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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 5A  FOX  January 22, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EST

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right now on "good day philadelphia", from under dogs to wonderdogs, we're going to the super bowl. >> nick foles able to getaway and throw, pass is caught, jeffery, touchdown. >> foles, surveys, eagles, touchdown, alshon jeffery. >> no one expected it to be a blow out knows people didn't expect us to be in the playoffs but we dit eagles beat the vikings 38-seven. >> it is unbelievable. >> fans showed up, showed out, up next brady and path. >> we want brady. we want brady. >> "good day philadelphia" at
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5:00 a.m. starts right now. >> a poodle, really. all dogs are getting the love. >> that is right love everyone >> it is monday january between the second, 2018. i'm in for thomas he has been working nights having fun, he was sitting here watching the game behind us. >> i saw him here, tweeting biggest tv screen of all. >> hopefully waking up in a good mood because it feels good. >> great machine. >> monday are in the usually this exciting, right. >> no. >> no matter how little sleep we got we are all pumped this morning. hopefully you are too. it is going to be interesting to see how traffic is affect. we have had little traffic this morning. people are calling out sick. >> true. >> anyway for those who have to do what we have to do it is an eight out of 10 today, eagles eight out of 10. we have bus stop buddy in his green ready for some rain. there are some showers moving through. steve keeley allude todd that earlier. would i say tears of joy, right, tears of joy, because
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we are so happy, because of the super bowl, and, and, rain in the forecast, we are grateful, for that. so be prepared for a shower or two, not a big deal but here in philadelphia it is 42 degrees. a temperature that is above normal high for this time of the year, and daylight will go on about 7:17. we have a couple temperatures in the 50's, already, dover, down in wildwood where it is 50 degrees, 39 in allentown and 40 in mount pocono. we should be in the mid 50's with a mostly cloudy skies and stray shower is possible, and that is your forecast, for monday, we are seeing where the party has already started or maybe just continuing from last night out in reading, pennsylvania with bob kelly. >> good morning, everybody. you got it right our town take over, bring them on in, honey, look at this stack, yeah, baby is what your name. >> vicky.
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>> hi, how are you. >> good. >> you are my favorite so far this morning. >> look at the doughnuts we have here, green doughnuts in honor of our eagles going to the super bowl. >> wow. >> look at everybody here, we are here live at wyomissing restaurant and bakery on penn avenue in the heart of the reading. a free breakfast for everyone who comes by until 6:30 i'm here with all of the volunteer fire fighters. we have the gang from engine 57, engine 69, engine 25, all police, fire, emergency responders. let's have a hand for all of the police and fire fighters. these guys have been working all night long. they are in here now. end of the shift. quiet last night. >> yeah, for a change. >> you got a chance to watch the game. >> yes, absolutely. >> lets make it quiet throughout the morning because we have to eat a big breakfast let's check jam cams as we get ready for monday morning of
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work. we are look live in south philadelphia the joint was jumping last night. no problems at tasker avenue. they are cleaning up parking lots as we speak, roosevelt boulevard a live look at the gang coming from northeast philadelphia heading down to the schuylkill looking g live look at the new jersey turnpike over at exit number four, over there in mount laurel, new jersey. downtown we will go, the vine street, expressway, i want to point out my shirt, karen and lauren, an under dog shirt, already first line out of vegas we are five and a half points under dogs, again, for the super bowl so hold on tour under dog shirts, don't wash them because we will wear them in two weeks when we go to the super bowl. back to you guys in the studio . on third down and goal, foles, surveys, fires, touchdown alshon jeffery. >> thanks, alshon jeffery. he came up so big in this game
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second touchdown of the night. he and foles are getting that connection between them. they were connecting on the passes, following through and then, of course, big gator aid dump right there isn't it funny, to get wet. >> spare the headphones but not the coach. >> who is next. >> just to be in this moment, to share it with our family, our fans, all of the people that love the philadelphia eagles, this franchise, my teammates, it is unbelievable. >> players always say, when that happens, about the fans they showed up, showed out, looking around it is hard to miss excitement in our city, eagles pride every where from our bridges to the sky line, the it i glowing in green as we all celebrate the bird big win. >> i love this because i was seeing it in the weekend. new york papers were saying the giants fans should be root ing for, not the jets that is for eagles new york city how cool is that. the empire state building all
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deck out in green. >> yes, we are live team coverage this morning jenny joyce waiting for stores to opened up to get some gears. but, we will begin with steve keeley in cherry hill at the wawa. hi there, steve. >> reporter: lauren, you know i love you but i heard you say jenny pick me up some things. i called jenny. full price on the eagles stuff , but the falcons stuff is on sale, she said. by the way, i said hey jenny, pick me up a couple of doormats, this is second time we will use them to wipe our feet on the way to the super bowl. i had some falcons doormats coming. >> yikes. >> all right. you are so nice you cannot even say anything mean. anyway, i know you can say something mean if i said something to you. we are at wawa we showed you newspaper, when jeff lurie said don't buy all of the papers now wait until two monday. this guy means business.
