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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  January 27, 2018 10:00pm-10:30pm EST

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brought to tears after this win, landed that head kick. he almost feels like it's over. he doesn't rush, he doesn't run. then he follows up. head kick comes into finish the job, throws a left uppercut. overhead right again, another left hook, how many of those should he eat before he keeps falling and getting up in the ref stops it. >> jon: could a stoppage in my opinion. jacare souza back in the mix, we will talk to them next as fox "ufc fight night" continues lif life.
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woman: wow. the new world. [music playing] no way.
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man: rated t for teen. playstation, the best place to play. >> jon: here is bruce popper. >> announcer: the winner by a knockout, renaldo jacare souza! >> jon: a mixed martial arts legend returns tonight, congratulations on a big win. it's great to see you back. [speaking portuguese] >> i feel great, four months ago
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i was in brazil training my abs. my wife came to the hospital all the time to make me shower. today is my anniversary. i love my wife, i love you, thank you for everything. it was a blessing, i'm happy, thanks everybody for coming, north carolina, thank you! >> jon: take a look at the replay, the head kick that ended the night for derek brunson, talk us through it. [speaking portuguese] >> it helped me a lot, my boxing
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coach, thanks for supporting me. >> jon: this puts you right back in the mix, congratulations on a big one here tonight. ladies and gentlemen, your main event winner, jacare souza! >> dominick: an awesome fight, goes out there and get the job done beautifully. a right high kate, it's always a huge weapon when you're facing a southpaw. >> jon: metropcs bringing you closer than ever to the ufc, covering 99% of people in the u.s. >> dominick: it lands heavy, he doesn't bring the other hand across, it goes right
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underneath. he eats it flush, one arm to defendant and is not quite enough, he follows it up with a left uppercut and another couple left hooks. the referee jumps in and saves the day. jacare gets the finish. >> jon: the interim middleweight championship will be contested to, you've got to think jacare souza after what he did tonight will be a most interested observer. that's it for us, curt menefee, fellas, take it away. >> curt: six years ago, derek brunson lost in 41 seconds, he said all this week i'm a different fighter. he lasted about three more minutes, still in the first round. >> michael: jacare looks fantastic, the fight started even. brunson was starting to get wild. if the whole time jacare was looking for that counter right hand. the right hand from jacare.
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he's getting carried away into wild. there it is over and over again, looking for that high kick, the problem is brunson had his hand up. the shin kick is very long, it still connected with the heads. it still resonated the power, down he went. he followed up, fantastic performance. >> curt: i want to get to the only upset that happened on the main card and that was andre fili who upset dennis bermudez. before i picked a fili to the fight but he surprised me with the takedowns. the judges know he is a wrestle wrestler. i thought to bermuda scuffed the gap well. use triple jabs, i thought he did enough to secure the victor victory. i think they might have got it wrong. >> curt: michael, you?
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>> tyron: i thought he won the fight tonight. >> curt: jacare moving up in the contender rankings at 185. and it two weeks there will be a new middleweight champion, he emerged from down under. >> two of the very best of the 185-pound division. >> the interim middleweight championship. >> announcer: it's time! ♪ ♪ >> jon: that should be fun, we hope it's as much fun as we had here tonight. i'm curt menefee, shoot over to
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fs fs2, it begins as soon as we go off the air. of coming up next, it's your late local news except for those of you on the west coast. thank you for joining us for fox "ufc fight night" ." useful musical >
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philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 10:00. jaw-dropping video shows a new jersey transit bus driver texting and driving. at one point he doesn't have a single hand on the wheel. the passenger who took that video says he feared for his life. good evening, i'm done timmeney. >> i'm joyce evans. that driver is no longer behind the wheel of any nj transit bus, but that's not stopping people from being extremely concerned about it. fox 29's joanne pileggi is live in pennsauken tonight with all the details. joanne? >> reporter: hey, dawn, this story beg the question, do you record the texting bus driver like this passenger did or do you simply say something because you feel he's putting everyone in danger? either way, this video has a lot of people tal talking. >> oh, my god! no. >> that's crazy. >> i ride the bus every day.
