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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  January 19, 2018 7:00am-8:56am EST

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chickie and pete's and i don't think a lot of work will get done at work places or schools today, because we are all partying, in advance of the eagles game. eight out of 10. bus stop buddy still got to bundle up the kid, eagles gear , wind chills in the teens out there on this national popcorn day. so, we're looking at a high temperature later on of about 44 degrees, seasonal for this time of the year, things will get milder tomorrow, game day forecast coming up as well, so , bob kelly, i bet you are having a good time, you even wore your tie with your eagles jersey on. >> my eagles tie, i have my crab fries, i have my coffee and just a few of our friends from south philadelphia. >> come on, lets check jam cams we have an accident on the schuylkill expressway, eastbound side for gang getting out early coming into work, center city between gladwynn and conshohocken in the left lane there. right before gladwynn we have
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a backup again coming inbound that is the problem but lets get to the bennie live look into south injuries any problems at all there and septa's market frankford line running with 10 minute delays because of switching problems. back here live, mike and alex, check this out. >> is what your name. >> mike. >> this is a football signed by everyone of the current eagles players. >> wow. >> on the team. >> what? >> what do you think that would be worth, right now, and then -- >> you may never see that again. >> security, security. >> the bouncers has they are eye. imagine what this is worth now and and then as super bowl champions. >> we have to get there. >> you put that on your arm like you will run in the end zone, through go, pal. >> 24/17 eagles. >> mike, by the way, i think mr. crab fry over there is very upset with you for throwing those crab fries out.
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>> yes, very upset. >> he is like, do it in front of my face. he has fists here. >> yo, adrian, get him, get him. >> i'm so sorry. >> hopefully weak get more. >> we have another tray. >> yes. >> tray upon tray of crab fr ies. i feel like i'm at the casino coming around with the drink order it is like crab fries every where. >> we have a little bit more space to cram you in here. we will be here until 10 but steve's outside ready to greet you. >> reporter: i think i'm on again. i was watching jessica trying to floor direct the crowd and she had this but i could not hear this. hello, hello in there, but, anyway i stole this from her as a prop, it works out here. this is your valet parker bring your keys to me and i
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will park your car. this is eileen and erika from audubon i just stopped on the way in. matt lombardi talk about, alshon jeffery the key to the game. we have an alshon jeffery fan here. now did your mom drag you here or you drag your mom. >> she drug me here but i'm happy to be here. >> you just bought something on your way in. >> this is my only eagles thing i'm more of a fox fan. >> what does this shirt say. >> dogs, under dogs. >> so you are buying like souvenirs before you get in the door here. >> we are waiting to get our dog faces and all these interns took and worked so hard on, right. >> fox fan then a eagles fan. >> i know more fox characters then eagles but eagles are the best. >> character is a good word because mike is a character. >> yes. >> you ever met him in person. >> bob, sue, alex, i know everybody there, karen. >> protect your daughter from mike. >> i will. >> i heard about that. >> mena, come here you are one of our best friend. she's on with us every day.
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that is a stylish way to wear your dogmas being. >> absolutely. >> you don't want to hide that perfect beautiful face. >> we have all of the apparel out here. >> it is a whole wardrobe of merchandise, we have a whole business going, and outside of chickie and pete's just as excite as inside. feel free to visit. they will let me in after the show at 10 to warm up and maybe get a sip of water. >> all right. thanks, steve. >> we have a special guest right here. >> you are mr. tap man eagles tap man, i cannot imagine why. >> i kind of a lot of tattoos. >> kind of, how many. >> over a hundred eagles tattoos. >> who are you. >> i'm the tat man. >> born and raised.
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>> green comes out in bleed. >> i have something here, guys told me you came here looking for a job and pete said if you get a chickie and pete's tattoo he will hire you. >> ike reese moved me over here, and i was showing ike during the show i got it done, so pete says where is my shot. >> where is your chickie and pete's tattoo. he is a man of his war. >> chickie and pete's tattoo. >> yes. >> raise the curtain on this. >> we have to show the back. >> oh, my goodness. >> wow, look at this, this is amazing describe is what on your back. >> that is one of our best quarterback, in quarterback history and dave akers and coy detmer hiking the ball. >> coy detmer. >> dynamic duo they were the best team for 150 years
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straight. >> is there anything down here >> no, no, it is a family show >> it says nfc eastern division champions. >> i have to add 2017, i will wait until we win super bowl and then we will add it all in here. >> anyone have a sharp i. >> we will get a fox 29. >> would you be willing to do fox 29. >> it all depend. >> is what on the belly. >> it is the vet, implosion. >> we have bill bergie, we have to put an trophy in the trophy case. >> did you know it would go this far or one by one. >> it just something that keeps adding and adding and adding, the players signed me. >> so big. >> covered up the good guys.
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>> alex. >> i won't do it, i will do it slower there. >> it is coming off, i hope. >> bob, i will get you by your belly button, okay. >> okay, that is fine. >> can i redo bob. >> what is he doing. >> by the belly button. >> are you going to stay with us a little bit. >> sounds good. >> lets get to jenny joyce. >> good morning, alex. eagles fans are excited now we expect them to be extremely excited come sunday as they are every sunday during the regular season but, of course, just one win from the super bowl fans could be feisty. well, philadelphia police and septa police are warning
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people do not even think about breaking any laws no matter how excited you are while officers will be mobilized city wide prepared to respond to any problems they are urging people who live in the city or own businessness town to be on guard. police are asking bars to serve alcohol in classic cups because rowdy fans and glass bttles could be a real dangerous combination. here are some additional safety tips from philadelphia police. >> i just want business toss if they have lighting, you know, keep the lighting up those cameras and if you are a business that is not opened during the game because game is sunday so some businesses will not be opened. if you have steer your glass you want to protect that with your grates or your bars to stop anything from happening any destruction of property. >> reporter: 18,000 people are expected to be riding, septa, the broad street line, to and from, the linc, on sunday, so we do know there will be a lot of officers localized, not
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only on the broad street line but throughout this city, to monitor any problems. we don't anticipate any. >> that is right. >> it is all great, good, clean, celebrating and we don't to have do all that but we appreciate you have, letting us know what will happen. >> so am i allowed to go to the linc on sunday if it is nice, clean, fun. >> they may not let you in. you can try. >> we will give it a shot. we have plenty of news that continues on, and here's karen hepp. >> we do have news, all of the fun lets get to headlines. couple behind bars after police say they have led them on a wild chase across several towns all starting in delaware county. i-95 in chester came to an end in south philadelphia. police say there was a man and woman in the stolen hummer and then an officer tried to pull them over during the chase. that summer slammed into two careened out of control finally crashing on to some railroad tracks and that is
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when man and with man got out and tried to make a run for it but they got them. one officer suffered minor injuries. governor tom wolf has ordered flags to fly at half staff this morning in honor of the u.s. marshall killed in the line of duty. this was the scene yesterday, 45 year-old deputy u.s. marshall christopher david hill was fatally shot. that was the suspect he was trying to arrest. while trying to arrest her that guy had a gun, police say and started shooting at law enforcement, and hitting one, and then, injuring another. he was killed at the scene. two, 13 years old girls are at children's hospital this morning after eating cookies there at their school, layed with marijuana. they go to the lambert ton school in west philadelphia. police say one of the girls brought them from home and they came from the child's grandmother, police are still decide if you go that grandmother will be facing charges. all right. you could be looking at a shut down just hours away congress is on the verge of blowing a
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midnight deadline to fully fund the government which means we could have a partial shut down. there has been last ditch effort to come up with a short term deal from the house but not senate likely. lets get to washington and doug luzader, good morning to you, what are we expecting. >> reporter: we're expecting a senate that could come into session in a few hours this morning probably around is 11:00. there ab than effort to get a short term funding deal through but republicans will need help democrat to look that to happen and it doesn't look like that support will be there. they are not putting out barricade yet as we have seen in other shut downs but that could becoming real soon. the bigger parties starting from republicans. >> senator schumer, do not shut down the federal government. >> reporter: and from democrats. >> this is like giving a bowl of doggie doand calling it a cherry on top this is nothing.
