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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  January 18, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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the excitement starting to hit fever pitch across eagles nation, thank you much for joining us at 5:00. i'm lucy noland, team coverage for you tonight, dave shat wise nerve philly how septa plans to keep you safe, to and from the game. chris o'connell finding some eagles friends, deep in enemy territory in minnisota let's begin, sean brace in the studio, hey, up in a. >> good evening, lucy, as you just said, you can actually feel the buzz in the city around this eagles team. by now, we all know why. thirteen wins when mossing else, losing mvp quarterback still winning all three games down the stretch including last week's playoff game, first since january of zero nine. head coach doug pederson has everyone believing the best is yet to come no matter the hurdles his team must leap. with the nfc championship game around the corner today the eagles release their official hype video. they drop head coach doug pederson, lover there is advisor wearing side line glaring screen pass calling fourth down balling division leading back in running back
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feed and salt and pepper son after gun. little rick flare for you there, yes, doug is all the above. but he wants to you know, this is who he's always been. >> just being genuine, real, and being me. you know, being who i am. and being not being something i'm not. when i was in greenbay i couldn't be brett favre. there is no way. you know? and, you know, i can't be andy reid here in philadelphia. so, i've got to be doug pederson. having been in the lockerroom, you know, and understanding the dynamic there also has helped with the trust with the players. >> one word: most players would use to describe doug pederson hour, jen ooh snip his players really enjoy playing for him. of course, winning, cures all, what they say. also, when you win awards follow, i'll tell you who from the eagles front office won sex he can tiff of the year today as we hand out hardware later in sports, lewes. >> i nice, can't wait. thank you much, sean brace. you know you get a bunch of sports fans in one room,
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emotions start flying, but if someone throws a punch party over. police want to stop it from happening specially on septa. our dave schratwieser live in south philadelphia, with how they're stepping up their game. dave? >> lucy, with just three days to go, before the big game, the eagles are getting red across the street at the nova care center while septa police and philadelphia police are putting together the security package for this weekend, and they're leaving nothing to chance. >> with sunday's nfc championship game approaching, as fast as a septa train, septa police are ready for any and all possibilities, when the revolry starts. >> we're going to be mobile. we're going to be ready. and we'll be flexible and where ever we need to be. >> i think the eagles all the way. >> septa expects about 18,000 fans to jam the broad street line, headed to the eagles vikings game. police will be everywhere from broad and pattison, on up to city hall, and beyond. >> if they win, then it is
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probably going to be party central. >> we're looking for the anomaly. we're looking for that potential for a problem, and we'll address it when see it. >> chief has two friendly reminders for fans and revelers, who take septa, first, no drinking on the trains. >> if you have 300 spare dollars, and your monthly budget, go ahead. but you'll be getting a citation, you'll be losing your alcohol. >> and don't even think about criminal behavior. >> if you do something wrong on septa, you're going to be on camera. >> philadelphia police are also gearing up, warning shop owners who won't be open to lower their security gate. and remove all objects from in front of their stores. >> if you have flour pots or heavy moveable things in front of your house, we rec you put them behind some secure fencing. >> along broad street and at places like frankford and cottman, bars are being asked to serve alcohol in plastic cups. >> we will absolutely be enforcing a loft quality of life things, opening containers, public intoxication, public urination.
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>> finally we found one viking fan brave enough to wear his vikings apparel on south broad street. mark kenny hopes everyone just enjoys the game. >> bottom line everybody have a good time, enjoy the minnesota victory. >> your prediction for sunday? ing. >> else baby. >> let me tell that you vikings fan took a lot of verbal heat on broad street while we were talking to herges he says he can hands it will because he's from philly, believe it or not. tom, says, quite simply, watch the eagles win, have a party, but don't ruin it. lucy? >> all right, speaking of vikings fans, dave, swooping into enemy land making sure those minnesota vikings fans know we're ready for them. on sunday. fox 29's chris o'connell live in minnesota still, detectives out in your eagles gear, and it turns out, chris, he actually found some like minded folks. >> yes, i know how that minnesota fan felt in philly. because this is how i feel in minnesota tonight wearing carson wentz. it is a little bit home right here. i feel comfortable where i'm
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standing. why? look where i'm at. little bit of south philly i found right here in minneapolis. this is south philly frank's cheese steaks and pizza place. we found it. and we tasted some cheese steak. we'll come in. before we go behind the lines, check out what they got on the walls here. they got the liberty bell. they got citizens bank park, they got rocky. they got the bridges. now, we're going to go back to see if they can deal with the real cheese steak. this is the real test. behind the lines here, is antonio gambino. how philly of a name could that be? welcome. this guy is from northeast philadelphia. now runs a place here. tell me, first of all, a cheese steak, in minneapolis? how do you do it? >> we get the bread. nothing but the best, amorosso right here. >> and you get all of the vikings fans in here. what's this game? what's this town like? you're like the enemy here. >> right.
