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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 4A  FOX  January 5, 2018 4:00am-5:00am EST

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it is 49 degrees in miami, 30 's up toward the north and big story here in the delaware veil are record to be beaten. atlantic city is a 4-degree record in 1981. >> i think we will go to around four or 3 degrees. that is a rorrer setback in 189 and where were you in 1924 wilmington we are beating your record overnight tonight into tomorrow morning, of only, 7 degrees. that is a record, to fall over the next 24 to 48 hours, and, then could there be another system on the horizon? those details are coming up, sue. >> i think i was putting antifreeze in my model t ford in 1924, mike. it was quite a time. all right. we have bus stop buddy, for those able to make a snow man no war business melting today. wind chills below zero. we have not seen bus stop buddy's smile in a while. the storm is long gone from
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yesterday. we have wind gusts as high as 28 miles an hour in atlantic city and 33 miles an hour here at philadelphia international. that makes it feel like 4b low thinks a wind chill in philadelphia right now, poor mike moscow had to stand out it. and 23 below in mount pocono. this is our temperature progression throughout the day high temperatures, guy, of 17 degrees. now needless to say factor in the wind and it will feel even colder, then. that at least we will see some sunshine today bob kelly but it will in the do us very much good. >> i will bring in a card game fireplaces like we used to have at christmastime, and, make it feel warm in here. good morning, everybody. live look at i-95 near philly international. this is what you want to be careful, two and a half lanes not ice but chunky ice, fit looks wet there is a good possibility it could be black ice. watch here the ramps from the
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schuylkill, to the vine expressway, i saw this coming, folks flying around these ram tops begin with an accident waiting to happen, again a live look at county line road, brine and salt didn't work yesterday. whatever it melted quickly froze backup and that is where we got in trouble because the snow, quickly laid on top and that just made a mess for the rest of the day. here's a live look at county line road and 202, so slow go, this morning, mass transit, here's septa's game plan they will run on a saturday, schedule, less trains, expect overcrowding, extended wait times, the main reason as those old cars, went the snow gets blend in there they can shorten them out. so, they will run less basically saturday schedule, possible skipped stations, expect overcrowding, make sure you have the current schedule and be ready for delays. in south philadelphia down pole here on front street blocking from oregon to packer that will prevent folks from
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95. the airlines are restaging, philadelphia, new york, boston all cancellations from yesterday, check with the airline, and i got to get spell check on here too. it is only 4:00 o'clock in the morning. >> i get better as we move through the day. >> that is the new airline that just set up, shop in philadelphia, the aitlines. >> friendly skies of aitlines. >> thanks, bob. looking at bottom of the screen through can see listing of school closings, business closures as well, all because of yesterday's storm. we should mention philadelphia today, philadelphia public and parochial schools and city government shut down. >> cold compounding that. you may have gotten a call, text, e-mail. i feel like thinks every school i got news my kid were off and maybe you feel the same way as well, and, just one day in like 21, but anyway , we have had so much school, that did fall in certain areas. we had a foot and a half in
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certain area. this is ocean city. the wind, at tropical storm force wind when we had that blizzard, white out conditions , and it is dangerously cold. >> all up and down the shore, i will tell you cleaning up after this storm will be a tough one. the shore hardest hit during yesterday's nor'easter. someplaces seeing 17 inches of snow. our steve keeley we saw him yesterday getting pelt by snow and wind. he is in atlantic city once again. hi there, steve. >> reporter: if you are out foreign a minute because we, jared and i have to work with these, gloves, we take pictures and we have these buttons, but you cannot with gloves on. the tips of our fingers are nu mb for being out in the van for a minute. you can hear in my voice when that wind takes your breath away. look at these signs blowing. here's my advice i was about to say whatever you wore yesterday, add two players, maybe three layers, the wind is really bad, and the
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temperature, really, different then yesterday, and i hear bob kelly, i want to you see this. this looks like slush. this is just like what we said , it is rock hard. we tried to dry over this. you don't make a dent with the multi ton vehicle. this is all rock hard that appears to be slush. driving in, you still have blowing snow, and it is covering main road, black horse pike, even atlantic city expressway, plowed probably hundreds of times, had a lot of snow covered, ice covered spots. so driving is treacherous. walking is treacherous. and having any exposed skinnies down right dangerous. this is life threatening cold, without a doubt. we are not hyping up, these temperatures, and these wind chills, what a difference from yesterday. we still have all of the snow, we still have the snow that isn't frozen rock hard, blowing, drifting every where.
