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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  January 23, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EST

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do you know april? do you know may? they bet called and they want their weather back? what is going on. last week we were talking about snow and stuff like that now we have thunderstorm, rain , high win almost like spring. it will affect your morning commute, no question about it. and then this. >> no, wait i'llit. no, ma'am, in ma'am. >> bill cosby in philadelphia for his first performance since his sex you'll assault trial, the one question that he would answer as his hand letters tried to rush him away what are we 12 days away, hate to say 12 because that is tom brady's number. can we look at that, i love.
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that. >> have you seen the picture in front of the photographer, very cool picture. >> great picture on the front page of the paper we will show that to you. another guy says it looks like the water, gator aid just wick ed off of him. he is a miracle worker. twelve days away from the big game in minneapolis, we're leaving sunday, alex. >> yes, we are. >> we can bet wear purple again. >> my gosh, we match again. >> i know. >> this is a thing. >> it is because we have put way purple for 10 days. >> it is back. >> our favorite color so we wanted to bring it back. >> yes. >> can i ask a question. we will start a debate, we have a tsunami to tell but, william penn the statue on top of the city hall. we stopped decorating it years ago because we thought it was a bad deal can you imagine if we had huge dog head lowered on billy penn's head with the helicopter. >> that would be cool to see. >> is it too jinksy.
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>> it hasn't work out in the past. >> i know mayor says don't touch his head, anymore. so what do you think get on twitter, let us know, is it safe to put anything on him again. >> flyers jersey. >> yeah. >> it has not worked out. >> but still, the footage of the helicopter putting a dog head on it, i love it. >> but not if it cost us the super bowl. >> pick a different statue? but that is the one because it is on top of the city hall, blah, blah, blah. we will look forward to see wharf to say about that. in the meantime we are giving you six out of 10 for rain falling, very sloppy start mostly in the 40's but some are in the 50's this morning with these spring like temperatures as mike said, it is spring like thunderstorms popping up throughout the area especially north and west of the city where we have a flood advisory, in effect, 54 degrees, right now crazy around here, relative humidity
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at 90 percent, sunrise time 7:16. a few thunderstorms here and there, high temperature of 60 degrees but it will not stay this mild, we will tell you how chilly it gets for middle of the week coming up, bob kelly. >> good morning, everybody 6:03 live look at route 309 near turnpike on another yucky start everything wet, slower than normal bad hair day don't wear your good shoes, we have problems on septa's paoli thorndale line all inbound services suspended between thorndale and the malvern station. so inbound trains will original at malvern outbound services suspended the entire line because of amtrak, wire problems, right out of the gate and here's a live look at the freeway slower than normal working your way toward walt whitman bridge southbound 295 extra slow from 73 down through freeway mother nature squirting down front sidewalk getting rid of the salt, brine , and live look at delaware side of the delaware memorial bridge, all bridges have speed restrictions up and
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down 495 through wilmington speed restrictions and for gang in chester county headlights working their way through and we have seen thunder boomers and lightning chester county as well, mike and alex, back to you. 6:04. >> lets get to breaking news out of alaska where an magnitude 8.2 earthquake struck 75 miles southeast of kodiak. tsunami warning has been issued for west coast. we are saying people on twit ter sirens are going off. this happened, so early people may not ab wake yet. >> it is middle of the night in the west coast, 8.2 are you kidding me? this is huge. no wonder everybody is scared to death out there right now especially along the coastline of alaska. of course canada out in the west coast but then all the way down to san diego, los angeles. >> the fact that the entire california coast. >> all the way down to mexico.
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that is huge 8.2. we will keep an eye on it and our sister stations out there are on the air and we will take through live. upper darby a person struck and killed at a gas station, happened just after midnight at bp station on the 6600 block of market street. victim was pronounced dead at the scene. investigators are trying to figure out if they had been drinking. police trying to find gunman who fatally shot a 19 year-old in fernrock this morning. man was hit multiple times outside a septa depot on broad street and olney avenue at 12:30. police say shooter was captured by security camera running from the scene, we are told victim lives in the neighborhood and his name has in the been released. ahead of history trial this spring in montgomery county, bill cosby made his first public appearance at a local jazz club last night, um >> so sabina's in germantown with more because this was a surprise for the audience. >> a little bit. >> reporter: total surprise
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for the audience. now cosby's team just announced he would be on the stage about two hearst beforehand they tweeted out a press release. it happened at le rose jazz club, cosby was on the stage for about an hour, he ran through a comedy routine, told jokes, he even played a drum with the band and it is his first show, first real show, since 2015, three years ago when 60 women came forward and accused him of sexual assault. his pr team releasing news, just hours before, audience members very, very surprised but they laughed and appeared receptive and expert turf cosby. some took selfie was him afterwards. several protesters heard about the performance and they arrived after cosby has left. now just after he got off of the stage and despite protest from his his handlers, cosby did answer questions from reporters about whether he was concerned about getting back in the spot lit just three months before his retrial.
