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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 4A  FOX  January 18, 2018 4:00am-5:00am EST

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temperature, but the windchill is six outside right now with 7:19 as your sunrise time. it is a four below windchill in lancaster, 12 below in mount pocono, and everybody else feeling like it is in single digits this morning. so watch out for some slippery spots this morning, especially when you are walking. 30 degrees by lunchtime. high around 356789 so it is a cold afternoon. but the warming trends is in that seven day forecast, and we will show it to you coming up. so bob kelly, i guess the main roads are fine, right? >> exactly. 4:00 tick-tock right on the dot on a thursday morning, main roads are fine. everything is open. however, we're dealing with the leftovers. we will have that roller coaster ride, anything that has even a chance of melting during the day is going to freeze over on the overnight. the on and the off ramps, maybe the front step, the sidewalk, the driveway, anything that wasn't treated. they're working on the schuylkill eastbound, all lanes are blocked right here at the vine st. expressway.
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they'll be out until about 6:00, 5:00 or so. live look here, come up and over the ben franklin bridge, no problems or delays. hello to the shaders, maple shade new jersey along 73, again, watch it, any of the turning lanes, anything that looks wet, is certainly laying out there in the form of aisles at 19 degreesment good morning to wilmington. no problems as you roll through town. but just north of 495, a water main break along foulk road right at silver vyed road just off route 202. another water main break in the great northeast, up here, in the rhawnhurst section, castor and rhawn, with some local detours, otherwise mass transit looking good for a thursday, karen, thomas, back over to you. >> thanks so much, bob. right now we have developing story. bullets flying in philadelphia's spring garden section, sending a 60 year old woman to the hospital. police say someone shot at least 18 bullets late last night, or couple of someone's, right there at seventh and green streets. this woman was hit in the hip. she was returned over to
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hahnemann. she is in stable condition. police think she is innocent and just caught in the crossfire. this 60 year old female was waiting on the bus stop when she was struck by gunfire. we do not believe that she was the intended target. we believe that she was just waiting on the bus stop and got struck by a stray bullet. >> no arrest haves been made, and police do not have a motive at this hour. >> there is an alert out this morning for parents in camden county after frightening encounter for several young boys walking home from school. let's get taught jenny joyce live from gloucester township this morning, good morning to you, what's going on here, jenny? >> reporter: good morning, thomas, police want people in the area to be aware of what happened. and keep an eye out for that vehicle and the person who was involved in this. because they've not yet been caught by police. police say that this attempted child luring happened just after 3:00 p.m. on tuesday. as children were walking home from nearby glendora
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elementary school. investigators say an older model green car approached three brothers, ages ten, seven and seven, here at station and ridge avenues, just off of school grounds. according to police, the man in the car rolled down his window and asked the boys if they needed a ride. they said no. the driver responded something like: come, get in. the boys ran home and told their mom who then called police. investigators are advising parents to talk with their children and remind them what to do in these types of situations. >> kids should tell their parents whenever you are uncomfortable, always when approached by a stranger, run, make noise, make a scene, so you have other people's attention. never go to a vehicle when called upon if you don't know that person. you never know who is driving or what that person could do. >> and the boys told police that they saw an h on the back of the car, so police think it may have been a hyundai or honda. also the driver side tail light a periods to be kicked out. so if anyone has any
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information on this vehicle, or sees any suspicious activity, you're urged to call gloucester township police. karen, thomas. >> certainly hope someone will come forward, get that person off the streets. jenny, thank up, 4:04. police in north philadelphia are investigating a homicide this morning, man was shot last night at this corner store in the 3300 block of north sixth street. we know the 22 year old man was returned to the hospital. he died. police are now searching for the shooter. in mercer county police are investigating the death after 20 year old woman whose body was found in a mercer county park. county employees found this woman yesterday just off of hughes drive in hamilton. she is now been identified as lillian al forward, investigators don't think there was any foul play. the medical examiners office is working to figure out how she died. >> happening right now we need your help. family of 72 year old holmesburg woman with altzheimer's needs your help in order to find her. she missing. her name geneva williams, and missing since last friday.
