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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 4A  FOX  January 22, 2018 4:00am-5:00am EST

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do is bun will up says bus stop buddy. you see lot of complicated weather coming our way. we will sort that out coming up but there are areas of showers, northern delaware, chester county, little bit in montco and dover, delaware maybe some light shower activity. not a big deal but it is there so it could be damp for you this morning were 44 degrees in the city. that is about as a normal high temperature in, fact, higher then normal high this time of the year. sunrise time 7:17. we have temperatures that are in the 40's most other places except for dover and wildwood where we are in the 50's and 39 degrees in pottstown and allentown. so that is what it its like as you sleepily walk outside the door. we could see a stray shower, 51 degrees, cloudy skies by lunchtime and a high of 55. so is there your weather for today, seven day forecast coming up, bob kelly's here but not here because he travel out to reading, pennsylvania this morning, hey there, bob. >> there you are.
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>> good morning, everybody. hello, reading pennsylvania, we are here live at the wyo missing restaurant and bakery. are you ready for our reading town take over. get in here. they opened up bright and early this morning. we are here right on penn avenue with a free, breakfast, all the way up to 6:30. i have been cooking all morning long. i have my french toast. what are you laughing at? i got my french toast right here i got my scrapple, my waffles, sausages, eggs, the whole 9-yard from four to 6:30 a free breakfast right here and lots of surprises as we are taking over the town of reading here along penn avenue are you ready for work? lets go eagles fans we are all in a good mood this morning on a monday. >> yeah. >> as we get ready to head out the front door. we have construction southbound on i-95, the guys are wearing the green hard hats as you work your way in toward 322 there, lets go downtown, the vine street expressway, right at broad
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street, looking live, and then also on the roosevelt boulevard, looking good, and a live look, at the stadium where all went down last night , of course, we are heading to the super bowl and here comes the eggs, scrambled eggs are out so if you are hungry and you want to help celebrate an eagles victory come on by we are here at wyo missing restaurant and bakery in reading, pennsylvania. are you red i lets kick it off with our very first eagles chant of the morning: e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles. >> yeah. now back to you. >> i love it. many more to follow. thanks, bob. listen to this... on third down and goal, foles, surveys, fires, touchdown alshon jeffery. >> love them all. so obviously alshon hauling in the second touchdown of the night. he and foles on fire
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connecting on passes, following through, i mean for foles it was a career game and coach there gets a gator aid dump. >> to be in this moment to share it with our family, our fans, all of the people love the philadelphia eagles, this franchise, my teammates, it is honestly unbelievable. >> unbelievable and it feels absolutely amazing and we love it. >> look around, hard not to see the excitement. eagles pride evident every where you look around our sit friday bridges to the philadelphia sky line, the city is glowing in green as we bask in the bird win. >> you know what is funny saw new york paper that is new york city they were cheering too even giants fans were on board our band wagon up there in the empire state building fired up all green as well. >> we have live team coverage of the eagles big win, jenny gist has the latest, but we will begin with steve keeley in cherry hill this morning, hi there, steve. >> reporter: for some reason
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the wawa coffee here this morning has a, funny kind of after taste to it, a bit like champagne. um. maybe it is a coincidence. as we look at the highlights, you can see the players played a great game but the head coach doug pederson called a great game. every call, and every instance seemed to be the right call, and sometimes some players early on dropping a couple key passes or the offensive output would have been even stronger. the quarterback, nick foles, 10 of 11 on third down passes, that doug pederson called. >> it is kind of surreal, you know. i love coaching this football team. i love coaching those players in there. it is a tremendous feeling. it hasn't sunk in. >> i'm just as excited because nobody gave us a shot but all about the men in this room, and, putting together a great game plan and then executing.
