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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  January 4, 2018 9:00am-10:00am EST

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the a.c. expressway, old trump plaza, there is the boardwalk hall, atlantic avenue right past the pass bro shops, new shopping outlet and this 505 new jersey transit bus stuck sideways, stuck real good, almost backed into a fire hydrant. with people on the bus, atlantic city police, just showing up now, we alerted them and the bus driver said help us on his way for him. so ac police getting it right behind jared, if jared spins around, starting to block off the streets to keep cars away, and this just shows the hazards, because atlantic avenue, being the main drag, i've watched it with my own eyes, get plowed, dozens of times, and it is just no match for the winds, because look at this, this is -- does this road look plowed to you? this looks like the roads we see in south philly where the people complain of plowing they haven't seen in 16 years, but this has been plowed, and the problem with it is the winds been blowing the snow back on to the street.
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then because such a busy road like washing machine effect where the snow is all over the place. so this is causing traffic trouble, and despite that, you can see, to the right of this bus, people are still driving around atlantic city, and now going around this bus. so, the bus driver told me just too heavy, we offered to try to push him, but you can see he is down a slope on a hill as well. and it looks like the fire hydrant, almost the street light kind of stopped him. but new jersey transit has second bus at tennessee avenue, they told me, that had to get towed out. so this is their second bus stuck, you can see that tractor-trailer coming in behind the bus, that is just coming offer the a.c. expressway, so it shows you the main drag, right at ceasar's a lot of you know coming to ac. so big troubles here. and this snowstorm really just getting underway, because this is the worse of it sofas we look down this street, mississippi, seeing the blowing effect, just terrible all over, as i said that, this 505 bus shut. because passengers on it to the right. i see another 505 bus coming
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up from ventnor, with this one, going to. so, police now going on the bus, talking to the driver, and seeing if everybody's okay. so, just another one of those situations that we expect to see during a blizzard and that's what you are looking at right now, guys? >> as we talked about the last time we saw you, steve, only so much they can do with the roadways because of the blowing snow. steve, thank you so much. visibility down to nothing in some places. let's get check whatever the conditions are right now, sue will give us big overview whatever people experiencing. >> yes, we've got this snow and something interesting that popped up just in the last couple every minutes. some lightning over long island, parts every connecticut. indicating the possibility of thunder snow. just to make things even more interesting, then they already are, and seeing just heavy snow, really long island getting pounded this morning, and all along the new jersey coast, as well. and we are seeing high snowfall amounts, especially, in southern delaware. but, many areas, close to us, have experienced also, some heavy snow, there is the
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thunder snow that we were talking about just to our north. even in the city, sustained winds, out of the north, at 25 s 24 degrees feel like eight, and here is some of our visibility values. how little you can see outside. half mile at philadelphia international airport. quarter mile in wildwood. and zero at atlantic city, international airport. so plan on snow throughout most of the daylight hours. specially if you're at the shore. i think that for us here in philadelphia it, will start to wind down shortly after lunchtime. sunset time 4:50. that's your planner for the day. plan on big mess, dealing with the snow, dealing with the winds. and the poor visibility, as a result. it was amazing, mike masco, that steve keeley was telling us that roadway plowed. it look like it hadn't been touched. >> it is crazy, you showed the goose egg down in atlantic city i, zero visibility, tells us there is tremendous snow coming down, that's he can actually where we are
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expecting the hardest hit area. right along the shore point, if you're long the garden state parkway, little egg harbor, all the way down toward cape may courthouse. you are getting socked with this blizzard. i want to show you what this looks like, such an impressive looking situation that's set up. look at the band of snow that set up from neptune, new jersey, all the way down toward cape may. that is right along this coastal front. this is actually where we see the highest lift, and when we see huge lift potential, we see huge snow rates. and that's where we are thinking, and additional, could be, three or four or five more inches of snow to go along the immediate shore line. also, noticing the radar filling back in here in philadelphia. down toward salem, cumberland, and all the way down toward cape may county. so that's the name of the game. the snow is going to only continue to enhance. the winds will crank, our new forecasting models here, at fox, showing nearly 50 or better, mile per hour wind gusts as we progress through
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the afternoon hours. this is the deal. the post storm impact are going to be felt area wide. all right? screaming winds, gusts to 50 miles per hour, look, i think we are going to see some power outages, a lot of power outages, already along the shore point, but you can probably take that inland, as well. then, we are going to freeze literally, harsh temperatures across the delaware vale. there is a rare windchill warning up toward the poconos. we're warning win chill values could go down 30 please grow zero. talk about that, dive into the details coming in just a lit built. back to you. >> standing there watching, watching somebody cross hine you. it is slippery even to cross the street. slippery when you try come to a stop. so, if you really must go out, really think about where you're going, make sure that who ever you are going to see will be there when you get there. i know i just checked the website, city of philadelphia said they are -- their offers also open. it will be interesting to see how many people actually show up. here is a live look at i59 near cottman avenue.