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police say her long time companion called them saying she had walked away from the house that they share in the 4,000 block of blackhe iston street in the northeast. neighbors and businesses say they did see her over at kfc and the sunoco frankford and knights road. her daughter said she is even more worried about her mom being out in the coal temperatures for so long. >> and good samaritan and, you know, if she seems disoriented to you, then call someone, please call the police. >> and she says because of her mom's altzheimer's she doesn't really know her way around any more, she forgets things, doesn't remember basic information even her birthday but may respond to her name. >> atlantic county doctor accused of hiring a hitman to kill his wife new jersey radio host will appear in court this morning for detention hearing. judge will decide whether to hold james kauffman and four other defendants until trial in the 2,012 murder of april kauffman. prosecutors say kauffman plot
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today kill his wife to protect an illegal pill mill he was running with the pagan motorcycle gang. james kauffman has been in jail since his arrest last june on weapons and obstruction charges in a separate case. >> in montgomery county, a major drug trafficking operation busted. there is the suspect, da's office says the group dubbed the big five mail pack ankles every crystal methamphetamne, marijuana from california to montgomery county. among the five people arrested brian holt and lorraine zeno both of ambler, the other three suspec were from california. the group has shipped 350 pounds of drugs since april of 2016. >> a former classmate of the upenn student killed has been charged now with murder. prosecutors say blaze bernstein's high school classmate samuel woodard is the one who stabbed the college sophomore to death. bernstein, openly gay, was at his home in california on winter break when he went missing last week. his body was later found in that park. investigators now looking into
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this possibly ac hate crime. >> we're open to all of the evidence. we're still looking at all of the evidence. we have a substantial amount of work to do on that. it will take a little bit of time. some of that is in the form of communications. >> prosecutors say the suspect visited the crime scene days after the murder and he cleaned up his car that he used to pick bernstein up in. woodward faces up to 26 years in prison if convicted. 4:07. in the lehigh county area, pennsylvania's first medical marijuana dispensary now open in the lehigh valley, keystone cane a remedies in the bethlehem area held its ceremonial ribbon cutting ceremony yesterday. this dispensary will be available to patients next month who have a state issued medical marijuana i.d. card. >> over in delaware county, there are now nine doctors who have been approved to participate in the state's medical marijuana program. patients who want to access medical marijuana must obtain
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assert if i case from an approved physician. governor tom wolf signed the medical marijuana bill back in 2016. making pennsylvania the 24th state to adopt the program. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> all right, guys, what are we doing this week? you know we'll have all of the underdog masks out, there days away, three days from the business championship game in our house. let's get out to steve keeley who is down at the nova care complex in south philly. good morning, steve. >> i'm going to need some nova care rehab if i stand out in this windchill any longer t has to be single digits here, good thing, the players practice in the warm heated bubble complex here right down the street from the stadium. but as philly fans scramble to get tickets to a rather warmer mid 50's potentially sports history sunday happening up the street here in south philadelphia, so are some viking fans in minnisota look at the video, where the fans aren't exactly as tough as
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their mythical teams mascots, those ice atlantic i can sea fair ers, sometimes fans wear green or sometimes nothing at all in the cold in the stadium, minnesotaans pass the time driving on the frozen lakes, as you see, drilling holes to fish, calls into sports radio up in minnesota warn viking fans about potential pitfalls fishing for trouble here in philly if they come sunday. >> if you wear your viking gear, and you are going, say, going with your wife or something, think twice about it. they will beat you up. >> there is definitely a fear eagles fans will light you on fire and slam you through a table or something. >> last week was that environment was the best environment i've ever been in. it was the most fun that second half when we were kind of inch. and inch closer to the stadium, stadium kept getting louder and louder. >> so, three more days of practice, three more days of talk, anticipation, and scrambling for those looking
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for seats or standing room only at the stadium. and viking fans looking for potential trouble or tissues crying outside the stadium sunday night. >> it is going to be really interesting. all right, steve, thank you. get warm. put on four more layers watch are you doing throughout, it is 19 degrees. >> i have five layers on. >> you need a sixth. >> all right, by the way, we invite to you join us live for our good day philadelphia chase for the championship pep rally, set for tomorrow morning, mike, alex and bob will be at chickie's and pete's' on packer avenue in south philly from 6:00 to 10:00. karen and sue will be holding it down. getting the party started here at fourth and market. we hope to see you out there. >> that's because you will be here sunday when we have the big kick off. just leave the channel right on fox 29 all sunday long, because it is the game day. we kick it all off with a 7:00 , mike, alex, the whole crew, all going to be out there. that's going to be on. and then we'll have game day live of course with our whole crew continues through noon,
