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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  January 11, 2018 9:00am-10:00am EST

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because we're going to have a tea party. and i think it will be a little sophisticated, you know, i don't know. >> we will try to be solve is kateed. >> yes. >> for the first time in our lives. soloed up the table. by the way, i love this story. love on the run. bizarre ending to car chase in arizona, it is kind of bonnie and clyde style. >> so when i saw the story i want to know what mike would do, all right? i know you love car chases all of that. >> i love to watch them. >> this one is not in call cam. i know you like the california one. but it is what happened at the end of this car chase, and i want to know what would you do, if you're with the person in your life, you get in this casino every trouble, how would you like for this to end? >> these two people on the run are lovers. >> yes. >> they went in opposite direction. >> but then, sixers have landed. >> getting ready for a game. >> we'll talk about, that jessica, joining us liver on the show. >> along with director, erin
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sorekin, responsible for writing some of the best tv shows ever, west wing, oh, every good movie, i'm kind of like totally in awe of him, so excited. >> i'm, too written this movie called molly. but we want to talk to jessica, too, jessica choose tape about her outspoken about this pay inch he can quit any hollywood. actors, actresses doing the exact same john. they don't get the same amount of money. >> plus, as were you say, the six remembers in london. let's see if they know what chips are. >> those are chips. fish and chips. >> potato chips. >> crisp. chips. >> chris manies are chips, of course they are, absolutely. it is like you have fish and chips. >> but i didn't know chips were crisps, i thought you say chips. >> well, fish and chips. >> are french fries. >> crisps are potatoes chips. >> oh, okay. >> just to be confusing. >> i didn't know that. so anyway, we have a lot to
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learn. even though the mother country is where we all came from, you know, a lot of us. >> sorry, alex. >> so, anyway, they're get egg ready to play, play at 3:00 the philadelphia time. 7:00, 8:00 over in london. >> so this is so excite to go me. because i was like oh, maybe we should have a tea party to celebrate. >> i know. so listen, we've never done tea party on the show, good idea. >> we've got two different styles. we got your rittenhouse square, for the first, we can hear a group come in, have beautiful tea house over in mullica hill, south jersey? yes. >> right? so, let's start with rittenhouse, are you ready to go? >> yes. >> daniel is shear, i think he'll set the table, bring everything in. >> daniel, you'll notice. >> oh, look, so excited.
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>> how are you? >> oh, yes. >> maybe we should put the flowers in the center of the table? >> this is our tea we do, at the rittenhouse in town. >> what room is it? >> the america south tea room. the famous artist. >> the painter, mary. >> yes. >> and what level is that? >> first level. so right past the lob. >> i oh,. >> thank you. >> yes. and we showcase, two to 5:00. saturday, monday, sunday, every day of the week. >> yes? >> quite phenominal. but i have here our tea sandwiches that we will showcase as well. >> bring it on. >> shouldn't we star with the tea first, we want to do this in the way of the traditional service, do you have show us how it goes, what's the first thing that happens? >> all right. so, he's going to get -- >> of course having tea party, i thought i should bring out
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my pearls. >> absolutely. put them right in front of me. >> so bring you out my pearls to get ready. and then, we also have classical music. that will be playing, can we bring in the class cam music? >> so why am i dressed in a dopy sixers top? >> phenominal. >> because we're celebrating the sixers game starts at 3:00 . so i normally wouldn't dress like this, alex, to go to a tea. >> makes sense. >> beautiful. >> my tea pearls. >> see two are sophisticated. i don't know if i can hands this will. >> i'm love in love with this tea pot that i can look into, see flowers in it, that's amazing, daniel. >> we start with some sparkling, valentine, showcasing our rose, during the normal time we do either nice champagne, or we do but start with sparkling so we can
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do a little toast, happen the flower can bloom. we have the rising flower. >> thanks. >> and it is a greene tea, that's wrapped inside three marigolds'. >> lovely. >> and we will show it in a in a second. >> is this not. >> okay. so -- >> let's talk about the tai then. >> yes. >> sometimes, you get champagne with your tea. >> of course. >> so whether i was fully steeped, and nice and bloomed, this is -- >> look at that. >> yes. >> okay. so what do you have inside there? >> so that's three merry golds - >> started out? >> looking like this. >> oh,. >> and then once you put it in the tea, let it steep it, blooms. >> alex? >> like magic. >> what would you call these?
