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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 5A  FOX  January 26, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EST

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well, right now on "good day philadelphia" he is not going to run. congressman pat meehan, caught up in a sexual misconduct scandal and former staffer says he will not seek re election. postal imposter a man dressed up as a mail carrier pulls out a gun on his father putting his baby in the car. >> unaudible. >> clues hope police hope will catch the bandits. bruno mars, how about kendrick lemar or childish gambino who will take home the biggest award of the night, mena say what joins to us talk everything grammys. "good day philadelphia" at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. good morning, gang.
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>> i have to say good morning everybody. >> that is how you do it on a friday. we made it through. a final friday of this month. i cannot believe it. we're heading in to february, super bowl. >> my happeneds, busy changing all of the light bulbs green around here. i went to home depot, lowes, jimmy's hardware. >> did you a nice job on the buildings. >> the way you scale up there, absolutely amazing. >> 20-foot fluorescents, not easy. >> i have a neighbor that change garden lights green, the whole property has a crazy glow of green. very cool. >> that is fun. we have them for christmastime so why not break them right now and decorate again. >> we should do this every year. >> let's do it. >> cold morning, guys. we have to bundle up, later today, gets better look at berkley township, that sticks out like a sore thumb, and,
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111 degrees. vineland good morning to you, 19. we will go north and west, our friendness pottstown, reading, yardley, yikes, 16, 17 degrees so it is a cold morning out there. that is the deal. sun goes to work and it will feel bet they are afternoon. net is there is not a lot of arctic air in the u.s. there is more mild air then arctic air and that is the air mass that we will tap into as we get in the weekend. trade off, there is in precipitation, on the big board, we will go all the way west, we will find nothing doing, our next weather maker is well out to the west and that comes at us as we get into sunday. so by sunday we will get wet. here's your planner, lots of sunshine, slow crawl out of the 20's. by lunchtime we are around 37 degrees, afternoon high should top out at 45 degrees in center city. get up toward lehigh valley, you will be right around 40 degrees. it gets better on saturday, sunday stays mild and then the bottom falls out of it,
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temperature again and then may be a little snow in the seven day. all those details are coming good morning, everybody. 5:03, lets take another shot, this is from our camden camera here we have pyramid club all deck out in green. we have liberty one, liberty two they have their lights on green. they are big fluorescents, psf c sign lit up in green. c ira center and they have eagles logo kind of swooping in and out with the fly eagles fly. come on comcast guys lets get green bulbs up there. you have the biggest sky scraper in town. even boat house row yesterday was green, this morning they have it white. they are alternating there every other day. live look here at the roosevelt boulevard, no problems at all this morning. we have had that big water main break last night on henry avenue, so henry avenue will see construction guys later on today, we have an accident involving a tractor trailer, this is northbound on the roosevelt boulevard, they have
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cleared it out of the way, north of southampton road, so just be careful heading up past armory and looking good in delco no problems on the buses, trains, trolleys, so we are off to a good start on this friday morning, karen, back to you. here's bomb shell, times up for pat meehan he says he is getting out of politics and will not seek reelection under a lot of pressure and protest. lets get right to jenny joyce, jenny. >> reporter: good morning, car own, so he announced his retirement at a time when we know he is under investigation by the ethics committee. a committee of which pat meehan was a member of, until these allegations of sexual harassment, and misuse of taxpayer funding, surfaced last week. new york times that broke this story, about the four term congressman, who represents part of the delaware, montgomery, berks, lancaster county. our jeff cole sat down with me and married father of three admitted to developing a close relationship with a former aid
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, decade younger then he, in a relationship that was in the romantic. despite that he has said the former employee a very personal letter he released to the media which he tells would the man she's kind, sensitive, caring. meehan says she was his soul mate but relationship did not bend beyond professional. >> i have feeling that were generated not an attraction. >> did you have romantic feelings for this woman. >> i did not have romantic feelings. it was a relationship that was a very professional relationship. >> i know a lot of people in this community are not happy with a lot of the things that he believes in and now, with this. >> taxpayers we talk to say if meehan were running for re election they wouldn't have volted for him with the allegation that is they misused his money. meehan says if the ethics committee determined wrongdoing prior to serving, then wow pay back all of that money. prior to serving as
