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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 5A  FOX  January 11, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EST

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of pennsylvania student, has been found murdered. his devestated parents, choke back tears. >> blaze was a brilliant charismatic man who shined light on all of the lives and people and communities he touched. >> the investigation into who killed blaze. >> and: >> ♪ >> ♪ >> the song of the summer, and the biggest music video of last year. just one of the performances we'll see at this year's grammys, as more of the headline remembers added to the show. good day philadlphia at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> oh, can we just keep playing that? it gives me warm authorities. the warmer times. great to have you with us on this thursday morning, we do have good news it, will warm up once again today, i'm thomas with karen, bob and scott. always a pleasure. >> good morning, everybody. yes, mother nature's going to bring the hose out, squirt down the front step, get rid of all of the gook and salt. >> all of the snow, looks so
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beautiful, now all grunge i and dirty and all of the shush out. >> spring like temperatures then the snow next week. >> absolutely, let's talk about this warm up, guys. 50's today. 60s tomorrow. it is spring break, look at the temperatures, we're above freeze willing right now. 39 degrees in philadelphia. i mean compared to what we've been getting yes, it feels pretty comfortable, right? weather by the numbers, scale of one to ten, we give today a nine. mid 40's already in wildwood, and atlantic city, 38 degrees in trenton and wilmington. looking at ultimate doppler right now, you can see the rainfall off to the west. that's tomorrow's system, high temperatures today, top out at 54 degrees. and if you like that, you'll like the 60s, but, we have some rainfall coming. bob? >> you got it, scotty, good morning, everybody, 5:01, on this thursday morning. jump around, we got wet roads, everything little wet from all of the melting snow and the higher he temps.
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that's good. don't have any black ice, but the slush is still slippery. specially on some of the turning lanes, the sidewalks, and those cross-walks, live look at the benny coming into downtown, looking good. hello gloucester county. no problems on the freeway, as you work your way past our camera here at creek road in toward philadelphia. live look at the schuylkill and king of prussia. no problems at all. going to need a lot of that windshield washer fluid, i like to call it juicy juice. make sure to pour the whole gallon in, there because you'll need it throughout your both morning and afternoon trips today. north on 295. accident approaching route 541, that's burlington-mt. holly. exit number 47. and the overnight fire, that famous diner, the white horse diner used to call it, now country town diaper, white horse pike closed between crosskeys and jackson roads. karen and thomas back to you. >> right to there is we have breaking news happening right now. police are dealing with a barricade situation, it could pose a problem for some of the
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schools, we've got a lot of people being told to shelter in place. right out to jenny joyce to explain what's happening, jenny? >> reporter: good morning, karen, so this has been going on for hours now, we are being kept at a distance which is preventing minute by minute updates. but we did get a briefing from the police chief within the last hour. he confirmed, yes, this is still an active barricade situation. and there are no injuries. gloucester township police says it is actively trying de-escalate the situation which has been going on for more than eight hours win the brittany woods neighborhood. police say they responds today yorkshire and hampshire roads for the report of shots fired last night after 8:00 p.m. upon arrival, the person inside after home refused to surrender to police. investigators tell it is, the gunman fired several shots at police officers and at armored vehicle packed with officers, fortunately, no one was hurt. and chief earl tells us officers did not return gunfire. police have not said if anyone
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else may be inside this home. we talked to a man who was stuck at the staging area with us, he cannot get to his home. his girlfriend called him when she heard the first gunshots. >> yes, she said she is worried. we have a son, vincent, he's ten, so he's sleeping, he doesn't know what's going on, so that's a good thing. so it doesn't worry him, stress him out. but i know she worried. >> our primary message is to keep the community safe. shelter in place. stay in touch with our communications systems, to hear the latest updates. >> so, a short time ago police put up a map on twitter and on facebook, urging anyone within this red zone to stay in place. the active barricade is affecting sections of prospect avenue, pars on court, prospect court, eden shire, brookshire, and amp shire roads. it is 5:00. families are starting to wake up for school and for work and police at this point, they say that they would be in touch with the school district about any determination regarding
