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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 4A  FOX  January 16, 2018 4:00am-5:00am EST

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you may not have been with us yesterday, it was single digits at this time so a little better, sunrise time at 7:20. 30 degrees in philadelphia, it is 29 in wilmington. seventeen in mount pocono. twenty-six in atlantic city and not too much of the wind chill out there. there it is, snow is on the hour doorstep, we're not expecting a whole lot, you can see it, maybe a little bit of it edge nothing to lancaster, berks county but when you will see the future cast you will see the delayed start to the snow here. winter weather advisory, start in half of chester, half of montgomery and bucks and north and west from there so we will examine that as well. not as frigid this morning. cloudy skies by noon. we are already above freezing. we have a high of 42 today. that is a seasonal temperatures but by the time snow starts here in philadelphia it will be a little bit colder. we will break that down for you coming up in just a few minutes, bob kelly, tranquil, we hope, on the road this is
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morning. >> for right now, yeah, the size of the storm doesn't matter it is the timing, so be ready for that later tonight and this time tomorrow morning , all bets could be off everybody is back to work and school today, here's a live look at the schuylkill expressway, eastbound side, still closed at 30th street with the overnight construction just talked to penndot on the way in drinking my coffee. they have snow preps underway, they will put down that salt and brine solution and you'll see trucks out for next hour or so taking a break in the morning rush hour and then back again during the midday, putting down that salt/brine solution to help prevent snowflakes from sticking once they start falling. up here on both side of the river here both trenton and in yardley on the trenton side because of the ice jams, and the ramps to and from route 29 are closed, memorial drive and also ramps to and from the calhoun street bridge ramps they are closed as well on the trenton side and on the pennsylvania side, morrisville the river road stretch closed
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from black rock down to the calhoun street bridge and here's a live look at i-95, so far so good and no problems on mass transit. karen and thomas, back to you. thanks very much, an ice jam on the delaware right now causing flooding concerns this morning. all up and down. huge frozen chunks of ice, righting waters, closing road lets get out to lauren johnson in trenton to explain, lauren. >> reporter: good morning, karen welcome back to you. minor flooding as you mentioned but what a major headache it is. you can see out here some of the ramps closed, we saw signs that said roads closed due to flooding. issue of ice jams so bad that a state of emergency has been declared in many parts of the northeast we are not just seeing it here in the philadelphia area we will role some video. here's the science behind it. the block age happened, when pieces of floating ice, are carried downstream, and began to pile up, and obstruct the flow of the stream.
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we're talking delaware river here. here, in trenton there were flooding issued yesterday after a ice jam caused the river to overflow in the road, as a result part of the route 29 was shut down and if you are familiar with this area you know route 29, feed trenton's capitol region and today, new jersey's next governor will be sworn in and that could get tricky with the road in and around the state capitol building, first blocked off in this area. so people living here aren't really bothered by that. they are amazed by the spec particular california. >> all of the bridges, ice hits the bridge. >> it is incredible. i was upstream a little bit and it didn't look too bad. then i headed down this way, norrisville, and toward trenton and it looks like it will get much, much worse. >> yeah. >> reporter: so, as that guy just mentioned across the delaware over in morrisville pennsylvania, same issues river road living up to its name under water over there jeff cole spent the afternoon
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there yesterday. right now no homes are threatened but this could get much worse, because as sue said there is a fast moving clipper system that moves in the area tonight into tomorrow bringing more light snow and that could make matters worse. jared showing you what you can see of the ice jam out here. kind of hard to see in the dark but we know at this hour it is still causing some trouble up here in trenton. we will keep an eye on it and bring you very latest, thomas and karen, as soon as we get it. >> take it slow as we do with another round here, lauren, flooding is a concern as people flocked to trenton for swearing into new jersey's 56th governor, democratic phil murphy suck set chris christie it will be held at 11:30 at trenton war memorial followed by murphy's inaugural speech. the inaugural ball is set for 7:00 at met life stadium. you can watch swearing in right here on fox 29 we will stream the inauguration speech , at fox and new jersey now, the second state in the country to