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congressman meehan worked as a top federal prosecutors, who touted himself as a prosecutor who went after government officials who were involved in misconduct, karen. >> all right, jenny, thank you more news from delaware county a monsignor in the catholic church facing theft and drug charges. saint cornelius church officials called an emergency closed door meeting last night in chad ford there was a letter that went out announcing at rest of their former pastor monsignor gregory par lengthy, last spring, he announced he would leave and put it in a church bulletin which made made it curious. he said he had medical issues. weeks later state police and drug sniffing dogs showed up to investigate a package that they thought, was illegal drugs inside. >> i see it all the time. people you would have never thought, you know, involved in drugs, involved in drugs so nothing surprises me anymore. >> overall it is just sad
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because people devote their time to go to go church and that is their whole lives raised around that so it is definitely sad. >> court record show he was released on a hundred you this dollars bail, his attorney says he has no comment. really frightening ordeal for a dad in olney. he is putting his baby into the back of that vehicle right there, 5400 block of second street. notice the mailman, that is no mailman that is a i fake by planning something out with friends there. he whips out a gun. threatens the dad. forced him in the home. baby still in the back of the car, threatening to kill the man's child. he is horrifying as they go inside and there is another bad guy running upright there. there was two accomplishes who planned this out and they will getaway with 5,000 bucks. >> we don't believe this mailman committed this robbery but the individual is dressed this in a postal uniform, jacket, pants and bucket type of hat. >> the father spoke to. he was so certificate filed
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for his childes life. there is getaway right there buick luzerne and pontiac grand prix, the father is a professional gambler which is why they targeted and planned this all out he thinks. 5:08. bucks county suspects accused of killing four young men and burying their bodies in the bucks county farm last. cosmo demarred owe, sean kratz begins october 29th in bucks county. trial will start on november 7th. they are charge with murdering these four young men, and 18 year-old dean finocchiaro, 19 year-old jimi patrick, thomas mee and 22-year old mark sturgis. lets get to mercer county where a medical examiner is investigating how a man died in the tanning bed, how weird is that? it happened at a crunch jersey, police say them please found this guy. only 27 years old. he died, on monday, as of now they do not suspect foul play.
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happening right now trial continues, for the delaware county man charged with shooting a police officer. now the officer, they is, jesse hartnett, right there, he survived was in court. we cannot comment because it is under a gag other. prosecutors say the suspect three two-year old edward archer ran up and shot office are hartnett at close range as he was sitting in his patrol car. yesterday the jury saw several grizzly pictures of that violent scene. >> thirteen rounds fired at close range and him able to exit that vehicle and defend himself is nothing short of miraculous. >> archer faces charges of attempted murder, aggravated assault, he refused to enter a plea saying his only plea toys allah, in the guilty plea was entered for him. lets get to lehigh county published reports say the lafayette college freshman who died after a day of drinking, had no trace of alcohol in his blood when it was tested.
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the morning call is new report ago this 19 year-old mccray williams died of a head injury students at lafayette said lah credits recruit was at a drinking party on september 9th and found unconscious near a dorm the very next day. did that play a factor? he died at the hospital. all right. so whenever our eagles play, several of them were out and about yesterday. steve keeley joining us from nature bit with the very latest on that, hey there, steve. >> reporter: yeah, fans are not lining up at tents all around town to buy eagles stuff they are lining in long lines to meet eagles players. oxford valley mall a line about a mile for five of them. here's fletcher cox at rhawnhurst in the modells. karen, i know you have three sons. little kid in this are great. if you have your game plan during the day from their coaches but they have a lot of advice from the smartest football fans in philadelphia, the youngest.
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>> win the super bowl. >> win the super bowl. let's go cox. he played great. >> eagles will win the super bowl, without a doubt. you need to take out tom brady , cox, i'm not lying. he is only one we need out. tom brady, we are trying to get you out of this game. you are the one that is making every kid lose and cox we need to take him out. >> reporter: people around the country wonder why our fans are so crazy, we start them young, train them young, we have classes in school, math, english and fandome, karen, apparently. so, you will be able to meet and greet other eagles tonight all around town too.