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we're in enemy lines, you know, we will take care of business, they know what's going to happen. we've done it before. we take care of business. >> you're not nervous at all, are you? eagles win. >> vikings choke, eagles win, same road to the superbowl as last time. >> two weeks, i'm coming back for superbowl cheese steak. >> absolutely, hey, philly, we got you, this is home when you come visit for the superbowl. >> good deal. all right, i tell you what, kathy orr, it is a heatwave here in minnisota usually below zero. 40 degrees here. >> i can't believe it! >> it is probably colder back there. >> it is, chris, and i have to tell you, we've been enjoying your reports so much. so thank you so much. yes, it is a heatwave, chris. i don't know how long it is going to keep rolling for you, but it is pretty decent in minneapolis, 34 in philadelphia. look where chris is. it is 40 degrees. do you believe it? i can't believe it. there is something wrong with that. take a look outside. looking at the parkway, where it is very pretty and guess what by tomorrow we will be around 40 as well. we have clear skies, and light winds. and right now temperatures range from 19 in the poconos
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to 34 in millville. overnight tonight cold one lows in the teens, in the 20's, and coming up, we will have that game day four cast, lucy, it is looking warmer, and pleasant, for the birds, and by that time, chris will be home. >> that's right. back home. safe and sound. >> fox 29's where you want to be leading up to the nfc championship game. seeing the coverage we have whole lot more, and let's talk about sunday. good day at 7:00 game day live at 10:00 then "fox 29 news" is on at 4:00 before fox pre-game show at 6:00. kick off at 6:30. basically you got no reason to ever change the channel. of course we'll have much more eagles coverage over the next 90 minute. breaking news right now, to chester we go. a police pursuit ended when two people in custody. skyfox life over the whole thing. authority tell us started about an hour ago, on i-95. mitt say they noticed stolen car followed up and say the vehicle wouldn't stop, pursuit ended around 430. right now police say no one is hurt. some cars are damaged.
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how the thing ended we don't know. >> also, breaking, this time in overbrook park. two kids are in the hospital after police say they ate pot cookies at school. they say a 13 year old brought three pot cookies in lamberton school, she and another 13 year old each ate one, started getting sick, and ended up at the hospital. police say the teen told officer she got the marijuana from home, so office remembers questioning her grandmother, no word yet on any charges. rushed to the hospital, this morning, nine people, after a fire broke out in delaware county. flames and smoke billowed out of the home. and absolutely terrifying wake-up call. most of those people are from out of town. just visiting for a funeral. thankfully, no one is seriously hurtment fox 29's jeff cole live in upper chichester with the person who helped everyone get out safel safely. >> lucy, the nine people did get out of this home safely, although, it was cents a close call. the home looks to be totally destroyed. and a renter living in the basement of this property appears to be the person who got them all to safety.