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>> reporter: echoing that chris long on the trophy podium said we are not surprised at all we won. vikings went up seven. teams would have felted folded their tents, not us, we don't panic. we need him to work in some tv news rooms, don't we. >> ain't that the truth. >> thanks, steve. the energy in the stands were so electric last night fans were so thrilled, overjoyed, nobody wanted to leave the stadium after the game. they sported the now famous under dogmas being there is one there. others held up their homemade super bowl signs, making it obvious they are ready to cheer on the eagles against tom brady and patriots. >> there were celebrations all over not just in south úscene where everybody justhe poured out of the stadium on to the streets cheering, chanting and because of the greased poles they weren't climbing up. that was funny, they put crisco. the crowd were really loud. police say they were peaceful. lets get over to jenny gist right now, hi there, jenny. >> reporter: good morning. as video you just showed, you
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can see everybody pouring out on to the street, after an incredible showing, by the eagles, now if there was ever a day to go to modells today is that day. modells will open up at 6:00 to begin selling that nfc champion ship gear, we expect to see a lot of people out here, stocking up on this gear they have not seen in philadelphia, since 2005, the last time that the eagles went to the super bowl. last night's unexpect blow out against the vikings had fans, fired up, thousands, charged the streets, in south philadelphia, center city and in the northeast when they realize the bird were claiming victory and headed to the super bowl. >> major win, major windy fence played well, owe even if played spectacular ready for patriots and tom brady. >> did we impose our will today. >> absolutely. >> super bowl 52 coming up with the patriots prediction, go ahead. >> it is pretty obvious,
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eagles all the way. >> reporter: so we know philly fans are passionate to put it mildly. police tell us there were not any major incidents it was just crowd control. there may have been more people converging city wide then expect but commissioner ross say there were enough officers to keep things, under control. they wanted to give fans room to celebrate as long as they were doing it within the limits of the law. so back out here live in northeast philadelphia we will be here at modells opening up at 6:00 o'clock, come join us, lets get our gear, let's, we're going to the super bowl, guys. >> we have some of the merchandise right here, we cannot help ourselves. so exciting. thanks, jenny. >> a win this big the entire team was celebrating both on and off the field. >> from the bottom to the top lets look at the top jeffery l urie out here on the field with the players an inside lines you can feel it was all happening, it ways already
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happening. then of course, we put it out there on social media. >> lane johnson posted his photo with carson wentz on the field, one more for philly # super bowl bound, #dogs got to eat again, #fly eagles fly. >> how about a giant getting emotional after a win, look at that just completely overcome on the field obviously just tears of joyce, of having the accomplishment actually happen >> super excited. carson wentz tweeted how about that eagles nation. super bowl here we come. fly eagles fly. >> torey smith, there is a picture of him talking about standing right there with his family anal shawn jeffery's family together again back in march i ren talking with the alshon jeffery and made our decision to join eagles. it was never about the money but being in this position right now. it is crazy how it all work out, good and the bad one more to go #back to work nfc chapel
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presidents. >> philadelphia mayor jim kenney said, he released congratulating the team saying it has been an amazing season and we're thrilled beyond word that there is still one more very big game to go. he went on to say i know fans of all ages and corners of this great city are bursting with excitement and i asked philadelphians to enjoy the team's super bowl birth in a safe, respectful way. >> it is really nothing like it when you win. so much fun. everyone wants to get in on it we sent you the a tweet to our police department hello philly police. we were like to report a man with bull nets south philadelphia, 66, short hair, the name rhymes with micksh moles. >> they got back tweet go to us there is no stopping nick foley die might we won't try and they added napoleon dynamite and that has been re tweeted 4,000 times and like more than 8,000 times. >> eagles have a tough task ahead in the super bowl match up against tom brady and new
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england patriots. jacksonville held the lead mess of the that game including a 10-point lead but that is when tom braid difficult what he does. touchdown pass to danny amendo la patriots took the lead for good, they win that 124-20. a few things to watch over next few weeks tom brady's injury right-hand and rob gronkowski's recovery from concussion in that game. conn if the there i. >> 4:10. fans of all ages love to watch , cheer, celebrate. there is a man we introduced you to him yesterday. you may have seen him in the pregame. >> ninety-nine years old, last night, his dream came true, we will tell but that but first, bob kelly? >> hey, gang, good morning, everybody. they didn't tell me turf work here this morning, look at this we are macing doughnuts fresh, flip them, time to flip , time to turn over, we are live at the reading town
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take over at the wyomissing restaurant and bakery. wait until you see what we have lined up for you when we come right back.
