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tv   Chasing News  FOX  January 20, 2018 3:00am-3:31am EST

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>> violence and new rochelle,thh school student in a day. >> they do not two oh is needed. >> our daughter was curled up in the corner at the high school. she was upset. >> governor cuomo wants to put attacks on your drive south of
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60th. it is hefty. the whole idea is to raise money to fix the transit system. this can accost you. >> governor cuomo should be ashamed of himself to go into the pockets of commuters once again. >> a college student host a racist rant. >> you have the right to freedom of speech, but you don't have right to freedom of consequence. >> as an african-american she's a racist. she needs help. >> on bill, this is chasing news. >> violence a new rochelle among high schoolers. the third high school student to be stabbed in eight days. what's going on in that town? ashley was there. she has the report. >> the suburban community of new rochelle, new york remains on edge after parents voicing outrage after violence involving the high school in one incident, student was stabbed to death.
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>> if this board doesn't work in our best interest away replace them. >> our daughter this morning was curled up in the corner of the high school, she was close to vomiting because she was so upset. >> over a scary a day and they've investigated attacks involving highschooler spray last week a 16-year-old stabbed a classmate to death that at dunkin' donuts. that student is charged with second-degree murder. this week others attacked a 15 euro student at a pizza shop. on thursday responded to stabbing at the high school and the 15 don't suspect seen a video leaving the building. parents pack city hall thursday evening crying out for their children safety of her officials to do more. on friday a strong police presence was outside. the district was conducting random searches and students are no longer to leave at lunchtime.
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>> nobody's able to leave. caps on the school, it's not really normal. >> i spoke with the 2711 graduate who for her own safety doesn't want to face on camera. she was there to pick up her younger sister. >> were considering homeschooling for the rest of her education. >> parents are calling for metal detection detector. >> the district has not responded. on tuesday they'll be another public meeting at the high school.
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>> congestion in manhattan is awful. it is so bad that the governor wants to do something. he's come up with a new feed, congestion pricing just for the right to use the road. john has a story. >> they do it in london and singapore, another suggesting to raise revenue for the subways and buses reduce traffic in midtown. good luck. here's how would work. if you drive a car south of 60th street between 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. weekdays you be charged $11.52. a truck will be charged $25.34. they're only once per day so if you're making several runs you'd only be charged once. texas, tubers and lives will be facing a fee of either $2 or
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maybe as much as five. no tollbooths. people will be see more tollbooths, there'll be scanners, which are easy pass to reach your license plate and value a bill. this could generate $1.5 billion in revenue every year. transit watchdog groups are thrilled also important to point out, the state legislator has to sign off on it. this is an idea. the dollar amount may change. when mayor bloomberg suggested it lawmakers didn't even vote on it. this does not have the support of mayor diblasio. he wants to tax millionaires to raise money for the subways and buses. >> let's bring in our panel for tonight. newly elected member of the assembly is here. welcome back. >> and peter brown is here
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politically speaking, the feasibility of this happening between two democrats, the governor of new york and the mayor are complete opposites second i think the legislator will go for it either. governor cuomo should be ashamed of himself for going into the pockets of commuters. he's had seven years to fix it he hasn't. the times just detailed a huge expose and they regularly waste billions of dollars. the reason why this traffic is because the transit system is messed up. you can ask commuters to pay more until we get the train running. >> the trains to run. i think somebody has to pay. i think it's a good idea. if commuters coming in there already paying tolls. >> it's about macon money and poor mismanagement of forks that travel to new york city.
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if i was in the new york legislator i would not vote for. you can continue to tax people. >> the pad toll hikes. >> you sound a little bit like a republican there. >> why not a user fee. they're going to put this burden on the back of somebody. why not the people streets. >> it is going on the back of somebody else. they can be on people who are ready being taxed enough. it's local people in commuters. the states looking to make revenue like 1.5 billion how do we know that money-saving ago back into the transit system. >> i think the governor is on to something.