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again, example of the major roadways, this is packed down snow, or snow that's been blown back onto the salted roadways, so you got one good lane here, where the tires are actually gripping some of the blacktop. but any, any scenario, any of the stretch here, 95, you can go slipping and flipping the u-turn laverne. here we go, moving the cameras around on me, something going on here, the schuylkill expressway. right near belmont avenue. we had delays going up the hill. too slow can be bad thing, folks have been getting stuck on the onramps to some of the schuylkill expressway interchanges. a live look, 422, kind of opened up and cleared out here. this is right near the saint gabrielle curve. and then let's update the travel times. you know, 40 minute on the turnpike, slow going on the expressway and the garden state parkway. they put speed restrict son on the turnpike, amtrak had switch failure in bryn mawr, just had domino effect on a lot of the regional rail lines. dart has no service in sussex,
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how much, they are running buses in both kent and dover. also, no paratransit service in sussex county, and again, all of that information throughout the day will be updated on their website. regional rail lines anywhere from 15 to 20 minute delays. any train that goes through bryn mawr certainly delayed. the 35 and the 120 suspended. a lot of the other ones are all on detour, your best bet go to, their system status button, specially for later on, when you get ready to head back home, you want to know the status that far bus before you head out the front door. karen, thomas, back over to you. >> new jersey declaring state of emergency for cape may, atlantic, ocean, monmouth counties, real quick, do want to point out all non-essential employees do not have to report to work in new jersey, of course, essential employees must report on regular questioned you. >> that's cape may. also spiking of the shore, i irene wrote in, just got done plowing in atlantic city, work 17 hours with her co-workers, hard it keep up. we a lot of snow out there.
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shout out to resort and all of the people out there. let's see the pictures, your pet pictures have been over p top. thank you so much. absolutely adorable. gary puppy lovers the snow. >> this one from theodore, snowy scene in his neck of the woods right there. hi, carry, thank you for sending this one in, as well. glennside, pennsylvania. yep. not going no where. turn around. nice day to stay in. >> love to see your snowy pictures, remember to send in your location, as well, so that we can share them with our viewers. so great to have you with us this morning, a lot of viewers just sending in their pictures and also want to say hi to trish right now in the hospital right now, going through procedure but watching on this snowy day. we wish you the very best. tracking the latest on this nor'easter. we are kind of right in the middle of it. as we take you all across the delaware valley morning. >> all right, you can see that jen's got the heater on certainly on the win chill, because all of the snow melting. how is it, jen? >> well, the windshield wipers are kind of yucky. i mean, is that a technical
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thing right there? >> sure. reach your hand out. >> that's how mike g got locked out of the van. because he went out to go do that and so he's not willing to go back out there. this is where we r we are, like on our way from media, delaware county, headed toward havertown. and we're on state road. this is like the lower road, that kind of goes along where route one would go along. more elevated road. but we want to show you, like a lot of people quite frankly, were back up on route one. so they weren't really feeling that. so they were doing roads like this. we of course are on another hill. another hill to know where. we're hoping that we don't get stuck. but look. you can see, i don't know. the wheel is slipping. hold on. you can't see it because of the amazing visibility we have. but on the driver side, look at this, coming up on bunch of cars that look as though they got stuck. we don't know if they got stuck. if terai just park there overnight. but certainly, there are a lot
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of cars all around, delaware county, that are stuck on the side of the road. so you get the idea why the delaware county school district, the big ones, rose tree, media, obviously, garnet valley, all of these school district, they had to, i think, you know, cancel class for today. the question is what is going to happen tomorrow? are you going to go big? okay, here we go. here we go. slow down. oh, nice. let's see if you can flick it again. see, maybe because i measure in at about 4-foot three, i cannot -- i've never been able to pull that off. you know, the flicking with the arm. but mike is basically, well, a lot of people say he looks just like elton brand. mostly mike says he looks like elton brands. true? no one has ever told i, you look like elton brands? no one? >> not a fact. >> it is not a fact. okay. it is not a fact. just because -- i look like heidi klume. is that a fact? >> if you believe it. >> no, it is not a fact. so we continue to have so much fun. the good news is the fun
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continues. because they won't let us out of this van. they will not let us out of the van. >> your need the show together, the two of you. >> we have our own show, karen, it is the 6:00 a.m. facebook show. >> of course. >> i know you and thomas are on the air at that time. >> right. >> oh, no. are we really doing this again? >> again? all right. here we go. >> this is it. >> all right, we're going up again a slight hill. are we officially stuck? >> yes. >> no. >> i told you, i would get out and push. >> well get out and push. >> should dow it? will it help? >> doubt it. >> here is my question. did you ask those triple a people, like karen and tomorrow, we have no clue where we r i mean, we know we're in delaware county on our way from media to havertown. but say we were to call triple a. or eric, or jared, or who ever is supposed to come get us. how the heck do they know where we are? >> you know what they would tell you? >> in front of the house with the wreath. >> what would they tell you? >> to download their app, the app has gps location service.