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4:00, thomas, lucy, will kick it all off with more special coverage leading up to the big pre-game and the kick off right there, 6:30, right here on fox. >> i'll have my oxygen mask on. >> everybody. >> it is 4:11, college student from new jersey, well, let's just say, gets a lesson in race lee lakes -- relations, the rant that got her kicked out of college and her sorority. >> also ahead this morning, heart stopping experience. the crash these fishermen won't soon forget. do you see that coming toward them? we'll show you next how it goes. >> oh, whoa. 4:11, that will wake you up, liver lock at the freeway coming in toward philadelphia. it is cold. anything that was left over yesterday, laying out there in the form of ice. come on, let's check the rest of the jam cams. looking live, at the ben franklin franklin parkway. the flags are blowing, patty labelle is singing. we got a new attitude. we're getting ready for some eagles football. sue has got your football
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>> hey, hey, hey. >> wow. waiving of the hands, yelling, didn't help out here. a heart pounding experience for these fishermen in oregon. you saw what happened there. much bigger boat headed right toward them, didn't stop. fortunately, though, the three guys, they jumped off the boat
4:15 am
out of the way just in time. >> can you imagine? >> no. >> you hear him saying, oh, my god. they have to realize literally have to jump off the boat out of the water to escape. one of the fisherman suing the other boater claiming he not only is injured, he has vision problems, the guy who slammed into them says he couldn't see where he was going because of the dash boat blocked right, there but then you shouldn't be driving the boat if you couldn't see around it, certainly not that fast. >> can't take your eye off one second in that boat. checking the forecast this morning, sue serio? >> you know, you wake up in the morning, that is day like any other day, and you don't know what's going to happen to you. oh, my goodness. all right, let's talk about some of the snow, that fell, between tuesday and wednesday, mount pocono, got close to 7 inches, springtown pa4 inches, allentown ended up with three, and newark, delaware, only a little over an inch, mt. laurel, new jersey, little over an inch. as well. 19 degrees in philadelphia at the moment. it is all about the temperature this morning. and want to make sure you're dressed warmly enough, if you
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got to be outside. it is very windy at the shore this morning, with 30, 26-mile per hour wind gusts down there. so that gives us whatever breeze we have, windchill in single digits, or below, in some cases. so it, foles like 6 degrees in philadelphia, two in pottstown, windchill of four below zero in lancaster. but we're changing our weather pattern, where we are below the jet stream, south of jet stream, and that will mean slightly miler temperatures coming in. not necessarily today, but starting tomorrow, radar shows it is still snowing in the outer banks of north carolina this morning. that system from yesterday stalled, but it is not affecting us, thankfully, nothing to show you on radar there. talk about the game on sunday, comfortable temperatures for tailgating, daytime highs will be in the 50's, on saturday, then for kick-off, which is after dark, it will be in the upper four's, about 48 degrees, by the fourth quarter it is a cool evening, it certainly is a lot more comfortable than the folks
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were last saturday at the game, but the outcome is the most important thing. so i think it will be pretty rowdy at lincoln financial field. no matter what the weather. 35 degrees today, 43 tomorrow, 52 saturday, great for the game sunday high of 50 degrees, then we've got cold front coming through monday into tuesday rain will probably start monday night, last through at least morning on tuesday, but with temperatures staying above freezing at night, looks like all we will see is rain coal front comes through wednesday, looking good through the weekend, bob kelly. >> sounds good, sue. 4:17. we are waking up, here is a great example of what you want to look out for. this is route one at route 52. in chester county. right here, that patch that's kind of in the center of the roadway, is icy. so you got the salt crews, and everybody, all of the traffic went all around it, the travel lanes ar open, but if your tires as go to make the left or right turn pick up on some
4:18 am
of the aisles, you just want to be careful as you roll out of the house this morning, live look at the boulevard coming on down, no problems at all, still working on the schuylkill at 30th street. they'll be out until about 5:00 or so. good morning to allentown, no problems up and down the northeast extension, looking good along 309. couple of water main breaks, first of all in wilmington, just off of route 202, it is foulk road and silver side road, short cut for folks trying to get down into the heart of wilmington if they don't want to get stuck in the 202 traffic. and for the gang up in the rhawnhurst section of the city, castor and rhawn, a water main break, so watch for some local detours throughout the morning rush hour. not sure what camera that was supposed to be, then we go back, to that icy patch, down there, in chester county. karen, thomas, back over to you. >> all right, bob, thank you. time now 4:18. got to listen to this developing story here. that is new jersey woman, who has been kick out of college after going on a racist rant on line.