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>> reporter: there was some progress today house actually passed a short term spending deal to keep the government open for a month to try to come up with a longer term agreement. while senate will take baton today democrats will effectively mount a filibuster to block it, and if republicans don't have the votes to stop them. >> we all know what the problem is, it is complete dis array on the republican side. >> reporter: democrats are holding out for protections for illegal immigrants brought here as children the daca deal that some republicans consider amnesty and president trump while touting tax cuts in pennsylvania accused democrats of negotiating in bad faith. >> we will see what happens. if there is a shut down, i really believe the democrats want a shut down to get off the subject of the tax cuts because they are working so well. >> reporter: president has been tweeting about this about seven minutes ago saying democrats are needed if it is to pass the temporary deal in the senate but they want
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illegal immigration and weak borders. shut down coming? question mark. that is his most recent tweet. it looks like a shut down is coming unless something almost miraculous happens between now and midnight. >> all right, doug, thanks very much. we appreciate that. hopefully they can get something done. 7:13. lets send it back down to south philadelphia. you cane cheers from there. >> we have been cheering non- stop here, right, everybody. >> okay. i want to try something. i want to try something. you know, we're under dog. hold your dogmas being. when i say under you say dog and start barking like crazy. sound good. ready. >> under. >> dog. >> i love it. i hope vikings fans are in town looking at this. sue, can i get a bark from you too. i know you have it in you. >> what are you waiting for? >> that is all i know how to
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say. that crowd will do anything she said. here's your eagles party cap because, it is temperature in the 50's, we might be having some backyard barbecues, even though, it is not going to be that warm now. and by noon it is about 47 degrees. kick off high of 50 and game time around 46 degrees. so, right now, as you walk out the door collegeville only, 24 . chad forward 19. and, then we will head over to new jersey at sea isle city, at 26. wood town is at 19. it is still cold, but not as cold as yesterday, middletown delaware at 20 degrees. that is where we are right now heading to 44 later on. 52 degrees, tomorrow and then 50ish on sunday, 53 on monday and then afternoon rain showers could last into tuesday morning and then we are back to seasonal
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temperatures after that. so, in problems with the wet they are weekend, the rest is up to you bob kelly. >> i'm in the dog pound. who let the dogs out. they are all here live in south philadelphia, chickie and pete's, not only do we have dogs we let monkeyness from our radio partner more fm crank it up. lets go out to the jam cams getting ready to head out to work this morning, we have an accident eastbound on the schuylkill expressway, right at gladwynn you can see gladwynn and belmont taking out what would be the left lane there and that delay, starts back near conshohocken curve and we have a jammo, and , on the way in, and on the roosevelt boulevard, southbound at the schuylkill express way. and 42 freeway coming in from new jersey you'll find some delays as well. tomorrow we have women's march down here in center city, in
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philadelphia they have put parking restriction signs up already. back here in the dog pound are you ready. having some fun crab fries and coffee all morning long, mike and alex, back over to you guys. >> i have my mike. you have your mike. we have a crowd. we have a game sunday right here on fox. >> right here on fox 29. >> we wanted to thank the host is here at chicky and pete's let's bring in pete, good to see you my man. >> good morning. >> you do not need an introduction, everybody in the city loves you and knows you. >> thank very much. >> thanks for having us in. >> i will admit something to you my beautiful, co anchor here, this is first time she has ever been in this building >> alex, you are kidding me. >> look at lot on your face. >> i have had your crab fries but just never in a chickie and pete's before. >> what took you so long we need a super bowl for to you come to chicky and pete.
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>> this is amazing, huge. >> this is only start. this is great place, huge. last night they had over a you this people in here for a pep rail. eagles were here, swoop, players, brandon graham, vinny curry, you could not even move i just left and just coming back. >> what do you think it business chickie and pete's. >> it became like the center of the universe of football for philadelphia eagles. my wife was an eagles cheerleader. my children love philadelphia eagles. i love philadelphia eagles. we took on what gravitated for it, it was football. my family just loves football. everybody that comes here loves football. >> get back to the what you just jumped over you married an eagles cheerleaders. >> yeah, i did. >> wow. >> i married an eagles cheerleaders. >> where did you meet her. >> she was a customer at chickie and pete's. >> i knew it. >> all of the cheerleaders would come in chickie and pete
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's every game. i thought i felt obligated. >> what was your opening line, here is some crab fries, baby. >> no. >> actually, she would come, my wife, she would come wither dates. >> you stole her from someone. >> i swooned her. >> it was difficult because she was in high demand and very attractive. >> it is not chickie's and pete's. >> it is chickie's and pete's. >> don't shortchanged chicky, don't look an s anywhere. >> i don't know malcolm jenkins i have seen him in here. >> of course. >> he had a baby. his wife had a baby, and they had it. >> it was a couple days ago. at the press conference he spent a couple nights in the hospital, two nights. >> he posted yesterday. >> we are praying that he is in the tired. we're also praying that the
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baby is fabulous. >> good that the stress is over. good that he has that out of his mind, just focus on football. >> i like what he said, it started off this week on a good note and end it on a good note too. >> i will just say yah, baby. >> the name is s-a-lea. >> it is saleh. >> she's a friend of the show. >> we will ask marhisa. >> for sure. >> thanks. >> congratulation is thank you >> i'm so glad. >> thank you for finally making it. >> a true philadelphian. >> it is now legality mate talk about behind enemy lines i'm here at one of the biggest vikings bars in minnesota, check out the muse bar and grill filled with
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vikings fans and i'm in here with a carson wentz jersey on, luckily, i didn't get hurt, thanks to that guy, yes, we found a unicorn an eagles fan in minnesota, running the karaoke show here tonight. coming up later on good day i will show you more eagles fans believe it or in the and maybe show you pretty dam good cheese stake from the twin citi, guys, see new a little bit.