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that will send out exactly. >> is that what it is this. >> yes, your location. >> there is a gps. >> making it to havertown, guys? we may not make it to havertown. >> who? >> i told you, it will be -- i hope nobody breaks my ankles out here. >> jen, don't fall for the trick to get out of the news vehicle. i don't really think eggs' stuck. the moment you get out, he'll take off. >> wait. >> he's stuck. >> seriously, i'm not even kidding. we are super duper -- people! wait, are we going in is it moving. >> no, we have to back up. i don't know that we will make it to havertown. >> not making it to havertown? >> not this way. >> dear havertown, you're welcome, we are area not coming. dear media, sorry, we're coming back. >> coming back. >> i think they're actually sliding backward. >> the high schools are out. so any football team or baseball team that wants to come, heck, field hockey, girls can do it, that wants to come dig uncle mike and aunt jenny out after ditch. what's the matter with you? >> what do you want me to do?
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it is a blizzard out here! that's what happens when you try to drive in a blizzard! >> we always tell people not to drive. >> award winning john list. >> yes, then there we are. >> oh, no, a car down here, help us! >> all right, you two. >> be safe. focus. eyes on the road. we'll check back in with you. >> thank you, guys. all right, we check in with jenny joyce, where some people are probably getting hot coffee. fuel for the humans maybe along with the cars, as well. hey, jenny. >> reporter: good morning, guys, i came across thomas, thomas filling up his van. can you tell us little bit? you just drove up from this smyrna area. >> from dover, smyrna area, right. >> tell me about the drive. what were the conditions like on the roads? >> well, definitely, definitely, definitely, bad. they're still covered. even though the plow trucks are out. but as soon as they go past, it has been snowing all morning, i've been out since 3:00. so it has been snowing all morning. so it is pretty hard for them to keep up. >> now, were you out, were you
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working in this weather. >> yes. >> on the road? you were at the office? >> no, on the road. >> on the road. so you have really been in the thick of things since it started to snow? >> since it started, right. >> wow. and you're finally headed home? >> yes, finally headed home. >> it will feel good. you'll spend the rest of your morning? >> inside, watching fox. >> oh, thank you. and i'm sure you're going to be a lot warmer. whether i first approached up, you were kind of wiping off the back of your vehicle? >> hitting off, because your wiper blaze freezes up. so you have to keep hitting the ice off of it, because as you are going, and it is washing, but then you see it is not cleaning, because the blade gets ice inbetween it, so you got to keep knocking it out, hitting it out. >> a lot of challenges, you didn't happen to come across any accident, did you? >> i saw a few people that were on the side of the road. so that means they skidded off. you can see the cars little banged up. specially on route one, it was casino every just basically one lane that you can really ride? >> and you say that the trip
9:15 am
from smyrna usually takes 25 minute, double? >> twenty-five, 30 minutes, but took me about an hour this time. >> all right, well, i'm glad you made it safe. i hope you get home soon and you get warm. thank you so much, thomas. take care. >> karen, thomas, we will send it back to you. >> all right, thank you so much, there, jenny. we appreciate that. we will get a check of our rales right now, our busses, and how they're doing. i heard bob talking, having some sort of train troubles on some of the lines. >> couple of issues out there, we look live in old city here. see the buses they're going. heather redfern joining us from septa. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> what are we dealing with out there? >> so, almost everything is on or close to schedule. we do have -- putting up 15 minute delays on the regional rl rail system. due to the weather conditions. but not, not many trains are really experiencing major delays. >> okay. >> the paoli thorndale line, amtrak switch issue near bryn mawr, so that's the line that's been impacted the most. with the weather. the bus side, we have 22 routes on detour, and the 35
9:16 am
and the 120 are suspended. so, as road conditions have deteriorated, a little bit. as the morning has gone on, had more detours pop up on our bus routes. >> yes, and we're just seeing reduced visibility, getting heavier, looks like, in this sit center area, at this time. are you having problems with people, you know, always dangerous to get on and off the platforms, on and off the buses, what kinds of things are happening out there. >> you can't go out and clear everything until the weather starts to stop. and everything is blowing around. so even if you're out there working, it is blowing back into it. so, it is a challenge, dealing with that winds, and the snow, that's coming, sometime sideways. so we have crews out there. and they're salting, you know, just making sure people can get to where they need to be safely telling people to stands back from the platform edges, careful on and off the. >> i know septa workers just like everyone else, they have