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>> early afternoon, in a group picking through what was left of 3105 rodney avenue when delaware county's upper chichester. this little more than a brick shell left of this structure, that caught fire at 4:00 this morning. >> if i would have hesitated for one second they wouldn't have made it. >> daniel, who rent basement apartment, awoke to the fire. >> so, 4:00 in the morning you wake up watch do you see? >> smoke in my bedroom. i go around the other side of the basement and i see fire. fully engulfed. >> souder, who has lived here for decade, says he went for his shoes, keys, and a couple hundred in cash. >> i changed my minds. i got to get everybody out first. ran upstairs, got everybody out. by the time i got upstairs whole house was full of smoke. coin see the light in front of your face. >> fire crews responded to the blaze which took hour and a half to douse. daniel's wife called him, to the front window. >> fire was shooting out the windows. you could see they had like a cherry picker trying to blow the water down into this, on the roof, and had somebody out
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back. you know, with a host, trying to put the fire out from the rear entrance. >> we did finds nine occupant had escaped the fire, all went to local hospitals for smoke inhalation. >> six of the nine were from out of town here for the funeral, of the homeowner, noll cook, 61, who died january 8th, and was burried this week. one of the three people living here, a female, is hospitalized. the fire marshall says the structure is so weakend, they can't get in to learn the cause, but one thing is known, all made it out alive. >> nobody got hurt. nobody got burned. we just barely made it out. >> the fire marshall hearsays the structural engineer will have to end they are building before his investigators will go in to try to find that cause. they do believe that the fire started in the basement. live in upper chichester, jeff cole, "fox 29 news." lucy? >> thank you, jeff. pennsylvania's governor has ordered flags to fly at half staff to honor a us marshall
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killed this morning in harrisburg. forty-five year old deputy us marshall christopher david hill was serving a warrant for the arrest of sheala towels peers wanted for making terroristic threats. authorities say someone inside the home, with piers, fired at hill, and an officer. deputy hill passed away at the hospital. christopher hill died a hero today. we will honor his memory by standing with his family and his brothers and sisters in law enforcement. we will conduct in our already conducting a thorough and cooperative investigation into all aspect of this incident. >> authority say the man who killed deputy hill died when authorities returned fire. the person they were originally after is now in custody. the police officer is kyle pit, from the new york city police department. he's in surgery but is expected to survive. bull mid school. a mother says the bullies have not just targeted her son, but beat him up and she is fed up. and amazon and
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order at >> call it fast and furious, oceans 11, all to ends up with nothing. cops say couple every guys rammed a jeep into a atm on rising sun avenue early monday morning, trying to knock it off its foundation. they tried to lift it into the work van police say that they'd stolen. but when that didn't work, they hook up the machine to the back of the van, and sped off, dragging the atm.
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until it broke off. landing in the middle of the road. they got away empty handed though philadelphia police would very much like to find them. the seattle-based business giant amazon has selected philadelphia, as one of its 20 finalists in the search for its seconds company headquarters, bruce gordon, joins just studio, big deal bruce. so, philly stay in the running for hq2. >> sure does, along with big cities like new york, chicago, la, some smaller tech cities like austin texas, raleigh north carolina, 238 applications, have been trimmed 20 finalists which makes it fair for would be neighbors to wonder what would hq2 mean for me? >> don't let the frigid weather fool you. this is poised to become philadelphia's next red hot neighborhood. the hip new name is u city square, but could also be called west philly. it is one of the locations cents being pitched by the city. now among 20 finalists for
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amazon's second major headquarters and the smallest merchant around here, are pumped at the prospect after business giant moving in next-door, bringing with it up to 50,000 new employees. >> has run this hotdog stand near 36th and market for nearly 20 years. it has been boom and bus for most of that time. >> what would it mean for your business to have all of those extra people working right around here? >> maybe get better, because a lot of people then we have more customers, you know? >> it is creating a buzz. >> the philly pitch to amazon includes two sites in west philadelphia, along with the old naval shipyard, now a booming business campus. >> the location is fantastic. >> we feel absolutely extactic. >> herald epps says he's not surprised philadelphia made the cut. >> we've done our analysis, and we think talent, mobility, location, transportation makes us competitive against anybody else. >> economists are talking up the benefit to existing businesses cents should amazon
5:17 pm
