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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  January 22, 2018 7:00am-8:59am EST

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>> or the fan bowl. >> they were in a frenzy. >> the magic show at the linc, under dogs coming out on top, top dog this morning, we will set up a trip to minneapolis for super bowl five-two. >> super bowl, eagles. >> can this team finally bring the lombardi trophy to philadelphia. oh, baby. get eagles. >> they have nothing on us. >> yes. >> take that grassy pole. >> take your pole and grease it. >> on the road to victory, fly eagles fly. >> thanks, guys. >> score a touchdown one, two, three, hit them low, hit them high. >> and watch our eagles fly.
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>> on the road to victory. >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. >> take that city of philadelphia back in the day you could climb poles and celebrate. we don't have that anymore but we are doing it for you. >> doing it for you who we are doing it for. >> for you eagles fans. >> sueby this pole is gold. >> put your tongue on it. >> no. >> come on. >> we have been there, done that. >> perfect pole climbing weather this morning if you can, if it is not criscoed up. we have eight out of 10 today. we will see a few showers but it is a mild morning with temperatures mostly in the 40 's and a few showers heading our way from the western part of the state, a few that just moved off shore, lehigh valley
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stray shower or two. this is not a big deal tomorrow, 43 degrees is our current temperature already above our normal high, we will top off at 55 later on within mostly cloudy skies and an occasional shower throughout the day, as we continue to celebrate or main take a nap because there is your nap time at 51 degrees. anyway whatever you have planned today temperatures are cooperating but it will get chillier in the seven day forecast coming up. let get out and check in with bob kelly's town take over around redding this morning. >> you know it, sueby we are taking over the town and good morning to reading pennsylvania wyomissing restaurant and diner one of the great spots on pn eagles fae thisrating a trip to the , this just stops me right in myra jelly doughnuts,
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who would like a jelly doughnut. >> yes. >> but we have to make them first, so come on let check jam cams as we get out the door on your way to work this morning. live look at schuylkill expressway at belmont avenue running arning. on i-95 watch for delays at highland avenue. tne vine street expressway coming into broad street coming into downtown northeast philadelphia, southbound watch for stop and goour way in to center city. back here live we will show jely doughnut with my three new tell me your name. >> riley, ce here first and it stinks they have to get to school. i don't know why your you get to ready? hold this. help me makeghnut before you go. watch what happens. ta jelly
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, right. we jam tonight give it a squeeze. >> look at that. >> it is coming out of the. lets have a making their own jelly doughnuts. studio.aving some fun. >> little bob kelly as in the future loving their jelly doughnut. >> alshon jeffery do you want to see him. >> yes, do i. >> alshon jeffery. foles, touchdown alshon jeffery. >> yeah, hauling in that second touchdown of the night. from there the vikings didn't stand a chance. this morning eagles are celebrating, well, you know whe going to the super bowl. >> they were partying all over the delaware this, we have linc, we have broad street we have northeast i love the fact that at least so far it doesn't look like there were a good time, man, living in the moment.
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jenny joyce is joining us live , also she's helping us pick out our champion shirts,champions. >> basically a fashion show. >> and steve keeley at wawa, i y there, covering two big stories and neither can inquirer. they are covering government shut down and eagles shut down of the vikings owe even if, how about that want, was that good. lisa millnor buying up these newspapers because you know they are holding physical sports philadelphia history right in your hand and you can frame it on your wall. she bought four. >> my daughter asked me to pick her up one before they all got away i got within for my brother, and just for a couple people that wouldn't get out so early. >> reporter: do you think you would not get any or sold out this early. >> well, i knew i come out so early so that it was a sure thing would i get one. >> reporter: you work at penn
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maybe not so much luck at the newspaper stands on the street >> not so much luck. >> did you good. >> yes. >> reporter: you want headlines of the newspaper two mondays from now, right. >> yes, go eagles, yes. >> reporter: when we come back at 7:30 from the cherry hill wawa we will tell you judge jeffery luri health says these papers are okay but papers you want are the won from two mondays from today. he is not kidding and not in the joking mood when he said it. >> steve, thank you. you can only imagine what it was like to be part of the madness on brought street just to be at the game. on my instagram i have so many videos it is crazy but i wanted to document this because the energy at the linc , was just, it was off the charts, so then, to go out broad street and see all that and feel the madness it was so cool. so now we have to keep it going but you have to get your shirt, gear, get ready. >> i thought you were going
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ready to show you, on a poll last night. >> i was than the, it was elevated. >> you were elevated. she was elevated at broad and walnut, she said i want to be a part of. it that is one of your shots, right. >> on my instagram alex holley tv, i thought it was cool to see everybody just standing out there, so people are like how did you get that high upshot we know you are not tall. >> i said, well. >> there was help. >> yes, philadelphia police involved, it was a mess, any other anchors on this morning, other tv stations, at broad and walnut last night. >> partying with the people, celebrating with the people. >> no, that is why they look like they do and we look like we do. >> we dit for research purposes. >> here we go, now i'm not climbing a pole. >> i wanted to make that clear >> but she could have if she had to jenny joyce, we're conducting a fashion show this morning for us at modells up in the northeast.
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>> hey there, jenny. >> reporter: so good morning you guys. this is classic t-shirt. this is something alex and i can purchase, it is affordable , youth size large, for just $20. >> yes. >> i love that. >> for people like that us,. >> and so we have all of the youth t-shirts here and sweat shirts, if if i was than thing being to go the cheap route would i get one of the soft shirts, alex. i don't know about you but i love the soft cot inn t-shirt. super cute. maybe i'll put that on for my next hit. the one thing, yeah, a v neck. the one thing modells does not have right now, foles jerseys. they have to make them. they have to ship them. we don't know when they are coming. we believe sometime this week. we lad t-shirts.
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no foles gear but we know they will want that stuff. how are you doing. >> i came to get my mother a shirt. >> you are wearing your eagles sweat shirt. >> yes, and my eagles jeans. >> how are you feeling. >> wonderful, wonderful, i'm so happy. >> reporter: this is what we lake to see we like to see happy philadelphians, for once , it has been years in the making for us. >> yes yes. >> reporter: we are feeling good this morning. >> go eagles, hi, mike jerrick , hi. >> hello, hello. >> he says hello back. >> we were down at chickie and pete's. >> friday morning hi, mike, hi alex. >> is what your name. >> katrina. >> so nice to meet you. >> he is so funny. >> reporter: yes, that is one word we can use to describe
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mike, funny. >> now, jenny, how much are those shirts selling, do people need to run out right now how serious is it. >> reporter: i mean it is smart to get here early. we have seen steady flow of people but not a mob scene by any means. i don't need to exaggerate the situation but here at cottman avenue. it is in the like. that it is really nice and for the moment is there enough here for everybody so come on out here. >> i hope the modells family will donate. >> stop it. >> i just want to say we need to stock up, we need to pack, go to minnesota, we have to represent in minnesota and we need to wear eagles green every day. >> we're flying next sunday, is that right. >> yes. >> saturday or sunday. >> yes. >> we will be live on the air from minnesota, minneapolis a week from to day. by the way at noon today, five hours away from this, doug's normal noon press conference. >> it is not normal this time. >> not at all, that why is we're taking it live, alex holley. >> we will do it live.
