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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  January 26, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EST

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misconduct. >> unaudible. >> imposter a man dressed as a postal worker pulls a gun on the father with his baby, robs him, and getaway car police are trying to track down. e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles. >> philadelphia eagles fans lined up to see some of the eagles, before they helped to minnesota, eagles players will be out and about this weekend we have a list of places to catch up before they get on the plane to go to minute so the. you know who we're catching up with this morning, tray burton, yes, so excited, tray burton here in the studio , we will talk with him about getting ready for the super bowl and what it takes to get that good campfire in the end zone. >> lets say he scores in the super bowl what do you think he will do. >> we need to give him some suggestions and tips. >> he will be here before 7:00 f fact. good day everybody it is
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friday january 26th my sister kathleen's birthday. >> yes. >> geese. >> really how many sisters do you have. >> fifty-three. >> i have four sisters and they piled up in january. >> it feels like you have 365. >> at times it does especially kathleen. >> it was a very busy march for my mom and dad throughout the years. look who is back, i didn't think you would come back, it is mike masco. >> no, i love you guys. great looking shot as we look out toward the c ira center, crested in green. we have a great looking sky line. bob kelly will show you sky line coming up. olde city, it is cold, 24 degrees. north breeze at five. we are not talking about that ridiculous wind chill. it feels like 18, that is nothing to get excited about but it is improvement, slight improvements, teens and 20's to the north and west, 24 here in town and 20 down toward ac expressway and boardwalk. clear skies across the eastern half of the nation.
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weather maker out toward midwest bringing us rain by sunday. so lets plan your day and plan on sunshine today. 28 degrees, quickly to about 45 this afternoon. that is 5 degrees better then where we were yesterday and then we will talk more about a nice warm up for weekend and then bob we have got mild temperatures into sunday and then rain, bob and then snow bob, there is a lot to talk about. >> 6:02 we will get you started with a cool shot of the city sky line, ready, set, boom, hit that button, there we go we have the pyramid club liberty one, liberty two, psfc can we send schmidty down to the hardware store to get green bulbs for the comcast to youer that is nbc. >> how cool would that look in green. >> i know. >> they cannot get it together >> lets get it together. >> there has got to be green light bulbs down there
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somewhere. 6:02, is my clicker not work ing? you know what. >> do you have parkway camera or not, let me know. >> he has 422 camera here live look at route 422 at 29, starting to see volume popping out of the collegeville, coatsville, accident kings highway and penn drive deer jumping across highway here. crash in pottstown, pike 100 at village avenue. downtown we will go live look at vine street expressway, not sure what is going on here wide load, construction crew working over toward schuylkill but mas transit looking good with no delays, mike and alex, back to you. i was kind of shaping what is it. >> franklin tower. >> franklin town place apartments, yes because they were red and blue. >> um-hmm. >> so last night i went out on my balcony and looked to my right and said this better not be red and blue as much as we talked about it yesterday. we will try to punch up our
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parkway camera to see if they were doing this i didn't realize would it take so long or i wouldn't have brought it up. >> we dit. >> yeah. >> mike, you are making things happen all over this city, potholes to light. >> bruce gordon, get out of my way we're getting things done, right alex. >> yes. >> so thank you for turning it green overnight. it is own have the line for pennsylvania congressman patrick meehan, he has decided not to run for reelection it follows a sexual harassment complaint and ethics investigation. >> jenny, what is up. >> reporter: good morning, guys. congressman pat meehan announced his retirement yesterday as he is under investigation by ethics committee for both sexual harassment allegations and misconduct, and everything, all of these details, surfaced in a new york times article last week they broke story of the four term congressman in montgomery, berks, lancaster counties, our jeff col sat
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down with me an this week and married matter of three admitted to developing a close relationship with a former aid decade younger but said relationship was in the romantic. despite that meehan sent the former employee a very personal letter he released to the meade why where he tells with the man she's kind, sensitive, caring. meehan said she was a soul mate but that relationship did not bend beyond professional. >> i have feelings that were generated and i said an attraction. >> did you have romantic feelings for this woman. >> i did not have romantic feelings. it was a relationship that was a very professional relationship. >> i know a lot of people in this community are happy with a lot of things that he believes in and now with this. >> reporter: meehan says if the ethics committee does determine wrongdoing he will repay the money, mike and alex >> oh, boy, all right, jenny thank you for that. >> did you see this video?
