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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  January 12, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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♪ >> live from center see in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11:00.
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wet, windy and warm. as we take live look at cape may. temperatures in the 60s today. but do not get used to it. it looks like we may be trading in our rain gear for our winter coats. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm dawn timmeney. hope you didn't get too attached to this warm weather, because tomorrow is going to be a shock to the system at kickoff for the big game, back to freezing cold. meteorologist scott williams talking about a 30-degree temperature drop. scott. >> absolutely. a shock to the system, dawn. high temperatures today in the mid 60s. but yeah, can you find the cold front? it's 62 in philadelphia right now at 11:00 o'clock and then off to the west look at pittsburgh 40 degrees colder. 22 degrees. that arctic front will be moving in overnight tonight. the temperatures behind it will be dropping for tomorrow. so what about the eagles game? tailgators temperatures will be in the 30s. we're drying out but look at the cold weather by first kick
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30 degrees. temperatures by the end of the game in the 20s but the feels like temperatures will be in the teens. so that's how you should dress. look at ultimate doppler rain continuing to head in our direction off to the west changing over to freezing rain and also snow. north and west, for the lehigh valley and also the pocono mountains that rain will change over to sleet and freezing rain. so overnight tonight, some showers mape maybe even rumble of thunder. 60 toss freezing tomorrow we could have black ice developing in spots. and then once again for the eagles game temperatures will feel like the teens. weather whiplash. dawn. >> certainly sounds like it. thank you scott. well eagles fans obviously gearing up for the first playoff game in south philadelphia since 2000 sand 13. weather they're tailgating at the linc are holding a house party fans are counting down the hours to kick off including sean yet wilson is joins us live from the linc with more. shawnette. >> i should take note from some of these fans.
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business that is specialize in good game day food some fans have started early they've actually placed orders tonight for food to pick up tomorrow. and businesses say they're ready for whatever comes. >> friday nights are typically busy the this wing stop on cottman avenue in the northeast. but on the day before an eagles play off game it can't compare to the volume of food they'll put out tomorrow. >> we have extreme orders coming in online, call ins, walk ins. we'll be extremely bitsy tomorrow. >> sidney mitchell season assistant manager in training here and says her crews work for tomorrow actually starts tonig tonight. and no pressure but it's the first time the eagles have been in the playoffs since this wing stop location has been open. >> we're prepping tonight for tomorrow's big game so we can be ready for everybody. um we have staff for tomorrow backed up and back up so we can have help. it's going to be like super bowl all over again so busy. >> chicken is easy part for them. getting ahead on the sides fans have to have for their watch parties. >> our dips, celery and carrots
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for the family packs. um, fries we got to do blanche in so we can fries -- enough fries for, um, the orders and stuff. >> over at lee's hoagie house on castor avenue -- >> i have some pre orders for tomorrow already. hoagie trace, cheesesteaks, um, salads and wings. >> reporter: owner john connell says his family owned and run business has been around for 65 years. so they're pros at the fan demand. >> we'll be in here tomorrow morning cutting, preparing for the day, taking orders all day long. hopefully before the game, half time and when the eagles win after that. >> reporter: food sales are only half the battle though when it comes to this game. even businesses are thinking about more than that. >> it's very big for us for the eagles. we hope the eagles get a win. >> reporter: i also stopped by grocery store tonight, dawn, it is pretty much like the calm before the storm for them. not really a rush tonight but they know as soon as they open tomorrow morning people will be looking for chips, eagles themed cakes all of that. >> absolute shawnette.
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thank you. we are tracking a developing story tonight out of southern california. police have made arrest in connection with the murder of a university of pennsylvania student. the orange counsel tear she riffs deputies arrested 20-year-old sam woodward for the murder of blaze bernstein the sophomore at penn was found dead this week while home on winter break. 19-year-old went missing back on january 2nd a week later they finally found this body. deputies say they believed that woodward who went to high school with bernstein killed him and then buried him near a park. we're tracking breaking news out of south philadelphia for you tonight. relief a mom thankful after she's reunited with her daughter with special needs following a really scary incident this afternoon. fox 29's brad sattin is tracking the latest for us from south philadelphia. brad? >> reporter: dawn, since we broke this story about an hour ago we can tell thought philadelphia school district has responded more on that response in a moment. but certainly as you mentioned, scary few hours for a south
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philadelphia couple after their daughter did not return on the schoolbus after class around the 4:00 o'clock hour today. the daughter is actually a 20-year-old woman but with a mental dissable on the level of an eight-year-old. she participates in some life skills classes was supposed to be dropped off by the philadelphia school district bus in the 4:00 o'clock hour but her panicked mom said had the bus never came when she called the school district she was told that her daughter had been dropped off it turns out she was dropped off on her, torque her pick up location and not to her drop off point. by a substitute driver. the protocol is that the driver doesn't pull away until she's in the care of an adult. did it not happen. she ended up walking a good mile and a half in the rain for a few hours until police finally found her here on south street. >> i'm tired of it. this is not the first time. something needs to be done about this. somebody needs to be accountable for it. >> it's crazy out here you know what i mean you don't know what can happen.