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>> we will do it live. >> i will rip my tie off. well, no i won't. we will do it live. >> you don't i have tayoun look at i coming all relaxed. >> i'm up all night. >> did you go home, all i know is, i got in the car and mike was like i will see you later. i don't know where he went. >> okay. >> what are we doing, what is this. >> what are you doing. >> we're talking about everybody else is so excited too. whole city delaware, lehigh valley and so are athletes themselves. this team is all of that chemistry they have, lets see what they were saying on social media last night. jay ajayi howie motional how about watching this, makes me cry watching this right there. úman, tears, you can see his chest shaking right there, that is tears of joy as he is down on the field realizing dreams are coming true. carson wentz, we learn about this guy eagles nation super bowl, here we come. i love watching him and nick foles sitting together and collaborating about what will
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happen next. torey smith this is interesting because he anal shawn jeffery, took pictures together with their families. they join the team. they were back in march, and look the at journey they have been on. i remember talking to alshon, and we made our decision to join the eagles. it was never about the money, it was about the position right now. it is crazy how it all work out. the good, and the bad, one more to go, back to work, nfc chapel presidents. and thone our cheerleader forever, and ever, brian dawkins motivates us and, inspires us, philly take a bow you once again represented to the fullest, fly eagles fly, bird gang, philly earthquake, nfc champions. >> so it is a really fun moment, long suffering fans, all these years. >> yes. >> it is a really fun time. >> fun. >> good to see they took shots on national television when we saw from our seats of the celebrity, bradley cooper was at the game. >> that is right. >> i believe that is mother of
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his child. >> what did you say, brian? >> mike trout. >> mike trout. >> mike trout was there. >> he is a stapel. >> yes. >> in fact he was sitting right in front of us. >> with his mask on. >> one other person there. >> charles barkley, yeah he made the national broadcast too. >> josh, is a big vikings fan. he said wow go. >> yes. >> did you see his tweet. >> wow, just got verbally abused by a philly fan. i need a shower. congrats to the eagles except for that one dude missing a tooth. you went too fa, bro. >> you need to read that just for your own purposes. >> you want me to read it. >> i want you to, you want me to say what it says. >> no, i want you to absorb that and it will be part of my book, okay. >> now people at home will want to know what it says. >> no, it is an embarrassment to our station so we cannot do that. >> we are moving on.
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>> so what is this about. what is the dude, he is missing a tooth. >> somebody was rude to him, and. >> josh duhamel. >> it is duhamel. >> is there no s in there. >> it is okay. >> anyway. >> okay. >> sorry for that experience, josh. >> here's charles. >> charles barkley, yes. >> he was having a good time, laughing. >> i bet he was, i bet he was. very cool. maybe we will see riley cooper in minnesota. >> gentlemen. >> it is coming up on exactly 7:15 on a monday. >> we're pretty much there. we've got some weather coming our way, luckily, it held off until after the game was over. high pressure was in control, it is next day, yesterday,
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temperature well above 50 degrees. warm front in the vicinity but strong, cold front is going to come through tomorrow, and then bring us some showers, and some thunderstorms, and maybe a little bit of weather, drama, we had some showers moving through overnight, there are a few in the vicinity right now. few more in the western part of the state, again, main event is not until tomorrow, with the cold front, and lets time that out for you. here's today with scattered showers and cloud around, tomorrow, in the morning, it gets started with a few light showers, at 4:00 a.m., and at seven or 8:00 o'clock, and, and showers and thunderstorms by 10 and 11:00 o'clock. rocking and rolling there. a few left however showers for the evening drive. you can pretty much write tomorrow off as a rainy day, at least on and off but for right now it is milder in philadelphia then it should be , for a high temperature on this date the 22nd of january, 43 degrees, normal high is 40. forty-three in wildwood. it is 50 right now in dover.
7:16 am
thirty-nine in reading, and heading to 55 degrees, today, warmest day is tomorrow work a high of 59 but that is also when we will get the thunderstorms with the cold front. so it goes down to 43, breezy, it will feel chillier on wednesday. 39 degrees on thursday, and friday's high 42. look at where we go back to the 50's by saturday and sunday. that is your weather authority forecast, let's check with bob kill any his tailgate take over in berks county this morning. what are you cooking now. >> ♪ >> good morning, everybody. we have got the jazz music going, to calm us down. don't stop now with that saxophone. is what your name. >> i am a karen, nice to meet you. >> we have a big jazz festival >> we do berks jazz festival is one of the largest festival in the country, it is 10 day, april 6th through 15th, you can get information at www dot berks jazz we are throughout berks county , and, we have the double tree, reading as our host hotel, and the performing arts center, inn at reading
7:17 am
has 10 great days of music. we have miller center, we have the scottish cathedral. >> calming us down, brings our blood pressure down after that big game last night. let check the jam cams, if you are ready to head out on a monday, schuylkill westbound, a little bit heavy at city avenue as we get to voorhees route 73 right here near cooper road an accident tying us up. and then northbound i-95, exit number five on the new jersey turnpike, a disable tractor trailer. and back here live, at the wyomissing restaurant and diner. enough of that culture stuff. let's dot fight song, here we go, let's do it. >> ♪
7:18 am
>> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles. >> by the way, see what i told you last night sister christine, playing the eagles fight song on a violin. >> you told me but i was what ws going on. >> we must find serte play. >> sound goods to me. >> what are you that a paper fromr the 12th. >> let me show you what the article was about.eagles lose we season. >> do you remember3th when we were all. >> we thought it was all over. >> tre season, right. let's take a trip memory lane. >> is this the injury. >> walking all off with the
7:19 am
towel over his head. >> major hit. >> major hit, and that was against the rams. >> and then new york times with carson wentz out, eagles dreams turn to dread. all right. inquirer cover, tournament torn, what i just showed you here. that was in mid dose. look at where we are right now , daily news, wipe those tears. >> daily news believed, even without wentz eagles could still be a super bowl team. >> that was an article by marcus heyes, he knew if we could get home field advantage , there was a chance that you could pull out home wins and he was right. >> i was right. >> um-hmm. >> by the way speaking of being right i wish would you bring up, at some point before 10:00 o'clock my prediction on friday. >> someone commented on my instagram said quincy was more right then you. >> was that convince that i said that.
7:20 am
>> yes. >> but if you weren't to play is not here right now. >> i'll do that in just a second. >> hey, jen, what is up. >> we're going to the super bowl, baby and it is all love we're here with my boy, coming out in a couple seconds. as they said in the two minute warning in the stand let the dogs out. who let the dogs out.
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we are going to the super bowl i said we were going to beat vikings. now it is time. now fly, eagles fly. >> is that what eagle sounds like. we love kevin hart and we know he will be in minute so the a he is pumped up. he shared this on his instagram before he went on stage in wisconsin for his irresponsible tour. can't wait to see new minute so the a lets do this. jen fred you are keeping the celebration going this morning jen, were you at the game or did you stay up and watch.