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a man and his son are rob at gunpoint by a guy dressed as a postal worker. it happened 5400 block of north second street in olney this was yesterday, gunman then forced father in the home while baby was left in the car three or suspects are then caught on camera, running into the home. they pistol whipped the guy, the man, took more than $5,000 and a iphone before bolting the child thank goodness was not hurt. 6:06. flyers fans were in for a surprise at last night's game. >> yeah, eagles coach doug pederson gave them high fives walking on the ice and then he drop the puck. >> steve keeley joining us from narberth with more, philly eagles players are making a lieutenant of appearances were they helped off to minute so the. nice to see they are not all pressure cook sitting inside lock watching video they are enjoying the moment.
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if you ever get to meet doug pederson this guy is so cool, so nice, within of our photographers we were at wegmans. we saw him at my house one day helping his wife with the groceries. you will see him at yokohama grill, bob's always talking about the shaders. he and players went out to meet and greets. here's dulling last night if you missed it at the flyers game. >> eagles head coach doug pederson. >> i think he can probably run for mayor right about now what do you think. >> he will catch a few votes. >> flyers captain claude giroux, meet coach pederson at center ice for tonight's ceremonial puck drive. >> let's hear it for the philadelphia eagles. >> doug pederson, ladies and gentlemen. >> claude giroux...
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>> all right, unfortunately doug did not bring flyers luck they lost lightening ending their winning streak but flyers will still cheer on the eagles and their winning streak as doug was all business during the day time at practice. by the way, might have noticed flyers gave them number 18 jersey that was his number on the packers and even cleveland browns i can throw a quiz back to you does anybody remember. >> does anybody remember what. >> anybody remember his number with the eagles? >> okay, so he was a quarterback. >> would i say a single digit. >> double digit. >> double digit. >> ten, 13, 14. >> fourteen. >> fourteen, here's another question, another quiz. >> all right. >> if you get this you get a million-dollar from me i will work the rest of may life to pay, him and his wife jeanie met, this is an inside
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moorestown question. >> where did they meet? >> pf change's. >> johnny's pizza in monroe, lou san, blind date doug was a freshman, she was still a senior in high school. she will tell you she was happy to date him because she had a current boyfriend but doug made 6 feet and can finally wear heels as a ladies basketball player. that made him extra sweet and rest is history, ever since being together since that blind date at johnny's pizza. >> johnny's pizza. >> that is a scoop. >> they live in the same town, basically neighbors, have they ever come over to bureau anything from you. >> sugar or anything. >> no. but like i told you, he doesn't mind anybody bothering him. so nice. by the way, she was in louisiana as a kid he went to northwest lou san ace a college player. he fridays other side of the country from billingham
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washington state. he wasn't like some older guy dating her like somebody else we know sitting at that desk. >> let's move on. >> he is in to love stories bye-bye steve. >> well, decision that almost ended the russia collusion. insuring times reporting president trump wanted to fire robert mueller last year but somebody stepped into block that. we're at the car show. look at these fancy cars you can get to come see but here's the cool thing you get to see what eagles players are driving, philadelphia version of pimp my ride. >> it is actually their cars, we will show them off to
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nobody got hit. >> they found one guy b another.
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>> can you imagine at a subpoena light and seeing this go down. >> no, no. >> like what do you do, do you duck, if i was in one cars, yes. >> stop, duck and roll. >> in the >> yeah. >> no one got shot. going to the big game in style, meet the family behind this one of a kind eagles rv and now on its way to minnesota. >> so we are going to talk to them live. >> reminds me of that robbins williams movie. >> what was it. >> rv i think. >> yeah they are live on the
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we just moved in about four months ago,
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but the living room's pretty blank. it's really nice when clients come in and have done some of their own research. working with a bassett designer was really easy. just kind of ties in very well. we love it!