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ban those controversial bump stocks. the bill signing was one of the last years, the bill signing was one of the last acts by outing governor chris christie. bump stocks are devices that allow semiautomatic weapons to fire hundreds of rounds continuously. it is also a las vegas gunman used in the deadly concert shooting. owners will have 90 days to surrender their bump stops or face five years in prison or a fine of up to $15,000. jury selection will begin today for allentown married he had pawlowski, because he is facing corruption charges and so he has a trial, jury selection will be here in the philadelphia area but he is up there, in allentown where he served four terms and many credit him for, renaissance and rebit there in allentown, prosecutors, say that he ran a pay to play scheme telling vendors he expected campaign contributions in return for city contracts. most serious charges carry a max prison term of 20 years
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each while jury selection is here we will have the case and he maintains he is innocent. a man is dead after being shot twice overnight in north philadelphia police say they found the 27 year-old victim unresponsive at 12th and brown streets around 12:30 a.m. he was taken to hahnemann hospital where he died. witnesses tell officers that the shots were fired from a dark car, that fled that scene and developing this morning, some kensington a store security guard, shoots a suspect, after he allegedly robs a dollar store over on frankford avenue. police say guard confronted a rubber who had a knife. he didn't drop a weapon. guard use pepper spray. that didn't work either. he ended up shooting that suspect in the leg and once police got there the suspect still didn't comply. >> philadelphia police officers taserd, the suspect, and had no effect, suspect is still did not drop the knife. then the philadelphia police peppered sprayed him also, and have no effect, and he still
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refused to drop the knife. at this point the philadelphia police showed a lot of restraint and they were able to rest will the knife from the 31 year-old suspect. >> so, now that suspect is charged with theft, aggravated assault, possession of the knife in stable condition at the hospital. here we go, count down is on this weekend's nfc title game just around the corner and guess what you could be there. tickets go on sale in just a few hours. our steve keeley is joining us from the linc this morning, hey there, steve. >> reporter: hi thomas i hope you told karen she missed the start of the pregame show which began yesterday at this time and it continues right now. win or lose, this sunday, this is going to be the last eagles game here at linc in this magical memorable season that may have more magic and memories to come. if you want to say i was there a limited number is phrase eagles are using of face value tickets go on sale in six hours, i should say, less than
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six hours because if you are not on line at 10:00 a.m. chances are you will in the get a ticket. unlike old day when everybody would be out here sleeping out in the cold, no standing in line anymore in this modern day, you go on line. ticket is where you are getting them, 170 to 255 for those limited seats, 135 for standing room only. by the way who will be sitting in this excitement, anyhow. i just check stub hub the official third party seller, 359 at this hour, if you want to buy a standing room only ticket that is three times face value. so these tickets already getting up there, in price. >> we all understand is what at stake, with this weekend, and it is a great opportunity again for our team and for the philadelphia eagles and the challenge, obviously in probably our case and in the vikings case is coming off these emotional close victories and then, having to
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turnaround and do it again. >> reporter: doug pederson will be standing all game so standing room only ain't so bad, right? it will be t-shirt weather. if you missed sue's forecast long range 50's sunday afternoon maybe dipping down in the 40's the game time at 6:40 kick off. lane johnson selling the perfect t-shirt to wear sunday home dogs going eat t-shirts going on sale $18 that is lg65 shop web site all proceeding to go philadelphia public schools. he and his cohort chris long wearing their dogmas being after the game. chris long donated his entire salary to charity this season. lane johnson, learning there chris to give some money where it is needed most philadelphia public schools. so, $18 is pretty good because not all that nfl license stuff , usually 35 to 40 bucks. so you can bet there will be a run on all, t-shirts, going on sale, just three you this limited number of these shirts