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>> no wait i'll answer that. no, ma'am i came here tonight to enjoy being with my friend and musicians and the people who came. >> it is so offensive that this man need to be held accountable he need to be inconvenienced. >> reporter: call it something of the come back tour this is very latest in the series of public appearances cosby made in recent weeks. this is first time he has been back on the stage, worth noting, guys that in april during his retrial prosecutors and defense have agreed to seat a local jury, guys, back to you. did they not allow microphones to hear his routine, which love to hear what was he talking about do we have a report inner there. >> reporter: we written side, we did pick up ambient noise from his performance. he was making his jokes, playing with the band and jok
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ing about the fact that he is legally blind, talking about the age of the audience and he joking with the lidle kid, one of the band members. >> i would love you to relate that story but which love to hear it out of his mouth, the sound is just too bad to play. >> reporter: we were looking back but you can see if we can make out some of his jokes. >> probably not a bad idea. brian dawkins made him do it. now who would say that brian dawkins made me do it. >> brian dawkins made you run into a pole. >> you know this guy by now why the man who ran in the subway pillar. >> wow,. >> said yes he was inspired by that jersey he was wearing. >> brian?
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second straight week an eagles fan has been arrested for punching a police horse outside game. >> this time pennsylvania state police were trying to break up a big crowd in a tailgate when they say 19 year-old andrew corneta, you're looking at right new refused their order so they arrested him. he punched a corporal's horse twice and then hit corporal, he faces a number of charges. >> it looks like horse hit back, right.
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>> apparently there is video out there. >> there is, i have seen the video. >> and interesting thing, the falcons game take already hendricks was arrested after punching a police horse in the face and attacking an officer, you can see that there. is this really becoming a thing. >> down goes stupid. oh, what is my favorite neil diamond song hello, my friend is that neil diamond, sue, hello, my friend. >> it is your favorite but you didn't know it was his. >> we have an announcement from neil diamond yes says he will no longer tour starting immediately. >> yep. >> here comes sue. >> it all depends where you live you could get a downpour, get a thunderstorm or nothing at all don't worry, you will get rain at some pint but only at all don't worry, you will get rain at some pint but only rain w
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♪ sweet caroline >> i don't know do you think he will sing one more time for those patriots fans and boston fans who love him so much.
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that is his most famous song but i like hello. american music icon neil diamond said he will retire from touring and probably most concerts because he has been diagnosed with parkinson's. neil offered his apologies to fans and said he still plans to write/record music and scheduled to get a lifetime achievement award at the grammys on this sunday. >> that is so sad to hear. >> yes. >> he loves to go out, singing that is his life he can still keep music going. we will give you some geography around this earthquake that happened not too long ago. there is kodiak off the coast, is there anchorage, fairbanks and see these little circles are small earthquake. these other circles popping up are after shocks that are magnitude 4.5, 5.0 in that same region. so anyplace you see orange here is a tsunami warning all along the coast of alaska,
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canadian coast and down board er with washington state and then it is a tsunami watch all along the west coast of the united states from northern california all the way to the boarder with mexico this will be out here for a while. we will keep an eye on that situation. closer to home we have a flood advisory berks, lehigh, north hampton, carbon, monroe counties, they have seen heavy rain this morning and there we radar. zooming into some neighborhood s there, north white hall with the heavy downpour there lower macungie raining there as well. it has eased up in wyncote but still raining, steadily, there upper makefield so heavy downpours. but then as we get toward jersey shore we are not getting anything at all but probably will before the morning is through. 54 degrees in philadelphia right now, 50 in wildwood, unusually mild temperatures, early spring-like temperatures