9:17 am
to get to work. are they making it in safely? any delays? people calling out? >> no. we are doing good so far. and that's the testament to our employees and their dedication to the region, and serving the custom that's ride us every day, even though they might be riding, might drive in, they're taking septa because of the weather today. >> we appreciate their dedication. >> absolutely. thank you, heather, we appreciate it, thank you. 9:17. so let's see what's happening with the storm. keeps shifting. taking a look, sue, really with the worse with steve, now seeing it with jenny, just moving all over the area. >> those bands, bands of snow, where you drive into very heavy snow, then it lightens up, and it gets heavy again. i thought we would simplify things for you with this wild weather we will experience over the next few days, number one snow, which is what we're getting, heaviest near the coast. pockets of heavier snow everywhere. then it is being blown around by the wind. and the winds is going to stay with us for the next couple every days, gusts of 40, 50 miles an hour today, and
9:18 am
tomorrow it, cold, with below zero windchills, they're on the way for tomorrow, and for saturday. dangerous, dangerous cold. so this is what we're dealing with over the next couple of days. as we see the bands of heavy snow look here, southern new jersey, out to the west of us, that snow goes west of york pa. west of i83. >> cape may courthouse, other part every cape may county into atlantic county, as well. so that's what we're dealing with right now. it is not letting up. the worse of it is happening right now. and it doesn't start to taper off until after lunchtime today. we stay in the 20's, but feels colder than that. and then the dangerous cold weather kicks in, and we still have high winds, bob kelly, even after today. >> that's what is going to maybe be the power, power problems, 9:18. here is a live look, another accident, the blue route, 476, right near the schuylkill
9:19 am
expressway. going to attempt to make it to work. seeing accidents, galor here. live look at the other side of the blue route. trying to get onto the schuylkill expressway. any of the bridges, and the overpasses, have that tendency to freeze up. here is a example, hollow road, just off the schuylkill try to come to a stop, tires are trying to grip onto what is ice at the bottom of that hill. de-icing underway at philadelphia international airport. at least 200 concellations cents altogether. check your flight status with the airline before you head out, and if you really must head out. here is a live look at girard avenue here. all snow covered, iced over, make sure you're prepared with the cell phone, the blankets, and a full tank of gas. speaking of full tank every gas, let's check in with eric, we tracked his trip, all the way in from boyertown, on the schuylkill expressway, this is right near the roosevelt boulevard. right, here you go, guy from the boulevard comes in from the left. hot mess on regular gay when you come in.
9:20 am
everybody's coming in from all different angles, but you can see the road conditions, the surface, they've plowed this, probably, a half dozen times. they put down the salt. but again, the snow keeps blowing bac honest with you, i think we are better off with this little bit of slush. because if they push this slush off, off would also go all the salt would leave us with a sheet of icement probably going to stay that way until at least the snow stops. >> karen, thomas? >> back over to you. >> couple of days you know with the windchill, it will be down right cold. not going anywhere as bob just said, any time soon. >> schools could be even closed tomorrow. sends us your pictures how you're spending this snow day f roberta, is that roberta? can we see out the windows right there? brigantine new jersey look how snowy that is. >> and thanks for this one, snow day. you're not getting out any time soon. about 10 inches so far. this is in where millsboro, delaware. >> millsboro, delaware, seeing tons of it hey, let's take live picture right now, moorestown, new
9:21 am
jersey. it looks beautiful but looks like road conditions are really deteriorating. just about everywhere in the delaware valley. we will be right back. ,000 in america last year.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> wow, look at this again, it looks like, the banding, sue has been talking about it all morning, we see it, where it gets full-on the way it is supposed to be the wildwood boardwalk, you can see the corner, very, little reduced -- reduced visible in. >> in case you're wondering, we own 1cd. >> our dramatic storm. >> it is a dramatic storm. >> 9:24, of course we are talking about some of the delays that we're seeing all across the area. let's check in at philadelphia international airport. look at the conditions out there. imagine taking off and landing? so we are seeing a few delays this morning. >> not seeing much of anything as we look at that picture.
