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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  January 19, 2018 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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we have team coverage for you tonight from the stadium to the streets, and all the way to minnesota where our chris o'connell s the "fox 29 news" team has you covered for everything eagles, let's get started right now with kristen rodgers live at lincoln financial field with how the team is preparing for the big day. kristen? >> but seriously, i feel like people sometimes overlook or forget just how much big game experience he has, so it shouldn't commas a surprise then, that foles has been cool as a cucumber this week at practice. his teammates say, never once did he look shook, in the huddle against atlanta. so, why would he look shook against the vikings this week? >> right now i just feel good. i feel good. i feel calm. when you're in the moment, just stress, i stay in the moment, preparing in the moment, doing everything i can right at this moment. and the rest takes care of it self. so that just keeps me level. >> coming up later in sport,
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you have to hear what mychal kendricks says about playing his brother, eric, who is a linebacker for minnisota there is no love between these brothers this week. also, i had the chance to catch up with fox nfl analyst troy aikman to get his thoughts on just how big it is to play in the nfc championship game. now we send it liver to our chris owe con hole is holding it down, in minnisota hey, chris, what's up? >> yes, kristen, dawn, i want to tell you, i hope you understanded why i'm not back in philly for these past few days. i had some very important work to do here in minneapolis. and that is try to recruit some fans. look what i did today. on the street of minneapolis. take a look. oh, ya, we had some fun. hopped in the car, decked out in the eagles gear, drove around the streets, singing the eagles fight song, of course, we got a lot of strange looks from people here in the twin cities. specially from one guy, who will be getting on a plane, tomorrow, he'll be at lincoln financial field, in his
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vikings gear, on sunday. i asked him if he's knows what he's getting into. >> are you prepared for philly this weekend? >> we are and we will be there, baby, representing our home team. >> are you sure you want to wear these colors in lincoln financial field? >> absolutely. >> absolutely. >> what have you heard about the phillies crowd? >> something about that they might put us in one of the olds jail cells they got down there. >> we don't have that any more. that was way long ago. >> no different than going to greenbay and representing. i mean, we've been there, done that. >> i think it is a little different than greenbay. >> well -- >> only because at what's at steak. >> let's take you back out here to mini haha falls one of the gorgeous places here, in the twin sit ills. we had to show raw little frozen backdrop, actually the weather hasn't been actually too bad. so, last few hours here, in minneapolis, we're going to go back out, we will try to maybe, trying to give some of these dog masks away, but any
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viking fangs here, and this guy, hey, buddy. we'll see come back at 10:00, i got my mask, my finger, we will see what trouble we get into at 10:00. >> you have ' been getting a lot of looks i'm sure, chris, see you at 10:00. >> so do you need to catch the train home from the game? septa says it is offering special rounds trip passes, the tickets are $4, and they'll get to you and from where ever you're watching the birds on any septa train, passes go on sale tomorrow, at number of spots including 15th e 69th street transportation center. >> and you can expect security to be stepped up in a big way this weekend. philadelphia police say they do have a plan in place for the big game sunday. as thousands and thousands of people head to our city. fox 29's dave schratwieser has the details. >> the stage set for the championship game at the linc, the teams are already to go,
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and philadelphia police say they are, too. >> well plenty of officers on hand to cover the hot spots. and also, officers mobile to move if anything else crops up. >> with close to 70,000 fans, set to pack the linc, and thousands more ready to root their eagles onto victory over the vikings, police will be greasing polls, manning known hot spots for trouble, and restricting parking on broad street from south street to the stadiums from 2:00 p.m. sunday through 3:00 a.m. monday. >> no, we're not removing the cars. >> septa police will be ready and mobile, too, they're expecting 18,000 people to pack the broad street line going and coming from the big game. >> we're looking for that potential for a problem, and we will address it when we see it. >> probably, you know, get little wild if they win. if they lose it will be very depressing. so hopefully, they do win. >> deputy wilson says the experience garnered from the big philly celebrations, back
