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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  January 29, 2018 6:00am-6:58am EST

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oh, yeah, should i say it once in the eaglesav >> just say it. >> for the last buses, they ared with super bowl lii. back in philadelphia a deadly hit/run tow truck driver in montgomery county last night person of interest police want to and, should i say it again , bruno's right he did have a big night, didn't he. three of the biggest honors of the year, bruno mars, we love him. >> yeah, with a little fines. >> yes. >> hi, everybody we are at mall of the america like we said we were going to be. >> we are here, hello minnesota. >> i have never been to this mall. it is impressive. 520 stores. >> i have been but it was like 12 or some years ago. but i just found out they renovated the whole thing. >> it is actually beautiful.
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the eagles visited last night. do you know judge. >> why. >> there is nothing else to do in this city. >> we found things to do, plus taking us ice fishing. >> really. >> ice fishing. >> sue, help me. >> it is only 8 degrees. >> i have seven for minneapolis, minnesota way wind chill of eight below. >> and we're in the 40's here in philadelphia yeah, don't look at that as some number that you have to worry about unless you are concerned about mike and alex and they are indoors anyway. we're all taken care of. it is seven out of 10 today, bus stop buddy celebrating national corn chip day the umbrella for folks to the south, southern delaware and new jersey, where we are seeing a little bit of rain this morning. that rain is beginning to push off the coast, stalled front that came through yesterday and gave rain to all of us, it
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is raining in cape may, and lewis, delaware, and down in ocean city, maryland, that ocean city, this morning. 42 degrees is our current temperature, it is seven in minute so the a it feels like 36 out there. and temperatures will remain in the mid 40's throughout the day. 46 degrees, mostly cloudy skies. so we've got mike and alex in minnesota, and bob kelly in maple shade this morning, hey. >> hey sueby we're taking over the town this morning. good morning to the shaders, maple shade. good morning everybody here, even mayor's here, good morning sir. >> good morning bob, how are you. we are so happy to have you, maple shade is the best town in south jersey. dunkin' may run on coffee but we run on volunteers. everybody here, everybody in this town does something to make this town better for free it is all about the volunteers >> we love it. we are live at vince's brick
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oven pizza on main street. lets check the jam cams as we head out the front door this morning. things are wet from the overnight rain that we had to deal with, a little damp, a little bog coming up and over the area bridges this morning, as we look live at i-95 this morning at philly international airport. no problems are delays there lets get to the 42 freeway a live look for gang coming in from new jersey, looking good as you work your way up and over the benny, whitman and 422 for the gang coming in from collegeville no problems are delays at all. back here live we have been making dough, working the kitchen, breakfast pizza for everyone that comes by this morning. we are live, at vince's here, on main street. are eagles fans here. >> yeah. >> they are here. >> so lets get ready. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles. >> lets do it one more time so mike and alex can hear us: e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles. >> back to you guys at the
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super bowl. >> that sounds good. >> we can hear them. >> not many eagles fans here, of course yet because it is only monday. >> true. >> tuesday, wednesday, thursday. >> they are coming. >> people are making plans. >> they are coming. >> lets get to serious news that happened back home in montgomery county a tow truck driver has been killed on 76. >> lauren johnson's on that story, lauren. >> reporter: good morning mike and alex, sad start in the morning for one family as they lost a loved one trying to earn his living. lets look at video. it is blurry, kind of hard to make out but i'll explain to you what we are seeing. traffic camera over an accident that happened around 9:00 p.m. seventy-six eastbound between belmont and kelly drive. traffic lanes were block there on the eastbound side, once police were able to clear that scene they opened the lanes backup and that is when a tow truck driver there trying to help, of course, clear the scene was hit by a passing car and killed right there on the
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scene. state police are talking to someone bye they are in the yet calling that person a person of interest or suspect. could have been a witness& someone driving a car we do not know but we do know a tow truck driver was tragically killed trying to clear a scene on 76. as soon as we get an update we will bring it back to you. all right, thanks, lauren. all right. steve still covering the eagles from the philadelphia perspective. >> as he counted down hours to the super bowl, lot of times, 152 hours of straight coverage , steve, have you done totals, how many eagles coverage you are doing. >> i have, you just take 12 hearst after one full week i got a clock right next to me coincidently and count down has begun. here we are just after 6:00 a.m. and we have to wait until 6:00 p.m. on sunday evening, just to anticipation for the super bowl. almost a full week
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hours, how about that. so, by the way, noticed your new super bowl fleece because i watched weekenu what you are packing. why is he packing anything? also thought i did not give you layses you thought you got ripped off airport and take offr shoes, how many easier, is there the it. >> so much easier. >> very good >> yes. >> you know, for security reasons. >> yes. >> by t you came to the station you will recall i did that welcoming story a tyler moore theme, and for your hat in the air, youir because that s where she was and you can tell look, for once, go wt to the statue and we will show thaw later. i said i'm already doing this with steve keeley. told me i will make it after