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, for january, that is weird but we will take it because it could have been snow. 12 miles an hour winds with the rain, thunderstorms popping up, high of 60, much chillier tomorrow, with the wind feels colder then 45. 39 degrees our high on thursday, 43 on friday and then by week end bob kelly we are back to the fabulous 50's. >> 6:17. live look at i-95 southbound seeing jams on the betsy into downtown philadelphia, watching in the construction zone here rolling through girard avenue drains are located in the travel lanes. all that water naturally coming in and that is where we will get uponning on the roadways and hydroplaning. live look for gang in berks county great time hanging with you on 422 where it meets up with the turnpike, again just ayuky start to our tuesday morning. inbound services on septa's pay yell i thorndale line services suspended between thorndale and malvern stations
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because of amtrak wire problems, the entire out bound stretch suspended all together so get to septa's web site depending upon what station you board train and where you are going they will have a bus option for you but it will be a rough start there this morning. live lot at freeway working in toward philadelphia, and a live look here at route 73 at fellowship road squeezed between the 25 and new jersey turnpike, mike and alex, back over to you. alex, at the top of the show 17 minutes ago you mention aid picture. it is i great one by a photographer by the name of jon kim, great shot. >> he knew it was coming, he got that good shot for sure. >> do you think his cameras got wet? i think so. check this out, folks, you know america's team. >> the cowboys. >> yeah. >> a lot of national reporters are calling steve keeley america's team new because i don't know if we have a graphic but they did polling who the general football fans of america routeing for?
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it looks like the eagles, man because patriots have done it so many times. >> people hate them it is patriots fatigue, isn't it. >> it is. >> we may be america's team for at least a week. >> we will take it. >> hey steve, over at the art museum i bet. >> reporter: what guy isn't jealous of the guy looks like a mail model, married to a multi model, multi millionaire and life is perfect, you know, why would we have any reason to, be jealous of tom brady not to mention he has a super bowl ring for every finger. maybe that has something to do with it, right, mike? are you jealous. >> i am, there is no question i like to bash tom brady but because i'm jealous. he is handsome, great hair, he wears uggs, he is married to a super model, five super bowl rings, i hate him. >> reporter: i heard you at top of the show, where are we go to go get a super bowl week
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dogmas being to fit over william penn if we wanted to put one over. i was looking. i said remember under dog, the original under dog from the macy's parade maybe hang him above that. i look i can that within because it is tough, flying. new under doggies showing his ring but he has a goofy smile on his face, a smirk but that is only thing thaw can get that size. superstition thing were you mentioned, i was sent here because they wanted to she sky line in green. all you said is red and blue and these three buildings red right new when they change color they become blue. there is in green in the sky line whatsoever. see traffic lights the parkway they are red all the time on the air we have to wait until they turn green to turn green. there is peco building with just plane white letters right now they are afraid to put an eagles message up and that turns red and blue at times because, god forbid anybody wants to be blamed for jinking the eagles.
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now it is redden peco building is red. everybody is taking this superstition thing to the max, so, it is ridiculous but i dent think even if they wanted to put under dogmas being on billy penn to get a big rubber mask this quick. >> come on, i'm really surprised by you, i don't think some enterprising human could make a dog head big enough to get over billy penn pen's head. >> no, i don't. it has to withstand weather. they could make an eagles jersey. i was in the helicopter when they put flyers jersey over it and cool seeing these guys walk around brim of the hat because he got stuck for a while and funny seeing how they did it. so yes, people i think modells sponsored it they can get a big cloth jersey. i dent necessity if you can get a helmet made. >> just a dog face, made out
6:22 am
of encloses, we don't want to do it anyway. so just something to talk about on twitter. we have a twitter poll ready to go should we touch billy penn pen's head. should we put a under dogmas being on the billy penn's statue to get ready for super bowl 52. welshing not many people voted yes, how many people voted, 28 okay. >> sixty-one serio, 39 say in. keep voting. roll tape i don't know what this is, what is this ryan? our other teams are playing too they dealt again sixers let double digit lead slip away and another disappointing loss. i don't know why i'm showing
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thaw, well we break it down in a little bit. lottery numbers.
