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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  January 25, 2018 3:30am-4:00am EST

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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11:00. it is the 11:00 o'clock hour. we begin with breaking news. a shooting in the heart of center city. i'm thomas drayton. let's get right to it. it happened just before 9:00 o'clock tonight around 16th and chestnut. our brad sattin on the scene. what's going on here, brad. >> reporter: thomas, we can tell you only about 35 minutes ago they actually opened up the street here on walnut. we are at 16th and walnut here behind me is an apple store. this is actually where things ended up tonight after 24-year-old man from south philadelphia had been shot in the wrist. he want to this location here where he flagged a police officer and then was rushed to the hospital. as you see here just a couple officers remaining. take you to the earlier scene the incident started three blocks away from here in front
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of a wendy's restaurant at 15th and chestnut. a man started running after this victim it appears and fired six shots. one of those bullets hitting an empty car one of those bullets striking the victim in his right wrist. he is in stable condition. the suspect then running off on foot. all of this playing out on chestnut street as you know a busy commercial street with a lot of people around. a lot of cars around. fortunately no one else was hu hurt. now, police do have some witnesses they tell us. they're in the process right now of being questioned. they also found some surveillance video they are now reviewing. again, that victim we know 24-year-old man from south philly rushed to hahnemann hospital. police though saying he is not exactly helping them. >> he's only hit one time in the wrist. and there were six shots fired. so we're really not certain at this time whether or not he was the intended target. because the victim himself is stating that he heard gunshots then realized he was shot. we're asking him additional
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questions and at this time he's being somewhat uncooperate cooperative. >> reporter: again, all of this starting around 8:30 so few hours later and the scene is quickly being cleared up at this point just a patrol car in front of us here. again, there's no word at this point on a description of the suspect, but police thomas are certainly hoping that some surveillance video will change that. >> they certainly are. busy street on busy night. brad sattin in center city. brad, thank you. let's talk about the flu epidemic plaguing the region. now, hospitals are simply overwhelmed with patients. the outbreak so widespread medics are now setting up tents in the lehigh valley just to treat the high demand. our dave kinchen is allentown tonight with how they're handling the flu surge. >> reporter: it may look dramatic but this tent behind me shows that hospitals are indeed becoming more and more that first line of defense against a very deadly flu. the race is on at lehigh valley medical center with a bolstered effort to save lives. this surge treatment tent was
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erected as the new gets deed lee eighty three by the day. >> it might have hit harder for some populations. especially elderly and end that the younger but then there's a significant number of people in between that have been affected as well. >> reporter: the numbers are just startling with 15 more flu related deaths in pennsylvania and nearly 50 total deaths reported. doctors in delaware say a third person has died with more than 900 confirm cases of influenza this season. in new jersey hospitals are reportingedly reaching capacity as they treat flew patients at lehigh valley officials say they are seeing 30 to 40 patient as day. >> the facility itself isn't necessarily meant to segregate populations. it's meant to be able to deal with the illnesses and the different conditions on a quicker basis. >> reporter: hospital officials here tell me they're also treating people who have other virus in addition to the flu but they opened up a second location at their facility in bethlehem. in lehigh county, dave kinchen
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fox 29 news. >> dave, thank you. philadelphia police say a man with mental health issues beat his forty nine-year-old mother to death in her own home. authorities say they found tammy blunt's body this afternoon during a wellness check. now the windows in her apartment on wissahickon avenue in east falls were all open and a dog was locked in the bathroom. her son 25-year-old maliki white now facing murder charges. ♪ rot owed top super bowl. eagles fans are certainly showing their pride. bringing out all their green and white from shirts to hats and flags. but one local family lighting up the and tire block. their house decorated with eagles colors, dancing to the fight song. it is quiet something. our dave schratwieser is hammonton, new jersey, where the spirit is soaring. >> reporter: what better way to celebrate the eagles big win on sunday and their trip to the super bowl than the eagles fight song and a few lights, well, maybe more than a few. bill and his wife linda have
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been eagles fans for decades. but on madison avenue in hammonton, everybody knows them for their lights. they're eagles green and white lights. >> ♪ fly eagles fly >> we've been eagles fans as long as you can remember. as long as we can remember. >> i've been an eagles fan since i was kid. my mom is original from south philadelphia, my uncles were massive eagles fans. >> reporter: bill came up with the idea after he saw another home in south jersey deck out like this. he's an electrical whiz so he hooked it all up. after the eagles big win on sunday his light show has gotten lots of attention. he loves to do it for the fans and the birds. >> they took all the negative activity that people were saying about them and they showed them. >> i just get so many compliments from all of my friends and family. >> reporter: bill has the eagles fight song in the lights synchronized he puts them on around 6:00 each night, turns them off around 10:00 so the
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neighbors don't get annoyed. people stop by all the time. they can even listen to the fight song on a local radio channel. >> i have a little, you know, wireless tran mitter you can hear it on the radio in your car if you're right in front of the house. >> truly amazing. amazing. i -- i just -- he's just a genius with how he does the lights. >> reporter: linda is proud of her husband. she says he's got skills. and undying loyalty to the eagles and, of course, bill and his wife have a super bowl predict. >> new england is going down. >> reporter: he says if the eagles win or should i say when the eagles win he'll probably throw a big celebration here and he might leave those lights on for a few more weeks. in hammonton, dave schratwieser, fox 29 news. perfect spot for celebrati celebration. so here we are 11 days from the eagles facing the patriots in the super bowl again you may remember the game back in 2005 the birds fell short 24-21 but now it's time for a rematch.