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so real rough out there you can see how far. that is our van. we wanted to come to the black horse pike to show you exit ramp to the down beach communities and that short walk where winds hitting us off this frozen bay has any exposed skin feel numb right away. we will wrap up, get out because my man on the camera has been working hardies telling me he has to get in that van real quick. guys, we will see you somewhere else in a half an hour if possible. >> try to get warm, steve. >> this is brutal. >> absolutely brutal. >> appreciate it, steve. snow emergency we told but for philadelphia was lifted last night as we told you city officials, offices are closed to today. you see little won having fun in the snow. city offices closed to day, trash truck, will still be coming around. plow trucks, they have been beginning to work making neighborhood drivable but be prepared for slick, icy streets. you have to clear the
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sidewalks. we have snow all over, lehigh, delaware valley, several inches of snow in places up to a half foot in the suburbs. slow going, it was brutal in the middle of the storm. king of prussia got 5 inches right there contractors did a great job on parking lots right there and despite the snow, and the wind we did have a lot of people that got out and about and they did a good job cleaning up. >> those strong wind, in wilmington didn't make clearing road easier there dell dot says they have 400 pieces of equipment and 500 workers right there on the roads. we do want to tell but this developing story that is scary here two children in delaware they are safe this morning after the car they were sitting in was stolen, a mom left her car running with her one and five-year old inside, while she went in the wawa in the 2,000 block have limestone road in wilmington last night. she came out five minutes later to find out that her car was gone. it was dumped a few miles way, kid still inside. suspect took off, police are still searching for him.
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hundreds of atlantic city seniors forced out in the cold after fire broke out in their apartment building, during the snowstorm, and now they are trying to figure out where to go next. >> i'm scared to death because i didn't know where my wife was. >> this is a bad one, went up to three alarms around 6:00 on the 200 block of north vermont street, smoke was seen pouring from the apartment, as people tried to escape from the fire, and balconies, a lot of people as well, dozens of people living there many are elderly or disabled were taking to a nearby building. there was a school. fire fighters say, bat telling one was really difficult in the wake of the blizzard. >> the blizzard was on the tail even. we were still experiencing, 30 , 35 miles an hour winds. we were still experiencing white out conditions. we have drifts, two or three or 4-foot drifts. when this call came in we had two engine stuck. >> fire officials say there was a total of 300 people put
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into temporary housing, as for the cause fire fighters say they think it may have been a electrical fire. during peak of the storm tragedy struck, woman died after she just couldn't stop her suv from sliding through a regional rail train. accident happened just before 9:30 yesterday morning near red lion road in lower moreland township. two woman were on their way to work when the suv they were in slid down a steep incline and broke through gate and slam in the on coming septa train. the police chief the driver realized he was in trouble and told pass evening tore get out the driver jumped out but sadler her co-worker just could not get not time. >> the driver of the vehicle was able to exit before the crash, the passenger remained in the vehicle and was later found outside the vehicle along the tracks. >> obviously there was some snow, very bad weather, and at the time of the accident. >> police are withholding the names of the woman until family members are notified.