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that kiddies great, i'm sorry, i cannot even talk, i can't listen to that enough today. >> thank you for bringing south joy on this friday morning, steve, and players are out and about all over. one of them will be right here on "good day philadelphia" coming up, i think in just about, an hour, hour and a half, of course, they have practice today. whole gang heading on through the to minneapolis. we will have such a fun week so join us, and catch all of the action. some good news for a beloved so many have gone to celebrate so many events that was destroyed by fire, coming up next on good day that is how it all went down but bridgette foys getting readied for a come back. also grammys are sunday night. >> ♪ >> better man by little big town is up for best country duo or group performance, we will take a look at some more nominees, all morning
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full steam ahead in, to the weekend, exactly. 5:15 on our final friday of the month and before the super bowl. it is cold. it is 26 degrees. it is below freezing mike mas co. >> yes, february is like heart of the winter karen so just got to get through 30 days and smooth sailing for their, hopefully. good morning, everybody. twenty-six in town.
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twenty's and teens as we get into south jersey. look toward northwestern suburbs. eight to 17 degrees this morning. trade off is high pressure that is situated on top of us, two things this will do is lock in the sunshine. we have wall to wall sunshine and it will relax wind we have been dealing with the pennsylvania couple of days, so that is certainly some good news. as that high slips off to the east it will allow for milder air developing across the south and moving north. there is a frontal system out to the northern plains, and this comes at us by sunday and we have some rain showers. 50/50 weekend, saturday is obviously the pick and then by sunday we will have entertain idea of some rain. only arctic airy fine is around albany, 11 degrees, 26 in philadelphia look at how mild to the south and west, indianapolis, nashville and points south and west of that are in the 30's and 40's at this early in the morning. that means that those numbers will be in the 60's and that air is heading north.
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gusty, mild for your day tomorrow. high pressure slips off to the e and that is the frontal system by sunday producing mild conditions but, of course , morning rain that should exit stage left because we will go into sunday afternoon. now winds will be pretty busy by saturday afternoon. they could be around 20 to 40 miles an hour in some cases so with the mild air comes to wind. 45 degrees today, tonight will fall back down in the 20's and 30's. here's the seven day forecast, 56, 55 over weekend and we will talk about rock and roll roller coaster ride and weather coming up in a little bit, bob kelly. >> that is a great ride down there, rock and roll coaster. good morning. 5:17. hello manayunk good morning schuylkill expressway east/ westbound heading in and out of the belmont avenue we have all of the apartments, new high rise, they have to do something with that green avenue bridge, what a hot mess that is coming over that.
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they are building new apartment building in manayunk and roxborough. in problems east or westbound, we are off to i good start. live look at sky line again. so cool. wouldn't comcast tower look great in green. everybody else on board here. again, rooting on our eagles for big super bowl next week even. schuylkill expressway road work here it looks like they have just pick up cones at south street, eastbound side, they have been working overnight so we're back to normal there penndot will be on the pothole patrol, they are on 202, 95 and even schuylkill expressway, so be prepared for that, and construction, southbound on the freeway, they have just pick that up, ramps are opened on 295 and mass transit, no reported delays, back to you. >> bob, thank you very much. we have to get to this developing international news in south korea where people and olympics they have had a horrible fire, deadliest fire in almost a decade.
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thirty-seven people, mostly seniors, dead after a fire swept through a hospital for the elderly. more than 70 others are injured, some critically, investigators say it started in the first floor emergency room and took three hours to extinguish, that hospital, does not have sprinklers. the president will be making a major speech today at annual world economic forum in davos, switzerland today. so during the forum yesterday he talk about matters at home saying he will support a path to sit send ship for immigrant s who come to this country illegal as children, in exchange he wants $30 billion to build his wall and also would like to end visa lottery program and put restrictions on chain migration. meanwhile a bomb shell report in the new york times says that president trump ordered the firing of special counsel robert mueller, in june, but the times says he back down when the white house
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counsel threatened to quit, now according to the report, the president claimed that the mueller was biased but white house cancelled don mcgain disagreed and threatened to quit if the president went through with that firing. president commented he says it is fake news. 5:20. developing right now, a day after former u.s. gymnastic doctor larry nassar was sentenced the olympic officials are finally if the nothing and calling for a lot more accountability from u.s.a. gymnastics. u.s. olympic committee says all 21 members of the gymnastics board has to resign , they want a interim board to be put in place by february 28th or the organization will face immediate dessert case, and be unable to compete. this move comes in the wake of the nassar pling guilty to assaulting 160 young girls under his care with u.s. gymnastics. in montgomery county, bill cosby's attorneys taking some
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action maybe trying to influence a jury ahead of his retrial. they have filed some motions to allow testimony to try to hurt the credibility of the accuser andrea constand. the defense would like to call a woman to testify that she allegedly heard andrea constand said she could make money by making some false allegations against a famous person, his retrial will begin in april. kfc singing a new tune it just went country? oh, yeah. there is a new colonel in town new big star behind that what it beard.