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>> ♪ >> oh, yeah, another one gone. >> vikings have gone home. >> yes. >> and it was easy so exciting >> i know. >> so our whole city is deck out in the green still wearing green cannot stop it. it is fun. it was for everybody no matter how old you are lived in the city, something to watch. >> dream come true for one of the eagles oldest fans last night. >> we have introduced him to you before, 99 year-old, phil basser last week on good day. not only did he get tickets for the game in the fancy boxes for his 100 birthday present coming up, he got to watch in that vip suite with the grandson josh. >> we watched on the couple, all the time, but to actually be here and look at this atmosphere and see this
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stadium right now, it is a honestly a dream coming true. >> do you want that dream and take it one furtherer? next would be to watch eagles win the super bowl, pretty darn exciting. >> i know, sue they have had great weather yesterday, and the pair the falcons came in when it was freezing. >> that is true, what a difference a week made and it is thanks to the air coming in out of the southwest, we have a warm front in the vicinity, and it is only giving us some light showers, for today, but, we will have some different weather today then we had, yesterday, because it will be cloudier and even milder, actually, then what we got to yesterday. you can see scattered showers around on ultimate doppler radar, in the a big deal but they are there. you know, you have to plan your hair style accordingly for some of us, we do. look for mostly cloudy skies when not raining. real big rain comes tomorrow. we may see few peaks of sunshine but probably mostly
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cloudy. here we are tomorrow morning good good day and rain starts to move n looking out to the west you can see pretty heavy rain. that is when weather drama starts right around lunchtime, or just before when we will get showers and possible rowdy thunderstorms coming through for the evening drive tomorrow and then we're out of the rain , at lee until the ladder half of the weekend. we will see that in the seven day forecast. walking outside the door temperatures similar to what high temperatures they're time of the year or higher, we're already in the 50's in dover, delaware. fifty in wildwood. thirty-nine in pottstown and allentown. those are chillier spots and 44 degrees right here in philadelphia, not much wind out there, and there was a chance we can see some fog, that hasn't materialized but, look at our weekend compared to last weekend, 57 degrees on saturday for a high, 53 degrees, yesterday, today, probably 55 and close to 60 tomorrow with those showers and thunderstorms, of course,
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storms come with the strong cold front so it will cool off on wednesday and thursday, thursday high only 39 degrees, back in the 40's on friday and 50's over weekend with a chance of rain on sunday so that is a look at the roller coaster ride in the seven day forecast, lets see what bobbies cooking up out there in reading, pennsylvania, good morning, bob. >> reporter: hey, sueby, good morning, this is my dream job right here, these doughnuts hot right out of the what would you call that not the oven, right. >> no, the friar. >> the friar. >> and now we are putting the green icing, this is nor at head baker here at wyomissing restaurant and bakery. how many of these do you eat while you make. >> i don't eat any other won i will show you the won i like to eat. >> can i lick the bowl when you're done. >> yes, you can. >> you know it. they are all in good mood
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eagles victory means eagles doughnuts and free breakfast here all morning long. a weise go to the maps in gloucester township left over construction between warwick road and chews landing road. lets get live to the 42 freeway for gang coming in from new jersey headlights heading in toward philadelphia , and lets go to i-95 southbound we have got that left over construction, as you work your way down toward the welcome center and downtown we will go the vine street expressway, stacked up. not that bad at all lights there at eighth and vine looking g back here live in reading, pennsylvania it is town take over we are taking over reading, pennsylvania and we're wyomissing restaurant and bakery on penn avenue, the main drag here, in reading. where are all of the eagles fans? >> we. >> a lot of these folks a combination of up from the night before and just getting up this morning. hi, your name. >> i'm joan i'm here with my husband walt. >> hey, how are you, pal.
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>> great, good morning. >> you came in first. you are having the -- >> going through everything at won and on my second helping. >> it is how you do it because it is a free breakfast here, i said lou familiar. is what your first name. >> don. >> did you watch the game last night. >> yes, difficult. >> you're looking g are you ready for the super bowl. >> absolutely. >> come over here too we even have our officers here, sir, you are on duty but guys at restaurant here they take care of the police, fire fighters, how was it in reading. >> it was pretty dead. >> well, that is good. >> everybody behaved themselves. >> yes. >> that is what we want to hear, from our officers pretty dead, kind of quiet but that means they get a free breakfast. come on by penn avenue we will be here all morning long with the a free breakfast, lauren and karen up until 6:30 this morning. who is hungry. >> that is awesome free breakfast head on down with bob and the gang. >> free.