9:25 am
diane, so what's the situation? do we have a ground stop? i can't believe we would have any flights taking off or landing? >> well, actually, the grounds stop is in effect, and that pertains to planes that are sitting on the ground, at other airports, waiting to depart for philadelphia. so, the faa is keeping those aircraft for the time being on the grounds. and this is just all due to weather issues, and i know that since we last spoke, the conditions down here have gotten even worse, it looks like, snow coming down even harder, and these winds are really pecking up. yes, it is a lot of hazardous travel out here. >> we talk about the ground stop, airplanes coming in. what about the airplanes leaving philadelphia international airport this morning? >> well, there are flights that are leaving. there are departing flights. of course, they're being de-iced the aircraft before they take off.
9:26 am
but, there are some flight, some emphasis on some. flights that are leaving. the last count we had at least 200 concellations. and we expect that this total is going to climb as we move through the day. so, it is important that anybody who is planning to fly today make sure to touch base with your carrier. >> all right, diane, thank you. hard to believe anyone is taking off in these conditions, looking out the window right now. but we do appreciate your time. we will continue to follow the situation right there. thank you. >> thank you. certainly, all up and down the east coast, we've been following this storm now for about 24 hours, started down in florida, tallahassee, we mentioned earlier, they got less than inch of snow. but they haven't seen snow? twenty-eight years, so you can imagine, when they do see the snowfall, it is going to cause a lot of delays, a lot of highways, shutdown, then as you trickle up the east coast, seeing it, alexandria, virginia, as well. and then boston, you will be hit later on today. obvious not watching but dealing with 12 plus inches at boston logan shutdown. we are continuing to follow
9:27 am
this nor'easter. win picking up in atlantic city, steve? >> reporter: you can hear the win, where we are right now, at west ends, and the black horse pike, which is starting to flood with high tide. people are getting stuck all over the place, as you watch this bus get off. if you stay with the shot, well, no, the bus state strayed, which was smart. where this white pick-up truck is coming stay with the shot and you'll see he's drive-thru whole bunch of slush which may be freezing with these temperatures and these windchills getting below zero. so you can see the water starting to fill the streets along with the snow, and look above, we will leave this shot. these telephone wires are blowing around, and looking like they're just hanging on. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> all right, we're taking a live look all over delaware valley where we are being pounded by this storm. it seems to take a swipe at a different section every time we take a look at where the bands are. there are some of our current conditions. ocean city, wilmington and norristown they did a pretty good job with the sidewalks but it's hard to keep up. >> we're seeing much of the same. down the shore still dealing with the blizzard, 50 plus miles an hour winds, atlantic city electric dealing with power outages. they fear there could be more because of high winds. >> sue we already have school closings. upper darby said too cold and cried uncle. >> that's right because of the dangerous cold. i think that's probably not a bad idea. i know the kids just went back after the winter break but this is nothing to play around with. these snow amounts we've kind of tweaked our little areas a
9:32 am
little bit but we've got four to 6-inches and then two to four and then one to two. the shore points still expected to get the most of all the snow that we're going to get and we still have under the blizzard warning. we have the winter storm warning. we had the winter weather advisory to the north and west being a coastal storm this is where we'll see the worst of the wind and snow and the wind just as important a factor in this we ha weather event. heavy snow and how far west it goes. very heavy snow falling in cape may county and atlantic county this morning and here in philadelphia, it's pretty steady and it's all blowing around. look at these sustained winds. 25 miles an hour in philadelphia, 30 miles an hour sustained winds where steve keeley is in atlantic city and then a gust of 45 miles an hour so it's the wind and it's the wind that's blowing around the snow that we're dealing with today and then speaking about the schools that are closing tomorrow it's probably because of these temperatures. look at the high tomorrow, 16. look at the high on saturday.