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>> listen. >> i'm in the south now beep several beep i'm from new jersey. so i can say -- >> all right, so that's 19 year old haley bash fresh marlton, she was a student at the university of alabama up until recently. so the university expelled her after she posted a couple of videos to her instagram account in which she repeatedly uses racial slurs saying she didn't care that it was martin luther king, jr.'s birthday. her sorority alpha phi also kicked her out. alabama football star damian harris post today his twitter account about the incident saying, quote there is girl goes to the same university as me but they say racism is dead. unfortunately, this thread says the opposite. university of alabama president stewart bell released a statement saying at one point quote like many of you i find the video highly offensive and deeply hurtful not only to our students into our entire university community, but to everyone who viewed them. the actions of the student don't not represent the largest student value or the values every our university
4:20 am
and she no longer end rolled there. >> clicking over to 4:20, update to story we told but yesterday morning here on "good day" grant mothered just pleaing for people to put the guns down, her grandsons were shot by some kind of pellet gun. theresa holloway says enough is enough her 15 and 12 year old grandchildren shot on tuesday night. >> simply walk to go her home on ludlow street, three young people wearing masks fired on those brothers. holloway sales the area is dangerous and she is in the process of moving, because of that. >> i can't understanded how this happened. because rashon and zamiir are all good children, and this shouldn't happen to them. >> it should not happen. it is heart breaking, there they are in their hospital beds. the good news is that these boys are in stable condition, and police are continuing to responsible. they say, that kids in the
4:21 am
neighborhood are cooperating with detectives. >> a bucks county man, locked up this morning, for what tsa officers say he was trying to hide. jfk airport. so inside his speaker case, not a speaker, but the tsa says its officers did finds four handguns a.m. and eunice stashed inside. so instead of going to ghana bucks county man got a direct ticket to jail. >> we've got a situation, former jersey shore reality star mike is going to be pleading guilty to some tax related charges, his lawyers sy he and his brother plan to plead guilty in newark tomorrow, two previously charged back in 2014 for filing bobbing us -- bogus tax returns, have been on jail. appeared on all see on six of the reality show aired from 2009 through 2012. >> top dog in the name of charity. lane johnson's underdog shirts, they're in high
4:22 am
demands. >> love to hear t why? because you will after the money is going to benefit philly schools. coming up: how much that t-shirt has raised. but first, here is kristen rodgers. >> we're getting closer and closer to championship sunday. and the eagles are ramp up their gahm plan for the vikings. coming up how they're worki
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>> good morning, i'm kristen rodgers, nick foles and case have gone from teammates to
4:25 am
years ago with the rams, to now rivals. leading the way in the nfc championship game. dels by the the fact each guy is vehicle for spot in the superbowl, no bad blood, they couldn't be more complimentary of each other. >> it is pretty wilds, absolutely, on the same team, you know, not too many years ago, but that's where like i know, i've said over and over again, case's success, the way he plays, doesn't surprise me, him and bring together. we prepared together. we were around each other every day. >> villanova-georgetown wildcats shooting three's, had 173 pointers on the night, crushed the hoyas 88-56. towels down one, quint rose misses the three here. temple gets the offensive rebounds, though, josh brown with the lay up for the winner, temple gets by tulsa 59-58. st. joe's taking on dayton, hawks up in the second, taylor to james, gets the lay in, he had 19 on the night, st. joe's gets the win 81 to 65. >> that's sports in a minute, i'm kristen rodgers. >> and also, small sports
4:26 am
node, eric lindrose back in town because his number is being retired tonight. >> that's right. time 4:26. still ahead here at 4:30, the search for impostures. >> yes, talking police right now looking in montgomery county for that vehicle. a group of guys driving around in it, posing as electricians, to get in your house. >> bob kelly? >> no imposture here, i am the real deal. good morning, 4:26. live look northeast philadelphia, this is what it looks like, along torresdale avenue. anything that is left over from yesterday could be a little icy. let's check the rest of the jam cams as we say good morning to reading, pennsylvania. hey, i'm coming to reading, by the way, on monday. broadcasting live, i'll get you all of the details on. that will but first, let's check your lottery numbers.