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>> free. >> it is free. >> coming up on 4:20 right now south philadelphia police are investigating a double shooting that happened on south broad street just after 1:00 right here near bainbridge. police say two men were shot one found at the scene other showed up at the hospital. we are still trying to get an update on the first victim but or one is in stable condition. north philadelphia, you know, that is not right, guys vandalism there 11 cars spray painted green on the 1500 block of north 16th street. we talked to one of the owners who said they are celebrating, that is not funny guys. that was one small blemish in a other wide pretty wonderful night. lehigh county federal corruption trial set to begin for allentown married he had pawlowski, opening statements scheduled to start this afternoon, prosecutors are accusing him of accepting more than $150,000 in campaign contributions, in exchange for city business. the trial is expected to last
4:21 am
two weeks. pawlowski has pleaded in the guilty. day of the governmental shut down maybe hope of a deal , senator will be voting on a bill today to keep the government opened for three weeks but senate democrats are refusing to vote on governmental funding until the president agrees to deal with the fate of the 700,000 people brought to this country illegally as children we call as dreamers. republicans say they will discuss that after this vote. >> let's step back from the brink, let's stop victimizing the american people, and get back to work on their behalf. >> everyone of our solutions on the path of an agreement which we could make in an hour we want the president to come to the table and negotiate how we can do this in a very short period of time, to open up government. >> so what does this mean for us right here? heading down to olde city area , check out our landmarks,
4:22 am
independence hall liberty bell , closed but visitor center is opened because that is staffed by non-national park service employees. heading out to valley forge national historical park don't drink too much coffee because you may enter but all of the buildings are closed including the bathrooms. is what still opened? you will still get mail, social security recipients will still get their checks. >> that is good news. >> this is so much fun, the dilly, dilly more like philly dilly. >> why budd light might be stuck paying bar tab for all of philadelphia, it is a bet.
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here we go. >> throws, looking for a block , touchdown. lagarrette blount, touchdown. pass is caught, jeffery, touchdown. flee flicker, smith, touchdown >> touchdown alshon jeffery. >> it is just beginning. >> bring on brady and the super bowl. >> it is unbelievable. >> there has to be thousands and thousands of people. >> crazy out here thomas, it is nuts, take a look at this
4:26 am
crowd. >> yes, we are on. they won. >> oh, we got it. here it is, coming up. >> this is the trophy. >> take a nice look, guys. >> that is a pretty win too, right. >> that is the truth. so many games are so ugly, on the edge of your seat. >> yeah. >> that was a good one. we are having fun. we hope you are too. it is happening all over both delaware and lehigh valleys as well. >> let's check in with bob who is cooking up some breakfast, what is up, bob. >> you know what, decisions, decisions should i get with scrambled eggs, french toast or my mom used to make this back in the day, cream chipped beef, s.o.s. we called it. we are live, it is the reading take over when we come right back.
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we're not only going to minneapolis, we have something to do in minneapolis: one
4:30 am
more win. >> one more win, oh, god, say it, terry, howie, so much fun, going to the super bowl, all eyes on the trophy. >> eagles excitement at a feverish pitch, fans high as the bird fly away with the nfc champion ship. >> let's celebrate some more. it is so much fun. we don't get these days too often. it is monday, january 22nd, thomas coming along at nighttime this whole week. we have lauren here today. >> we are sporting our green. sue just can't because she has the green screen. >> yes, i have used up two things that will go, that i have that are greenish, the point is we are happen think morning and we're sleep think morning, we're all together and we will get you through just stay with good day all morning long. the one good thing you might want to does grab the umbrella one thing you do not to have do is bundle up. >> yeah. >> it is no the that cold outside, this morning for january we have temperatures in the 40's and 50's, yeah,
4:31 am
eight out of 10 because of that pesky shower situation. temperatures in the 40's. bus stop buddy has his green rain jacket on. he just happens to have one and it is eagles gear, of course, so he he is smiling but as sleepy as rest of us but we have first a warm front in the vicinity, that will warm things up for a little while and then strong cold front coming our way tomorrow and we will explain all that more, but we do have a few scattered showers, moving through the region right now, so you may notice ground wet as you walk out the door if you are leaving us this early. good for you if you are. 44 degrees at the moment. sunrise time 7:17. checking other temperatures 39 in allentown and pottstown those are chilliest spots on this map, 52 in dover. 50 degrees in wildwood. plan on mostly cloudy skies and a shower, or two, here or there, a high temperature of 55 degrees, sunset at 5:09. we will talk about what is up for next weekend as we now to have wait two weeks bob kelly
4:32 am