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, they will be probably sold out by today. also a limited number and run on all dogmas being, at philadelphia area costume shops, since these guys, put those masks on. so karen and thomas, hard to get a mask, a dogmas being, everything is going, even the pbs children's dogs costumes are going as well. >> scooby dooo you will in the get one of those. eighteen dollars well spent. steve, thanks. 4:10. road to the super bowl goes right through philadelphia, nfc champion ship game airs sunday night right here on fox 29. our coverage starts at 6:00 p.m. and in south philadelphia there is a man facing charges after punching a officer and a police horse after after the football game. taylor hendricks was thrown out of the saturday's eagles/ fall conditions game for being intoxicated and not having a ticket. police say the 22 year old white hall township guy walk up to the mounted police officer and punched the horse several times in the face and neck and then hit the officer
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in the leg. he is in a lot of trouble facing several charges has a hearing on january 30th and could be also banned from the linc. we are learning more this morning about the murder of u penn student blaze bernstein. the 19 year-old was stabbed more than 20 times inner what they are calling an act of range. bernstein's body was found buried in the shallow grave in a park near his california home. about a week ago authorities still have in the recovered the weapon they believe was used to kill him. on friday, bernstein's high school classmate sam you'd woodward was arrested on suspicion of homicide after dna evidence linked him to the crime. friends and family of bern stein attended a private funeral in orange county to remember the premedical student. bernstein's parents released a statement asking those touched by blaze to quote do acts of kindness in his memory. beginning today, this is important, septa's in longer accepting medicare card as identification, so seniors and disabled riders will to have begin to use septa's key photo
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id card. fares will stay the same but do you need to get an key card go down to septa's headquarters in center city when you get a chance. all right. big night last night stars shining at naacp award. coming up next on "good day philadelphia", some of the biggest winners, lots of great nominations, what they wore and also people coming out, supporting the times up movement. going airborne do you remember this video we showed you? well, we have got the video of how this car was able to launch itself in the spending floor of a dental office, more launch itself in the spending floor of a dental office, more of that scene straight
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welcome back, we're taking a live look outside doyletown, we wish we were having hot stuff but we have some white stuff coming but it will be all right. >> yes, temperatures will dip down in the 20's, snow falling a little after 9:00 sue will update new just a moment from snow to ice we are not only won dealing with ice jams, up in maine cars were swallowed up after heavy rains and warm weather caused large chunks of river ice to break free. those ice chunks they blocked up creating a dam that block river sending water into two small towns. meanwhile take a look at arkansas, it should be warm, look at that they are having snow, and dumping inches, on
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that area, even though they will have so many accidents because they are not used to driving in that kind of weather, the light snow began falling yesterday afternoon, heavier snow expected today and combed air is expect to last all week. >> much of the country seeing extreme weather and here we go again sue serio another round of snow moving in. >> we already have winter weather advisories up in the for philadelphia but for areas north and west. if you live, anywhere, in this purple region then you'll likely see some snow today, if you are not, then it went happen until later on tonight. light snow mainly in the poconos, lehigh valley and maybe in northern bucks and montgomery, as well, it is a little part of the chester county. so tonight through wednesday, midday at the latest, some light snow here in philadelphia it is a clipper system. we are not expecting it to add up to much but unfortunate timing of the storm during rush hour tomorrow, about a couple inches in the city, three to 5 inches north and west of us.