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♪ >> listen to that. eye of the tiger, baby. eye of the eagles. look at this for a dozen year mueller family, patrick his wife three sons and a daughter they have been track to go nfl stadiums all over the country in that 38-foot long rolling pep rally. that is what it feels like. next week they will add minneapolis to the list, so they made the rv eagles one, i like that and nearly 121,000 miles on it. and, he says with all that is
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going on, it is known to a track some people. >> i got pulled over seven times by different police officers and every time was to see the rv. >> reporter: not a ticket just to see what it looks like. >> yes. >> rv has date february 6th, 2018, plastered on the side of it, what is significance? well, hopefully that is the day of a super bowl parade down broad street so jen fred will be live, in the 8:00 a.m. hours because i need to see everything on the bus, they have football players, i love it. >> what a great family thing to do you want to look inside. that is exactly what we will do. >> that is pretty cool. >> does that mean they have tickets to the super bowl. >> i believe they do. >> they have connections. >> 1100 miles there, mike. >> i was looking last night, googling around to find places for to you go, stanley's pub has the oldest urinals in the country. >> what? >> it is in minneapolis.
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>> how cool is that. >> i love that. we will get there and i will pea in it just for you. >> take a selfie. >> high green. >> high pressure in control, lots of cold air on top of us, we have to chase women out of that thing that is a big problem in stanley's pub. we will get out west, we will bring some rain on sunday. but saturday tomorrow afternoon we will see gusty wind, mild wind, south breeze we should get in the 50's to 60. if we have plans sunday that is when rain will arrive steady rain in the morning hours by have afternoon we should clear out, dry out but in the time being it is milder forty-five this afternoon for your high, tonight down into the 30's. no, sir as cold as we get in the overnight hours under moon lit sky. you'll see 20's in the outer suburbs. lets look at the seven day forecast together. there is ups, downs, changes since we last talked. forty-five today.
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fifty-six saturday and sunday. there is rain. machine we have to throw in a snow threat, all right, just flurries on monday. tuesday is more interesting, important event because right new we are head lining the idea have light snow. it is in the out of the realm of possibility this could turn into an accumulating snow we will have to fine tune that forecast closer but tuesday, been we might have a little bit of the problem. >> you fine tune that over there. it is friday, live look at the schuylkill expressway heading out of town, antenna towers shooting out philly's hottest radio signals here in belmont but starting to see volume, reverse commute, more folks leaving town then coming in. southbound boulevard stack up, that water main break from yesterday, boulevard at henry all fix up, patched up, good to go, hello northeast philadelphia, live look southbound seeing delays at cottman a couple accidents in the neighborhood, kings highway at penn drive and coatesville an accident there
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involving a deer and in exton pottstown pike 100 at village avenue and then good morning to route 202 rolling through malvern. off to a good start, mass transit looking good, back over to you. president trump responding to a bomb shell report out of the new york times by calling it fake news. let me tell you what it is about. >> times reported president trump ordered firing of special counsel robert mule inner june. times says president backed down when white house counsel threatened to resign. according to the report president trump claimed mueller was biased but white house counsel donald mcgain disagreed and threat tone quit the president went through with the firing. president trump responded to the report this morning while in switzerland and that was his response, fake news. >> it is in the middle of the afternoon over there in davos. a super bowl home coming, why the trip to minnesota will be extra special for one of the eagles defensive players,
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good morning i'm kristin rodgers. if you are struggling to book your super bowl trip you are not loan. lane johnson told me he is having to help his family and friend was tickets and help tells. beau allen does not have to worry about that. he is from minute so the a talking with him he says it is a poetic way to end this season where he grew up. >> you know, this is a pretty perfect season finally for me personally so we have to take that second to enjoy it. it hasn't hit me yet but once we get back to minnesota and smell that freshness of the airy will be feeling pretty good about myself. doug pederson dropping the puck last night as flyers hosted tampa bay. of course, he got a pretty big ovation looking to bring a trophy back here to philadelphia, very soon. flyers, down two to nothing and this one, callahan extending tampa bays lead scores for lightening shorthanded goal no less, flyers fall five-one. that is sports in a minute
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i'm kristin rodgers. all right. 6:24. a lot to celebrate for eagles wide receiver torey smith, today is his 29th birthday. look at this cake. my gosh. that is a cake, people. he celebrated earlier this week with the party at lucky strike thrown by his wife channel and yeah, this cake was made by cakes to a t based in maryland. very nice. that was an intense cake. >> nice cake. >> best present would be a super bell ring though. >> probably better than a cake >> happy 29th birthday. we like that number, of course , still looking for super bell tickets. >> yeah. >> we have two fantastic seats that tray burton's bringing in you have to bid on them as an auction. >> it is going to a good cause >> meet him coming up in a little bit. 6:25. lets get to mike. any other places we should get to in minneapolis. >> i'm still googling around.