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all. >> reporter: how about this i'm usually out in the cold weather. you are in the mall but you got 8 degrees outside. i got five times the warmth at 41 degrees inard more. so there is a big change, and by the way, mike, philadelphia fans may in the all be there, but philadelphians got to minnesota long before you did, they had to move there for their jobs and careers and they welcomed the team and i'm sure they will welcome you guys. here's some of that. >> i'm beyond thrilled and especially thrilled for my dad has been a diehard fan. he is 90 years old now. he has been a fan a long time to see this day come and to know we will get it done, nick and the boys are going to get it done. >> this is fantastic, just like minnesota we have never won a super bowl either. we have gotten there twice in my lifetime and yet to see them hold the trophy up. we are exceedingly excited that the eagles have a chance to play in this game.
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>> by the way i saw how busy you are when you work when you are not supposed to be working and at academy of music dressed perfectly by the way. i cannot believe energy you have. were you in a tuxedos and tails and if not i would have had you climb up rocky statue walk a couple blocks from your apartment, did you not catch this on your way to the a contacted my of music, on your way to the luxury grandry apartments, somebody put a lovely tom brady statue. i would have woke you up and said get over there and get that off of there. >> well, look what it did for vikings fans when they did the same thing. hey, by the way, 6:22 or is it 38-seven. >> that is a joke. >> thirty-eight it is 6:22. >> it is. >> no. >> 6:08. >> we have been doing this for eight minutes. >> it is going to be a
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licensing week. >> steve remembers we're an hour earlier here. >> true. >> just tello owe any bay is there a statue here of mary tyler moore, guess what is on her head now, thanks to us, all right. >> all right. >> we are doing our job out here. >> tom loudon sitting right here, within of our big time pre tuesdayers and he is pointing to something. >> what is it. >> no love loss. >> what is this story about how eagles fans are changing the name of the national restaurant chain. >> i saw this sign. >> i saw this. >> this is so cool what a great idea. >> love it. >> and then we will talk about the grammys last night, what a night, can you believe jay-z i think he got snubbed. >> yeah. >> we will discuss winners and losers. >> how about his wife did you losers. >> how about his wife did you see that outfit.
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this winter losers. >> hoin the state with moreou see that ski mountains than any other, family fun reaches a new peak. so whether you're a speed demon or more of a snow angel, your winter chariot awaits. pick the best peak for your family getaway at new york state. it's all here. it's only here.
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i have seen a couple of these, this is a simple idea but it is cool. >> just makes sense. >> boston markets we eat there i like their thanksgiving dinner kind of thing. >> very nice. >> they have put philly market over it. >> you cannot have boston market in philly. >> no. >> makes sense. >> how about our neighbor over there at third and chestnut museum of the american revolution. >> they have patriots gallery. >> not this week it is now eagles gallery. >> better believe it they should make it official, keep that it way, that is what we
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need. >> all right. bob kelly's with the shaders, how many times have we said hey good morning to the shad ers. >> can't hear it enough. >> hey, bob. >> you know, good morning from the shaders over here. we have got eagles fans here, this morning. live from vincent's when we co
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i just saw myself on twit ter. i don't look good. >> i posted a picture. >> man, i am puffy you are not puffy. >> we have to go to bed earlier. >> we were trying to get our bearings and we had a nordic inspired meal. >> i need a nordic track because i ate too much but it is fine. eagles are all over the malls last night. >> walk around, everything, we weren't here, we should have been walking around. >> we were eating nordic food. >> we have all week. >> have we had it. >> it is still good. it is still good. >> first day, and you are already talking like that. >> i know, can you believe him >> our rooms are right next to each other. >> i can hear him talking. >> i like mike jerrick's jacket. >> anyway we have some rain on
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ultimate doppler radar this morning but starting to go away a little bit, we have got southern delaware, southern new jersey with some rain, a look at the future cast but perhaps we have heard a lit built of the snow tomorrow, because it looks like it doesn't hold up until after midnight, because we are forecasting snow and in the rain but it will be here during morning rush hour tomorrow, and on an off throughout the rest of the day only adding up to about an inch or so. so definitely an annoying storm, more than anything else now this is the most we can find, the computer model, north american model with the most snow and they are calling for almost 2 inches, mess of the other won not so much. temperatures are not going to move very much from where they are right now 46 degrees. thirty-six tomorrow. with that light snow, 35 is on wednesday, not as cold on thursday, rain changing to snow friday morning and then cold on saturday, and super bowl sunday may be a bit of the wintry mix we will see what happens with that.
