latest on the nor'easter, updated snow totals, and talk about the winds, as well, blizzard warnings, all across the area. and the snow continues to fall in wilmington, jenny, good morning. >> good morning, guys, starting to see people up and atom here in the city of wilmington, people coming out here to shovel, only to find out that they're going to have to come back out. several more times. until the snow stops falling. we will be right back.
8:20 am
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8:22 am
>> welcome back, taking a look all over the delaware valley today we have you covered, you can see the radar down into cape may, in wilmington, and we are all around, and all
8:23 am
over different counties, putting down the salt. how about that. >> several hours into this storm, let's get check on the latest forecast with sue serio. sue? >> the picture were you looking at at the bottom there, water vapor of the storm, very dramatic, with the circulation, and the tight circulation. really strong, off shore, but strong enough, that is gig us a long off the coastline, inland, bands of heavier snow that are falling, and then, the snow is blowing and drifting as we've seen from the folks all of the reporters that have been out and about this morning, so really a one out of ten, because we've got the snow and the wind, that we're dealing, with even if you don't get a lot of snow will below and drift. horizontal snow, flakes just blowing around, 22-mile per hour sustained winds making it feel like 9 degrees, how much will we get in the shore points, many of them, will be
8:24 am
in double digit snowfall totals by the time the day is through. there will be few place that is get ten or more, four to 6 inches some of us will be on the high end, some on the low end of this four to 6 inches here, along the infamous i95 corridor, and then little less as you go up. but again, we've been watching the bands all morning, that have been showing that there are a few areas where you might get pocket or two of snow, even west of i95, so 26 degrees in philadelphia, it will stay in the 20's bob, but with the win it will feel a whole lot colder. >> wow. 8:32, sue, good morning, everybody, another accident, popped up, i think folks are getting out there now, get that false sense of security, traffic certainly lighter than normal rush hour. and an accidents are popping up, because not only, not because of the volume, because of the road surface so slick. here is a live look, this is the westbound schuylkill expressway on the overpass, of the vine expressway, talking about that wind whipping around, because the bridges and the overpasses will ice up first.
8:25 am
that's example there, what we are dealing with, here is a double shot. live look, kent delaware, roads are snow covered. watch for all of the bridges and the overpasses. >> our boy eric on the way, in i told you he would hit that jammo approaching king of prussia. eric on our way on his way into work, with his dash cam here, this is 422 as you work your way in toward trooper, eventually in toward valley forge, and you can see slush, as he goes to try to change the lanes, delays on all of the regional rail lines, because of an amtrak switch failure at the bryn mawr station, and that's the main hub, where all of the lines have to connect with, karen, thomas, back to you. >> we inch into the return hour, see mower of the delays bob thank you. let's talk about atlantic city electric. dealing with over a thousand power outages this morning. they're going to be looking very closely at the high winds. of course dealing with the power lines in the isolate err today. >> so whether there is winds we of course have our own steve keeley so he's dealing with that and showing us the conditions there.
8:26 am
steve? >> the conditions so bad, starting to affect our equipment, our camera, zoom was freezing, so sorry, no extreme close up on this lovely face i have a diaper now on the microphone, to protect the transmitter on that. so the ocean, getting deeper, because it is getting closer with high tide. and getting meaner looking, and the waves getting real big, crashing over the see wall. and whenever they come over the sea wall, the excess water then starts going in the streets. what you are looking at is still being rebuilt, atlantic city boards walk in the inlet section, after it was wiped out by hurricane sandy, a few october's ago. but, this one will be stronger, and with stand anything. and this is not such a big storm compared to sandy, obviously, so big waves are hitting it, we just saw a fishing boat, that looked like it was out at sea whether it wasn't so bad, at three and 4:00 in the morning coming back in, because the report from those buoys out on the ocean show ridiculous waves, ridiculous winds heights, and
8:27 am
real dangerous conditions as we regress in the morning. so, the winds are getting stronger, gusts up to 60. that's why we're having those power outages, that thomas just talked about. along the shore. the forecast for the snow, kept getting deeper and deeper, with each update from the national weather is advice, the latest one says a foot and a half from atlantic city down to cape may. >> we've watching plow go by here, count less times, this street looks like it hasn't been touched by a plow, we spin around and show you, complete white and a plow just went by there, two minute ago. so, a whole host of problems out here, and nobody, like a kid, having fun in the snow, at least here at the shore, we've been doing live shot for everybody, and they're upset we're in the trying to have some fun with this thing. jessica is back there, i was going to barrel underneath and say i'm in a igloo, which i
8:28 am