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cold temperature. 24 degrees in philadelphia clear sky this afternoon. we will get milder and then warm once we get to saturday full details coming up, good morning, steve. >> mike, i know you are a very fashionable man. mike jerrick your instagram has me thinking i just tweeted this who wore it better, jessica beals or bill
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calling it quits, congressman pat meehan caught up in a sexual misconduct claim with the staffer is serving his final term just announced it. you know i love the auto show, black tie tonight alex holley, there is a live look inside the pennsylvania convention center, look at that van, i love that. >> scooby, doby doo. >> and by the way we will take you inside their little bit later on and show you cars some of our eagles drive their actual cars are in there. they are taking a plane. he has transformed from an undrafted rookie to a break out star for the eagles, and now he will be a guest on good day philadelphia, tray burton is joining news minutes. so we will gather around the campfire of course. >> perfect. >> i believe he is already >> he is. >> ask me if i'm packed for
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minute so the. have you pack >> i haven't eater someone asked me i said no. >> but i do have a t-shirt up, p and wear it when i come off the plane. >> look at that. >> good day bird gang. >> in it to win it. >> what does that mean it, in it to minit. >> i just got it. >> i liked that. >> we will give you that for >> what is temperature in minnesota. can you get that by 7:00. >> i will work on it. you will need american a t-shirt though, head up on bore friday afternoon because it will be about five for an afternoon high on friday.inneso. >> you are going to the northern plains in february. >> he is what did you expect. >> very cold morning. this is what you need to know, lots of sunshine this n yesterday afternoon. we're nearing 60 degrees into
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saturday. look at these temperatures. we will start in new jersey where its 10 in berkley township. nineteen in vineland. in the northwestern sub pottstown, yardley, feasterville, right around 18, 19 degreesen-four in town. clear skies overhead and guarantying the sunshine afternoon. we will go west, coming in by sunday producing so your planner, planning out your afternoon lots of sunshine cold start, goes5 greey sunny skies by your afternoon hours, maybe a couple cloud out there but all and all not a bad forecast, the rain comes into play on sunday. those details coming up. >> you got it, mike. everybody,, we have a fender-bender, vine expressway westbound between rae schuylkill expressway, taken out what would be the rightne that has everybody tapping their brakes across town. there is a live look, wide
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shot here so we are backup getting over toward 30thersey into philadelphia slow go on the freeway pockets of volume bridg, hello northeast philadelphia live look at harbison and torresdale where they have top t building there right at corner up in blue bell we have a bu on high gate and blue bell pike so watch for some fire activity, folks, with some local detour and in coatsville an accident kings highway at penn drive, mass transit we are off to a good start, mike and alex, back to you. >> all right, bob 6:32. we were telling but this story yesterday about the information coming out from pat meehan and that interview he was doing talking about one of his former staffers whom he called his soul mate but there was not a romantic relationship. >> here is the result, meehan drops bid for reelection, give us more details.
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>> he decided not to run again next fall. he says it is his retirement this comes amid allegations of sexual harassment, and misuse of taxpayer dollars. insuring times broke this story last week, this week our jeff cole sat down with the four term republican congressman who admitted to developing a close relationship with the former aid decade younger then he but said that relationship was in the romantic. meehan release aid letter he wrote to the woman in may after he learn she had begun a relationship with someone outside his office. signingi thank god for witt all my heart, patrick. times reports meehan whose tile. you did not turn hostile to her when you found outhe outsid? that is the claim. >> that is the agree that is substantiated, that is why i'm here milking sure people
6:34 am
was never hostile to her. >> you cannot do that sort of t. >> he should resign, forget it >> reporter: meehan says money he paid woman was severance pay for good work. he said wow reimburse taxpayers if the ethics committee determines any wrongdoing. meehan's new fifth member of the congress to resign or not run for reelection, amid sexual harassment andonct e and alex. >> all right, jenny. 6:34. man accused of killing four young men then buried their bodies on the bucks county farm this past summer have a trial day. jury selection for cosmo dinardo and his cousin sean kratz beginstrial will begin onr 7th in bucks county, the four men murder charges that disappeared last summer. in mercer examiner's investigating how a man died in etaning bed.