pick, say, u city square. it is called the multiplier effect, the idea that dollars earned by amazon employees are spent by them at other local businesses. but villanova university urban economics professor david, has a warning. >> the multiplier effect is real, but we never hear is the expense side of it. what are the costs for public services, police, safety, fire, ambulance. what impact will this have on the roads, on the airports, on the electric grids. >> that is still to be determined. for now, we'll -- will salivating over the possibility of tens of thousands of newcomb ers bringing with them an appetite and a wallet. >> maybe people come to buy lunch and breakfast and we can make more business of it. >> more customers. >> more customers. >> now, for the record, bids from camden, new jersey and wilmington, delaware were rejected by amazon. pittsburgh is still in the running. and pennsylvania state officials have said they'll offer amazon a billion dollars in tax incentives, to move to
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either pa locations cents. it may take more than that to sweeten any deal. lucy, the final announcement expected before the end of this year. >> it is a big deal thing, thank you much, bruce gordon. doctor james kauffman will remain behind bars, that ruling from a judge in his detention hearing this morning. prosecutors say he killed his wife, april, in a murder for hire plot in 2012 after she threatened to expose his pill mill operation with a outlaw biker gang. the judge did allow the release of two other charged in the scheme. tabatha chapman, joseph mulholland, they say he helped kauffman find the hitman. got to be careful what you post, right? seems somebody, lot of folks, never learn. so 19 year old woman posted video of her sane racist slurs. >> i'm in the south now. i'm from new jersey. so i can say as much as i want. >> well, it is terribly sad she had to say she was from new jersey, in the video haley barber who is from marlton repeatedly used racial slurs
5:19 pm
saying she didn't care it was martin luther king day. the university of alabama has now expelled her. and her sorority has kick her out. >> a eight year old boy bullied day in and day out at school, terrible, but now his mom says he came home battered and bruised, our dawn timoney spoke with him, his heart broken mom, joins us liver in the studio. >> lucy the little boy's mom says he's been bullied sends kindergarten, but this year it has gotten worse, she has complains countless times to the principal and the school district and is now at her width's end. >> need help. no adult was there. there it was in the middle of lunch room. nobody came to help him. >> she is breaking down in tears after she says her eight year old son, cyrus, was repeatedly punched and kick by a couple of bullies at lunch yesterday. the second grader at ethan alan school in the northeast winding up at the hospital, with bruises to his back, and pain in his eye. >> 11:15 a.m. he is calling me, and he is crying, and he's telling me that they're beating on him.
5:20 pm
>> they're beating on him. and i ran it the school. and i lost my mind. >> what would you say to that bully. >> i would say please stop. >> and how long has this been going on, cyrus? >> a long time. >> cyrus' mom says the constant bullying has spiraled out of control. she says the principal and the úenough to protect her she is documented it all, including the many trips to the doctor. >> and last two month he went to the hospital i would say about four times. they kick him in the privates so hard last month, i had to take him to the er. they bound blood in his your inch. >> they're always trying to hurt me. they're always trying to take my lunch and they're always trying to fight me. >> how does this make you feel? >> mad and little bit sad. >> she says the district did have someone shadowing cyrus to prevent bullying but that only lasted two weeks. >> he doesn't want to go to school no more. he doesn't want to do anything. >> cyrus admits he's afraid to go back. >> i want to go to a new school that actually, that i
5:21 pm
get to eat lunch peaceful, and i get to read books all day, and i get to do math and have fun. >> i just want to figure this out. i just want help. i need the school district to help me out. i need any help. i need to get him out of the school. it is not safe. >> school district says it takes bullying very seriously, spokesman lee wack issuing a statement that reads in part we quote are aware of the issues raised by the parent at ethan alan h elementary school. we will continue to investigate. it is important that these issues are addressed appropriately, and that neither adults, nor student, resort to threats or violence. the mom admits, she has been banned from the school following an outburst yesterday, in which she was screaming and yelling at staff. she said she is heart broken and frustrated for her son, and has now hired an attorney. >> dawn timoney, "fox 29 news." it is ridiculous that it has come to that point. that is so sad for that little man. have you heard about the latest viral trend?
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kids taking a bite out of those laundry detergent pods? why? why? but yet they're doing it. and get ready for cuteness overload. these little ones full of eagles pride.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> just gets you pumped. this little group might be some of the biggest eagles fans you've ever seen. they're small. but they sure know how to sing the eagles fight song. loud and proud. check it out. >> ♪ fly eagles fly ♪ on the road to victory ♪ e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles! >> awe, aren't they cute? noreen cook center for early chad hood education rallying for the eagles ahead of this weekends' big game. singing the fight song has become a tradition with the kiddos, cheering each week, since october. look, they've got the little mask, that's awesome. they're hoping their spirit and entheusiasm bring the team good luck. so, did you like those masks that they had?