for the super bowl. >> two weeks we will have to wait but i'll tell what you i saw early morning line out of vegas we're still under dogs. vegas has us at five ain't a half to six and a half under dogs so keep under dog shirts ready to go don't wash them and good morning to reading, pennsylvania. our town take over this morning. we are good to go, the fire fighters are here, wyomissing restaurant and bakery. you have been coming here for a couple years. you love it here. >> i love it here. food wonderful. pies are amazing. i had them for holiday dinners , especially that boston cream pie. >> yes. >> and the owner thanks so much for opening up your doors and allowing us here. >> come on over until 6:30 free breakfast buffet, chipped beef, sausage, bacon. >> here come the fire fighters , they have arrived. they are in the carrying any
4:33 am
hoses so there is in fire. these guys got to eat, come on , get to work, let's check the jam cams outside we will go as we say good morning to the stadium area where it all went down yesterday, all nice and quite it this morning this morning in south philadelphia. the schuylkill expressway right here near spring garden street no problems at all. i don't know what to say for this morning's rush hour, i think we will see some snooze buttons getting hit and maybe late start to the morning, construction still out there over in gloucester township warwick and chews landing road and hello to delco, here's live look at i-95 near highland avenue and hello to the free buffet, lets take a look at this, smell-o-vision i know you are at home right now , stick your hand through that camera and grab whatever you want, a free buffet, don't forget about the green doughnuts in honor of our eagles going to the super bowl we are live here all morning long, wyomissing restaurant and bakery penn avenue in reading.
4:34 am
karen and lauren which one of these items would you like me to bring back for you. >> a little bit of everything. >> can you see a sampler plate , thank you. >> two take out containers to go. let's do it. >> nicely done. thanks, bob. perfect pass right there from nick foles and that is just one of the many highlights from his performance during last night 's really big game. >> it means a lot. but, i mean honestly we're not done just yet. we have to keep this thing going. we have another game to play and i think everyone in this locker room understands that. this is in the like we reached our destination. we're getting to the destination but we have to finish what we started it is time to take it up to the next level to go all in, every finger in, painting my nails green, we did everything right with our superstitions put couch in the right place, cushion, whatever you did, do
4:35 am
it again, don't let it up. >> we're all glowing in that big win from yesterday but the linc was so electric, yesterday. >> it has been a season where bad things have given away to amazing things. one man up. fans cannot contain themselves they had dogmas accounts. we have embraced it, celebrated, made it our own. >> look at. that you gays had so much fun. pleasure to watch. what a wonderful ride we have been on. >> people were celebrating all over the delaware valley, thousands of fans right there poured in the streets, that was broad street, i think mike massco and alex holley were out there cheering, chanting, revel nothing that moment. the crowds grew loud but police said for the most part people remain peaceful and calm. >> we have team coverage. we have jenny joyce where people will be rushing to the store to get their supplies and steve keeley who has found a guest and some newspapers, hey steve. >> reporter: when does the news break news that is when newspaper are just being
4:36 am
delivered at leann hour late because they are publishing a whole lot more with this late breaking news headlines. back page is my favorite best in show in the first part of the daily news but i like this one foles speed ahead and scotties not foles speed head because we are holding him up in the middle of one of his busiest days. everybody getting double, triple papers. >> yes for the big copy. >> reporter: this is a collector's item. >> it will be, when eagles win super bowl. >> reporter: this is the one you want now but in two weeks top if they are winning super bowl. >> midnight again. >> reporter: do you deliver them in bundles do you think people might be buying them in bun also at two dollars a pop just because this is so history making. >> i don't think it will get that far. >> reporter: they are buying american one now. >> yes, lot of people will collect them. >> reporter: this wawa is getting double their normal drop off. >> yes. >> reporter: wawa before at 38 /07 what did they get compared to what they get. >> all of the wawas are
4:37 am
basically double for circulation today. >> reporter: but down the street, triple. >> maybe two and a half times, in the quite triple. >> reporter: do you think they are sold out. >> no, there is not that many people out in the road they are still going home from last night. >> reporter: scott, thanks so much. you have a busy day. so, physical papers maybe not as popular as they used to be because people read on line but you cannot collect on line headlines, so there you go, two dollars for sports history , suitable for framing, as they say, lauren and karen soap get your copy while you can because they are sure to sellout. >> it is the true we were just discuss ago this that is front page to get framed and next one, two weeks from tomorrow. >> now we have those dogmas accounts that everybody bought and now every within will get for for the gear, right. >> oh, yeah. >> super excited. >> we sent jenny joyce to modells in northeast philadelphia they are opening up early so people can get in and get their stuff. >> reporter: yes, in an hour and a half.