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in 2,008 have taught police where trouble could a rise and how to deal with it. >> we got to look at these events, look how to prevent certain things from happening here, every experience is good for us. >> finally reassured minnesota viking fans that they should come ready to enjoy the game, the police have got their backs, too. >> it is portrayed worse than it actually s we have a lot of officers, both uniform, plane clothe, real good security inside the stadium and outside in the parking lot. >> philadelphia police are asking resident to voluntarily remove their cars from broad street. they insist they will not ticket or tow them come game day. in south philadelphia, dave schratwieser, "fox 29 news." not going to the game on sunday, the only other place to see it is right here on fox 29. our coverage starts with the whole good day gang, mike and alex will be here at 7:00 followed by game day live at 10:00. then "fox 29 news" is on at 4:00. before the fox pre-game show
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at 6:00. kick off of course 6:30. so basically you don't have any reason to ever change the channel on sunday. all right, now to your fox 29 weather authority. as we take a live look at doylestown, bucks county, we're getting little break from these sub-freezing temperatures, didn't feel too bad out there. meteorologist, scott williams joining us now with a first check of your forecast, and a warm up in time for the big game, too, scott. >> just in time for the weekends, dawn. high temperature today made it to 46 degrees. but what about temperatures for the upcoming weekend into the 50's. it will be 53 degrees for tomorrow. 52 degrees on sunday. clouds will start to roll in, but will stay dry, look at the forecast, we go hour by hour, early, in the afternoon, temperatures in the low 50's, by kick-off. 46 degrees toward the end of the game, temperatures still not that bad. in the low four's, we're dry and quiet, no rain really expected until next week. but look at the january thawing. still 42 degrees in wilmington. forty right now in philadelphia. for tonight, it is cold, but
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not as harsh, upper 20's to low 30's, and coming up we will talk much more about the warming trend, and, also, when you'll need the umbrellas, dawn, over to you. >> thank you, scott many happening now in fishtown, six homes evacuated after this massive sinkhole opens up taking out part of a sidewalk and most of the street. sinkholes already 30 feet wide but according to the fire department it could still be growing. our dave kinchen is live at the scene with more, dave? >> dawn, still a very active scene here on the 2200 block of taggart. let me step out of the way. these pictures really are inch credit recall here. see how massive this hole is with crews working on it, trying to find out exactly how this happened. even pan little bit over toward the left. you can see there is no way get to go that front door right there. because if everything taken out including the sidewalk, officials say they're very much in a discovery mode at this time. six houses have been evacuated, due to this sinkhole. the philadelphia water department says crews are working to clear asphalt and
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debris. which is what you just saw there. so that they can get to a eight-inch broken water main and see exactly how this all happened. the water turned off to the whole block as resident take in a site they say they've never seen before. >> all i heard is a bang. i thought it was a car, you know, accident, but then i come out, and the streets. >> when that broke, my truck was parked right there. where the handicap polls are. and it took everything that they could think of to so it wouldn't fall in that big hole there. >> first priority will be, you know, assessing what's taking place, looking into, you know, looking into seeing how much further back it may have gone. i think we'll have the presence here for little bit of time. >> back live, you can see crews working hard to essentially get to this eight-inch water main and figure out how it broke and how this whole developed.
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they don't know how it all took place at this point. fortunately, no injuries reported at this time. but as you heard, the personnel say, they'll be here for quite some time. back to you. >> all right, dave, thank you. philadelphia police are shutting down some reports about the women's march, which they say are completely inaccurate. some activists cents have claimed on social media and posts like this one that officers are going to stop and frisk attendees at tomorrow's event. police say that's simply not true. >> we're not frisk people. i know that was in a story reported yesterday, or the day before, we're not infringing on anyone's first amendment rights in anyway. >> about 50,000 people attended lasts year's march. police expect an even bigger turn out this year. streets from 18th to 25th and long the ben franklin parkway will be blocked, and there will be limited entry point. >> riding patco this weekend? they're expanding schedule saturday and sunday to accommodate people heading to the woman's march and the big eagles game. westbound trains will run every ten minutes on saturday, and every 20 minute on sunday.