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>> ♪
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e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. >> national television. >> they are prepping, their home town, the eagles and they will be performing at the half time of the championship game. >> yes. >> on sunday right there at linc. >> hey, nancy right. >> yes, nancy. >> where are you from. >> south philly. >> she brought me a seinfeld book. >> yes, i do you are welcome. >> i love our viewers. >> i love it, that is so sweet of you. >> i like it, it is called sign language. >> you know everything about jerry seinfeld. >> yes. >> i knew everything but who knows. >> thank you, dear. >> very sweet. >> i'm in the sure if we need a hyped video we are pretty hype right here but this is really good so we should watch it. let's see it. >> we don't ask for much.
7:25 am
just be prepared, care as much as he does, and play harder then anyone has ever played, on every single play. that is all we want. because chucking ball around third and shunk dreams have playing in the game before the game. you are a rookie, not anymore. been here before. then show them how it is done. >> everybody get it. >> we have waited a long, long time. >> touchdown. >> and that is why this is bigger than 53. it is 67,000 loud. 6 million proud. all led by 1visor wearing, side line glaring, street pass calling, fourth down balling, lk feeding, salt and pepper son of a it in. bring it alln.
7:26 am
every inch, every ounce, for every tom, dick, and all we got is all all we want is >> we all we got we all we need. >> if i to explode. >> i cannot take it. i love those videos. ready. >> how many hours now, well look corner of the screen there. >> yes. >> does everybody have a dogmas being who need one. >> good. >> make sure everybody is covered. >> of course, pep rally is in the only here in south philly at chickie and pete's, it is all over the delaware veil. >> we will go to garnett valley. >> that is in the good. all right. hey, gays we are at garnett valley middle school. you're only getting one of
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look who is here to get the crowd pumped up. swoop. swoop there he is. >> i love it. >> i love it so much. >> swoop split is, swoop there it is. >> louder. >> swoop there it is, swoop there it is.
7:30 am
>> he is going, he is going. wow. >> well, now it is a party. >> now it is official because swoop is here. >> shake ago this tail feather , here, oh, yeah. >> yeah. >> we are loving it. >> okay. sunday night about 6:00 o'clock we need to know what the temperature is because i need to know what to wear. >> we have to put on our eagles green, sue. >> well, not as much as you had to wear last week when you were at the game and i don't think that was enough. there weren't enough layers in the world last week. this week a little bit better. eight out of 10 in weather by the numbers. off to a cold start. bus stop b wind chills in the teens on this national popcorn day,adar,e have sunshine outside and we have just had our at 7:19. 25 degrees but wind mind, many other wind chills are in the
7:31 am
teens as well, to 44 degrees, lr on more seana down to 31 tonight. that is your fox cast todg up and we are back with bob kelly >> hey, sue, good morning everybody south philadelphia as you listen to wip, you have heard of shirley. >> hey, baby, shirley, all day long calling wip with my buddy angelo cataldi and morning team, is what up baby. you know how we do. we will do this right. we will take it home, baby. this is our super bowl. that is right. that is right. >> lets go check the cameras, the schuylkill expressway we have an accident on the eastbound side right here at conshohocken, it is between conshohocken and belmont but this accident now is approaching to 202 westbound in the left lane. we have a big jammo on the schuylkill left lane taking out at gladwynn and vine expressway an accident in the right lane, coming through
7:32 am
downtown, back here live, we have got south philadelphia high school in the house. i have a cheer for you, we have been practicing our cheer , dogs in the house. >> dog in the house. dogs in the house. what time sit. >> game time. >> what time sit. >> game time. >> it is game time, mike and alex, it is game time. >> wow. >> they are so ready. >> swoop wants to get to the crowd. >> he is looking at you like what, are you talking to me. >> are you talking to me. >> yes. >> yes, cheerleaders are here they are getting in the crowd because swoop always got to bring cheerleaders. >> we see pompons, they are over there, i see pompons, it business to get craze any here lets check out steve keeley, he is outside, i wonder how it is going, he is a pete's greete.
7:33 am
>> i held the drum line out here because i wanted play drums. let's give them a little taste >> ♪ >> all right. we will go inside now, thank you, brother. by the way, we had mike, i know you cannot hear me but you were surprised that pete's wife is a former cheerleader. here's lisa she will remember me hanging out with her and pete in jacksonville at super bowl way back when after her cheer leading days and she still looks lake she could do cheer leading. what is up. we will go in the kitchen. we have been talking about the crab fries and chickie and pete's favorite, i see pete nice enough to hold the door opened. mummers here half dressed.
7:34 am
look at this spread here they have got for us. all right. so, here we go, thank you, pete, sorry, chris. so here is behind the scenes look, by the way, lieutenant more quieter in here i noticed which way we will go. >> get around here. >> i showed they said this guy has a whole lot better things then a here are crab fries happening, chris, watch your foot orre is n secret to these it isseasoning. >> it is not just old bay seasoning, it is a unique blend that >> do you even know how many restaurants andn stadiums and at do you keep up with them. >> i do,ry. >> because there is somewhere new every week. >> we have a place in have thatt week. >> how is business in minnesota week.
7:35 am
>> the fries are hot but air is cool you are going up there whether >> i will go to the super bowl either way. eagles.want to >> nothing like it. nothing like it. >> do you remember, you don't remember hgi jacksonville. >> do i remember. >> it is colder here. >> last time we wer stuff underr eyes we had light beer things under our eyes inrtheast store. >> now we are taping them on. >> what is this stuff by the >> philadelphia cream cheese sauce. >> yes. >> hopefully health department won't shut you down after i was back here. >> you're okay. >> so from the chickie and pete's kitchen in south philadelphia where it is a whole lot warmer, i got warmed up for the first time. >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. >> thanks, for letting me stand by the friars and heaters >> it feels so good. >> it is cool to see behind the scenes look. what is going on in the kitchen. >> i want to take a picture. you have a little something right there. >> no, no.
7:36 am
>> well. >> here. >> maybe just leave it. >> yes. >> you don't feel that. >> no. >> no. >> i will take a picture with some of the cheerleaders. >> of course, you will. >> will you come back. >> i don't know. >> he may not be back. lets get to jen fred. she's at garnett valley, passing out dogmas accounts. >> we have got a serious problem here grace, good morning to you. we are going in to mr. tait's room. >> wow. >> mr. tait is a forgive me for using bad word but he is a dumb, dumb dallas fan. >> take one of these, take within of those. what is the matter with you. this is bad parenting. we're out of
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with dunkin' deals, you get two egg & cheese wake-up wrap sandwiches for $2. means you deserve a few of those. stop in for the latest dunkin' deal, two egg & cheese wake-up wrap sandwiches for $2. america runs on dunkin'.
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dog mass accounts, we need more dogmas accounts so we are still we're handing them out. folks are loving it. we wum filled with dogmas accounts on sunday is that right, mike, everybody.