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>> i know. >> that's scary. >> reporter: here's what everyone is reactioning to. this new jersey transit bus operator driving the 553 route in south jersey and it's fairly obvious. >> he's texting right now. >> and driving a bus. >> oh, my god! >> that's one way to get somebody killed. >> that's pretty dangerous i guess. >> reporter: a passenger recorded the driver this week on his route through atlantic and cumberland county and posted the video on his facebook page setting off a flurry of angry comments. everyone we talk to was outrag outraged. what would you do if you were on that bus? >> oh, i would definitely, you know, tell him you should definitely put the phone down. he got lives in his hands you know that's really dangerous. >> you're a law you're not allowed to that. >> reporter: it didn't take long before nj transit found out about the recording. they contacted the passenger through facebook and ided the driver who worked for nj transit
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for 24 years. >> i think it's dangerous. >> it's terrible. >> yeah. it's dangerous. >> reporter: spokesperson said "we have identified the bus operator from this video and immediately removed him from service. nj transit will take swift and appropriate action upon the completion of a thorough investigation. >> that's wrong. he's trying to hide it. you can tell. that's just wrong. >> you don't do that. and here he is out driving and texting at the same time. he should be fired. >> reporter: well, again, he was taken off the bus and new jersey transit says it is continuing its investigation. now there were some comments on social media about the public shaming of this bus driver. but the people we talked to tonight say doing this may make other bus drivers seriously think twice about texting while that was driving a bus. we're live tonight in pennsauken, i'm joanne pileggi, fox 29 news. back to you in the studio. >> all right, thank you joanne.
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taking a live look now over reading, pa to, night. hope you enjoyed the sunshine and warmer temperatures today. because we're talking about showers overnight. meteorologist mon nikkei cryan here now with when you might be expect to see rain where you live. >> i know it's hard to hear that we're expecting rain when it was such a gorgeous day with warm temperatures and some sunshine. it's about to change. we've got a line of showers that will be rolling through. right now it's back through central pennsylvania up into williamsport through state college and into pittsburgh. it's going to be moving into our western counties over the next few hours. right now we just have a few light showers out ahead of it reaching in lancaster and chester county all the way up north of berks and into the lehigh valley area. that's where those showers will start to move in first and then we are expecting that rain to continue through the overnight really making for wet start to our sunday morning. i'll track it all for you. to let you know how your sunday is shaping you can see it becomes more widespread overnight while we're sleeping
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but it continues that widespread activity does continue at times moderate rainfall all the way through 8:00 o'clock. so this is what lot of us will be waking up to. rain and then it starts move o out. first those western counties start to dry out and then parts of south jersey and into delaware will see that rain continue as we head into the afternoon. but it does look like it will move out just in time for the new work week. i've got a look at your full forecast coming up in just a bit guys. >> thank you monica. ♪ it is the start of the chinese new year. so what does that have to do with the super bowl? 2018 is as the eagles are underdogs going into the big game. eagles fans and others gathered at the penn museum today for the 37th annual chinese new year's celebration. the event featuring music and dance performances, couldn't few demonstrations along with arts and crafts there was even a dog of the year instagram photo contest. eagles fans hoping this is a good sign for the birds in the
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super bowl. >> it's probably no coincidence eagles are underdog this year considering the year of the dog. so probably in the cards for them to win. that's what my money is on. >> i like that thinking. the penn museum was founded in 1887 it is dedicated to the study of understanding of human history and diversity. philly -- philadelphia eagles safety rodney mcleod took some time out today to meet fans at rolls auto sales in northeast philadelphia. the car dealership hosting a pep rally to celebrate the eagles nfc championship win, and to send the team off to victory, of course in philly style. there was food, music, all kinds of fun out there. the event was open to the public giving fans a chance to meet mcleod in person. >> man, there's no better feeling right now than to come out here seen all these fans that's been supporting us all season. supported us last week. help us get to where we are right now.