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patco is also adding cars to the trains for those event. >> we are tracking a developing story for you that's happening across the countriment fox 29 has learned, police are on the look-out for a national crew of thieves called the felony lane gang. the gang is known to target vehicles with pocketbooks and valuables leafs inside. delaware county communities are seeing a rash of break-in's as of late, and lieutenant brandon graph of marple township has alert for resident. >> they'll spend their day, you know, stealing from cars, coming back to the hotel, maybe one, two night, then boom they're onto another state. >> that's not very breitbart. you know, someone can break-in your car, and leaving your belongings, i found a lot of friends leave their stuff, their phone, their car, they break in the window and take their stuff. >> new jersey communities have also been hit lately by the felony lane gang. police suggest you leave nothing of value inside your locked car. >> a little guy with a big heart. the temple owls getting a letter of intent from a very
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>> will there be three ceremonies in. >> today's page six tv. >> ♪ >> big time college basketball program gets signed letter every intent from big time player it is big news, the temple owls did just that, today, but it is not quite what you think. our bruce gordon joining us with a story that will melt your heart, bruce? >> yes, dawn. these signing ceremonies are designed to help the team win and create brighter future for the player. mason my cough's signing does both. there there he sat, the temple coaching staff believes there is where of year old mason kai cough belongs. on a basketball court. wth his teammates. at the owls sports complex friday, they rolled out the
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cherry red carpet for their newest recruit. >> wyckoff from bristol bucks county was about to on the dotted line shall national letter of intent. >> see? >> his future head coach, fran dunphy, couldn't have been more impressed. >> he's got challenge in front of him. but he meets it greatly, every single week, and his parents are great role models for him to understand what it is like to go through this. >> mace needs weekly injections to fight off a disease called common variable immune deficiency, cvid. >> basically means his immune system doesn't work. he has hard time fighting off infections, when he get sick, he get real sick. he needs antibiotics, almost every time he gets a colds. >> mason's signing ceremony was orchestrated by team impact, national non-profit that pairs college sports teams, with sick kids. the benefit of both. >> i'm standing penmanship. >> mason signed his letter which commits him to attending owls practices and games as scheduled permits.
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and wearing his temple jersey, present today him by his favorite player, damian moore. >> with mason being 4-foot two, do you envision him of more small wine line up? >> i think the game changing little bit, bruce. and i think he's going to be able to play inside even at his size, because i think he'll be able to dunk over some of our taller guys. >> mason's favorite part of the sport? >> when nate makes slam dunks. >> oh. >> oh, i can she happening some day. say the 2032 season, mom and dad in the stands. >> he lovers it. his boys. he's one of the team. >> thirty-second left, temple down by one, wyckoff with the ball to the hoop. owls win. >> wyckoff will be court side saturday afternoon, when temple plays penn at the pal trees. quake verse their own team impact signee, tommy johnston of mt. laurel, new jersey, he has congenital heart defect.
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two kids, two teams, thanks to this program, all are winners. dawn? >> they certainly are, bruce, thank you, what a nice story. and back to your fox 29 weather authority, now as we take live look at wilmington, the week started out cold, but fortunately, it is ending on much warmer note. meteorologist, scott williams with full check of your forecast and including the game day forecast, just in 15 seconds. >> temperatures climbing, 42 degrees the high temperature today, but look at the temperatures across the nation, in the 50's, off to the west, 53 st. louis, 56 degrees in dallas. new orleans, mid 50's, we will tap into that over the upcoming weekend. right now, temperatures, pretty uniform, mid to upper 30's, outlying suburbs, we have 40 degrees, atlantic
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city, temperatures, north and west, pottstown checking in at 38 degrees. so, it will be cold for tonight, but not as harsh, upper 20's, to right around 31 , and then, for tomorrow, those temperatures, they will climb into the 50's, so yes, the january thawing, it will continue over the next several days, in fact, maybe fire up that barbeque, as we move toward your eagles party cast on sunday, hashtag fox 29 eagles. right here is the place to watch the game. temperatures, during the day, top out in the low 50's, we call it partly sunny, looks like, clouds will thicken, later on sunday night. but the rain, it is going to hold off until early next week. ultimate doppler right now, dry, quiet, and then we roll the clock ahead once again. monday night into tuesday, we are watching out for some of that rain. maybe about a half inch before all is said and done. that will take us to sunday. once again, tailgaters, dry, quiet, comfortable, partly sunny skies, temperatures top out low 50's, by kick off,
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looking at mostly cloudy skies, 46 degrees and then temperatures slow to fall during the game, because of the clouds, by the end of the game looking at temperatures in the low 40's. that weather authority seven day forecast, showing 53 degrees for your saturday. giving that a perfect ten. 52 degrees will be the high temperature on sunday, partly sunny skies, the clouds kind of rolling in, during the afternoon and evening, so during the game, it will be mostly cloudy but once again that lane is going to hold off until monday afternoon and evening into your tuesday. but look at the 50's, 53 degrees on monday. 56 degrees on tuesday. then little cooler by the middle of next week, mid 40's. the sunshine returns, 40 degrees, chilly, on your thursday, and then by next friday looking at temperatures topping out in the mid 40's. so, fly eagles fly, and ya, weather looking perfect for this upcoming weekend, dawn, back over to you. >> we will give you a-plus there, scott thank you. kristen rodgers live at the linc ahead of sunday's game.
