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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  January 12, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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firefighter who sacrificed his own life trying to save others. >> can't was not in his vocabulary. >> paying final respects as lieutenant matt letourneau is laid to rest. fit for a hero a procession from his firehouse to the cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul. mourners packed lieutenant matt letourneau's funeral the service followed by a procession to his final resting place in delaware county. day filled with emotion and tears for the fallen firefight firefighter. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm chris o'connell. today's rain providing a somber back drop as so many gathered to say goodbye and thank you. let's get more from fox 29's dave schratwieser.
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>> reporter: chris, hundreds of firefighte firefighters and t responders stood out here in the poring rain out of respect for a man who made the ultimate sacrifice. many of them telling us they came to pay tribute to a fallen hero. ♪ >> reporter: as raindrops fell on mourners outside, tears flowed from mourners inside the basilica as the city of philadelphia, family members and fellow firefighters said goodbye to lieutenant matthew letourneau a hero who lost his life in the line of duty. >> he lived, ate, slept and breathed this job. >> matt, every dave his life was truly a hero and we're all better off because of his bravery and service. >> hundreds stood outside in the rain during the morning viewing
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and mass. hundreds more pack the cathedr cathedral. lieutenant letourneau was remembered for his smile, his enthusiasm, his compassion but mostly for his bravery. >> he is truly a fireman's fireman. he fought that fire to the best his ability as long as with everyone else on that fire ground. >> i mean he's hero. what's we do every day. and you know every day when you go to work there's no guarantee that you'll come back home. >> reporter: the 11-year veteran of the department died trying to rescue others from a fast hiv moving fire on colorado street. a resident of the home was also killed. two other firefighters were injured. >> when the going gets tough, there was nobody tougher and there is nobody tougher. >> just the willingness to put your life on the line in that way is something that most people can't begin to comprehend. >> we'll never forget the incredible sacrifice that lieutenant matthew letourneauism
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made to keep the residents of philadelphia safe. >> reporter: firefighters from across the country turned out. it was a brotherhood they said luke letourneau spoke glowingly about him off camera, as a brother, the best man in his wedding, an uncle and a man who loved his family. a man proud to be a philadelphia firefighter every single day. >> fire fighting from the beginning as he came into this world until today was his passion. but his love for family, faith and friendshi friendships will . >> he has gone ahead and joined a company of other heroes and there is no doubt that they are working their way down that smokey hallway making it safe for the rest of us. ♪
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>> reporter: firefighters and first responders came from as far away as toronto and trinid trinidad. the fire commissioner summing up lieutenant letourneau this way. he said, he simply didn't have the word can't in his vocabula vocabulary. dawn? >> all right, dave, very sad. very moving scene. firefighters of delaware and chester counties gathering on this overpass over the blue route paying their respects as the procession for lieutenant matt letourneau went by. we will have continuing coverage of lieutenant letourneau's funeral today coming up at 5:30 and at 6:00 o'clock. all right. checking in with your fox 29 weather authority. let's take live look in allentown, lehigh county, i'll tell you it was a wet one. it was a miserable one out there today. folks across the area enjoying kind of a warmup, though. not quiet shore weather. let's take a look in old city this afternoon. people had the umbrellas out. people walking fast to get out of that downpour.
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scott williams now here to talk about the first look at the weekend forecast. hey, scott. >> hi there, chris. yes all of that rainfall already over an inch in philadelphia. today the january thaw but look at ultimate doppler it's lit up not done with the rainfall n fact, north and west you can see a line about to move right back in to the philadelphia area. so on and off again showers, slick roads but temperatures in the 50s and 60s. still some gusty winds out there but look at the numbers right now. 64 degrees allentown. 61 philadelphia. 63 in dover. we'll talk about a tale of two seasons because get ready for an arctic blast come tomorrow and what about the eagles forecast and yes -- more snow with that seven day forecast. ♪ after talking about it for two weeks, we finally have a football game tomorrow at at the linc. eagles host the falcons for their first playoff game and our kristen rodgers joining us with the message eagles fans have before kickoff. kristen. >> yeah, dawn, can you feel that
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anxiousness, that piqued energy here in philadelphia? we've had to wait 12 days but we finally get some playoff football for the eagles tomorrow afternoon. the rest and time off was good for the birds. it helped some guys heal from injury. gave nick foles time to work on few things with the receivers and get more mentally focused but even back on tuesday, you could tell the players were getting restless. they are chomping at the bit and they want fans to bring that same intensity to the linc for kickoff. >> we want teams to come into our stadium and to feel, to, feel our fans and to feel the excitement and to feel the noise and to feel, um, everything about philadelphia. >> coming up at 6:00 hear more from doug pederson on how he's worked with nick foles this week to proa progress since that dallas game. how atlanta work to go contain the eagles offense and don't forget to tune in at 10:30 tonight for the chase for a championship our eagles insider dave spadaro will join leigh me live into the studio to dig deeper into this matchup.
