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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  January 11, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11:00. the city skyline lit up in red lights in tribute to honor of a fallen hero. lieutenant matthew letourneau lost his life trying to save other, family, friends and brothers in the department lined the sidewalks to pay their respects if there's one thing his fellow firemen tell us his influence will forever live on. thanks for joining us. i'm iain page the outpouring of support is inspiring and shawnette wilson talk with those closest to him at the viewing and she joins us live in center city with those stories tonight. shawnette. >> reporter: iain, i'm told that he was a mentor, he once taught fire safety classes. lieutenant letourneau was known to many for his lover of the j job. >> i was actually watching your news at 6:00 o'clock on saturday
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and all i had to do was see his name on the memorial plaque and i lost it. >> reporter: heading into the cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul for a viewing this evening, michael carney gets emotional. he remembers the moment he learn his friend and fellow firefighter lieutenant matt letourneau died while working a fire over the weekend he shared memories of letourneau. >> i walk into the firefighters survival class and saw matt there as an instructor and i was incredibly proud to see somebody that i influenced when he was young go that far and hear how good he was doing. >> reporter: letourneau had 11 years with the philadelphia fire department. he was 42 years old. saturday he responded to a house fire on colorado avenue in north philly and became trapped insi inside. among the large number that turn out to pay their respects is former philadelphia fire commissioner lloyd ayer. >> i swore matt in years ago, you know, and you remember certain people, and he had one
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of those spirits that just ex sueded help and hope. >> reporter: former commissioner ayer says he was able to speak with family during the viewing. >> we loved matt as much as he loved us. you know, and we -- we're trying to share the loss with them but we know that, you know, they're hurting and i told them that he did what he loved, and that we would would be there for him. >> reporter: and i'm also told that fire commissioner thiel has been staying close by the family as well as other firefighters making sure they get the services they need at this tough time. iain. >> shawnette. thank you. tomorrow morning a procession for lieutenant letourneau will head from the firehouse at 21st and market to the cathedral basilica at eight coo. another viewing at 9am followed by his funeral mass at 11:00. you can head to fox for a full list of all the roads that had been closed tomorrow. turning to your weather now way live look over the ben franklin parkway the streets are
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gloss so see out there. your morning commute could be little bit of a mess. we're talking about nasty storm headed our way. >> it's a big storm headed from the west toward the east. we stay on the warm side but unfortunately that means even the poconos will be seeing some rain. but it's quickly going to get cold around here again. 57 in philadelphia. 52 in pottstown. 50 in the poconos with those warm southerly winds. and here comes the rain. some spotty showers right now. but the heavier rain is off to the west. we do have winter weather advisory in effect to the north and west this is for saturday morning for precipitation to end as some freezing rain. the rest of us it will be a rain event as everything converges toward the north and toward the east. wind advisory in effect with that rain. winds will gust to about 45 miles an hour tomorrow morning through the noon hour so please be aware of that. record warmth possible tomorrow. we'll look ahead to eagles game day when temperatures crash and the next chance of snow. it's back. it's going to be about 30 degrees cooler iain during
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the day on saturday than tomorrow. quite a change. >> incredible. all right, thank you kathy. well now to developing story on capitol hill. the president under fire tonight for what he's accused of saying behind closed doors during a meeting. the topic, immigration and things got heated to point where the president reportedly used profanity. according to the washington post, president trump reportedly asked a group of republicans and democratic lawmakers quote are we having all these people from blank hole countries come here? sources say he was referring to haiti and countries in africa. our chris oh can't has been following this story close you tonight. chris. >> reporter: the response to president trump's comments iain have been swift and harsh. including from the local haitian community. some who are calling the president a racist. the explosive comments came during a closed door white house meeting with bipartisan congressional leaders on
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immigration. president trump said quote why are we having all these people from blank hole countries come here? he was referring to haiti and african countries much he also said the us should bring people in from countries like norway. >> absolute disgust to see a man in such high position with so little understanding of social dynamic. >> reporter: paul roland is with the haitian coalition of philadelphia. he says even for president tru trump, the comments went over the line and are racist. >> coming from him now there's no surprise. how can you expect better from a man who use lies and deceit as a policy? >> reporter: reaction on social media was also swift. pennsylvania senator bob casey tweeting "america is better than this and our president should be, too". >> chair of the congressional black caw can you comments are further proof that his make