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>> rising -- >> would you mind to pour? >> and tray over there, in a a clouded cream? >> it is. >> ah. so excited. >> yes, so traditionally, you can eat them separately with the scones, but, i know a lot, they just put all three together, and dive in. >> that's what i want, my clouded cream and my jellies and my scones. so we can pour the tea. >> i always thought it was the tea, then the sandwiches and then the scones and the doser. >> we do two courses cents definately start with a nice toast, then tea, present the sandwiches here. so some phenomenal, egg salad. >> well, we have an hour to discuss. >> we will do this in the different courses cents. >> i don't even know where the clouded cream goes, not sure i want to have anything to do with clotted. but we will find out what that is. >> let's have symphony music, i would like that for next
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time. what about this? i tried to impress a woman one time by taking her to the plaza hotel for high tea. i found it very romantic. and i find this next story romantic, as well. see if you agree. >> so when i heard about this story was like okay, i want to see what you guys would do, so man and woman, in arizona, they were on a car chase, going for 30 minute yesterday, stolen suv, arizona police coming after him, see them going down the highway mike you love this kind of stuff. watching it go down. >> finally caught to up them in the middle of a dessert, there they are. okay? we corn earned the dessert, let's run. so the woman goes one direction, man goes another. they are running, they realize big dessert, probably can't get away here, have the helicopter shining the light on me. why don't we turn around and he's probably yelling to his lover, hold on, still running, wait, he'll turn. >> they know they're screwed. >> stop, all right, come here.
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and he tells her to come. and then she runs, and she meets him. oh, okay. i guess we have to get back to t because i think this is back to the beginning. but anyway, they turn, come to each other. and they meet in the center. and then they just start kissing and kissing and hugging on each other. and it goes on for quite a little while while the police are waiting then they decide all right, we will surround end err, get down, put their hands up. >> all right, if you tell me that we don't have them coming together and kissing, you just wasted two minute of my time. >> no, no, we have it, i've seen t but i think the most remarkable, what happens in that minute that you know we could be going to jail and maybe we won't see each either for a long time. >> i think there are too two kind of people this this world. the question i with a to ask you, are you the type get out at running and try to get to safe i that's all that matters or are you the type that will stop and say you know what, i'm look at you and i want one last kiss before we get lock away forever, come here, baby.
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which one are you? >> come here baby? >> that's how i imagine what he said. come here, babe. >> i is bonnie and clyde-ish. do we know what the original crime was? >> stolen suv. >> is that it? >> what do you expect, when you run it, becomes -- >> i think the interesting thing i feel like i've been in news a minute, zero oh, you got your pinky up for that. i've never seen that ending, only seen it on tv in all of the time people never make that choice. >> and you know what? i still haven't seen that ending. little tv humor. you didn't answer. >> i'll give you the answer. are you ready for it? >> yes. >> the crime here is a stolen suv. you'll be in big trouble. >> i can't, it is all right, it will be okay. >> look at that, hugging and hugging. >> what song, jay-z. >> no, big orchestra, look,
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you know, like this big rise, the crow send darks height of the movie, then they surrender, give up. >> oh, and then they lay down together. oh, they're prone, because there are guns on them. >> do you have lay down. still took the time to hug and do all of that before. i'm sure they were telling them to get down when they came together. >> i have migraines what? >> it doesn't go up naturally. anyway,. >> i think they're getting out soon. so i'm thinking down the rolled, you didn't abandon me in my time of stress here. so, that is going to be like a congical visit. >> what? >> they're both in trouble. >> i think they had to make a split decision, jump out of the car, he looks back, roll it again. >> he went in the opposite direction. >> not this part. i know they're going in opposite directions, karen. but he looks back to her, oh, you didn't go with me.
