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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  January 22, 2018 9:00am-9:56am EST

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hey, maria thanks for the h. all you hater sit back down. we in the done yet. pederson says and all of the other players, brent celek, we're not donel. we will win it. >> it feels so good. it is so eagles song, happy >> maybe call t real fancy dog dish and put it dog bowl. >> i like being under valued and under is when it is fine just take us for granted and notppreciated. >> my whole life. >> good day, monday, january 22nd, 2018. now, i know you were watching e night, sag, award, screen actor guild
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award were on iee saying they we colorful dresses but we showed dull stuff. red carpet, wow. >> beautiful. i like to see what people wear feel good songs for feeling good all over the delaware valley. is what your go >> ♪ yes, we roof this we will share our feels good songs. and then we have to show you this local bride, because she has some skills, on the mike. >> ♪ welcome to the jungle >> this is so awesome because it is unusual. we have seen the same stuff time and again. we have in the seen anything like her. she will come in and show us her skills. >> we asked her to come in her wedding gown but i just saw her, she has been up all night , celebrating in eagles
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gear, so that is what she has on, an eagles t-shirt. welcome to the jungle, vikings fans, if you are still in your hotel rooms. >> all right. the whole delaware valley is feeling, great. it just makes you want to go crazy, doesn't it. do you fl >> let's go. >> do you feel crazy. >> let's go >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> yes. >> come on, get yourself. >> look at jenny >> yes,. >> wow. >> breaking it down.. what, i'll
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you what, is that rubbing salt in the wound >> yes. >> because we're playing prince, minnesota. >> all those people rooms around philadelphia, really. >> who cares about them. >> t the last laugh because we have to be there for a week. >> that is true. >> they can lets get back to jey because she's doing a mini causeon show because our of what happened. >> if she can recover from theer seen you like that. >> i'm a ltl breath, and you will notice i have not taken this sweat shirt off because it is sot can't. but we have sweat shirts, we have t-shirts, we have everything motels. we even have the owner of modells out h hey, good morning. >> so we have been watching people come, all long
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to get merchandise. talk about this eagles early. were you opened late last night to get people their gear >> seeing t in, it is all about celebration, and it is about w will recreate history, and we will do it. we lost coming back in 2018. >> reporter: i understand we have been showing people w bt ie more come, we have locker room hats and what else can we expect we need foles in the middle of the week. we have, long sleeve hottest item we have is what you are wearing right there, sweat warm, and we have continuing merchandise coming all week and wednesday, thursday we have all super american, coming in,>> hanks, mr. modells. i want to show the people my sweat shirt one more time. appr. >> 2004 last time we went. a 20e
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flag from when we went to the patriots. >> rematch this year. >> yeah. >> didha here. >> probably 13 years ago, yeah , stayed iverything. >> how about it. what will you get this time. >> new got t-shirts,. >> yeah, you have to stock hh rw how do we feel going in the super bell. >> we will win it. >> we will beer bowl champions. >> this is flag and we will do it this time because we needour. >> jidith. >> my grandso mccollough. >> michael and june, they are calling it now, guys, back to w. >> she thumbs it different this time, scared to get it, we are so long suffering, please, this time let it be different. brady
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again? i didn't.>> no. >> we should have won in 2004, there is in best. he is consider the best. >> i i can't stand him. >> i just want to win. >> yeah, really. >> you are watching the game and they were ahead, it was all good. >> to be the best you have to beat the best. if you had are going to be the best, tough beat the best, all right. say tonight to existence. >> we will beat the best, we will beat the best. >> we had such a great time. we were in the second row at the linc. >> in the end zoney took so many videos on instagram alex holley tv but there is one that stands out. while we were there we're singing fly eagles fly, i didn't realize until later that there were some vikings fans right behind us. wonder what that felt like.