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here's the map to show you one of the estimates. maybe 1.8 in philadelphia, as much as six in the pocono mountains where they want the snow, four or three, in lancaster and reading, and then much less, south and east because we're expecting mixing with rain. we have a flood warning in effect for delaware river around trenton, morrisville, yardley we talked about that earlier with lauren and ice jams. this is a pretty large area of snow and also very nature i and it is as i mentioned earlier on our doorstep right now but expect to stay there we're not expect to go see during the day-to-day looking at the future cast it still has not snowing in philadelphia and suburbs, but it is snowing north and west, and then after 10, 11, 12:00 o'clock it then starts to snow, closer to the city, but we could see some mixing with rain because we're expect ago above freezing temperatures today, and that continues, there is 5:00 o'clock, there is a 6:00
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o'clock all the way through 9:00 in the morning. we're thinking it is probably out of here by noon time at the latest, but that is the timing, of tomorrow's snow that could be mixed with some rain, why is that? because we're expect to go get to 42 degrees today and coming down from that above freezing high temperature, chillier air moves in after the snow end and we will get to a high of 33, on wednesday, and then probably some sunshine late in the day tomorrow after the snow in the morning. and 36 degrees on thursday and then we will get into our stretch of warming, 43 on friday, and 48 on saturday, and in the 50's on sunday, during the day, so for eagles game at night we will probably be in the upper 40's which isn't hot, but it certainly is more comfortable bob kelly then it was, last week. >> you got it, 4:18. we just got a message that said we just got a snow squall out here in downingtown. live look at the turnpike right here near downingtown
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interchange. you can see the light snow just laying on the grassy surface, meanwhile, penndot they are outside overnight and through the day putting down that salt/brine solution. there is an example, that just rolled through downingtown and exton. so be prepared as you step outside that front door in the suburbs. i mentioned penndot putting down that salt/brine solution, they will do it up until 5:00 and take a break on the rush hour and throughout the midday putting down, again that solution, that will prevent first flakes from sticking. if you are traveling, first of all we have midwest travel mess. storm heading our way already coming through, texas. so that will cause, delays for arriving flights. so check with the airline even for tomorrow morning things could be rough. you may want to make those adjustments today and septa has a new schedule for all regional rail lines so make sure you have new timetable before you board the train, karen and thomas back to you.
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4:20. horrifying discovery inside a california home. twelve brothers and sisters chained in filthy condition. david and louise tucker are being held on torture and child boost. within of the children who escaped that home was a 17 year-old found so malnourished when police did discover her they fund she was 10 years old in fact half of the children inside that house found chained were severely malnourished. >> everybody was super skinny and not athletic skinny but malnourished skinny and they all came out and they all would have to mow the lawn together and then they with all go in. >> children range in age from two to 29 years old. developing this morning more accusations of sexual assault against that team u.s.a. gymnastics doctor larry nassar, this time from simon biles. the gymnast released a statement revealing she's a survivor of his abuse, her revelation comes as he returns to court today.
4:21 am
american 100 other victims are expect to speak out as part of his criminal sentence sentencing that should last tuesday to friday. he pled guilty to criminal sexual conduct in november and has been sentenced to 60 years on child pornography charges. his victims also include gabby douglas and allie rise man. we showed you this video coming out of the california, that is a car, hanging at a second story home. so this is how it unfolded. we are seeing dash cam video of exactly what happened here. the driver was speeding when the car crossed three lanes before hitting a center divid er and sending the car air been and launch 60 feet in the air. two people were rescued inside they are doing just fine this morning amazingly. driver admits to being under the influence of drugs. here's a hypothetical for what you beer would you want if you are stranded/desert island. >> beer that is double the draft, maybe. >> a local brewery has created what it believes might be the
4:22 am
best possible brew, for the situation, on a
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good morning i'm kristin rodgers, the eagles and vikings have more in common then a collected chip on their shoulder they both are trying to refocus as they look for a spot in the super bowl. >> the challenge obviously is probably in our case and vikings case, coming off these
4:25 am
e motional close victories and having to turn and do it again. i have to make sure i continue to stay aggressive with the week of practice and prepare the guys, just like we have last couple weeks. sixers raptors fourth quarter jell embiid, nice move here, gets a hook shot that will go. he had 34 points. sixers win 117-111. villanova alumni kyle lowery donated 1 million to his alma matter, it is going to renovation for pathville john. phillies celebrated martin luther king junior day in a special way for young baseball players, reese hoskins, and mickey more dean i led a free baseball clinic at ryan howard training center. that is sports in a minute. i'm kristin rodgers. coming up at 4:30. >> statue of christopher columbus defaced in camden, authorities are trying to figure out who did it, and why , bob kelly. a live look at i-95 as we
4:26 am
are getting ready for the calm before the storm. we have snow squals. lets check other jam cams this morning. hello to wildwood, new jersey, watch the tram car please, sue by has your forecast but first how about a check of your lottery numbers.