7:40 am
>> at this point i cannot hear you, myself but i love it. >> you can hear those eagles fans. >> all over the delaware va valley. >> hi there,. >> all right. we're here at garnett valleyl, e good morning. >> good morning. >> the school is a little>> yes. >> they are ready. >> do you think eagles will win. >> i hope. >> r get in the class and cause a ruckus players are excited, competent owe excited, inner they are in it to win it and they are competing and they are ready. >> everything and anything from the way we dress the way we talk, who is faster. anything you can think of me and lar get it will compete against. >> does he ever win. >> in my feeling, no.
7:41 am
>> all right. so that is just the mood of the locker room. they are together. they are hanging. mood of the school is awesome too. hello, kid. >> hi. >> now, listen lets pass out these. you know what this is all about. we're the under dog even though we are number one seed. you want some of these, yes, yes, yes. i like your jersey, there you go, now what are you doing here? i mean i don't understand why you guys -- >> he is definitely going to fail the next test. >> give me that give me that. >> yes. >> okay, good, awesome. you are the principal here. >> i am what is the story with - >> we have eagles spirit. they are ready to go. >> all right, baby, you say no >> okay. >> you say yes. you say yes. do you want the eagles. >> yes. >> do you guys necessity how to spell. are you guys ready for a spelling test. >> yes. >> can you spell e-a-g-l-e-s
7:42 am
eagles. >> there you go, all morning long it is the dog express, if you want us to come to your school just call me, but do me a favor don't greet me at the door with a giants or cowboys jersey because then i will get all mad. hi, grace, thanks for being so awesome. >> you are a what? >> dude. >> you are going down. you are going down. >> no, wait, turn the camera off, i got to hurt some children. did i mess up your hair. >> put the computer down in homework or schoolwork. >> not today. >> is what your name. >> john aldridge. >> born and raised in philadelphia. >> yes, north philadelphia. >> eagles fan all your life. >> yes, 48 years. >> i was going to introduce you as tom brady because you hurt your hand. >> how did you hurt it. >> playing basketball. >> go over to novacare. >> yes, 8:20 to get my
7:43 am
stitches out. >> you will applaud on sunday. >> i will get them together good good to see you. >> good luck getting those out , it. >> we have to take a we still good or no
7:44 am
7:45 am
7:46 am
let's say hello to the eagles drum line. >> wow. >> live at chickie and pete's in south philadelphia. here they go. come on, go. the drum line here. here. we are all here. south philly rocking. e eagles pep rally, chickie's and pete's in south ph this big blow up, these guys came all the way from >> central pennsylvania. >> with this big blow up, tommy, take a look at the size of this thing here. you were here when we got here this morning. >> we got here at 5:00 o'clock >> was this on your front lawn >> yes, every day we inflate him every day, weather is bad we put him in the living room. >> reading pennsylvania is representing. i'm coming live to reading
7:47 am
pennsylvania on monday. we will tell but that in a second. look at my little man dominic. what school do you go to. >> unaudible. you have your camouflage jersey, turn around. cheerleaders are here. let's check the jam cams as you get ready to head out the front door to work this morning. we had an earlier accident on the schuylkill expressway but right now vine street expressway is jammed up because of an accident in the right lane on the westbound side, and that eastbound schuylkill, still crawling, gladwynn all bay of four car pile up, of that left lane, fully knocked out but we're live here in south philadelphia, the drum line, the cheerleaders, swoop, and crab fries. sueby has your forecast in 15 seconds.
7:48 am
just about 7:48 on your friday morning and there it is eagles fox cast. it will be in the 50's during the day, sun will be out so for tailgating or whatever you are doing at home to prepare for the evening you'll have good weather. partly cloudy. 46 degrees. lower 40's by the end of the game. lets check current temperatures in quakertown it is only 16 degrees. in newtown square itest deptfort 20. 23, and in till pretty coldsin, 16 this but we will get to 44 fifty-two on saturday. 50 degrees on sunday,ays of thed we don't get any rain until monday afternoon at the earlst into tuesday, cooler after. that that is your seven day out to chickie's and pete's.
7:49 am
>> can you hear the drum line i, sue it is really getting wild. look we have here we have the crew as we do need to talk eagles and what will go on with this game. >> mike is enjoying the band. >> oh, yeah. >> matt lombardi and g. cobb. >> what is up. >> eagles, that is what is up. >> yes. >> people are fired up. 7:30 in the morning. everybody is going crazy. it under dog mound at lincoln financial field. >> are we under dogs at this point. >> they are two and a half, defense in the leak coming in here begins nick foles. if they win the game l get nelsonnal who will or involved create turnovers and not turn the ball overo come by. >> that guy. >> nick's more on a roll. the guys feel good about the way he played on a lot more confident then they were last week and that is a big game.
7:50 am
>> so matt has already said you say run the ball, run the ball, getting a who will or involved. >> ago local or and zach ertz is a good match up with eric kendricks. best middle linebacker in the league that can cover ertz. i like him. they have to work middle of the feel. throwing outside will be problematic because they have good corner. >> zach keeps saying third down i want the ball. i want the ball. >> i agree, they have to double team him. there hasn't been a linebacker able to cover him. >> if you want run the football they are better team to run the ball on this defense. lane johnson i wrote on i think he is best tackle in the nfl. jason kelce all pro. stephan business new ski had game of his life last week. vikings are very good at stopping run. they allow 83-yard a game. but this line is prepared to run the ball on them. >> you have to stay with the run. you might not have success. you have to be patient. stay with it. don't put all of the pressure
7:51 am
on nick. you just start taking ball that will turn that pass rush loose. you want to keep running it, even if you are not having success. >> you have been in big games in your life at u.s.c. and in the nfl. dot players get nervous for something like this. >> well, before the game, you are nervous but you know what is best, get out there and hit somebody. >> he is coming at you. you get out there and best thing when you get out there and hit somebody and get in the flow of the game you forget about that. then you are focusing on the game. before you wake up, you are thinking bit. it is in your stomach this team angry. i have talk to the players in the last few weeks. they are ticked off they have been under dog at home. that is motivation for the week but once game kicks off and i talk to malcolm jennings bins that last week the field is the same size, football is the same size, it is just a game. use the anchor this week but once it kicks off focus on the game. >> just play the game.
7:52 am
>> it is time, it is time now, it is time, give me your prediction is what the score. >> it is an ugly game dominated by defense. i like eagles winning 12-10 going to the super bowl. >> low score. >> g. cobb, your turn. >> i say 16-13. it will be a close game. i think eagles find a way to win. i think they are in the flow. they are very confident team. you can feel it in the locker room. they expect to win, and the fact that nick, they got confidence in nick will put them over the top i think. >> i didn't hear the score what was the score. >> sixteen-13. >> what is this close game i cannot take a close game. >> it means we will be stressed on sunday at 6:30. >> alex, do you have a score have you decided. >> i'm still thinking about it i know it is eagles but is what the score, what about you >> i'm going the other direction i think it is just weird 31-13 eagles.
7:53 am
>> wow. >> everybody is going to be wrong, and score a bunch of points. >> i hope you are right. >> i hope you are right but i don't think anybody will get any sleep on saturday night, they will be so amped up but it is great to see the city enjoying this. >> we will in the sleep until sunday. or monday. >> no sleeping in this town. >> exactly. >> lots take a break we will be right back.