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>> getting pumped up. thanks kristen. president donald trump signing a proclamation honoring dr. martin luther king, jr., today. this coming one day after a report surfaced that he used the term bleep hole countries when describing haiti and african nations. fox's lauer are ingle has the story. >> reporter: marking nearly a half century since the murder of dr. marlin luther king, jr., president donald trump science a proclamation honoring the civil rights leader. >> today we celebrate dr. king for standing up for the sel self-evident truth americans hold so dear that no matter what the color of our skin or the place of our birth, we are all created equal by god. >> reporter: the president praised martin luther king, jr., for standing up for the rights of african-americans and emphasized the importance of equality. the comments standing in contrast to remarks the president reportedly made about certain immigrants on thursday. >> mr. president, will you give an apology for the statement yesterday? >> first thing that came to my
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mind was very unfortunate, um, unhelpful. >> what president trump said was a source of shame for our nation, humility for africa and the african-american people. >> trump surrounded by support supporters at the signing secretary of housing urban development dr. ben carson saying the president's move to protect mlk's legacy will benefit generations to come. >> his message of equality, justice and the common dignity of manure sounds today. urgently needed to heal the divisions of our age. the president encouraged all americans to observe this day with acts of civic work and community service. in new york, laura ingle, fox news. two young girls from washington, d.c. reported missing last week were found in new jersey this week. authorities found them in u-haul van. four men now facing charges.
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fox 29's jeff cole is live in our studios with more on this story. jeff? >> reporter: dawn the men certainly do face charges but their small charges not charge that is will actually land them in jail. big concerns are being raised tonight over why these men were traveling with young girls and if there are larger concerns. 9:30 at night january 6 and haddon heights spot a u mall van arizona plates broken down with its back end sticking into traffic. the van a two cedar had six passengers all piled in to the nearby mcdonald's. four men all in their 20s tell police they're on their way to new york to visit family. but can't provide names or places. >> the story behind where they were going and the van they were traveling in and the number of people in the van just didn't seem to work out. didn't seem to measure. >> reporter: police realized the men are traveling with two girls 11 and 17-year-old cousins both reported missing out of washington, d.c. the four men give the cops fake names.
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>> that's a problem. >> it's a problem. >> reporter: can't tell where you they're going in new york and they give you fix names? >> yes. >> reporter: so you hook them up? >> yes, correct. charge them with obstruct. >> reporter: the girls were returned to their d.c. homes. the men given court dates and released in a statement washington, d.c. police write, while we haven't ruled anything out, we have no reason to believe human trafficking is involved. philadelphia attorney shaye roads isn't sure. >> it sounds like it's potentially a sex trafficking case. >> reporter: roads is the co-founder and director of villanova law school based institute which combats sex trafficking. >> it's happening all day every day. in every city in every town in every location. >> reporter: she says, the facts of the haddon heights stop fit the pattern. she says, police must work with the girls to make the case. >> if they're safe and if they're willing to talk and giving them some space is, you know, really important. giving them the basic needs. >> reporter: roads says the conversations with the victims of sex crimes is a key to strong prosecutions.
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those prosecutions the best way to stop the practice sex trafficking. i'm jeff cole fox 29 news. chris, more at 6:00. >> thanks, jeff. heartbreak for one girl after she lost a locket but it's not just any piece of jewelry. it's the only thing she has left ,000 in america last year.