7:24 am
>> i was at the game, landry fredrick my eight year-old was at the game. difficult share. we're going to the super bowl. so landry as we are's driving home at 1:00 a.m. was like we're going to the super bowl. i said i'm going to the super bowl. it is amazing, right. mom of the year. >> yes. she got the love is in the stadium. what it is in the city to feel this love. >> look we're city of brotherly love, everything about love and when you were leaving that stadium and you are hugging strangers and we're talking and hugging people. that is what it is about. >> we have video inside the tunnels, before the game because that is where we were, lagarrette blount they were loose before the game and they showed love to each other, even as they are going out on the field for one of the biggest games of their career. >> they were loose, doug pederson starts this whole
7:25 am
thing. you will remember in the beginning of the season he said ill will continue to love on these guys. shame on me. i was like, love them, what does that mean. we want to be a hard ass about it but no it is about love. doug was right. doug reached those guys. he did an amazing coaching job >> i understand that there are team captains, right where offense and defense and he list tones them and they talk about the millennials but he wants to know what the young guys wants and he wants to give them what they need to win. >> having that opened mind. look what he did to foles. he got nick foles. he was able to transform nick foles almost into believing into himself. >> yes. >> the confidence that could have been shaken and he got him, let's work at it, he believed in him and this whole team to a man believed in what he was saying. >> and, the fans believed, and it is just the beginning.
7:26 am
we were talking about this. we have 10 years of this. but in minnesota here's what i like. i like that we have chris long and lagarrette, is there anything better to sack tom brady then chris long who knows where is hand is, and where everything is. i know aloft people were hoping for jacksonville but we have to be legitimate. >> we have to be legitimate and from 2004 and i hate tom brady and bill belichick. if you are a philadelphian you hate boston. i'm tired. they're done, all right. having chris long is a huge advantage. we will get into it later in the week. having these guys that won it last year, with them. >> going to the super bowl.
7:27 am
>> i can't wait to be he throws the ball. >> yes. >> here we go again, philadelphia verse boston. >> um, um, um. >> rematch. >> those stinking boston people they have won every champion ship infer sport. >> did you hear what he said after the game when he realized, did he hear what he told the media. >> he being tom brady. >> yes, you have to hear this. it is such a tom brady thing. >> he is so smug. >> what does he have going for him. oh, five rings, a beautiful wife, oh, the heck with him.
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we are going to the super bowl. that is all we need to know. >> what else do you want to necessity or hear. >> we are super bowl bound as you know. good day, everybody. it is monday, january 22nd, 2018. >> what is it? >> here we go. >> so we feel so good, and throughout the show today we will feel good songs, because we are all feeling good.
7:31 am
>> why not start with james brown. >> yeah. >> if would you like to send in a suggestion for the music, or send in a picture of some eagles pride. >> or video of you celebrating did you celebrate. >> i like this one from lisa, oh, yeah, i behaved all season i never posted about my eagles so i would not jinks them but now eagles, let's go baby. >> you should post more often lesty2 lips. >> here's two lips ready to move, sue. >> best twitter handle of the day, yes, definitely. we have an eagles eight out of 10 today, and we have some showers earlier, we have more on the way, mostly cloudy skies, and then, a mild morning, for bus stop buddy who is also, so, so, happy. we have got some weather on the way with you this cold front will wait until tomorrow morning, the precursor the
7:32 am
showers with the warm front are coming through and will continue on and off for the less of the day. not a big deal he will. just looking cloudy. we won. we don't care what the weather is, really, 43 degrees already above our normal high this time of the year. yes, an above average day in many ways, 55 degrees, mostly cloudy, stray shower, rain moves in tonight, heavier rain will talk about what happens after that, coming up in the seven day forecast, lets get outside to berks county with bob kelly, and his town take over. what is happening. >> good morning, everybody. we are coming live from the wyomissing restaurant and diner. good morning, everybody. we have the albright basketball team in the house. the eagles fans are here. if you have a doc mcstuns fan get them around the tv. lets get to the jam camas we head out the front door this morning. philadelphia is heading to work. we have the 42 freeway coming into philadelphia we have a
7:33 am
jam working your way toward walt whitman, bennie, seeing volume as well coming into philadelphia and over to voorhees we will go route 73, cooper avenue and accident blocking the left lanes. i promised doctor mcstuffness i'm here with the reading public museum gang. you have a big doc mcstuffins exhibit coming up. >> yes, very excited january 27th our exhibit will open to the public. it will have games, activities , and it will be a lot of fun. >> the kid love doc mcstuff initial and i'm amazed there is a metal lunch box. barry, you used to have a metal lunch box. >> one back in 1912 when i went to school. >> yes, barry from the locker roomies here with us. lets get this gang with an eagles chant. >> eagles fans are we ready. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles. >> back to you in the studio. >> i love on you bob gets
7:34 am
involved. >> we have two weeks of that. >> the question now is we know we're going but is this the third time. third time is a charm. is that really going to happen >> 1980 when it was 2004 and new we have a rematch, of that game, this year. more time. steve's in cherry hill talking to people in wawa. hi there, steve. >> reporter: boston patriots with joe cap. >> joe cap. >> yes. >> yes, and joe cap, boston patriots, minnesota striking with those two teams. only you and i remember that. >> i know. >> this trophy that they got last night, if you noticed it, they were showing the trophy getting polished and all this this is a glass football. jeff lurie is like i will put that on my book shelf. that is not the trophy i want. they asked him are you happy? he danced on the sidelines but he wasn't happy in the post game interview, he was all
7:35 am
business and i loved him for it. >> this is a special group of players, and coaches, and however, all of our focus all year has been to win it all. it is not to go to the soup ever bowl. i think, you know, we are on a special trip to minneapolis, and there is only one goal, in mind to wint world championship and that is what we're all obsessed with. >> reporter: i was obsessed i knew i was making a special trip across the bridge to the cherry hill wawa. i said there is only one live truck to take in honor of nick foles. it has to be truck number nine >> yes. >> jared did not understand. i said what does that truck mean. he did not get that. now he gets it. how about that, this is the nick foles accounts fox 29 van then we will call it the, what would that be, who is number 29, everybody, tell us.
7:36 am
>> blount. >> everybody fan is a lagarrette blount fan but thinks the nick foles van, truck number nine. >> especially concerning because i believe jared's going with us to minute so the a. >> yes. >> he is driving, unlike you two in the first class of southwest airlines. >> southwest. >> i don't fly southwest. >> mike, you might want to come over to cherry hill route 38 and stay in the days inn to acclimate yourself with the days inn in sleepy eye, minnesota a suburb of st. paul >> we are not in the at ritz. >> that is a days inn and suites. >> yes. >> so maybe lucky enough to get a days inn suites. >> you won't have a wawa across the street i guarantee you that. so fill up the van before you go this guy is driving to minnesota, he is leaving friday. >> he gets there sunday. >> yes. >> is what the mileage, jared.