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eagles fans are still having a hard time getting over that game 13 years later. >> the patriots were favored. they were favored by seven points. and they were considered the best team in football by many people, um, but the eagles were right there with them. >> despite amazing season the eagles are still considered the underdogs. we'll show them. it is on to minnesota. the philadelphia 76ers had a very special guest at the game tonight. a ten-year-old whose battling leukemia joined the team for night of the fun. she was their strong kid of the game. our shawnette wilson is joining us from south philadelphia tonight. a strong kid she is, shawnette. >> reporter: yeah, thomas. and she's adorable. she had her nails painted blue and red with white tips for the sixers tonight and she actually received this award for her courage in battling leukemia. >> tepp-year-old adelaide can top is getting the vip treatment tonight at the sixers game. >> i used to play basketball so i like watching the other people
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play too. >> reporter: but tonight sean just watching the players, she got a one-on-one with forward centers dario saric. >> thank you. >> nice to meet you. >> and joel embiid. they both took a time out from pre-game warmups to pose for pictures and autographs. embiid told her to keep fighting. >> you want to take a picture. >> yeah. >> his word of encourage many made a lot to adelaide battling leukemia for about four years. >> it's been rough but i've been able to push through it and be okay. super duper excited for tonight report roar sixers invited adelaide her younger sister odessa mom and dad so they can honor her with the strong kid of the game award at center court before the game. she received a personalized jersey from saric. >> just overwhelmed. it's a great once in a lifetime opportunity for her. i think she'll have a really great time tonight. >> this is so special. adelaide spent so much time in the hospital and away from, you know, fun activities so to get
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here such a privilege and an exciting, you know, way to see her favorite players in person not just on a the tv. >> the family got a tour of the arena including the press room where players do interviews with the media. >> it was a good night for adelaide who suffered a set back recently. doctors cleared her for the night out but she still under going some immuno therapists at chop season waiting on another bio see in three weeks. >> we'll see where that takes us but this is a relapse for her, and so we're putting our faith in god and our doctors and hoping everything comes out quick. >> reporter: of course, we're praying for her as well. so you heard adelaide say she used to play basketball. so tonight was even more special for her, thomas, because it was her first time ever attending a sixers game. so it was just a good night for her eye all around. >> the true star of the show tonight. shawnette wilson in south philly to night. shawnette. thank you. you don't need a broomstick to see the world of harry potter. there's a new tour out there that let's you see the famous
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movie sites by boat. but you'll need to cast a spell on your wallet. this cruise is going to cost y you. >> you played -- >> is this happening in your household. >> alexa. >> does this pham happen in your family. it's hank. me and the boys are jamming out to a lex sam it's causing little issues but at least she knows who to pick for the super bowl. hank's take coming up.