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school, whether or not this police situation could affect the school day. live here at timber creek high school clearly not ready for any student just yet. back to you guys. >> certainly a tense morning, i know when you get additional word you will pass it along, jenny, thank you, a 05:00, also camden county, fast moving flames sweep right through family-owned diner in berlin. the fire broke out just before midnight. this is at the country town diner on white horse pike. you can see the damage there. the fire tore right through the roof causing significant damage to the whole building. no one was hurt, but the owner tells us, he doesn't know if he is going to be able to rebuild that business. >> no job, doesn't look good. no good. i work here seven days a week. i bought the place back mothers day this year. we were struggling, there is a lot of changes in the diner,
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and was our bread and but ther. >> all of that hard work gone in a instant. the owner says the diner employs 14 people who now will be out of work. crews believe the fire may have started in the kitchen. >> the death after university of pennsylvania student who went missing while home in southern california on winter break hats been ruled a homicide. this morning, grief counselors, they'll be on hand for classmates on campus. not the ending anyone wanted. steve keel any university sit, steve? >> well, blaze bernstein was supposed to be back here on sunday, starting his spring semester of his sophomore year. but he vanished, right after new years day. and if they know police at a news conference yesterday did not say how blaze was killed, but after missing more than a week, his body was found right near where he was last seen alive. in a public park, that he and a friend drove to january 2nd, blaze got out of the car alone, the friends said, to meet a third friends, and then
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was never seen again, until the heavy rains that have caused southern california devastating mudslides, helped clear the brush, blaze's body was eventually found in. >> at this time, we believe that blaze was in the park since the time of his disappearance. with the change in the weather and the rain, it did help us to find him. >> if there was a search warrant that was served in the city of newport beach, at this time all i'm preparing to share about that. >> well, police said that friend that drove him to the park was not considered a suspect, after being interviewed several times, blaze's mother had said in previous news conferences after he vanished, that blaze had a zero tolerance for drugs and alcohol, so she didn't think they were at all involved in his disappearance, now murder. right now it seems police seem to be probably focusing on that third friends that they didn't talk about much that he left the car to go meet in the park, as this penn campus grieves at the loss of such a promising young man and tries to support his southern california parent coping with
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the loss of someone that was supposed to be home on christmas break enjoying time with family and friends, not being murdered. kane, thomas. >> and the start of the new year, so many questions this morning that will have to be answered, steve, thank you for that. 5:08. james kauffman, new jersey doctor charged with killing his wife radio host april kauffman, will make appearance in court today. meanwhile, april's daughter kimberly pack right here is still trying to make sense of the events in her mother's case. apart from prosecutors charging her stepfather with killing her mother, they also implicated an outlaw biker gang with talks after drug empire. now she says it feels more like a made for tv movie rather than real life. >> i don't know that i've quite yet found any joy or happiness from this situation, because this is just the beginning. right now, in my heart, i'm actually working on forgiveness. >> kimberly who has waited some five and a half years for a break in the case says she is taking it day-by-day, and knows it will be a long road
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to justice. >> we've now learned who else died in the horrible fire that claimed the life after firefighter. we know the other victim whose home it was was 61 year old dejayra lane, north colorado street, now the fireman's hall they have a wreath thereto honor the fire lieutenant matthew letourneau, and fashion fly at -- flying at half state across the state. looking outside, we can see oh, they've been changing the lights, but all over the city showing a lot of red light to honor the lieutenant. also, family, friends and fellow first responders will be paying their respect toss letourneau today. there will be viewing from 430 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. over at the cathedral of said peter and paul, the second tomorrow at 9:00 followed by funeral mass at 11:00. >> time now just 5:10, possible break in the deadly shooting this morning every teenager in camden. police say surveillance video shows two women right there at the scene. they believe they may have witnessed the shooting and are