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>> this is a special group of players. coaches. however in all of our focus, has been the whole year is to win it all. it is not just to go to the super bowl. i think, you know, we're in a special trip to minneapolis, and there is a goal to win a world champion ship. that is what we are all obsessed with. >> reporter: so, if we can, lets run some video of the front page of the philadelphia inquirer next to the front of the sports section, and jeff l urie would say get your newspaper today where they say , souped up and simply super but save your real money for buying them in bunches on a way more meaningful bigger sports history newspaper day in philadelphia two weeks from now. he knows what that is like, so he said almost at the start of
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that news conference we're happy we're here but this isn't why we're here, to get this far we have one more win to go and i like. that. >> the competition is tough. it is not a field trip. it is a business trip. >> thanks very much, there. everybody just feeling it. >> energy in the stands was electric. eagles fans overjoyed no one wanted to leave the stadium after the game was over. fans, working those under dogmas accounts, others held up their homemade signs, and they are saying we're super bowl bound, bring it on, brady >> so, i just learned that we're still under dogs but we are having the big smiles out there all pouring out of the stadium. people were in a good mood. maybe there could be a little too much rowdiness but people were pretty peaceful there. so you know what we will embrace the under dog thing all the way through super bowl right where we want to be under estimate us and we will show what you we got. >> that is right. >> jenny, people will be
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getting the merchandise, the apps, what do you think the biggest seller would be maybe the t-shirts. >> would i say t-shirts. i was looking at some of the merchandise on my phone. it is pretty cute. steve keeley starting trouble this morning, lauren you let me know what you want and will get that for you whatever your wish may be but there is definitely a lot of stuff inside here. that feeling of just pure excitement, such a fun feeling , it is one that philadelphia sports fans haven't had in years. so, we're going to enjoy this and we're looking forward to seeing people, show up here to this modells when they open up the door at 6:00 this morning. it is safe to say that philadelphia fans are whole heartly satisfied, with what they saw last night, unbelievable, blow out, playoff win against the minnesota vikings. the eagles play to win they played their hearts out and we are all flying high this morning, last night we saw thousands of people storming the streets in south philadelphia, center city and in the northeast, and our dave
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schratwieser was put in the middle of the crowd last night at broad and walnut and he talk to some pretty siked fans >> that was amazing. thirty-eight-seven did you think it was going to be that. >> i didn't think it would be that amazing but i expect nothing less than the boys. >> reporter: what do you think of this party. >> it is amaze to go see philly with such excitement, it is awesome. >> reporter: you know what was really awesome karen and lauren is that there were no make or issues. we talked to commissioner ross , last night walking around the crowd. i'm sure we will get an update this morning but at that point in time he said really it was just crowd control. they wanted to let the crowds enjoy themselves and spill out in the street as long as they weren't causing any major problems. so now it is all about the fun , looking toward the future and super bowl. >> thanks, jenny. >> just chemistry of this year has been so much fun. we have some news to get to
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believe it or not on a monday morning. we will tell but some of the things happening on this day when we come back shortly. >> we will take a quick break.