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we need to stand up and say enough. the only way this problem is going to be solved is if we raise our voices. choose help over helplessness, hope over hopelessness. make sure that the lives we've lost will not have been lost in vain. addiction is a disease. when you ask for help, help is there for you. a heartbreaking situation for a 14-year-old girl in south philadelphia who lost her fath father. >> necklace she wore every day
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with day with her ashes vanish. sabina spoke to them. >> dawn and chris, through grass and bushes and gutters filled with today's rain, we walked with susan as she searche search philadelphia for something more precious than words can descri describe. >> saint anthony, has anybody turned it in? please come around. >> she lost her father's necklace. >> something is lost. >> anybody turned necklace in. >> it must be found. >> a prayer to the patron saint of lot of things. >> so i'm going to look it's rain and pour i don't care. >> sent by a mother on behalf of her grief stricken daughter. >> it's really sad it's like losing her father twice. >> reporter: susan weiss is searching south philly for the ashes of her teenager jenny's deceased dad encased in beloved locket the 14-year-old wore around her neck every day until it slipped off near this mcdonald's at third and oregon last week. >> okay. next place.
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>> reporter: while jenny is at school, her mother searches. >> anybody may be found it? >> no. >> and turn it in to you. >> business to business. >> anybody turned it in? >> through the bushes. >> here we go go. >> undeterred by the poring ra rain. >> i just really hope somebody has it and is decent enough to return it. >> reporter: jenny's father died two years ago. the teen has few momentos of the army veteran. pictures of birthday parties and being held in his embrace. the locket helped keep dad clo close. >> she feels like it brings her good luck at certain times when she won softball championships w she won the volleyball championship for central and to say there was a jeff one day, you know, he was here. he mattered. you know, it's hard. it's a lot. love my daughter. it's hard to watch your daughter in pain. sorry. >> reporter: she's a strong mom right there. now the post is being shared
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thousands of times. susan is posting flyers in the area as well she and her daughter along with hundreds of people who have been commenting on social media are praying someone will find it and bring the ashes home. now to get closer look at the lock head to our fox 29 facebook page. now chris, you posted about susan's search and you got lot of responses of the a lot of people care about this familiarly. >> let's find that necklace. thanks sabina. a vineland new jersey elementary schoolteacher has been indicted for allegedly hiding a camera in restrooms at a theater camp to record underaged boys. attorney general christopher perino announce the indictment of thomas guzzi, jr., after authorities found hundreds of files of child pornography on his computer and uncovered a hidden camera operation. vineland elementary had fired him last february after he was first arrested in the child pornography sweep. prosecutors have charge chad levittown man in deadly hit-and-run last month. one problem for authorities, he's allegedly fled to serbia.
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bucks county prosecutors have charged 35-year-old ali sister with homicide by vehicle aggravated assault by vehicle and leaving the scene of a fatal crash. officials say he struck and killed kevin williams who was ride ago bike in bristol borough on december 19th. police say sister called them on december 23rd and confessed to the crime. but he also said he had left the country to serbia. prosecutors are now working with federal authorities to have sift derr extradited. >> 17 people are dead following the devastating mudslides in southern california. the ages of the victims range from three years old to a man who just turned 89 the day before he was killed. fox's adam housely with the latest. we know that window is closing but really are doing our best to search and rescue. >> reporter: you hear the stories from around the world where people have been missing for eight days, nine days. and they were found alive we're hoping that we'll find those people and those people are out here working very hard to try and make that happen. >> reporter: hope is still
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alive in southern california as the grueling search for survivors continues. with over 1,000 rescue workers searching amongst debris to find any signs of life after deadly mudslides swept through santa barbara county on tuesday. the death toll sitting at over dozen people so far with victims ranging in age from three to 89 years old. as of friday, the number of missing has dropped but people here warn the numbers of dead and missing may still fluctuate. >> so right now our main concern, main focus is search and rescues. sevenning the residence damaged or destroyed for the mudslides also to confirm if there are people who are still trapped and need evacuation report roar powerful winter storm hit quick and sudden. sending rain, mud and boulders crashing downhill sides that had recently been ravaged by wildfires last december. those fires left the earth scorched unable to absorb any of the rain in some places as much as 6-inches. >> mother nature calls, you heed the warning right away.