7:37 am
>> it is like 1700 or something. >> they are only stopping, they are only going to be stop when they see a waffle house other than that straight driving through until they see hey wawa house. >> here's the thing. my ear piece. >> you can still talk without hearing yourself. >> i know that. this way i can hear his comment. >> we will stand. >> we have no idea where we're staying but i can guarantee you, he is not speaking far from the truth. >> as long as there is complimentary breakfast. >> no, no. >> fancy places don't have a breakfast buffet. >> eric smith is the guy who will put this all together. if i necessity him, we will be at least 75 miles from minneapolis. >> in way. >> oh, yeah, and like a little cheesy motel, the kind where you pull van out in front and
7:38 am
you go in the door. >> where the doors are on the outside. >> it makes it easier, no elevators. >> what are the odd of being in the downtown glass high tower minneapolis st. paul hotel. >> is what more fun. >> what will create more memories, mike. >> the naughty pine lodge in eely minute so the. as long as it is in the like the bates motel, as long as it is not the bates motel. >> what is it. >> we will be in a ice fishing shack. >> i'm sure eric will be sending us a note, very quickly. >> look, it is a fish million he will. >> so doctor mike was in on sunday, we had a special addition of the show on sunday he went to our executive producer's tom loudon's house last night and put a blood pressure monitor on him. tom loudon's dead. >> stop it. >> no, we will check the bp level during the
7:39 am
7:40 am
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7:42 am
weeks mr. smug. >> wait until you hear how he was because they were losing, then they came back and won. >> about did you ever think he would not going to win that game. >> not the way tom brady's rolls. >> so this is going to be his eighth super bowl appearance. we think he might be excited. you are going to the super bowl. this is his response when asked how he is feeling and how things were going at the press conference after the game. >> reporter said how did you start your day, like were you nervous, something like that. >> i guess it myself life, i'm living it, it feels very natural, normal because i wake up every day and i feel like i walked in the door 18 years ago. it is a great privilege to play here. >> well, that that is nice. >> he was just like i woke up, a regular day. >> what are you going to say you are going to the super bowl. it is your eighth time is it
7:43 am
that exciting. >> hey, keith, brady has five rings. >> five rings. >> one for every single finger on his hand a thumb is not a finger. >> just say every digit, appendage. yes, go to the super bowl. >> um, um, um, um. >> meanwhile in philadelphia we're like this. >> how do you grasp this, i'm jealous of him. he has good hair, good looking guy, he is married tie super model and five super bowl rings. >> how will we handle this? how will we take him down. >> i don't know we will talk to the sports
7:44 am
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good morning, everybody. wow. nothing to fear, under doggies here. i am here, only problem with parents, the capes are purple. can we work on that? is what your first name. >> my first name is rulea. >> is what name of the school. >> this is representing muhlenburg school district. >> we have all of the kid. lets get them on camera and wow stand for. >> ward of the week. >> tell me about that.
7:47 am
>> where of the week was started in 2010 where we wanted to have a robust word once a week to really make word learning fun, and expand things throughout the school district and our community. >> some of the kid have a word on their capes. every week they have a different word like this kid right here, let me jump in front here. you have your word on here. have we had eagles as a word of the week yet. can we put a word in for that. >> absolutely but we have steadfast, and haven't the eagles been steadfast. >> that is true you got me on that one. >> let's check jam cams, live look at the schuylkill expressway right here near the vine expressway, a little bit of volume popping, roosevelt boulevard, right here near twin bridges, we have seen some delays heading down to the schuylkill and ben franklin bridge, where we're seeing some delays coming into downtown philadelphia hold on, stop it. what is going on here with these patriots jerseys underneath the capes.
7:48 am
>> they won. >> patriots, they won i necessity but they will be playing our eagles and whoever wears a patriots jersey gets more homework next week. >> yes. >> suewye has the forecast in 15 seconds 7:48. we're looking at, cloud, over olde city but we have a 100 percent chance of happy eagles fans today. mild work showers and thunderstorms, tomorrow, and we will rock and roll tomorrow , and this is the rain that we're going to get later on in the day. we have a few scattered showers around right now but none of it is a real big deal. temperatures mostly in the 40 's. we have 50 down in dover. thirty's to the north of us but not bad at all through january, 55 today, 59 tomorrow
7:49 am
, it will cool out with the cold front and we are looking for backup in the 50's by saturday, and sunday. then we have to wait another week for the super bowl, mike and alex. >> it is worth the wait, sue. >> i think so. >> let's break down this game a little bit and look at our opponent. >> hi, everybody. >> hello. >> so we have g. cobb and, we will change our name, matt. >> yes. >> change our name to matt lombardi. >> yes, that is it not the first time that has happened and won't be the last and in the this week. >> we also have a third sports comment taiter bear the under dog. >> is what up, bear. >> eagles jersey and everything. >> good guy. >> german shepherds, are so popular in philadelphia right now, so if you have a german shepherd contact us and we can put him on the show the next two weeks or her, come on, bear just relax. >> did you think after the beginning of the season we
7:50 am
would be here talking about the super bowl. >> in way, in a few years you but everything was around carson wentz, we didn't think, carson and then he is number one quarterback in the league. we had in idea he would develop that quick. >> the rap on carson wentz was story one of the season. story two is the coach doug pederson. this guy has the team believing from day one. >> yes. >> let me get my, dictionary. >> absolutely. >> for me he has developed with the, you know, with these young players. he lets them make decisions that normally coaches wouldn't do. >> they only lost one time since carson wentz got hurt and that is the team howie roseman was built and that was a meaningless game in week 17. that was number one defense in the nfl and eagles lit them up in the nfl for 38 points. >> and he deserves the praise.
7:51 am
>> yes. >> what about nick foles, everybody is saying he looked like carson wentz. >> you have to give doug credit for that. he went back and he looked at the tape. what chip was doing with nick a couple years ago because in 2013 nick was one of the best quarterbacks in the league. he is running r p.o., run/pass options where he is playing basketball, fakes hand off and gets in the rhythm and he is more ago raid and in that flow >> you look at last night he had a passer rating of 141. nobody thought he would be able to put up 456-yard of total offense, and this throw, was the throw of his career. he led alshon jeffery perfectly. flee flicker we will see when he aired it out to torey smith not just play design but it was a perfect throw that fels through in a tight window for a touchdown. i looked at this team right now, and i think that there is a legitimate reason to believe they will go to minnesota, beat patriots and win the
7:52 am
super bowl. biggest reason why is zach ertz, verse patrick chung. >> he used to be here. >> yes, he did. >> but zach ertz. i was than the surprised. i was telling but zach ertz. one on one i don't think there is anybody in the league that can cover him one on one. that creates a problem for the defense. >> we have two weeks to talk about this. >> yes. >> let's not shoot the whole load here. >> we started off with zach last night. when he started to go to alshon that was the development of nick because he is going down field. >> when it was seven to zip, when they moved down the field , i said um-hmm. >> yes. >> the defense stood tall from that point and the pick six by patrick robinson was one of the most unbelievable plays we will ever see. that was the only time i have ever felt in the press box actually shake. the fans were going wild. the one element that i don't think gets enough play, chris
7:53 am
long tips case keenum's arm. it was he who strip sack jared goff. >> that play right here. >> the thing was they made adjustment after that first drive. that is a better defensive coordinator can get everybody over there and a lot of guys when a team scores guys start going after each other, calm everybody down and they made the adjustment. >> that defensive coordinator has one more game and then off to where. >> i don't think he willow owe i think he will stay here. >> he is and tremendous asset. >> i will there been. >> we will be there. >> i'm sorry, bear, these two talk so much, without taking a breath, didn't have anytime for you. >> can you come back tomorrow. >> okay. >> sounds good. >> well, we have heard that when you get in these games, it wasn't a close one but you get excited, wrapped up in it, it is bad for your health and your heart. we have put it to the test so we will give you the results
7:54 am
and we have talked about this yesterday morning on the show how we have our, tom loudon, big philly sports fan and we hooked him up to a heart machine for during the game and we will show what it looks like for him. >> well, he might be it's time, america. there's work to be done. it's not going to be easy. but there's grit inside of you. and if you need extra motivation, the grad fund at strayer university can help push you forward.