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that is a look at seven day forecast, lets head out to our town take over with bob kelly, maple shade turn's this week. >> hey sue good morning to you we are coming live from vincent's brick oven pizza with all of the people in maple shade, look at them all. >> wow, baby. yes, kid you can have pizza for breakfast as long as you come here. we're on main street in maple shade. with me the gang for a place to go. tell me about the organization that is here. >> so thinks a non-profit organization for teenagers, right now we are being housed at maple shade high school but we are in the process of looking for a building becaus er with trying to give the kid in our town a place to go. what we want to does give our kid value, give them a place to value so when they value themselves they value others and they value the community in which they live. we live in the great community with these great kid. >> that is great.
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place. >> do we have the web site here? a place to, and again, how about the teenagers hanging out at vincent's pizza for a little pizza, lets check the jam cams as we head out to work or school this morning on a monday. little wet, damp there overnight rain. we have problems on patco, all services suspended new between collinswood and then broadway due to a down electrical pole, so that is the situation on mass transit. a live look at the benny as you work your way up and over into downtown philadelphia. all have the lights are green atop the sky scrapers this morning for our eagles and we will get out to the 30 bypass a live look right here near route 322. we're off to a pretty good start. look who is here, santa claus 's here. sanity, turf ask you how popular were the eagles requests from the kids at christmastime. >> very much so, bob. their demand was unreal. >> instead of the asking for
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toys they wanted to go to the super bowl and they got their wish. >> they got their wish. any deflated footballs dropped off at brady's house. >> i hade to tell brady, the eagles will sore and they will win the super bowl. >> you got it, you heard it from santa claus, eagles will take it, mike and alex to the super bell we will go, you are there. >> through go. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles. >> i can get home. >> no one got me memo and said it is going to be really cold. >> you weren't expect ago this inside. >> not inside the mall. i'm in the complaining at all. people of minnesota minneapolis changed the name of the town to the bold north that is what they call minnesota now bold north. >> see that every where if you see us saying that, that is what they are calling it, you are in the bold north, it isabelly cold you. >> you know what the deal was they didn't want to be called midwest. they think that is a negative
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we dent want to be, a fly over , we dent want to be the midwest we will be the bold north. >> way to stand out for sure. >> it is cold in here. >> let's toss to karen and thomas. >> hi, i'm in the complaining. >> los angeles lakers do you know why they are called the lakers? >> because they are 10,000 lakes in minnesota and originally was a franchise in minnesota. >> well done yes. >> lets get you. >> do i mike drop. >> we will go back to mike abe alex in 902nd here. president trump prepared to give his first state have the union address. >> we expect he will highlight economic progress including major tax overhaul, expected to push for more military spending and of course the border wall. there is a political poll that find majority of the americans would like the president to talk about health care, jobs and the economy, democrats have selected massachusetts
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representative joe kennedy to give their response. of course we will bring you all of thaw can watch it right here on fox 29 tomorrow night at 9:00 and stay tuned for the fox 29 news at 10:00. ♪ >> what a performance, boy, last night's grammys could have been easily mistaken for party for bruno mars, singer in the only performed with rapper cardi-b but took home six award top honors included album of the year, rorrer of the year and song of the year. >> mike and alex will have more on the grammys and fashion and interesting moments from that as well. send it back to minute yams. >> we certainly to have talk more about the grammys. >> yes. >> the fashion. lets get to jen.
