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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  January 10, 2018 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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all along. >> i don't know that i've quiet yet found any joy or happiness from this situation because this is just the beginning. >> reporter: kimberly pack has waited five and a half years for an arrest in the brutal murder of her mom. 47-year-old april kauffman was found shot to death in the bedroom of her linwood home in may of 2012. on tuesday, atlantic county prosecutors announced her husband, dr. james kauffman, was under arrest charged with hiring a hit man to kill the popular jersey shore radio personality after she threatened to divorce him and expose an opioid pill mill. investigators say kauffman was operating the business out of his egg harbor township medical office with the pagan motorcycle gang. >> did your mom ever say that she felt her life was in danger ever to you? >> i think a lot of those things will come out eventually. >> reporter: kim brrrly says the dramatic developments are surreal to her. she spoke to her mom on the telephone the day before she was
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brutally killed and says more will come out about that call which is one she would not have wanted to have. >> i replayed that conversation so many times in my head that should have could have would haves hindsight i would have told her how proud i was of her. i would have told her that i loved her, and that she just was amazing. >> reporter: as for her stepfather accused of robbing her of her best friend, kim says she harbors no hate tread toward the 69-year-old. >> right now in my heart i'm actually working on forgiveness. >> reporter: kim says she doesn't want to be sad or angry. she just wants to move forward with her life and be a good mom to her seven and 11-year-old boys. she also says that she knows it will be a long road to justice for her mom april kauffman. iain? >> dawn, thanks. developing right now investigators in southern california have found the body of a missing student from the university of pennsylvania. orange county sheriffs investigators found 19-year-old
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blaze bernstein's body in a park. police say a friend of bernstein's was the last one to see him last tuesday night at that same park. his family reported him missing the next day. bernstein's parents talked at a news conference this afternoon. >> blaze was a brilliant, colorful and charismatic man who shined light on all of the lives of the people and communities he touch. needless to say our family is devastated by the news. there are numerous leads that the sheriff's homicide investigators are following. we have numerous people working this case 24/7 since his initial disappearance but i can't comment on any specific persons of interest or anything like that. >> authorities are investigating bernstein's death as a homicide. they have interviewed the friend who was last with him and say that person is not in custody. so far there are no arrests. we now know who else died in that north philadelphia fire that took the life of a firefighter. officials telling us 61-year-old
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lane died saturday laughter flames ripped through his north colorado street home. fire lieutenant matthew letourneau also died when falling debris pinned him inside that home. the tributes continue to pour in for letourneau. across our area flags are flying at half staff an wreath now stands at fireman's hall in old city to honor the fallen hero. memoriam services begin tomorr tomorrow. keep in hyped there will be street closures in center city for the second public viewing friday morning and the funeral right after that. officials say between 7:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. the area around the basilica saints peter and paul will be congested. roads will be shut down as the funeral proceeds to the cemetery in springfield. you can head to our website for a list of all the closures. skyfox over the scene of a deadly train accident in narberth. police say about 10:30 this morning someone was on the tracks near the wynnewood station. amtrak train heading from harrisburg to new york city hit and killed someone. that delayed trains for barn
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about an hour. amtrak is back on schedule now and police are investigating why the person was out there on the tracks in the first place. septa police need your help tracking down this guy after what happened in east germanto germantown. they say it stabbed another passenger a man with a screwdriver on route 23 bus just past 8:00 a.m. near germantown avenue and logan street. doctors at einstein hospital treated the man for non-life threatening stab wounds to the back of the head. well, this nation is in the middle of heroin and opioid epidemic. things are getting so bad pennsylvania governor tom wolf has announced a statewide disaster declaration in an effort to try and save lives. our jeff cole has more from harrisburg. >> reporter: we've seen the ravages of the epidemic first hand in philadelphia so wednesday we came to harrisburg to see governor wolf declare that epidemic a disaster and question him about his efforts. governor wolf chose the capital's ornate reception room to launch his latest attack on the opioid crisis a battle the
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commonwealth is clearly losing. >> pennsylvania now has the fourth highest overdose rate in the country. in 2016, we lost over 4,600 pennsylvanians to this disease. >> reporter: another 5200 died in 2017. so wolf declared the epidemic a statewide disaster emergency a plan to clear away rules hampering efforts to fight the epidemic now first responders will leave behind the overdose combating drug naloxone for an addiction likely to use again. >> we know that naloxone is absolutely search. it's absolutely search. you cannot access treatment and get into recovery if you're dead. >> reporter: pennsylvania is now the eighth state to make the declaration in philadelphia struggling witness epidemic consideration is being given to allow heroin users a place to inject. >> do you support the idea of save injection sites for her heroin users.