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in your health news, you may want to think twice before yo sandwich according to a new study, it may contribute to global found sandwiches with pork products leave high bacon, egg, cheese are the worst, they create the same emis driving a car 12 miles, it doesn't matter whether the or prepackaged, experts say changing recipes, packages a reducing waste can drop carbon
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emissions by 50 percent. i need an explanation is it the pigs, what is the problem with my sandwich. all right. 5:25. in more heading t a check of your health, this is brilliant , and, eyll of our health record right there on our phones put it in the palm of our introducing a new health record feature, on the iphones coming this spring, so if you are a health care provider gets an agreement with apple we were all have it we don't to have chase downpay . that would be good for a lot of people. 5:25. in money news kfc the new colonel sanders and for the first time you can hear her,that is country music star reba macintyre playing the colonel in a new commercial for their smokey mountain barbecue flavor. she has that new song for it, pretty fun. i love that. coming up at 4:30 it is a
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shocker, not -- times up for pat meehan not seeking re election under a lot of pressure and protest he says he will not be running,
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we have new video of a shooting where four people were hit, including two very young teens, that is the vehicle we're looking for. and taxi target? yep. there is a high tech device being stolen from hundreds of our local cabs. and if cars are your thing lets look live at the convention center. it is so much fun. you can just dream, exactly how nice to look behind the seat of a convertible or jaguar new models and then we go ahead and just get the minivan. that is life. figure out, all of the feature , five kid, three kid. we will have all live reports. >> those are cool, because they drive themselves, right. >> some, hi, good morning thanks for joining us on this friday. >> one second we're talking here. >> there was a guy who wasn't driving because it was self
5:30 am
driving, children's apps. >> hi. >> don't you hate that, more apps on the phone. >> yes. >> hi there, mike. >> good morning. >> here's is what going on we have a cold morning, what apps do you play it just loaded, my thumb did it, it was on silent >> thirteen to 20 degrees this morning. cold morning out there, guys, our fox 29 weather app if you have in the down loaded it showing ridiculous cold this mornig. good news it is lots of sunshine. i think sun will do its thing get to work and get us well in the 40's this afternoon. it will feel better then yesterday. next weather maker out to the west, that comes in by sunday so 43 to 45 degrees in philadelphia, the 60's are not too far off southwest and that is coming in here for tomorrow , catching a flight, getting out of here, coming
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inbound, outbound we are good to go, all major hubs across the united states are looking very good. lots of sunshine. twenty-five to 42 degrees. heading out tonight we have a dinner option, looking good, middle and upper 30's. we will talk more weather on the radio if you happen to head out catch me in the next 10 minutes, 101.1 more fm, and have more weather forecast, we will talk about a extended forecast, up and down and all the way around coming up in a little bit. good morning, live look at 95 southbound disabled right here at allegheny avenue, hello port richmond, say hi to the gang from stock's bakery down there in port richmond. headlights southbound, starting to pick up volume, fridays are always crazy, some folks may take that three day holiday work from home, live look, headlights working your way toward philadelphia, overnight construction, pick up, gone, downtown philadelphia we are looking live here at vine street expressway no problems, across town here.
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hello to montgomery county, live look at route 202, just off of knap road, mother nature gave the kid a street cleaning with all of the rain and live look in malvern. we have towers let up there, rolling in and out of king of prussia off to a good start. mass transit has no delays. karen, back over to you. well, this is big breaking news on this one pat meehan has decided he will not seek reelection after all after a lot of protests and major pressure. lets get out to jenny joyce in springfield township, jenny. >> reporter: good morning, karen pat meehan announced his retirement yesterday amid sexual harassment allegations and allegations that he mishandled taxpayer funding. it came out of the new york times article from last week, they broke this story, this week our jeff cole sat down with the four term republican congressman who admitted to developing a close relationship, with a former aid, decade younger then he but that the relationship was in the romantic.