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>> we're not alone out here. >> no, jen fred's here down at someplace called nicolet mall. >> which should be men to some >> i think so. >> and no crying about the cold inside the mall ladies and gentlemen. mike and alex, you were here last night, pretty cool this thing goes on for miles and miles. how are we behaving? are minnesota residents happy philadelphians are here we have south philly gentlemen i coming up to tell us thousand act in minnesota. ttp://>[a5df]
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super bowl lii week is officially a call, as eagles make their way to minnesota yesterday. team left novacare complex at 12:30 and touched down, and, around 4:00 p.m. number of players were caught walking through mall of america last night. i hear it is big. on the schedule today how about media day which should bring all of the crazy people out. over to the hardwood sixers on the road, last time these two teams met, word were exchanged, and russell, yeah was in the a fan of joel embiid last time and will in the like that either.
6:26 am
embiid with the monster jam unfortunately akc pulled away, they win 122-112. number one nova on the road at marquette, jaylen brownson he pulls up, underneath with the board and sweet dish to daunte divincenzo, daunte had 23, nova wins 85-82. their seventh straight win. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean brace. very cool. >> speaking of cool, did you see there was a store, again, there are 520 stores in this >> yeah, it is call got kilts. >> got kilts. >> i will>> try one on. >> i don't know if i had ever had a kilt, with this weather. pantihose. >> i have everything, i'm trying t >> we're covered then. >> tough guys wear kilts in this of weather.
6:27 am
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so we know how tfarmers, we've seen almost everything [mascot] hey-oooo! whoop, whoop!wd 1] hey! [mascot] you bet i am! [crowd 2] dude, you're on fire! [crowd 3] no, you're on fire! look behind you. [mascot] i'm cool. i'm cool. [burke] that's one way to fire up the crowd. but we covered it. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ and, soaring into minneapolis, eagles are soaring, they rolled up in buses.
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>> yes. >> they flew on a plane and they got buses and they walk around the mall. >> we're here, "good day philadelphia" is at super bowl lii. >> and back here in philly. tow truck driver is dead after getting hit on i-76 last night as police. >> and, did you watch the grammys last night, quiet down , mom and dad, story behind this hilarious moment with jay-z, beyonce and blue ivy. >> people are asking the question who is in control of that family already. >> it is cute. >> it is quite the video to see her do that. >> yes. >> settle down. >> did you hear it will snow. i mentioned to someone here in minneapolis it is supposed to snow in philadelphia will it effect morning commute. >> how much will you get. >> an inch. >> they just laughed in my face. >> it is nothing for them. >> nothing. >> there is snow piled up every where here, sue. >> you will get a refresher
6:31 am
tomorrow, or wednesday, yeah, in minneapolis. it will whiten up the snow they have already gotten. fresh even it up. >> okay. >> we're not expecting much for tomorrow. we have our number of the day is a seven, probably staying cloudy all day but no precipitation expect until tomorrow, and it is national corn chip day bus stop buddy celebrating, of course, eagles gear and rain for folks to our south as we see on radar we have had a few showers southern new jersey, southern delaware and they are starting to move further south as we speak, and we will see 42 degrees, feels like 46 degrees out there. sunrise time 7:12. dent expect sunshine. temperatures are in the 40's right now and that will not rise, very much, 30's the two north and west of us, plan on cloudy skies throughout the afternoon, 46 degrees, this is forecast you will also hear on 101.1 more fm, our radio partners. so speaking have that morning commute, bob kelly has driven
6:32 am
to maple shade, new jersey for a town take over, we have got traffic and whole lot of fun. >> a whole lot of good stuff going on, good morning to the shaders. >> good morning. >> out here with the maple shade elementary pta department here all of the moms getting up early, even the kid. >> giana. >> what grade are you in. >> i'm in kindergarten. >> what time did you get up, early this morning, right? not even sheer sure what time you got it? we will all take a nap later fut vincent's brick oven pizza on main s we step outside president not door this morning. ninety-five southbound have a disable vehicle in the left lane and then as you head here r cottman avenue watch for delays and delays, on the patcoig line, between collinswood and broadway, so we had santa in the this hit, so
6:33 am
sandy. >> hel >> now sandy tells me she used to be the baby-sitter for doug pieder son. >> they were great kid, great baby-sitter when he was here in philadelphia with andy reid. >> yes.ood, behaved. >> awesome. >> i used to look down now i look up. >> did he invite you to the super bowl. >> no, that is okay. >> doug, if you are watching lets not forget about the baby-sitter. >> yes. >> hi, kid you know who is at the super bowl mike and alex are already there super bowl. >> yeah. >> let's be honest, bob we just couldn't wait to get here , get our spot, but i cannot wait until more eagles fans get here. turf admit, we have some looks , walking around with
6:34 am
eagles gear on. >> we are here early, way ahead of everybody else and that is just to defend the eagles, just the two of us. >> make sure they know we are coming and what philly will be like when we arrive here. >> it is interesting it happened to be in minneapolis is it 6:22 or that 38 until 7:00. >> it is 22 minutes say it is 3. >> yes. >> t it here. >> someone broke up with them and you have to stay in their ts what it feels like. >> so we are keeping it real. couple people back in philadelphia say microphone working better now or scratchy. am i better? and then at parx restaurant said mike, you look are you taping outside?