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>> i support the ability of local governments to do what they think is necessary for their population. >> reporter: there are no new big bucks flowing from harrisburg to cities and towns, rather, a focusing of state resources and an effort to limit the shame. >> addiction, opioid use disorder, are medical conditio conditions. they are diseases. they are not a moral failing. >> reporter: the disaster declaration runs for 90 days governor wolf says he hopes to find better ways to battle the epidemic during that time. in harrisburg, i'm jeff cole, fox 29 news. all right. let's check in with your fox 29 winter wet authority as we take live look at reading in berks county. the weather is getting better out that. let's check in with kathy out or for look at our milder tour cast. kathy. >> iain what a great night. right? talking about mild conditions tonight with low temperatures getting down in the 20s and the 30s. highs today in the 40s everywhere it which is right around normal. right now 40 in philadelphia. 40 in allentown. 30 in the poconos and 39 in
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millville. temperatures will be falling fast though. 29 in the poconos. 30 in pottstown a refreeze for most of us overnight tonight. but guess what's wrapping coming? we're talking about temperatures rising about 20 to 25 degrees above normal a rain even as we led into the weekend we have the eagles game and in the seven day, our next snow event we'll talk about all of this coming up in just a few minutes many for now we'll zen it back to you. >> kathy, thanks. we're on breaking news right now in north philadelphia where skyfox is over the 2500 block of north open pal street. philadelphia gas works investigating a possible gas leak. the fire department is out there on the scene right now four homes have been evacuated as a precaution. the area is considered safe. we of course will stay on top of this and keep you updated with any new information. now to a story you'll see only on fox. a courageous act by a new jersey assembly woman on her last day in office. a revelation that she was a victim of domestic abuse. even in her position, she wouldn't come forward until now.
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our joyce evans is here with that story. joyce? >> reporter: iain, eighths tough thing to do. the mental and emotional scars probably cost maria rodriguez greg her assembly seat in trenton representing parts of burlington, camden and atlantic counties but now she's coming clean and fighting back. not just for herself she says but for other women too ashamed to come forward. we need to warn you some of the images are disturbing. >> i still have scars on my face, you know, make up does pretty well. >> but it can never cover up the scars former assembly woman maria rodriguez greg carry inside from domestic abuse she suffered at the hands of her male partner. >> there's no telling when they're going to stop. >> reporter: former lawmaker and mother of two got the courage to stop the beating. he plead guilty, was convicted, restraining order was issued against him still it wasn't enough for her to stop making excuses for her scars and bruises. >> she still didn't talk after
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police body cam recorded her being arrested for dui. >> no. get off my purse. >> ma'am, stop. >> why are you trying to take my purse? >> stop. because you're not allowed to have it in the back of police cruiser. >> i don't think people realize how much it affects you. >> reporter: on her last day in office she laid it all out on facebook. >> it was just to say, i wasn't okay then. i really wasn't okay then. and you're still not okay. >> no. >> i'm better. a lot better but still not okay. >> reporter: what else is not okay she says are the cruel comments from people? that she expected. but she says it has to stop. she gets emotional about how the stigma prevents women from speaking up and taking action. >> like one person asked me, why don't women leave or why didn't they leave or why didn't you immediately leave and it's like, it's still our fault. it's still this culture and attitude of it's our fault instead of why is this person
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physically assaulting you? you know. why is it okay? >> reporter: she stopped short of saying she'll be advocating for more awareness and tougher punish many as new mission. instead she feels it's unfinished business from her work as a lawmaker. maria still working part time in home care marking and she's considering a number of possibilities that may one day lead her down the road back to trenton. iain. >> joyce, thank you. what could be the beginning of a historic moment in philadelphia. the city of philadelphia is now making sure all shelters are no kill saving pets and getting animals adopted into good homes. kristen? iain, i'm here outside of the linc. coming up why the eagles say nick foles has look so different at practice this week. don't worry