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eagles are super bowl bound and trying to come down from that emotional high and trying to keep things as normal as possible because they still have one thing left to prove. >> they even said it after the game last night in the locker room that there is unfinished business left to do. we have one game left, one game left of the season. we have come this far, and want to make sure we stay focused. >> now that the vikings season is over giants made it official naming pat shurmur as their new head coach. he was offensive coordinator for minute so the and served in the same role under chip kelly. sixers/grizzlies philly was up but let it slip, evans step back jumper here memphis wins 105-101, sixers gain up 24 turnovers on the night. >> lack of judgment, leadership, i thought that we had in the much leadership. i thought that our poise was poor. i think it was a immature loss >> that is sports in a minute. i'm kristin rodgers.
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>> you need that leader ship, man. how do you know where you have going. >> i have had enough of that boston accent, for a while. we have to deal with this for the next 12 days. >> very mature storm is here, it has grown and now we are seeing heavier rains starting to move into southern delaware , jersey shore you are
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we will tell you how long it will stick around. >> i saw some lightening. >> under dog again, well, we don't care, do we? we are embracing the dog, how eagles plan to dethrown defending champions, the g-o-a -t in super bowl 52. >> i assure you i'm not dead but i ammo kay he is okay, he is alive. he will be in our studio can you believe he survive this. different angles coming out that gives you perspective but that man who took that hit. there is another angle. he will join us in the studio to talk about this famous moment on that subway platform >> we have got the guy that ran in the pole. we have the guy that shot the man running in the pole, that has been seen around the world >> we have full coverage. >> question if that happens to you would you want to forward it so everybody knows it was
6:31 am
you that ran in the pole. >> i have admitted to embarrassing things before every single day. before 7:00 i will do something i need to a will guys for or for what i need to apologize for. good day it is tuesday, january 20th it is my sister susan's birthday. >> did you get her anything. >> i will. >> here's sue. >> doesn't she have a beautiful name? >> susan, yes. >> i wanted to show you what is happening in allentown do you see ponding on the side of the road and puddles, it looks like that might be flooded there as well, very heavy downpours happening, so driving along a puddle may come up, hydroplaning before you realized it so take your time, and easy this morning on the roadways but won that have been seeing heavier downpours six out of 10 is your number, bus stop buddy, rain gear on but at least it is only rain otherwise you went have school if it had been snow. no such luck.
6:32 am
only rain. there is a lot of it. we have been seeing a lot of lightening on radar as well. as we mentioned earlier there is a line of heavier rain moving in southern delaware sussex and kent counties right now heading toward the new jersey shore. it is damp here in philadelphia 54 degrees with 12 miles an hour wind, unusually mild for january. 60 degrees our unusually high mild temperature today with a few thunderstorms continuing through about lunchtime. don't forget about 101.1 more fm our radio partner with your radio authority forecast on the radio there navigating those wet roadways, bob kelly. >> good morning, everybody hello berks county thanks, here's a live look at upper end of 422, road are wet, slower than normal, make sure you have good wiper blade, live look downtown vine street expressway seeing volume pop mother nature taking the hose and squirting down sidewalk getting rid of the brine and
6:33 am
salt out there. live lot the freeway toward philadelphia we have had a couple spin outs, hitting puddles, two big jams west on the schuylkill a half an hour, we had an earlier accident at city avenue south bun route one boulevard heavy from woodhaven down broad street and good news for septa they have restored service on the paoli thorndale line but delays are expected through rest of the morning, back to you. this is the big story. >> this is out of alaska where a 8.2 magnitude earthquake has struck 175 miles southeast near a last contact a little island. >> kodiak, you know kodiak. >> tsunami warning has been issued for entire u.s. west coast. one point hawaii was a warning but they had been cancelled. we have more information about what is going on there. >> and don't get mad at us we know a last case part of the united states, we got you covered because people on the
6:34 am