6:35 am
we're not taping, it is live and we're in the outside we're in a mall. >> it is not as cold as it would be had we been outside but we are right under air >> we're not complaining. >> no, no. >> i will get a blanket. reese ton to buy a blanket so i'm excited. >> steve, what is there. >> reporter: mike i was not going to be nervous unt sday niy i'm extremely nervous with word you the show, because i noticed you are sitting down. mike in a kilt, sharon stone inn stink. >> here i don't know how wide are we. >> i'm streetly nervous. >> oh, we see it. >> oh, my god. >> eagle has landed.
6:36 am
>> please do. >> lets go to video inside that mall, quickly please thinks lagarrette blount our fox 29 cameraman number 29 working for fox 29 shooting video enjoying the moment but he knows enjoy the moment, soak it in but don't let it get to your head because your head has to be on the game and you bet lagarrette wants to beat patriots in the war way because they they didn't bend over backward to resign him, that is yes signed with the eagles. when you hear cheering they had a good welcoming committee courtesy of the philadelphians who moved to minnesota and they are happen that i they did because they have a super bowl in their new hometown and rooting for their old hometown team. >> i'm beyond thrilled. >> welcome our guys in bring them into town let them have a warm welcome in the cold weather. >> we have lived in minnesota for last 14 years but never left my philly roots and i knew they were coming down and wanted to be part of the excitement and get them off the bus and give them a cheer and let them know that they
6:37 am
are definitely routeing for them to stay calm and to know we will get it done, nick and the boys will get it done. >> this is fantastic, guys, just like minnesota we have never won a super bowl either and we have got there twice in my lifetime and yet to see them hold the trophy up. we're exceedingly excited that the eagles have a chance to play in this game. >> now back over to you. two recommendations i noticed you because igoldberg underwear. that is what you must wear when you wear the kilt and numberty asked my friend from his channel nine that i helped last night when strikings were in town for restaurant recommendations and i had said will you be. i said mike likes italian cuisine. there is a place where he doesn't have to go outside very fine italian restaurant called sbaro, and they recommend the diet cocaine bread sticks. >> really. >> okay, sbaro.
6:38 am
>> yes. >> i will go for that. >> it is right over our shoulder. >> they do have some variety here, they have restaurants. but is there a sbaro, mike will grab something from there >> there is every store i have ever heard of in here. >> all right here. >> there must be 20 lidz stores aloney didn't think you could so many lidz. >> there really is. >> the news continues, rolls on every day in the philadelphia area including bad news. >> so lets get to lauren because she's reporting on a tow truck driver killed in an accident on 76, lauren. >> reporter: good morning mike and alex, very sad morning in philadelphia for one family because of what happened overnight as you just mentioned tow truck driver killed, lets roll video for you so you can see exactly where you are talking about, video, blurry hard to make out
6:39 am
and that is because it is hard for our crews to get to that scene there because 76 eastbound between belmont and kelly drive completely shut down around 9:00 o'clock last night. when troopers finally opened up those lanes, of course, crews come into clear the scene because of the several cars involved and several injuries, one of the people was a tow truck driver trying to work there at the scene and unfortunately he was hit and killed by someone driving on 76. state police saying someone behind that wheel of the car left the scene there they are investigating this morning. they do tell us they are talking to someone but they are not calling that person a suspect or person of interest. we don't know who that person is at this hour. we still don't have any details about that driver but what we do know he was tragically killed overnight trying to help clear the scene earning his living there on 76 eastbound. >> that is a shame. >> my gosh. >> thanks, lauren forgiving us that update then.