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because we've got more, have you got yours yet? because if you don't, we've got you covered. we've been cutting masks, it is authorities say masks, pleural, all day, and we do mean all day. starting this morning, on good day. >> ♪ >> this may have been a bad idea. >> how many have you made, mike? i got a pile building up over here. >> your pile? this is my pile. >> oh, come-on. >> six so far. >> we've done nothing like the interns though, they're over there with a big pile, big dole pieing -- big dog pile. >> and they're doing a good job. >> we're still working hard through the afternoon, do you see us right there, dawn, and kathy, and myself, working through the afternoon, our whole team together, that's sean brace boy the way in there, cutting thousands of masks to hand out to you. and even right now, we have people cutting and stapling away, even the big bosses have been doing that. doing our best to try to make sure we have enough for each and everyone of you. see if you want one, oh, there is dave kinchen, shawnette was cents doing it, too, come by
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the good day pep rally tomorrow morning, mike jerrick, alex holley will be there with the gang at the chickie's and pete's on packer avenue in south philly 6:00 to 10:00. they would love for to you join them, stop by the linc game day sunday, we'll be out there, too, go birds. >> president trump is in western pennsylvania, as a government shutdown looms. what
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[ gasps, laughs ] you ever feel like... cliché foil characters scheming against a top insurer for no reason? nah. so, why don't we like flo? she has the name your price tool, and we want it. but why? why don't we actually do any work? why do you only own one suit? it's just the way it is, underdeveloped office character. you're right. thanks, bill. no, you're bill. i'm tom. you know what? no one cares.
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>> murder investigation in oxford circle, details, pretty
5:30 pm
hard to hear, as usual. skyfox over the scene of the 5900 block of wheldon street. police say around 1:00 this afternoon a 28 year old man was arguing with a 26 year old woman, officers say he ended up stabbing her and killing her, and he's now in custody. happening right now, president trump's visiting pittsburgh to promote his tax plan, among other things, actually. meanwhile, law makers in washington are working to passes a spending bill ahead of tomorrow's budget deadline to avoid the dreaded government shutdown. our iain page has more from our technical operations center. iaian? >> lucy, con is debating yet another short-term spending bill to keep the government open, it is the fourth this fiscal year. >> we should not be playing these games. despite being a day away from a potential federal government shutdown, there are still issues lawmakers can't seem to agree on. >> mambi-panbi give tax breaks where they want to give tax breaks, won't in community health center in some want
5:31 pm
increased military funding some say worth agree to anything without affix for program that pro detective young undocumented immigrant. while the president says he wants money for a border wall. >> we've been six meetings now of this group. and we've not agreed on one thing. nothing. other than to have another meeting. that is not how you legislate. >> president trump speaking in pennsylvania talking taxes cents, the economy, and the looming budget deadline. >> i really believe the democrats want to shut down to get off the subject of the tax cut. because they work so well. >> well, there have been number of democratic and republican sent tours who say they'll not vote for another short term spending bill. that will makes the likelihood of shutdown even more likely. lucy? >> and we shall see how this plays out. thank you, iaian. delaware governor john carney just gave his úthe governor delivered his remarks to joint assembly of law makers in dover. he talked about economic development, improving the state's schools, and strengthening wilmington communities. carney says while the state is in a better fiscal situation,
5:32 pm
than it was during his first year in office, they've still got a lot of work to do. fox 29 weather authority right now, speaking of wilmington, let's take live look, chilly night out there. but the mere cure i will climb fast. very soon. kathy's forecast, in 15 seconds. >> floater cold night across the area, then begin the warming trend. looking at wilmington, clear skies, and still got little bit of light out there. the temperatures 34 degrees. the wind is calm at this point. which is good. temperatures ranking from 19 in the poconos to 36 in dover, 29 in reading and pottstown. only 30 in trenton and 29 degrees in wrightstown. overnight tonight, temperatures are going to fall. we have a calm wind. we have clear skies, perfect ingredients for colds temperatures, is a in the
5:33 pm
poconos, good snow making weather, 19 in pottstown, 22 in millville, and 23 degrees in philadelphia. as we go through tomorrow morning, that could take a lot of winds, to knock down the wind chills, so to the north it will be feeling like it is in the single numbers, poconos will feel like seven, 18 in wilmington and philadelphia, and it will feel like it is 16. so cold start to the day. but in the the finish. national temperatures, showing some warmer weather of course in the dessert southwest. but elsewhere, cold temperatures, only 50 in tampa, only 42 in new orleans, international falls, 27, but as we noted earlier of course our chris o'connell is in enemy territory, in minnisota minnesota, 40 degrees in minneapolis. and in philadelphia, it is only 34 degrees. so, warmer there. which is stunning. not usually the case. ultimate doppler shows all of that weather is going to the north. high pressure dominates our weather. that's going to be the case right into at least the mid period of next week. the jet stream lifting for us, and bringing in some milder air.