4:38 am
karen and lauren i necessity you said you have gear. what do you have on the desk. >> we have t-shirts and karen has a hat. >> we have a hat, t-shirt. >> t-shirts and hats, okay. we muhammad ali deals is stocked were not only that stuff but magnets, pennants, sweat shirts, so we also know, that they were opened last night, right after the game, if you didn't make it outcome on out, because they will open up their doors at 6:00 a.m., to help eagles fans get their nfc championship game, now that the bird are head together super bowl for first time since 2005. last night we had a lot to celebrate. not only did we win but we played to win. there was a difference there we brought it big time. thousands of fans you the last night, could not contain their >> oh, my god defense was unbelievable all day long. passes were on point and we just going to super bowl.
4:39 am
>> unaudible. >> reporter: it is almost hard to hear them with all that screaming going on but that is excitement that we can feel. we know phillies fans are passionate. police tell us there were not any major incidents. job well done there just really crowd control. there may have been more people throughout the city then expect. commissioner ross says there were enough officers out there to keep everyone safe, so people waking up this morning, will be happy for sure, on your way to work stop by modells here at cottman avenue and say hello to us, and get your eagles gear, kick off the week the right way, back to you guys. >> get something good, i will pay you back, though. exactly. all right. talk about being overcome with emotion and joy, zach ertz has a wife who plays soccer. she was playing yesterday but when she learned about the victory you want to see this
4:40 am
video, so
4:41 am
4:42 am
all right. there is more good news piling on after that big wine we're on our way baby. one step closer to free beer. >> remember back in august lane johnson said wow give free bear to everybody if the eagles won the super bowl? >> so then budd light gets involved tweeting outlets make a bet, win it all, party's on
4:43 am
us, deal. fast forward a couple months and budd light has been backing us, for good reason with this new ad. >> eagles of philadelphia, well, i'm surprised to see you guys here. i thought it was all over. even though the king is never wrong, it looks like i was wrong. which i never am. the injury gods threw mud at you but perseverance gods wiped you off and padded your behind. now all you need is lady luck and your sick try to smile upon thy and the champion ship will be there. so you i will say only once, philly, philly. >> i love it. >> philly, philly. >> the budd light has in the commented on the promise for free beer just yet but we want to remind you when bet was made eagles had 50 to one odd to win the super bowl so budd
4:44 am
light's promise didn't seem too crazy back then that within nice we all will be celebrating with free beer, all of the sweeter. look at this septa subway train, eagles fan, run after the train slams rate into a support support beam. it is unclear which line it happened honor if that man is okay, hopefully he is, right. >> yes. >> i don't know why, people fall down or hit into something, it is so funny, but you don't want to laugh. >> that looks like it hurts. >> haven't you didn't that before walking balk ward looking at your phone, we are hope he is doing better. share your moments that you were celebrating last night, this morning, send us your pictures, green anything you are doing. just use our #fox 29 eagles. >> we will go to break and we will be right back.
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4:47 am
all right. it is time to pay up, governor of pennsylvania and minute so the placed a friendly wager over nfc champion ship game. >> so sweet treats through go treat right there, it is since eagles beat vikings, we normally give our tastykakes. we will getty 5-pound salted nut roll which is apparently a thing out there in vikings territory. we have to give tastykakes to the governor out there our governor, of course, was at the game having a great time on the field checking it all out, what a night to be had.
4:48 am
>> how excitin. that is so much fun. so bob kelly, are you still cooking breakfast are you bringing us back a little buffet. >> i'm cooking, somebody has to make money around here cook breakfast around here i'm always first one up in my house. i have been making breakfast. look the at breakfast. we have making creamed chipped beef. lets check the jam cams as we say good morning to the delaware memorial bridge, not that bad at all coming over the bridge, little bit of rainy hit owed here to reading , pennsylvania. southbound i-95 live look near the walt whitman bridge between whitman and packer avenue looking good, no problems downtown on the vine street expressway. it is a nice kind of quiet start and mass transit everybody off to a good start so far this morning. back here live it is our town take over, wyomissing restaurant and bakery. this is what starts the creamed chipped beef, so they chop it up, nice and good and pop it on over here.