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>> oh, right. that's two head turns, he has a head and a swivel. >> maybe just wanted to make sure she got off on a good start. >> he's concerned about her from the very beginning, he is at one that stops. >> you know why? he drabbing her into this mess in the first place, it is all his fault. >> probably is. yes, we got that, no doubt the man's fault. >> what's your theory mike? >> he looks at her, oh, god, she didn't come with me. now they're running, he knows, it is up. they're going get arrested. he then looks, come here, come here. he did not forget about her, she will never forget t had he runoff, forgot ben it, she would never forgive him. i'm telling you, when they get out, the sex will be unbelievable. >> that's what you're thinking about in that moment? >> yes. >> all right. maybe karen we are just hopeless romantic, thinking oh -- >> no, i've never seen anything like this in all my years of news. you think you see everything that is out there, that's a first. >> maybe they'll write a move
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bye that maybe, have story, maybe redemption, maybe go in the right path? >> fill owls, what would you do? >> hail of machine gunfire. >> uh-huh. >> i don't know if i would go to that lent. >> that happens a l bad ending, i think what i am ' always false natured when criminals, they don't play the chess game. if i make this bad decision then the next thing hams. here is the next thing. so that's a first. oh, thank you for my more tea. look how nice you are. >> doing tea. >> i'm not a tea guy. >> yes? >> but this is really good stinking tea. not stinging by really good tea. >> so what we do this and get this together, we will watch the sixers game, why we're having a tea party. but later you know the four will be on fox. >> i'm interested in this tv show. i like it. >> so it is our new fox show, mike. >> yes. >> the four battle for stardom. and tonight it will be the second episode. did you catch the first one? it was good. because this is doing it differently. normally we see people try out and would spend the whole
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season trying to be the top four. they new it backward. with this show it start out with the top four, finalists cents, right. >> sell it. >> it start with the top four finalists, then you have challenges to come out every open sewed. challenge letter go up before the judges, try to get a spot to compete with the four. >> i got it. >> so in other words, because of my singing ability that i've showcased on this program many, many times, i can do johnny mathis, i can do ethel america monday, i can do sammy davis, jr. >> they're all the same person. >> what? ♪ look, ♪ the candy man can ♪ >> all sounds the same, folks. >> so if i sends in that tape, that we just recorded right there, i could replace one of the four? >> could you attempt to replace, common. >> ♪ the can i man can. >> there are four judges, you have dj, you have ditty, you
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have megan trainer, and the fourth one like real famous producer. >> maybe understands the concept of this silly thing. >> welcome to the four, you all. >> fox thursday. >> victories. >> she looks little scared to challenge me. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> the performance was bad. >> and if you four can keep those seats. >> you have to be great. >> you got to bring it. >> if you like the concept? >> leer is the thing, dj, i don't know if you guys are familiar with him. >> yes. >> but he talks like dj call, like he talks in catch phrases. you, you real smart. you a star. like and ditty, ditsy like, like simon could you he will, like times a thousand, he warms up during the show two hour premiere last thursday,
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nice, like i can't wait. i was tweeting. i can't wait until ditty turns into ditty on someone. then he starts snapping no, we looking for superstars on the show. and i like it, because it is a challenge. the four people that they started off with, three of them lost their seats. right? >> all right? >> already? >> two already lost their seats. so it was this guy, si each d, called in my radio show on 100.3, the quincy harris morning show. >> yes. >> but he called in today, and i asked him, i said, how did you get a spot he? said duddy just put in awed addition tape, people said they were looking for people. came n he sang. he was sinking really powerful. and the guy who he was sinking against four already, his voice was weak. so i get to pick the person you want to challenge. i like this show. >> almost like you find the weakest link oh, i think i can beat that one. let me go up against that one. >> i like that. better than her. not going up against everybody. that's great idea. >> i know i'm better than