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>> i also support beach taxes at the jersey shore. >> let's look and see how close. >> we have a chasing alert, the department of justice intends to seek a retrial in the corruption case against bob menendez. mark has the details. what happened? >> the justice department announced today that although bob menendez was a mistrial on corruption trial in november they've decided to seek another trial in the best interest of the public to retry him will seek a new trial as soon as possible. >> you've heard from bob menendez he's up for reelection, and we worked on the department of justice as to how quickly they will act?
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to the senator's office say? >> they were going to seek a new trial as soon as possible they seem to be interested in trying here. it's unfortunate that they decided to double down on these corruption charges and make their on chest total vindicated again. they see it as a victory. >> the senator certainly was not only in a set would celebratory mood said that he beat that improved his innocence but beyond that he said he was can remember his enemies. >> it was a threat to everybody
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went against him. >> to those who to give my political grave, i know who you are and i will not forget you. >> let's check out the headlines were chasing. >> tom petty died of a accidental drug overdose in october. the corner said the cause of death was multisystem organ failure due to drug intoxication from fentanyl, ask the coat and others. several members of a film crew were arrested after trying to film the smuggling of a fake bond through security. they were from a group, dutch production company that works with cnbc. the jersey shore is facing up to five years in prison after feed pleading guilty to tax evasion. mark faces three years in prison for one count of aiding in a fraudulent tax return. those are the headlines.
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>> duck when he where, how about a juicy college student getting expelled for posting the braces comment and will have your weekend forecast. >> within a few degrees of friday will make a run
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>> welcome back. i'm bill spadea. where show for you including the typepad challenge. a bunch of teenagers going online challenging each other to eat tied pods. it's laundry detergent designed to clean your close. check out the video. a racist rant by a college student from new jersey gets expelled it is a disturbing piece of video to watch. ashley has the full story. >> a college student from new jersey who repeatedly says the end were to videos and posted it on social media has been expelled from the university of alabama. the 19-year-old has apologized. she has been receiving death
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threats. >> [inaudible] so i hate -- >> the university of alabama president said that we hold our students to much higher standards. we apologize to anyone. richard jones remind students that what they post on the internet sticks with them for life. >> the top people to be careful about what you post on social media. he could come back and mess with the plans that you have for yourself. >> said she would have to kick her daughter out of her house. harley lives with her grandmother.
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>> let's bring back the a plus panel. we have jeanette and peter brown. disturbing video. it's aggressive and hate filled and hard to watch. should she have been expelled? >> absolutely. she's a very disturbed woman. you have the right to freedom of speech but not the freedom of consequences. the university of alabama has a clear student code of conduct, you must act with integrity and respect the dignity and rights of your students. she did not do that. it was appropriate for the. >> she's she's a racist. she should go to hell. the right and expelling her. >> the aclu will do what they want. >> as an african-american she's a racist.
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she needs help. >> which is at them? an evil racist or a disturbed teenager serious problems? >> she's a racist. >> yes, she does state help to address these issues. >> that was a very aggressive video. >> i have no issue with the university throwing her out, i agree, i would not want my daughter rooming with this person. what about the aclu. it's a serious point because the members who signed the letter and the new york silver rights commission said there is a first amendment right. >> you have the right to say what you want, but you also have
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to understand there will be consequences. >> she signed that code of conduct at your school. she breach of contract. >> what about the issue and the counterpoint about rap music and the fact that you have some cases black artist trashing racist in some cases using the end were themselves. >> that's entertainment. this is a deranged person need some significant help. quite frankly i think the school and the organization she belongs to should expel. >> we've known each other for years. never once have we use that terminology. when you use that word in a contacts it's meant to hurt and it carries a lot of emotional negative connotation. if organelle called right people to a certain standard we need that same standard to herself. >> you don't have wrappers going on instagram and repeatedly going after black people think i them that in a hateful way.