could possibly do. all i'll do is this. i'll dot olds, i'll think of summer, think of sipping a nice cold iced tea, and i'll dot necessary tee plunge, safely falling back, you know, they do that thing, in group therapy, where they have everybody catch you. i don't have anybody behind me trying to catch me. i just have mother nature in the snow falling back. this is rather comfortable, because, now i've got the sea wall blocking the wind so i may just stay here for about an hour as long as i don't freeze to death. >> reverse nestea tea plunge, i do have a question because i think we're all questioning, did you just happen to have random diaper in the live aoun submit. >> did i just have random deeper? no, this is target bag from "black friday." >> oh, goodness. >> diaper wrapped around the microphone. >> we just call it a deeper. >> that's the moment of the morning. >> go get it off of your face. no, get it off from your face,
8:29 am
every mother is screaming, never wand to have the kids put anything over their face. get up, get warm. >> make a snow angel my friend. >> thank you. >> all right, let's check in, with, you know, we always say steve keeley's wife jenn frederick. >> goodness, hi, jen. >> i just want everyone to know i just lock mike g out of the van. i wanted him to be outside to show the conditions. you're such a jerk, he won't even be out there. we're in media. come on back, see if i can once again see if i can lock him out of the van so he can show
8:30 am
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>> jenny joyce? >> police just roll up. i was asking them if they could give me a little run
8:33 am
down, stop them from their tracks. are you able to just tell us a little bit about what the roads look like? >> here, we will get around to the other side, sorry to put you on the spot like. >> this we just want to let people know. obviously we look at the streets, and they ' covered in snow. what do you want people to know in this area. >> don't drive if you don't have to, if you do, keep it slow. even if you have four wheel driver, you can't stop. we want everybody to be safe just relax. >> so you guys are driving around in a police suv. but still have you noticed slippery roadways? suv's all wheel drive, we're essential personnel, have to be out here f we didn't we wouldn't. >> have you come across anyone in trouble, any sort of accidents on the roadway? >> not yet. everybody seems like pretty much staying offer the roads for the most part. >> it helps when the schools are closed, right? it keeps -- tries to put some
8:34 am
people at home, right? >> absolutely. >> the fewer people out there better. >> thank you so much. we appreciate it, take care. so, karen, thomas, it is good to hear that police haven't really seen any major issues out here, despite the road conditions, you can see this car coming up the street now, just taking it slowly, because they're completely covered. >> it is great advice, that's the thing that we hope zero to see, maybe the people out only kids on sleds. see the wheels spinning right there already. finger crossed it stays as safe as it has been so far. >> jenny thank you. good to see people heeding the warnings, surge, phone it just dusting, never know what's on the roadways, weaver crews out and about this morning, we showed you the location from wilmington this morning, and down the shore, this is moorestown, new jersey, speed limit saying 25 for very good reason. slow down this morning. because we are dealing with the snow, the ice, and it is only going to intensify. el: broke, homeless,
8:35 am
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8:37 am
>> here it is the part affecting our area, what the off-shore storm, the coastal storm, the nasty nor'easter, we called it a lot of things
8:38 am
today. some things we said off the air. anyway, yes, and do you see it goes from as far back as york pennsylvania there, there is snow on i83. just north of baltimore. we have some heavy snow here in montgomery county. checking east norriton, norristown, upper merion, all getting some steady snow. and blowing and drifting snow, as well. and we've been watching bands of heavy snow move in to atlantic city, came may courthouse, cape may many other place this is morning, and just as important, as the snow, the winds speeds, which are sustained at 22 miles an hour in philadelphia. and even higher, 28 miles an hour atlantic city, wind gusts of 44 miles per hour in atlantic city, tropical storm force wind gusts and they'll only get higher, as the day goes along. so, this gives us windchills, many of them in the single digits it, feels like nine in philadelphia, six in atlantic city and ten in wilmington, so, it is very, very cold, as we look at the future cast, we see this affecting us for the next couple of hours, this storm, and finally, probably,
8:39 am
after about 1:00 we start to see it pull away from west to east, then by 4:00 we be finished with it come loath at this very latest as we time out the rest of the storm. so let's talk about the real quick about the very cold temperatures that are coming our way after the snow is over. high of only 16 tomorrow. fourteen on saturday. and it will stay windy, these two days, which makes it very, very dangerous to be outside for any lent of time. so, might masco is outside, and what's been amaze to go watch, with this storm how it keeps getting stronger, pressure keeps dropping, amaze amazing. >> enough already. tank out at this point. >> impressive storm sue in regard to the central pressure, which is now down into the 960 range. equivalent almost to category three hurricane at this point. >> we cued up, we show you it, has an eye structure, unbelievable, like winter cane, not real a hurricane,
8:40 am
because again it has cold core tendencies. but his is a nasty storm it, will continue to churn up the coast, notice the winds pick up through the course of your afternoon exactly why we have blizzard warnings across the jersey shore, every course talk more about this storm power outages down the shore, and also, the ridiculous cold. that's on the way. though december tails coming. >> thank you mike. we appreciate it. >> jenn fred, out of the news vehicle. >> jen: here's what happened. i locked mike g out of the news vehicle, and he look cold. and he looked miserable. so i wanted to slow you guys what cold and miserable really looks like. >> really thick out here, think when we all went to bed last night talking one to three, sort of like what steve keeley is is talking about.