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them. >> based on true story i rarely go to movies any more. i'm going to go out of my way to see this movie called the post. the washington post. wow. is it any good? it looks so good to me. here is a clip. >> devastating. leak out of the pentagon. >> to the war. the time said 7,000 pages, killing at the white house, lying about the viet nam war for 30 years. >> the way they lied. those things have to be over. >> talking about the pentagon papers that changed everything. the government lying about what we were doing in viet nam. it changed journalism,. >> is it any good? kevin mccarthy our movie
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critic says? >> hey, good morning, mike, alex out here in lost ankle ex, but yes, you mention the post, the post actually film that's nominated where i am going to be this evening for the critics choice awards, and it is one of the best films of the year, no question whatsoever. stephen spielberg, directed absolute masterpiece. what he does brilliantly, we all know the end of the story. we know the post published the papers, but whether watching the movie you actually forget what happens at the end. i think that's the brilliance of film maker they suspend, point where you forget history. so you're on the edge of your seat, have knotts in your stomach, tom hanks, meryl streep were absolutely fantastic in the role the cast is insane, from breaking bad, tracey lets, kerry coon, you have as well as sarah paulson, the cast massive. but spielberg directed this movie at lightning speed. he was finishing a film called ready player one. then, wanted to make this movie as fast as possible
9:18 am
because it is such a timely story. an important story about freedom of press. it combination of the idea of journalism, idea of celebrating journalism, importance of journalism, but also a quality, catherine gram surrounded by men, and she made this incredible decision just great film shows the power of women, equality of men and women together, i just think powerful story and catherine gram hypely rec seeing it, one of spielberg's best in years. >> the other one we are talking about, kevin, phantom thread. what the heck is that? >> i lost the connection i think. >> oh, daniel day-lewis is the director of your next film,
9:19 am
phantom threat? oh, this is supposed to be phenominal, too. >> well kevin will have a great time in los angeles, see you next week. >> this is the story of designer and his muse, sort of the complicated relationship they have, but daniel day-lewis said he would give up acting, kevin also like this one a lot gave it 4.5, but it looks like it is a really interesting drama right there. so i'll see both. >> i'll go for the post then. >> trivia. >> every movie he was in he is good. one of those actors never made a bad movie. >> i don't think so. >> cheers, daniel, with tea cups? >> you can do anything you want, right? bob is having breakfast. it is a thursday,. >> in ardmore. >> yes, you know it, gang, every thursday we pick a different spot, and come to breakfast, check out the size of these pancakes.
9:20 am
you know we get more. >> in ardmore. >> oh, we're live at nudys cafe when we come right
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>> we have treats, alerts and stuff. >> in other words, we're stuffing our entire body today, breakfast with bob happening right now. nudys cafe, ardmore, love the place. >> hey, bob? >> you got it, gang. first of all, nudys we all have our clothe on in here shall everybody packed in in ardmore, four, five deep. it is almost a 40-year family tradition, and hello ardmore. >> look at them all? >> lined up here today first of all, ray nudy thanks so much. forty years in the business. unbelievable. so how many places do you have altogether? >> we have nine places altogether. >> how did you get started? >> i started, right here, with
9:24 am