7:54 am
7:55 am
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7:56 am
i'm loving that. so we are back. >> i'm not going to make it>> it monday, it is only friday, and i want badly. >> et cetera specially talking about how close of a score it will be doctor worried. it will be a stressful game. screaming, blood vessels popping. >> bottom line is you have to as
7:57 am
number one studies show that you it goes up by 18 percent when a team isyoffs, so you are having your friends over, hugging,he flu. you have to wash your hand as lot. it goes uppercent. >> it has nothing to do with the game but just around a lot ofr, coming to your house or whatever, and they score the flu. >> so alex, sunday if we are ather quit trying to kiss me. >> please, that doesn't happen it is other way around, all right. i'm worried about losing my voice and just going crazy from the stress, stress of it all. >> you have to be with friend family inn though it can increase rust being of the flu but it can reduce stress. if you have a heart problem probably best to just watch a movie, all right. because if it is a close game, studies show your heart attack risk goes up by 20 percent.
7:58 am
we saw that in los angeles when the l.a. rams were in the super bowl back in the 80's. >> i am loving it warmed up. we were showing video. people without shirts. it will be in the 50's. it shouldn't be too bad. >> not a problem. >> you should not drink too much because you can always get into trouble but bottom line is just watch your alcohol in take, make sure you don't eat too much, heavy fatt y food unless you are at chickie's and pete's because that is soul food right there. that is south philadelphia soul food. >> all right. >> all right. >> do you have a final score do you predict scores. >> i want predictions, i have been put on high alert, i don't tell many people this, but you know why. >> why. >> because minnesota vikings are going to choke and i am ready. >> i'm ready. >> what is this purple in your bag. >> this is purple, you know why i have a purple glove.
7:59 am
>> why. >> because we need to check the procedures state. >> we have to check the prostate. >> so are you ready to dot heimlich when they choke. >> i have my bag all set. >> let's eat more crab fries. >> let me do it. >> you can no longer hold crab fries. >> don't make me yell. >> yeah, yeah. >> should we hand these out. >> yes. eagles mania is in fully affect. >> all we got is all we need and all we want is everything. >> the players are ready. >> we have waited a long, long time. >> fans are pumped. the roots are prime for half
8:00 am
time. >> ♪ >> the count down to the champion ship on. what will we gear and swag you need whether at the linc or hanging out underwear for under dogs, we are live in south philadelphia , we are live so the. e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. >> wow. >> i will head on out now if that is okay with you. >> look, one hand. >> oh, no, take it. >> i can do it. >> no, no we're not. you did but it is fine. >> okay. >> who wants crab fries. >> all right, sueby, we cannot hear, what is the temperature going to be. >> it is going to be getting higher and higher each day as
8:01 am
we head through the weekend our number of the day is an eight, better than yesterday, it has been improving all week long. okay, i fixed it. we have bus stop budd/than this national popcorn day with sunshine. wind chills are still in the teens this morning and nothing to show you on radar lets check our current temperature in philadelphia, it is 26 degrees but feels like 19, sun has been up a little while and it will help us get to, 44 . more seasonable and in the quite as cold tonight down to 31 degrees. that is your fox cast for today and of curse we have that seven day game day forecast all this coming up, bob kelly's out there with chickie and pete's as well, how is it going. >> i got my own band with some speed racer music as we check the traffic. a little speed race eras we check the schuylkill expressway and jam cams. first of all from the vine
8:02 am
expressway, jammed up from the accident approaching the vine, the kelly drive has an accident right here near hunting park avenue and eastbound schuylkill expressway stacked up from 202 pretty much all the way into gladwynn. back here live at chickie and pete's in south philadelphia, crab fries, coffee, the cheerleaders, pep band, ready to sing the fight song. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> ♪ e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. >> mike and alex, back to you.
8:03 am
>> who let the dogs out, baby. >> let the dogs out. >> they are really going. who let the crab fries fall, i cannot believe i did that. you got to balance this thing. >> yes. >> so sorry, mike, for talking trash on you. >> what we are showing is the floor, right underneath and when we went to sue, you dropped a tray just like i did i will tell you what it is, people reaching, they hit the tray and they drop it. >> it is balance once all gets off and within more it tips over. it is okay, though. >> we are going to go to chris , he is in minnesota. >> minnesota. >> he is talking to the fans. chris, from what we have been hearing they have been sound ing scared to come here to philadelphia. >> you beach a, they are real scared of the eagles coming in here. i'm in front of what is the old, i know you are having a party, serious business here because once the eagles win
8:04 am
this sunday this is where they will show up. we are outside of u.s. bank stadium, the site of the super bowl, preparations in full swing, this is the goal, guys. this is where we will be, yeah but before we play the game we have to get in the stadium. we did our best. we will show you some video. we tried to stake our claim here in minneapolis, believe it or not, we found a good cheese stake place in minneapolis, frank, from philly and his family migrated from south philadelphia in the 90's. they are bringing a little bit of fill to it twin cities. guess what we found a couple other guys, these guys are outcast is here, why? because we call them unicorns, eagles fans living in the granite state. listen to the reactions these eagles fans have been getting from vikings crowd. >> first question is always like so you guys are as bad as , everyone thinks you sound? you carry batteries with you
8:05 am
to go to the linc and everything? no. >> it is a lose/lose for you. if the eagles win you will be sad. if the eagles lose, you know, you are not at the stayed yum. >> reporter: that is what these eagles fans have been up here dealing with, and vikings fans they are very scared, alex, were you asking me that why? because they are so nervous to lose the game because, their vikings could be playing right here in the hometown. they don't it. that has been a nature, just to be a little cautious bs, i hy , staked my claim here, and i will leave across, n until eagles make it back here to minneapolis. >> i love morning crowd here in the twin cities, e-a-g-l-e-s eagles.
