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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 4A  FOX  January 11, 2018 4:00am-5:00am EST

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looking at 38 degrees in trenton, 36 degrees in allentown, mount pocono, 39 degrees. so, today's high temperature, 54 degrees. it is going to feel like spring, and then temperatures tonight in the upper 40's. so, pretty mild, bob kelly. coming up we will time out that rainfall, on the horizon for your friday. and we could see some heavy rainfall ponding on the roads, bob? >> hopefully give that rain to kind of clear the air, maybe hose down the sidewalk little bit. morning, everybody, 4:00 starting with some construction here, this is 95 southbound, as you work your way in toward downtown between at gain i and girard avenue. a landmark, in south jersey, fire location, this morning, what many of you remember as the white horse diner, now the country town diner, on fire this morning, more on that in a moment. but the white horse pike closed between crosskeys and jackson right there in the heart of south jersey. again, we will have local
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detours, more information. here is what it looks like over that way. this is our camera right at route 30 just off route 73. so, again, the roads are wet. we're above freezing, so i don't think we have to worry about any that far black ice, but the slush that's caused from the water and the snow melting, that could be just as slippery this morning. and cherry hill, new jersey, accident investigation on route 38, closed right in front of the cherry hill mall. so watch for some local detours this morning, then water main break from last night, route 130 riverton road over in cinnaminson. karen, thomas, back over to you. >> thank you so much, there, bob. we want to get right to. >> this happening right now. breaking news, out of gloucester township, people are being told to shelter in place. they have a person who is barricaded inside after home. let's get right out to jennifer voice with what we are learning right now, jenny? >> good morning, karen, we did talk to gloucester township police chief harry earl just a short time ago. he said this barricade situation has been going on since 8:00 last night, and it
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is still an active situation right now. police say that they responded to yorkshire and hampshire roads for the reports of shots fired last night. upon alive, the person inside after home refused to surrender to police. investigators tell us the gunman fired several shots at police officers and at an armored vehicle. fortunately, no one was hit. chief earl tells us, officers did not return gunfire. members of the gloucester township swat team and camden county swat team are standing guard right now inside of the brittany woods neighborhood, as the person remains barricaded inside. police have not said if anyone else may be inside the home. and have asked people in the area to shelter in place. there is about a three square block radius, affected by this. some people have been evacuated to a nearby fire station. we talked to one man who says he lives in the neighborhood, but was with family in philly last night when his significant other called him to tell him that she heard
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gunshot, now, he is standing in the staging area with us, because he cannot get to his home. >> when i speak to my significant other, she heard first gunshots around 9:00 then another series every gunshots maybe few minutes after that. she said she didn't stop hearing until after 12. she said a lot of gunshots she heard. i said well stay safe, be calm, i'm over here if you need me, by the phone. >> so this has been going on for about eight hours already, karen, thomas, police said that they will have to make a determination at some point as far as schools, because the staging area that we're live in is at timber creek. and it is an active scene. so depending on how much longer this barricade situation will take to finish out, they'll have to decide whether or not there should be some sort of delay with school or cancellation or moving things around. back to you guys. >> it has been a long night, sure to be a long morning, as well, general i, thank you.
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4:03, also camden county, what bob was talking about here, this breaking news, fast moving flames swept right through family-owned diner in berlin. the fire broke out just before midnight. this is the country town diner, it is on south white horse pike. it tore right through the roof there causing a significant damage to that building. the good news here, encouraging news, no one was hurt, but the owner tells us, he doesn't know if he is going to be able to rebuild. >> doesn't look good. no good. i work here seven days a week. i bought the place back mothers day of this year. we were struggling, a lot of changes in the diner, and bread and but ther. >> put your heart and soul into the business, very tough here. the owner says the diner employs about 14 people, will now be out of work.