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they do say that the driver of the suv has been released from the hospital and helping with the investigation. as for the train in one on board was injured in that accident. we have some important changes to tell but as you try to get back to work even though kid are off. septa regional rails is operating on a saturday schedule because of the very high winds which means fewer trains and normal friday so please plan accordingly. also, buses are operate nothing bala cynwyd line. delay after delay, we talk about this at the top of the show looking live at philadelphia international airport, the storm causing so many delays and cancellations there, so far about 50 flights have been scrapped for today, so supposed to fly you know what to do, check with your airline before checking to the airport. half of the yesterday's flights were cancelled because of the snow leaving thousands of people stranded, some families, certainly weren't taking any chance is here, we will meet a guy his name is john matthews. dropped his brother off but
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sat in the cell phone lot just to make sure that his plane took off. >> flying back to the middle east. he is in the military. he has a half an hour before he gets on his plane but we don't know right now it is pretty heavy right now. >> here's something to keep in mind since cancellations are weather's fault most airlines say they are not responsible for your hotel room if you do get stuck overnight. it may be bad here but worse overnight no safe harbor >> have you ever seen anything quite like this, the streets of boston, flooded, with chunks of ice. we have a very important warning about something you may be eating, today, every day, a very popular lettuce that we are being told right now may to stay away from row main don't eat it. >> keep our eye back the road this morning, bob. >> grab your caesars salad 4:11. live look at the benny working your way toward philadelphia, all bridges will have reduced speed. look at the wind, giving the
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flag a work out. downtown a live look at ben franklin parkway, flags are whipping, we have got forecast for the weekend coming up after the break.
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it will be cold they are weekend. wildwood, good morning to you. i know you are dealing with 15 s
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nor'easter, we will track latest forecast coming up and around the area as you cane in the background with the lights dealing with the whipping wind >> thinks up in the boston area massachusetts they are rescuing this woman with a front end loader right there. they have been hit so hard by this storm, so you can bet here it is even worse there as we take very little comfort from. many people trapped by high waters that has swamped entire neighborhood they have had highest tides in decade. we have had people getting rescued right there and you can see vehicle drive through the streets. they are going through it. >> they are going through it as karen mentioned. boston a city with a river running right through it. yesterday's storm causing the around or to overflow sending water in the streets and things are only expected to get worse. once water recede city officials are worried that the streets will simply freeze over. my goodness. 4:15. lets check our weather and temperatures right now. we're down to 12, sue.
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>> we have a wind chill advisory for the entire region until noon time tomorrow, so we will be dealing with brutal wind chills until then and then wind chill warning in the pocono mountains for unbelievably below zero temperatures because that is what we're talking about now that the snow is over. here's the storm, it is all the way up in northern maine, and nova scotia now and it is bothering them but it certainly left a lot of snow behind in some cases, looking at snow totals coming up. in the meantime wind speed 18 miles an hour sustained wind in philadelphia, even higher in wilmington, and we have some, wind gusts that are even higher then that. so, 28 miles an her wind gusts in atlantic city and 33 miles an hour in philadelphia. it is windy in wilmington. that makes it feel colder then it is and all wind chills are below zero just a matter of degrees below zero at this point but feels like 4b low in philadelphia, 23 below in the
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mountains. is there your wind chill alert today with those feels like temperatures during the day, between five below and 15 below and we could get wind chills in the mountains as low as 30 below zero. so, yeah, just a matter of degrees of cold, and, as we take a look at that seven day forecast, there is some relief but then we have other weather on the way, we will give you seven day in a moment but mike masco is waiting toll tuesday so much more and experiencing it first hand. it is not easy to stand outside in that cold for any length of time. >> no, it is like pins hitting you in the face. >> that is a good analogy. >> i'll stay inside, all day. i 12 degrees, i think karen said, right on, single digits north and west. every time that breeze picks up wind chills go way down. sue mentioned we have advisory and rare wind chill warning up toward poconos.