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♪ all right. we know once again the eagles are the underdogs. but that status as the team that could has impressed at least one person or robot or whatever alexa is. our hank flynn explains this one. >> you light up my life by debbie boone. >> alexa stop. don't play that song alexa. >> can i play a song? >> it's hank. i'm at home jamming out to little bit of alexa with the boys. she causes trouble when too many people try to control her but my take is, she sure does know her
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football. i found last bit before my sons got home from school. >> alexa -- i asked her. >> who will win the super bowl? >> i'm flying with the eagles on this one because of their relentless defense and the momentum they've been riding off their underdog status. e-a-g-l-e-s! eagles. >> how cool is that? alexa bucking the odds makers picking the eagles she's a computer for heaven sake i reach out to amazon they e-mailed me alexa often roots for the under dog and that this is a continuation from a friendly rivalry with the patriots from last year. that's when my dudes got home from school. >> what's up, guys? >> alexa, play a song from the lego man jag good movie. >> no! >> play kids wop 72. >> no! >> no, don't play kids bop. >> alexa -- >> do you have kids and alexa. >> at my house it's bone of contentious. three dudes none of whom can
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stand their brother's musical taste. >> you don't like your music choices. >> i hate their music choices. >> i would send it back but they settled down and then it's a dance party. today it's rollie rollie or d rose plus i like asking alexa weird questions. >> alexa, what's the best way to keep fat orange cats off the kitchen table? >> sorry, i'm not sure. >> alexa. >> one more question for alexa big one. does amazon's favoring of the eagles in the super bowl mean that amazon will build its second headquarters in philadelphia? >> classic clutch fashion tom brady rallied his team after trailing for most of the game. >> okay. i guess she's not perfect but it's something that i asked amazon pr team they said the super bowl eagles pick is unrelated to news about the location of amazon's second headquarters. i like her okay to keep her around alexa is is a scorpio, ask her, that tom brady fixation has got to go. i'm hank and that's my take. ♪
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very personal there. alexa has spoken. look at this right here. rev up the engines people gearing up for the 117th philadelphia auto show. celebrations kicked off today with the chairman's drive in of three very cool vehicles. just a sample of more than 700 vehicles you'll see at the show it's at the pennsylvania convention center by the way two dollars from every ticket will be donated to the auto dealer caring for kids foundation. auto show opens saturday and runs until february 4th. in your health tonight, being an adult is something that well let's just admit eight lot of us too toy put off, don't we now research may just support that idea. recent study considering changing the age of adolescents from 18 to 24. doctors say our brains are fully developing a lot later in life between the ages of 23 and 25. not only that but young people are getting married and having kids later than in previous decades.
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>> we kind of developed a culture in the united states of prolonging, um, childhood and we see kids more dependent upon their parents for longer periods of time. >> doctors also say economically young people aren't prepared for handling their own health care, insurnce or taxes. just easier being a kid, isn't it? let's take trip outside. down to the shore and in delaware rehoboth beach, good evening to you. we're all on this roller coaster ride of a winter. 20 degrees cooler in some spots today. but guess what? >> what. >> little birdie told me the warmup is on the way. that little birdie may just be kathy orr. >> you're right, thomas. you've been paying attention. >> i have. >> we're talking about a warmup coming soon in our seven day forecast. we had little bit of a preview a couple days ago. you can see on ultimate doppler a few snow flurries you may have seen a few flakes with that northwesterly wind tonight. that is going to subside. right now we're looking at center city philadelphia. the parkway pretty quiet but the flags on the parkway whipping in the wind there temperatures are cooling down.
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it's 35 degrees the high today 45. winds out of the west northwest at 13 miles an hour. putting those wind chills in the 20s. right now the temperature in the poconos is 17. some good snow-making weather there. reading 32. the same in lancaster in wilmington it's 34. millville 33 degrees. national temperatures, pretty cold. chicago 29. detroit 26. that's where our weather is coming from. so that's what we expect in the morning. so another reinforcing shot of cold air during the day tomorrow, that's when temperatures bottom out, and then we begin to build on friday and after that. so overnight tonight, 15 in the poconos. 27 in philadelphia. wildwood 27. and in trenton 23 and pottstown 23 degrees. so a cold start to the day tomorrow. not just the temperature but add that wind, and here's a look at your wind chills much at 7am walking out the door the kids at the bus stop 19 in philadelphia. pottstown 18. wilmington 21. and the poconos it will feel like it's two. so this is much different than we've seen this week so you got to be ready for it. i feel like we're changing coats
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every single day. during the day tomorrow 40 degrees in the afternoon with deep blue sky. of course, low humidity with that cooler air mass. mostly sunny but less wind. that will be the key to the day tomorrow. it will probably be more comfortable than it was today just because of that wind is down to about 5 miles an hour. watch the jet stream as well where we have a trough right now witness colder air building in. it's going to slowly lift to the north. you see that red and that orange lifting north that means temperatures will be warping up. we get under the influence of a ridge in the east. at least for a couple of days. we'll be in the 50s take a look at your seven day day forecast from the weather authority. friday cold start but improving with temperatures in the lower 40s. saturday with jump up 13 degrees to 56 i gave that perfect ten. why not? a great day to be outdoors. our next front moves through sunday with showers. temperatures close to 60. then cooling down monday, even cooler tuesday. but plenty of sunshine by wednesday mostly sunny. the high temperature 44 degrees. not bad, thomas as we end the month of january 1st week of