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officials believe the fire once again started in the kitchen, but it is under investigation. the death after university of pennsylvania student who went missing while home in southern california on winter break has been ruled a homicide and this morning grief counselors will be on hand for classmates on campus. our steve keeley in university city this morning. steve? >> reporter: well, the sophomore was supposed to be back here sunday, in fact, he work on the daily pennsylvanian, the local paper. you can see yesterday's headline didn't have the latest grim news, efforts to find missing pen sophomore expand. there is one of the newspaper boxes right on the corner of campus at 34th and chestnut, and they're going to have the sad headline, they dreaded, knowing they might have to write when they put out the paper today. let's go to the video and show you blaze bernstein, 19 years old, from southern california, where we've been doing the stories about the heavy rains and the mudslides there. well, those same rains revealed the devastating answer to where blaze bernstein was, because his
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body was found in the brush surrounding the park. he was last seen alive in the week before, and the rainfall police said in a news conference yesterday afternoon helped them find his body. they say they think he was killed the night he vanished, exactly within he was found. they didn't know for sure how he was killed or if they did they weren't saying before an autopsy to learn that for sure. for his mom and dad, it was the news they feared most, as well, obviously, but still found hard to except as his dad spoke just before the police did in that news conference. >> blaze was a brilliant, colorful, charismatic man, shined light on people in the lives and communities he touched. need throws say our family is devastated by the news. and we like so many of you around the world love blaze and we wanted nothing more than to seek his safe return. >> well the same things were said all around hereby both college administrators and by fellow student who new blaze
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bernstein real well. he had been home in southern california for the christmas break, melt up with a friend last tuesday, drove to that park where his body was found, the friends told police that blaze got out of the car and that was the last he had seen him. he walked into the park, the friend stayed in the car. he didn't know why blaze went into the park, if they learned that from the friend, they've interviewed that friend several time, karen, thomas, they say yesterday in the news conference they didn't consider that friend a suspect or person of interest yet. but they did say that they carried out search warrant in a nearby town, but they didn't reveal why. >> certainly a lot of details to go through here, family changed forever this morning, steve, thank you. >> james kauffman, new jersey doctor charged with killing his wife, radio host april kauffman, will make appearance in court today. meanwhile april's daughter kimberly pack is still trying to make sense of the events in her mother's case. a part from prosecutors charging her stepfather with killing her mom, they also implicated an outlaw biker gang with talks after drug empire. she says it feels more like a
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made for tv movie rather than real life. >> i don't know that i've quite yet found any joy or happiness from this situation, because this is just the beginning. right now, in my heart, i'm actually working on forgiveness. >> kimberly, who has waited some five and a half years for a break-in this case, said she is taking it day-by-day, knowing that this could be a long road to justice. >> we now know who else died in that horrific fire in north philadelphia that claimed the life of one of our firemen, we now know that it was 61 year old deljera lane died thereon north colorado street. they have a wreath at the fireman's hall in old city to honor fireman matthew letourneau. if you look outside right now, you can see many of the buildings are lit up red to honor him. >> and so many family and friends and fellow first responders will be paying their respect toss letourneau from 430 this afternoon to 9:00 at the cathedral basilica
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of saints peter and paul, first of two public viewings, second will be tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. followed by his funeral mass at 11:00. >> the possible lead in the deadly shooting after teenager in camden. police this morning say surveillance video shows two women right there at the scene. they believe they may have witnessed the shooting. and they're trying to get in touch with them. seventeen year old boy was killed monday afternoon near south 29th and clinton streets, if you recognize these women, you know what to do, give police a call. >> over in bucks county man has been charged in a brutal bar brawl in bensalem. jamar garcia right here facing list of charges, including aggravated assault, in connection with a fight at the big head's baron december 20th. video certainly hard to forget here. police say garcia punched the bartender, starting a fight between employees and a group of men. he was arraigned yesterday and released on $75,000 bail. >> let's get to new castle county right now, one person now arrested in a home invasion involving the university of delaware, and some student there, the search is on for some another