5:34 pm
seasonable tomorrow. but then by saturday, we go about 10 degrees above normal. soy during the day tomorrow we go 42 degrees, sunny, comfortable, seasonable, west wind at about five to 10 miles an hour. as you look at the seven day forecast, you can see, that big warm up. saturday, 50. sunday, 53. monday a shower, 51. tuesday, 50. then turning cooler by wednesday, the high of 44, which is normal for this time of year. mostly sunny, for your thursday, and 39 degrees. let's look at the foxcast, because our tailgaters will be very comfortable during the day sunday. temperatures will be in the lower 50's, then by kick off partly cloudy, 48 at 6:40 in the evening, of course, it will be bark dark, the sun will have set, cool evening with temperatures of 45 degrees. you can't beat that as we move toward the ends of january, which typically is the coldest time of the year. >> all right, thank you very much, kathy. so we got some exciting news here aside from kate's forecast which looks fantastic, piano man is
5:35 pm
running to sing us a song at citizens bank park. billy joel set to perform at the ballpark july 27. it made the official announce. >> this afternoon there is will be billy joel's fifth performance there, and that, according to life nation, means he's performed live at citizens bank park, more than any other artist, the phillies will honor new six with honorary contract which has only been for players and coaches. flu, it is everywhere. but what's fact and what's fiction when it comes to that nasty little
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5:37 pm
5:38 pm
>> colorado the scene where firefighters came to the rescue of the scared pup, the fire department posted this video to their facebook page with ice floating in the water of the arkansas river, couple struggling dog back to shore. the one year old german shepherd, his name's bill, and now he's happily back with his family safe and sound. in your health tonight, the flu is spreading quickly
5:39 pm
throughout the united states even in our area. specially in parts of our area actually. whether it comes to prevention, doctors say, what you think may protect you, may really not do the trick. you might be, for instance, like i do, down glass, turns out, though, vitamin c and zink aren't so great with the flu. doctors say it is good for free present ago cold, not the flu. what do we do? how do we protect ourselves? doctors say don't touch your face. >> if you have a runny nose, i know there is easy urge to just use your finger to wipe it off. but use tissue to create barrier so do you not spread germs into your nasal passages, then wash your hands right away. >> uh-huh. one other tip, when you're eating doctors say put a napkin around your food, to prevent any other germs from spreading. i'm not understanded that onenessly. like they jump or something? but okay. some doctors are saying they're feeling worn down at work, and that's taking a toll on patient in the u.s. a new survey by web m.d. med
5:40 pm
scape finds doctors feel more and more burned out. and depressed. neverly 15% of them say their depression behind airs that they wouldn't necessarily normally make. all right, couch potatoes, get ready for some motivation. you can now get paid for exercising, new app called sweat coin, kind of playoff bit coin, lets us earn cript tow current currency just for working out. users sign up and then hook up, their smart phones, health and fitness data and gps location, so basically big brother has to watch what you're doing, app tracks how many steps you take in a day and rewards in you monetary sweat value. according to your movement. for everyone thousand steps recorded, the app will pay you 95 cents in sweat coins, you can then later trade those coins in forfeit necessary gear, work-out classes, gift cards, and a bunch of other stuff. >> so there you go, trading privacy for currency. >> have you heard about this one? it is called the tide pod challenge. and kids are actually eating
5:41 pm
the laundry detergent, with some really bad consequences. as you might imagine, doctors and schools are saying please don't do this. and as fans get ready to cheer on the eagles, we're also getting our rituals in order. you know, our superstitions. they w
5:42 pm
excuse me everyone! paul? paul? this is three million dollar mega multiplier the new game from the pennsylvania lottery with top prizes of three million dollars! three million dollars! did you win? i don't know. i'm so excited about it. this could be a big winner! just had to share. carry on. sometimes the moments before you scratch are as exciting as the moments you do. keep on scratchin'!