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america great again agenda is really make america white again. some thinks trumps comments were spike a course with his base. >> the language, the racial implication are help prehensible and he deserve the criticism he'll get. flip side a lot of his support supporters were agree with that tone and elected him because he uses from time to time that to tone. >> reporter: white house issuing a statement tonight certainly not backing down or denying the statement saying certain washington politician choose to fight for foreign countries but president trump will always fight for the american people. that from the white house tonight. iain. >> chris, thank you. police are on the hunt to you nor for whoever stabbed a man walking health care clinic. skyfox over the scene in moorestown. investigators say the guy was walking to the princeton house behavior health on new albany
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road when someone stabbed him in the stomach. he was taken to cooper medical hospital. no word on his condition. a backpack loaded with heroin found outside a middle school in bensalem. thousands of packets with street value of $100,000. the discovery made back on december 20th at the see celia schneider middle school shortly after kids were dropped off for the day. school employees noticed the suspicious package and called police. >> if a kid at one of our schools would have opened the bag by accident and got into it who knows what tragedy could have happened? we could have had a lot of dead children. >> police say the drugs were headed for streets of trenton and not for sale in our area last night police arrested 26-year-old natasha willis. right now she's being held in the bucks county prison on hefty bail. police say more arrests could be on the way. a man prowling around one delaware county town has got neighbors concerned tonight. some residents actually saw a man on surveillance video trying to open doors to homes and cars
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and now the community is hoping you can help catch him. fox 29' is that so bean in a kuriakose joins us live from upper providence tonight. is a bone in a. >> reporter: iain, this was a weekday, 6:00 in the morning. neighbor families just starting to get up and a strange guy was trying to get into their houses. >> it boggles my mind and when you know people are home report this is the chilling moment had a strange man jiggles the front door of nicole's upper proper depths home. just before 6:00 wednesday morning a school day. her kids were just getting up. nicole asked us not to reveal her face or identity because the man is still out there. her surveillance system pick up the attempted intrusion. >> we never heard it when it actually happened. >> reporter: nicole says the man walked from house to house trying front doors, back doors and even cars. she says she shutters to think what would have happened if he got inside. nicole and her neighbors are now on high alert.
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>> very family-oriened spot and& we all look out for each other. >> i think you have a desperate individual who was searching for something and wanted to go through the neighborhood and try any door possible to see if there was a way that they can get in. >> reporter: nicole can't stop thinking about one thing. with her children about to wake up and possibly come face to face with a total stranger. something she did the night before may have made all of the difference in the world. >> the front door on tuesday evening was -- been left open. um, i obviously locked it that's what it immediately went through my head. was that if i had not double check the doors, i'd be telling i was different story today. >> reporter: the guy in the video described as being between 25 and 30 years old with a chinstrapped beard he also had a really distinctive sweatshirt had military airplanes on it. if you recognize him, you're sked to call upper providence delaware county police.
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iain? >> sabina, thank you. a doctor accused of hiring someone to kill his wife appeared before and a atlantic county judge today. dr. james kauffman look haggard as he appeared via video camera for his own safety he is one of several facing charges in the murder of popular new jersey radio host april kauffman.& it was all part of a scheme to get riffed his wife after she threatened to expose a pill mill drug operation that he was allegedly running with pagan motorcycle gang. prosecutors say former pagan fred augello helped kauffman kill his wife and plotted with another pagan and an informant to kill dr. kauffman. >> there's a conspiracy to kill my client so it's pretty clear, um, conspiracy is against dr. kauffman. >> it just seems to suggest that jim cough me was a busy man with his criminal activities. >> this case now goes before a county grand jury. kauffman and his co-defendants will be back in court tuesday for a detention hearing.
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in camden county, fast-moving flames swept through a family owned diner in berlin. the fire broke out just before midnight at the country town diner on white house pours pike much the building has extensive damage. thankfully no one was hurt. the owner tells us he doesn't know if he'll be able to rebui rebuild. 14 mose are now out of work and investigators believe the fire started in the kitchen. sneezing, coughing, itchy eyes you're not alone. flu outbreak across our area and it turns out you're not that safe if you even got the vacci vaccine. another world coming to philadelphia. well, not exactly. but zombies are invading all part of a new virtual reality game that looks like a
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[ gasps, laughs ] you ever feel like... cliché foil characters scheming against a top insurer for no reason? nah. so, why don't we like flo? she has the name your price tool, and we want it. but why? why don't we actually do any work? why do you only own one suit? it's just the way it is, underdeveloped office character. you're right. thanks, bill. no, you're bill. i'm tom. you know what? no one cares.