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suspect. here's what happened. the newark delaware police say that guy, 17 year old john, was one every three suspect who broke into three student's homes on tuesday night. the student in the home which was on north street, say the teen along with several other forced their way in, started firing off gunshot, horrified when police got, there they saw three people jump out of the windows, that guy arrested trying to hide in a dumpster. two other suspect got away and are still on the run. >> take a moment to look at your screen. does this guy look familiar? septa police need your help finding him this morning. after what happened in east germantown. they say he stabbed another passenger, a man with a screwdriver, in the back of the head on a route 23 bus just past 8:00 a.m. yesterday near germantown avenue, logan street. doctors at einstein hospital treated the man for non-life threatening injuries, but once again, they are looking for that guy. >> police need your help to catch two robbers, this is some video new years day, those are our guys, in northern liberties, police say they were walking home from
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the sugarhouse casino when a couple of guys walk up to them, and one pulled out a gun, and demanded money. after grabbing the phones and the money they took off. so these are the suspect, not the people that were round. so if they look familiar, those people, call police. >> let's get to berks county american red cross looking to honor some local heroes but they need your help. red cross in berks county is seeking nominations for its annual heroes award this may, nominees can be first responders, lifesavers or just good samaritans, to nominate somebody just smith application on line or by mail to the american red cross. tri-county chapter in reading, the deadline, coming up on the superbowl weekend february 3rd. >> so many good samaritans out there. 4:11, it is going down in london. >> this will be a lot of fun to watch. happening today. sixers advice cents the celtics, two of the hottest teams in the nba facing off today across the pond. game start right here at 3:00 eastern time. but the team is already having so much fun. we love to follow their twitter feed. have been posting great
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pictures of all of the different things out and about, taking a look at historic sites there. in honor of the sixersing in london, we have a lot planned for you, having a big tea party in the 9:00 hour, let us know what you think about some of this. meghan markle, wouldn't that be so much fun? let's start rumors. >> did you see this, interesting news for half weinstein, out to dinner and something happened. >> yes, coming up here on "good day" philadelphia, by the way, ought caught on tape. looking at the video, what happened right before that man put his hand up? well, half was attack and it was ought caught on tape. bob kelly? >> good morning, everybody, 4:12, live look at the schuylkill expressway, everything is wet this morning, you're going to need a full bucket of that windshield washer fluid. let's go outside, check in with reading, pennsylvania, waking up hopefully the temperatures will go up. checking the roads. look, even the rales, you've got some railroadings there. scotty has got your thursday morning forecast when we come right back.
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>> frozen gator anyone? that right there is a alligator, still alive, but of course the swamps in the south, they've frozen over, because of the recent cold spell. they can handle this. and they've been doing it for quite some time just to survive. so during deep freezes the cold blooded animals simply poke their snouts above the ice to breathe. and then they slip into a state of similar to hibernation, so once the water
4:16 am
warms up, of course the geathers will be thawing themselves if you will and return to their usual activities of chasing pray. >> that's one of the coolest things i've ever seen. i feel like that's how we all felt during the cold snap out of the blankets, pecorinos nose out,. >> don't want to wake up. scott williams, good morning to you watch are we expecting this weekend? >> high, there of course talking about the january thawing. it continues across the area. a lot of folks had cabin fever as you guys were talking about. so finally catching a break. however, yes, an inch or more of rain, it is in the forecast, and yes, we have more snow to talk about in that seven day. but look at the temperatures. right now, upper 30's, to low and mid 40's, 44 degrees atlantic city, 41 wildwood, upper 30's right now in trenton and philadelphia. so, as we look at the planner for today. by lunch, upper 40's, 54 degrees the afternon high temperature. but, look at the clock.