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time out before we head on this road been we bring this trophy back to the city. >> super bowl lii kicks off next sunday at 6:30. and now to a developing story. billionaire casino mogul steve wnyy has resigned as the republican national committee's finance chairman a mid allegations of sexual miscondu misconduct. recent wall street journal article featured dozens of employees describing how wynn sexualized the workplace some accusing him of pressuring them into sex acts. one such case reportedly ended with a seven hey and a half million dollars settlement. he led rnc fundraising efforts during president trump's first year he has strongly denied the allegations saying they are being orchestrated by his ex why. democrats are criticizing president trump's demand for $25 billion for border wall. they don't like his plan path for dak a either. they say the money would be better spent addressing other pressing needs in the countr. fox's ellison barber has details now from washington.
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>> reporter: majority leader mitch mcconnell call the white house's framework guidance that quote indicates what is necessary for the president to sign a bill into law. he added, i am hopeful that as discussions continue in the senate on the subject of immigration. members on both sides of the aisle will look to the framework for guidance as they work towards an agreement. before the white house is outline made its way to congress the senator involved in bipartisan immigration talks said talks in the senate would continue regardless of what happens at the white house. >> we're not going to be lock down thinking about what the house might do or the white house might do. we'll move on our own. >> reporter: the white house hasn't released a blueprint of their proposal only framework. there are critics on the left and the roo it. >> they want the ransom for these children to be $25 billion for a wall when we have all the needs that we have for infrastructure in our own country. >> if the president serves up 1.8 million people for an
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amnesty in exchange for $25 million for a wall, and then reduces the numbers of the cape may grace that come in, that's the end of his enforcement that he's going to get in his administration unless we come up with another amnesty. >> reporter: key conservative like tom cotton like the white house's proposal cotton called it generous and humane. a balance between protecting dreamers and securing the border. in the past some on capitol were frustrated because many felt like they didn't know exactly what president trump wanted in immigration proposal. leader mcconnell suggested in his statement that this is clarity n washington, ellison barber, fox news. police in new jersey have arrest add man wanted for three burglaries dating back to 2016. haddon township police arrested 56-year-old dennis heisler for the crimes. police say his first burglary was back in august of 2016 and his last on christmas eve last
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year just last month. he would reportedly scope out the businesses for months learning their lay outs before breaking in. fire officials in philadelphia are investigate a suspicious fire that ripped through a home in the frankford section. this happen last night around midnight at the home on the thee hundred block of ruin street. 17-year-old was taken to the hospital to be treated for smoke inhalation. we're told he's in stable condition. still no word on the cause of that fire. the hottest cars are on display at the philadelphia auto show. you can check them out at the pennsylvania convention center. the nine day show returns showcasing a range of more than 700 vehicles including pre production models, exotics, classes, electric cars and hybrids from 40 brands around the world. former philadelphia eagles player brian dawkins also there to meet with the fans. >> you're going to see technology like they've never seen before. we're on the age where you haven't seen, you know, this
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kind of transformation in this industry since henry ford and the assembly line. >> the philadelphia auto show runs until 6:00 p.m. super bowl sunday. in your health tonight, this year's new season may prove to be one of the worst in nearly a decade. that is the very latest from the centers for disease control. every single state except hawaii is experiencing a widespread flu outbreak for the third straight week and it's not letting up. so far 37 children and hundreds of adults have died from the flu. including more than 15 people in pennsylvania and three in delaware. there are now nearly 12,000 confirmed cases of thirty nine this season across the country much this year's new strain is severe and overall vaccine effectiveness is lower. doctors are any way encouraging people to get their new shots. a viral photo has changed one man's live forever. >> it's not as hard to save someone's life as you would
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think. >> how a plea at disneyworld helped track down kidney donor. and the eagles still have a week to go before the super bowl but the fan festivities are already going on in minnesota. we'll give you an inside look after the break. ♪