8:06 am
>> see, i love it. >> yes. >> i'm hearing, you have been wearing eagles gear all week, have people been coming up to you like what are you doing here. >> yes, alex, i got to tell you a quick story. yesterday someone saw my carson wentz jersey, and, and, that was cool. that was cool. trash talk. five minutes later a guy comes up to me and apologizing for the other guy and said sorry, he shouldn't have said that. good luck this weekend. >> isn't that nice. >> they better not expect that here in philly though. >> i love that chris's where we want to be. >> yes. >> that is all going to happen right where we are standing, trying to get to the super bowl. >> that is where super bowl is vikings have a home game. we cannot let that happen. >> by the way, a lot vikings fans, are already watching, in their help tell room, we invite to you come to chickie's and pete's just ask the front desk work this place
8:07 am
, and, in south philadelphia. >> in south philadelphia because there are multiple locationsy want to hear minnesota accents. >> minnesota. >> so, they start crying after the game would that be purple rain. >> good one. >> i loved prince. steve, i have not seen steve in over an hour. i hope he is all right. >> i am right above you, mike, look to your left and up and you will see me. mike, did you know there is a second floor here and you can probably in the hear music playing but there is actually a dj, playing music right here , right now, phil what song are you playing that nobody can hear. >> getting giggy with it. >> crank it up so we can hear it. >> okay now they can hear it. >> number one requested song at chickie's and pete's. >> don't stop the party the funk. >> it is about a dog. >> yes, great job. unsung hero in the second floor and now they know is
8:08 am
there a dj playing this music not just something in their ears. we are up here with tat man and if you don't necessity this guy he is an eagles side line pass holder, eagles take care of him. over a hundred eagles tattoos and signatures. most impressive stuff is on his leg. he has a tattoo of jim johnson the old defensive coordinator and a andy reid tattoo as well , show him andy reid in the camera if you can. >> no doug pederson tattoo is that your next one. >> no, not yet, he wins me a super bowl it is definite but in the yet. >> what about carson wentz. >> i need one more year. they have to prove themselves >> you see some people hoff proved, there is mike quick i lh made.n get in modells. >> in the from victoria secret either. >> not at all. and brian
8:09 am
westbrook. >> jon runyan didn't get a full why is that. >> just only so much room you >> lets see the best players, i see donovan mcnabb. >> donovan mcnabb last time eagles went to the super super bowl, another guy david akers kicking with the fans tailgat ing this week and coy detmer how does he earn the tattoo. >> dave and him went together for so licensing and didn't miss nothing it is just respecty don't want to you lee move and lowerrer shorts but is that the only room you have left. >> i got some spots here and there left, but, yeah, that is why, that will not be touched. >> better get in the hall of fame if you ask me. >> he has some spots here and there, guys, i don't want to ask where those spots are because i don't see any visible spots but if carson wentz and doug pederson get a super bowl there is two more who will be at the super bowl
8:10 am
in minnesota so mike, it will be colder in minute so the a see with you tat man go out shirt less and show off your tattoos in minute so the. steve, you have to sign him, we all signed him, it it is your turn to make it complete. >> there is a little room. >> there is a lot of room on his butt. >> i have seen his butt. >> okay, thanks, steve. >> a lot of people going to the game, 70,000 people, even more watching the game on fox. what are you wearing to a watch party. lets say you have a tailgate what will you wear to the tailgate. >> you are right. >> what will you wear to watch it on tv. >> i need ideas because i put on my eagles green make up. i need to know what to wear. >> lets have an eagles fashion show live next.
8:11 am
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unlike ordinary toothpaste, colgate total fights bacteria on teeth, tongue, cheeks and gums. giving you the confidence of a healthier mouth. colgate total. be totally ready for life. good morning, everybody. >> we are live from chickie and pete's here in south
8:14 am
philadelphia, crab fries, coffee, string bands and a whole lot going on, check out this right here. this is a ticket from the last time the eagles were in the super bowl in jacksonville. my man gave it to me to wear. he has had a few too many bloody marry's, we will not have him on camera. lets check jam cams. it has been a hot mess, jammo as we like to say westbound we have an accident at south street, really bad crash on the kelly drive and hunting park avenue, all of the lanes are blocked so look out things are easy this morning, vine street expressway find some delays heading over toward the schuylkill and hello, reading i'm coming your way on monday, against bob kelly town take over this coming monday we will broadcast live all morning long, from the heart of the reading, taking over the town, back here live in south philadelphia, who is ready for a little polish
8:15 am
american string band in the house. >> let's do a strut. >> ♪ >> polish americans in the house. sueby has the forecast in 15 seconds. it is, 8:15 and we know that not everybody is going to the game. there is so many parties and it is in the 50's so we're thinking there may be some cooking out on the deck, this sunday, afternoon, so, here's your forecast for your eagles party, temperatures in the 50
8:16 am
's probably letter 50's with mostly sunny skies but looking good there. we have got a few temperatures to check this morning at bethenny beach in delaware it is 27, and hockessin it is 17 and in new jersey we have 15 degrees in medford. and in ocean city, 28 in, pennsylvania we have macungie at 15. swarthmore at 19. chadds ford at 22 that is where jen fred has been all morning. 44 degrees is our high temperature today. that is more seasonal then we have seen in a while. yesterday's high was only 36, so it is an improvement and then we're in the lower 50's by the time we get to saturday and that is 10 out of 10. fifty during the day on sunday as we have mentioned a lot it will be mid 40's at game time which is 6:40 in the evening but you know we have coverage here on fox 29 all day licensing, starting with the weekend "good day philadelphia" at 7:00 o'clock,
8:17 am
50 on monday and not until monday afternoon into tuesday that we have our next chance of precipitation and that will be in the form of rain but nobody is going to rain on this parade at chickie and pete's in south philadelphia this morning, back to you guys >> thanks, sue. >> so mummers are going around right now we have some fans over here, so we are checking everybody out still making dogmas accounts, feathers, people screaming, lots of green. >> are you still okay. >> yeah, we're doing great. >> we need 70,000 dogmas being by sunday night. >> these are hand crafted in america. >> hand crafted in america. >> by our lovely interns. >> yes. >> they have been working for 24 hours. >> here what he go. >> so, we're setting up a fashion show. if i give you a ticket to the game what will you wear. >> or just going to tailgate
8:18 am
what will you wear? just going to the party what will you wear? we need inspiration. >> how about if the eagles win what do you wear. >> yes. >> what do i wear to frankford and cottman when i shim i up the poll. >> do you have plans to do that. >> we will do it after the break.
8:19 am
8:20 am
8:21 am
welcome back everybody chickie and pete's in south philadelphia. >> look at you, bringing out the weather. for people who never watch the show what do you do. >> i'm the philadelphia fashion week producer and stylists. >> so you know fashion. >> i know fashion. >> you will take fashion, you will take sports spirit and put it all together and show us how we should be dressing. >> absolutely. >> lets at our first bottle. let me take care of this. give me your hand.