7:55 am
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good advice. i've also got some ideas on a better cereal selection, which i will keep to myself. experience netflix on the 100% fiber-optic network made for streaming. switch to fios and get a year of netflix on us with a two-year agreement. ♪ fly eagles fly, on the road to victory. fight eagles fight. score a touchdown 123. ♪ hit them low, hit them high, and watch our eagles fly . ♪ fly eagles fly, on the road to victory. >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. eagles pep band. >> yeah. >> you might as well stay there for the next two weeks.
7:58 am
thanks, guys, i know were you up late, we will see you again tomorrow. >> see new minnesota. >> eagles, eagles. >> okay. yesterday on this very couch, we had executive producer tom loudon doctor mike, set this up, checking his blood pressure during the game, this is how it went yesterday. >> doctor mike, we're worried about him, because, his blood pressure goes up and down even though he has demeanor of a dead person. >> he is excitable. >> inside he is on fire. >> oh, yeah. want to do is check his blood pressure now. we will show you some video, and then we will put a monitor on him tonight during the game , and then we will check the results. >> so the let's get the results then. we have doctor mike and tom loudon here. mike, he is alive. >> he is alive. >> i'm alive. >> how did it go. >> you know what, it was
7:59 am
stressful, you know, hanging with doctor mike, watching the game, i have these people messaging how is my blood pressure, how is your blood pressure, life me alone. as we are's sitting here during that piece, my mom text me how is your blood pressure going. i'm still alive. >> lets get back to the game 6:30 kick off how are you feeling. >> kick off we took the reading and it was high, right doctor mike. >> 144 over 178. >> it should be 120 over 80. >> yeah. >> so he was, he was high. >> you know, it that is time, there is nothing else to do all geared up and it showed, yes. >> it was go time. >> so now what about the early in the game when vikings scored that touchdown and it looked so easy, how was he then. >> his blood pressure was good , but i think he was depressed. do we have a picture from when vikings scored and what was going on in my house. >> if you are depressed does your blood pressure go down.
8:00 am
>> sometimes. he cast does respondent, difficult some psychotherapy and we got him through it. we sat him down. that is shot rine. that is his house. it is a mecca of sports memorabilia? >> is that right. >> i felt like i was in the museum. >> now, the eagles score and then. >> on the interception. >> yes. >> his blood pressure went up a little bit but still good, 125 over 72, that is what the thermometer showed, right there. >> so during that it went up again, we have another picture from what was going on right there. my daughter, riley, taylor, doctor mike trying to get the reading, yeah. >> yes. >> things you never thought would you do during nfc championship game having doctor mike trying to grab you >> he was checking his pulse. >> and. >> it went up. >> 175. >> no, no, 125. >> never, never, dangerous.
8:01 am
but, at the end of the game he went up to 137 over 81. >> so as the game ended and we celebrated, doctor mike and i, the blood pressure went up again. >> was that because of the game or was because of the hug >> well, he was threatening to give me a prostate exam. >> did tell him i love him. >> i love you tom. >> so sweet. >> roller coaster ride. that game was surreal, would you expect, you know, the atlanta falcons game to see what my blood pressure was. second half of the game we jumped whether the eagles scored second half was in cruise control, it was just enjoying it, there was than the stress. >> you have waited for this all your life, you had it in 2004. >> yes. >> came up short. >> how are you feelingy feel great. this is for everybody in this city, been an eagles fan since 1960. you are 62 and under you do not remember an eagles winning a championship.
8:02 am
this is for all of those people. hopefully everybody will enjoy it and they will bring it home >> how is is health. >> it is great. what he experienced yesterday was a endorphins and in the end the endorphins won out making him look like he does right now, vibrant, live. >> half pale and almost dead and my blood pressure went up again late their night when i fund out i will be going to& minnesota with mike and alex. >> what is that supposed to mean. >> put two and two together, kid. >> it will be i great time, tom. >> is there a curfew when we're together. >> guess hoe is driving you around all weeky will honk if you are not out inside. >> he is a stickler for being on time. >> thank you for do that. >> i got to see the estate. >> none of us have been invited over there. >> interesting. >> you have to leave the city. >> tom, we love you. >> love you too. >> less's do another hour of
8:03 am
this, role roth the tape. from under dogs to wonder dog. in this moment, it is unbelievable. >> our philadelphia eagles set their sights on minnesota, one more time. this time for superbomb 52. >> ♪ ain't no stopping us now ♪ >> eagles frenzy flood in the street. >> we will beat tom braidy they are celebrating, we are feeling good music all morning long. >> ♪ eye of the tiger >> sue, do you have a go too when you are feeling funky do you have a go to song to pump you up. >> what sit. >> my song.
8:04 am
>> what. >> sue, sue serio. >> it makes me smile. >> did you say it was a 10 yesterday. >> it was a 10. >> weather was fantastic. >> in every way. >> for january, now today isn't bad. it is a eight. we have had some showers. we're expecting more and cloudy skies but it is still very mild. >> it wasn't, nick foles was an eight at one point and then became and nine. >> very good, very, very, good >> yes. >> so clever. bus stop buddy has bo. umbrella opened up this morning, he is sleepy but happy, just like all of us today most of the temperatures are already in the 40's which is a normal high for this time of the year, so you do not need to bundle up but you may need that rain gear as we take a look at radar, there are some scattered showers, there is a cold front that is coming through tomorrow, and then so some weather changes are on the way, but lots to enjoy, even with the cloud cover it is 44 degrees.
8:05 am
when we're not in the deep freezer. fifty-five is the high. mostly cloudy. stray shower. sunset time 5:09. lets check with bob kelly taking over a town in berks county just outside of reading this morning, wyomissing. >> good morning, everybody. i got my under dog capes on with the whole school district here, is what the name of the school district. >> muhlenburg school district. >> and they have wow, word of the week but first who are these guys, let's flip these capes over their head because they are patriots fans. who has got these patriots jerseys on. we are ready for word of the week, right. >> and new word of the week brought to you by ready set wheat a community initiative focusinged on turning the pages to success in greater reading area. no, make that the greater reading area. >> i get it. >> lets hit the song, ready to song. >> the guys will sing for us, let's see are you ready.