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we're survivors, we will out last, we will out grit you
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, we will take you down, it feels so good on this monday morning, after the big win. >> and, there was a dream come true for one of the eagles oldest fans, in the game last night. >> we introduced to you phil basser, 99 years old on good day and networks did a big special right before the pre game show. you can see him in the suite, his 100 birthday present, coming up in march getting to watch the game up there, that is grandson that started it all off with the tweet, there they are. >> we watched the couch and to be here and look at this atmosphere and see this stadium, it is a dream come true honestly. >> josh said only thing better then watching that game last night with his grandfather would be if the eagles actually win the super bowl. >> treat for all of us. >> i saw saw there, with billy v, they had their cap on watching the game as well. >> well, we were at home.
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we have green on ultimate doppler, we have light, light showers moving through the area but down the jersey shore we may be seeing rain if you have not already and we are seeing light showers moving through as well. more on the way but not a big deal. the weather drama really comes tomorrow with the possibility of thunderstorms. you see today, we experience mostly cloudy skies, and then tomorrow, morning, a long with the cloud we will get the rain rolling in, and it looks like, during "good day philadelphia" tomorrow we will be rocking and rolling with some heavy downpours and possibility of thunder and lightening. in the evening there could be left over showers. so energy 42 degrees in philadelphia right now. that would be a normal high temperature but we are above
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for this date. in the 50's in dover. wildwood, up to 38 in allentown. for late january, not bad 3 miles an hour winds, in the a big deal. your average high is 40 degrees. what an above average weekend we had in so many ways, including yesterday's high of 53. today about 55. tomorrow, close to 60 with the showers and thunderstorms and then after that cold front comes through temperatures will plunge a bit. well start off in the 30's on wednesday and end up in the 40 's and then a high of only 39 on thursday, 42 on friday, back to the 50's for saturday, and for sunday. is there your seven day forecast, lets see what is out west, in reading, pennsylvania, hello from berks county bob kelly. >> we're taking over in
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reading, pennsylvania and exactly, boom, are you ready to go. >> is what your name. >> cindy stern. >> what is this you have a signature for everyone. >> i have j.d. smith, ike reese, ray diddy my idle. >> he was just induct in the broadcast hall of fame. >> and, the locker room. >> we're number one, gang. >> we're number one. >> eagles fans are here. let's check jam cams, i will put my signature on there. construction on i-95 wilmington line 322, right there taking upright lane, 42 freeway starting to see volume poppas you work toward philadelphia and live look at i-95 right here near penns landing. back here live at wyomissing restaurant and bakery, vicky, our waitress, you have the bl ing. >> this is good stuff.
5:18 am
>> that is the real stuff. >> real stuff. >> how long have you been here >> i have been with a start, great guy he should be really commended for everything that he does in this restaurant and for the community, the ymca we have had coat drives, sweater drives, instrument drives, he gives to family in need. we have big benefits for them where he gives all of the food , his time, waitresses and cooks donate their time. he does so much it really should be talk about how much this man seemingly does for this community. >> when we looked up for a place to go he was within guy, you have to go here, you have to go here so we are here, and everybody enjoying the free breakfast so far. >> yeah. >> come on, reading, now, vicky's best waitress but do you know want to necessity the most brave guy in the whole joint. turnaround with this guy with his patriots jersey on. >> is what your name. >> ryan backs store. >> nice to meet you.