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it happened at crunch hamilton,, police say employees found thisuy old nicholas rigleni, on now invests do not suspect foul play but inn ing bed? monsignor at a catholi couns facing theft and drug charges. sa officials held an emergency closed door meet being last night in chads their former pastor gregory important lot i announced his departure in the church bulletin citing medical issues state police and drug sniffing dogs were called to investigate, the package addressed to him that was believed to contain illegal drugs. >> i see it all the time, people like that you would never thought would be involved in drugs wind up, you know, involved in drugs. so it is nothing that really surprises me anymore.
6:36 am
>> overall it is sad people dough vote their time to go to go church and their whole lives they have been raised around that. it is definitely sad. >> according to court record he has been released on hundred thousand dollars bail, his tern says that par lot i, the monsignor, has no comment. soon it will take you 30 minutes or less to get from philadelphia. >> thirty minutes or less on less off normal commute you can subtract 30 minutes. >> that is an interesting point. that would be a bigger store if i you can cut 30 minutes off my commute between philadelphia and kop and kop back to filly very big deal. >> we will take off 30 minutes off your commute. >> how? >> we will tell you. so, septa the septa board they have approved rail extension project to the area system would allow commute tours get on the train in center city and get off in king of prussia four and a half mile extension will have five stops, board members believe the new line will make things easier for
6:37 am
commuters and cut down traffic on the schuylkill expressway, septa looked at 30 different rail connections weighing in for community and stake holders before approving this project. i love the whole idea. here's the question. >> what? >> willie be alive by the time that thing is done? >> well, you better get your veggies, lots of water, get some sleep, and maybe it will happen. >> no chance. let's go. we have to getting to go day we have to get to minute so the. trophy feel like eagles players have been out and about, meeting all of the fans , before they helped off to minnesota for the week but there was one out yesterday, too. >> steve, give us the line up. >> he has been following eagles players. >> been very creepy. >> yes. >> reporter: first of all, yes you will be alive. you said from the fountain of youth it is evident in your face, your personality mostly because what are you, as you admit, fourth, fifth grade
6:38 am
tops, usually, which we love and permanently 29 years old. >> that is right. >> which we always love. >> yes, you will be here mike and by then they will be able to pipe the show live on monitors into i train so they can watch you on your way in 2050 or whenever that will be finished. >> i have been trying to get to have mike g delaware, but he won't go. >> reporter: he will go. he will go for the fun of to minnesota with you, mike, if you get to minnesota with her you have to go to delaware with her. it is not how would i tribe this live shot, sorry, an a t-shirt stand s if i knew fredrick would have t-shirts may i would be out here hawking with this eagles stuff they are crowd, where ever see these tents and crowd at for man eagles around town. fletcher cox gets his game plan from the defensive
6:39 am
coordinator yesterday but wait until you hear this little kid give him ultimate defensive game plan for super bowl at cottman avenue's modells yesterday. this kiddies awesome. >> win the super bowl. are. let's go cox. >> the eagles will win the super bowl, without a doubt. you need to take out tom brady , cox, we're not lying. he is only one that we need out. tom brady, we are trying to get yous game because you are the one that that that is making everybody lose. cox, we need to take him out. >> reporter: is there intimidation factor and in philadelphia, it starts at a young age. that kid's awesome. here's line up lane johnson at modells at clifton heights at
6:40 am
6:00. jay len mills 6:30 at grant avenue forman mills and nelson agholor aramingo forman mills at 7:00. that is a recap of some of them. go to the wegmans and catch doug pederson pushing the cart while his wife picks up the groceries. >> hey steve. >> yes. >> did we get the number of that little boy. we would love to have him in next week. >> he is amazing, perfect. >> reporter: we will try, get him to cut school. you have to write him a toward i note he is so serious. >> look at that. >> he just turned green. >> that is how excited we are talk about the eagles, and, so on. and, good day, we are going to, later today for minneapolis as a matter of fact. or leaving today, some tomorrow, some sunday we have a big crew going. >> we will there been all week so tune into the show, lots of fun in the bold north.