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you know what i mean? thank god she had the smarts to, um, to come where she want to go. she got good sense of direction. >> reporter: now just a few minutes ago the school district of philadelphia did respond with this comment saying that first student is the bus vendor here. employed by the school district they called this incident unacceptable. they say that they will work with the vendor to ensure it doesn't happen again. they say there are policies and procedures in place and they want to make sure that the driver and vendor are held accountable. again, this young woman is okay. she is safe and sound with her parents tonight. dawn? >> thank goodness, brad. thank you. exciting day in camden as a new mayor is sworn in. frank moron a long-time resident of the city taking the oath tonight to become the 48th mayor of camden. he's been city council member since 1997 and was elected mayor back in november. a hero taken too soon hundreds gathering today to say goodbye in the rain to philadelphia firefighter
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lieutenant ma letourneau. the 42-year-old veteran firefighter lost his life trying to save a person from a burning home. first responders from all around the country and here in our area marching in the rain from his firehouse to the cathedral basilica of saints peter and mourners gathered for funeral service. people at the funeral remembering letourneau for his friendship, compassion but most importantly his bravery. >> matt every day of his life was truly a hero and that we're all better off because of his bravery and service. >> he has gone ahead and joined a company of other heroes and there is no doubt that they are working their way down that smoky hallway making it safe for the rest of us. ♪ >> letourneau was remembered as person who did not know the definition of the word can't and never ever hesitated to help others.
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happening now in chester, police need your help tracking down these two men. they 19-year-old roy garrett and 18-year-old jose lebron shot a woman in her leg. it happened this afternoon on 1100 block of remington street. the woman was rushed to the hospital where she is in good condition tonight. a favorite spot for underaged kids to go drinking busted by the cops. but when upper darby posted a picture on social media of the keg they took after breaking up the party, not all the responses were positive. so now police are clapping back. fox 29's dave kinchen is live in upper darby with this story. dave? >> reporter: dawn, police here in upper darby are known for showing the public via social media what they're doing keep people safe and to stop crimes from happening, but they were a little surprised at some of the reaction they got in this particular case. when the upper darby police busted up an unaged drinking party, some turned to social media to bust their chops. >> have the people that love us and the people that hate us.
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and it's funny to read those two people go at it. we kind of sit back and see, you know, how it goes. >> reporter: officer michael scott was photographed seizing a beer keg he pulled from booed of wooded area behind the aronimink ming swim club in drexel hill after he got a call of teens planning a drinking party there. we found empty beer cans showing what neighbors already know and complain about. it's a long-time favorite hang out for youth. >> a lot of stuff back there that can go wrong and people get hur. we'd like to see it cleaned up. >> reporter: officers were trolled on social media with many saying they have bigger cases to worry boy than teens boozing up. officer scott sees it differently. >> a little crime like this, a kids party in the woods can turn into, you know, a drunk driver who takes someone's life. so, you know, you take care of the little stuff, styles it takes care of the bigger stuff. >> reporter: police responded on twitter with a picture of cabinets stack with investigation files from the last two years saying every crime matters.
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>> it's not like the only two cops in the town were looking for keg of beer while there was crimes going unanswered. everything gets answered the same. >> i think it's great that up err per darby cops have sense of humor about finding out what's going on and putting it up on twitter facebook and making sure people know that they -- they're on top of it. >> reporter: meantime the township works to keep that area clean but kids keep going back in there and police say of course they will continue to enforce the law as well. >> back to you. >> all right, dave, thanks. we have a win are in. someone claimed the big mega millions jackpot. so who now is $450 million richer? are you thinking of going to the eagles game? you have time. tickets are still on sale and prices aren't
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,000 in america last year. we need to stand up and say enough. the only way this problem is going to be solved is if we raise our voices. choose help over helplessness, hope over hopelessness. make sure that the lives we've lost will not have been lost in vain. addiction is a disease. when you ask for help, help is there for you.