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>> do i support the wrappers that say that? absolutely not. >> the bottom line, throw her out. >> let's check in with dan with the weather. >> for the first time in more than a month we have a mild and dry weekend to look forward to. both high and low temperatures this weekend will be 10 degrees above normal. a nice quiet, boring, orange map to look at. think about saturday with 50 degrees temperatures and partly sunny skies, will have a breeze out of the west and southwest. hard to complain think about that is helping to fuel the warm-up. will be above normal for sunday and monday before the next weather maker comes into view. the early tuesday morning will probably be raining.
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there could be snowflakes on the backside of the system but it looks like half inch to an inch of rainfall. that could cause some flooding and ice issues. let's put numbers on the weekend forecast for you. overnight low temperatures in the upper 20s to 30 degrees. not as cold as the past couple nights. skies will be partly cloudy mix of sun and clouds on saturday be tell above normal and a bit breezy at times. sunday highs in the upper 40s is clouds to fill in. will be in the mild side before rain on monday night. have a great weekend. >> we have more show for you tonight. including the plant picture. who will head to the super bowl
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after this weekend's
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>> welcome back on bill spadea. we have more show for you tonight. check out the video, kids are taking what is known as the tide pod challenge. it's outrageous and disgusting. teenagers are left to know better taken tied pods which are laundry detergent to go into the washing machine to clean your close. i checked in with jeffrey about what's going on with these idiots. >> it's important for teens to be part of it. group. therefore sometimes they want to be the leader of that. group and establish their presence in that group and what a way to do that then meet this challenge showing them a step ahead of the crowd.
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>> let's bring back the panel. the tide pod challenge. >> that's nuts. i have no idea what to say. from a parent's perspective that's insane. and crazy. if your parent you should be watching. >> if you're parenting your kids are doing this you failed. this is the dumbest thing i've seen all week. there's a lot of dumb stuff. >> the kids, i understand a mistake they see something. >> but these are teenagers. it's laundry detergent, it's toxic. the first thing i thought of, in the old days parents would say if you say that again and get a washer mouth out was so. >> people are dying from this.
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as seriously as jobs is apparent to go home and see if we have any these and remove him. >> that the pods are great. >> this is what i worry about. no legislation on this. >> parenting and parents need to parents and teenagers need to be responsible. >> jeanette, good to see you. big weekend in sports. as the final four teams are going to face off into nfl championship games to decide who will face off in the super bowl. in the baseball season hasn't started the people are placing bets on the next world series. george has the details. >> what many consider the most exciting weekend of the football season is upon us.
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they have cnn nfc deciding who goes to the super bowl. jacksonville at new england. patriots quarterback tom brady. is his throwing hand injured. if so how does it affect the play on sunday. we know who runs this with the jaguars. will his postseason success with the patriots rub off on his jaguars? in the nfc clicks to lead the eagles to the super bowl and home game against the vikings while in minnesota when will make the vikings the first to hostess it super bowl in two weeks. should they lose on sunday the offensive coordinator could be deemed the giants head coach on monday. just 24 days to pitchers and catchers. las vegas lane the odds. the yankees are the favorites to win at night to make two. dodgers than astros and indians.
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the mets are at 25 - 1. enjoy the weekend. >> i hope you're getting ready to have an outstanding weekend. think about this, congestion pricing could be coming to manhattan. governor cuomo wants to give through the legislature and charge you to drive your car. a big charge on delivery trucks. here's the thing. it's a good idea to make sure you have a user fee for ginny is the roads you may as well be charged. commuters are ready pena have to total in the governor's plan doesn't include more partly the problem with what the proposal is they want to charge cabs and rideshare companies per ride.
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they need to stimulate jobs. there should be no fees for liberal left. no fee for the caps. encourage people
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something is terribly wrong and and and eagles fans are fuming. i'm dawn timmeney and that picture on the nfl facebook page less than 48 hours to go on the match group has the city on fire. joining us live from lincoln financial field with more on


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