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trying to get in touch with them. now, a 17 year old boy was killed monday afternoon near south 29th and clinton streets. if you recognize these women, we haves it posted on we will take another look. give police a call. >> turning to bucks county, a man has been charged for a brutal bar brawl in bensalem. jamar garcia facing a list of charges, including aggravated assault, in connection with a fight at the big head's bar back on december 20th. now the video right here, certainly hard to forget. police say garcia punched the bartender, starting a fight between employees and group of men. he was arraigned yesterday and released on $75,000 bail. also, out of bucks no -- noah dratfield,ng to support terrorists, wood road,the fbi raided his they found all of these weapons there, twanted to suppom else i can and international terroristic groups, in jail,
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bail. new castle county, one person arrested invasion, invole college student from the university of delaware, they're looking for some now. newark delaware police say, that guy, 17 jn saramus a/k/a s1 into a you hads home. the student in the home were north street. that guy, they said, with severalway in, fired off guns, weapons, horrified when police did get there the windows they found that guy hiding in a dumpster. two other tried to get away. >> it is going down in london. >> how much fun is this? i love. >> this sixers are playing the celtics, two of the hottest teams right now of the whole nba in london. the game starts right at 3:00 our time. but they're having so much fun. we just love their twitter feed and what they've been posting at the different landmarks, sporting the cool attire, having fun with the different accent. so we have a lot planned this morning, we will be having a good day tea party, and be
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watching, getting ready. >> are you saying skip the beer and zip on tea? >> we are going have tea, krimpets, have clotted cream and march madness laid, like pad inning ton. >> like no party you have ever attended i guarantee. >> sixers hats, you know? cucumber sandwiches. >> good time. 9:00 a.m. oh, lots of real interesting personal new information, about the birth of the baby and one of the biggest tennis stars, why she decided to skip the australian open. >> has to do with a medical scare during childbirth. more on that in just a moment. but first, look at this right here. >> they're so cold. those are alligator noses, not dead, they're just freezing for a reason. hey, bob kelly? >> good morning, everybody, 5:12. we've got a water main break over here in cinnaminson, route 130 right at riverside road blocking one of the lanes. come on, open up your front door, good morning to the ben franklin parkway, looking
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downtown, everything is wet, melt down is underway. scotty has got your forecast when we come right back. jimmy's gotten used to his whole room smelling like sweaty odors.
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up to 45 days of freshness. pluggable febreze and fabric refresher. two more ways to breathe happy. >> forget about going in the water. forget about walking on the ice h that is a swamp down south. it over. nothing that gators can't handle though in north carolina, they're during the cor months. have been doing it for years
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and years. animals simply poke their naughts above the ice to breathe, then they sleepf hibernation. once the water warms up, they are thawing out, start moving again. and continue on with their usual activities. >> can you imagine where you think it is all frozen then all the sudden ten is warming up and oops, snap. >> look at that big rock. >> snapping at your ankles. that's one of the coolest things i've ever seen. that will lou of that. >> let's talk about something else that's cool today, that werth that's correct warm up. >> it will be nice, the january thawing continues after all of the arctic assault. the record cold. we are looking at bit of trade off. because it is going to warm up. but look at this, an inch of rain in the forecast, and yes, we have more snow in the seven day. but look at the temperatures. it is 39 degrees above freezing, philadelphia, 39 in millville, mid 40's already for atlantic sit and also wildwood. we're dry on ultimate doppler, but off to the west, this is our next weather maker it, will bring the rainfall
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overnight tonight and then during the day tomorrow. look at the clock, on and off again, downpours, talking about an inch perhaps an inch and a half of rainfall. the system, it lingers into early saturday. but behind it, it is going to turn pretty cold if you're stepping out to the eagles game. and, in fact, look at the forecast, you can see, by noon, early tailgaters, temperatures will be in the 40's, but go hour by hour, look at the numbers. 41 degrees at 3:00. by kick-off we could already be in the upper 30's, look at that. winds will be out of the northwest, anywhere from ten to 20 miles per hour, by 5:00, 36 degrees, throughout the game, those temperatures dropping. when you head home, it is going to be below freezing. the weather authority seven day forecast, showing the roller coaster ride. 54 degrees for today. 60s for your friday. but once again, the rain, ponding on the roads, early showers on saturday. and then those temperatures drop. the arctic blast moves in sunday.