9:33 am
14. crazy cold bob kelly coming our way as soon as this snow is over. >> i'm going to plow a path from my door to my kids' school. no problem going tomorrow. >> good luck with that. >> on time tomorrow . >> [laughter] >> good morning. let's -- here's a live look at 95 southbound. accident right near route 322. but look at all the snow that's on the roadway. let's go to our camera, our dashcam. eric smith is on his way, almost coming into the vine street expressway he traveled in from boyertown. taken him over an hour end says he has not seen one penndot plow train at all. he came in on 422. he came in on the schuylkill expressway. and the road conditions kind of show that. and i -- i'm thinking about it and i haven't seen any penndot plow trucks, either. i'm not saying that they're not out there. we've been here since 3 o'clock this morning. you would have thought that we would have seen some plow trains along the way. i saw one over there in new jersey. let's go to our map cameras
9:34 am
again. that accident south on 95 right at 322. so this guy's off to the left, this guy's off to the right there. here's an example of i-95 right near philly international as we mentioned in a ground stop right now. let's go to bucks county. this is that construction zone, 95 right near 413 where all the snow packed down and here's an example of county line road out in montgomery county. again, anything that the tires are trying to grip on right now is iced up and there's ice underneath the ice. karen thomas back over to you. >> thank you so much. thank you bob. i've got all those conditions out there let's see what steve keeley is doing as we're zooming on in. >> reporter: well, karen, if you have a good memory, which you do, this is where i was at 4:00 a.m. yesterday. quite a bit different look. first of all, it's light out, not dark t look under that billboard. that is what you call back bay flood water coming into the streets and you can see how there's no snow under the billboard. so you see the water and it looks like that water is
9:35 am
moving. and as i talk, let's see, don't -- they smartly went straight but this is like an opening in the bay here. remember when the whales were stuck up in antarctica and they needed an opening. this is the only opening because the ice broke up when it got a tad warmer close to the freezing mark yesterday. the ice and water are going to start flowing into the street as we hit high tide early afternoon on the back bay which always follows two hours beyond the high tide on the ocean but you can see that temporary block over that street sign really blowing off. we're seeing power lines blow around and we're seeing for some reason, cars drive through. we're going to turn completely around. look at this car caught in the slush on the black horse pike as they drive through. the black horse pike is starting to flood. then when the cars get through the flood they get stuck in this drifted snow like this guy apparently just did and we just saw a woman finally get helped out of the snow that she did that so what you try to do is you try to get to dry land because you're in flood water, you make that right and
9:36 am
then you pull yourself into high drifted snow and you get stuck in the snow. you can't win. the police warned everybody to stay away from the black horse pike and the white horse pike and this is why. so you see this poor driver now stuck as we did a live report watching him do that so hopefully he'll be unstuck fairly soon, guys. >> hopefully unstuck. getting out gosh in these conditions. all right, look at that guy. he might have to push. that's a mess. all right, steve, thanks. we'll check back with that poor person. that's always a predicament. you got the blankets in the car and all the stuff you're going to need hopefully. >> what are you pointing at steve? >> reporter: there's a -- there's a string of plows going down the black horse pike right now but you'll see they're plowing water. look at that. that's flood water that they're plowing and that's the last plow driver realized that so he's just pushing the tide essentially as you saw that car drive through there. the conditions here are completely miserable because as i've been warning
9:37 am
everybody, with these wind chills going down -- after this blizzard is when well -- this blizzard is the best day of the next four days if you ask me. there's a guy driving over the island avenuisland center avoid. here comes another plow. the last plow is always to the right. he's going to be closest to the water. how does he navigate between these two stuck vehicles in the middle. why are all these people on the road? we didn't see any penndot plows but we're seeing plenty out here. a school bus, looks like an emergency thing and another new jersey transit bus. you would think they're giving away money here in atlantic city. after the new jersey transit bus comes a new jersey penndot plow truck with a salt load getting unloaded in the back. he's not really plowing but you see what a traffic mess this is and this is the alleged back road in between membebetweenremember the atlan y
9:38 am
expressway is between the black horse pike and white horse pike. >> our conditions are deteriorating. >> state of emergency for atlantic cape may monmouth and ocean counties this morning. we're going to have more on the nor'easter coming up right after this. stay with us. >> ♪