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wait for it, wait for it. >> look at the side eye. i don't know if she's scared, mad or she realized she's on camera. i don't know what that look was again. >> i don't know what that look was. >> it is the best. >> we talked with them, they were such nice people. >> reason why they start, i looked back, he was mouthing the vikings fan, he was finished, maybe they will get a vikings fan singing eagles cheer. >> but they just did the eye. >> so we were talking back and forth before the game started, and then vikings came on the field in, problem at all, score, and i turned around they are trying to control themselves but they are thrilled that my god are we go to eagles on their home turf. >> they were reprehese they were wearing purple out there in the audience. they were nothong their shirts
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>> as long as they are polite. pele air really nice. >> they were also told to be scared. it is so weird. >> just don't say anything. be quiet. >> they almost got in the fight on the field. >> what happened was vikings players got very frustrated as you do at 38-seven. fights are breaking out at the end of the game this was broadcast on national television, scuffling back and forth. watch cheerleaders come over and try to break it up or get in the way of it. oh, hurry. >> they were like get over here so we can cut to you dancing so people are not seeing the fight. >> yeah. >> no, no. >> and on the field, usually off to the side. >> they did that so we can get to you guys so we don't see what is about to happen. >> in a matter of seconds. >> we didn't see them dance like that until half time, not
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on the field like. that they usually go in the end zone. >> yes. >> maybe in the. >> i don't know. >> anyway, it almost got ugly but it didn't, and everything calmed down. >> no cheer leaders were harmed in the filming of that, we are happy to report that. >> you other than fire. >> is what going on with your hair. >> i like it sticking up. >> it is like billy idol. >> rebel yell, that is a good song. >> is what going on. >> white wedding. >> what? >> is billy idol alive. >> yes, he is doing great. >> karen's looking that up. >> we cannot say this enough. we will go to minute so the for the week, getting ready, so, anything we should necessity about minnesota let us know because their pr people, for minneapolis, they have shouted out to us. they called it the bold north.
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>> sit the bold north. >> congratulations and well come to the bold north. >> land of 10,000 lakes. >> there are 10,000 lakes in one state. >> minneapolis. >> michigan has a lot of lakes too. >> they have the five great lakes. >> there is a live look at linc. >> what is that big white spot >> confetti. >> that is where they set off confetti cannon, lath night. >> usually on tv when confetti comes up the whole stadium gets it but to see one section of the corner. >> there was that little smear there on the grass now. >> i'm thinking it looked great. >> make sure in minnesota we do not have the same accent as characters in fargo. >> fargo is in the state of north dakota yes, and they went back and forth between minnesota and north dakota in that movie. >> minnesota. >> that is what we do. >> minnesota. >> i can't waiting to there.
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>> heavy scandinavian influence which is why it sounds like they are ordering toaster stroddle. >> yes. >> we're playing feel good songs today because we feel, good. now this is a list of the compiled by forbes magazines. >> yes. >> so we will get through their top five. like i said, we have already >> through the show. >> this is what they considered the number one feel good song ever. >> okay. >> ready. >> ready. >> ♪
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>> now, i know why this survey survey was put together by a- british company. >> well, that makes sense. >> well, no wonder. >> let's have some americans decide. >> yeah. >> here's the brits. >> so survivor, eye of the tiger, we know that very well. that was number five. number four billy joel uptown girl, beach boys, good vibrations that makes sense, alba, dancing queen was number two and queen, don't stop it. >> so let's do ours. >> is what your favorite go to song, what makes you feel the funk. >> good times. >> oh, yeah. >> chic. >> celebrate the moment you are in, these are the good times, we have finally made it , here we are. >> that song is 53 years old and i still love it. >> it can always make you feel good.
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>> alex, is what yours. >> cheerleader. >> ♪ >> i think it is a fun song, i think about the sun, sand, and , dancing, cheer on. >> you are my cheerleader. >> i always do this, tupac when i'm feeling down. >> ♪ >> the key there is the graphic that says, parenthesis , edit. >> i was looking for that. >> j o.j. o in there. >> the saga -- sag, ward, this is not for the best plastic surgeons but screen actors guild, that is what sag stand for do you want to see some of this. >> yes. >> the favorites.
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>> and most importantly the regardless of our differences i think we can all come together and delight in one thing, frozen two is coming out in theaters in 2019, i'm very excited. >> okay. >> never hosted this before good mono log, still maintaining, managing to passionately bullying and current climate in hollywood. she did a very good job. speaking of passionate speeches morgan freeman stopped in there to call out an audience member. he stopped his speech. >> this is beyond honor, this is a place in his try. oh, one more thing, i was than the going to do this, i will tell you what is wrong with this statue. it works from the back. from the front it is gender
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specific. maybe i started something. these moments in your life, hey i'm talking to you, hey, well, you can stand up. these moments in won life usually will call for an entire litany of thank yous. >> yes, somebody was distracting. you know how people with these phones in their hands when you are supposed to be listening. this is a lifetime achievement ward, you are not texting on your phone. keith, you are not on your phone texting and talking to each other, and i have no idea what he was talking about with the statue. >> wait what is the statue. >> well, we need an explanation. >> statue was behind him on the left and smiling face of the tragedy and comedy, like in theaters, and upside down. >> face,. >> yes.