4:49 am
look at this big vat, come on we have to stir the pot a little bit. my parent, my mom and dad would have this for us every sunday morning when we come back for church that within a tradition, the creamed chipped beef. we are live here in reading, pennsylvania. lets see if anybody is here just yet. good morning, reading pennsylvania. >> look at everybdy. we are stack, packed as they like to say, the wyomissing restaurant and bakery where they have free breakfast this morning until 6:30. we will be making the fos fastnacht, up until 6:30. penn avenue here in reading. i hope you have a quick forecast in 15 seconds
4:50 am
here's our forecast for today, 100 percent chance of happy eagles fans, mild with showers today, thunderstorms, on the way for tomorrow, and scattered showers throughout the area right now, looking out to the west you can see more on the way, we will have a break in between and mostly cloudy skies in between, but you can see showers moving through, very light, through the philadelphia area and another area in southern delaware, none of this is a big deal but notice ground wet walking outside and see included cover throughout the rest of the day or maybe a shower or two, and then, tomorrow, it is when the heavier rain begins and it will probably happen during "good day philadelphia". starting to move in north and west around 7:00 o'clock and then probably by noon time, one or 2:00 o'clock thunderstorms are out of here. a few left over showers as we get through afternoon drive time and then, we will
4:51 am
probably be much chillier after that because showers, thunderstorms are with the cold front. 44 degrees in philadelphia right now, above our normal high temperature, 42 in wilmington. fifty-two in dover. thirty-nine in allentown. for a january morning pretty mild outside thanks to those southerly winds, southeasterly winds so is there your average high. we are higher then that right now. we got to 57 on saturday and 53 on sunday, today mid 50's, tomorrow close to 60 with those thunderstorms and then breezy, chillier on wednesday, thursday, friday back to the 50's as we head into next weekend, and we wait patiently we hope for the super bowl in two weeks. >> it is so hard. >> yes. >> long two weeks. >> is he we have a local comedian giving back to so many kid in our area. >> i need to you watch over. >> yes. >> what family emergency.
4:52 am
>> turf go to work. >> hello. >> turf go to work, so you have to go too do you have a name or do anything where do you work? you don't. you are a kid. >> so this is one of the videos made by this comedian. she dropped out of tell tomorrow me these videos that go out on buzz feed and get shared all over the place. >> new she uses it for the better. i have decided i will buy some girls a philly their prom dress adding she would buy tuxedos too it inspired others to hop on board including make up artists and photographers. that is always good when those dreams come true because it is so expensive for families. >> yes, when it happens and they get those new dresses and tuxedos. we love our kevin hart. >> we do. >> he is fun. we know he had to weigh in have a the game. >> after the break the message to the eagles and his city after last night's big game.
4:53 am
4:54 am
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4:55 am
this has got to be one of the best reactions we have seen to the eagles win. >> zach ertz and his wife, who
4:56 am
is also an let julie wait until you see how she responded when she found out. >> how exciting, hugs, tears, just overcome, she plays for our women's national soccer team so she was out in san diego for a match against denmark. our guys are here in denmark having so much fun. so much fun hugs and cheers. then also lets get to kevin h art and his reaction. >> shout out to the city of brotherly love, philadelphia we are going to the super bowl , i predicted it, i said we would beat vikings, now it is time to get to the bowl fly eagles fly. >> quiet moment there. kevin hart shared that video on instagram right before he went on stage in wisconsin for
4:57 am
his irresponsible tour. i think everyone has those excited moments. >> bunch of bleeps out there because people are pretty excited. lets get out to steve keeley right now. hey, steve. >> reporter: sue did the forecast but i will not let you rain on our parade this morning, outside, you will go inside soon, out of the rain, and into the love of philly fans. >> reporter: that is right, we are counting down just one hour until we can get in this modells store on cottman avenue to get our eagles gear, live look we have seen a couple employees, step inside, doors officially opened in one hour.
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
right now on "good day philadelphia", from under dogs to wonderdogs, we're going to the super bowl. >> nick foles able to getaway and throw, pass is caught, jeffery, touchdown. >> foles, surveys, eagles, touchdown, alshon jeffery. >> no one expected it to be a blow out knows people didn't expect us to be in the playoffs but we dit eagles beat the vikings 38-seven. >> it is unbelievable. >> fans showed up, showed out, up next brady and path. >> we want brady. we want brady. >> "good day philadelphia"


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