6:41 am
did you know today is crazy hat day so good ia tweet ed this. >> that is so cute. >> my nephew's craze who it day for school. that is an eagles, the eagle eating a patriots. i want to say that is tom brady for the heck of it. right there in the beek. >> that is a cool idea, crazy hat day, eagles theme hat, i love that. all right. look who is in the good day green room? >> tray burton, eagles tight, end hey there, tray. he will give you details on how to get a trip to the super bell and also help those in need. bell and also help those in need. >> he has got two this winter bell and also help those in the state with more >> he hasski mountains than any other, family fun reaches a new peak. so whether you're a speed demon
6:42 am
or more of a snow angel, your winter chariot awaits. pick the best peak for your family getaway at new york state. it's all here. it's only here.
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6:44. 422 eastbound, multi vehicle crash here right here near trooper road. i'm trying to make out what that is there? is that a trailer. we have a couple cars. this is all eastbound 422 right at trooper road working your way out of collegeville, police are not even on the scene here. this just happened in the commercial break. that will start the delay coming eastbound. broad street subway running with delays this morning some switching problems at the fernrock station getting out of the gate there. that will run with some delays eastbound, ease and westbound on the vine street expressway stacked abe packed from broad all the way over to the schuylkill expressway from an
6:45 am
earlier accident. coming into new jersey on the 42 freeway we are starting to see delays heading in toward walt whitman bridge. it is friday, weekend, mike has the forecast in 15 seconds all right. here what he go cold morning 6:45. good morning everybody. temperatures starting off in the 20's on our way to the 30 's this afternoon. we have lots of sunshine this afternoon. we will do that again tomorrow warm wind that develops. notice winds gusting to 20, 30 r temperature to 60. here comes rain sunday morning it will be a steady rain in the morning and taper off in the afternoon hours. not a lot of rain just a quarter inch in the area what do you think of that tray that background in the seven day. we are only station in philadelphia who changed for
6:46 am
eagles. that is for you, mike. >> mike. >> yes you are one of a kind. >> i try. >> we love you. >> 6:46. >> well, he is men for so many things for really handling it on the field, i mean, come on 37 passes last season. >> but we love campfire celebration after this touchdown with the giants. it is amazing how you get the ball to do that we have tray burton here. >> what up. >> good to see you man. >> good to see you. >> how is family. >> great. >> doing well. >> yeah. >> so, go ahead,. >> she watches you guys every morning, loves you guys, she thinks you are hilarious. >> so i said why didn't you bring her. >> she's down in florida. >> you are both from florida. >> yes. >> what do you think of this cold seriously. >> don't do too well but good reason why i'm here. >> is that the reason for
6:47 am
campfire thing. >> freezing. >> we want you to feel comfortable so we will get the fire going here. >> because, marshmallow, roast ing marshmallow. >> love it, thank very much. >> stick it rate there, alex. >> i need one. >> i like mine crunchy. >> you got any check late, any check late. >> new you are asking for a lot. >> we need some more. >> only check late we need is sitting right next to me. i'm horrible. >> so i promised the viewers here that you have two tickets to the super bowl. >> i do, yeah. >> it is an auction for a good cause. >> i have to go to and bitting on them, two tickets to the super bowl, catch watch us play. >> tell me about i gm. >> international justice mission, larginges anti trafficking and slavery organization in the world. so bunch of countries, all over. i have been on a trip to them
6:48 am
to the dominican. they do unbelievable work. it is crazy to see the people that they help. >> trafficking situation, we have talked bit a lot over last month because it came back in the forefront so thank you for doing that. >> wonderful cause. >> using your celebrity to help us. we do appreciate that. >> thank you. >> all right, grew up in florida. >> we listed on our web site fox to get more information about it. >> i know what you are saying, this is an auction so it could get high. >> hopefully it does. >> good point. >> hopefully so. >> all right how any of us are you? we have been waiting for this your whole life. >> yes. >> well, 23 years. how do you feel it is a week away. >> i'm excited. it hasn't hit me yet. i don't think it will be too crazy. first time in the playoffs, i didn't get excited and any of us until the day before.