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>> well, i think we would understand it if we he was talk. >> james franco thing was nomin. >> yes. >> so there it is. >> it looks like would it look and back. >> let's move on. >> so james franco's name, you knowhin in with these sexual misconduct allegations. his name was mentioned do you wn his name is mentioned. >> get out. >> i was surprised h>> yes he do the last award. >> critics choice. >> it is funny what do you do in the audience. you don't want camera on you. you are supporting him. you don't want to not applaud. kill joy or something. so is what happy median. >> you heard what he got, the classic smackering.
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>> it is so awkward do i clap or do i not clap. >> do you smile or what he has been accuse of sexual harassment. >> what do you do. >> yeah. >> let's talk about the fashion. that is why i watch. >> it is a lot of fun. >> color is back. >> who is that. >> and who is that? >> stunning. >> so even though, at the beginning of the award, in the golden globes everybody was wearing black they switch it up with the colors they were vocal on the red carpet about the me too movement and they want to make sure there are change that he is come about but the color is back. >> yes. >> i love her. >> i love her tooy love her personality. >> little while ago we showed bradley cooper, in one of the suites out in the linc. that is his wife. >> we should know that. >> it is pretty distinctive.
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>> i'm just trying to apologize. >> okay. >> lets go to bob kelly. >> he is taking over, where is he again. >> wye missing. >> wyomissing. >> that is it. >> hi. >> that is it you got it, wyomissing. i have been here since 3:30 with my buddy joey bananas here we are taking over the town of berks county, every machine we will take over a different town. my buddy joey bananas said hey do you remember me. i thought i owed him some money. here, check this out, i signed his shirt, about 10 years ago, back in zero seven we met. >> we math at barry bagnone's locker room. >> uncle joey bananas. how long have you been an eagles fan. >> seventy-five users so what does that tell you. >> seventy-five. >> so, let me tell you.
9:20 am
what do you think. >> they're going all the way. >> there is no doubt bit. >> you have been through the ups, downs, all of the other championships, what is different do you think about this team. >> they are together. it is like a family. you can see it when you listen to them talk, play they dent get rattled, they are conscious of one another, they are just into it. >> joey bananas you got it my man. i got my hockey shirt, the guys from the reading royals are here. you have a big game coming up. >> on wednesday a big game coming up, with the flyers ech l affiliate we cannot be more excited for eagles, flyers, we are very excited for everything. >> so some of your players here in reading,. >> right behind us could be playing for flyers coming up soon. >> we just had one earlier this season tyr el became first royal to make fill flyers. we are so excited. doing a great job with the
9:21 am
flyers this season. >> if you come by here before 10:00 we have tickets to see reading royals play some hockey, cheering on the eagles and royals in wyomissing diner back to you in the studio. big thumbs up to the flyers. they are hot. they won again over the weekend. >> against the capitols. >> and democrats. >> zach ertz, this made me cry earlier and i'm a big crier but you might too, zach ertz had a big night but his wife, of course, she wanted to be there but she's playing soccer she's one of the best soccer players in the world. >> you have to see her reaction when she found out her husband zach ertz is going to the
9:22 am
9:23 am
that is julie ertz, zach ertz, wife lea
9:24 am
well, this is certainly my must see moment of the day, it is, well, zach ertz had a great game. >> did he. >> and so he is going to the super bowl. his wife, julie, wanted to be
9:25 am
at the game at the linc but she had a soccer game herself because she's's pro, right. >> right. >> so here it is, her teammates come over and tell her that your husband's going to the super bowl, okay. >> unaudible. >> oh, my god. >> isn't that sweet. >> we're going. >> we're going. >> she goes, i didn't want to ask you. >> i know. she's probably thinking about while she was playing. >> they won five to zip. >> that is a winning couple right there. >> yeah. >> hey, tom, can you get that shot ready so people can join us outside. before we take that shot. there they are. keith is out there with them. >> my goodness.