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jammo on the river, isis causing serious headaches for people living and driving near parts of the delaware. >> you know that is trademarked, by the way. >> he will get you. >> we're also tracking snow looking at the radar it is moving our way we are bracing for another round so we will tell you, sue will tell you when it will arrive and how much you can expect in your neighborhood. also... >> ♪ fly eagles fly >> i love that. makes me so happy, how about that. we're all flying, so excited right now. tickets will be going on sale, will you be there? let us know. don't we all wish we were. get that rally towel out, and those under dogs. >> yes, 10:01 you better
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believe it will be sold out. 4:29. about to click over to 4:30 on this tuesday morning. thomas drayton, thomas we have , bob kelly and sue serio. >> we have just got alerted it is national fig newton dayy can eat a whole strip of those >> the whole thing. >> take a quick trip to the cvs i think, or somebody is, anyway, we have got some weather on the way. it is complicated because it is such a large viewing area and what you will get and when but we will break it down, throughout the morning, so for today we will go with six out of 10. for most of us we will in the see snow today, temperatures are in the 20's, bus stop buddy is still bundled up. it is not as harsh as it was so you still need winter coat, and gloves and sixers cap, so it is 30 degrees, in philadelphia right now, and feels like 22. sunrise time 7:20.
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at this time yesterday we had single digit wind chills and here comes a clipper system. it is on our doorstep but we don't expect most in the philadelphia area to see the snow, until, well after dark tonight. it is weird because we see it in lancaster county right now. there is your advisory for areas north and west of the city and cloudy skies throughout the day, a high of 42. it wouldn't be out of the question to see a little bit of the stray rain shower today and then snow starting after dark. that is your planner, for what is today, tuesday? and it is also, time to tell but our radio partner 101.1 more fm with all that great music and your weather authority forecast all morning long, on the radio. >> you got it. already, tuesday, first day back for all of the kid. everybody back to school, back to work, so that first day back is always crazy. here's a live look at schuylkill eastbound still block here right at 676 as part of the overnight road
4:32 am
work, there is lights on down there at 30th street station, my buddy's at penndot say we have a snow squall flying through here in downingtown. here's the live look at turnpike interchange in downingtown and you can make out light dusting of snow on the grass, so keep that in mind dunk town and points west out toward lancaster. new schedule in play for septa regional rail lines. lauren's got more on this in a moment but heading on either side trenton or yardley for trenton side, the ramps to and from route 29, memorial drive, calhoun street bridge ramps all flooded out and closed as part of the ice jams. we will show you that in a second. on the pennsylvania side, morrisville, river road, you know that, that is usually closed when we get flooding and it is shut down this morning between black rock and calhoun street bridge. air travel is impacted today and tomorrow that storm coming our way is rolling through texas, so that will leave delays arrival and cancellations here in philadelphia and then again
4:33 am
penndot looks like it is getting ready to move that truck, come on we will open up that schuylkill and be ready to go for tuesday morning rush hour, karen and thomas back over to you. let's talk about those rising waters and frozen chunks of ice, not a good combination, they are creating dangerous conditions all along the delaware river, in fact, part of the route 29 shut down because of the ice jam, lets get out to lauren johnson joining us from trenton this morning, hi there, lauren. >> hey, thomas picture perfect for some people, unsightly annoyance for others but here's what is happening here. the road shut down in this area, due to those ice jams that are causing major headaches for drivers, yesterday, it is not too big of an issue being a federal holiday not as many people on the road but this morning could be a different story in trenton. lets lot at ice jam causing water to spill over the delaware river banks on to both side, we're on the new jersey side, national weather service reports multiple road closures, in and around, route