4:17 am
the rainfall, it is moving in overnight tonight, during the day tomorrow, on and off again, bouts of rain, likely heavy at times. continuing into the first part of your saturday. but it will move out in time for that eagle game, but temperatures will be dropping. so an inch, inch and a half of rainfall, early tailgaters for saturday, perhaps a left-over shower, early high of 50 degrees. but by first kick, it is mostly cloudy, turning chilly, 43 degrees, temperatures falling into the 30's, by the end of the game. that weather authority seven day forecast, showing 54 degrees today. 63 degrees for your friday. and then 50 saturday with the dropping temperatures during the day. 30 degrees on sunday, the arctic blast moves in, 29 degrees, on mlk day, look at tuesday and wednesday, bob kelly, we could be looking at more accumulating snowfall. >> wow. tell you what, thank goodness for this rain, and the wet, we need to really casino every clean the air out, almost like
4:18 am
get out there, clean the sidewalk. yesterday, i'm driving on the turnpike, it was like a dust cloud. and i started feeling like a funny taste in my mouth. and i realized we're probably breathing in and tasting all of the road salt that's been out on the road surface, so maybe hit your event so that it only circulates the air within the car, and doesn't bring in that new air in until we can get mother nature to naturally clean all of the roadways here. here is a live look at the schuylkill, this is westbound, closed at 30th street, until about 5:00 with the local detours, hello to the shaders, maple shade, new jersey, live look over here, route 73, again, roads are wet. no black ice reported. but the slush could be slippery. the white horse diner, the now known as the country town diner, on fire this morning, so local detours, the white horse pike is closed between crosskeys and jackson road. so we will keep you up to date on that scenario, and then, over here in cherry hill, new jersey, an accident
4:19 am
investigation, has all eastbound lanes of route 38 blocked right there in front of the cherry hill mall. otherwise, mass transit looking good, karen, thomas, back over to you. >> all right, bob, thank you. time now 4:19. happening right now, let's take you out wells. it is a race against time in the deadly mudslides in california. this morning, authorities say 17 people have died, 17 more remain missing. rescuers in santa barbara, they're continuing their search for people in helicopters, and high water trucks, at least 50 people have been rescued, but many places still in in accessible. more than 100 homes have been destroyed in another 300 damaged. right now the mud is like wet concrete, almost a foot deep. >> just rain, okay, we've had rain before. but nothing like this. >> the only words i can really think of to describe what it look like was it looked like a world war i battlefield. >> oprah winfrey santa barbara home also affected by the mud slide. she took to instagram as she surveyed the damage of her mud-soaked yard.
4:20 am
>> so there used to be a fence right here. that's my neighbor's house, devestated -- >> so many areas going through the scene. winfrey said she is praying for her community. authorities say about 75% of the devastated area has been searched. >> a night out turns into an attack for harvey weinstein. all caught on tape here. this is at a scottsdale arizona restaurant, and the video by the way obtained by "tmz," being reported this morning customer in the restaurant sat next to weinstein, asked if he could take a picture with him, weinstein told the man no, then late their evening, after having a couple of drinks, the man got up as weinstein was getting ready to leave. and then he backhands weinstein twice. he also verbally abuses him, weinstein left the scene, they asked him do you want to call police, and he said no, i'm good. and simply left. >> 4:20 is the time. pretty startling discovery for a man in delaware county. he goes to visit hills
4:21 am
mother's grave. likes to come back twice a year and pray there and think of her, and then couldn't find his plot. what's going on in his name is sean porter. he said the first sign every trouble when he realized the headstone that he had bought her is missing this is at the eden cemetery. they admitted to moving his mother's body without notifying the family. a manager for the cemetery, over on springfield road darby says they had to move her once, they realized the original plot was actually owned by somebody else. >> what sort of behavior do you inch dull emergency to desecrate a grave, move it, without the consent of the family? >> understandably he was heart broken, cemetery said they'll give him full refunds. he said he thinks it goes beyond that. 4:21, youtube cutting ties with blogger logan. >> so horrific, discipline, finally after that controversial video on line crossing the line. more on that, but first, shear
4:22 am
kristen rodgers. >> we are finally getting closer to some post-season football here in philly. how the eagles are dealing with the playoff pressure, plus a
4:23 am
4:24 am
>> jay ajayi, back whether he was with miami, needless to say, he knows exactly how to play against the falcons.
4:25 am
>> same guys, my mentality hasn't really changed, exciting, playoff atmosphere, when i go home, so, you know, we will be ready to go. >> villanova xavier nova up in the second, phil boot tips the ball, finishes with a dunk, wildcats win 89-65. temple smu. clock winding down for josh brown, game tide. knocks in the game. winner, owls win it 66-64. >> led by 19 in the second half. but this was a ot minute men carl pierre, knocks down the shout and pooky powell in his face, lasalle falls 86-79. that's sports in a minute. i'm kristen rodgers. >> thank you, kristen, so many people are going to be waking up and saying oh, no, not what happened to our diner, coming up at 4:30, very, very popular diner, heard it from many different name over the years.
4:26 am
>> you can see the video, damage pretty bad here white horse pike still closed what the owner has to say this morning stray ahead, bob kelly? >> closure of the white horse pike, then also this police stand-off with a shelter in place, not that far. we will see how that's going to impact all of the kids getting ready to head to school this morning. let's go to the shore, good morning, on the way to cape may. we got your cameras right there, outside of cape may, roads are wet, the temperatures are little higher than they were yesterday. scotty has got the forecast, when we come right back, but first, how about your lottery numbers? >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ pro tip: giant has great prices on produce.