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hey, kristen. >> hey, dawn, coming up mychal kendricks talks about what it is like to play his brother in the nfc championship game. plus i had the chance to catch up with analyst troy aikman to get his thoughts on just how this winter in the state with more ski mountains than any other, family fun reaches a new peak. so whether you're a speed demon
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or more of a snow angel, your winter chariot awaits. pick the best peak for your family getaway at new york state. it's all here. it's only here.
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>> philadelphia is the city of brotherly love. but, on sunday, it is going to be the city of brotherly livery. mychal kendricks has brother eric kendricks, also plays linebacker for minnisota these
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two guys have been very competitive their entire lives, now on the championship game on the biggest stage of their lives, let's just say that there is no love between these two brothers this week. >> i've lived in a room for 17 years, you know what i mean? and we've pretty much lived the same lives on opposite sides of our state, you know, and now, you know, we're on different teams, we're in the same scenario, playing the same position, it is crazy, man. >> always feel like my brother gets a little bit of the advantage as far as with the family, you know, root for, because he is the first born. but, you know, it is all love, though. >> mychal kendricks went onto tell me earlier today that the two brother haven't talk at all this week, not going to see each other saturday before the game, may not talk to each other during the game, during pre-game. and if depending on how the game goes, they may not talk to each other for awhile, after the game. on another note, aid chance to
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catch up with fox nfl analyst troy aikman, he's been to the stage before, and said this friday going into championship weekends is the best day, because you still have everything ahead of you. >> it is the biggest game obviously, because it is one game away from the superbowl. but when these players take the field, for those through that have never played in a championship game, it has a different aura to it, you know there is stadium as good as it was last week, it will be even better for this one, these fans recognize what's before them. >> okay, so, i know that this entire city has just been sinking fly eagles fly. we had the pep rally earlier today. but i have some questions for you. over here at citizens bank park, you can see, that they just put up a brand new let's go eagles banner. it looks great. but then, if you take a look over here, we got the linc, then we got the wells fargo center in purple. now, i can confirm couple every days ago it was green for the eagles, not sure why
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it is purple. or pink tonight. but think it may change to green very soon, because we are just two sleeps away from the nfc championship game right over here at the linc. and again, if you're not going to be here at the linc the only place to watch the game is on fox 29. dawn? >> all right, kristen, they need to change that building back to green. thank you. and coming up tonight at 10:00 d another reason to show they're not the underdogs, there was a post on facebook, this post right here getting a lot of attention, and eagles fans are fired up. more on that. that will do it for us here at 6:00. up next, page six followed by dish nation, and at 7:00 then stay tuned for "tmz" at 7:30. we'll see you back here tonight at 10:00. go eagles. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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right now on "page six tv," who says james franco will be at the saga wards despite the allegations of sexual misconduct? jessica chastain about a harvey weinstein? the assistant steal over a million dollar of his vintage wine? why is paris hilton having not one, not due, but three weddings? all the answers on "page six tv." [cheering and applauding] >> welcome to "page six tv." i'm john fugelsang. here are today's top stories. this weekend for the first time ever, the saga wards will have a host kristen bell. congratulations. [cheering and applauding] >> i'm going to get my ballot in. with allegations of misconduct still rocking hollywood and beyond, organizers are scrambling to last-minute finalize any details behind the scenes. and here to make sense of the awards show


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