8:22 am
we coup you when to walk. >> will you show her how it is done. >> yes. >> you turnaround here and when we coup you, you walk up to that camera. >> i think we're ready. >> ready. >> what is this first look, kevin. >> first look at the game this is how we should dress oversized sweater, legins, boots, looking good, be comfortable, and also very feminine. >> it is not as cold as last game but still chilly, i like the sweater outfit. >> absolutely, you have to be bared for the weather and looking good at the same time. >> all right. next person we will show male version. >> absolutely. we have to wear the authentic jersey and, of course, eagles track jacket and eagles fitted hat from mitchell and ness as well. >> you have to do mitchell and ness, i i love it. >> a lot of people like mixture of green, forest green
8:23 am
, eagles green. >> yes, definitely to have celebrate the moment. you have to be in the moment with the eagles. absolutely. >> okay, i'm loving this. we went to the game. what if we are tailgating, out there being in the mix. >> you have to do it all, go ahead and wear the jacket, of course, wool jacket with the leather sleeves, definitely in right now, traditional eagles jersey. you pair it with your hands in your pocket and be ready for it. >> i'm liking this look. i love letterman jacket. that is i great one. that is cool. that is at the tailgate. people will be out there hours and hours before the game making sure they are getting ready. so you want to look good. standing out there all day long. >> yes. >> now what about the celebration after because we're speaking about choices, if you want to go out after the game how should you be dress. >> she's wearing a female version of the tailgate. she's wearing a bomber jacket and a skull cap and she's
8:24 am
looking great. she will be warm. she has track jacket underneath. thiel be good. >> i love the scarf too. >> new we have tailgate covered. now we will celebrate. >> i'm actually representing the celebration. >> okay. >> you have to put on leather jacket with, you know, button down eagles shirt, of course, throw on a fedora and boots and ready for night. clubs don't let you in if you are swearing sneakers and fitted hats. you have to learn how to turn it over and make it work. >> i love a man in chelsea boots, i'm always loving those what is that velvet. >> yes. >> so do we have the person, watching at game, best seat of the house watching fox 29 for champion ship. >> sweat pants, sweat shirt and, just relaxing, watching the game and enjoy myself. >> watching at home. >> there is nothing wrong with
8:25 am
that watching fox 29. >> thanks, kevin we appreciate you bringing out everything and show us. we love it. some of the fans got in the way there. taking a last look at our models, over there, showing us how we should be they are all getting together for the game. >> are you ready for this game >> i am ready for this game. >> sound goods to me. >> we will take a break and we will be right back.
8:26 am
8:27 am
8:28 am
of course, the theme this year for the game is under dog right. >> that is right. >> we have your rubber mask sold out, we made dog head on a stick. >> people are getting their
8:29 am
faces painted. they are getting like your football players you know, and they are getting eagles with glitter. i may have to get something on my face before the show over. >> i think that is way to go if you don't want to mess with the mask, paint your face. so, we will do that. >> lovely dog the other day by the way. >> thank you. >> so what we will do is not only do that until 10:00 o'clock this morning at chickie and pete's we are going to try to do it at fourth and market on sunday. you get made up on our tv station on sunday wear the rest of the day with your dog face on. >> i like that. >> excuse me. >> my goodness. >> that just came out. >> yes. >> we're good, we're going to keep going. >> i can feel the temperature going up, sue, inside here. >> and outside. >> it is getting better, i'm sure the temperatures up there is hot, hot, hot. we have an eight out of 10. bus stop buddy is dress add pope eighthly celebrating national popcorn day a fun
8:30 am
snack while watching the game, wind chill though are still in the teens but we will get there, and we have a current temperature in philadelphia of 26 degrees. but it feels like 19 outside. later it is 38 degrees, plenty of sun. forty-four our seasonal high temperature. at 5:05. that gets better as well. lets see what bob at chickie and pete's how many crab fries do yoth far. >> crab fries two or three. i have been picking going around i need a painting here. i got my eaglesave free face pag here today. as some traffic. lets check the maps. there was construction on route 29 for gang in and out of trenton, new jersey. the kelly drive, still closed, at hunting park avenue all because of a nasty accident. of course, with the game on sunday, which you can catch
8:31 am
live right here on fox they have a concert, across the street at the same time that the game's going on so septa's broad street subway, is the best way to go, hey, by the way after the game sunday come out and celebrate, i will be broadcasting live from reading , pennsylvania, and it is our town take over, taking over the town of reading, pennsylvania, all morning long , starting at 4:00 o'clock i hear music. you know what that means, pep band must be here, are you ready. >> yes. >> here we go. >> ♪
8:32 am
>> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. >> mike and alex, here we go. back to you guys. >> i love it. i love it. the pep band knows how to get us pepped up at our pep rail. thank you, bob. here's the thing, it is only friday, okay, we are getting hyped up, excited, we have to find something to do tonight, tomorrow night, to get ready for the game. how about we watch movies. kevin, i'm sure you heard our theme is the fact that we are under dogs in the nfc championship. why don't we watch movies that have a under dog theme. you are the movie expert. you have some great recommendations for us. >> yes, good morning to you. i do want to say before i get to these under dog films there are two great films opening up this morning including 12 strong an incredible film about our military and film den of thieves but keeping with the theme of the under dog story i will count down from three to one best under
8:33 am
dog film of all time and people can tweet me at kevin mccarthey tv but number three i will go with the karate kick this film was a defining film for me greg up as someone heavily bullied as a kid in middle school and high school, just seeing this story of the martial arts master teaching a young kid to fight back, and in the most important way possible the idea standing up for yourself and being who you are. i loved this film. i love mr. myagi, wax on, wax on sequence, and to me this is definitely my number three most under dog film, definitely a classic. also the remake with jayden smith and jackie chan was really good. definitely number three karate kid. >> i'm glad you liked both because jayden smith connected to will smith that is all philly all day. >> lets get to number two. >> totally. >> number two i got to get with rudy, keeping with the
8:34 am
football feel, of course, a film that still stand up today , came out many years ago over two decade ago, sean austin played the character notre dame story, they were saying he was too small to play football and then, this story became a huge under dog story and story about being able to overcome, fear and be your self and just love the concept here, i love the football scene and read so many stories how they were really filming at real notre dame games to get the feeling of the notre dame as well. that is my number two question >> how about that number two. you know here in philly the movie we talk about when it comes to football invincible, a lot of philly, it is all about philly and eagles. rudy's good too. number one you have to do relata so let's hear it. way, i do agrn invincible, vince wahlberg.
8:35 am
number one no question has to be rocky. story, it has to be number one and i have always loved story was made, stallone, idea of him fightingllo creed and being a small time boxer, it is ultimate under vited phila many times. i have been to the actual film. that is my number one rocky. >> that makes twe are rocky alln philadelphia. on twitter that sylvester stallone may be showing upy fins crossed would love to see aweso. >> we did a re-creation because i know you have pr eagles game but at the linc they play a part of the rock bring eagles mike, i, see, lee did that we will powe it on social medtrustt later in the show. you will want to see this good. >> i will look out for it and
8:36 am
retweet it as well, goodto the s this weekend. >> thank you, appreciate that. we will take a break i need to find mike, plus these fans are getting back to them when we coe right back.
8:37 am
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which i will keep to myself. experience netflix on th switch to fios and get a year of netflix on us
8:39 am
okay. welcome back to chickie and pete's chris wallace down ther have snuck away from the crowd in the philly i chickie and pete' will take i hear for crab fries. welcome bk philadelphia chris. >> well, you must be going nuts, abouthe week. >> yes, yes. it has been a while. biggest game well, 14 years, 2004 we went to the
8:40 am
super bowl soge crossed the city is on fire. real quickly her work on mondayl government be shut down what is going on. >> you will comere not part of the government. i would say the odd right now are 50/50 there will be a shut down. republicans in the house pa to keep the government going, democrats in the sene that thel get for is about four or five days, s unless one side blinks it will be a shut down, we will be all over it on budget director and he will tell us op, s and we willse and even if have to deal with spending and also with daca witheamers and at to talk about in real time on "fox news" sunday. where does the wall between the united and mexico have to do with all this. >> well, because the democrats
8:41 am
are demanding that the before they will aee has to be a daca o protect eight 900,000 dream ers. white house says if we will give thaw which a loty consider it amnesty you have to give us border enforcement andarresident is saying a lot of funding, the wall. >> yeah. >> i thought mexico was going to p this, no. >> well, at lee not right way, did it. >> okay, as a sunday at 6:00 on fox i am guessing you willeagles becausee same division.ooting for the eas because i'm on philadelphia television right now n20 minutes i will be on minneapolis tv and then i will root for vikings. >> why don't you just, become a politician, you are a d.c.