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>> stranger danger, police say parents you need to be on the alert because several children have been approached by a man while they were simply walking home from school. >> also ahead this morning, are you missing some money one state's treasurer says his offers, women, his offers has some unclaimed money. over $200 million in unclaimed funds. is your name on some that far dough? >> and going long. chris long working really hard off the fields with a game
4:30 am
plan to help kids get ready for college. all right, good day everybody, it is a thursday. >> it is. great to have you with us everyone, 4:29, just click over to 4:30 this thursday. ment a tomes, bob, sue, all here this morning. >> just want to slide a 20 spout out of that money just for coffee. do you think they'll miss 20 bucks. >> go big, my friend. got a lot of people to buy coffee for. sue serio? >> all right, so now we've got through the mess of yesterday, and i think the snow that did fall is not going to last long because we have sunshine on the way for today t should inch above freezing eventually, but boy we have a ways to go. it is six out of ten, because so darn cold outside. icy start with single digit windchills, or colder. as we get going on this thursday morning. nothing on radar any more. 19-degree temperature feels like six, thanks to those 13-mile per hour winds, sunrise time is 7:19. windchills are seven in trenton, seven in wildwood,
4:31 am
two in pottstown, and three in dover and four below in lancaster, even colder up in the mountains, so we do see sunshine in store for us today. 35 degrees our high temperature. breezy, so this will be a chilly wintery day. but the warming trend starts today. and we will tell you how warm it gets over the weekends, or let's just call it mild, bob kelly, because 50 degrees isn't warm. but comparatively speaking, especially compared to right now. >> sue, you can call it whatever would you like to call it. >> oh, aren't you sweet? >> good morning, everybody, 4:31, live look, the schuylkill expressway, near 476, good morning to conshy, no problems at all on the upper end of the schuylkill, the eastbound side still closed, coming into downtown at the vine expressway, as we take a live look right now, good morning to the gang in allentown, up and down the northeast extension, to or from the poconos more problems or delays at all, but again, anything that didn't dry up or evaporate or you make its way into the drain from yesterday, frozen over this morning. because of the temps.
4:32 am
good morning to the shaders. maple shade new jersey, along route 73, look out, the left or right turning lanes could be a little slippery. wilmington, looking good, no problems as you work your way through the heart of town do, have water main break here in wilmington along foulk road off silver side. up tort nor east text sean of the city we go, another water main at castor and rhawn with local detours, otherwise, mass transit off to a good start, karen and tomorrow back to you. >> bob, want to get right to. >> this because we have a warning for parent in camden county. you need to be on high alertment because several young boys were simply walking no, ma'am school, when all the sudden answer guy pretty creepy approached them. let's get right out to jenny joyce in gloucester township with the latest on this, jenny? >> reporter: good morning, karen so, zero so i am standing here at this intersection where the alleged child luring happened, right across the street here, that's the elementary school. so it happened just after 3:00 , very busy time for the school, as a lot of children were making their way home, police
4:33 am
tell us, that someone in a older model green car approached three brother, ages ten, seven and seven, here at station and ridge avenues. and according to police, the man in the car rolled down his window and asked the boys if they needed a ride. the boy said no. the driver responded something like come, get in, the boys ran home, they told their mom who then called police. investigators are advising parents to talk with their children, remind them what to do in these situations, as they reach out to other area police departments to see if they've had any similar incidents. >> sometimes people really are just genuine, real dow want to help someone. but in today's worlds we got to investigate every claim and make sure that, you know, there is not illegal happenings. >> it makes me scared t makes me nervous. knee growing up i was able to go outside and play with my friends until it got dark. her i can't even let her go out because it makes me nervous. >> and the young victims told police that they saw an h on the back of the car so police think it may have been a
4:34 am