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30 degrees, 29 for mlk. and then look at tuesday and wednesday. more snow. >> but at least the rain is going to kind of squirt down the sidewalk, clean off the street. yesterday i had that taste in my mouth for like from salt. all of that salt coming up through the events. the thorndale line running with a delay out of the gate, septa says some manpower issues, and the atlantic city rail line running with delays again today. they're saying about 45 minute, throughout the day. are you eddie for some blue berry pancakes? we've got them for you, more in ardmore, nudy cafe for the breakfast sellingment, right across from the ardmore train station there. the paoli thorndale line. contradict avenue, right off lancaster, see you there, bring your appetite, i'll bring the tv cameras, see you there at 9:00. water main break from the overnight, 34th and market, right behind 30th street station. i don't think it will cause any major ice issues, but, that's going to cause a
5:19 am
construction crew to be out there during the day. so, through university city, you'll have some detours and slower going. water main breakdown here in newark, delaware, cleveland avenue at college avenue. just off the busy route 896. and here we go. collegeville, live look at route 422, making your way, and you'll need a full tank of that juicy juice, windshield washer fluid. i think i used 2 gallons just yesterday alone. because all of the old salt, the spray, the melting snow, is going to be hitting your windshield throughout the day. live look at the benny as you work your way up and over into downtown. karen, thomas, back over to you. >> do you know how many people will go in the store and ask for jews i juice? >> the juicy juice, i know. i don't why i call it that, probably because of the kids, that's what we have, juicy juice in the car. >> new brand name. bob, thank up. race against time in the deadly mudslides in california. authorities say 17 people have died, 17 more remain missing. rescuers in santa barbara, they're still looking for people in helicopters and high water trucks here.
5:20 am
so far at least 50 peole have -n rescued, more than 100 homes destroyed, another 300 damaged. authority say about 75% of the devastated area has now been searched. >> we've had just rain, okay, we've had rain before. but nothing like this. >> the only words i can really think of to describe what it look like was it looked like a world juan one battlefield. >> it doesn't matter who you are, oprah winfrey among the celebrities whose homes have been affected, she took to instagram as she surveyed the damage of her mud soaked yard in santa barbara. >> so there used to be a fence right here. that's my neighbor's house. devestated. >> winfrey says she is praying for her community. by the way, this is the same area that was charred by the largest wild fire in the state's history, just last month. >> school board members in louisianna, they are under a lot of scrutiny right now because of death threats and more security, because, you see what happened with that
5:21 am
teach here was handcuffed and dragged out after school board meeting asking why the superintendent was getting so much money and the teachers hadn't gotten raise in ten years, here is the video. >> what are you doing? can you explain? what are you doing? >> stop resisting. >> i am not. you just pushed me to the floor. stop. i am way smaller than you. >> way smaller than you. all for speaking out during a public meeting. she is middle school teacher down there, when she asked monday night why the superintendent was getting a $30,000 pay raise when the teachers hadn't had a raise in ten years. the school board president said her comment were out of order. the officials say she won't be prosecuted, dropped the charge, she has gotten a lawyer and now the aclu is investigating. >> a night out turns into attack for harvey weinstein. ought caught on tape in scottsdale arizona obtained by "tmz," it is being reported
5:22 am
customer in the restaurant approached weinstein, sitting next to him, asked if he could take a picture with him, weinstein told the man no, everything seemed fine, but late their evening, when weinstein was getting ready to leave the man got up, as well, being reported the man was intoxicated. he backhands weinstein twice and verbally assaults him. so weinstein left the scene. he did not want to call police. >> 5:22, whole new take on diet coke. >> let's take a look, because they come in different colors, different kinds of cans watcher are they doing to our diet coke? who they're trying to appeal to. what's the point? >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ here comes a new year. make the most of every hour. of every single day. with the power of tempur-pedic sleep. choose the mattress brand ranked highest in customer satisfaction by j.d. power. tempur-pedic sleep is power. your husband wants to stay free from artificial ingredients. you want to stay free from artificial preservatives.