8:06 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> where is my girl, harley, is what word of the week, drum roll please. muhlenburg school district is yawnder, the word of the week. let's check the jam cams, i-95 southbound, watch for delays coming out of the northeast philadelphia as you get ready to head into center city this
8:07 am
morning, and also, south i-95, and blue route, and, we have a problem here, hold on this kid lost his crown back here wall of the kid word of the week they have their capes, who would like to have the rest of the day off? >> me. >> yes. back to you guys, rest of the day off, let's go, come on, get your capes. >> he could ask that a thousand times but it is not going to happen. >> i believe he text me and said we will shake that kid. i'm kidding, of course. he has every right to be a patriots fan. >> the city was based on patriots back in the day. >> quaker or patriots. >> yes. let's move on. cherry hill, new jersey, steve keeley, wawa. >> i just met the lip, kiss
8:08 am
these lips, mike. lets check out the socks. >> cute you are dress add pope eighthly. under the leather jacket, i don't mean to strip tease here in the parking lot, and, and, not bad, establish 1933. three champion ships though, since 1933. we will change that do you think. >> absolutely. >> now when you are drinking stuff today with those straws you will leave that green lipstick every where. >> absolutely. >> prosecutedly. >> absolutely. >> morning after you are going in to work. >> i'm going to work. >> do you notice vikings fans, they crashed and burned on the way back to minute so the a sad morning for minnesota. >> yes, it is. >> reporter: is work a fun day , even though it is monday. >> yes, it is, i will make it fun. >> reporter: two weeks from today when you go in here, is what the mood going to be like the day after the super bowl around here. >> ten times more.
8:09 am
>> ten times. >> more. >> reporter: i say a hundred times more. >> we will win. >> i don't want to make you any later then i already d congratulations on seeing your favorite team and thank you and that is a look of the day philadelphia, if you are wondering, ladies what kind of lipstick do i wear today, chin just gave you the right shade, am i right, mike. >> exactly right. >> we have known our shade. >> i know all 50 shade, right, steve. so we are having a fashion show. we were downtown broad street beer being thrown every where and people stumbling around. we need new shirts. >> instead of just washing them. >> jenny joyce is in charge of the "good day philadelphia" fashion show today. hi there, jenny. >> i will say that this sweat today. is there also a blanket, i just want to wrap nfc champion t i don't thinkwas to hold this we
8:10 am
on camera. i know i told you, for you. i think would you like, one of the soft t-shirts, so either this one or this one, so you let me know which you want and i will bring it back for you. but there are so many cool things in addition to the blanket. sorry, alex, you too. lauren has been texting me this morning. keeley has been giving her a hard time about the falcons. what will you wear, jenny's not going to get you any falcons gear. not. we are converting her to a full-fledged eagles fan, of alle people around here looking at the merchandise, scoping it oned last night, i was told, they did in the leave here. they did until roughly 1:00 o'clock this morning and then they were back opened a before 6:00 because of the demand that has been high. so it is not a mobfortable in h, but if you are looking to get your gear, modellsas alex?
8:11 am
walking down broad street frankford and cottman but now the shirts are now old. >> i have like a nfc east champ shirt. >> yes. >> now we want super bowl. >> we want nfc champions. >> yes. >> super bowl. >> is what wrong with me. >> i need some sleep. >> it is okay. >> last night, was real exciting to be on broad street , craziness, it was great. we were posting on instagram but the players, they were having a great time. >> we will play those after the break. >> plus we want to hear your feel good songs, too right. >> yes.
8:12 am
8:13 am
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8:15 am
hey, gang, good morning, everybody. monday, getting ready to head wn a good mood. i have albright girls celebrating their victories and their record but first lets check the jam cams we work outside front door schuylkill expressway live look ato see volume pop, been a late night for folks last night, i think we are b on. forty-two toward philadelphia we are seeing volume. little bit of the backup at ninth street. back here le wyomissing restaurant and bakery our take over, what is your >> alycia loft on. >> tell me about the basketball team. you have a great rorrer. >> we are doing very well. we are the conference, and we're first in the league, so we are doing >> number one in the league here. >> wow. >> now, i want you to show me you have a
8:16 am
before the game, is that right the sling shot, are you this. it will be good. are you we go. >> sue has the seconds it is 8:16. now that we have the game finish, high pressure moving off shore and we will let weather in. we have had showers in already this morning and we will have a few more before the even of the day but before the end of the day we have this strong cold front coming through late morning tomorrow we will see scattered showers down to the south, it is not a big deal at all, it is, 44 degrees in
8:17 am
philadelphia 50 in dover. forty-two in lancaster. forty in allentown. further north it is 39 in hazelton, levittown at 42. walking outside the door sleep ily i'm sure in ocean city watching the game, 41 degrees and rehoboth beach it is 52. fifty-five is our high. fifty-nine tomorrow. strong thunderstorms around lunchtime or earlier, and with that killed front and then cools off on wednesday, and thursday with a high of only 39, 42 degrees on friday, this is nice seasonal january weather and then we will get milder just in time for weekend we are back, mike abe alex to the 50's. >> to the 50's. >> all right, right now when we get to minnesota those temperatures sue showed us, eight, five. >> a week from right new we will be in minnesota for you, and it will be 8 degrees. people saying on twitter could you show us more players reactions to going to the
8:18 am
super bowl. this is life changing this is what they have dreamed of since playing football. >> i want to see jeff lurie. >> in the fourth quarter, two minutes left. >> we knew what would happen and karen you have more reaction from the players looking at their social media accounts. >> everybody has been excited. they put it out there for everybody. nick foles what a big night for him. what a night. i love this team, city. thanks, philly for showing up loud and proud. your energy powered us through the night. that was the truth. that stadium was rocking. chris long created that whole movement right there, wow man, philly you brought energy tonight. how cool for his dad to be out there as well. jordan hicks all galore toy god what an incredible team, so proud, super bowl bound fly eagles fly. they are flying and all slin kers. nfc champs but we are in the
8:19 am
done just yet, next stop, minneapolis. i like this one with torey smith anal shawn jeffery with their family because they join together. think of the journey they have been on. back in march i remember talking with alshon and we made a decision to join eagles it was never about the money about being in this position right now, it is crazy how it all work out. the good and the bad, within more to go, back to work, nfc champs. this moment we saw jay ajayi dancing with lurie, grown man crying tears of joy on the field just overwhelmed by emotion of this moment and what it is like to have this dream as a child coming true to be going to the super bowl absolutely phenomenal. carson wentz, seeing him there with foles together collaborating, how about that eagles nation? super bowl here we come. fly eagles fly. we need to relish in this wonderful moment and just
8:20 am
enjoy. the ajayi clip is most dramatic for me, crying because of what this means to him. >> alshon jeffery when we were there at the game we saw him get up to the end zone and said a prayer, and said i just want to thank god. it was touching to see as well >> when tom brady walk off the field who congratulated him first one of the referees because there is a whole thing going around, jacksonville was penalized like 150-yard to like 2 yards. >> i hope they have in the been coming to the super bowl. >> there is no way that the nfl wanted jacksonville in that game, minute so the jacksonville ratings would be way down. >> all of the theories. >> the theories run wild. it was a big week for ed sheeran did you see this. >> what is this. >> yeah. >> he got married.