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♪ if you experienced some heavy traffic on under state 280 in morris county today this is why. an overturned tractor trailer happened around 10:00 this morning near mile marker 3.2 in hanover township. no other vehicles were involved. the driver of the truck fortunately wasn't seriously hurt it's unclear on what exactly caused the crash. two young girls reported missing in washington, d.c. are found in south jersey and returned home but concerns are being raised about why they were traveling with four men in their 20s. haddon heights police noticed a
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broken down u-haul van with its back sticking into traffic. back on january 6th. police found sick people traveling in a van warming up in nearby mcdonald's. officers became concerned were when they real life the men were traveling with two girls 11 and 17-year-old cousins. the men were arrested when they gave police falls names we spoke to police in local advocate for 60 victims of human trafficking about if the situation raises some concerns here. >> the story behind where they were going and the van they were traveling in and the number of people in the van just didn't seem to work out. didn't seem to measure. >> we have to start targeting sex buyers in order to stop this horrific crime from happening. >> washington dc police say they have no indication the girls were the victims of human trafficking. she you weres police to use trained investigators to learn more about the girls in this particular case. less than 24 hours eye until the eagles face off against the atlanta falcons and the divisional play off game is the hottest ticket in town. or is it? chris o'connell has
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more on where you can get your will cost you.r and how much it >> reporter: with club box passes in his hands, season ticket holder adam davis from delco is one of the lucky ones. >> what's going to be raucous. >> the linc officially sold out tomorrow. but if you got the cash, you can add least get yourself in the door. 24 hours before game time and we found stub hub and ticket master withstanding room only ticks for about 130 bucks. of course, if you want these seats in a premium box, well, that will set you back about a grand each. but some like joel santiago won't be going to the game. he's working at the airport. >> you're working during the game? >> will you be able to find a tv. >> everywhere find tv in the airport. everywhere. everybody want to watch the game. >> reporter: not lot going on? >> yes, sir. >> reporter: phil mckeon non didn't come to get tickets but to return a carson wentz jersey. he left empty handed. >> i became to get it.
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the bag is empty. all the carson wentz jerseys completely sold out. >> reporter: can't even get one he's not playing. >> he's not playing i was told i probably won't get it until next season. >> reporter: here's a pro tip. don't wait. by nfc championship tickets right now going for thee hundred buck. after tomorrow's win, those prices no doubt will sky rocket. the pre-game, the running out of the tunnel there's nothing like that. you know there's nothing like that feeling of adrenaline when you get those guys running out on the field. >> you got me excited now. >> great. >> you think you can spare one of those club pass glass unfortunately no she's are all spoken for. >> philadelphia police say be careful where you buy your tickets. they're been a rash of counterfeit tickets being sold outside the linc all season long. keeping an eye on your health now that flu season is in full swing. people should realize that if they are in the proper condition to get in that workout. there's what's called a neck rule to help you tell if your
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sick enough to skip the give f your symptoms are all above the number runny nose, sore throat you should be okay but if your symptoms are below the neck, like a cough or really tight chest, then you should not work out. taking live look over the ben franklin parkway right now. wild weather we're having here. we had snow last week, tons of rain today and then back to the freezing cold tomorrow. scott we're even talking about a chance for snow. >> yeah. absolutely, dawn. far north and west that rain will change over to some sleet and freezing rain but look at the shock to the system. 60s for high temperatures today. black ice could develop in spots by tomorrow as those temperatures drop. if you're headed to the eagles game, dress for feels like temperatures in the teens. look at ultimate doppler, a little bit of a lull right now but off to the south and west, showers even some thunderstorms lifting out of virginia that will head in our direct but look at the temperatures overnight tonight. still in the 50s and 60s but look at the pink. north and west for the poconos that's the change over to that sleet, the freezing rain that's
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why winter weather advisories are posted far north and west but look at the plunge in those temperatures. we're talking 20s tomorrow afternoon. wind chills will be in the teens. what is happening of course as we take look at the ice potential far north and west for the lehigh valley the poconos a glaze of ice so just heads up about those plunging temperatures kind of moving in to that colder air with the ra rain. already 39 degrees mount pocono. we still have 62 philadelphia. upper 50s in millville. also, atlantic city checking in in the mid to upper 50s. so a 40-degree drop from philly to pittsburgh so the arctic front it is on the move. it will be headed in our direction overnight tonight. so here's the bottom line. right now 50s and 60s. by 8:00 a.m. it will feel like 27 degrees. 17, that is what it will feel like at 5:00 o'clock tomorrow. so tailgators we're looking at 12:00 o'clock, 30 degrees. winds out of the north and west
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bundle up, dress for those wind chills in the teens by kickoff right around 30 degrees. hour by hour those temperatures continue to fall toward the end of the game. we are in the 20s. it is going to be cold but dry for mlk day. 30 for the high look at tuesday into wednesday, dawn, snow chances and we could be talking about several inches so of course continuing to monitor that as we head into the upcoming weekend. what about weather whiplash. back over to you. >> quite a roller coaster ride. thank you scott. it was very special moment today for a legendary college and high school basketball coach tonight speedy morris got his 1,000th career win. he currently coaches sane joe's prep and the team lead lansdale catholic to get him to that milestone. this is morris' 50th season as a basketball coach. he is the only coach to coach both men and women's basketball which he did at lasalle university. his overall record is now at 1,000 wins and 425 losses.