4:34 am
29 and we noticed it when we arrived here this morning. we can blame mother nature, for this, this melting, re freezing, major temperature fluctuations so ice jams happen when that frozen water melts and breaks away from the ice, flows down the river and then gets caught up sort of a turn on the river. this morning waters have receded off road but not without issue which have crews working extra hard to clear the icy road and some people are, coming to this area to capture memorable moments on theivt is beautiful. it is what it is made of. i just want to catch the ice as opposed to what i caught this summer with sunsets and send it to my daughter down off the gulf of mexico. >> reporter: sounds like a great place to be right now, no tropical weather here, in fact, we're expecting as sue mentioned a fast moving clip per system that will drop light accumulations of snow and that could add to the problem already happening out
4:35 am
here. another major issue today is the day, new jersey's new governor phil murphy is expect to be sworn in. it will happen in that building right here, right off have route 29, the ceremony is expect to happen at 11:30 this morning which means the roads in this area won't be clogged with ice today but clogged with more people driving into see this. so that is a bad situation that could be much worse thomas and karen once the road s start to fill up with cars this morning. >> several obstacles to deal w lauren, thank you. lets go to southwest philadelphia a developing story, police are investigating a deadly shooting at seventh first and woodland avenue when officers arrived to the scene shortly after 2:30 they found a man lying face down in the street, surrounded by several shell casings, police are conducting interviews with possible witnesses, they are also hoping that surveillance video will help them figure out what happened here and perhaps catch the person, responsible. well, in camden county christopher columbus statue
4:36 am
has been target of the vandals and it is prompting city leaders to slower taking it down all together. paint splattered on the steps of the christopher columbus in burnham park in the park side neighborhood. a statement, and some language on the monument. it was painted on. damage was first noticed by a pastor who says it under scores the need to move the figure someplace else. >> for us, as african-americans, native americans, what christopher columbus did to those people in murdering them, raping woman and all of that it is just, this is even worse, this statue being here is worse then confederate statute being erected in the south. >> so, some statues were reportedly also vandalized of christopher columbus in other parts of the new jersey in recent days, including several areas in north jersey, as well all right. there we go, guys, we're so
4:37 am
excited. this town will be jumping this weekend like that guy, that is the mood, a couple hours ticket will get on sale for big championship game. lets get out to the linc and steve keeley, this morning, hey, steve. >> reporter: czar i karen i didn't hear what you said but we are outside the stadium which is, a whole different look, on sunday when it is packed with people and all lit up for nation, gordon ge ico the michael douglas character in the movie wall street 30 years ago that greed is good. what he said in that movie applies today because yes, at the start of the season we all would have been delighted just to get an nfc championship game here at home but greed, both color of cash and the color of the eagles will have you greedy for more and in fact, two more wins and on the subject of green, cash and greed getting a ticket on ticket master this morning at 10:00 o'clock may be close to
4:38 am
winning the power ball lottery the ticket master site may crash with so many football fans logging on to get limited number of tickets for the eagles last home game here in their best season since 2004. but if you get on stub hub, to get a ticket when you lose out at ticket master 357 now on stub hup are hubbies the cheapest price just to get in the stadium for standing room only, thomas and karen, that is about three times what the face value is for standing room only 135 if you are lucky to get tickets on ticket master. so pretty popular ticket, in surprise, right? >> no surprise at all, it is hottest ticket that has been around in a long time, thanks very much. we appreciate it. lucky enough you can watch it right here on fox 29 for. >> free. >> well, i think, i actually like it on tv on my own couch so we will see. we will have fun, in matter what with our dog head.