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so, the beer connoisseur rang philadelphia in their latest issue featuring the nation's top 100 beers of 2017. also, the love cape may brewing company got another recognition, they came in as the second runner up, how about that? wow. you always think maybe boston, whatever, we know good breweries, so that's the second best brewery in the country. so you can try them out for cated in the cape may airport area in lower township. we'll have to get those in. >> pretty awesome. diet coke, getting a make over. coca-cola company says it is time for diet coke to have a new look and a fresh attitude. the company coming out with skinny cans, fresh logo, choose from new flavors they have ginger lime, feisty cherry, zest i blood orange, twisted manning e of course they're doing this because sales of the original diet coke have been down. >> i actually think that's good idea. i think i like the idea of the
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ginger lime, anything but the mango sound pretty good. >> i love mango. >> like a cherry coke. coming at 53 we know this place, maybe you stopped thereon one of your rides around south jersey, real popular diner has been destroyed by fire. >> pretty bad damage here to that landmark restaurant. also, want to note here, the white horse pike still shut down at this hour. we will have an update in just a moment.
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>> welcome back, breaking news out of gloucester township right now. gunman fires several shots at police officers. he barricades himself inside. we will take you back live to the scene in just a moment. so scary. there. how about this remarkable woman? she served in politics, assembly woman, just retired. she is now admitting something very personal. hoping to help other out there. she was the victim of domestic abuse badly beaten. look at these images, she is saying her story, and will be joining us live later this morning. >> next? >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> living lovita, reveals he's a married man. >> congratulations to him. so excitingment hopefully we will be getting some details. great to have you with us on this thursday. it will be a good morning, hopefully you're having good morning, we will warm up a
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little bit. >> i remember, the most requested song, we will be doing that later on. we go to nudys in ardmore. >> i've been there. >> what's the attire? >> what's that? >> i say what's the attire? >> bring a bib. that's all you need. >> sounds good. >> glad you got t it is still earl. >> i we will all be watching close. we will not be nude at nudys. >> that's all you get. good morning, guys, wacking out this morning, yes, noticed, well, wasn't as harsh, still little chill out there. but temperatures, they're going up next couple of days. bus stop buddy not as cold. temperatures, 30's, 40's, many locations, guess what, above freezing, look at the numbers right now, 45 degrees in atlantic city, we have 38 degrees in dover along with trenton, 35 degrees in lehigh valley and look at mount pocono checking in at 39 degrees. pretty balmy. the thawing continues, 47 degrees b by lunch 54 degrees the afternoon high temperature, once again, the warming trends, for now,
5:32 am
because behind that system, colder air, and yes, maybe even more snow in the seven day forecast, we will talk about it, but stepping out, don't forget to catch me on the radio 101.1 more fm. good morning, bob. >> don't wear your good shoes today. everything all wet, all of the slush, don't have any ice like black ice, because everything is melting, the temps are above freezing, but all of that slush could make things little slippery this morning. disable, east on the schuylkill, coming out of king of prussia. just attracting some attention, everything wet, but passable here on the ben franklin. you work your way in toward downtown. and hello to gloucester county, live look at the freeway head in the toward philadelphia. not bad at all. the white horse pike closed, because of that diner fire, tell you more about that in a second. closed between crosskeys and jackson road. so we'll have local detours through berlin, new jersey this morning. and overnight water main break, at 34th and market. right behind 30th street station. the water is turned off. i think we will just see a lot of construction crews there
5:33 am
along market street throughout both the morning and midday. that will will tie us up. water main break left over from the overnight. route 130 northbound at riverton. so hopefully the higher temps will knock all of the water main breaks off of our to do littles. one more though down here in delaware, cleveland avenue, just off college avenue, which of course is route 896 through town. and overnight investigation of an accident, right in front of the cherry hill mall. so route 38 eastbound, heading into new jersey, still closed this morning, so you want to use route 70. karen, thomas, back over to you. >> thank you. eight hours later still following this breaking news out of gloucester township. people there running told to shelter in place. there is a person inside a home firing shots at police. let's get to jenny joyce has been on scene all morning long, for us, jenny, good morning. >> good morning, thomas. so it is 5:30, we're wondering now, school, no school, delayed opening, because of this ongoing barricade situation. i did just get tweet from a woman about ten minute ago who said she received a robo call from the superintendent saying all schools are closed, i
5:34 am