hyundai or honda. also the driver side tail light appeared to be kicked out. police are checking area stores for surveillance video to see if they can catch better glimpse of this vehicle. get better idea what they are working with to move the case forward. karen and thomas? >> jenny, thank you. hopefully we'll get the person off the streets. 4:34. let's get to montgomery county now where police in upper providence are looking for a group of men posing as electricians to get inside people's homes. one person says these two guys came to her door on friday saying they needed to install a new electrical line, and then once inside they cut the power to her house. when she realized what was going on, they took off in a gray toyota tub dray, there is a vehicle right there, so far it is not clear if the criminals stole anything. >> president trump will be in the keystone state today promoting tax bill, republicans pass in the congress last month. president trump will tour an industrial equipment company right outside of pittsburgh, to taught the legislation passed. now the visit comes a mid a special election to replace 18
4:35 am
district representative tim murphy who resigned back in october a mid a sex scandal. the president will appear with republican rick sickone running for the senate seat. meanwhile congress has two days to pass federal budget, or face government shutdown. the senate floor was active well into the night as the clock continues to tick on a deal to keep the government running. both sides of the aisle, they're fighting over whether to include a deal on dac a and the budget. while congress fights over funding the government, wednesday night, president trump tweeted out the so-called winners of this fake news awards naming 11 times he says the media got their coverage of his administration wrong. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> the blood is flowing. excitement building for the n
4:36 am
cc championship game here in philadelphia on fox 29. >> so here it is at our house, to cheer from our tv's, get into the spirit, talking with folks all around. down to the nova care complex, steve keeley, good morning. >> we are telling everyone to dress in layers in the cold. the eagles have added few layers, they're practicing getting ready for this game in pads. full pads, meaning, they're hitting each other. and one reporter covering the eagles said there is noticeable energy with these padded practices. well, brandon graham said there is also a lot of noticeable energy at the stadium when you look into the stands. >> i can only imagine because last week exceeded my expectations and only getting me bert. i'm just excited, man, because i know we're going to bring the energy, i know the fans will bring the energy and have a championship game here, you know, for all of the marbles, to go to the superbowl, i know it will be electric. >> well, electric is how it
4:37 am
looks here on the wells fargo center, despite being the home of the orange and black, and the blue and red sixers, they're draping it with a electric neon green strip in honor of the eagles, so go eagles from the other two home teams. and we will see if this eagles season infiltrates the sixers and flyers season nip further by couple of weeks after sunday, won't we? >> absolutely. i mean, we're just hoping and praying by all account. steve, thanks so much. >> let's talk about another one of the eagles players do a great job offensive lineman lane johnson said did he not expect that whole underdog mask to take off as well as it has, now using the idea raising thousands of dollars, buying the t-shirt, people love it, because he started selling these t-shirts shortly after the game, then with the dog mask picture on it, all of the proceeds go to the school district of philadelphia. how about this? already raised $50,000. >> not bad for 18 bucks, though, right?
4:38 am
>> i think it is great, night to get one. valentine day, already saw it, was in the pharmacy. >> after a day after christmas, all of the valentine, chocolates, the cards. >> according to usa today, one of the best restaurants in the entire country is right here in philadelphia. >> oh,. >> so we will let you know where, right after the break. >> make some reservations, sue serio, good morning. >> yesterday's snow is but a memory. today we will have chilly temperatures, but the chill won't last for long either. we'll have your forecast coming up. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> welcome back, youtube now staking steps to review video content with a human touch. now the chain comes, change comes, in the quake of a controversial video posted by youtube star logan paul, who showed a dead body hanging from a tree in a apparent suicide. youtube says they'll now add thousands of actual workers looking at those videos, not algorithms to review its content. >> good news. if you like to take air b and b when you're traveling, they're letting you pay less up front. they've introduced new feature letting customers pay just half the cost up front as a deposit in the other half right before they arrive. there are some requirement. the cost must be at least 250 bucks, and the rental has to be booked at least 14 days before you check in. >> love is in the air.