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coming up next our dishwasher you don't think of that as being secretly dangerous but there could be deadly bacteria and fungus. >> beware before you open up that door,
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welcome back at 4:41, good to have you with us. a warning about a possible health has air right there in your kitchen. >> it is so alarming and startling your dishwasher may get, obviously your plates clean but it is also still
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likely filled with bacteria and fungus. how gross is that. >> according to an international study scientists found common strains of bacteria and fungus which are normally harmless but can cause infection, to people who have been compromised with immune system problems. team could not determine how bacteria got in the appliance but a good guess, the food. they urge people to keep dishwasher door closed until it is completely cools down because heat can car that i bacteria right into your nasal passage. all right. in money news from delaware there is a new brew, for people who are prepared, for the war. it is dog fish head brewery unveiling new beer crafted just for survivallist. it is pack with all of you're sentence vitamins, and amino acid. company is set to release to hundred packs of the beer which includes swiss army knife, solar blanket and rope. survival packages will go on sale january 27th.
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>> don't forget about the water. >> yes. >> it will dehydrate you. >> you will survive a couple days and all will be good. 4:43. bird photo bombed? >> a weatherman, gets a surprise, that is hysterical, take our camera, i don't think we ever had. that we had bugs. we will ask sue serio in a moment. that is pretty darn funny where that
4:44 am
4:45 am
4:46 am
you have to look at this one caught on camera out in san francisco not something you see every day during a news program. >> i don't think i have ever seen it. weather person like the equivalent of sue serio out there gets a unexpect visitor during the forecast, lets take a look. >> still stubborn overcast here in the city. look at this... >> he is totally checking out the camera, mark. >> yeah. >> look at how weatherman backed away like wow. >> so you saw meteorologist there showing off the weather maps and then suddenly a bird appeared, photo bombing the segment, so curious bird poked his head around the lens before finally giving up and flying away. we were looking out, bird trying to look in. >> lets get a check of our road 4:46. hi there, bob. >> good morning. >> it was pretty cool, a lot of the cameras are inside like little, casings and they are popular forbidders nest and that is probably what happened
4:47 am
out there. good shot of the golden gate bridge. wasn't that neat? 4:46. it is a tuesday, back to work, back to school, live look at 42 freeway, police activity near creek road, it will be one of those crazy morning rush hours, again, everybody back to work, everybody back to school, someone going too fast here along route 100 right before the pennsylvania turnpike but we had a little snow squall rolling through downingtown, and, out in lancaster so be careful. penndot putting down that salt brine solution overnight and throughout the day as we get ready some snow preps, keeping in mine using septa's regional rail line they kick in a new timetable over weekend and make sure you have right schedule as we head out front door to ride the train this morning. here's a live look at the ice jam detours up here in trenton route 29, the memorial drive ramps and calhoun street ramps all closed because of flooding and as lauren mention that had will impact folks heading up
4:48 am
to the inauguration later today on the capitol. on the pennsylvania side of the river in morrisville river roadblock between black rock and calhoun street bridge with some flooding. snow time line, sueby has got tonight 15 seconds so, if you live far north and west of the city and we talk bit all the time in the winter, north and western suburbs this is where we could see snow during the day-to-day we cannot rule out a flurry or a shower, anywhere else during the day today but that is where we have the advicery and flood warning, continues, for part of the delaware, river, around trenton, morrisville, yardley all of those places with the ice jams, more about that of course all morning with lauren johnson. here's our clipper system stretching all the way from
4:49 am
new england down to texas, and it is a very narrow strip though of snow and it is not a lot of snow with it. it is not a major storm that is tons of accumulation. it may be on our doorstep and you would think it would start snowing soon here but accord together future cast, nope, we don't see it happening until after dark tonight when the snow finally starts to edge down. we are being influenced by an off shore system, that hasn't started influencing us just yet and we could start with snow in the overnight hours, south and east of the city and little bit of sleet, freezing rain in between but cold air takes over eventually during morning rush hour on wednesday , with snow on and off through about 10 or 11:00 o'clock, and then probably is over after that. for philadelphia, we have rain just from less than a inch to over 2 inches, so that is why we have one to 3-inch range for the city. average high is 40 degrees this time of the year, we got to 34 yesterday, we did get