cannot confirm that, we haven't heard from police. gloucester township police have been very good about updating their social media, their facebook, twitter, have not put anything out there just yet. timber creek also not put anything out on social media on on their website. again that was just one tweet that i received. so that's a looming question right now. i do want to show this picture, that police put out, an hour and a half ago. this, the red zone, is a shelter in place order, for everyone in this affected area, prospect avenue, pars ons court, prospect court, amp shire roads, all of those people asked to just stay in place while they try to de escalate the situation. police say it was just after 8:00 p.m. when they were called to yorkshire and hampshire roads for the report of shots fired. upon arrival the person inside after home refused to surrender to police. investigators tell us the
5:35 am
gunman fired several shots at police officers, and at an armored vehicle, with officers inside. no one was hurt. police have not said inside thae with the gunman, or at what time the last gunshots were fired. we talk to a man who says he lives in that affected neighborhood, he was with family in philly last night when his significant other called him to tell him she heard gunshots. now,'s at the staging area with us, because he can if the get home. >> my significant other, she heard the first gunshots around 9:00. then she heard another series every gunshots, maybe few minutes after that, and she said she didn't stop hearing until after 12. so she said a lot of gunshot she heard. i said well just stay safe. just be calm. i am aim over here, you know, phone. need me, i'm by the >> so this barricade situation, swat members from both gloucester township and the camden county sheriff's offers, they're standing guard inside of the brittany woods
5:36 am
neighborhood. again, working to de-escalate the situation, which the police chief tells us has cents been going on since just after 8:00 last night. thomas and karen? >> jenny, thanks, and we can confirm just have it posted on our website now that the gloucester township schools are closed for today. jenny, thank you very much forget that information, 5:36 is the time right now. developing, it is now a murder in history. we have had student from the university of pennsylvania, who went missing, his parents were very, very concerned, he levels out in southern california. he was home on winter break, and we now know unfortunately tragically the news we did not want they've found his body and they at this it is murder. we have grief counselors on hands for today. student gathered for vigil last evening to remember 19 year old blaze bernstein. his body was found tuesday in a park in orange county. one week after he disappeared. the last thing they new that he was going out to meet a friend. he is the eighth pen student to die in just the last year. obviously people are very, very upset.
5:37 am
>> just a lot. this past semester has been a lot of stuff going on, a lot of tragedies. >> has been all kind of ways that people have gone. and it is just really sadening, especially my first year here, but i'll try and keep powering through it. >> so in a statement to student, the advice provose to the university of pennsylvania writes: i grieve blaze's passing. these losses affect our pen community, investigators have not released the cause of his death, that at this time no one arrested yet, and hoping to learn more information. >> to a story you'll see only on fox 29, courageous act by a new jersey assembly woman on her last day in office. the revelation that she is a victim of domestic abuse, we do want to warn you some of the images may be tough to watch here. thirty-six year old maria rodriguez-greg revealed her secret on facebook, mother of two now former politician representing new jersey's eighth district said it has been one year since assault by
5:38 am
her male partner landed her in the hospital. you see the images there. she pressed charges, he pled guilty, and restraining order was issued. but she hid it from the world eventually leading her on downward spiral, arrested for dui last spring, entire incident caught on police body cam video. then she says everything turned around when she met someone that really changed her life. >> their family member committed suicide after experiencing abuse and domestic violence. i didn't want that to be me. i didn't want that to be me. >> being open about what i was going through, and how it was affecting me, was just to encourage other people to seek help, so that it doesn't get to that point. >> now she wants to help other here. she said she is doing much better than she was, but now, of course, wants to change the stigma that prevents women from coming forward. we'll hear more of the emotional story joining us in the good day studios during the 7:30 half hour. during 7:30. >> i'm so inspired by how brave she is to come out,
5:39 am
speak about it, because so very painfully. >> it takes a strong will. youtube, we know this morning cutting ties with blowing and logan paul after very disturbing video he posted. >> so if you don't know who he is, your kids certainly do, he was in the news after he took a trip into a for necessary japan and found something so disturbing. now, discipline and action a lot more when 'sup, world? it's the box with 30% savings for safe drivers. coming at you with my brand-new vlog. just making some ice in my freezer here. so check back for that follow-up vid. this is my cashew guy bruno. holler at 'em, brun. kicking it live and direct here at the fountain. should i go habanero or maui onion? should i buy a chinchilla? comment below. did i mention i save people $620 for switching?