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>> a dangerous new challenge involving laundry pods. you will not believe what kids are doing with this. dave chin chen, with the stern warning from parent and teachers. >> always some teen challenge kids are involved in, you heard the hot water challenge, cinnamon challenge. but this one in particular is
5:45 pm
specially alarm to go parents, because, it has potentially deadly consequences. >> so i hope that my kids know better, you know, i tell them all the time don't do any of these challenge. >> lynn was shocked to learn of the latest daring craze teens are doing these days, the tide pod challenge, in which kids chomp into the detergent pods, often get seriously hurt. >> i think it is horrible. all every these challenges that the kids do, it is scary, because they put them on youtube, and the kids think it is fun, and then, you know, they can potentially die. >> the colorful pods contain several chemicals, but many teens are cooking them and eating them. we aren't going to show you that part. >> people like just think like by doing this, they'll get more followers and be like more cool. then maybe get famous from it. but you could like die from it, so why diane like risk your life just to be famous? >> it is so bad, neshaminy school administrator sent out this letter, linking parent to a warning issued by the pennsylvania state police. the administrator ended the letter with a pitty shaking my
5:46 pm
head quote. they couldn't believe it either. >> according to data from poison control centers, throughout the country, there have been already 39 calls since the beginning of the year. >> doctor mike walked us through what the tide pods can do if eaten. >> it can burn your mouth. it can get in your eyes. and it can get down into the here, leading into the stomach, and lead to problems with irritation, burns. >> i have not had this conversation with my children, my daughter eight, and, you know it, hasn't really come up yet. but, i mean, i guess i kind of have to now that it is going around and schools, social media. >> doctor mike says if you think your child may be sick after eating one of these pods, he says, that you should call poison control and also get your child to the er right away. in langhorne, dave kinchen, "fox 29 news." >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
5:47 pm
>> ♪ >> weather it is lucky soft pretzel socks that must be worn on eagles game day or 15 year old eagles jersey that cannot under any circumstances be washed, we are perhaps even more superstitious now with the nfc championship game this sunday at the linc. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> very superstitious. the bud light commercials tag line, it is only weird, if it doesn't work. >> ♪ >> nothing made up about that. eagles nation, it is real life. >> margaret wears her jersey and has to sit in that spot on the couch. i sit in that spot on the coach in my -- couch in my jerry? they'll be firmly planted on their couch this sunday with tiny, looming large. >> and we must inflate tiny in the living room outside
5:48 pm
somewhere near the television. >> tiny must be inflated. these glasses, they belong to the seaman's, same eagles glasses, same lucky spot on the kitchen table, every game day. critical. >> go eagles. >> long standing superstitions cents, and new ones born every day. take drew's crew who is hungry last game. and wants to make sure the birds win again. oh, al, sending you money for cheese fries again, that's why we won, red the tweet. cheese fries, eagles win. who knew, the power of cheese soaked fries, or unwashed jerseys? >> the jerseys can never be washed. we do not wash them all season long, the only time we didn't do this this year because we were out of town are the only games the eagles lost. >> don't mess with the mojo. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> one of the more interesting
5:49 pm
rituals that you've shared involves throwing the evil eye at the opposing team, especially during field goals. and putting a bulb of garlic on top of the tv set. if it works, it is not weirds. one woman's taken stair climb to go whole new level. knocks 29's bill roar has the inspiring story. >> sally is going up. way up to the top. only to turn around, and here i come, and gently come back down. >> don't worry. it is my work out. >> using every muscle in her body, sally lungs up 90 floors a day, in the parking garage, where she works. >> doesn't feel cold out here any more. >> she started all this after she lost her husband, peter, to cancer. >> as more adversity hit my life, we take it out on the stairs. i would just climb harder and harder, faster and faster. >> so fast, at 55, sal is he one of the fastest competitive stair climbers in the worlds. >> it is a little fire inside
5:50 pm
of me that i'm very competitive with myself and i always want to better myself. >> it is a sport that's gaining more popular every year. racers start at the bottom floor, and leave everything they have on the stairs. all the way to the top. >> and your lungs just freeze up along with all of your other muscles. and you're just, see that finish line, and you're just kicking for it, and then the endorphins and the high is amazing. >> elite athletes like sally make it in less than 20 minute. these races take place inside some of the world's tallest archie tech youth landmarks, the willis tower in chicago, the comcast center in philadelphia, and the empire state building in new york. with 102 stories. >> i find that one the most difficult of all of the buildings i've done. because it is very old. the architecture, and the stairs are very steep. >> this year, sally is the only elite american invited to race up the eiffel tower's nearly 1700 sterns. a race she was supposed to compete in last year.