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don't try to stick around and save your precious material things want not. save your life. you can deal with the rest of that later. >> reporter: mandatory evacuation orders remain in effect and are expected for several weeks as there's a lot of debris to move you can see the hasn't crews still coming in and are expected to be here for couple more weeks. as they try to get this area at least some of it back to normal. in california, adam housely fox news. ♪ can you feel it? less than 24 hours until the eagles face off against the atlanta falcons and the divisional play off game. the hottest ticket in town. or is it? the game is sold out but we found plenty of tickets still out there. with club box passes in his hands, season ticket holder adam davis from delco is one of the lucky ones. >> it's going to be raucous. >> the linc officially sol out tomorrow. but if you got the cash, you can at least get yourself in the door. 24 hours before game time and we
5:20 pm
found stub hub and ticket master withstanding room only tickets for about a 130 bucks. of course, if you want these seats in a premium box, well, that will set you back about a grand each. but some like joel santiago won't be going to the game. he's working at the airport. >> you're working during the game? >> are you going to able be find a tv. >> everywhere you can find tv in the airport. everywhere. everybody want to want game. >> reporter: not lot of work going on. >> yes, sir. >> reporter: bill didn't come to get tickets but to return a carson wentz jersey he left empty handed. >> i came to get it the bag is empty. all the carson wentz completely sold out. >> reporter: can't get one much he's not even playing. >> he's not playing and i was told i probably won't get it until next season. >> reporter: don't wait. buy nfc championship tickets right now. going for about 300 bucks. because after tomorrow's win, those prices no doubt will sky
5:21 pm
rocket. >> the pre-game, the running out of the tunnel, there's nothing like that. you know, there's nothing like that feeling of adrenaline when you get toes guys running out on the field. >> reporter: you got me excited now. >> you think you can spare one of those club passes. >> unfortunately no, these are all spoken for. >> reporter: too bad some people actually have to work during the game. you are one of them. >> i know. i'm kind of bumped. >> are you going to go to the game. >> i haven't told my wife but ticket is 130 bucks. probably not. i do like to watch at hole. >> bundle up. >> i will. most people use them to do their laundry but now dangerous new trend with teenagers and detergent pods. the you are jenn warning from doctors tonight. do not try this at home. ♪
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award-winning organic mac and cheese from aldi. ♪ we are tracking some breaking news out of southern california where an arrest has been made into the connection of a death of a university of pennsylvania student. the orange county sheriff' office officials now have arre arrested someone for the murder of student blaze bernstein found dead this week at his home on winter break. authorities say the 19-year-old went missing on january 2nd much his body was found a week later that's tuesday near a park. police say they will release more details and press
5:25 pm
conference later this evening. of course, we will update you as soon as we have more informati information. a winter vacation for many turning into a sickly nightmare. a royal caribbean cruise ship has delayed its return after nearly 50 people got sick. the grandeur of seas ship departed from baltimore last week and was slated to return yesterday but officials say that will not be happening until tomorrow. 46 of the ship's 2900 passengers have reported cases of gastrointestinal illnesses this comes after 500 passengers on two separate royal caribbean cruises fell sick last month. spokesperson says the cause of the illness is unknown. president donald trump may have canceled an upcoming trip to open a new us embassy in london but now a wax version of him is filling in. the world famous madam tussaud's museum in london placed wax work outside the new u.s. embassy in london today it quickly became an at track for people as they
5:26 pm
paused for photos. this all after the real president trump tweeted that he canceled his london visit because of former president obama made a quote a bad deal in moving that embassy. british lawmakers say it was actually to avoid protests. the idea started as a joke. but man, oman, is this one dangerous. more and more young people are posting have you crows of people chewing those tied laundry pods some people even going as far as to cook then. but swallowing even a small amount of the highly concentra concentrated detergent found in pods can cause diarrhea and vomiting and the pods post serious hell risks to children. last year poison control centers received reports of more than 10,000 expose insures to detergent pods by children five years old or younger. doctors warn this is no joke. it is very dangerous. up next it's going around. the flu, but there's now word that shot you got might not be as effective this season.
5:27 pm
scott? >> dawn, temperatures in the 60s now but by this time tomorrow it will feel like the teens.
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the weather fit the mood today as the city lay a hero to rest. hundreds gathering inside and outside the cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul in center city to pay respects to lieutenant matthew letourneau. he was killed trying to save people from a burning home last week.