5:19 am
>> you have lieutenant of guts coming in here. >> it is what it is. >> tell me about why patriots jersey, was it on sale. >> no, my family is from the new england area. so... >> you live in this area. >> patriots/eagles what do you think. what are you going to go with. >> patriots 36, eagles 33. >> boo. >> what, what? >> security, out the back door with this guy. >> he is doing the dishes. >> put him in the dishes, in the kitchen. >> back to you guys in the studio. >> eagles fans, ready, e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles. >> wow. >> that bob kelly does a great job. we have some news of the day, in south philadelphia police are investigating a double shooting on south broad street it happened just after 1:00
5:20 am
near bainbridge. police say two men were shot in the leg, one was found at the scene, the other showed up at ate hospital later on. we are waiting on an update about the first vick trim but second victim is in stable condition. and in north philadelphia this happened, sadly, excitement turned to vandalism , 11 cars were spray painted green on the 1500 block of north 15th street. we talk to one car owner who was pretty upset that people are celebrating at the expense of others. lets get to lehigh county right now where federal corruption trial is set to begin for allentown married he had pawlowski, opening statements will be scheduled for this afternoon, prosecutors say that he, accepted more than $150,000 in campaign contributions, in exchange, for city business. we call that pay to play. won reelection for his fourth útrial is expected to last two weeks. he has pleaded not guilty. day three of the governmental shut down but there is some hepp for a potential deal, senators will
5:21 am
vote on a bill today that would keep g opened for three weeks. senate democrats are refusing to vote on governmental funding until president trump agrees to deal with the fate of the 700,000 people, brought to the u.s. illegally as children, but republicans say, they will discuss that after this vote. >> lets step back from the brink, let's stop victimizing the american people, and get back to work on their behalf. >> everyone of our solutions on the path to an agreement which we could make in an hour , we want the president to come to the table and negotiate how we can do this in a very short period of time to open up government. >> question you might be asking what does this mean for us here at home? independent hall and liberty bell, closed but the visitors center is opened since it is staffed by non-national park service employees. and valley forge national historical park visitors may
5:22 am
enter but all buildings within the park including the rest rooms are closed. >> as for what is opened, mail will still be delivered, social security recipients will receive their checks, veterans hospitals are opened and flights and trains are operating but traffic controllers will not be paid for that are work. >> absolutely. so when you have a big win , so much fun every within wants to shout to it everybody who wants to listen. they run outside, you heard it , on their balcony, screaming, fire works and you do it on social media. >> we will share more post from players lake this one from nick foles coming up after the break.
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we're on our way to the super bowl. >> i think everybody is screaming that at the same time, just cheering so much, so much fun. it is not just fans all of us just jumping on this one, players are enjoying it as much as everybody else. lets take a look this is what nick foles had to tweet last night what a night. i love this team and this city thank you philly for showing up loud and proud your energy powered us through the night, fly eagles fly. >> chris long kept it short and sweet, wow, man, philly, you brought the energy tonight >> and jordan hicks all galore toy god what a incredible team
5:26 am
, so proud. >> super bowl bound, fly eagles fly. zach ertz posted this nfc champs but we are in the done yet. next stop, minneapolis. >> this is an exciting time for this team. you know, bad things were happening in the season, carson got hurt, so many injuries, but it is now time for good things for us. >> that one man up attitude. sometimes it is chemistry, when everything goals together and watching carson on the sidelines sitting there talking to nick foles, so show us how you can celebrate. what your house will look like during this process. oh, your babies and dogs, so much fun
5:27 am
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looking for a block,
5:30 am
touchdown. >> lagarrette blount. >> touchdown. >> pass caught, jeffery, touchdown. touchdown. >> well, celebration is just beginning. >> bring on brady, the super bowl. >> it is nuts. take a look at this crowd. >> it is crazy, crazy last night. still craze think morning. we are celebrating, we got our gear, so much fun, all of our gear, we are nfc champions. we knew it all the long. >> we are the champions. >> we did have faith in foles. >> it has been a exciting seasons. hopefully it continues. sue, we have had a wonderful weekend. >> certainly. >> temperatures not bad. >> it is a mild morning out there. it is above where we should be for high temperature for this
5:31 am