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to raise money for special olympics pennsylvania athletes and with nine locations statewide you're never far from a polar plunge in your area. join us... the many, the brave... the ones who are "freezin' for a reason." >> breaking news right now, out of gloucester township, we have a gunman who was hold-up, fired off several shots at police officers. we've got the latest on the still existing barricade situation. also ahead this morning, new jersey assembly woman made brave admission, she is the victim of domestic abuse, how she is healing herself and reaching out to help others. everybody's surprise, surprise. >> all right, we've got playoff. cue up the donna summer. she works hard for the money, doing it for decades. how about this? ninety-one years old.
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>> what? >> how she plans to spend her retirement. >> it is too early to retire! no, no, no. looks amazing, by the way, 4:30 this thursday morning, january 11, great to have you with us, thomas, karen, bonn and scott. >> of course they all expect us to be here until 916789 she just raised the retirement age for everybody. >> thirds of the way through, exactly. >> cross that is line, my gosh, that long. thank you, scott. >> hey, guys, temperatures, absolutely. i mean, we are going well above average into the 50's. >> yahoo. >> later on today, then 60s come tomorrow. but yes, some rainfall is on the horizon, even some snow again in the seven day forecast. >> no, no. >> yes, yes. the good news first. all right, 39 degrees, that's pretty good news, above freezing right now in philadelphia. many locations are in the mid to upper 30s, even 40 degrees chaddsford, right now, 40, bala cynwyd. 35 degrees in doylestown. looking at coatesville, 37. as we head into south jersey this morning, look at the
4:31 am
temperatures, sea isle city 42 o dry, quiet, but the next system off to the west. but that january thawing continues. average hi, 40 degrees, many locations already at that, so go into the 50's later today. much more on the forecast, and changes on 101.1 moore fm as you head out the door, bob kelly? >> yo, scotty, headed out the door, 43:00; temporary stoppage i95 part of the construction on the overnight. all southbound lanes of 95, temporarily closed, 15 minutes at a time they've been doing this on the overnight, right at allegheny avenue. so again, starting to back up from the betsy, down to allegheny, hopefully you went for the jumbo coffee and you got some gas, folks don't run out of gas thereon 95. they're working downtown, as well, here is a live look at the vine street expressway, everything is wet, all of the snow melting, so we don't have any report of black ice. but the melting snow turns into some slippery slush, and that could be a mess for us
4:32 am
this morning. we talk about the fire location, over at the diner. the white horse pike closed this morning between crosskeys road, jackson road, more on that in a moment. also, an accident investigation, i should say, this police activity here, where jenny has been set up. the shelter in place. more details, kind of boarded with sicklerville road, williamstown road, just off of the atlantic city expressway. and then over in cherry hill, new jersey, eastbound lanes of route 38 closed right in front of the mall, police investigating an overnight accident. mass transit, though, looking good. karen, thomas, back over to you. >> bob, thank you will, let's get to the breaking news were you just talking about. several schools actually in jep adder think morning of starting late because of the barricade situation in camden county. jenny joyce live on the scene this morning, i know this has been going on for about six and a half hours here. >> reporter: well, police are not only coming out here to the staging area to update the media, they're also putting out updates on their social media pages. just a couple of minutes ago,
4:33 am
they did put out this map. which i believe we can show you, we will pop it up on the screen for you, this is encouraging people in that red zone to shelter in place, the active barricade is affecting sections of prospect avenue, pars ons court, prospect court, eden shire, brookshire, hampshire roads. gloucester township police say it is actively trying to de-escalate the situation, more than eight hours. police say they responded to yorkshire and hampshire roads for the report of shots fired last night after 8:00 p.m. upon arrival the person inside after home in the brittany woods neighborhood refused to surrender to police. investigators tell us the gunman fired several shots at police officers, and at an armored vehicle packed with officers. fortunately, no one was hurt, and chief earl tells us officers did not return gunfire. at this hour, here is a message from the police chief.