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>> teammates say foles has look much more steady and relaxed at practice this week. just in time for the playoffs. i can say definately this weakest a lot more confident. i mean, a lot more relaxed and confident than any other weeks, just relaxed, just having plays, real relaxed. >> villanova xavier nova up in the second, phil boot tips the ball, gets the steel, finishes with a dunk, he had 21 on the night. wildcat win handily 89-6a temple smu clock winding down for josh brown. game tide. and he knocks in the game winner. owls get the thing done. sixty-six-64. >> lasalle at u-mass, explorers led by 19 in the second half. >> this went to ot. minute men up three. carl peer ear, he knocks down the shot. lasalle falls 86-79 in ot. that's sports in a minute.
5:43 am
i'm kristen rodgers. >> kristen, thank you. all right, who is ready for the grammies. >> so we already know that local singer pink is performing, love her. so there are some new artists added. i love this song. so we'll tell you the rest, the line up when we come back.
5:44 am
excuse me everyone! paul? paul?
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5:46 am
announced for the 2018 grammys weeks now bruno mars, cartyb, you see the music video there, also daddy yanky added to the line up. other artists already announced to perform, laid gay go, little bill town, our very own pink. >> bob kelly, we will be warning at local. >> did they call me daddy yankee at home. >> oh, ya. >> 5:46. good morning, everybody, getting reds toy dance around the living room dance around out your front door, live look at 202 outside of king of prussia. you need whole gallon of the juicy juice, windshield washer fluid, the blue stuff, because all of the snow and melting ice, kicking up on your windshield. i used whole gallon myself just headed home yesterday. downtown we go headlights in offer the vine street
5:47 am
expressway, overnight water main break along 34th and market. right behind 30th street station. so, that will have the water crews out there, through most of the day. see fire activity, flooding at the lansdale station, so the elevators are not working up there, the thorndale first train out of the gate running with a delay, and the route 11 trolley, they say they're having some manpower issues this morning, somebody hit the snooze button that didn't show up for work, running with delays there, the fire at the famous white horse downer now called country town diner, blocking the white horse pike here between crosskeys road and jackson road. weather in 15 seconds.
5:48 am
>> hi, temperatures today in the 50's, by tomorrow, yes, the 60s, going well above average. look at the temperatures, right now. 39 degrees in wilmington. 35 degrees above freezing in allentown, mid 40's atlantic city and wildwood, down the shore, looking pretty good. so we call it cool start. the january thawing continues by lunchtime, upper 40's, and the afternoon high temperature, what about 54-degree? so about 14 degrees above average, for this time of year. we're dry, but the clouds will increase today. the rain holds off until late tonight. after about 11:00 p.m. midnight watching that system move in. friday morning, north and west, especially looking at some of the rainfall, into the afternoon, look at the heavy rainfall, yellow, the orange, showing up on the map. little bit of a break. then by friday overnight, into saturday morning, looking at more wet weather. so an inch, inch and a half, not out of the question. the good news, the rain is
5:49 am
going to be out of here in time for the eagles game. but a wind shift in temperatures will be dropping. take a look at the clock here, we go hour by hour. early tailgaters temperatures in the low 40's, and then, 3:00. , 41 degrees, then by 4:00. hey look at this, by kick off, temperatures in the upper 30's, during the game, the temperatures continue to drop. and we could be looking at temperatures below freezing toward the ends of the game. so, temperatures dropping rapidly on saturday. but enjoy the warmth. fifty-four today. 60s on friday. early high in the mid to upper 40's saturday, then another arctic blast, take a look at sunday into mlk day, temperatures below freezing, yes looks like another disturbance could bring some accumulating snowfall tuesday into wednesday. back over to you. >> thank you so much, there, scott. we have some congratulations to ricky martin. we kept it a secret. >> singer best known of course for just in case we have to re
5:50 am
wine for those who don't know though ricky martin; best known for this song. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> so we have the introduction out of the way, martin con farm, yes, necessary fact married, married artist sean joseph, didn't reveal the wedding date. there is the latest photo shoot did he for ar economy texural design there. the couple planning to have big old party in their beverly hills area neighborhood there. but he says ya, he wanted to make sure that everything was finalized first before he announce that he is in fact married. and he has two kids there. >> adorable family. congratulates toss them both. >> from one cover to another, this one, cute cover, coming to magazine stands near you, as well. >> serena william, gets real personal. like her and her baby who is so cute, little alexa old limb pea on vogue -- on vogue for the february issue, inside
5:51 am
spread, the baby and mom, a. so what she is taling about is was really really difficult after she had the baby. she had some really scary months, operations, days after that emergency c-section. she 36. and what happened is she couldn't breathe. she was having shortness every breath. ct scan showed she had small blood clots on her lungs, she coughing fit. and it actually caused her c-section wounds to reopen. rushed her back n took about six weeks, but now fully recovered. and here is some proof. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> dang look at that, showing off her moves during the photo shoot for vogue. >> isn't that how we all get on an airplane? >> oh, ya, sure. on my private jet. >> oh, ya. get out of the jet way there. >> so she is planning to make a come back on the court really soon. hoping to be back by the australian open, hopefully the next big tour, we'll see her back in action.