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we say rare because it is typically calm in the northern plains and cold tundra of the northern reaches of the u.s. but it is reaching here in the delaware valley. lets go to the maps. i want to show you feels like temperatures. this is all day to day feeling like 20 below zero toward the poconos, unfortunately, it gets worse before better, feeling like over 30 degrees, below zero, overnight tonight, into tomorrow morning, and feeling like 11 below as you get here in philadelphia. overnight temperatures, seven below zero the actual air temperature, six in town. we are making a run for railroaded low of 4 degrees, just set in the 1800 is here in philadelphia so what you should know is that the dangerous cold is in place for the next couple of days, it is record cold night, that could be record cold, daytime highs, and by the way, frostbite only takes 15 to 20 minutes to kick in so be very careful if you have to travel or be outside
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for a, prolonged period of time. we will talk more weather in a little bit. bob, over to you. come on back inside we have hot chocolate for you. 4:19. on the road anything that looks wet is certainly potential of sitting there in the form of the black ice. once you get where you are going it is an obstacle course walking because sidewalks are slippery, we have to do hurdles to jump april cross the street. here's a live look at the schuylkill expressway right here near spring garden street no overnight construction road s are opened, passable just give yourself some extra time on those on and off ramps coming off of 42 hearsay at 50 t off ramp and patch of ice. we had a couple situations happen yesterday on 422, here's a live look at 422 near trooper road where there is a close another for couple hours , a five car pile up, somebody spun around, cars piled into it, another same scenario. it hit two troopers that were
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sitting on the side of the roadway. luckily no serious injuries. we have talk about septa here's the rest of the game plan patco shooting for a normal schedule today. new jersey transit, same deal, they are cross honoring. dart has limited service down there in the first state and amtrak running on a modified schedule from d.c. to boston but septa, regional rails, they will run on a saturday schedule which is certainly totally less service, less trains, then they typically would have on a friday morning so expect overcrowding, extended wait times and then comes the skipped stations. really make sure you have right schedule and give yourself plenty of extra time and as steve mentioned bundle up i would in the want to be standing outside on the platform waiting for that train that then comes back overcrowded skips you and you are there for another 20 or 25 minutes or so. back to you. former new jersey governor brendan byrne burn died at 93. he died at his home in living
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ton. his son says he had been living with a lung infection that he was battling, byrne made a name for himself as governor who mobsters say was too ethical to bribe and authorized law permitting gambling in atlantic city. he served in the 70's. four philadelphia men are under arrest in montgomery county for an armed robbery in , 7-eleven. jamill henderson, all right here and juvenile walk in the store on york road in abington disguised in ski masks. they held a gun to the clerk's head while clearing the cash register. they grabbed cigarettes, cash, abington and philadelphia police working together on this investigation. a new jersey shore teacher now in the national spotlight. but you may remember her from a anti bullying video of her student singing, that went viral, in 2015. so no matter what happens with the eagles, is this the video. >> that is the video. >> it is amazing. >> because she has, worked
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with children, and which are hearing impaired. one of the students in 2015, they put together the video, with sign language. >> anti bullying. >> 4:22. in matter what happens with the eagles i don't know if this gives you comfort but philadelphia will be represented in the super bell. >> there is a new, we love it, the favorite, puppy bowl and we have four local hot dogs vying for a title.
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good morning i'm sean brace. flyers looking to bounce back with the penguins when they welcome islanders to town. snow doesn't matter show must go on and this kid ivan provorov put on a show, as well, hits wrister his second of the game, flyers would score four goals in the second they hold onto win six-four. eagles getting ready for next weaned divisional round and overall message from the locker room from guys like lane johnson, take advantage of this, shot because you never know when you will return. >> nothing matter right now, it is just a do or die every week, we just got to get back to the fundamentals, in practice, and best situation, come game time, we will be ready. >> number 19 cincinnati at temple last night owls looking for their first conference win but bear cats jacob evans has different plans steps up, hits
4:26 am
jumper to win. cincinnati wins 55-53. tough loss for owls. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean brace. thanks, sean. coming up at 4:30 cleaning up the shore. >> quite a clean up. steve keeley will join us once again as residents continue to dig out from yesterday's storm bob kelly. >> 4:26. a live look right now at cherry hill new jersey ramps from route 38, and all of that chunky ice, slippery conditions, lets go to reading , good morning, waking up with a cup of coffee not bad right there, i don't see any ice on the on ramps we will check jam cams, sue and mike have the forecast when we come right back.