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♪ this is video of new jersey state police arresting a man wanted in new york for murdering his ex-wife and staging her death as a suicide. 45-year-old lloyd, was on top of a parking garage and threatening to jump before officers moved in. police say lloyd and his daughter kerry were responsible for the murder of his ex-wife
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michelle. kerry was arrested three days ago. lloyd is waiting for extradition back to new york. we're learning more details tonight about the man who died after he was involved in a crash in lehigh county. the county coroner says 6584 old martin keppel from allentown was involved in a crash on the hill to hill bridge in bethlehem. that was yesterday morning. he was taken to the hospital but the coroner found he did not die from anything related to the crash. no other information is being released at this time. who knew what and what? those are some of the questions officials in michigan want answered the state attorney's general is vowing to investigate michigan statham link of the second abuse scandal involve during larry nassar. will carr has the latest. >> no individual and no department at michigan state university is off limits. >> reporter: michigan attorney general announcing details of an investigation into michigan state university's handling of
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the dr. larry nassar case. prosecutors looking into what school officials knew about the abuse. >> if we had learned anything from the nassar sentencing ins lansing it is too many voices of too many victims had been unheard for too long. >> reporter: nassar former michigan state employee and gymnastics doctor for the u.s. olympic team was sentenced to 175 years in prison. 150 women came forward clipping they were abused by nassar. >> you stole my life larry nassar. and i am now taking it back. you were never a real doctor. you did not heal me. you only hurt me. >> former prosecutor william forsythe will now lead the investigation. >> how was he allowed to engage in this behavior for almost 20
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years? how could he victimize so many innocent young girls and young women for that long a period of time and no one caught him and stopped him? >> reporter: the investigation coming a day after michigan state's athletic director announced his retirement and days after his president resigned. will carr, fox news. u.s. senator bob menendez set to be retried on bribe row and fraud counts. what will be the difference this time around? for starters there will be fewer charges after a judge last week acquitted menendez on several bribery counts. a new judge will also be presiding after u.s. district judge william walls recused himself from the trial. defense attorneys clashed repeatedly with judge walls in the first trial and filed for motion for miss trail claiming he riri vented them from adequately presenting that are case. retrial date has not yet been set. ♪ and the big game is just
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about a week away now. in minneapolis is already kicking off all those super bowl festivities the city expects thousands of people to pour in for the fan nfl experience. fox takes us behind the scenes. >> reporter: when the super bowl comes to town you can guarantee a super sized amount of fanfare. >> every inch of this building is, um, in use since we started loading in. >> reporter: first ever nfl experience happened back in 1992 right here in minneapolis. now it's back as the super bowl experience at the convention center giving fans a small glimpse into the big game. >> a lot of the critical pieces that we put together for this event were born here and we are bringing them back we like to think they're better than ever before. we've got so many things that are digital. >> reporter: it let's fans test their own football skills against nfl stars. >> we have participatory games.
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you can kick a field goal, make a catch, play the quarterback. we have clinics to teach young boys and girls that the tenants of football. >> reporter: chance to see the lombardi trophy in person before it falls into the hands of the winning team. >> get your photo op with that. it's the real trophy. >> reporter: hands on activity mixes in with football history, too. >> there's something for everybody. we have stuff for hall of fame. fans if you can never make it to canton if crud like to see the bus, we have brett favre's bus here, we have chris carter and bud grant. many things from canton. all of this making super bowl lii an event for the seasoned fan and for those just feeling out football. >> there is something here for everyone. we like to say, you know, it's from, you know, two to 92, because we've got a 30,000 square foot store that you can shop in. you can run and participate in all the games. you can just sort of come here and watch others have good time. you can get an autograph. and our super bowl coverage is only just beginning. we've got much more in just a few minutes and leading up


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