9:26 am
we will get that a lot over next two weeks. if you are bursting with and market and we will get you on the air. >> let it all out. >> let it all out. >> so on saturday night, you did a great job as the host of hair of the dog and i know you have been doing that for 50 years here in philadelphia. >> it is a one of the largest charity events in philadelphia but this time i had an eagles twist because they knew we were getting ready to celebrate the eagles winning nfc championship. this is saturday. everything was green. green confetti. we had so many people. is there hughe dylann. it was great. eagles pep ban was there. it was a lot of fun. then i went out, introduced the night, get things going for you. >> hello, hello. >> that was dj ghost, who is the official dj of the 76ers. >> that is fine. >> look at you. >> thank you, very nice. >> this is the dress styled by dressing jane, alycia fredrick o, lovely, lovely.
9:27 am
she got me all together. >> wow. >> two dresses. >> you should do an outfit change. make up done by jason. >> look back at it. >> my friend whose came to support me, appreciate that, ladies. you know your real friend when they set their alarms. i work in the morning. they called me to make sure i was awake. >> i wish think would have called me because i was late. >> mike, mike from mike check and mike jerrick looking night >> i have a giant head. >> my goodness. >> you look great. >> really quickly want to mention grateful they asked me to host most important thing bit it benefits center for autism one of the oldest autism centers in the country right here in our area it opened up in 1955. all that was to raise money so they can keep doing what they can do in the communities. >> that was one of the best parties i have been to in years. >> really. >> my gosh. >> she's here. she's in our studio.
9:28 am
she's a local bride, freshly married, and man is she blowing away the wedding reception when she sang welcome to the jungle. we will have her do it again and we will dedicate this to all of the vikings fans who are leaving philadelphia
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>> hey welcome back everybody, okay, the 13th, this couple got married. i heard all about met at a kara, you know the house? >> yes. >> one of the oldest bars in the worlds. certainly in the united state. so t there. both -- do you want to see the wedding reception. >> i do, s >> she likes to sing, darn good singer. now what song would you choose at a wedding husband into your life? >> what ed sheeran, something like that. >> welcome to the jungle. >> ♪ i want to express a song, how i feel about our life, and how we're going to be together. so i want everyone to hear this.
9:32 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ welcome to the jungle ♪ ♪ welcome to the jungle ♪ >> so that's kim singing to her new husband, greg offner. greg got so freaked out he ran, twisted his leg, and now he's in a cast. welcome to good day philadelphia. >> oh, tha having us. >> could we get a wide shot, what in the world happened at your wedding reception? with a song rosa lita by spruce implores to you jump little higher. i found the maximum height limit of that request.
9:33 am
leg? >> i broke the outside bone in my foot. when i landed it. >> yes. >> you know, some people have other memorabilia from their reception, little something blue, a garter, something? definitely never going to forget t we should actually be in a to postpone, but making& the best of it, we've been tafed animal around with us all over dc for like a little fake >> taking pictures with it, yes, yes. >> so we had asked to you wear thing for us. what is this? have you been up alledng gown. >> what's ity? >> this is my eagles tee. >> >> so whether it comes to reception, why that song. >> why welcome to the junk snell. roses fan. and it just make sense. we had agreed, you know, beforehand, we're in theach oth, we think it is just a little
9:34 am
laying it on a little too thk but, you know, i started it off by tricking him and saying, you know, singing awe se new my family, and i love you so myself, and, you know, well column to the jungle seemed appropriate. >> is her are you scared of them? >> i'm not scared of them, no. >> are they nice people? people. very welcoming. >> you sounds like a really coup couple. >> do you. o reading what were the shark heads, what was going on? >> it was crazy, you know, did if that's any indication as to how wild the dance floor was, know? >> who breaks their foot at their wedding? >> they say break a leg but -- >> i know? >> yep. >> but the his foot up in his mouth. >> where are you two from? >> northeast philly well we live in south philly. >> but you met at a karaoke night. >> at mcgill and. >> zero. >> did you fall in love when you heard erin? >> yes, there with a friends who had never been to the u.s., went to the eagles
9:35 am
giants game back in 2013, went to mcgill and's, let's go seat oldest bar in the city chat wag bun of people. i hear this voice, i look over, he see this girl, i put my beer down, i watch her sing for little bit, i go up to the dj look i got to sing next. so i give him 20 bucks to jump the line and sing after her. >> what did you sing back to her? >> only the good die young by billy joel. >> what was your first -- what did you say to her? >> i said hey that's going to be really tough act to follow, i hope you can do your performance justice, and then when i got done, i hopped down and said hey listen is this your boyfriend? she was a table full every guys. she said oh, no, no, they're not interested in me. >> and you're like well snip. >> and you just jumped 13 street. >> you have been together erin? >> yes. >> that's great. >> i love that story. this is great. >> do you minds? >> yes, can we get little performance. >> of course, ya. >> i'm getting out of the way. oh, i broke my leg. >> oh, no! >> oh. >> it is not good. >> do it.