8:42 am
anyway you are talking like one,. >> let me be honest, i don't like either of these teams, i will be real honest, i don't like either of these teams and because you are in the same division we have a rivalry with philadelphia. this isn't easy for me. >> here's the thing, don't redskins look better if the best of the best is in your division. >> unfortunately the redskins don't look better under any circumstances. >> so true. >> chris, we will see you sunday, okay. >> bye, good luck. >> thank you, i do appreciate that quick break back to chickie and pete's in two minutes.
8:43 am
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♪ they are going nuts over here. >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. >> this has been amazing so far. >> hey, mike. >> okay. >> we have been on since six.
8:46 am
>> we have been on since six. >> a lot of these people have been here since six. >> yeah, maybe even five. we have people late for work. who do you have. >> i found somebody that we may all know she works at the round house down at the police station you will be late for work. tell commissioner to call me if he has a problem with that okay. >> all right. >> mary from the round house. >> yes. >> mary, mary, mary. >> let's hope no one gets fired here. >> especially at round house. >> i don't want that on my spirit. >> sue, how about your spirit, is it up. >> yes, of course it is, absolutely because of the forecast if nothing else but there are a few other things to get excited about as well. especially during the day on sunday by kick off time, 6:40. 46 degrees, 42 in the fourth quarter but of course as you know we have, fun plans all day long here on fox 29 starting with "good day philadelphia" the weekend
8:47 am
addition at 7:00 we will than all be here. we have 15 in pottstown. nineteen in mount pocono. twenty-two in wildwood. twenty-six in the city. forty-four later on. fifty-two tomorrow. and another 10 on sunday this work out good. we have a messy snow out of the way, earlier in the week and next chance, precipitation , it is monday afternoon, into tuesday, and that is only going to be rain back to seasonal temperatures after that. new back to chickie's and pete 's what a crazy party. >> thanks, sue. >> i can remember, i can remember back when i was a little kid rooting for my favorite team. nothing better. >> and kid are certainly root ing for eagles because jen 's with some of them now. >> okay. we are in drexel hill, saint andrews school, how is everyone doing. >> good. >> are you excited for the eagles. >> yes. >> are eagles going to win. >> yes. >> did we love delaware county
8:48 am
>> yes. >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. >> now, there is one player at home, eagles, eagles, eagles. >> who says, you know, it is family is excited, his kid are excitement he is trying to stick to a normal routine but he says it is super hard and that is torey smith. >> i have been amped up all week at home, you know, my wife is like calm down, my son 's doing e-a-g-l-e-s eagles chant around the house we're all fired up. so am i. >> good, touchdown one, two, three. hit them low, hit them high, and watch our eagles fly. fly eagles fly, fly, on the road to victory. >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles.
8:49 am
don't call us eagles. this is what i like about you. this is the the best sign i have seen, eagles fans only do you believe in that. who is your favorite player. >> mommy. >> you get whatever you want for dinner tonight, i'm sure. >> who is your favorite player on this team. >> nelson agholor. >> what do you like about him. >> he makes a lot of touchdowns. >> he is having a great season what is up, buddy. >> carson wentz. >> carson wentz. >> do you believe in saint nick nick foles to get this done. >> yes, yes. >> that is carson wentz. >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. >> all right. the kid are riled up.
8:50 am
back to class. eagles, eagles, eagles. >> it makes me feel like a kid again. >> it does. >> and i love because i'm short as well that jen looks like she's tall. she fits in with the crowd. i love it. >> we have had a mini pep rally break out inside of the pep rally. meet the kid revving it up from south philadelphia high school in a second but coming up next on this pep rally, joe conklin one of our favorite people. who knows who he will be next. >> he has something special for us. >> don't
8:51 am
this winter in the state with more ski mountains than any other, family fun reaches a new peak. so whether you're a speed demon or more of a snow angel, your winter chariot awaits. pick the best peak for your family getaway at new york state. it's all here. it's only here.
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you can hear them, we can hear them over here.
8:54 am
>> south philly high school is over there. they have been with us all morning long. you got to love it. all of south philadelphia ace here today. >> south philadelphia high school. >> i can stump, i can step, i can hop. one of our favorite people is here joe conklin. >> what is happening. >> crazy, madness. >> what have you done special for the delaware valley. >> me and my webb guy, jeff, we do a song parity on wip, m erill and mike singing under dog theme, he put to it video and it is a beautiful cartoon to get you in the spirit. >> roll it. >> roll it. >> watch me under dog, they have been written off tossed to the curb unappreciated, under estimated but they are still standing. >> critics every where tack and very few, foles set up for peterson and our defense is dazzling. we're under dogs. >> under dogs. >> under dogs.
8:55 am
>> under dogs. >> history selected, out of favor, once again, we're not the favorite. under dogs. under dogs. >> they said we weren't up to the test and new we were the doggie mask. put this on your gambling blog next time at the under dog. we're under dog. >> under dogs. >> under dogs. >> under dogs. >> bring the vikings, watch them blunder, our defense will tear a thunder. under dogs. under dogs. y didn't even necessity he could sing. >> i had a fantastic voice but this chickie and pete's crew is out of their mine. this craziness, insanity brought to you by donald trump administration something insane happening every single day. back to you, mike and bob kelly, with all of his stuff.
8:56 am
>> merill reese thanks for being with us. >> i'm here too, don't forget about mike quick, because they will do it this week. i feel it in the super bowl. >> do you think ed rendell will be at the game. >> a pol guys to nick foles, the greatest quarterback. >> i need your opinion, joe, we recreated the rocky scene, where adrian is in bed, you know. >> we cannot do impression like you but we try. >> will you hang around and critique our version. >> let's give it a shot. after the break. moms have their own way to test things
8:57 am
what about baby's soap? this paper represents proteins in your baby's skin. only baby dove, with our 1/4 moisturizing cream... ...leaves baby's skin more nourished with every bath.
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>> ♪ fly eagles fly >> all right, pep band. yeah, baby.
9:00 am
>> ♪ >> one, two, three. >> ♪ you cannot do that enough, especially on a day like today >> mike, you are the father. >> what? >> oh, morey. >> i'm happy i'm the father. is that a man purse we have here. >> they just gave this to me. >> that is dune i and berk. >> can i get in the linc with this. >> probably not. >> let's go eagles. >> i don't know if that will work. >> can we say what an amazing time we have been having at chicky and pete's, it has been like this since 6:00 a.


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