8:21 am
>> what? >> yeah. >> like i said he got engaged. >> he got engaged. >> i didn't know he was dating someone. >> he said that she smells lick him and so they got married. >> how many of you eagles fans woke up like this, that is what i'm talking about, you should have seen the celebration, we were doing last night. >> is that you. >> that is me, letting it all out. we will play more video from the game because we were there and we want to
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
love it. >> it was a family affair celebrating an a nation win, now on to indianapolis to sleigh a dragon. >> wow, i like that. >> sleigh that dragon. >> ed sheeran got engaged, you know that guy. >> i know that guy he got engaged. >> who is this woman? >> well, this is someone he has been with a long time, cherry seaborn. >> yes. >> they have known each other since they were kid but didn't
8:25 am
start dating until 2015. >> how did he keep this secret >> when i googled her there is picture of them out and about and that kind of thing. they didn't start dating until he asked her to taylor swift's fourth of july party but here's bad news some people are saying it might be end of his singing career because he will quit music. >> if you believe that i have a bridge. yes, i will stop making millions of dollars to have a child. >> love must be in the air, you and i have been watching this series, darren crisp proposed to his girl friend mi a. >> and darren crisp plays, he is in the, what sit called. >> gianni versace murder. >> american crime story. >> he plays how do you say his name. >> kunanan. >> the man who killed versace. >> he does a good job. >> yes, if you get a chance watch that thing, it is on fx
8:26 am
in the just because it is on the fox network he used to be on glee. >> good singer, yeah, yeah, yeah. >> who is next. >> steve keeley maybe. >> steve keeley may be. >> okay. steve, aren't you close to get engaged. >> what was that mike. >> never mind. >> all right. >> you asked me if i'm getting engage, closest i'm getting engaged toys this lovely young lady right here. new she's turning her head and playing hard to get. you asked for dogs, under dogs , there she goes. >> yes. >> there she goes.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
we're playing feel good songs, that is a good song feeling good vibrations are you feeling good vibes. >> i'm feeling champion ship vibes. >> i like that. >> can i just real quickly here, we will talk about this sag, ward too were they last night. >> they were. >> so, i don't know if anyone in philly watched. so, colorful dresses they return to the red carpet. it looks like black me too movement to kick off the award season. >> yes. >> we will be highlighting that. >> we're celebrating the big eagles win, from broad street last night and yes, that is me , i was there. >> that is your only morning tv anchor on broad street at midnight and then into do the show. >> somehow i'm still here. >> you still look good. >> can i real quickly because we are celebrating, we got to mention this too, from a number of people on my twitter account here, sugar lips say i
8:31 am
am having fun watching you guys only green i will see is from the eagles because she's a government employee and the government is shut down. she's not going to work today she will not get paid. we are thinking about you. we know that story is huge in our country and in philadelphia and we will get back to you later in the day here on fox as well. >> we talk bit earlier this morning and we listed buildings you won't be able to go to. so we will give you you an update on that. >> sue came into work though. >> it is, a party, that continued from last night, and then, it is, happy occasion to tell you when it is a mild day we have an eight because there is some showers in the forecast and buddy's ready for it, but no mittens, no scarf, just a jacket because temperatures are in the 40's, it is chilly but not as cold as it usually is in january, and we are seeing mostly
8:32 am
eagles greens, that cold front will come through tomorrow but a few widely scattered sprinkles right now. so the temperatures is 44. it is calm. winds. a high temperature later today of double nickels for january, we will take it, even with the mostly cloudy skies, even with the stray shower or two. rest of the seven day forecast is coming up, right now bob kelly, it is, town take over, taking over berks county. so, yeah, worth the drive out there, bob kelly, you are looking like you are having so much fun. >> we're having a blast out here at wyomissing, restaurant and diner. hello to the berks catholic high school gang. >> wow, baby they are getting held i for their big high school musical thoroughly modern milly coming up on friday and saturday, march 16th and 17th. lets check the jam cams. bennie stacked and pack toward downtown philadelphia everybody is getting a late start here after hitting the snooze button in the big game.
8:33 am
ninety-five out of northeast philadelphia, watch for delays southbound between cottman and castor. hit it, gang, again it is berks catholic high school friday and saturday the 16th and 17th. hey, that is st. patty's day, thoroughly modern milly, hit it. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> thoroughly modern millie. >> i told them they had to be back in school by 9:00 he
8:34 am
clock. but they are doing a great job good job. friday, saturday berks catholic high school. >> love it. >> back to you guys. >> thanks, bob. >> are those jazz hand. >> yeah. >> ♪ >> they are all good. >> school play. >> i was, yeah. >> what did you play? >> what was the name of the play? >> no. >> i played a slave. >> what was the high school, you played a slave. >> we were getting freedom. >> yes, we were bringing up old stuff. >> do you remember the name of the play. >> my parents are watching the show they will text me. i can't remember. i got the lead role. >> the lead slave, really. >> it is a good story. let me find out.
8:35 am
>> of all of the parts. >> i'm trying to stop you. >> what could be a problem with the high school play. >> no, it could not be sound of music or pip even, i played a slave. okay. a school play. >> it is important that we learn about history. >> yes. >> like i said. >> just a transition from jazz hand to slave was just not there. >> maybe i should have said a nut cracker. >> were you in the nut cracker >> i had a small part. >> what did you play in the nut cracker. >> the cracker. >> geese. >> i'm done. >> you know bradley cooper, i saw him at the game last night that is one good looking guy too and who is this woman he that is one good looking guy too and who is this woman he is sitting next to.
8:36 am
this winter that is one good looking guy too ain the state with moree is sittinski mountains than any other, family fun reaches a new peak. so whether you're a speed demon or more of a snow angel, your winter chariot awaits. pick the best peak for your family getaway at new york state. it's all here. it's only here. wecage-free and we care about amazing taste. because at hellmann's, we're on the side of food.