5:30 pm
>> matt every dave his life was truly a hero and that we are all better off because of his bravery and service. >> he has gone ahead and joined a company of other heroes and there is no doubt that they are working their way down that smokey hallway making it safe for the rest of us. ♪ >> we will have more coming up on the final goodbyes for lieutenant matt letourneau coming up at 6:00 o'clock. of course, we are all trying to hey individual catching the flu. have you gotten your flu shot. >> i did not get it. >> i did not either. of course, a lot of us getting flu shots but experts say this year the vaccine you may have gotten may not be as effective as doctors would have thought. >> whole lot of people are getting sick and it's not even th peak of flu season yet. brad sattin has more from haddon feel, camden county. >> reporter: mean chopra has restaurant to run it hasn't been easy over the past few days. one of her servers out sick, one
5:31 pm
of her dishwasher is also sick and she's unthe water. that's a quarter of her staff. >> sneezing a lot of cold and mucus and cough. >> frankie pavone missed a dave school this quey week. >> i just didn't feel like doing anything. i didn't want to go anywhere. i just wanted to stay home and do nothing. >> reporter: the most serious cases landing in the hospital. >> our emergency rooms are filled right now to capacity and we have a lot of boarding in the hospitals filled, too. certainly worse than it was last year. report roar worse than it's been in at least three years at jefferson stratford hospital it's all hands on deck. it seems this year's flu vaccine missed the mark. we asked people on facebook about flu shots many many were skeptical. i don't trust them it's a money making scam and it's not 90% ineffective why bother. to set the record straight the vaccine was said to be only about 10% effective when the flu hit australia but right here right now it is about 35 to 40% effective and actually more on target than last year's vaccine. >> so you might say why should i
5:32 pm
take the new shot? because 40% of the time it will prevent disease. >> reporter: it's not perfect science but doctors still strongly advise you get the vaccine. >> it's a very educated guess. it's based on a lot of information worldwide, but you can get minor changes in that virus by the time the season hits. >> reporter: alex alfonso feels fine and always seems to avoid getting sick right about now. some people i guess are just lucky. >> what's your secret? [ laughter ] >> i don't know. because i don't eat very healt healthy. [ laughter ] >> that was brad sattin reporting. the federal drug administration is making moves to strengthen warning labels on cold and cough medicines just in time for flu season. the agency says medications with opioids like codeine should never be given to children and new safety labels will now make that clear. the fda says it is making the change because the risks of the meds strongly out weigh their potential benefits. back to your fox 29 weather
5:33 pm
authority now. hello to everyone down in wilmington. looks wet. it was windy. it was warm today but rumor more has it that is going to change. the wind chill is coming back and so is scott's forecast in 15 seconds. >> oh it's been a damp and dreary friday. we've been socked with the clouds and the fog. take look at this image out of penn's landing the icy delaware riff in contrast with a warmer milder air moving in on of it so we get that evection fog quite a beautiful scenario but certainly use those low beams if you encounter any fog. that warm air going on top of the icy delaware river. in fact take a look at the current visibility right now in wilmington a half mile. down quarter of a mile in
5:34 pm
atlantic city. for philadelphia, down to 4-mile visibility due to the low clouds and of course the rain. that continues. already over an inch of rain in philadelphia but look at ultimate doppler it's still lit up through sections of delaware, north and west suburbs, another round of moderate to heavy rainfall moving into montgomery, bucks county also chester, delaware county. so just be mindful of that if you're stepping out for friday evening. temperatures will stay mild. but off to the west, you can see that cold front where the rain is changing over to wintry precipitation. so look at the rainfall totals so far philadelphia over an inch. wilmington, trenton almost an inch of rainfall. likewise in doylestown, over to allentown. so just wet conditions. north and west 1:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. saturday winter weather advisories posted for that rain. that will change over to some sleet and also some freezing rain. so a quick shot of a freeze up especially for the pocono mountains. but right now look at the temperatures. we're talking 60s and 50s.