4:42 am
attention move birds. valentine day less than 30 days away. >> all right, so with that in mind, usa today, and yelp, to find most romantic restaurant in every state. the winner, good choice in pennsylvania, talula garden, we know that a steven star restaurant here in society hill. they say the restaurant has the outdoor garden which we know is a high point, even though it is so cold, to compile the result, usa today and yelp looked at user reviews and the use of the words romantic? i always pass by there, always want to go. >> i've never been yet. we have to do that. >> farther everyone. 4:42, still ahead, another major achieve: quite a story for a california teen. this teenager survived a stroke, multiple bouts of cancer and a brain tumor that left him blind. >> he beat his own best time in a self-defense training relay. we will show you how this all happened when we come right
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>> music hall right down thereby the boardwalk, women, it is pretty chilly down there, temperatures mid to low teens, down by the shore. >> let's go to dj bob and see what's' spinning here at 4:00 are 45. >> got the stacks of wax going, all right, coming up we slow it down after there is little dance party. 4:45, good morning, everybody, make sure you slow her down coming through some of the intersections, because right there is a classic example,
4:46 am
this is butler and route 152. anything that looks wet. >> live look south jersey, working your way in toward philadelphia. for the gang up in the poconos, allentown, you're good to go on the northeast extension, no problems along 309, or route 100, some problems, though, in wilmington. just north of wilmington. a water main break from the overnight, right here along foulk road, just offer silver side. that's one of the shortcuts for the folk that don't want to get tied up in the 202 traffic. and up here northeast philadelphia, at castor and rhawn, water main break, with some local detours. otherwise, the schuylkill, construction still tying us up, eastbound, side, right at the vine expressway. that should be cleared in the next 15 minutes, sue has the forecast in 15 seconds.
4:47 am
>> now that the snow is over, you got to watch for the slippery spots this morning, because look at these temperatures, the temperature temperatures. >> winnie down at the shore 26-n wildwood, 30 in atlantic city. but factor in the winds it, feels like six in philadelphia. it feels like three in dover, and even colder in lancaster, four below, is the windchill there, 12 below in mount poe know. so it is a cold morning, of course, it is january, expect that. but you do know that a warm up is on the way. we're going toned up below the jet stream, south of the jet stream, which means, generally southwesterly winds, as we head into the weekend, so, each day we get just a little bit milder. we won't have to worry about yesterday's snow any more, but, they do down in the outer banks of north carolina, where
4:48 am
that storm system just stalled there, and it is piling up the snow. so, we're done with whatever you got yesterday, all you're getting for awhile. comfortable temperatures on sunday for the eagles game, partly cloudy skies for kick off at 6:40, our coverage of course is all day long. here on fox 29. starting with good day philadelphia, on sunday, at 7:00. and we will be here. cool evening, when the game is finished, and all partying hopefully. it will be about 45 degrees. so, the seven day forecast starts with today. pretty cold. thirty-five is all we get for a high. forty-three tomorrow. that's more seasonable. fifty-two, above average saturday, around 50, on sunday. so, that's your tailgating temperature, 50, and then the 40's, throughout the rest of the game. then the next storm system moves in. but with this mild air in place, it looks like it is only going to be rain, monday night into tuesday. dry and cooler by wednesday of next week. so, when you start the
4:49 am
weekends with a ten, that always makes you smile. well hopefully it does, thomas, car glenn nice treat for special day, special weekends, sue, thank you. 4:49. governor tom wolf is taking steps to make more pennsylvanians eligible for over time pay. wolf was at grocery to announce plans to phase in, it will allow more people who work more than 40 hours a week to be eligible for time and a half pay up to $48,000. wolf says it is going to take about two years for the rules to pass regulatory hurdles but will help some 460,000 workers in the state. >> pennsylvania's treasurer says his offers has returned $254 million in unclaimed property to it rightful owners, last year the treasurer, joe tore sell a, announced the findings, saying, the figure is at 34% increase from the year before, unclaimed property includes your dormant bank accounts, forgotten stock holdings and un cashed checks.