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until the brutal cold we have to clean up now get your gloves, put them on our frost bitten fingers. so much work. some areas got a foot and a half of snow dumped on their head. left out in the cold seniors evacuated after a fire sweeps right through the building.
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>> ♪ >> reba, we love this she is in our area bucks county tickets for her show go on sale today. >> try to make the call try to get her here through the snow in good day philadelphia if you are waking up, good morning to you. it is 4:30, friday, tgif we made it through the storm. >> good morning to the whole gang. thanks for being with us through the snow, we will get through this. >> what a crazy day. >> a mess. >> everything is frozen over, whatever was sitting overnight , it is frozen. >> side streets are still not good at all, my neighborhood not good. >> in the city, they don't plow the side streets or road until you get six or 7 inches. we didn't get that officially. but the blowing was the problem. >> we got 4 inches here but on the main emergency routes it was still slushy when i left here. >> it was horrible. >> and they expect you to move your vehicle. >> yes. >> when they don't plow.
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>> that is yesterday. >> the snow's gone and we will get sunshine today but it will not help very much. temperatures will in the leave the teens today. wind chill well, that is a whole other story. we have two out of ten because it is just so darn cold today. bus stop budd which snow on the ground and maybe a few people going to school today but many school districts are closed because of this extreme cold and snow that fell yesterday and the clean up that will continue today. we are off to a frigid start with wind chills every where below zero. our storm has moved up into maine, nova scotia, so way, way far away, we just left with those cold temperatures, and the winds are still very high, as high pressure build ness and keeps us cold for a couple days, 13 degrees in philadelphia right now, factoring in 18 miles an hour win, it feel like 4b low zero. eight below in allentown, 23 below in mount pocono and where the big clean up is, at
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new jersey shore, five below, in atlantic city, so plan on a high, of 17 degrees today, sunset time 4:50. we will see some sunshine bob kelly. we often say deceiving sunshine but it could not be more true then today. >> sun glare bouncing off the snow. >> blinding, yeah. >> be careful everybody. what they should do is have pp a instead of ticketing cars ticket folks who have not shoveled their walkway, weren't that be great? we will work on that. here's an example right behind the art museum, this guy trying to come to a stop and tires are gripping to what is pack down ice, chunky ice we will call it. live look right behind the art museum. let's jump around the different cameras we have, this is route 202, that cameras reset there in north wales. here's a live look at 422, which is a hot mess yesterday, this whole stretch could be dangerous again today because
4:33 am
there is that wide opened area where wind justice blowing that snow like fine crystals on top of the wet road surface could be slippery this morning here's a live look down the shore a camera from yesterday, 47 and 347, again, passable but this is all packed down ice on top of the blacktop and it is not going anywhere because as quickly as they put down salt it may melt it, because comes wet and quickly refreezes. this is here a couple days. septa's regional rail lines today they will run on a saturday schedule, so expect overcrowding, extended wait times and then possibly skipped stations. make sure you have saturday schedule before you leave the house. rest of the systems patco they will shoot for a normal schedule, new jersey transit, same deal cross honoring. dart has limited service in delaware and amtrak on a modified schedule from d.c. to boston. back to you. bob, thanks very much.