5:33 am
meehan release aid letter he wrote to the woman in may after he learn that she had begun a relationship with someoe outside of his office writing quote i thank god for putting you into my life, signing it with all my heart patrick. the times reports meehan then became his tile. >> you did not turn hostile to her when he found out that she had a outside boyfriend. that is the claim. >> that is the claim. i do not agree that is substantiated that is why i'm here making sure people no i was never hostile to her. >> i wouldn't vote for him. you cannot use public money to do that sort of thing. >> he should resign, forget it >> reporter: meehan says money he paid was severance pay for good work. he said he would reimburse taxpayer if the ethics committee determined any wrongdoing. meehan's now the fifth member of the congress, toe either resign or announce that they would not be running for
5:34 am
office, amid sexual misconduct allegations, karen. >> yep, times are changing and time is upright now for pat meehan. developing news out of burlington county we have a miss would go man 95 years old there she is from moorestown, new jersey, her name is rose patrickcowsky last seen just before 6:00 at artists senior living facility on liponcot drive. she's driving a beige 2002 toyota capry the license plate right there on the screen is ac g-4131. if you see her, the car, please call the police. we want to find her. we have another missing person a young girl, pennsylvania state police say that 13 years old girl destiny ran away from the bethenny children's home in berks county. she was last seen january 19th and described as 5-foot one, she may have been in warners ville about two days ago, so people particularly in that area keep an eye on. if you have a surveillance
5:35 am
video this is a shooting, is that happened that injured four people in a drive by, 2400 block of ridge avenue on tuesday. here's the thing, two, very young teens just 13 years old were both shot in their legs. that is the suspect vehicle. a five two-year old man was shot in the back, another guy shot multiple times. you can see the vehicle as people are out there on the street. they are searching for 2014 to 2017 block chevy impala. it has been almost three months to the day that one of our favorite restaurants and so many of us have been to time and again bridget foys on south street, burned, it went up in flames right there, this was a massive fire, a 100 fire fighters went out there and it burned for six hours and the restaurant was a total loss. but something now, may be coming back, look at this bridget foys tweeting out a new image new sketch right there, back, better than ever, so exciting, we don't know
5:36 am
what the exact plans are but i love that message stay tune. we're staying tuned to see what happens with our bird inspiration from the first united methodist church of collinswood, we love this one, the sign in front of the south jersey read bible quiz. how many verses in the bible where eagles and patriots. eagles 33, we think that will be the score of the game, patriots zero. light hearted fun bible study style. >> let's get out to steve keeley with more on all of that, hi there, steve. >> reporter: i was in collinswood at that bakery de bartolas that sells these under dog cakes. talented leader said somebody stole the d in the word collinswood on the town's sign to make a defense sign. they were watching the game to see if they could see the d in the collinswood sign that was missing, so they took other letters down because they
5:37 am
think, and they don't have any proof but they are convinced someone stole the d specifically to hold up at eagles game. i thought that was hysterical. i should have done a story on that while i was there and collinswood story, so i had to pass that on. we're in narberth while you are passing this tents every day selling eagles gear and i saw them in cherry hill and visited one in media yesterday you probably didn't notice among items they are selling this week is stuff from the last time eagles were in the super bowl, and we will show you that but boy, people are buying not just one, two, but, double digit stuff when they stop at these tents. >> we have under dog real dog and all of the under dog shirts. do you think you have enough stuff. >> we might come back later because we live in springfield so we might come back and see if anybody need anything else. >> these 10 items are not enough still. >> exactly. >> reporter: dealing with eagles fans up close and personal every day coming here
5:38 am
from florida are eagles fans as nasty and mean and honorary as the national reputation makes them out to be. >> no, the eagles fans are great because the one thing i noticed about philly if win or lose they expert their team and these are fans that have been eagles fans all their life. >> reporter: here's a couple of the t-shirts i am talking about on the road to victory with to and look at the date, that was super bowl 39 shirts they were selling and here's another shirt champions and see to's jersey, mcnabb, brian talk for instance 2005. i said how do you have these? he said we have a massive warehouse that is size of the small town in florida. it must be organize. he said oh, yeah, we don't throw anything out because we know we might need it again and people are buying classic super bowl shirts and pennants with the new won. idea file to you go to mike jerrick's december took find a pen or tie he haddon wednesday
5:39 am
, that is our organization verse this company's. they are quite organized. >> they should be doing our air checks and archives right there. that is nice to have a tro back t-shirt, called vintage. >> thanks, steve, i love that defense story, that is awesome watch our d's out there we're going out there for the big championship, we will have fun and we will bring it all to you so you can go with this and feel like what it is like to be out there during super bowl week. we have mike, we have alex and jen, whole gang, we will have fun with that. lets take a live look happening right now, at the car show which we can all take part in, this week. look at that is that a de lauren? but it is a nissan. what the heck is that? it looks like out of star wars that might than the coolest thing i have ever seen. it looks like a star wars lets see the back, sit a neat nissan. silencer. maxima dang, how cool is that? that is neat. they have amazing cars.