4:34 am
>> this is ongoing fluid situation, most important message to the community right now, we post it to our social media sites, a map showing those areas of the neighborhood, approximately, three square blocks, the folks that we want to shelter in place. and we've also evacuated some residents, approximately 18 to local fire department. >> and we talked to a man who has been stuck at the staging area since midnight. he was with family and in fill when his significant other called him and said that there were multiple gunshots, outside of their home. you will hear from him coming up at 5:00. karen, thomas? >> all right, jenny, thank you. gosh, hopefully get some resolution on that one. 4:34. sad update on story we've been telling but, now grief counselors will be at the university of pennsylvania, after the death of another student. this is a 19 year old sophomore, he went home to california over the winter break, then he disappeared. now we know, unfortunately, he's been murdered. that's what police are saying, let's get right out to steve keeley. steve? >> reporter: well, just here
4:35 am
at penn for three semesters, whether he was hanging out on campus here in university city or hanging out with friends, right down chestnut and center city, blaze's friends all say very popular already. blaze's mom previously said she didn't think drugs or alcohol were involved in his disappearance, he had a zero tolerance for those, she said. he left his family home with a friend on january 2nd, right after new years, went to a public park, got out after car to meet up with a third friends. he sent a last text to a female friend after that, then nothing on his phone further. police say they interviewed that friend who stayed behind in the car, several times, don't consider him a suspect, police before he was killed in the park, they believe that is where he was killed where he was found in the brush yesterday. and killed the night that he vanished that day after new years day january 2nd. his mom and dad who had been holding news conferences all along asking for help to find him spoke again yesterday.
4:36 am
their tears, you could see, evidently as they had to except the news that they feared most. >> we want to thank all of you who so jen -- generously gave us your hearts, your time, your innocent, to help us in the search for blaze over this past week. as this investigation moves from search and rescue to a homicide investigation, we ask for your continued support and in providing tips and information to the orange county sheriff's department. >> well, just before he left his family that night to go out with that friend in the car, he prepared a home cooked meal of turkey and butter nut squash his mom said for his family. great kid. great student here at penn. great lost felt coast-to-coast from southern california to here on this ivy league campus, thomas and karen? >> absolutely heart breaking. i know that family wants answers, thank you, 4:36. now to story you will only see here on fox, courageous act by a new jersey assembly woman on her last day in office.
4:37 am
the revelation that she is a victim of domestic abuse. we do want to warn that you s images you're about to see may be tough to watch here. thirty-six year old maria rodriguez-greg redeveloped her secret on facebook. the mother of two and now former politician representing new jersey eighth district said it has been one year since assault by her male partner landed her in the hospital. now she did press charges, he pled guilty in a restraining order was issued, but she hid it from the world eventually leading her on downward spiral. she was arrested for dui last spring, the entire incident caught on police body cam video. and then she says she met someone that changed her life. >> their family member committed suicide after experiencing abuse and domestic violence. i didn't want that to be me. i didn't want that to be mement being open about what i was going through, and how it was affecting me, was just to encourage other people to seek help so it doesn't get to that point. >> changing the lives of others, rodriguez-greg said
4:38 am
she is doing much better than she was, now wants to change the sigma that prevent women from coming forward. by the way we'll have more of maria's emotional story, she is joining us later in the studio on good day during our 7:30 half hour. >> i can't wait to meet her. that's just an inspiration against tough times. 4:38 is the time right now. let's get a check of our weather. that is going to be a breitbart spot. fifty's? >> absolutely, 50's even 60s, karen, but the warming trend, it is just for couple of days. we will talk about an arctic blast, moving back in, and maybe even snow with the seven day next. psst, grocery cart 12 o'clock. oooh and she looks like the no artificial sweeteners type, she'll love us. right? we are the new light & fit greek yogurt with zero artificial sweeteners. zerooooo! ooh eye contact.
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covering, sneezing, fever of course, cdc reporting much of the nation is experiencing a flu outbreak. >> it has been deadly and this is impacting really widespread. fifty states, including right here in pennsylvania, we've already had 18 deaths so far in delaware has had two deaths, new jersey, one death. most of those who did not survive these illnesses are older over six a, and younger, but officials warning this can happen to anybody. here's what's so alarming, very healthy and active 21 year old from will trobe pennsylvania out of pittsburgh, body builder, best shape of his life. his name is kyler died. his family said they were so shock, they thought he was just sick, then couple every days, then diagnosed with the flu, and he died. health officials are saying there are some simple precautions we can all take.