these guys. >> so this is your family over here. your little guy, drew, future ceo of the company. >> yes. >> there is dad, right, mom. >> my daughter, lauren. >> your daughter, lauren, the whole gang. who was the first store. >> devon down by whole foods, connestoga road. >> i wind upgoing to the one there in frazier a lot of times. back thereon route 30. >> oh, that's great, thank you. >> how much do you have so far? >> nine so far. >> this was the eighth, chads forwards was the ninth. >> what i love about it, check it out, great family style. we got everybody in here. look, bringing the pancakes with strawberries on cue. mom gets served first. let's have a hand for mom over here. the may tree arc of the family. what's your favorite kind of pancake? >> strawberry. >> strawberry, look at. that will now that's one of the things, ray, come on over here, that you're most famous for you said the pancake, right. >> that's correct. >> how many styles. >> we do 14 different style pancakes. that's blue berry pancake there. >> the blueberry think. >> that one over there is the
9:25 am
pumpkin pancake. >> and what do you have right here? >> southwest omlet. >> okay? >> with fresh fruit served on the side. >> okay. >> then that's locks, cream cheese. >> okay. >> bagel. >> my favorite here. >> i love it. california benedict with after kad owes. >> you have the coffee, toast, whole 9 yards, best of the main line for the last 12 years? >> yes. >> you're doing something right, pal. >> well, we have 25 years every mistakes to get 12 years right, so doing good. getting there. >> everybody having fun so far? >> yeah. >> come here, best hat, best hat winner right here. what's your name? >> michelle leonard. >> michelle leonard. i wish everybody would get dressed up for my breakfast segments like you. >> love you. >> love too, baby, had a hats and pancakes for everybody's, nudys? ardmore. >> i love that place. >> i do too, i've been there with the family. so good. thank you, bob. >> you know what, i love this place, too, that's why i keep coming back to do the show. right, daniel. from the rittenhouse hotel,
9:26 am
ladies and gentlemen. i didn't know where we're eating. this is a treat. we have the tea. why do they take the crust off the little sandwiches? >> well, we just love that con sense at this is he, want everyone to have that, everything the same, and the look. >> what are we looking at? >> at the top little egg salad with caviar, smoked salmon, there is a little turkey with embryo, curry march madness he will aid. >> jump many over here, weaver figure bar 24 karat gold leave on top of that. little white chocolate inside the cup with fruit gel, banana. >> oh, look that the. >> cream inside chocolate mouse, and the petty for here mango, and these are all little petty for's, scones, do three different kinds. >> with the clouted cream right on in. >> and strawberry jam. >> oh, the lemon kurd. >> hey, daniel, great to see you. >> thank you so much. >> lover the rittenhouse hotel. >> also they're having great
9:27 am
valentine day theme tea at well next month. >> yes, tea for two doing 125, two courses it, comes with roses from -- >> tea for two. >> yes. >> so rose a, lovely rose a wine. >> thank you, daniel. >> yes, thank you so much. >> okay, we are doing this to celebrate big giant sweaty men. playing basketball. >> in london. >> jessica will join just just a little bit here. we will talk to her, well, new movie, called molly, written by alan sorkin1 of the best.
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,000 in america last year. we need to stand up and say enough. the only way this problem is going to be solved is if we raise our voices. choose help over helplessness, hope over hopelessness.
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make sure that the lives we've lost will not have been lost in vain. addiction is a disease. when you ask for help, help is there for you.
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film, molly fame based on the true story of molly bloom a cocktail waitress who ran an illegal high powered high steaks poker game. >> let's see a clip. >> i'm molly bloom. do you know about me? >> i've got you, and, i bought
9:31 am
your book. >> you understand that you are in charge with operating an illegal gambling business. >> i trying to convince them. >> if you think it is what i did you are incorrect. i'm getting it you don't think much of me but your ill informed, unsophisticated, that we will move on. >> i would be amazed. >> this is a true story. >> that is what i love a true story. >> yes, jessica chaskaine aaron sorkin nominated for golden globe and critic choice award for this film, congratulations. >> we cannot name all of their award. have you two ever been to philadelphia. >> yes, i love philadelphia. >> what do you love about it. >> i think i was when i was -- >> start with aaron. >> what i most is the franklin museum of science. >> oh, yeah. >> i was taken there as a little kid and i keep going back and then after that the cheese steaks.