5:40 am
some are concept cars, or sports cars, or regular cars if you are looking for your family vehicle. that is how i decided to go with the chevy traverse. i needed more room for all of those kid. it is black tie gala this evening. maybe you are going. but certainly you can go to the car show that will run this weekend through the following sunday still time, tickets 14 bucks, kid under six are free our favorite price. queen of rap for last year cardib but listen to her. >> ♪ she grew up this year, she has been selling record all over the place but does she have what it takes to take down kendrick lemar? oh, we will discuss mena say what just walk in we will break it down in a
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welcome back we have a lot to celebrate, for torey smith he has his 29th birthday and big party, bowling party, lot at celebrities, his wife channel threw the party. isn't he a lucky man. look at this cake. he has his number right on it, number, smith on the back, so much fun right there, exact replica of his helmet and
5:44 am
jersey, awesome, so many of our wonderful eagles players are out and about tonight, check them out, many different events and also we will have one on our show in one hour exactly, to the minute, we got all of the grammy action happening this sunday.
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do you like big, juicy steak? do you like freshly steamed lobster? do you like the word and? then you'll love outback's steak and lobster. back by popular demand, only $15.99. so hurry in now. outback steakhouse. aussie rules. so hurry in now. welcome back, we have got the grammys this weekend we have mena say what here this
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morning. good morning. >> happy friday. >> it is friday, guys, wow. >> so much fun to have good things we are getting ready for big game, grammys. lets break dunn big categories right now and see what we will talk about come monday with your predictions. >> absolutely. >> lets go to the full screen record of the year these are nominees for category who do you think it will go to. >> it will go to despacito as much as i want that had song to go away i think it will pull away. we heard it every where. >> let's hear it again. >> it would be the first time that a spanish language song wins record of the year. >> lets get to best new artists, lets take a look at our nominees, there they are, who do you think will take this home. >> i really think it will be a toss up between alycia cara and zza, who is from new jersey but alycia's not a new artist. she's been out for a while. she's from new jersey.
5:48 am
big shout out to little ozi but zza is coming and she came out of no where. her album was amazing, top of the r and b charts and broke pop charts and she will have a phenomenal 2018. >> song of the year lets look at nominees, we can see them all in front of you, who do you think will walk home with the grammy phone. >> let me just say song of the year is for song writers, so, that is a very important distinction. i think it will be 1800-8255 song because it is about suicide prevention. that is actually the suicide prevention national hot line number. >> it is a bought full song, beautifully written and i really think logic, alyss a cara and khalid will take that one away. >> lets get to album of the year. a lot of big names there. we have bruno, jay, so many things, do you think will take home the grammy phone.