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4:33. we have to shovel out just about every where we have sidewalks done before we get a ticket after the big nor'easter. lets get down to atlantic city steve keeley has been bearing the brunt of this through the entire storm, steve. >> reporter: i will show you different cabby. is there tropicana on atlantic avenue. here's why you do not block on snow emergency route. we are a block from the beach. let me put my wipers up to clear my windshield after the snow stops. he has bigger problems. this is a toy yet judging by the roof, that is how bad it is, same thing with the van in front of him, into a long walk this is atlantic avenue. this is a business segment and high rise to the left but plow s obviously will do this road because it is a wide road , main road and they did a fairly decent job even they it is a sheet of ice but if you were parked on this road like you shouldn't have been you are plowed in for today, saturday, sunday, and this
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stuff is not snow this is rock hard snow ice this guy tried to dig himself out. he said let me see if i can get out the front. then he tried to do that but he is mutt in. made a valiant effort but he cannot get out the front either. as we walk down the side street the main drag is bad you can imagine the side streets. people in south philadelphia are saying hey welcome to our world atlantic city. side streets people are plowed in too but at least snowplows made it down side street. remember i shed you the live shot the only yellow you will see here in atlantic city is the rear-view mirror. not only is this guy plowed in here he cannot make a living for a while because he is stuck in there for a while and again this is not just fluffy snow but rock hard ice and plus it has been pressure plowed begins this vehicle so
4:36 am
it has been even more concentrated. and falling and blowing. another side street, not plowed real well, people are stopped. we will wrap it up with this jit any and they have a slogan and this jitany guy won't be picking up any people for a while. his logan he will not live up to we keep you moving 24/7. my guess is, karen and thomas, he will be stuck here for 72, 21, until monday at least. thomas, i wanted to show you those vehicles on the snow emergency route little worse then getting a parking ticket. >> i agree 100 percent. >> there is our headlights, give my man jared that much credit for walking this far, this cold on this ice without falling. >> you are earning it today, quadruple full. >> you can hear crunch of the ice. 4:37. steve, thank you. most of the snow is off the
4:37 am
major road doesn't mean getting around will be any easier here. our jenny joyce out and about this morning as well joining us from manayunk, good morning to you, jenny. >> reporter: good morning, thomas. this morning we have had an opportunity to drive around, and the road were berth than what i was expecting. we are live in manayunk, just off of ridge avenue. so back here the smaller road, a little bit messy, that is to be expect through this hilly, narrow neighborhood. there is slush in the road and some spots layers of ice. it is only 11 degrees right now, so it is the ice, the cold, the wind, that will make the commute and day in general , nasty for anyone who has ton out in this. a lot of schools are closed as we mentioned, philadelphia public and parochial schools, so have everyone here in this manayunk neighborhood the families, hopefully will give them one more day to stay indoors, before they have to travel out, possibly this weekend and that is other good
4:38 am
thing it is a friday so people can sort of, lay low, easing into the weekend because if you take a look at the ground there is still a lot of slush here on these back road. a number of the cars, some cleared but as we drove through manayunk, a lot of them still covered a sign that people did stay put yesterday, karen and thomas. >> okay, thank you. 4:38. imagine hundreds of seniors, and some people disabled were forced out in the cold after a fire broke out at their building in atlantic city right during the storm and now they are trying to figure out where they are going and living. >> i'm scared to death because i didn't know where my wife was. >> it was so scary. we could hear fire fighters and seeing some of the people forced outside in those cold temperatures. this is a three alarm fire. it happened around 6:00 o'clock last night. the scene is 200 block of north vermont avenue, and we even saw some of the smoke that was coming out of that building, people were outside on their balconies in the cold trying to escape that smoke
4:39 am
and these people, who are elderly disable were moved to another building or they put up a temporary shelter at a school across the street fighting this fire. there was a total of 300 people put in temporary housing. they think it is electrical that may have been the problem >> philadelphia kid you can see at bottom of the screen we have so many closings, and it will give us lots of kid home, so we want to see your snow pictures. take a selfie of your face and tell us what you are doing, show us what you are doing and use the #fox 29 snow and send us your locations, the pets, little ones what are you doing on this snow daytimes two.