9:36 am
>> ♪ >> ya! >> ♪ >> ♪ >> for all of you viking fans out there. >> whoa. >> go home. >> welcome to the jungle ♪ we got fun and games ♪ we got everything you want and we know the names we are the >> ♪ >> ♪ >> i'm going to watch you bleed. >> well all right! >> good luck to you. >> oh, thank you so much.
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>> lifetime
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>> what wrong? >> the eagles are going to the superbowl. >> awe. >> why does he sounds sad? this he's eight years old, he's been waiting his whole darn, about seven, wee two. >> but it is emotional. so overwhelming. >> ofle bit after tear myself last night. and so dana, his m dana. >> thank you. >> eight years old, thomas. so, alex and i and some friends were at the game. quincy was there with u game, au know, my first time, you know, for theu weren't here. i want to walk down broad street. >> i want to be a part of it, ian field. >> i want to flip over a car, i want to set something on fire what she said. >> climb a greased pole. >> we thought better of really
9:41 am
rowdy at broad and oregon, the cop said, you know, so we said we line back to center city, get out at walnut and broad. fine a. >> so we get on the subway,a, de place is got claustrophobia, singing wine, beer all over us, sing the theny broke out in to two different chants. now take the kids out of the be hearing a lot of this over the next two weeks, now, part of this was therethe same train we were on. and he slams into a steel o f this little thing we call riding on the subway with mike and alex. ♪ >> ♪ >> that's got to mark.
9:42 am
>> so anyway on the train last night there were twoe was tom b, tom brady, and the other one was big beep nick. big beep nick. big beep nick. where they got that, i don't know. >> so, that was all the way from the linc, down to walnut and broad. >> that was wonderful, wonderful reporting mike, thank you for going and doing that research and bring that back so we could be informed. >> thank you. >> meanwhile, huddled on the subway like in my instagram story, people spilling stuff on my hair, getting everywhere, yes. >> e smelled like beer by the time we got down to broad and walnut. >> kids back in the room. we join kids at saint monica's in south philly. >> hi, jen. >> reporter: because the players going to play, play, play, play ♪ and the haters going to hate hate hate hate. shake shake shake shake shake. shake it up.
9:43 am
shake it up. we're going to the sorry. i can't make it. but it's fine. yeah, it's fine. you ok? eczema. it's fine. hey!
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> oh, there is a juxtaposition song to a pretty scene. anyway, here comes sue in 15. blank.
9:46 am
>> 100% chance of happy eagles fans, mild out there for january, with showers, and then thunderstorms, tomorrow. let's tell you what we're talking about, the rain headed our way for next couple of hours, but this is the strong cold front. >> few scattered showers, sprinkles here today, but in the future cast we time it out for tomorrow. , possible thunder and lightning as well with heavy downpours, so there is weather drama for tuesday, i should say, and then some left over showers for the evening drive, shouldn't be a big deal by then. right now, it is 45 degrees, in philadelphia. with all of the cloud cover,
9:47 am
we gain about 10 degrees by the end of the day, 59 tomorrow. then it is chilly for the middle of the week, even friday, appropriately chilly though for january, back to the 50's, by the weekend. back to you. >> hey, couple of parents say on twitter i missed my kid, i didn't see my kid south philly o let's go back. >> let's do jen. >> nice job will go youtube viral famous. >> yes. >> what's your name? >> julie ann owe staro. >> you are wrote it, you're the producer of the strong. >> yes. >> one-two-three hit it. >> ♪ cry brady cry ♪ on the road to retirement. ♪ cry brady cry ♪ we'll beat you in the superbowl.