4:50 am
eagles player chris long working hard off the field to help prepare kids for college. the defensive ends has team up with former first lady, michelle obama, to help student across the country financial support they need to succeed. in this video that he posted on his twitter page he encourages kids to apply for the fafsa. you may remember earlier football season he announced waist donating all of his game checks to education funding. what an example. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> oh, that screach of the eagle. superstitious at all? i tell you, a lot of eagles fans were just couple every days away here, you have some pretty wild stuff playing, hoping, while praying for the sunday win. >> so let's share some of the ones that you do. do you not change your shirt, do you have to wear the same thing, only things game tells in the so lucy noland shows us
4:51 am
some of the fans best superstitions. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> very superstitious. the bud light commercials tag line, it is only weird if it doesn't work. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> nothing made up about that. eagles nation, it is real life. >> margaret wears her jersey and has to sit on that spot in the couch. i sit in that spot on the couch in my jersey. de antonio's will be firmly planted on that couch in their reading home this sunday with tiny looming large. >> and we must inflate tiny in the living room outside somewhere near the television. >> tiny must be inflated. these glasses, they belong to the seaman's, same eagles glasses, same lucky spot on the kitchen table, every game day. critical. >> go eagles. >> long standing superstitions and new ones born every day. take drew's crew who was
4:52 am
hungry last game, wants to make sure the birds win again. oh, alex sending you money for cheese fries again, that's why we won. cheese fries, eagles win. who knew the power of cheese soaked fries or unwashed can nee washed. we do not wash them all season long. and the only time we didn't do this this year because we were out of town are the only games the eagles lost. >> don't mess with the mojo. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> i hear friends who will not leave the house the entire day or game day, or maybe an excuse not to come over. >> we were talking with preston and steve, i think it was casey boy saying they do clothes check the night before. can you not wear any color of the opposing team.& they check all of the kids and make sure watch are you doing? you got to be wearing your green and joining us, because we're having a big party, chase for the championship good day pep rally down at chickie's and pete's'
4:53 am
tomorrow. whole gang will be down there or back in the house celebrating. you know where it is, we hope to see you there. and of course, come sunday, it will be a great day, just put that tv on. you just never change the channel. because we'll have our good day crew coming in sunday, to have a big old party from 7:00 . then game day live from 10:00 to noon. 4:00 our thomas drayton joining the nighttime gang for all of the coverage. he'll be going double cute fry 4:30 to 6:00. and then again at the nighttime. so be sure to keep it right here on fox 29. all right, so, will smith, at it again. have you been following him on instagram? >> we just started, didn't he just start on social media? >> million plus viewers. >> gang busters. all right, so for a guy who is pretty new to the whole thing, he is killing it. still ahead his latest post that has everybody talking.
4:54 am
4:55 am
♪ you need to survive much more than the cold to be a polar bear plunger. it takes courage, bravery and heart. each year these winter warriors jump to frozen glory to raise money for special olympics pennsylvania athletes and with nine locations statewide you're never far from a polar plunge in your area. join us... the many, the brave... the ones who are "freezin' for a reason."
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> welcome back a california teenage here survived a stroke multiple bouts of cancer and brain tumor that left him blind is now facing a major achievement. >> what a remarkable case of just pushing through anything. he has his best time in a self-defense training relay. check it out. >> what is that power? let's see. oh, goodness. >> three, outside, power, everyone. oh, gosh. two, three. wow, man, you broke the record by 30 seconds again. wow.
4:57 am
>> he's now 18, training since he was six, at eight he was diagnosed with a brain tumor, which required lots of surgeries, but now his doctors say he's cancer free. >> let's get out to jenny joyce following a developing story this morning, parents, school officials, on high alert, jenny? >> yes, good morning, thomas and karen. big warning to parent in the camden county area. police say there was attempted child luring right here at this intersection, across fro
4:58 am
4:59 am
your toilet is germ-ridden with mineral buildup. clorox toilet bowl cleaner with bleach is no match against limescale. but lysol power toilet bowl cleaner has 10x more cleaning power against limescale. so switch to lysol. what it takes to protect.
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>> happening right now on good day philadelphia. >> takes a lot of guts tublic a. >> school officials, paren, very worried a guy is children. the plea this morning for your help in him. >> i can only imagine, exceededy players are excited howonly about you? we're three days away f day. >>first episode of when dumb peel get bit. >> will smith documenting hisnds brush with nature. good day now. >> time to wake up and feed the gators. it is 5:00 this thursday. >> good morning, everyone. >> good morning. almost feels like it is the


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