west coast are very, very nervous right now. >> understandably so. >> bill cost bye... does not want me to walk into anything and said... these green people can't talk. i under stan a baby but a grown up, i understand it, stop. people bring things to you they put it down and say i brought to you so and so it is right here. >> i agree with he, he has a jar of peaches, is he drinking peach juice? is that a thing. >> you asked to hear his material, it sounds like the fact he is making jokes that he is legally blind which is fact we have learn months ago during his trial when they came out saying that. this is three months before he is due back in a montgomery county courtroom in a local
6:35 am
jazz club, throwing out some material. >> sabina what is the name of the club in germantown. >> reporter: it is called le rose jazz club here. it has been here quite sometime. this is where cosby spent an hour, got on the stage at 6:30 he ran through his comedy routine. later on he even played some drums with the bandit self. he was here honoring his friend jazz musician tony williams, lets get to video from that performance talking about this being the 80 year-old first real show in almost three years, of course, it has been about three years since 60 woman came forward accusing him of sexual assault he will be retried on those charges in just three months in april. now cosby's pr team, announced it a few hearst before he took the stage. the audience though very, very receptive, expert i have, even stopping to take selfies with him later and they say they were glad to be there for his
6:36 am
performance because it was quite a surprise, big question right now though is why now. >> in wait i'll answer that. no, ma'am, here tonight to enjoy being with my friend and the musicians and the people who came. >> it is so offensive that this man need to be held accountable. he need to be inconvenienceed. >> reporter: as you heard there several protesters showed up just after cosby had left and they said they want his accuser's voice to be amplified in the the voice of cosby himself. worth noting here guy in april his retrial they do expect to seat a local jury, back to you >> okay, sabina, gotcha. in upper darby a person was struck and killed at a gas station. it happened just after midnight at bp station on the 6600 block of market street. the victim was pronounced dead at the scene, investigators are still trying to figure out
6:37 am
police are looking for a man who gunned down a 19 year-old in fernrock earlier this morning, just after midnight. victim was shot outside a septa depot there at broad and olney, around 12:30, they died shortly after the shooting. police say gunman was captured on security camera running from the scene, and we are told that the victim is used to live in the neighborhood and his name has not been released just yet. pennsylvania state police are on the hunt for a suspect in an apparent road rage shooting. here's a sketch of the man and type of car that he was driving, it happened yesterday morning in chester just before 8:00 on i-95 near exit number three, police say man fired a shot and then hit back of another car, no one was hurt, they think the car, gunman was driving is a dark gold older model ford focus, if you have any information, give police a call. all right. what are you doing first weekend of february what do you think of doing.
6:38 am
>> everyone in the city has plans. >> like sunday to watch the games. >> thinking of going. do you see the price of these ticket now. >> it is expensive. >> not to mention travel to get there. then you have to find a place to stay get a hotel. >> this is why only corporate people get to do this now and what are you going to do about it. like the worst seats are going for about five grand. that is what they call nose bleed. better seats up there steve just a little while ago mentioned he saw a seat like five rows up that was $66,000? om, my gosh. >> a lot of tickets, 35,010, thousand. >> for that much money i better get locker room, half time. >> suit up. >> eagles fans should be used to hearing the fact that we are under dogs by now, right. yes, we are under dogs again in super bowl 52, surprise, surprise but here's an
6:39 am
interesting fact, we are the biggest super bowl under dogs in almost 10 years, yeah. the patriots are favored by five and a half points. >> let's call it six. >> that is biggest spread since arizona cardinals were under dogs to the steelers. pittsburgh won that game on the last minute touchdown. >> i guess odd makers were right on that one, last second touchdown. >> they have been right about us so far. >> no they have not. playing in super bowl is new experience for so many under dog eagles fans but for patriots it is nothing new. what is this, it is their eighth, the patriots have played in eight super bowls since 2001. >> and three of the last four. they been in 10 all time which is nearly 20 percent of all of the super bowls ever played. and they won five, including last years. >> at this point it is not a surprise that they go, it is just how it goes.