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that grow with your business. verizon, not so much. get internet on our gig-speed network and add voice and tv for $34.90 more per month. call 1-800-501-6000. >> ♪ >> good morning, norristown. a live look outside of the septa station. everybody sleeping in, hitting the snooze button there in norristown but not everybody has hit the snooze button as we're back here live looking at i-95 an accident southbound right near route 322. let's go to eric smith, our co-worker who has been coming in, he's had his dashcam working all the way in from boyertown. i hope he's not going to try to park on a snow emergency
9:42 am
route unlike our very own -- >> all right. >> thomas drayden over there. [laughter] >> he made it in from boyertown. let's go back to my jam cams and bring in chelsea from penndot. chelsea, good morning, how are you doing. >> good morning. i'm doing well. >> now, i've got to ask you, i've been here for six hours, 300 cameras and we've seen very few of the penndot plow trucks. is there a reason why the roads, the major roads aren't being hit like they normally would be? >> well, with traffic, you know, this storm hit during the morning rush, so with traffic, if you're stuck in traffic that means our plows are also stuck in traffic so the routes could take longer to clear the roads. >> 'cause i'm looking right there, that was a shot we took in reading, here's a driving shot that we took on some of the side streets here. this is eric's shot on his dashcam but i want to go back, if we could, to that camera that i had from my maps an
9:43 am
example of route 611 near route 202, snow covered, fully snow covered here and i know, you know, what you're saying about the plow trucks being stuck in traffic but, you know, we've seen a couple in new jersey. how many trucks do you have out altogether? >> we have a full call-out of our state trucks which is 180 and then we have more than 180 rental trucks available right now. >> so, what it is the game plan for the rest of the day as obviously the wind is going to pick up and this could be a mess for the evening rush hour. hold on. hold on. is that a plow truck. >> we got one. >> you're lucky, chelsea, you're lucky. i'm sending you doughnuts today. all right, we got one plow truck there for you chelsea. it's got your name all over it. i'm going to send some doughnuts your way. >> all right,. >> it. >> great. >> you got it. let's go to jen fred. >> hi. see what this is? this is an awful looking parking lot in havertown, pennsylvania. we're still in delco.
9:44 am
come on back. we'll tell you how the roads look. here's a preview. they stink. >> ♪
9:45 am
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. so, it's a slow start up there in the reading air but certainly it's coming down. there's noplace if you live in the delaware valley lehigh valley area where you're not getting snowflakes on your head. low and visibility, conditions and certainly those winds are smacking you in the face. >> dealing with this for the past five and a half hours and we're getting through it.
9:47 am
we'll have the latest conditions coming up in 15 seconds with sue. >> time is 9:47. we're looking at continued snow. it seems to be moving a little further west than trying to get out of here which is what we wish it would do but we're seeing bands of heavy snow. look to our north all that lightning popping up around long island and parts of connecticut. it's heavy rain in cape cod. for us the heavy snow continues to band in from the atlantic ocean and the high winds blowing it all around. you can see it happening here in olde city. the wind driven snow, 21 miles an hour sustained winds make 23 degrees feel like eight out there right now. visibility is lousy no matter where you are drying because even if you have just a little bit of snow, it is blowing, it is drifting. we stay in the mid-20's all
9:48 am
day. the snow tapers off a little later on this afternoon. how much? a whole lot at the shore. less as you go further north and west but there could be a pocket here or there of heavier snow because of these bands, guys, that we've been seeing moving off the ocean so you'll drive in and out of heavy, heavy snow at times. >> just look at that rehoboth scene right there. >> how that has changed throughout the morning, hasn't it? oh, my goodness. >> looks like they've actually cleared some of the cars off because they plowed around them or something. >> it's horizontal snow. can you see it? look to the right there. it's just horizontal. >> and it moved in so quickly they were the first to get the snow are they going to be the last to see it as it moves out. steve keeley in atlantic city seeing just a number of vehicles stalling out there. steve. >> yeah, stuck. >> reporter: yeah, the newest element to add to the blizzard, mixture of hell is streets flooded. here we are on one side of our live van and on the other side so we're on the high end
9:49 am
island right now. behind us a gentleman getting help, getting pushed out 'cause he got stuck after getting through the flood water. plow truck guys was nice enough to stop by and hopefully we won't need the tow truck that looks like it's coming by and beyond the plow truck is our atlantic city electric power trucks because power is coming out and that's why you see the power truck fleet coming by. there's, one, two, three, four, five and them in a train. we're seeing lots of plows down here at the shore but the wind is recovering all the roads and that's why people are getting stuck but the real problem, this looks like -- they look like they're getting ready to shut the road down. one of these trucks is what they shut down to either help these guys stay safe or -- we talk about good samaritans in the news business all the time. all the guys in the power trucks have come out to help push this gentleman out. how cool are they? so, they're up on the poles getting the electric back on and then they're running to