6:49 am
i'm just exited to get there. it has been crazy last couple days, tickets, and flights, it is all still wild. >> trying to get everybody out there. >> what has it been like walking around the area with the fans are they going crazy. >> i had a signing last night, in way north philadelphia, it was speaksed to be for an hour , it was two and a half, three hours, a you this plus people and there were six of us there. unreal, good timey don't know if you know this or not tray burton, you are in the super bowl. >> crazy. >> it is crazy. >> exciting. >> you ever wake up and say i'm going to the super bowl. >> every morning, man, i'm still going to work, it is even if, why am i not on the island and beach chilling with my family but i got one more. >> you wouldn't trade it. >> no, never. >> so lets get into i hope --
6:50 am
>> yes. >> the you did the camp fire. the campfire. >> we are thinking about some things. >> you do plan in advance for celebration. >> not all of the them, campfire was spontaneous. >> yeah, yeah. >> just spun it. i knew it was a good one by how fast, and i just stood around. >> if you don't mind we'd like to suggest maybe you do a tv thing. so come on over here. >> we want to you work on your celebrations for the big game. >> let's do it. anchor people we get nervous on the wide shots. notice that anchor people always have paper in their hands. >> yes. >> except for me right now. >> put this in your jersey. >> a little to action.
6:51 am
>> so you scored, i will be the goal post. you score the touchdown run over and get papers and do one of these. >> papers on the desk. >> yes. >> we will be right back after this or something like that. >> we will be right back after this. >> i love it. >> i like that one. >> and then spike it. >> yeah. >> now do you have any plans. >> i cannot tell you that yet. >> is that top secret. >> do you do dances. >> we do it off the group on the field, you know what i mean. depending on who scores there is a certain celebration. >> it sounds complication. >> she's a good dancer. >> what would you do after a touch down. >> no, come on, do it with me
6:52 am
now. >> is that it. >> i will stick to the paper. >> good luck we will be watching and we will see. >> when is the auction happening. >> it is opened today first day and close it on sunday and winner will be announced monday morning. >> thanks so much. >> thank you. >> see new minute so the. sounds good. coming up, break, see how difficult that. that is
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
looks like the eagles got a ride to minute so the a how weird is that? bald eagles, floating on the mississippi river. i'm guessing that is up where we will be. in minnesota. wow. have you ever seen bald eagles >> i haven't. >> i never seen a bald eagle to do that. >> i'm in the process of getting us a bald eagle tour in minnesota, that would be very cool to see. okay. 6:55. don't move. >> so what are we go to go do next, what are we doing. >> this is where you shuffle
6:56 am
the papers, like we were talking about. >> eagles fans get ready, we will take you to the cars that are leaving behind, eagles players parked their cars in the auto show.
6:57 am
6:58 am
daily hair damagen stop before it happens ...with these roses. one is treated with dove. both are exposed to damaging heat. the rose without dove is dry and brittle. dove deeply nourishes and stops 90% of daily hair damage before it happens. folding to the pressure. >> i have said an attraction. >> why pennsylvania congresman pat meehan says he
6:59 am
will not seek reelection after reports of sexual misconduct. monster in disguise a man dressed as a postal worker carries out a violent crime begins a man and his baby. >> unaudible. >> getaway car police are looking for right now. vanity fair under fire, can you spot why the photo shop mistake that has oprah and reese witherspoon poking fun at the mag seen. lining up to meet the bird >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. >> the eagles are out and about before they helped to minnesota for the super bowl, where you can catch your favorite players this weekend before they leave. tray says there was over a thousand people that talk to him last night. >> wonderful. >> glad they say they let everybody in.
7:00 am
>> oh, man we are excited. we are. >> you know who is also excited. when you go by different churches you see what they have on their board outside. >> yes. >> well, this one, i like, it is a bible quiz, how many verse in the bible about eagles and patriots. eagles 33, patriots zero. >> you got it there, pastor. >> first united methodist church. >> that is great. >> i love it. >> all right. >> hi. >> did you know tray was in a state of shock still, it was almost like he didn't know where he was going. >> he is going the two super bowl. >> the game of all games. >> unbelievable. >> cold morning out there. saturday we will be near 60 degrees. but then sunday we will get rain in here. that is the trade off. there you go, right there this morning, very cold out there, temperatures in the teens and 20's,


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