time in january. we have a few cloud, a few showers, and we will get with an eight out of 10. buddy smiling through his, i guess, sleepiness, smiling through his sleepiness, mess of the temperatures in the 40 's this morning and we have seen some showers around, and normally, you would probably see some white on radar but it is green, for the eagles today and very little of it. showers are not a big deal. 42 degrees right now with a 3- mile an her breeze and 44 in trenton, 40 in reading where bob kelly's this morning and 50 degrees in wildwood. get ready for a high in the mid 50's today with mostly cloudy skies even with the stray shower, we will take it because we will call those showers, tears of joy, bob kelly, as we mentioned out in 40-degree reading right now but he is inside nice and warm with some free breakfast. >> keeping warm next to the buffet line here, look at this
5:32 am
, cream chipped beef, right. >> yes, it is. >> you have to love that, good on a machine morning after an eagles win. free buffet here this morning. creamed chipped beef, french toast, hash browns, wyomissing restaurant and diner we are taking over reading pennsylvania all morning long. lets check jam cams as we get ready this morning. everybody is sluggish, but hey it is okay, the schuylkill expressway, at passyunk avenue in problems or delays right now, as we work our way in or out of south philadelphia, vine street expressway, looking good, and... no problems or delays at all, mass transit, all looking good , with no delays. back here live, good morning, reading pennsylvania. oh, baby i'm here, with my girlfriend brenda. now, at the hospital yesterday she got out of the hospital, not because of the game but
5:33 am
because you wanted to come and have breakfast. >> that is right. >> so lets get an eagles chant for brenda, e-a-g-l-e-s eagles karen and lauren, back to you. and foles able to getaway and throw, pass is caught, jeffery, touchdown. >> nothing short of the perfect pass from nick foles right there and that is just one of the many highlights, stellar performance from last night's game. >> that is just so exciting, we hung on every single play, euphoria would be the good word for the mood. >> energy of the linc was electric, that is another good word. been a season where bad things give way to great things and fans just can't contain themselves. they are sport ago this dogmas took cheer on the bird, many people, even making some super bowl signs saying bring on brady.
5:34 am
we're ready for him. >> we were celebrating. we had to run outside and scream. that is what people were doing off the street, setting off fire works, having so much fun because we have not had many reasons to celebrate. when we do we want to go all in, people behave for the most part, they make sure they were not going to have any problems but nicely done, everybody. >> yes, we have live coverage this morning, jenny joyce is waiting at the doors to get her hands the gear. steve keeley is live over here in cherry hill. >> everybody is so worried about a couple weeks ago nick foles replacing carson wentz. if you look at last night's stats nick foles game last night was better then any game statistically that carson wentz had in this mvp style year, how about that. nick foles, just as cool and classy after the game as he was on the field during it. >> that is the beautiful thing when we look at the journey and realize it wasn't always
5:35 am
great. there was bumps in the road but you were able to overcome them with the people around you, people that believe in you and love you, that is a special thing where in this moment, it is something i reflect on. >> so, i think, i tweeted this picture during the game last night when it was sure we were going to win. fox 29 news live shot of the long line of the nick fels daughters right now. i love that picture. i just called jenny again, she said they have a special t-shirt custom made for you, green on the top and red on the bottom. it says, these bird will finish, the job, these bird could not. >> hey. >> by the way, it only comes in one size, l, because loooos er. >> you guys are harsh. >> welcome to the anchor desk,
5:36 am
lauren. >> i will take it. tom brady, last year in the super bowl. eagles and another bird. >> thanks for reminding me. >> good sport. that is fine we are cheering on eagles right now. you always feel like it is a dream, we're worried that the shoe will drop or something what had will happen next. this is for real. it is real deal. get out your hats, shirts, other gear and he embrace this wonderful moment. >> jenny joyce texted me and she said lauren, seriously i will get you whatever you want because she's so sweet. >> reporter: yes, i will get whatever you want. we are 30 minutes away from modells opening up its doors. modells was opened last night after the game. we found our first person here waiting to get inside. chris, swing around. alan, you came from jenkintown why are you here and what are you trying to get.
5:37 am
>> i'm coming to get the conference t-shirt. my brother-in-law, my sister and i'm getting one for myself >> reporter: were you going to get anything else. >> maybe a hat, and a sweat shirt. >> reporter: why did you want to get here so early. >> i wanted to beat the crowd, you know what i mean. >> reporter: so tell me about the game lastwatching what was g through your mind? my jaw just kept dropp play afte nation. >> so was so you word can't describe how the game went, emotions, a lot of things. >> reporter: talk about why it is sure a life long eagles fan. >> as a philadelphia fan greg st time i think eagles went to was 2004.