6:40 am
>> okay, jen have you seen jen fred. >> not since we left the airport. >> jen, how are you feeling. >> hopefully you are okay, jen >> i think it is negative eight here but this is what you saw last night. i have a special treat all the way from south philadelphia eighties south philly joe. he will tell us thousand act and what the heck minnesota nice really means right. >> absolutely. >> righ
6:41 am
6:42 am
6:43 am
i think it is funny messaging on twitter, best way to communicate all the way up here in the bold north. >> twitter, instagram, facebook, i have been doing behind the scenes, all of the people coming in from yesterday and fun we had yesterday afternoon. so, alex holley tv. we will show you what is going on and behind the scenes stuff >> there is bob kelly. >> good morning. what is your name. >> felicia. >> i love, felicia, checking her out and fixing her hair. good morning, everybody. and, this is how we do a town take over, we are here live all morning long, and, maple shade arts, council and tell butts program. >> maple shade arts council,
6:44 am
we do a lot of dealer activity , and, and, people in maple shade to see what we have to offer. >> that is why we are here, all good stuff for shaders. you have heard the song good morning, baltimore. here with me is kate, right. >> cat. >> cat. >> she change it up. how do you do it. >> good morning mapel shade every day is like an open door , every night is like a fantasy,. >> keep singing. >> we will do some traffic, schuylkill expressway as you work your way out the front door downtown philadelphia, a live look at, university, a little damp from the rain we had overnight, yesterday, a live look at 42 freeway coming in from new jersey and patco high speed line, all services still remain suspended due to the down electrical pole, at ferry avenue and that will impact delays this morning as you work your way from mass
6:45 am
transit. back here live at vince's brick oven pizza, good morning , maple shade. sue has the forecast in 15. >> and we are seeing this over next couple ways, and, cloud to the north and rain to the south of us, this is expecting some light snow, is maybe an inch when all said and done. and another chance of, snow thursday into friday, morning. let us know is what going on in your life your twitter handle at sue serio at fox 29. the rain is moving further south, it looks like a lot of rain ended in cape may county and in sussex county, delaware it is moving further south, still raining in ocean city,
6:46 am
maryland but what about this snow. we do expect to it come in after midnight tonight, we will see things just remaining cloudy throughout the day and evening and here we are at 1:00 in the morning with snow spreading through just enough to make it slippery, during the morning commute and on and off a few snow showers throughout the rest of the day , adding up to, well, maybe an inch or so. lets look at this, the computer model that has the most snow, and that has 1.8. that is and we will have less, probably n reading pennsylvania it 38 degrees. thirty-seven in lancaster. bear,ores, new jersey 41. and 40 in jackson new jersey hi morning our average high has listen a te starting to get longer but we were w specially over weekend saturday with that high of 59. mid 40's it is in the 40's right now.
6:47 am
temperatures not moving too much. we have lightorrow, 35 degrees on wednesday, and then, with a high of 48 on thur rain, thursday night and change over to snow, again, during the m time on groundhog n robably, for usd day on , wintry mix on sunday. i'm shog you your super bowl week forecast for minneapolis. we will get some snow tomorrow morning and then your coldest morning will be on thursday with a real temperature of six below, thursday. >> wait, wait, hold on that is not the low that is the actual temperature. >> six below. >> she means like negative, negative six. >> yeah. >> so factor in wind it could be like 20 below. >> yes. >> at that point you are numb so you won't tell the difference. >> i'm not complaining but
6:48 am
there is a difference between minnesota cold and, philadelphia cold. >> you are not complaining you are describing so people can understand. >> yes. >> it is just factual information. >> by the way somebody sent me a picture and said have you found, it is dog heads, carved in butter, landolakes butter. >> here in minute so the. dog head carved in butter. >> okay. >> love that. >> so here's hit try, jen's down, she found somebody from south philly, who is going to teach her about minute so the a this could be really weird. all right, jen. >> okay, you probably remember him. he used to work with us at fox 29. i do apologize he is not south philly joey but joe sheridan good morning. >> welcome to the bold north it is bold. mike was just saying that
6:49 am
minnesota cold is different from philly cold and you totally agree. >> it is different cold. there is establish snow on the ground so when that wind kicks up it is kicking up frost as well as regular cold. plus usually way below 30's here. is zero to eight mess of the winter, and we have a regu >> now we are seeing these commercials, minnesota nice. ni. >> minnesota nice is tough term i call minnesota ice. they have nice because they have a social contract polite thing to don't want you here. >> how do you know that. hillouth p person's house is there food out and they offer you a drink , you want beer, glass of wine. you are sitting, waiting, asks fomes i had to go to people just go in their refrigerat they give thaw look they don't say anything. you did that in south philly whu doing that for.