4:50 am
above freezing on the holiday. forty-two today. back to cold weather on our wednesday, after the snow finishes and then we are still in the 30's on thursday and then warming trend really getting friday, saturday, sun take in the 50's by sunday so when we get more precipitation on monday and it is only rain. hopefully that will continue to hold off until after sunday night, because, i think, ticket sales will be healthy because of the approved forecast, guys, starts at 10:00 o'clock this morning, right. >> it will sellout in second, thanks very much. there is a couple from our area remarkable they have family ties to puerto rico and they got back from the month long mission trip to help victims there from the hurricane, jesse alexandria cruz and her husband david both live in philadelphia and now after seeing the devastation of the hurricane maria they may in the being able to reach their loved won. they pack up and decided they with go down and help. four month later some towns
4:51 am
still do not have electricity or water so they took down money, food, supplies to help elderly and young children hoff not yet gotten aid. >> the children were sleeping in wet mattresses, so they needed, either, food, or some were sick so they needed ensure, lot of them needed diapers. >> this is cell phone video they took a older gentlemen there, trapped inside his home , they got him clothed and helped him get to a shelter they plan to go back. we have posted a linc to their go fund me page on our web site if would you like to help them continue their mission. >> still so much that need to be done. 4:51 on this tuesday still reaction pouring in from eagles fan, the big win over weekend. >> we keep talking about it and celebrating, eagles themselves put together these different fan videos and tweet ed it out, lets take a look. >> here it is, folks, this play, biggest play in ages.
4:52 am
>> it all comes down to this play. >> ryan takes the snap, ryan rolls rolls, pumps, still looking, still looking. ryan throwing it up in the incomplete, inn complete. >> it is
4:53 am
♪ you need to survive much more than the cold to be a polar bear plunger. it takes courage, bravery and heart. each year these winter warriors jump to frozen glory to raise money for special olympics pennsylvania athletes and with nine locations statewide you're never far from a polar plunge in your area. join us... the many, the brave... the ones who are "freezin' for a reason."
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4:55 on this tuesday morning, we are taking a live look at, ocean city, new jersey. >> until that snow moves n great to have you here at 4:55 on this tuesday. so our bird will make it and go all the way and when they do make it to the big game they will be in very good company. lets take a look. >> ♪
4:56 am
>> sing along with hamilton sound track. leslie odom junior the star from hamilton, he grew up in east oak lane will be singing america the beautiful and we have announced before that doyletown own pink will be singing the national anthem, representing. >> represented all the way. >> of course, tickets steve keeley he go on sale today. >>rseare on jams, lauren up around trenton covering ice jam se we get to yi have a different jam, probably on line of f score tickets, to this place for sunday. >> reporter: steve, yeah over here in trenton one related to e weather causing major headaches on the road but some people what they see we will tell you bit people what they see we will tell you bit after the
4:57 am
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happening right now on "good day philadelphia". >> winter's coming. >> winter we're in the thick of it. flood warning continues along delaware and ice jams the river and from ice, to snow, get the shovels out we're in for another round, sue's timing out the storm as well as how much you'll get. reality check, the change coming to the beauty aisle and the message a pharmacy chain is hoping to send to its customers. >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles.
5:00 am
>> do you have your under dogmas being? what about your tickets? they go on sale, this morning but if you want to go you better act fast, "good day philadelphia" at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. i like that little music. good day, everybody it is already january, halfway through this month, it is january 16th. >> wow. >> that went fast. good morning. thanks for waking up and joining us. >> we are inching closer to warmer weather, spring we hope to say right around the corner but we still have away to go. >> straight through month of january, kid have been in school what two days. >> and maybe some dodgey weather and another morning issue coming up for us. >> it is true. someplaces are seeing snow this morning but for many it won't be until well after dark tonight. >> tricky forecast but we have got it, at least best we can do for you today is a six out of 10. here's buddy, ready for a cold morning but not as harsh as yesterday, and temperatures are in the 20's


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