6:40 am
>> that is why eagles are called america's team mess of the country are rooting for eagles. >> so lane johnson and malcolm jenkins they talk about getting the chance to dethrown the champs. >> always glad to be in the super bowl. it is anybody's game. patriots obviously have been there a long time. it is time for them to be dethroned. >> we all look at them as the gold standard of this league and so in a season where we have been under dog all year, for me it this is right on par to go against a team with such a legacy as patriots. >> you know, you cannot get on forever. it has to end sometime, right. >> well, let's do it. >> somebody has to finish them >> but, we will put up a map that somebody put together which is kind of funny. okay people rooting for patriots and then that little dallas texas thing. i don't even think that is true. i want to hear from the myriad
6:41 am
of -- myriad of people who live in philadelphia and delaware valley who route for patriots. there is a lot of them. they root furkow boys. what will you do. what will you do super bowl sunday will you root for hated philadelphia eagles or go for tom brady? tough call. >> just watch the commercials. >> yeah. >> that is always fun. >> and half time show. >> okay, we got to move on here did we get treated unfairly? yesterday i almost got mad. national media coverage made it look like we had torn down, burned down the city of fail after the win the other night. did you see bad behavior. >> we were out in it. >> we were out in it. >> you would think with national coverage we burned this town down there were only six arrests, so we will break it down and show you stupid
6:42 am
reporting after the break. >> we are checking back on our pole, should we put a under dogmas being on the city hall billy penn statue. >> they are saying do you not remember. >> yeah, yeah. >> all right, just something to talk about. leave me
6:43 am
6:44 am
good morning, live look at
6:45 am
roosevelt boulevard, little wet here live look at ninth street everything wet, slowed this morning. little won get their chance to wear rain slickers and rain boots for school this morning, we have rain drops on the camera lens and already at a crawl working in to philadelphia and the rain will naturally slow us down. we have no accident. couple spin out this is morning, live look over the delaware memorial bridge. poor visibility slower than normal speed up and down 495 as well rolling through wilmington. good news septa restore services on the paoli thorndale regional rail, expect delays. are you ready for the souper bowl. >> what are you doing. >> get it, caley elementary or kelly's classroom in the upper merion school district. they have a kindness challenge the souper bowl of caring. we will take through live at 9:00 on good day, sueby has the forecast in 15 seconds.
6:46 am
we have been talking about the tsunami warning because of the earthquake in a last contact i wanted to she you geography, this is alaska, anchorage and island of kodiak earthquake happened off that island. they are telling everybody with the tsunami sirens going off to get to higher ground. what do you do in an island right there. pretty serious situation. these warnings extend dunn the two washington border, so goes around canada and then it is a tsunami watch every where you see pink there all along the west coast of the united states. do you see that this just normal earthquakes that pop up in california every single day flood advisory north and west of the city because of the heavier downpours falling all morning long. see almost whole area gets hit
6:47 am
with this rain. new jersey cher and southern delaware had been spared earlier. we will get down to, to berks county and you have very steady rain there and north of reading it is raining heavily. we have lighter friday in west deptford in new jersey, new jersey hasn't gotten hit too hard but look at newark delaware and red lion new castle county very heavy rain indicated by yellow there on radar and southern delaware around milford we have get even heavy rain as well. temperatures well above average and they will stay that way throughout the day, to get you to tomorrow but by then it dries out and then in the 30's on thursday, 40's on friday, back to the 50's by week end another cold front sunday into monday, mike and alex. >> sue, yesterday morning after the big game sun day night did we talk about the city of philadelphia burning to the ground. >> no. >> no. >> it is still herey thought we behaved very well. we greased up our poles and everything went great. >> that was us.
6:48 am
>> yes. >> national media some national headlines that made it sound like mike said we burned the city down, chaos and people were doing the most >> people arrested, the jails were full. >> we called philadelphia police and there were six arrests and three were for count are fit ticket sales. >> these are headlines that we saw, we found war people on earth talking about eagles fans. >> that is a minnesota paper, city page. >> and eagles fans were rowdy as -- well, that happens. >> when it comes to arrests only six. >> yeah. >> broncos sports columnist for pittsburgh post gazette had these harsh word about our fans. there are no worse fans in sports then philly fans. i'm guessing many, not all are sub human. i wanted to laugh watching their celebration, sunday& night but i was too busy crying. what a joke they are. what an embarrasment. >> can we look up, sometime in
6:49 am
the pittsburgh, hey, brian, sometime in the pittsburgh steelers won super bowls, i swear we reported or what is their hockey team the continuing wins i swear there was pretty nasty behavior after those too. >> there is always a few, always a few. >> ryan could you bring up a picture of ron cookie want to see what this dufuss looks like. >> one second. >> he is very busy in there. >> we have him diagnosis a lot of stuff. >> a lot of fans said they had beer thrown on them by eagles fans. >> they didn't have the experience we are looking for. we are not minnesota nice here >> they will try to go back at us when we all invade their town they will throw a pep rally, vikings fans are organizing an don't throw stuff at eagles fans. >> they have decided to welcome, eagles fans by throwing stuff at them, is there an event created on facebook. it looks leak it has been removed but when they come in we will give them a taste of
6:50 am
their own medicine and lets show them how we really feel. >> that is all talk. that event will never happen. here comes mr. ron cook. >> he says we're sub human. >> yeah. >> so i looked up, pittsburgh riots, is there a whole list of videos showing riot, i don't want to show them but pittsburgh, they party pretty hard too after their championships. >> i remember some cars, some fires, stuff like that, so ron , do your homework. >> or look at yourself, and city. >> don't you have any mirrors in your house, looking at that beard i don't think so. kidding. >> look at you. >> look at me, i'm a mess. >> i used to have a long time. yesterday had such a licensing weekend, i was fine. but today it hits you, like
6:51 am
you need sleep. >> yes. >> this is the tuesday after. >> once we get to minute so the we will not get sleep. >> we are taking a jet plane to minneapolis. >> leaving on a jet plane. >> leaving on a jet plane. >> do we know if we will be back again. >> i don't know the next line. >> sue will figure it out. >> you don't have to worry about this a robot taking your job, why it was fired from a grocery store, they tried to do this robot thing in the grocery store and screwed up, fired him.