5:49 am
>> i'm between kendrick lemar and bruno mars but i think i will say kendrick. he had an amazing year. rolling stone voted his album the top of the year for 2017 so i wouldn't be surprised if kendrick wins it and, hip-hop community has been disappointed with the grammys in the last couple have the years because have the lack of representation in the categories so i think grammys will try to really make up for that and i would see kendrick winning this. he is up for six nominations, jay-z with the mess with eight , bruno has seven and kendrick has six. >> we will see influence of the times up movement. >> people will be wearing white roses to support the times up movement. i just wanted to distinguish it is not just about wearing black at golden globes or white rose at grammys but contributing to the legal fund for times up. it is a fun times up, people can contribute to it and it will help legal fund for women and men victims of
5:50 am
sexual assault and abuse. >> mena thanks so much. can you come back on monday. >> i will be back and we will talk grammys. >> look who is here. >> we're not ready for you. >> i'm getting excited. >> get out. it is bob's time, bob, take it away. >> call security. 5:50. live look king of prussia no problems on the schuylkill expressway looking good this morning and looking good coming on the freeway starting to see volume pop here, hot pockets heading in toward the walt whitman bridge and we are looking good dunn town speaking of the town we will take over the town of maple shade on monday morning, our town take over we will be live all morning from vincent's brick oven pizza on main street in maple shade, breakfast pizza and talking all good stuff about maple shade, our town take overcome on out and join us we will put kid on tv starting live at 4:00 o'clock in maple shade, mike's got your forecast in 15
5:51 am
seconds. lots have clear skies overhead this morning, it is cold, eastern half of the nation pretty quiet, get out west though that is our next weather make their will bring rain, future weather to go, temperature upper 30's to lower 40's this afternoon mostly sunny skies, by saturday, south wind develops in the 50's closing in on 60 and look at the rain developing by sunday morning still mild in the 50's but we will get soaked around here as early as six or 7:00 on sunday and that will last until lunchtime. wind gusting into saturday we will talk more burr forecast in an up and down seven day forecast coming up at 6:00. guys in. >> all right, thanks mike. you saw him before our michael eugene jerrick break
5:52 am
ing dunn what is coming up on good day. >> i have a couple photos, first one is bill belichick, bill belichick. >> do you like that. >> i love it. >> like a flash dance shirt, coach of the patriots. of course that was photo shopped. what we will do is take bill belichick's face and get a boston cream pie and marry the two of them. we have a bill chill look alike. >> a real life human. >> throw pie, pie face him all morning. >> if you want to come down, get down here at 9:00 and throw pies in bill belichick's face. by the way around 6:45 tray burton of our eagles will be here. tray's coming in. >> in our studio today ahead of the super bowl. >> yes. >> beautiful family. what a nice guy. >> i know. >> i necessity he has practice this morning with the rest of the team. he will go right from our studios down to practice this
5:53 am
was more of a priority then practicing for the game being on good day philadelphia dream come true he says. >> well, without a doubt. without a doubt, what else can you say it is friday, last friday, 5:53 we will be back in six minutes. >> thank
5:54 am
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this weekend we have wwe royal rumble one of the four major event at wells fargo certainty. on sunday we will have 30 superstars including wrestling celebration for 30th anniversary on the road, of rest will mania. the show will be historic one for first time there will be a woman's competition, how about that, and, you can also celebrate the chinese new year you know what it is and it is not a conspiracy but year have the dog and we're the under dogs penn museum is having a wonderful family friendly day full of events, craft story telling martial arts all kinds of things to participate in from 11 to 4:00 in the afternoon. it is well worth it. also fold to go pressure big news here our congressman pat meehan says he will not be seeking reelection after a lot of pressure and protests in the scandal that has been unfolding, and then also, it is the car show day it will be kicking off officially tomorrow, they have got so many amazing vehicles, and
5:57 am
eagles green, how about that on a friday, we have an eagles green car, for you, wouldn't that be nice, look at that, mercedes driving around in that. "good day philadelphia" will continue after
5:58 am
5:59 am
calling it quits a local congressman announced he will not run again, amid allegations of sexual
6:00 am
misconduct. >> unaudible. >> imposter a man dressed as a postal worker pulls a gun on the father with his baby, robs him, and getaway car police are trying to track down. e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles. >> philadelphia eagles fans lined up to see some of the eagles, before they helped to minnesota, eagles players will be out and about this weekend we have a list of places to catch up before they get on the plane to go to minute so the. you know who we're catching up with this morning, tray burton, yes, so excited, tray burton here in the studio , we will talk with him about getting ready for the super bowl and what it takes to get that good campfire in the end zone. >> lets say he scores in the super bowl what do you think he will do. >> we need to give him some suggestions and tips. >> he will be here before 7:00 f fact. good day


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