5:35 pm
63 degrees in reading. 64 in allentown. so it felt like spring across the area today with all of that snow melting. but get ready for weather whiplash shock. really to the system. temperatures right now in the 50s and 60s. but look at 8am tomorrow. the wind chill in philadelphia feeling like 27 degrees. it will feel like 21 by noon. and, yes, 17 degrees what it will feel like by 5:00 o'clock. so if you're headed to the eagles game dress for wind chills in the teens. more rounds of rainfall overnight tonight. and then you can see that wintry mix far north and west early on saturday. but tumbling temperatures hour by hour look at the 20 20s showg up later on in the day. let's talk about the game. we'll go hour by hour. early tailgators temperatures right around 30 degrees. but once again the northwest wind will kick in those feels like temperatures will be in the teens by the start of the game. temperatures will be dropping into the 20s. so the bottom line, the arctic blast moving in for the up
5:36 pm
coming weekend. dry, cold for mlk day of service and then tuesday into wednesday another system set to bring some snow and it could stick and accumulate. we'll talk much more in the next half hour. back over to you. >> all right. home field advantage weather there for the birds there scott, thanks. all right. carrying older legacy of dr. martin luther king, jr. students across our area helping el: broke, homeless,
5:37 pm
selling my body to get high, locked up, a slave to heroin - that was my life. married, a homeowner, a professional, recovering and thriving - that's my life now. i got help. you can too. new years means a new day for those struggling with addiction. don't suffer. don't wait. choose help. call 844 reachnj or visit
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♪ martin luther king day may not be until monday but that did not stop the spring ton lake middle school from honoring it today. the staff and students of the media middle school participating in all kinds of activities to benefit the community. from making sandwiches for local shelters, filling boxes with toys for children in the hospital, and making doggie toys to benefit local animal shelters. teachers say they thought since monday will be a day off from school, they should still do something to commemorate the holiday while the students were together. >> every year it just about continuous improvement and every year the feedback we receive is
5:40 pm
really positive we do it for the kids. it's a lot of prep but it's so worth it to see the look on the kids faces and also to see how many people are really helping by doing this. >> some of the organizations that will benefit from today are rocky run wmca, salvation army and saint john's hospice. over at philadelphia city hall today, people gathering to celebrate the fifth annual korean american day. philadelphia councilman at large david oh helping to kick off the celebration with a flag raising ceremony. the event is to celebrate the heritage of korean americans and their contributions to enhancing the city's culture. the east wind ensemble of asian traditional drummers holding a special performance for guests. philadelphia is the first world heritage city in the united states. check this out. because this may be the mother of all drones. boeing showing off a giant drone that can lift 500 pounds of cargo. the drone has already gone through the first round rounds of tests at boeing's center in
5:41 pm
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in a little more than 24 hours from now we will know if the eagles are headed to the n if c championship game or headed to a golf course. of course, the eagles game day means game day meals we're talking tailgate food, cheesesteaks, sausage and peppers, eric you like the ribs, right? [ laughter ] >> football and food hang flynn had absolutely no problem with
5:45 pm
this story assignment. here's hank. >> dipping wings and corona light. >> that's right. game day means food. big food. football food. >> burgers, wings, fries whatever, cheesesteaks you know. i do know that's why i headed down to esposito's in the italian mark kick off is coming. >> we'll miss the first quarter. >> you'll be here. >> we work till 5:00. >> jordan says the real rush for game day staples starts friday but the run on wings has begun. >> we get a lot of chicken wings people want to get a lot of things you can cook that day, ribs, wings, steaks to throw on the grill. probably be busier tomorrow and saturday. everybody wants to make till last minute to get their meet fresh. we'll shoot over esposito's and grab it we'll be fine. >> the sweet tooth will brake up during the game and termini brothers on south eighth is ready. >> everything we're making we're upping our numbers getting ready for the rush. >> sizzling in the deep friar hundreds of shells for the
5:46 pm
cannoli term mini' social security known for. wooden dollars help the shells keep their shape. vincent termini estimates a jolt in business for football but connelly not until saturday. >> saturday morning, saturday afternoon everybody wants their cannoli's filled fresh. you want that nice crisp bite. they want -- you get them the day before, they soften up in the refrigerator. >> some people like them like that. everybody likes a fresh filled can noelly. >> thank you very very much. >> me included. it's so good. how you work here. >> fresh flipping cannoli is one of the best things i've ever eaten. >> oh, baby. ♪ >> i'll finish it. it's okay. >> eagles falcons game isn't expected to bring in the citywide fiscal impact of, say, the army/navy game according to officials. it's similar business impact to regular season game. but with obviously higher stakes. but that's a good thing for fans and for business and it's a ball we want to keep rolling all the