6:52 am
excuse me everyone! paul? paul? this is three million dollar mega multiplier the new game from the pennsylvania lottery with top prizes of three million dollars! three million dollars! did you win? i don't know. i'm so excited about it. this could be a big winner! just had to share. carry on.
6:53 am
sometimes the moments before you scratch are as exciting as the moments you do. keep on scratchin'!
6:54 am
>> wait for it, here it goes. >> oh, baby hate to go. >> i hate to go. >> okay. >> well, nothing we can do about it now we're going. >> nothing to do with the fact we are wearing purple. i have tweet from his our viewers saying why are you wearing purple what? we are not minnesota friendly you cannot wear that. this is what i have to say about that this was so this past weekend we beat them we now own the color purple.
6:55 am
>> thanks, oprah. >> hey, listen to this. >> do you agree, it was our favorite color before, we put it aside for a week, and now they are there, they are hosting us so why not wear purple. >> do you think this just happens. i don't wake up like this. this is a stylist. >> what does that to have do with the color purple. >> i am telling you i made a decision to wear a purple tie because it is okay. >> i get some variety in here. there is a lot have green. >> i made that decision as i pulled it out purple is okay again. i think that is a lashing. you can wear purple again. >> once again what he did in the plan this. >> we promise no the to wear red, why, blue. >> whiteys neutral. >> okay, white's okay. >> running out of clothes here >> we cannot wear red, blue or silver. >> silver is eagle. >> okay. >> red and blue is that it. >> yes. >> blue, i have a blue suit. >> well, red. >> just don't wear red.
6:56 am
>> okay. we think robots will take over our jobs eventually. >> can a robot do this show, come on. >> pretty much, i have proven that. robot is named pepper the robot. >> that is cute. >> was supposed to assist customers at a grocery store in scotland. however, pepper wasn't very good, turnout to be a little salty with direction and detail. when customers asked for help like asking for milk pep wore say, it is over there. a person can do that. >> get it yourself. >> it is over there in the fridge you jerk. in other cases pepper didn't respond at all. >> the silent treatment. >> i hate that. >> pepper's a real woman. >> so pepper has been shaken out of the job. >> trade her in for salt. >> i don't know if salt was on again last night. >> is that why you are tired. >> i went to bed. >> i love that movie salt. >> i don't have time to watch tv. >> 7:56. >> we are taking a break. >> please.
6:57 am
>> steve? >> reporter: hey, we have moved to narberth and i let jared, the driver of yesterday 's van take the old mobil so today we are in truck 11 better known as the wentz wagon in honor of the guy who got us most of the way
6:58 am
6:59 am
more wet and windy welcome to april.
7:00 am
heavy downpours and then are storms pour in the region, the mess you are waking up to this morning. and look at this, a night on the town for bill cosby. >> no that is out of the question. >> no i will answer that. no ma'am. >> his first stand up performance since his sexual assault trial. the one question he would answer as his hand letters tried to push them away. so, maybe he was a lit tool wired. >> i put on that dawkins jersey i bring out mere inner talk glimpse eagles fan who had a run in with the pole sunday is alive and well and he is barely alive in our studio this morning, what he was really doing before his infamous collision with mr.


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