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♪ police are investigate a deadly crash in wilmington this morning. they say two cars collided before 82:00 block of christiana avenue. 46-year-old woman was driving one of the cars died. the other driver was air lived to christiana hospital where he is now in critical condition. happening now new initiative aim at keeping unwanted cats and dogs alive. for too long all too many discarded pets wound up in local shelters and when no one new home could be found they were put down. bruce gordon joins us now the numbers of euthanized pets is down quite a bit. >> that's what we're told but look any cats and dogs put to death because they were unwanted is still an awful shame. so local animal welfare advocates today said let's get to work. >> the cat adoption room at philadelphia's animal care and control team office was a beehive of activity on wednesd
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wednesday. >> among those in the market for new pet cat carrier all ready to be put to use was tina. good i'm looking for, um, a loveable obedient male or female cat. >> part of your familiarly. >> to be part of my family. >> reporter: just a few years ago, act philly took in some 30,000 stray animals annually. the vast m majority were put to death. on wednesday with adoptable terrier wagging his tail in approval several local shelters came to city hall to nouns they're banding together to put an end to euthanizing animals. >> and where no saveable pets are killed just because they have no mace to go. >> reporter: three-part plan includes increased efforts at spaying and neutering pets to keep their numbers matchable.
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that effort has already led to a big decrease in the number of animals dropped off at local shelters. educating the community on the benefits of rescuing fostering and adopting unwanted cats and dogs. and perhaps most interestingly of all letting overwhelmed pet owners know there are low and no cost ways of solving the problems medical, behavioral, butt that might have led them to give up on their animals. >> we want to reach those pet owners and let them know that help is available and that you can keep your pet in your family if that is what you want. >> reporter: pet smart charities is providing a grant to help fun this new initiative. but other foundations and individual donors will also be asked to step up. go to we will link to you information about how you can better care for your pet and help those unwanted animals. iain. >> bruce, thanks. well students in philadelphia public schools are about get creative. the major district arts program gave 14 school grants for art innovation projects.
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all of the money total $65,000. it's all through the program the picasso project which was started 15 years ago when arts disappearing from philly public schools because of a lack of funding. >> the arts like any other curriculum they allow the opportunity for child to express themselves and be inspired by what they can create with their own imagination. >> since picasso project first year in 2003 the program has inspired more than 40,000 public school students. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. here's life look at cape may, new jersey. to the quiet beach weather but we are enjoying a hell warmup. kathy's forecast in just 15 seconds. in weather we're talking about some ups and some downs.
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first some warming temperatures and then temperatures crash. it's another chance of snow in the seven day. the temperature is 40 right now. there's no wind so we're not talking about a wind chill. in philadelphia it's 40 degrees. 41 in trenton and 39 in wilmington. 30 in the poconos. the only place where we are below freezing at this moment. temperatures cold in the northern planes and that will slowly move back in. but this southerly wind temperatures in the 50s and 60s that's where our weather will be coming from for the next couple of days. so as we look at ultimate doppler you can see clouds rolling through that's just about it jet stream lifting to the north catch a break little bit of thaw in this january frigid freeze. and we'll watch some rain moves in with the warmer air. tomorrow all dry. no issues. but the showers will be moving in by tomorrow evening and then we'll be seeing them spread over the region with friday. rain friday. perhaps a break if the afternoon toward the evening. and then another round of rain moving in during the late night hours and you can see right into
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midnight more showers possible for saturday. you see some frozen precipitation highlighted in that pink. meaning the colder air is going to be coming back just in time for the birds on saturday afternoon. so as far as the rain friday and saturday, as we look at amounts talking about around an inch in philadelphia into the south and wes and actually south and east and higher accumulations through the poconos and reading and lancaster. we don't want the rain in the poconos but unfortunately it look like you will be seeing some of that. as far as the temperatures are concerned, the normal high for this time of year is 40. tomorrow we'll be 15 degrees above normal. friday 25 degrees above normal. with that warm wet surge. saturday will be 2 degrees below normal. then by sunday, 8 degrees below normal. so a huge swing in temperatures over the next four days. so overnight tonight 29 in the poconos. 30 in pottstown. 35 in philadelphia. and 34 in millville. by the afternoon, temperatures warming. well into the 50s.