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coast guard comes at the rescue of a fir sherman dealing with respiratory issue. this happened today about 60 miles east of the atlantic city. helicopter crew hoisted the man from the ship and flu him to a hospital. in your health tonight that time of year flu season. some people do what the experts say and get a flu shot but it seems like this year it doesn't seem like the vaccine is really doing its job. our brad sattin is live in haddonfield tonight. brad? >> reporter: iain, the weather sure feels good but if you have the flu right now, you are miserable. we all want a vaccine that is
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100% effective. we are hearing, though, that this year the vaccine is only about 35 to 40% effective as a result a lot of folks think it's just not worth it but doctors disagree. a mean chopra has a restaurant to run it hasn't been easy over the past few days. two employees have been out sick and now she thinks she's sick too. >> i do have the flu. i'm shivering and cold. and sometimes i feel hot. it's like -- look like it's getting flu. >> ask any teacher and they'll tell you there's a lot of coughing and sneezing students in the classroom right about n now. >> a lot of kids were be a accept especially when we got back from christmas break. it was unbelievable. that week we came back so many kids were out. >> emergency departments like at jefferson stratford hospital are filled up with lots of flu cas cases. >> our emergency rooms are filled right now to capacity and we have lot of boarding in the hospital is filled, too. certainly worse than it was last year. >> reporter: seems to be more flu cases this year than in the past few years partly because the vaccine missed the mark it
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was only about 10% effective in australia during the flu season there. and about 35 to 40% effective right here right now. >> they make tree predict of what the flu vaccine will be like in february of the year before. so it's a guess. it's a very educated against. >> reporter: the vaccine is more he can tiff than last year's. we're in the midst of a pretty bad new season and doctors say he is special physical you're high risk, elderly have diabetes, heart or lung problems just get the vaccine. >> you might say why should i take the flu shot? because 40% of the time it will prevent disease. >> reporter: because with that underlying condition -- >> when that happens it can put you in the hospital. even kill you. >> reporter: here's some scary statistic. in a bad year, potentially like this year, up to 36 million americans can get the flu. 30 to 40,000 of them iain can die from it. >> all right, brad, thank you. check out this parking nightmare at philadelphia
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international airport tonight. video particular skyfox shows look at that line of cars trying to get out of the airport parking lot. the airport tweeted why. they couldn't process credit cards for little while so there was a backup. they're sorry fort epp convenience but everything is okay now. developing now in the murder investigation of a u penn student. affidavit holds some new clues involving the friend who last saw blaze bernstein alive. investigators found the nina old dead in park in california on tuesday. according to the document when the fend talk with detectives they noticed his hands had small scratches on them and dirt under his nails. he said it was because he was in a fight club. among on the things. police in new castle conte arrested a man after he tried to buy a new car with a fake id. salesperson at the carmen chrysler jeep dodge dealership report the a suspicious customer earlier today and when detectives got there, they identified the man as moses osi. they say he tried to buy a car
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valued at 69,000 bucks with a fake driver's license from maryland. the license belonged to man from california. he's now facing several charges including theft and criminal impersonation. as we start thawing out from the bone-chilling temperatures from last week the us coast guard says they have gotten a lot of reports of people kayaking in the delaware river. they say the ice still in the water could damage or pierce a hole in boat that's not strong enough to withstand that impact if you're really itching to get that boat in the water wait until all that ice is gone. all right. let's take live look at cape may, new jersey. the shore that wassing out today with warm temperatures and tomorrow the rain could watch the rest of that snow away. kathy orr is here when you can expect to see those showers. kathy. >> you don't want to be kayaking in ice. >> no. >> that's in the really great idea. right? take look at our ultimate doppler. we have some showers moving our way it's damly out there and, yes a lot of melting going on. you can see outside looking pretty good right now. the roads are wet. we don't have to worry about refreezing because it's so warm out there.