5:47 pm
way into february. i'm hank and that's my take. ♪ super bowl commercials are not cheap and this year won't be any different advertisers are reportedly lining up to pay north of $5 million for a 302nd spot. according to nielsen the news comes despite two straight seasons of declining nfl viewer ship. the cost of super bowl ads has more than doubled since 2007. a new car from general motors and get this it won't have a steering wheel or pedals. the car maker unveiled the latest version of its autonomous vehicle today and it's missing all the manual controls. general motors says the car has interior screens that passengers use to communicate with the vehicle. the company plans to test the car next year wants to modify the chevy bolt to hit city across the country. >> in your health news earlier we told you about the area's flu outbreak and once you get sick, the big question is, emergency
5:48 pm
room or urgent care? fox's reagan man gee explains where you shall go and when. >> i like urgent care. urgent care is, um, you wait -- waiting time is less than in the emergency room. >> urgent care. because like -- i'm going back to school next week the last thing i need the second semester to be sick. >> reporter: many people seem to notice the big between urgent care and the emergency room is the waiting time. and tend to choose based how quickly they can see a doctor. >> called an emergency room but every time i went sat down for hours waiting to be checked on. >> if you have like you have a fever and get check out easy to pop in. >> a cardiologist on the north well health with emergency room experience says you should not use waiting time as the determining factor of which one to visit when you're sick or injured. >> when really should you go to the emergency room or when you think something is more life-threatening such as chest pain a sudden fainting spell or a seizure, for example.
5:49 pm
if you notice that you have sort of an episode of numbness that's sort of is quick and onset associated with paralysis or inability to move a limb. >> reporter: as for visiting urgent care, a city m.d. spokesperson suggests do so if you have a sprain or fracture and you need an x-ray. a laceration needing stitches or if you have a cold or fever. >> let's say you're not really sure what to do. you think it's serious but then you also think you're kind of overreacting. dr. rachel bond suggests you see your primary care physician first. >> they'll be able to tell you so giving them a call they may even say you don't have to go to either. you can just come in to see me for an office visit if i have availability. >> as for this year's flu, dr. bond says it's the worst she's scene and recommends the elderly visit the emergency room at the beginning of any symptoms. on the upper east side reagan, fox news. >> your next fast food meal may rigger long-term changes to your
5:50 pm
immune system. study from university in germany suggests the body responds to a fast food diet in the same way it does to bacteria tear ya'll if he can. in mice a diet high in saturated fat led to the increase in the number of immune sells cells in their blood. the immune system will begin to react to strong stimuli way strong inflammatory response much this response can lead to diabetes or heart disease. if you ever wanted a behind the scenes look at george washington's role in the revolutionary war look no further than the philadelphia base museum of the american revolution. the museum offering a first look today at the among his troops exhibit which is all about george washington's war during the revolutionary war. the exhibit features a newly discovered 235-year-old 7-foot painting which is the only known depictions of washington's headquarters tent during the fight. the exhibit opens tomorrow and will run until february 19th. now you can actually see
5:51 pm
it's almost like a google street view image of a continental army encampment and there is washington's tent on this rise, um, overlooking encampment of 8,000 american troops. >> guests can try on revolutionary inspired clothing learn how to drill like a soldier and make their own continue nem army symbols. well the rain didn't stop folks in philadelphia from celebrating ben franklin's birthday today. colonial characters and others marched up fifth street with banners and flags to the cemetery where franklin was buried to celebrate his 312th birthday. ben franklin impersonate rob, joined in on the march and laid a wreath on franklin's grave at the christ church burial ground. celebration this year explores race relations in america. coming up our tom srendenschek walks a hundred yards with eagles pro bowl guard
5:52 pm
we just moved in about four months ago, but the living room's pretty blank. it's really nice when clients come in and have done some of their own research. working with a bassett designer was really easy. just kind of ties in very well. we love it! [ laughs ] rodney. bowling. classic. can i help you? it's me. jamie. i'm not good with names. celeste! i trained you. we share a locker. -moose man! -yo. he gets two name your price tools. he gets two? i literally coined the phrase, "we give you coverage options based on your budget."