9:32 am
>> yes, yes. >> jessica, sorry to interrupt you, go. >> well, i was a student in new york, and this is going to not be very interesting but absolutely drove all the way to philadelphia for, i'm vegan , so for my friends to have a cheese stake sandwich. >> wow. >> where do we find that very interesting. >> very interesting. >> that is 99 miles. >> aaron, lets get back into this, do we set it upright, aaron, it is a true story, molly bloom, what should we tell our viewers because i want to see, how do we get them to go. >> molly bloom, when she was 100 percent true story when molly was in her 20's and 30's she is ran the world's most exclusive high steaks poker game. movie stars, ceo's, hedge fund billion airs, star athletes, politicians, would win or lose millions of dollars in the course of a night, sometimes just in the course of one hand
9:33 am
, and everything was, going fine, until molly, un knowingly, inadvertently, invited, four members of the russian mafia to play in the game and fbi became very interested in molly. >> this must be perfect. this sounds like if i was an actress this sounds so juicy, i jump at the chance to play it. >> yes, you and every other actress in hollywood, this was a role that many people wanted to play, especially, considering aaron wrote it and it was going -- it is his directing debut, so yeah, i was very excited to, tackle this part, and because aaron's a political film maker he is really has a sense of idealism in everything that he writes and sense of justice, and there is, it is a story of molly but it is a story of all woman and that is very relat able to me. >> speaking of the story of woman, people talking in women in hollywood so much, and
9:34 am
especially what happened after golden globes and this week after michelle williams and what happened with mark wahlberg and pay gap, and you have been tweeting about it too. how do you feel about how people are reacting to this news. >> well, for me it is not very surprising that there is a big pay gap. but, it is, you know, there is a lot of focus right now on hollywood because we are so visible, but i think what we need to understand is issues that are happening in the film industry and are actually happening in all industries and we really need to understand the gender dynamic and to allow more room for women and leadership positions >> i think it is wonderful too in your tweet you are asking people to go out and support other woman, support michelle williams, pay money to go see the film. >> yeah, i am, i believe in making a positive change, you know, she was paid, i believe,
9:35 am
not appropriately for that and she's a brilliant actress and she has work in the industry for over 20 years. >> he got -- >> he got 1.5 million and she got like a you this dollars. >> yes. >> here is a question i'm glad you brought it up, jessica, it is not just hollywood, we're talking about, it is every business, every strata of our society here in america. aaron, let's talk about this. how do you get this change not only in hollywood but across america but you know hollywood >> it is a great question, and i know hollywood but i don't know business. and the first step in getting it changed is happening right now, awareness. but, jessica's right, michelle williams can take care of
9:36 am
herself. she is going to be fine. we need to be concerned about the people who cannot take care of themselves, minimum wage workers, and, so on and like i said, the first step is , awareness and making noise >> very good point. so many people across the country are dealing with this. >> thanks both, we will go see molly. >> molly's game. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> you got it. >> can we load in more tea or not. >> do it now. >> good morning, everyone. >> good morning. >> how are you this morning. >> hi. >> rachel. >> my name is rachel. >> i'm from madam in mullica, new jersey and i will be serving you first our most popular tea which is called paris. >> paris. >> well, we will be in london for the game. >> i know but we're kind of, french theme tea room here. >> yes. >> we can pretend we're in london today. >> we will take the tunnel back to london for the game.
9:37 am
>> it is not too far away. >> i'm impressed by just the cuffs. >> i love it. >> okay. >> so, coming back we have got 20 minutes. >> okay. >> i just didn't know. >> she's adorable. >> i didn't want there to be awkward silence. >> no, this show is nothing but awkward and awkward noise. oh, we have teacher of the year and now we have coach of the year. >> iain's out with the coach of the year. >> let's do it. >> hey guys i'm out here at downingtown high school east because big football coach is being honored by the eagles. i got cheerleaders, eagles cheerleaders and i got the ban , so strike it up we will talk to the coach in a few, let's go. i like this organic mac and cheese.
9:38 am
and i like this organic mac and cheese. is that my mac and cheese? is that my belt? is that my perfume? is that my bronzer? is that my choker? is that my choker? are those my bangs from three years ago? is that my earring in your nose? (huffing) winning tastes so good. you'll like them both but love our price. award-winning organic mac and cheese from aldi. simply smarter shopping. but the living room's pretty blank. it's really nice when clients come in and have done some of their own research. working with a bassett designer was really easy. just kind of ties in very well. we love it! fredget in, fred!thing for his daughter. just kind of ties in very well. even if it means being the back half of a unicorn. fear not fred, the front half washed his shirt with gain flings!