5:52 am
yahoo. >> also, trending right now, we had covered this story because it was so disturbing, to so many, just humans on the planet, people and parent, big blogger, you may not have remembered him from before, but his name logan paul. >> made business meg taste here, according to the youtube, youtube has dropped him from it google preferred ad platform n case you don't mow what it is all about, last month this guy right there his name paul, he posted a video from japan suicide forest, and in the video he is seen laughing and joking with a body hanging in the background. now, paul has sin apologized but of course is spark huge public outcry. he has more than 15 million subscribers, most of them teens. logan paul is his name once again. so youtube released statement on twitter to reads: >> took a while, but finally
5:53 am
doing s okay, 5:52. let's switch gears here. talk about what's coming up on good day today. >> yes, let's get to t the sixers getting reds toy play over in london, it will be at 3:00 our time. you know i'll be watching. that should fun. >> with a little tea? >> hopefully so. we have planned high tea. now, i've never had high tea on good day philadelphia. never done this before. so, we have a rittenhouse square high tea presentation, we also have one from south jersey from mullica hill. who will put on the best high tea for us? >> have you her low tea? >> i've a lot of low tea in my life. i got some tea for you, that's really low. >> all right. >> if you know what i mean. >> i do know what you mean. >> so did you ever take your kids to high tea? what's the best place around to do it? >> did i it once in new york, >> i did it one time plaza hotel lobby. trying to impress, well, trying to impress this woman. >> yes? >> i have no idea what i'm doing. how come this bread doesn't have any crust? >> i didn't know what i was doing either. >> couple of towers going.
5:54 am
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5:57 am
exciting start to 2018 for the royersford police department. the department welcoming a new member to the force. officers felicia joins the department this week. she will work on the force part time is the first woman in 22 years to serve at the department. >> it is 5:57. on this thursday morning. let's take you you up to the poconos this morning, great day for a run, great day around the delaware vale, as well washings warm up. tell you all about the weather and traffic and breaking news in 90 seconds. stay with us. when my smile is bright, i feel ready to shine. some whitening toothpastes only remove surface stains, colgate optic white high impact white is different. it has hydrogen peroxide, to whiten four shades for a visibly whiter smile. trust your smile to colgate optic white.
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special k.
6:00 am
>> we have a neighborhood and entire school district on lockdown, armed suspect, shoots at police, during now almost 11 hours stand-off in camden county. of course we're live for you there. >> and what happened to blaze? a university of pennsylvania student is found dead, thousands of miles away, now police say he was murdered. how the penn community is react to go this tragic news. >> look at harvey. a slap to the face, or at least a attempt on harvey weinstein. this is not the footage we will show you, i'm tell you what it is, pretty dramatic, happened outside after restaurant, somebody tried to hit him in the face. >> not try, they did. >> well, they did. >> finally some respect. from and likely source, but we will take it for sure. and atlanta sport radio host gives five reasons why h


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