8:41 am
>> roads are super slick, crusty, difficult to driver onment doesn't matter if you have four wheel drive or what kind of car you have. it is just miserable out. part of the misery, out here, in the cold, everyone's favorite town media, nice in the summer, is the winds, the winds is as my italian mother-in-law would say, it cuts right through ya. it is damp. because you can feel the wind, you can feel the moisture, you can feel it all whipping around, i'm skier, a snow boards err. this is un sane. this is not fun. not cool. not cool. so you know what i'll do? i'll get in the van and walk mike out of the van again. see you guys in happy town.
8:42 am
>> oh, he did it, he wiped her out. >> i hate you. i hate you. i hate you. >> hey by the way, look at the snow! the thick stuff shouldn't come down for couple of days. >> ya. sure. >> well, that's karma for you. thank you there, jen, 8:49. we want to take a look at some of your pictures you've been sending in thank you, we appreciate it, alicia, thank you for this one, wow look at the drifts there, alycia christensen, villas area lower township cape may county new jersey. >> keep your pictures coming don't forget to use hashtag #fox29snow. of course get the rulers out the let he is know how many inches every snow have fall never your area. don't forget to tell us he is actually where you are this, tracking the latest on the nor'easter, oh, ya, a lot more to come on there one, not only the snow but the winds look picking up right err today specially in areas like wildwood, new jersey. i know you're going through it. we will have update coming up right aft mu-um dinosaurs only eat meat!
8:43 am
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>> sometimes going too slow is not a good thing, here is a example after bunch of trucks and cars now stuck, going up the ramp. this is the belmont avenue ramp, to go east on the schuylkill expressway. so look, you got people standing around, probably one car got stuck, tractor-trailer, tried to go around him. he's now stuck. here comes a plow truck. so, again, icy conditions, underneath that snow packed roadway. let's go to our dash cam, our co-worker eric here, whoa this is crazy as you're in the left lane, of the big rig tractor-trailer. kicking up all of that snow this is the eastbound schuylkill expressway, eric just going along king of prussia, heading eastbound, this is how he val dates when he's late for work, just puts the dash cam on, so we know where he is. he's head in the toward conshohocken. let's go, back to our camera, my map computer, again, that was the schuylkill there at belmont avenue. here is a live look at the
8:47 am
blue route southbound, accident, right near the schuylkill. switch failure on amtrak at the bryn mawr station. and dart has suspended service now, in sussex counties they'll still operate at least for right now in both kent and in what's that? >> new castle. >> new castle, went on a blank been a long morning so far. >> it has. >> sometimes area i can uses the same video for his excuse. we will see snow video in the summertime. >> true. >> make sure we refresh that. >> late for work. >> it is july. conditions out, there hop all around the delaware valley right now, it is actually looking like a little bit, mine, still obviously very dark, but wildwood maybe a slight lessening of the winds speed there? wow, they've just gotten that certainly rehoboth beach down there right now. they look like they're the winner for the most snow. >> thirty plus mile per hour
8:48 am
winds, and they're going to pick up to over 50 miles an hour. moorestown, new jersey, good morning to you, still dealing with the snow out there. and some icy conditions. please, if you have to go out, be safe. please, if you have to go out, be safe. we're coming right please, if you have to go out, before we start, i just want to sayre coming right if anyone still doesn't have fios, please stay out of the way so your lag doesn't get us all killed, ben. what's so good about fios anyway? uh. what's so great about a 100% fiber-optic network that makes your gaming system actually work awesomely? hey. did you take out the trash? haha, garbage boy! dad, i already took out ben. it's not funny. gaming is best on a 100% fiber-optic network. so get fios. now, just $79.99 per month with a 2-year price guarantee with a 2-year agreement.
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>> everywhere getting some snow, everywhere getting a lofter winds and the very cold temperatures. >> great to have you with us on this snowy morning, all over delaware county, as well, driving out and about, we will have an update on the conditions, in a moment. wilmington, delaware, you're going through it, as well, our jenny joyce will join us, in about 90 seconds here. as we look live at the radar, this is what we are dealing with this morning. still dealing with the moisture, that's why we're
8:52 am
seeing some of the fluffier snowfall. sue will break it down, the expert coming up in just a moment. out to steve keeley though because dealing with some issues, me? >> hey, steve. >> yes. hazardous conditions, the main drag, the main intersection in atlantic city, where right off the a.c. expressway, old trump plaza, there is the boardwalk hall, atlantic avenue right past the pass bro shops, new shopping outlet and this 505 new jersey transit bus stuck sideways, stuck real good, almost backed into a fire hydrant. with people on the bus, atlantic city police, just showing up now, we alerted them and the bus driver said help us on his way for him. so ac police getting it right behind jared, if jared spins around, starting to block off the streets to keep cars away, and this just shows the hazards, because atlantic avenue, being the main drag, i've watched it with my own eyes, get plowed, dozens of times, and it is just no match
8:53 am
for the winds, because look at this, this is -- does this road look plowed to you? this looks like the roads we see in south philly where the people complain of plowing they haven't seen in 16 years, but this has been plowed, and the problem with it is the winds been blowing the snow back on to the
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