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and that smell puts pac has more freshness than aas whole bottle oth gain. seriously good scent.
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would you mind passing the sugar please. >> here's the classic line. >> one lump or -- there is no lumps can you get me lumps,
9:41 am
rachel. >> look at the teaspoon, right there. >> i love it. >> teapot on ity haven't had a little spoon like that -- never mind. >> thank you, mike. >> is that enough. >> that is enough. >> i have heard actual any london you are not supposed to put sugar in the tea, you to have get the real flavor in it >> no, don't ruin her tea. >> i know. >> my gosh. >> lets go to downingtown high school east they have a big reason to celebrate this morning their head coach his name is michael and he has been select as philadelphia eagles nominee for 2017 don shula nfl high school coach of the year. >> he has been recognized for leadership on the field, in the community and off as well. >> let's get out to iain right now. >> all right, hey guys, thank you very much out here at downingtown high. this is man of the hour. lets get something from the man first because we have got the school band here strike it up, guys, for about 152nd,
9:42 am
give me a little something. >> ♪ >> let's get back, this is coach, mike moth a, the only football coach here at the high school since 2003, 125 wins, six district championships. >> conference championships. >> conference championships. >> congratulations, this is impressive award, eagles elected you to do this. what does this mean to you. >> i think it is a great honor , celebration of our program, we have celebrate support from our community, our administration, and, our students and all of the activity and fat ball is just one avenue that our students are able to achieve outside, and 10-two this year. you are proud of that and fact that you have integrity, leadership and we hear ban striking it up. >> what do you think about the eagles game on saturday with the falcons.
9:43 am
>> i'm hoping eagles win, great for the community, i know they are going against, and, and, so there is divided loyalties, and, and, that is a pretty nice day in florida, when it is cold here. >> we are looking forward to it. great award. i'm excited to be able to go down there and see other piers that have won in other cities, should be a fun trip. >> congratulations, well deserved and we have to hope you have, continued the eagles will win, and, guys, what do you say show me a little something. >> all right, guys. >> downingtown east. >> speaking of the eagles they have just announced they will play again in london against jaguars the minute we find out the date, we will let you know , break.
9:44 am
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9:46 am
we have a situation in gloucester township new jersey has come to an even, we're in the question/answer period. >> gloucester township bear cat as well as the camden county sheriff's department, also a bear cat were both used during this incident at the same time. >> the robots were used during the operations. >> unaudible. >> that is correct. >> were you firing shots, i know you note that had change.
9:47 am
>> no shots were fired by police. >> unaudible. >> i cannot at this point. >> life threatening. >> i cannot say we're investigating. >> was he alone in the house? was anybody else in there with him. >> there was an adult woman, we're interviewing now that we have recover from the home that is uninjured. >> we just wanted to spend sometime interviewing her to determine what occurred inside the home but that is focus of the investigation. >> related to the suspect. >> i'm not able to say. >> not certain of that. >> how would you say they apprehended him. >> how would you, if you can, how would you characterize the negotiations, went on, overnight, into this morning. >> well, certainly diligence by all of the police officers and negotiating team were here , but in terms of the exact details i cannot give but i will tell you that all of the officers worked here very hard both in the tactic california sense and the negotiating sense as well.