6:50 am
>> personal space as we walk around herth space but nighttime that is where concerts are and all that. you know about my personal space. >> personal space in minnesota is a big deal, in a crowd like this, there is no way to avoid it. everybody will be on top of each other. walking around in an elevator to a fail person that elevator looks empty to a minnesota person that elevator is pack. when you crunch in that is a problem. other thing you have to know about too is lines. people here are super patient. they love waiting in lines but you have to know is they don't want want to butt in front of each other. they don't want to peer to be rude. all you have to does look around, look over and realize is there two or three lanes you could get in but everybody stacks up in within lane. real pain in the neck when you drive, be in merges. >> industry is there any cheese, i want provolone. >> provolone will be a tough call but we are one state away from wisconsin, some of the
6:51 am
best cheese and american made cheeses, great sharp, cheddar, great american cheddar, you can get a nice bit of mozerella in the grocery store , prepackaged stuff. >> by the way, you will need a new jersey, mike and alex, you probably can't see him. wearing his throw back mcnabb. we have a new guy, number nine , we can get shopping. we went shopping last night for super bowl stuff for people in philadelphia, wear us, target, target because that is here. we will see that in the next hour. >> that is great. >> it feels like negative 17. >> great to see joe again, good guy. >> she makes a good point because went to the nfl shop. people asking where you got yours. it is nice but you have, fancy >> like that jacket, was stupid expensive and so scratchy, i cannot war it. >> yes. >> outrage. >> i was going to tell you something else. >> people are sending us
6:52 am
recommendations, lofta. >> what is that. >> jessica says she's living outside of philadelphia for over 17 years but minnesota is her own state. we need to find some ithat a fod product, i don't knowy will tweet her back. know what it is but i let me do this, m down. >> we will all be doing this. m. >> did you see her last night. >> at this point she has been to show and ceremonies she knows thousand play it how oldies blue. >> shhing her own parents. >> tell you the story behind the moment.
6:53 am
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okay. does anybody know what actually happened here in grammys. mom and dad are there and blue ivy sitting in between. >> jay-z was up for a lot of award. >> and she was giving a speech and then we saw this moment when blue ivy said everyone, and, see, everybody settle down stop the clapping but way she did that it seemed so unlike a six year-old. if your six year-old living in that life you are n year-old. >> i have no idea what a six
6:56 am
year-old life would be those two. it was very people. >> i loved it. >> my hat. >> amazing. jewelry.s wearing seven >> that is what i heard. >> seven million-dollar. body guard. >> yes. >> we're going to weather. >> it will snow tomorrow in philadelphia. >> okay. >> take it away. >> it is raining right now and not raining every where, not enclose to philadelphia, but yes, that rain does change to snow, we will tell you all bit your forecast coming up
6:57 am
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soaring to the super bowl. eagles fans screaming. >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. >> the eagles have landed in minneapolis for super bowl lii , the players they have a busy week but they are laser focused on one week. >> we will go into this like we will win this thing because it is so hard to get here. >> how they are getting ready to take on that new name tom braidy good day philadelphia is live all week and coverage begins right now.
7:00 am
it is starting off by trying to rip the flag. >> well, this reporter from boston over here, i'm trying to rip. >> she has the other half. >> come here. >> this is mold difficult. >> she caught me ripping the pennant in half. >> she caught me ripping the boston station off. >> you grew up in cherry hill. >> i was born in mount voorhees my dad was based in the air force base in philadelphia. >> now you moved up to new england. >> i moved up and became red sox fan and patriots fan. >> final score sunday. >> do you want me to be kind. >> no, object thanes. >> i will go with 27-21. >> eagles. >> no. >> she's like come on. >> get out. >> we will see you tomorrow. >> we should play pranks on her. >> every day. >> we will drive that with man crazy.
7:01 am
>> love


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