9:50 am
the help falling in the snow to help out. so, there's a great story to end our morning show. live shots from the shore for now. we'll see you at noon. >> gosh, all right, steve, thank you so much. that's what you do when you fall down you jump up and put your hands up in the air. and look at them clap, nicely done. [applause] >> we love those electric guys. that is awesome. >> doing a great job. steve thank you. we'll see you at noon. thank you to all of our viewers all morning long. you have been sending in your pictures. this one sent to warm are heart here. spending the day in bed with these sick kiddos in havertown. hopefully they feel a little bit better. kate thank you for sending that in. we'll be following the latest nor'easter right after the break. stay with us. >> ♪
9:51 am
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>> welcome back. taking a live look right now, we went all around the delaware valley today and still are and are covering it
9:54 am
right now. mount airy looks beautiful but definitely snow covered roads right there. >> let's take you to bensalem this morning. seeing much of the same under all that snow. we're dealing with some icy conditions. if you have to go out this morning as we've been saying all morning, please be safe. take it slow. >> let's check in with jen fred. they were having problems getting up a hill. they were slipping and sliding. let see how they're doing now and where they are. >> reporter: hey, jen. >> reporter: hey, guys. we're in havertown run west chester pike. mike was like it's chester pike with a w on the front. i'm the queen of delco so i know where the heck i am. so, look at these roads. i know that you guys keep saying if you don't have to go out don't go out, how about you just say this. don't go out. stay home, period. like unless you are an emergency worker, you work at the gas station, you're the mailman victor in media who had to be at work at 4:00 a.m., mailman, emt, police officer, firefighters, septa guy or girl, you got to go to work oh, and news people i
9:55 am
forgot about those essential employees. his wife works at the hotel but she doesn't like when we talk about her on tv. hi, kiara. bottom line roads are bad we don't like to overhype everything. we're not like these weather nerds. legitimately roads are bad. boss is making us stay at work until 1:00 a.m. to tell you how bad these roads are. you're welcome. [laughter] >> reporter: you're welcome delco. [laughter] >> i want what jen is having at this hour six hours later. >> reporter: i want to an eggplant parm, that's what i want. >> lucky you. >> reporter: bloody mary, some beer. i want to have a little vacation here. >> and that right there is a wrap. be safe, guys. >> thanks jenny will let's go to wilmington, jenny joyce. >> hey, jenny. >> reporter: yeah, this is the other jen that's not having as much fun out here in the wind in wilmington. it is such an interesting storm. we've been talking about it all morning, just how the snow
9:56 am
drifts are impacting different communities so take a look. here at the sidewalk we're just off dupont highway. there's not much snow. on the grassy areas you can see the tops of the grass. however, on the street and this entrance here to wawa look at the ground. look at how much snow is here and this is what cars are driving on. this is what they're forced to drive on so watching these vehicles pull here into wawa, taking it slowly, hey, how you doing. a lot of people said that the roads are very, very slippery. so, fortunately we don't see a ton of people out here but it seems like everyone on the road is popping in for morning coffee so as steve keeley said, we will be back here live again at noon. back to you guys. >> that we will. wonderful job jenny. thank you. let's get a final check on the forecast this morning at least for now. sue. >> it's not leaving yet. it is still with us, the coastal storm. in fact, it's throwing back some of these snow bands that it's kind of moving west before it finally gets out of here. so, we look up to the north of
9:57 am
us and were h we see that that thundersnow along long island. bands of heavy snow moving into the coastal areas of new jersey and the snow continues to blow around here in olde city where it's 23 degrees but it feels like six. sustained winds are at 26 miles an hour and with the poor visibility, that's because of the wind, we're going to see these wind gusts -- look at this atlantic city wind gust now, 48 miles an hour. so, here's what we got. we've got a lot of places that are going to get double digit snow accumulations along the coast. less to the north and west but we'll all have to deal with wind and extreme cold, guys, from here on in through the first half of the weekend. so it's not over by a long shot. >> yeah and we just got word we're sending you to boston, sue. >> groovy. [laughter] >> 15 plus inches up there. >> guess what the ups guy just delivered to my house? >> what. >> oh, lord. your wife get the whiteout now. >> we're having a big show today coming up at noon you can join us for all the action
9:58 am
happening all around the delaware valley. >> see you then. be safe out there. >> ♪
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