4:42 am
>> par kents best protect their children by getting their children vaccinated by teaching them good hand hygiene, by testifying them to cover their cough, so that they don't infect other children. >> that's all great, but his is very, very widespread right now, not all of the time the vaccine works about fighting that, on top of that, showing you the iv bags. they don't have enough. that's because the factories that make them in puerto rico have not been making them, so not enough iv bags right now. very, very short supply, ever since the hurricane. so some places giving people gatorade instead of gig them those drip iv's. >> can't say it enough, wash your hand over and over and over. >> so dry and chapped at this point for so many of us out there. if you have ever smoke, ever thought about it, there is another good reason to not do it. >> not worth it here. new research shows that most people who try one cigarette will end up becoming a smoker. researchers looked at variety of surveys for more than 200,000 people in the uk, united states, australia, new
4:43 am
zealand. more than 60% said they tried a cigarette. and out of those people, 69% reported they went onto become daily smokers. now, this is the first time the linc between trying one cigarette and becoming a regular smoker has been documented in such a large study. >> slipping and sliding out the front door. >> we will show you something, kind of fun. i don't know why we laugh at other's miss more tune. oh, i got it -- oops, oh, i got it under control, oh, boom. all right, little bit more of that after the break. yeeeeaaaahhh!
4:44 am
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>> ♪ >> wipe out. i love this one. this is a guy out of virginia his name is tim. see, go with it, slide. i got him. >> it is all over, so a lot of us were feeling that, that ice storm came in obviously his wife thought this was little funny she pot philadelphia -- posted it from their home surveillance video. >> there is a moment, bob kelly, you're slipping, sliding, no i got this. >> you got it. >> and then -- >> look, right on down, his heart going a mile a minute, then boom right into the mailbox, hey grab the mail while you're down there. >> oh, dedication. >> get those christmas decorations put away. holidays are over.
4:47 am
>> no slipping and sliding this morning, temperatures above freezing, everything still wet which is good. getting rid of all of the snow with the slush can be just as slippery this morning. live look at the ben franklin bridge, crystal clear coming into downtown philly. here is a live look at i95. doing the 15 minute stoppages, traffic moving again, go for the 24-ounce coffee if you are leaving the house this morning, south on 95, little slow from the betsy into allegheny through the construction zone. who is hungry? come on, blue berry pancakes for everybody today. nudys cafe, we will go more for ardmore, across from the ardmore train station, contradict avenue and lancaster, from 9:00 to 10:00. good food, big portions, we will try it all. bring the kids by, have the tv cameras out from 9:00 to 10:00. going live here on fox 29.
4:48 am
the white horse pike closed this morning between crosskeys and jackson road. all because that far fire at the old what we used to call the white horse diner now called the country town diner. showing you pictures this morning, so just watch for some local detours there, in south jersey. then of course, that shelter in place where jenny has been set up. just off of williamstown, aerial, sicklerville roads, just stones they from the a.c. expressway. then investigating an accident from the overnight. right in front of the cherry hill mall. which has route 38 blocked, both directions, so you want to use haddonfield road over to route 70, if you are coming in toward philly. forecast, we will go up to the 60s, scotty's got it in 15 seconds. >> the january thawing continues on this thursday.