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looking good on the parkway tonight. right now it's 50 in the pocon poconos. 50 in allentown. 57 in philadelphia. the normal high is 40. so this is 17 degrees above normal at this late hour. 56 in millville and 54 in wildwood. fox future cast takes us hour by hour. we have that strong southerly wind component keeping it warm. tomorrow at 10:00 o'clock we'll be in the upper 50s with a good dose of rain. rain heavy at times maybe even a few rumbles of thunder and then in the afternoon philadelphia south and east another round of heavy rain with temperatures that are still upper 50's and hen in the evening the out of here. so dry before another round moves through but this time it's the back side of the storm and the winds begin to shift and they will be shifting saturday out of the northwest and that's a cold wind. temperatures are going to be 30 degrees colder saturday than they will be tomorrow. so it's doing to be a significant change. saturday morning in the 30s. by the afternoon falling into the 20s. wind chills will be in the teens
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by the end of the eagles game. so it's not going to be pretty. at least temperature wise. much rain, well not that much to the north and west in the poconos an inch. we don't want it but unfortunately it is going to rain in the poconos. half an inch in philadelphia. in millville fairly between half an inch an inch across the region. overnight 44 in the poconos. temperatures rising pretty much everywhere. during the day tomorrow, the high temperature going for 67 near record warmth in philadelphia. the record is 72. but it's going to be a very warm day. also going to have the wind. wind gusting to about 45 miles an hour. so wind driven rain and some warmth here's a look at the records to beat. philadelphia 72. wilmington 68. quite possible in reading. trenton 68. atlantic city 67. allentown 60. we could break some of these records easily. now, game day if you're tailgate at noon on saturday the temperature will be 44. but cold northwest winds will be blowing by the time we kick it off at 4:30 the temperature around 35 with northwest wind and by the end of the game,
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third quarter or the fourth quarter, 25 degrees northwest winds at 15. if you do the math and the conversion, iain that wind chill is about 12 at that time. don't hike that. >> no. >> here's a look the your seven day forecast. sunday 30. monday for the holiday 30. then a chance of snow tuesday and wednesday. and thursday just cold. the temperature 29. so significant changes coming our way from springtime warmth to winter's cold. >> all right, kathy, thanks for the warning. >> you bet. >> sean what's coming up in sports? >> iain, you know what it is much it's all about the eagles, right. playoff time. winner win or go home. i see a lot of nervous eagles
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,000 in america last year. we need to stand up and say enough. the only way this problem is going to be solved is if we raise our voices. choose help over helplessness, hope over hopelessness. make sure that the lives we've lost will not have been lost in vain. addiction is a disease. when you ask for help, help is there for you.
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there's a lot of nervous eagles fans right now. list september, i get it. carson wentz being out changed everything for this team, and for the city and i actually think nick foles is going to play pretty well but here's the difference. carson always makes one or two magical plays that ends up being
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the difference in the game. the type of plays that carson can make no one else can make and certainly nick foles can't do that. with that said, here's what they need to do to get the win because of one has to be tighter. everyone has to do better. defensively they have to put measure on matt ryan. if ryan gets consistent time if he gets three seconds or more to sort of surveillance 58 field, do what he does, hits julio jones it's over. eagles are done. okay. that's an experienced quarterback who went to the super bowl so if he gets a time, if he gets the rhythm, you're dead. second thing they need to do is be great in the run game. last time these two teams played which was last year eagles had over 200 yards on the ground. that has to happen again. so if the eagles get pressure on ryan and can gain over 150 yards on the ground they'll definitely within this game. because there's in other way. iain. >> all right, sean, thanks. real life stranger things comes to philadelphia. well, not exactly. but virtual reality zombie a cock lips is coming. mind trek vr announcing today it
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will build a game ago ren in a in philadelphia and you're watching the promotional video. hearse how it work groups of eight pliers of players gear up in a end roo in a wearing virtual reality head sets you go on mission to kill the zombies. seems cool, right? no word on exactly where or when it's going to open. recently fake news was officially declare the word of 2017 by the dick nary. british retailer top shop is selling a pair of 90-dollar jeans with fake news stitched down the legs. social media users are making fun of the jeans. one person writes she hope the release of the jeans is fake news. >> that's trash. [ laughter ] >> that's trash. >> i don't like that. >> fake news down the side -- come on. >> i don't know. who wants that? >> i don't know. >> do we sound
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me too movement, don't count floyd mayweather in. >> when you say me too, my thing is this, when somebody be like i got a rolls-royce, i be like me too. >> oh, my god. >> major spoilers for "avengers 4." chris evans plays captain america. a lot of people have been saying captain america is going to die -- harvey: no! >> these pictures we have from the set of "avengers 4" prove that captain america died in "avengers: infinity war." harvey: chris evans. >> you got to pick someone. >> not him. [laughter] >> conor mcgregor had a shirtless face-off with richard branson. richard, he actually looks pretty good for being 67. harvey: let's assume they're both single for five seconds. >> richard branson is. harvey


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