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february looks pretty decent. we'll get past groundhog day. not bad at all if you move over to the tuesday and block it. >> we'll forget all about it. a little to the, l you go. >> from professor orr to officer rodgers listen up very important lesson. >> oh, yeah. as eagles fans get ready for the trip to minnesota for the super bowl, i have an important reminder about the golden rule because not following it may be costly
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♪ so the vikings could have been the first team ever to play super bowl in their home stadium but the eagles upset that story line. so minnesota flew back home and now they're being forced to watch eagles fans take over their city. pretty sal tee and i have an important public service announcement for eagles fans traveling to the game because of that. some eagles fans weren't the most welcoming last weekend just a few and now vikings fans are trying to make the super bowl incredibly inconvenient for philly fans. there are minnesota who aren't renting their airbnb month's to
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people on philadelphia. groups on twitter say they want to throw things. uber drivers are saying they'll drop off eagles fans in the wrong locations. i get your excited philly. you're going to the super bowl. bottomers don't try to start anything with vikings fans. that came is over. remember the golden rule. treat others the way you want to be treated. if you don't, you may end up in a uber on the way to fargo. thomas. >> not fargo. >> you have been warned. >> kristen, thank you after 50 years elton john is done being center stage. he's retiring from touring. elton says he's done after his upcoming thee hundred date global tour which kicks off in allentown. 70-year-old says he wants to spend more time with his family. by the way he also plans to play at the wells fargo center on september11th and 12th. tickets go on sale februar february 2nd. harry potter about to set sale. a london based cruise company will soon have harry potter themed trips down the river timms. the six-day group stops at hold
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warts great haul which is actually oxford's christ church college say that a thousand times. warner brothers will also show passengers sets, costumes and props from the movie it's not cheap here. we're all going to chip in. it's $36,000 for a group of eight people. >> what? >> $36,000? > love is in the air. at least at white castle. what better way to celebrate love than with sliders. the fast food chain taking reservations for its 20th annual valentine's day dinner scheduled if from 4:00 to 9:00 on february 14th at most locations. if you want a reservation go to open table. guys listen up. not the first date. don't do it. it's a setup. [ laughter ] >> that's going to do it for us. am i right. >> good advice. >> kathy orr, and kristen rodgers, i'm thomas drayton.
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from the fox 29 studios this is "good day philadelphia". good day everybody. back to court for a guy from delaware. connected to the ambush shooting of a philadelphia police officer. we've got the latest in the live report. >> plus, the flu season this year is so bad, now our hospitals are taking action. they're actually setting up tents in our area. and more deaths have been reported from over the weekend. another 16 in our area. and a revolutionary rivalry brewing between the new england paths and of course our team. we're getting ready and our players are going to have practice today as well. so good morning, everybody, thank you for waking up early and joining us, our thomas drayton working nice this whole weekment we'll see him soon next week. good morning, guys, how are you? >> good morning, everybody, look who is here. >> i love the whole boston
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cream bands that we have going on. >> no boston cream donuts this week or next. >> you're right, they changed the cream. i love. that will there is so much energy in the city right now. >> yahoo. >> energy weather wise, i mean, we've got a lot of energy because of the mild temperatures, bob, could be making a run for 60 this weekend watch do you think of that? here's what's going on. we have to get through some cold first. it is a cold morning as we start out. 30 degrees, north breeze coming in at 12. that translates out to feels like of 21. you go south annuation of town this go-around, right along the a.c. expressway up toward route nine and the parkway, there is some snow showers out there. most of it is just south of atlantic city as you get into sea isle city. not big deal. but some flakes are flying across town. twenty's, 30's, from cherry hill, to voorhees, out toward medford, broaden out the shot, real cold stuff toward the poconos this morning, where we're at 14 degrees. today the breeze stays with us, just like yesterday. so it will feel like it is 14 to 30 degrees for your afternoon. dress the kids with a lot of layers this morning, with
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temperatures into the 20's, chilly breeze will be out there. but lots of sunshine today. that's the trade off. only gets to 38 degrees for your afternoon highs. and then it is, you know, down to the freezer again tonight. down to the 20's, but again, i am going to promise and deliver some mild weather as we get into the weekends. we'll look at that forecast coming up in just a little bit. here's bob kelly. >> look at you running for offers over there. going to promise and deliverment tick-tock, 4:00, live look at the schuylkill expressway eastbound lanes closed at 30th street station. all part of the overnight construction, saw some flakes flying last night during brad sattin's live shot at 11:00 here in center city. live look at the benny, no feed for any salt or any that far stuff this morning but we are below freezing so again in that time of the year where you just got to look out. no problems though coming up and over the bridges. finally got the green lights, lit up on top of the skyscrapers in center city. glad we're all on board for that one. south on 95, 495, cse


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