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15 degrees above normal with a mostly loud color dee sky and temperatures will be local warming overnight. last fast forward to saturday. afternoon for the tailgators temperatures are going to be getting colder quickly with northwest winds at 15. by game time, temperatures in the mid to lower 30s. the sun will set it gets even colder by about 8:00 o'clock 27 degrees with a northwest wind at 14. that means wind chills in the teens. hopefully that's good luck for the eagles. take look at your seven day. mainly morning rain and then more showers coming in later for your friday. saturday morning rain giving way to colder temperatures. and windy conditions. and then it turns cold after that next chance of snow will be on tuesday. doesn't look like a lot but it is a chance. with a clipper. we'll send it over to you kristen. >> hey, kathy. i'm here live outside of the linc. coming up an update on matt ryan after he didn't practice with the falcons yesterday. plus why the eagles say nick foles has looked so different at practice this week.
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♪ all eyes will be on nick foles this saturday as he takes the field over here at the linc. he's been the biggest question mark and maybe the biggest concern for the eagles these past few games. so doug pederson message for foles this week is simple. to just be nick and it seems like that message is working because his teammates told me today foles has been more relaxed, comfortable and confident at these last few practices.
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>> i don't care how we get the win. um, we're in the playoffs, and we got to get a win. obviously, like you want to go out there and play. i'll give it everything i have for these guys. i know they'll give it everything they have for me and that's the beautiful thing about a team. it doesn't matter how pretty it is you just want to get the w. >> i can say definitely this week he's a lot more relaxed and confident than any other weeks. he's just relaxed and just having plays and just real confident. -- real relaxed. >> matt ryan missed practice with falcons yesterday. but out of respect to his privacy at land to's pr staff would not say exactly what that situation was. however, he was back at practice with falcons earlier today. and matt ryan knows what it takes to succeed here in the playoffs. the falcons are just a year removed from a super bowl appearance. now as they look to try to get back there again this season, the falcons say they're looking at ryan at more than just his numbers. >> might be some of the intangible this year that show
6:26 pm
up maybe not on the stat sheet but show up inside our locker room inside the walls to make sure that he puts us in the right spot at the right time. and although those don't show up on the stat sheets they're a big part of who we are and how we want to play play. up to in saturday morning 8:00 a.m. for fox 29 "game day live". a special date and time for the last break down of eagles falcons. you have enough time to come over back here to the forts complex tailgate before that eagles falcons game. i know we've already talked so much about how loud eagles fans want to get who are this week. that's what the players are saying as well. another psa announcement be loud here at the linc this saturday. iain. >> all right, they are going to be loud. >> uh-huh. >> very loud. >> exactly very loud. a big game. can't wait to watch it thanks for watching that does it for us can't wait to watch it thanks for watching that does it for us at hel: broke, homeless,
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right now on "page six tv," james franco, michael douglas, who else is under fire in the latest sexual misconduct allegations in hollywood? when did alexander wang decide to make the ultimate page six inspired fashion statement? why does fitness guru bob harper say it's time to eat carbs again? all the answers right now on "page six tv." [ applause ] >> welcome to "page six tv." i'm john fugelsang. here with page six senior reporter mr. carlos greer, variety writer miss elizabeth wagmeister, and host of sirius xm's bevelation, the iconic bevy smith. here are today's top stories. now, first, you can read page six, and you can watch it, and now, shucks, you can wear it, too. >> woo! >> we are very honored to reveal that page six


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