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in your health news this morning is there a warning for something you may have in your refrigerator consume are reports is urging people to avoid eating row main lettuce until health officials get to the bottom of ane coal lie out break. it killed one person and made 60 others sick. cdc reports that the out break sickened people in more than a dozen states, including pennsylvania, but to be clear the cdc has in the issued a recall, on row main lettuce, only, consumer reports urging people to avoid eating it. all right. we have a story to warm you up , multi millionaire, so exciting, thomas and i were
4:43 am
putting down our money, we want to win. >> right after a long day, a snowy day, here is your chance once again 445 million, at least when it comes to the mega millions jackpot. >> that drawing is tonight. power ball jackpot is tomorrow , that is 550 million-dollar, for tomorrow, it is a first time that both grand prize have been american 400 million-dollar each, so maybe somebody will hit over this weekend. >> good luck. >> we will be your new best friend. >> that is right. >> how about this one new leaping lizards we have falling from the skies. >> literally. >> how frigid weather is leaving reptiles stunned by the cold, down south. >> huge. >> more on that coming up. >> can you believe it. >> um-hmm.
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can you imagine instead of , frogs falling from the sky , lizards fell out of the trees it was so-called, they are iguanas falling because temperatures dropped below 40 in miami which is cold enough that immobilizes them. they look like they are dead but they are mess of the time still alive. >> a lot of people in florida, down there a couple weeks ago, temperature dropped in the 40 's and they are just in winter jackets, they would never survive here, my friend. >> i necessity our kid would be saying, can we keep it.
4:47 am
>> it is not going to move much. >> who has a box, get a fish tank. 4:47. live lot at blue route 476, anything that looks wet, it is iced over. that is definitely a, challenge this morning, wind on top of it. live look at our cameras around the region dover, delaware route 13, it looks like we have clear pavement but right here any dis coloration in the road surface that is packed down, chunky ice we will call it and that is where we will make it difficult to try to stop when we come to the stop sign or a traffic signal and that happened to those poor folks coming down red lion yesterday that went right through railroad gates here. here's a live look at 422 out here a rough road yesterday, coming in from say collegeville, pottstown, reading area, again, overnight , the winds, blowing some snow and just a fine, crystals on top of the wet road surface is leaving with us black ice this morning.
4:48 am
now again they have been outputting down the salt on the overnight we will talk to penndot coming up in a little bit. good morning to the shaders over here maple shade, new jersey, this is route 73, again, turnarounds, secondary roads, side streets, iced over , packed down. septa will run with a saturday schedule so expect overcrowding, extended wait times, possibly skipped stations so bundle up, accordingly. cynwyd line will use buses instead of trains this morning here's rest of the line up for mass transit, patco, new jersey transit, dart, limited service, amtrak on a modified schedule from d.c. to boston. when will it warm up? sue has that answer in 15. the answer to when it will warm up is not for a while.