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8:38 am
8:39 am
all right. we have cleared some stuff up here, okay. yes, we won last night. yes, we're celebrating. >> yes we're going to the super bowl. >> we just had a moment. >> name of the play i was in was fear i the spy, okay, and, thank you, dad for watching from texas and texting me buy jude is berry griffith. this is based on actual historical events and it is about speak year-old phoe ebee who was a housekeeper for george washington. >> right here at sixth and market. >> yes. >> and this was, she was not an ordinary housekeeper accord to go this she was spy there to protect him because there was an assassination plot out on him and this is her as she affected the course of history >> you were playing a spy. >> yes. >> it is supposed to inspire kid it doesn't matter how small you are, you can still
8:40 am
bring about change. >> if there is any footage of that glenn, would i love to see it. >> lets get to was washings steve keeley, in cherry hill, steve. the theme of show should be ozzie osborne's crazy crane because it is constantly going off the rails as he sings. in the commercial break they said 902nd from the hit, then bob, it always goes 10 minutes and then 10 minutes, of jokes about the broadway show. your hit is dead. then commercial. now you said you are back on. so here we go. >> yes. >> so go. >> sorry. >> we're back, on the rails for my one minute. by the way, why is this show, like the eagles offense. because we are completely balanced. run, pass, equally balanced and i will balance this show now. we have been just talking to eagles fans all morning now is the chance for a patriots fan who lives, on this side of me
8:41 am
just the same length as doug pederson lives on that side of me and dared show his face just to me but not to you and here's some of what he said. >> i don't want to be identified because is there too many eagles fans in the area. >> are you afraid of them. >> yes, i am did you see something last night on television that scared you. >> no, i missed the game but i heard the results on the radio after, and i think it is going to be a great game. rematch that was meant to be. >> and your prediction for this rematch. >> of course, i have to go with the patriots so i wouldn't be too upset if the eagles won, finally. >> wouldn't be too upset because he lives around here but still, a frayed to show his fade. >> i said if you worry that much can he mock your head off he is rightfully worried? okay. thank god the show is back on the rails, a man interviewing
8:42 am
a hat, we're back on the rails >> back to us. >> i love you steve. >> yes, you got it, yes. >> lets get to saint monica's what do you say. >> let's do it. that is where jen's, pen rally >> i called sister regina on friday and said when they win we are coming to you in south philadelphia. come on back, we are telling you who is going to be so crazy to
8:43 am
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8:45 am
still snow covered but a couple of mild days ahead which is not the greatest thing in the world for a ski resort but don't worry, it will get cold again and we are looking at cloud cover over olde city. we have 100 percent chance of happy eagles fans our biggest prediction of the day. mild with showers and then thunderstorms, tomorrow, and we will take a look at ultimate doppler radar do you see this rain out to the west and then cold front even further west and i'll tell what you if it is as cold as it was supposed to be or usually is in january we would
8:46 am
be talking about a snow day for tomorrow with rain coming our way. let me show you, future cast we have got cloud cover a shower or two rest of the day to day. tomorrow's main event strong cold front probably late morning into early afternoon and you can see orange, yellow there that indicates possible heavy downpours maybe even some thunder and lightening through 11 or 12:00 o'clock, little break and then left over showers as the storm wraps up, here, in the evening drive, and, not expected to cause any problems early afternoon. so that is what is in store,. and, and, wednesday, thursday, and, by saturday and sunday, alex. >> as we get ready to get to the super bowl, you know why because we're inside at saint monica's school in south philadelphia, jen.
8:47 am
>> sister regina is one of migrate friends, good morning. >> good morning. >> we didn't use the when word >> yes. >> were you out on broad street. >> yes, way was. >> these kid how will you get them to do any work today. >> it will be difficult, for next two weeks. >> ladies, we have to go, and talk to a friend. now sister, i understand because i can see it, that you have tons of really, really, nice, eagles fans. >> yes. >> all of these boys and girls they are so nice, and probably to go get extra credit. >> but i also understand that i don't know, bad parenting, a terrible family, that we have this kid, christian, what exactly is the story here. >> i really don't know because he is just coming back from vacation and he has the nerve to show up in school in that outfit. >> you took vacation, where did you go on vacation.
8:48 am
>> turks and caicos. >> i don't understand where is your teacher. >> are you crazy. >> i understand their teacher said when eagles win you have to wash the entire school the following saturday, have you ever washed anything. you look like a pretty boy. you are too fans toy clean anything. should we teach him how to get clean right now. let's scrub him up, let's scrub him up. >> okay, nice job, okay, first of all, i hope nobody will talk to him until after the super bowl. you won't even necessity his name. we don't know what he is all about. i'm assuming thaw think the eagles will win. >> yes. >> yes. >> why are they go to go win. >> how will they beat tom brady. >> i don't know honestly, we completely smoked the vikings
8:49 am
though. >> they were mocking us from the very first and only score but we completely smoked them right after that. >> no, thank you, got to go over here, got to go over here we are not talking to christian, for the rest of the two weeks. you probably didn't talk to him anyway before. we're here, show everybody the pride of the saint monica's we will be here all morning. i'm worried about christian. i think he might have detention for next two weeks. >> probably so. >> south a south philly catholic school, i can so relate to that kid. >> christian. >> he was laying it all out. >> they smoked him. >> in our show we have been social media posts from the players and everything. how about what happened in the locker room. they go back, celebrating. chris long, lane johnson they have been wearing their dogmas accounts. when you have been winning since what last week, race night you know you don't want to take mask off even when you are celebrating. malcolm jenkins they are
8:50 am
playing meek mill and he is wrapping. look at chris licensing in the background, wait for it, wait for it, it is still coming. >> he is trying to drink a beer through dogmas being. >> it is not easy no. >> mask is where your eyes are >> yes. >> who knows how that worked out. >> isn't there a dog beer, dog breath or dog fish. >> dog fish. >> eagles fans are here behind us, let us get out of the way. >> yo, wow, wow. >> i have a feeling they have been up all night. >> they have in the been asleep. >> hey, love you. >> right back at you. impromptu pep rally. >> we have a photo bomb. >> speaking of dogs we had our own version of the dogmas being, look at this on the nfl pro shop thinks their version of the super bowl shirt with the dog. it looks different to me or that just me.
8:51 am
>> they went with the spiked color a mean dog. >> i'm talking about that the dog looks different to me. it doesn't look like a german shepherd. >> does it have to be, a german shepard. >> but they tried. >> oh, did you see wedding reception video, here's a philly girl too, fill would i man, listen to her, her wedding reception. >> the bride. >> ♪ welcome to the jungle >> so, after this her husband ran from the reception, has in the been seen ever since. welcome to your life with me, welcome to the jungle. so we found her, she will sing for you on good day in the 9:00 o'clock hour. >> in her dress i hope sheer with a wedding dress, were not
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
hey, gang good morning, everybody. we are here live from wyomissing restaurant and diner. officers are here, breakfast for everybody. good job, everybody holding down the fort working overnight they have k-9 officers here we have had fire fighters, police officers, emt , my little buddy colson youngest eagles fan are you ready for the eagles in the super bowl. yes, he is. now, mike and alex, remember last week we were confused on the pro nunsing of was it moton, moton. >> we talk to the lady what was her name. >> i can't remember what her name was, she lived here like 30 years. >> yes. >> she could not tell us what moton had famous for, right.
8:56 am
>> famous for shoe fly pie. >> this guy brought us the bakery's shoe fly pie from. >> wittson, from moton. >> from moton. >> they made them this morning , fresh, web site is on there. >> shoe fly pie, for everybody back at the studio, mike and alex, back to you guys. >> so much fun, thanks very much. >> real quickly last time we were i don't know if anybody got to saw it, interesting things happen, screen actors guild out there in hollywood, man, but we have heard there were, a surprises and dog man is coming inside. >> he is outside. >> if you punch up our camera, there look at this. >> look at the size have that dog head. >> yes, just a little bit. >> look at. that
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
hey, maria thanks for the h. all you hater sit back down. we in the done yet. pederson says and all of the other players, brent celek, we're not donel. we will win it. >> it feels so good. it is so eagles song, happy >> maybe call t real fancy dog dish and put it dog bowl. >> i like being under valued and under is when it is fine just take us for granted and notppreciated. >> my whole life. >> good day, monday, january 22nd, 2018. now, i know you were watching e night, sag, award, screen


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