5:38 am
>> 2004, so, i got a conference shirt. >> reporter: so did you cry any >> no, in the really just >> reporter: it is. >> i don't know say. >> reporter: i hope you get everything you want, allenn lint modells on cottman avenue and excitement once the doors opened. now back to you. >> thank y v>> just the long suo finally, and take a look, see tweeted out. we will show you a picture they put it out and this makes g also patriots. they better put that out. did you see what they put outt e eagles and vikings. patriots and vikings. they bette pthk you.
5:39 am
>> that is what happens when you are an under dog. eagles. show us your picture, we will see some very c won.
5:40 am
5:41 am
we want brady. we want brady.
5:42 am
>> look at that. there you go, coach, that yellow bath of gator aid, jeffery lurie dancing having so much fun, best time right there and let's just keep celebrating all morning long. >> jay ajayi came from the dolphins, down in south florida, someone said we're still on the j train. >> he's the one that cried. >> he joined the team mid season and look where they are right now. >> we're going out, we want tom brady right now. they are always tough. you have to hate them. new england, yeah. >> we all do. >> here's highlights. i was watching part of this game flipping back, jacksonville looked good. they had a 10-point lead in the fourth quarter but that brady always comes back. can't stand him. did he that touchdown pass with just over two minutes
5:43 am
left in the game. paths had lead for good and they win 24-20. so what do we have to look out for? we know he has hurt hand that is injured and rob gronkowski got a concussion he got rammed in this game. you never want to wish anyone hurt but we will see what will happen come two weeks. >> all talk before the game yesterday. >> coming up hollywood's best and brightest honored at sag, award, we will look at the winners. i like to see what the ladies wear. it was all ladies this year. and, we will break down winners when we come back.
5:44 am
5:45 am
5:46 am
5:46, so much fun waking up, celebrating this morning let's celebrate all over again >> hi, big daddy. >> how are you doing. >> you said you like man tears this game yesterday, no, it was close to tears. it was. it was an amazing day. i never lived in any other spot except for philadelphia it is one of the great days in philadelphia history in the just sports history because there is going to the playoffs , going to the stanley cup finals and then there is the super bowl. >> let me tell you, i was in the plane during first couple minutes of the game. eagles mistakes, eagles mistakes, and then pick six
5:47 am
happened and that turned it around. >> kind of, it was within of the most exciting plays. when eagles go on to win the super bell which they will do. i have been saying connection before they won yesterday that the patriots ride cannot get on forever and it will end, in super bowl 52 but this play patrick robinson, it will be like matt tears home run for the phillies back when they won world series that play will never be forgotten, it was within of the most exciting plays i have ever saw i was at wheel hand -- wheelihans, i thought the walls were going to collapse, the place went so nuts. it was a great game. i'm most happy for the fans but a close second and i think this is second time i'm saying this to you i'm so happy for doug pederson who a lot of eagles fans, not a lot, hated
5:48 am
the higher. they gave him a lot of trouble before he even coached the game. he never let it get to him. he coaches the game same way one at a time. everybody says it. he does it. i love him. this is for you, doug. >> doug pederson but even tougher to be nick foles to come behind carson wentz and everyone doubts him. >> how about him. >> i, i, i... >> speechless. >> sums it up. >> carson wentz could not have given the eagles a better game then nick foles did yesterday. i think eagles win super bowl 52 but i'm not expecting another performance like this out of nick foles. every they was right on the money. >> even the best part about this is winning this champion ship here at home i mean how great is that is the best feeling. >> i was at wheelihans where i am for every eagles game but tons of people are at the game , said the loudest the linger was. >> you have something coming
5:49 am
up. >> yeah, with joe conklin and ray did goer, broadway theater in pitman february 10th which, by the way, it is first saturday after the eagles win super bowl 52. >> wow. >> within heck of a party. >> thanks, appreciate it. >> bob kelly, still having breakfast. >> you don't use too much butter. >> i am here, good morning, these guys are back here for second, free buffet here at wyomissing restaurant and bakery. i brought this with me today, this is my souvenir from the 2005 eagles/patriots jacksonville game when i was down there covering super bowl , the last time around, come on we have our eagles fans here this morning. >> yeah. >> let's check the jam cams as we get ready to head out front door, bennie looking good, ben franklin all draped in green