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>> they are a childhood classic. legos but one georgia middle schooler was so sick of all his creations falling apart when he tried to play with them so he got an idea and it is taking o off. >> but whenever i was playing with a spaceship or something like that, i would -- it would fall apart and i'd say i need something to keep this together but i don't want it to be normal glue because it would be useless. i could -- i cannot build anything else. >> as part of a class project
5:56 pm
trip phillips created a glue that would hold the legos together his product is called le glue. selling world why now he also won international invention competition. this kid will be a millionaire. >> he is. >> by the way le glue is designed to easily dissolve in warm water. >> smart kid. no kidding. well, back to the birds. the eagles had incredible regular season thanks in part to that big beefy offensive line. >> one of those players brandon brooks earned a spot in the pro bowl and the chance to walk 100 yards with our own tom srendenschek. ♪ >> 100-yard walk this week with brandon brooks who's one of the guys in that locker room that's been to the playoffs. what is different playoff saturday. >> intensity up. obviously at that time, you know, offensive taking care of the ball. protecting and defensively, you know, stopping the run and getting turnovers. that's the same the rest of the
5:57 pm
season. the recipe we'll have going into the playoffs. >> doug trying to keep things the same this week as you get ready. >> obviously you can feel in the city the excitement. the fans and things like that. we feel it as well but at the same time, you know, we're going to do what we've been doing all season that got us here. we understand it's the playoffs. we're not going to get away from who we are. >> your neighbor growing up jared johnson in wisconsin. god played in the league for while. what did he mean to you. >> shaped my mindset as far as was need to do to get from high school to college. trying to make it to the nfl. what you need to focus on. from early age one thing i remember he always told me to jump rope. obviously your feydeau feet are going up and down the faster your feet are the better you're able to perform out here. >> at the time why am i doing it. >> jump rope will het help your feet get better on the field. you start to realize boxers have really good feet. they do lot of times is jump rope. other things go into it. >> brandon i understand did you
5:58 pm
a landscaping job. here you are a college player at miami. you're pouring concrete and doing landscaping work. >> one of those summer deals where you take a summer class but at ohio we didn't have stipend as far as like little extra money, say, put gas in your car and things like that. i had to do something. >> probably pretty good at it, weren't you in the middle of summer it was back breaking labor. the biggest lesson -- my foreman was this sucks. it's not very funny. you should probably get an education you won't have to do this. >> wrapping up 100-yard work and give props to the best shoes we've done this season. bring them out for the playoffs. what are these? >> just gucci slides little fur in there to keep the feet warm. i hadn't worn them all season started the panthers game. >> okay. >> and kind of been like a little, you know, not super superstitious but good luck charm. >> you mentioned super. if you win super bowl you're not going to change the shoes. >> i may never take off these
5:59 pm
off. may get them bronzed or something to be honest. [ laughter ] >> ♪ >> that will do it for us tonight at 5:00. fox 29 news at 6:00 starts right now. ♪ mourning the loss of a hero. >> matt always had your back. >> a philadelphia firefighter laid to rest after giving his life in the line of duty. and though he may be gone, the memory of lieutenant matt letourneau will live on. >> he will always be with us in the future. ♪ ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. we begin tonight with the wet weather. hitting the region right now a huge system you see has been dumping rain on us all day. >> right now taking a live look over the ben franklin parkway
6:00 pm
here in philadelphia, it is a soggy miserable night and the rain is not over yet. the weather is where we begin tonight at 6:00. thanks for joining us. i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm chris o'connell. get ready. aft rain, comes the cold. let's get right to meteorologist scott williams to tell us how long it's going to last. scott? >> good evening, chris and dawn. calling it weather whiplash. temperatures today made it into the mid 60s. but by this time tomorrow, feels like temperatures will be in the teens. look at ultimate doppler right now. a lot of moisture already over an inch of rain has fallen in the philadelphia area and more moving in right now making for a damp and dreary friday evening out. sections of delaware, looking at the showers. also north and west so slick roads out there this evening. allow extra travel time also dealing with fog but mild temperatures in the 50s and 60s also some pretty gusty winds. but look at the temperature contrast. 62 degrees philadelphia. 20 in detroit. eight below international falls. that's t


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