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pretty impressive christian rodgers. >> oh yeah. eagles fans hoping for some thing impressive as well. they're ready to start their run against the falcons tomorrow but the biggest reason why they can win this game. you. why home field advantage 'sup, world? it's the box with 30% savings for safe drivers. coming at you with my brand-new vlog.
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just making some ice in my freezer here. so check back for that follow-up vid. this is my cashew guy bruno. holler at 'em, brun. kicking it live and direct here at the fountain. should i go habanero or maui onion? should i buy a chinchilla? comment below. did i mention i save people $620 for switching? chinchilla update -- got that chinchilla after all. say what up, rocco. ♪ say what up, rocco. hi. can you help me save on my energy bill? old appliances. like a hot water heater?
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♪ there's been a lot of doubters surrounding the eagles these past few weeks. yes, they are a different team without carson wentz. but that doesn't mean they can't win tomorrow. in fact the eagles have a big advantage again the falcons. home field advantage. and it's gonna be the loud crowd at the linc that will win this game for the birds. here's why. the eagles have been unstoppable at home this year. actually they've the best home record in the league after these last two years at 13 and three getting to tis point has been a long time coming there's no reason why fans won't be going off the eagles haven't won play off game at home since 2000 sand six. their last home play off game general back in 2013 it's been awhile. eagles fans have shown up and
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played a big role in a lot of birds away games this year, too. from basicall basically out numg chargers fans to showing up big in carolina. this crowd has already proven they can help the eagles win. so at home in the playoffs when your team has been disrespected, bring your ear plugs. it's the eagles fans that will put the birds in the nfc champion shim game. dawn? >> all right. let's hear those voices. a philadelphia style cheesesteak in he know hand will be getting a more permanent home. liberty cheesesteak company has been a food truck staple in the london metro poll pan area for three years now the owner is make the move from the truck to an actual restaurant and bar. buzz feed named their steak one of the top 20 san witches in london we know the winner of the mega jackpot shane mist her of port ritchie florida just 20 years old. my goodness. he holds the loan winning ticket the loan winning ticket for the fourth largest jackpot in the games history. where is the lucky spot he bought from it a 7eleven. he chose to take the one-time
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lump sum payment of about $281.2 million. can you imagine to be 20 years old haven't all that money? >> i'll tell you, he's about to have one heck of a 21st birthday party. will absolutely. >> that's right. >> i didn't think of that. >> when are these temperatures going to tumble. >> they'll tumble first thing tomorrow morning. but as we look at ultimate doppler we still have lot of rainfall to get through and then it's changing over to freezing rain, sleet and snow far north and west. winter weather advisories posted pour the poconos and lehigh valley for that changeover. there could be a light glaze of ice early on saturday. but all eyes of course on what happens at the linc. temperatures are going to be dropping. we are going to freeze out the falcons. >> all right. i like the sound of that. >> we're back here at 7am for "good day philadelphia". scott will be back with lauren johnson
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: so seal has now moonwalked on why he said this about oprah, that he wouldn't support her. >> this was not an attack against oprah. this was an observation of the toxic nature of hollywood. >> but seal, to let you know that he's completely serious about this, breaks into song. >> but don't get that ♪ baby kiss from a rose stuff twisted. [laughter] >> i love that! >> ufc fighter jerramy stevens said that he wants to go on a date with conor mcgregor's mom. >> maybe his dad can pick us up in the cab he used to drive and take his mom out on a date. >> jerramy! >> oh, my god! >> the idea of your contemporary banging your mom is the worst thing you could possibly imagine. >> is this like the ultimate insult? >> you think i want to come home and see devin on my couch with my mom?


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