5:50 am
for our eagles this morning. we have got some construction southbound i-95 right here near route 322, taking out right lane, blue route looking good at baltimore pike, market frankford line they have had residual delay going from some earlier medical emergency, back here live, with the free breakfast and the eagles doughnuts, vicky, your waitress here who with like an eagles did he nut. eagles doughnut for everybody how about a forecast, sue has tonight 15 seconds yes, mother nature gave us green on ultimate doppler radar and, widely scattered showers around in the western part of the state, and, and, a little bit of shower activity,
5:51 am
around atlantic city or so. we have had light showers here we will get more before the end of the day but if you are walking out the door right now you don't to have bundle up like you have been for most of this month, 42 degrees right now in philadelphia, 40 in reading, you still need a coat but not heavier coat, scarves, gloves and all. that 51 degrees in dover. heading to 55 today. because of the cloud cover, 59 tomorrow, showers and thunderstorm though with the cold front, so 43 is our high on wednesday. chilliest day of the week is thursday with a high of 39, 42 on friday and then back to the 50's next week with a chance of showers, on sunday, so do you like that spin of tears of joy from mother nature. >> sure, we will stick to it. >> thanks, sue. >> look what the cat dragged in. >> i was at the game, alex had never been down to see partying that goes on at cottman and frankford and also on broad street so we visited
5:52 am
broad and walnut. >> what time did you go to bed >> who went to bed. >> okay. >> rough show. >> buckle up. >> hang on. >> i visited may instagram. here i am, tom brady, hi, i'm tom, get to know me. over next two weeks we will learn a lot about tom brady. yesterday in this game begins jacksonville jaguars he got sensitive and cranky. >> he did because his hand is hurting. he has a boo-boo. so, watch, he sits down, he tries to stretch out his groin area but net zest a camera person real close. he is looking for one of his assistants. >> get the camera out of my f
5:53 am
ing face. we have two weeks of this guy. >> he has great hair. >> yes. and we leave the linc last night on the orange line and chants break, f tom brady. >> let's pull him off that pedestal. >> six minutes or so. pedestal. >> six minutes or so. >> we will be right new tv, new speakers, netflix. this is going to be the place for binge watching, ladies. is it, ladies? don't get me wrong, you have killer tech mrs. d,
5:54 am
but you still don't have fios. ok? fios is a 100% fiber-optic network, literally engineer good advice. i've also got some ideas on a better cereal selection, which i will keep to myself. experience netflix on the 100% fiber-optic network made for streaming. switch to fios and get a year of netflix on us with a two-year agreement.
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hollywood's biggest stars came together to honor their own last night screen actors guild award a prelude to the oscar gold. >> the award to gary oldman. >> gary oldman won best actor for his work in darkest hour, best actress went to frances mcdormand for three billboards outside eding missouri. >> film won for best motion picture, ensemble cast and sleep which took honors for best tv comedy series and this is us won best tv drama. bird fans flying high this morning and now we can get the gear to show our eagles pride, how you can score championship gear coming up. plus super bowl bound means going through, the
5:57 am
patriots, what the bird need to do to bring the lombardi trophy home to philadelphia.
5:58 am
5:59 am
we're going to the super bowl, and that is all we need to know. >> super bowl bound. the eagles dominate vikings
6:00 am
and earn a trip to minnesota to play in super bowl five-two . >> eagles fans go crazy, flooding the streets to celebrate the win, not even greased poles can keep these fans down. >> excuse me. >> up next for the bird the greatest of all time, the goat , tom braid up and patriots will represent the afc, yes, it is a rematch of our last super bowl, super bowl 39, how injuries could play a big role in this game. >> lets get back to celebrating, before we get to that. >> because listen to this, we were having a great time, but quincy and i, and i just grabbed a man said my knees are bad. they are in the bad tonight. >> my mens cuss,


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