9:48 am
>> did he seem, there. >> i cannot get those details right now. >> what time was it resolved. >> within the last 20 minutes or so. >> did you breach the home to apprehend. >> the bear cats were utilized to assist in making entry to the home, yes. >> was the suspect alive. >> what message would you like to out, it went on for 12 hourse >> i think the community, we certainly, from the very beginning, including to keep them folder and very responsive and that is reflective of the communicatione have with all members of the community it was important and we had platform messages to help them safe. >> were why schools closed. >> we're in a school and, bus, children were walking through, we have a
9:49 am
gent officers it was a dangerous condition that we didn't want children or anyone exposed to at that point. >> i don't have that information right now. >> is >> i cannot give any details, on the extent of the injuries right >> unaudible. >> you cannot get too much information about what went down he just wants to let everybody know situation is resolved, and, everybody is safe, it is done, it is over. >> especially because it involved neighborhood, and schools it happened 20 minutes ago when it got resolved. >> so we got in there late, but they did say they took a female out of the house. >> there is two people there that was suspect that was injured. >> man in custody. >> no shots fired by police. >> a woman was in there with him this is how it all started and she has new been taken out of the house and she's fine. >> not injured. >> yeah. >> so we're not going to open up the schools at all.
9:50 am
not going to school today. so, a whole list of different schools, over there in new jersey, all right. breakage. el: broke, homeless, selling my body to get high, locked up, a slave to heroin - that was my life. married, a homeowner, a professional, recovering and thriving - that's my life now. i got help. you can too. new years means a new day for
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whenever i hear that music i look at wayne county, i think of one man, scott williams. >> it is t for two. >> let's do it. i feel left out i was than the invited to the high tea, what happened. january thaw for now in the weather department, enter rain in the forecast for tomorrow and more snow in the seven day forecast, upper 40's right now down the shore, 44 in wilmington. forty-three right now in philadelphia. look at the high today 54 degrees, overnight tonight temperatures dip in the 40's and yes, look at heavy rainfall on the horizon for your friday, friday morning, friday afternoon, and, friday
9:54 am
night, even into saturday morning we're still looking at the threat of rain. it should move out in time for eagles game but look at the falling temperatures by first kick, low 40's, temperatures by fourth quarter guys, falling to around 33 degrees. okay. >> let's freeze out falcons fan. >> they will be freaking out. >> hi, scott. >> rachel. >> your place is in mullica. >> yes. >> but you grew up in glassboro didn't you. >> i'm from glassboro now, from maryland but we are set in the historical district of mullica on main street tucked away in an old barn from the 1700s that we restored, and turned into a bakery and tea room, it is a shabby feel, from the opened rafters in the ceiling to the furniture. >> do we have a picture of your place on your web site. >> yes. >> we will put that up. we know what your cooking looks like. >> we make everything, in
9:55 am
house, from scratch. we don't get anything from outside, and down to the croissants on your chicken salad, sandwiches are made at our store. >> my god. >> but the name of your store. >> it is madam macaroons, so if you just want to come in and grab a sweet to go you can do that as well or if you want to call, make a reservation, drink tea, you can do that. >> you make these, in mullica. >> yes, we do, it is funny because you can go to paris and they don't make them in paris, in a kitchen and ship them to different locations so rare to find that a place that makes french macaroons. >> this is piece of resistance >> that looks like a mini chocolate cup cake, and with a vanilla macaroon and pink shell. >> what you are saying is all these years i have been miss pronouncing the name of this
9:56 am
darn cook it. >> yes, french macaroon are made with ground almond, the american coconut macaroon has 2o's so it is -- >> should i say macaroon from now on. >> when you are describing these, yes because these are very intricate time consuming things to make. >> if i go to the eagles game and i am going and i offer my buddies would you like some macaroons do you think they will laugh at me. >> you would be surprised how much men come in and buy their wife's a box and they say i will buy myself a box too don't tell my wife. >> so this, it is, the tree is made of macaroons. >> this is a faux one to give you an example but we do parties, caterings, we do bridal showers, baby showers right in our shop and a lot of our customers tend to go for these towers. >> i certainly would. >> oh, yeah. >> we are all doing this because philly is in london we will be in london at 3:00 p.m.
9:57 am
sixers are playing and next year eagles are playing in london. >> go sixers. >> go eagles. go, rachel. how do you say that. >> madam macaroon in mullica, new jersey. >> have a good day. >> what she said.
9:58 am
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