5:51 pm
>> i notice i was getting sick often. and it took me a long time to recover, the same with injuries, this is not me. >> sally diagnosed with multiple myeloma, needed stem cell transplant. >> it is a type of blood cancer, and it attacks your white cells. >> sale didn't give in to her diagnosis, she fought hard, and now, is cancer-free. >> this is where the magic happens actually. >> training several times a day, in her home gym. able to race the eiffel tower steps this year. leaving each day by her late husband's motto. >> cancer may take the years from my life, but i'm if the going to let it take the life out of my years. >> life spent on her boat, being proud of her three children, dealing with life obstacles by lunging over them, two steps at a time. in toms river, bill roar, "fox 29 news." impressive, and inspiring. you know, simon's building for all my episode of the tore,
5:52 pm
tonight local
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>> pope francis is presiding the wedding, married to flight attendants on tight of chile. pope francis agreed marry the couple avert quake destroyed their church. the search continues on fox, the road to stardom, where the top sing remembers challenged each week by new performer trying to take their spot on stage including some
5:56 pm
folks from our area tonight. fox's michelle has more. >> are you ready to take one every these seats. >> absolutely. >> the search continues on fox's the four road to stardom where the four top singers are challenged each week by new performers who, are trying to take their spot on stage. >> and the winner of this challenge is -- >> the winner gets a deal with republic records and air play on i heart radio, coach fergie and the show says judges know what a sweet deal this is specially an industry that's tough to break into. >> feels like an industry, savage, ruthless, it is to can be heart breaking sometimes. and that's tough when it is your you're talking about. >> i think you have to have thick skin. i think you have to have an opinion. i think you have to have a taste for talent. >> this is the thing about this business. you have to have a bit of a tough skin, a thick skin. a tough skin or thick skin? both. tough and thick skin. but i've really moisturize dollars skin. >> me coming up in this game,
5:57 pm
all did i was work hard, grinds, grinds, grind. and, you know, every wants the big stage. everybody wants the big opportunity. but sometimes you have to take different opportunities and go through certain things to get to that stage. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> while they search for a superstar, when they first made it big. >> my dad whispered in my ear while crying when they said my name at the grammys for best new artist, and he said you made it, baby. >> i knew i made it when i was coming out the sky at madison square garden, my first sold out show there. i always dream to be on that stage. >> whether i joined the black eye piece, and where is the love went to number one, that was incredible, because that was just there is nothing higher than number one. >> ♪ >> ♪ hollywood, michelle polino, fox news.
5:58 pm
>> and as we said, hometown pride is alive on tonight's episode of the four, at 8:00 see two people from our area battle for stardom. then be sure to stick around for "fox 29 news" at 10:00. thank you for joining us at 5:00. here's iain page with the 6:00. >> ♪ >> ♪ a boy in second grade, his mom says he's been bullied and even beaten. she says it just won't stop. and now, she is fed up. >> ♪ >> but first eagles mania. reaching a fever pitch. the big game just three days away from the players, to how to get around on septa, and eagles fans, in enemy territory, so your game day forecast, fox 29 is where you need to be. >> ♪ live from center city in philadelphia. this is "fox 29 news" at 6:00. >> ♪ >> ♪
5:59 pm
>> ♪ >> well, can you feel it? nfc championship mania all around, eagles getting ready for the big game sunday. thank for joining us tonight at 6:00ment i'm iaian padge, we have team coverage. let's start with sean brace who will break it all down for us. >> if the question is who let the dogs out, the answer is definitely not who, who, who, who. no, it is vaguest, only three days away from sunday nfc champion clip game, vegas still hag the east b eagles as three-point underdog. only one word comes to my mind and that's disrespect, as the win over the falcons showed us, nothing matters on pain her the game starts, every player and coach in uniform won't be thinking about being a favorite or an underdog. well, maybe the vikings might wonder what the heck is going on when they look around the stadium and see 70,000 strong running around in dog masks. either way, dog masks or not, the final two teams playing sunday are the best teams left in both deserve the chance to play in the superbowl.
6:00 pm
my only question is this: how welcoming will the fine folks in minnesota be when their team just got knocked out, the week before? my guess is a little salty. be sure to stick around as we have some hardware to hand out coming up later in sport. iaian? >> sean, thanks, of course after the big game sunday crowds every people will head toward septa to go home. police want to make sure things don't get little too rowdy. fox 29's dave schratwieser is in south philadelphia with how they're making sure everyone gets back safely. >> with sunday's nfc championship game fast approaching, like a septa train, trains at police are ready for any and all possibilities. >> we're going to be mobile. we're going to be ready. and we'll be flexible and where ever we need to be. >> i think the eagles all the way. >> septa expect 18,000 fans to jam the broad street line headed to the eagles vikings game. police will be everywhere from broad and pattison, on up to city hall, and


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