4:49 am
we have wind chills warning in the mountains, wind chill advisory until noon time tomorrow. it doesn't let up for a couple of days? how will it feel outside? everybody will feel like it is below zero and that, of course , increases risk of frostbite. so nor'easter is gone, it moved up to the northeast. we don't have anything to show you on radar. it is all about the temperatures, wind speed, 18 miles an hour sustain wind, 33 miles an hour wind gust in philadelphia and feels like 4b low, colder in wilmington, lancaster, mountains, of course, very dangerous with a 23 below zero wind chill. so when will it ease up a little bit? by sunday but not much, and then monday, we could have, temperatures above freezing, but late in the day with another storm system coming our way, maybe a wintry mix, some will get rain, snow, this one is tricky, monday into a little bit of tuesday morning
4:50 am
but is this possible by thursday of next week we could get in the 50's a little bit milder. we will check those numbers. we have a lot of numbers, but we have mike masco outside and i guess it is more important to tell folks what that actually mean when we talk about wind chills below zero. >> i feel like everybody goes wind chill alert, whatever, i get it, but it does mean something, and when we say wind chill warning, right or we say wind chill advisory we are advice you that temperatures gotten to a threshold that are now dangerous, and let me put this in perspective say you are skiing in the mountains and you have exposed areas. you go skiing you wear face mask maybe goggles, if you leave this opened, all right, all day this might actually start to get frostbite, that is because the temperatures are at that threshold. so these advisory and warnings mean business, all right. so if you are traveling, skiing, outside, for a prolong
4:51 am
period of the timex supposed skinnies susceptible to frostbite f that goes untreated or don't wrap it up in about a half an hour you might have major problems, they might to have seek medical attention. so this means something, all right. wind chills and warnings. that is my want of the morning i'll have one later. wind chill alerts they say misery loves company there is a whole lot of company, 22 states under some sort of the wind chill alert at this hour. it is polar air, baby, this is some true, real deal cold across the northern tears back in the mid-atlantic, that is your air temperature. six below in minneapolis. goose egg in chicago when you factor in the wind chill it feels like 20 below zero from detroit to the northern plains you know, our temperatures will feel like it is close to 30 below zero for overnight hours into tomorrow morning and then sue mentioned another storm, monday night, and, you know, possibility of maybe a
4:52 am
little bit of sleet, freezing rain, snow, mom will make through that she throws the whole kitchen sink by monday night. of course, when we can get rid of this cold. it will not go all the way at one time but we will try to get rid of the extreme cold, and we will talk about that coming up in a little bit. >> main reason philadelphia schools closed this morning because of the cold temperatures, mike, thank you. mike trout, millville native, obviously from new jersey, big star, baseball, love him, he has been blowing up his wife's phone. >> not just with i love you but weather alerts. trout is a self proclaimed weather nerd. pretty cool when you get a shout out from the weather channel. mlb radio tweeted that shout out and trout's wife replied to mlb network radio tweeting, poking fun at her husband's love for weather. >> mike trout's weather knowledge even impresses one of the best meteorologists, in the middle of every single
4:53 am
storm. his wife said he is one weather map photo short of being, muted. >> i can understand obsession, beautiful to look at, cleaning up though whole different story. yesterday you guys were amazing sending us your weather pictures, what you were going through during the nor'easter. >> so cute, thanks for sending in your kid, making play doh, looking at windows. the pets, kid, hanging out window was so awesome. thank you so much. >> ahh, hi, puppy. thank you for sending them. use our #fox 29 snow, adorable , times two, also let us know town where you are from, as well. we will be right back.
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we are all hoping bird will make the super bell but what better way to kick things off with t ross verse team fluff. >> we are talking about the puppy bowl, and, we have local dogs that will be making their grand appearance, meet daisy, we have got chihuahua, it is a cute one right there, from act philadelphia and team fluff we have lila a jack russell and, then from heinzville mixed breed from morris animal refuge. that was the chihuahua, next guy. really cute. sorry, i didn't get them all
4:57 am
right. the pit bull mix, yeah, darn it, i got them all wrong. darn it. anyway, they are from our area they are really cute. >> if i'm ever in need of a show and need to call a friend with help with animal friends i will not be calling your number. jenny joyce giving us an update this morning. jenny. >> reporter: good morning, thomas. it is a icy cold friday morning, a lot of slush still on the roadways, making for a messy commute for some, we will have an update from manayunk coming up.
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
snow has moved out an arctic air ushered in, so how cold will it get. >> it is like i don't have no debit card, all of my money is in the house, i have nothing. >> fire fighters braving elements as a fire at a high rise for seniors forced hundreds, into the cold. bruno mars and carli b kicking off 2018 by throwing it back, the loud shirts in the days of in living color, "good day philadelphia" at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. >> good morning, thanks for joining us, we made it throu


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