9:48 am
>> yes we are, brady. >> ♪ hit him low watch our eagles fly ♪ cry brady cry ♪ ♪ on the road to retirement. >> awesome. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles! >> that's what i am talking about. that's what i am talking about. that's what i am talking about. that's what i'm talking about! >> ♪ >> (laughing). >> oh, my gosh. >> that's my favorite of the day. >> no offense, you're aim barsment to the school. these guys are literally going you're an embarrassment to the saint monica's community. >> i know. >> i know. i had to make -- i didn't know what to do. >> there go. >> what, what is that? what is that? >> rip off shirt. rip off shirt. okay. ladies, he needs to say sorry about that shirt. don't you think? we love the biebs. we love saint monica's. you guys thought all along
9:49 am
that they would win, yes? >> yes. >> okay, here's what i want from you ladies. don't say if we win the superbowl. say when. >> when we win the superbowl we're going to get that trophy and we're going to win. >> i got to go. i got some singing. here we go. >> ♪ >> they are really pumped up. >> this takes me back. oh! >> ♪ >> ♪ >> enjoy being a kid. >> last night, you feel like it is in the moment, everyone, you know, it bridges everyone together. we can all celebrate together. >> yes. eagles fans, kids, takes me back to my catholic school days. awe at all saints school, not saint monica, same kids. i was that little boy. friday fry brady fry. >> we were coming back and ran into joyce evans doing live shots for the evening newscast, we had something to say. >> guess who we just found who
9:50 am
may be in the crowd. oh, i'm used to this right now. >> i watch you all the time. >> yes. >> come on, joyce. joyce, we love you. joyce! >> these guys are -- >> (cheers). >> alex? >> yes, joyce? >> that was so much fun. >> we were there. >> it was magical. >> so she saw us oh, good, i can talk to just normal people, instead of people attacking me. >> no, she should have known. >> she should have known. joyce is great, isn't she? >> she is so great. >> she stood her grounds, man, people, those fans, coming on. making sure hey not in my live shot, no. >> elbows. >> she was working it. >> bob kelly one more time. let's go. >> you got it, gang, come on, it is almost lent, that means national time. we dip in greece, you ready, boom. where do you see the turkey syrup we have, too, when we
9:51 am
come right back. >> ♪
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9:53 am
9:54 am
>> bob wants to say good-bye to everybody, bob? >> reporter: you got it, good morning, everybody, you can't leave this joint, without having a fashnaught, right? fashnaughts? >> right punk up. >> they make them homemade here, of course you know fashnaught is the big item that we have right before lent, right? >> yes, it is adel cassy specialty, served with turkey syrup, awesome pick, molasses, turkey syrup. >> so you put on the national. look what they added here, gobs of butter. >> and this is the turkey syrup that you drizzle over the top. >> tell me about the turkey syrup. what's big about this turkey syrup stuff? >> everybody is saying oh, my god. >> it is a thicker syrup. >> scoop on there, go ahead. >> it is a thicker syrup than normal syrup. they use it, they made it with the fsh turkey. >> and they use the same turkey syrup to cook >> yes. >> the thick, very thick
9:55 am
molasses, the same thing, people, loves our sweets andeser. >> just think about it, all of today, they've eaten all of this syrup, they will be bouncing off the wall by the end of the of just reading here at myomessing restaurant, chant, r? e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles! punk. ant that shirt. look at the size of that. >> oh, hey by the way, say it again, sorry, megan? >> ten seconds. >> what? >> some folks are outside. we're going to have this all week long. >> look at this watch! >> head over heals, babe. >> i head over heals for his eagles. >> e's -- >> oh, he keeps going. >> stop doing that, you're scaring me. >> you guys, coachwill be givins conference, you guys will introduce it today at noon? her. >> a superbowl press conference, okay. >> what a fun yesterday, and today, it couldn't have worked out better. see it all
9:56 am
over again? >> can you handle it? >> i can handle it. >> 'll see you again tomorrow, see you at noon for the press conference. >> away we go. >> ♪ >> he throws. >> ♪ ng for a block. >> blount, is caught. jeffrey tough down. >> flea flicker.touchdown alsho. >> ♪ >> the celebration is just beginning. >> bring on brady and the superbowl. >> it is unbelievable soaking it all in. >> ♪ >> is there have to be thousands and thousands of people. >> crazy out here, tomorrow, it is nuts, take a look at this crowd. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> i can't hear anything.
9:57 am
so if we are on, they won! >> oh, oh, we got it, garvey coming up. here it is. >> this is the trophy. >> take a nice look, guys. it is p pro tip: giant has great prices on produce.
9:58 am
9:59 am
raspberries for john... what's a jicama? than
10:00 am
♪ >> announcer: now here's wendy. [cheering] >> wendy: yes. ♪ >> wendy: thanks for watching. say hello to my co-host and studio audience. and that is the way i like it. let's get started. apparently not well. let's get stte


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