4:49 am
philadelphia right now, 39 degrees, but offer to the west, look at detroit, 50, chicago, 56 degrees, 64 right now, in memphis, 64 degrees in houston, then, look at the colder air behind that system, 2 degrees, rapid city one agree in billing. so, we'll enjoy the milder temperatures for now, but do have to talk about another arctic blast, with the seven day. 44 degrees atlantic city right now, upper 30s along the i-95 corridor. 36 degrees allentown, 36 in reading right now, so many locations are above freezing. we are dry but look at the moisture off to the west. that is the rainfall that moves in late tonight, especially after midnight, by tomorrow morning, looking at scattered showers on and offer again rain for your friday. here is the 4:00, 5:00 commute looking damn many and dreary, might get little lull into the evening before more comes in friday overnight the rain moves out in time for kick off
4:50 am
but we are looking at colder air, so prepare for chilly conditions saturday at the linc with those drop in temperatures inch perhaps inch and a half of rainfall, the weather authority seven day forecast showing the roller coaster ride, 54 degrees today for the high temperature, 63 degrees, pretty mild, but trade off because we have rain on friday ponding on the road with the snow melting the ice melting as well. early showers getting out of here saturday. but look at the drop in temperatures by kick off, we could be looking at low 40's and then by the end of the game, we could be nearing freezing, so that's how drastic the drop will be. >> saturday will be so deceiving, thanks. >> governor tom wolf, latest on the opioid crisis, has declared it a state-wide disaster emergency. officials will set up a command center at the state
4:51 am
emergency management agency to track addiction and progress in combating the disease. the drug which can reverse overdoses will be made more available for add glick we know it is absolutely ee second sal. it is cents absolutely essential. can you not access treatment and get into recovery if you're dead. >> pennsylvania has the fourth highest overdose rate in the nation. last year 5200 people died from opioid overdoses in the commonwealth. burlington county, there is a moorestown financial advisor now going to be spending seven years behind bars for stealing a lot of money nearly a million bucks prosecutors say that guy, 47 year old brian murphy, started receiving money from the victim back in 2011 to be inisles dollars in natural funds, instead, he paid for stuff for himself, his personal expenses now charged with improperly filing his taxes, he's been ordered to pay the client back and forfeit his financial license. >> also, in burlington county,
4:52 am
that guy, oh, look at that, he looks like he is breaking into something with a fire extinguisher, breaking into a gas station, smash ago window, all happened at the conico route 70 marlton. one inside two guys ransacked the place, stealing more than $200. >> time now 4:52, how much do you love your job? do you love it enough to work into your 90s? >> oh, sure, i can't wait. coming up: we're going to introduce you to a woman who says that age is nothing but a number. yes, she really happy. retiring finally. the second time around at 91 years old. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
4:53 am
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4:55 am
>> how many of you can say that you've spent 30 years just loving your job? >> that's the woman you're about to meet, she shahs done if twice, so remarkable, her name is carmello, and she just retired from the wissahickon middle school spending 30 years there working in the cafeteria. so the school sent her off into retirement with a touching farewell, three decades it was time for her to go when her feet began to hurt, she said. >> started making the pretzels, making pretzels. the fruit, hundreds of fruits a day. then i go to the cookies. the cookies, i make all of the cookies, my dishes, my plates. >> i love her. i want her to be making my
4:56 am
gravy. she is so cute. you wish she was your nona. this is her second career, worked at a women errata company in ft. washington retired there at 62, but still needed to do something. so her oldest daughter hey why don't you come help out at the school. her husband said he is glad she is back home now, retired at six a, now having his companion back. >> sitting down looking at each other, okay, what do we do now? want to go back to work? >> ninety-one and he retired at 65. they have a lot of catching up to do. i'll tell that you. out to jenny joyce, following a barricade situation this morning, jenny? >> good morning, guys, live here from timber creek high school, set up as a staging area, for an active barricade situation happening not too far away from here. we have camden county sheriff's office, swat team, as well as the gloucester township police swat team on scene. a live update coming up. steve? >> well, when you're a couple of california parents and you send your son off to college, a whole coast away to the
4:57 am
university of pennsylvania, your wore business him problem about his time on campus no about his time
4:58 am
4:59 am
>> this is "good day philadelph. >> right now, on good day philadelphia. breaking news out of gloucester township. a barricade situation. people are being told to shelter in place. plus, a missing university
5:00 am
of pennsylvania student, has been found murdered. his devestated parents, choke back tears. >> blaze was a brilliant charismatic man who shined light on all of the lives and people and communities he touched. >> the investigation into who killed blaze. >> and: >> ♪ >> ♪ >> the song of the summer, and the biggest music video of last year. just one of the performances we'll see at this year's grammys, as more of the headline remembers added to the show. good day philadlphia at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> oh, can we just keep playing that? it gives me warm authorities. the warmer times. great to have you with us on this thursday morning, we do have good news it, will warm up once again today, i'm thomas with karen, bob and scott. always a pleasure. >> good morning, everybody. yes, mother nature's going to bring the hose out, squirt down the front step, get rid of all of the gook and salt. >> all of the


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