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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  January 29, 2018 9:00am-10:00am EST

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mall itself. >> it is like a touristy thing >> i went to mall of america and i got this shirt, that kind of thing. >> exactly. >> lets talk about the grammys it is not just super bowl. gram writes big up in the insuring for first time in a while. >> well, back in the day they used to be there. >> it has been a while. >> yes. >> there was a reaction before the gram business a certain celebrity. you have to see her face and like is what going on. >> okay. >> you know what harry connick joins us at this hour, live, we will put him to the test, and he sang national anthem in 1992. does he remember who the half time was and does he remember the teams and what the final score was. >> i say i do. i feel like it is a super bowl he is hard i can connick junior he performed in all kinds of places but you know what we will find out. >> i guess we will. >> we surely will. >> so,. >> what a journey it has been to get here. we left yesterday morning.
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>> yes. >> to start the journey to the bold north. >> the bold north. >> we needed about 15 people from fox 29 to go, technically people, producers and then jen , you, and me, right. >> we all got together. >> it is about being a team, especially being we're philly folks coming out here to minnesota. >> we have all four major tv stationness philadelphia, is there other three anus. we are only one local all week long, so we're kind of in a battle against them. >> right it is a within team thing. we one on the way here, we bond here and then we been all the way up to the game. >> did you want to see what our trip is like? here it is. >> we made it to the airport. everyone is on time. >> we are ready to go. >> this is the "good day philadelphia" team. >> we stick together. we will be together all week. >> are you ready. >> yes. >> look at this. >> is that machine owe gram.
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>> yes. >> i just cannot. >> he brought some under dog bones. >> it is filled with pretzels, nothing but pretzels. >> is that a man purse. >> it could be. listen, i got pretzels for everybody. thinks one team. fifteen of us boarding this plane from minneapolis. >> we are sitting together, asking for snacks, share some drinks. >> yes. >> i'm sure people on the plane with love that we have everybody here, everybody wave >> is what up, fox 29 crew is all here. >> we're super excited getting ready, tom, ready. >> we will sit as a group we are ready to go. >> we do everything as a group >> mike already went on board. we will see where he is sitting. and probably where i will be. >> wait a minute, mike, mike, what are you doing. >> i thought i was sitting next to you. >> do i know you. hey, thanks for watching the show.
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>> we're a team ren. >> are you really in first class. >> did you get a first class seat without us. we're in the back. >> we're in the back. >> do you know this would man. >> all right, fine. >> thanks for watching the show apprecite it. >> what is your name. >> we are all the way in the back. >> well, the thing that was irritating was curtain that goes between first and coach it used to be solid. now you can see through it. >> you had trouble closing it. >> how was tonight first class >> only reason difficult that because i have claustrophobia issue i talk about on the
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program over the years and i tore my mens cuss 10 years ago and it hurts fit is confined. >> were you up there with jaworski and everybody. i'm in the bad. someone said it takes time because i hear toilet flushing , make sure you hold your breath at least 202nds every time toilet flushes. i am in the back. >> when i snuck back through the curtain thing i said alex, i want to say hi. i had no idea you were in the very last row. >> second to last. >> second to last. >> yes. >> but i had great company, great people back there with me and it worked out. i could count. some people count sheep. i was counting the toilet flushing. >> i like it. >> so, that was our trip but do you remember before we left we had a great send off. one of our photographers jared he had to drive all the way to minnesota and left on friday. he was by himself. >> what were you driving what kind of vehicle is this.
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>> it was a honda pilot. >> yes. >> you documented the trip for us. >> lets see how it went. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> mike, i thought would you like to necessity right now i'm in beaver county, pennsylvania. we have crossed the great state of pennsylvania and entered ohio. i just hope people necessity a gas station in ohio looks like a gas station. it is a stunner, amazing, 40 cents less a gallon. >> but news flash for those on
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the plane if you left the same time we left you are already in minneapolis. >> this is what indiana looks like. really flat. indian a. >> my kind of town, chicago, hey, the sky way. here in chicago, trying to plan ahead, go bears. i'm sorry, chicago but your pizza is not pizza it is a casserole. you are in wisconsin and they still play pop music on a.m. radio. >> ♪ >> it is very weird. like a time warp. >> ♪ hungry eyes >> was he really by himself, he was talking like he had someone with them.
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>> jared, are you okay. >> no. >> he made it pretty fast though, i woke up and he was there, good for him. >> yes. >> he made it safely he is okay, we think. >> all right. a lot of people still tweeting us about the grammys. we didn't get to see it. >> karen got big moments. >> it was 60th or which grammys was this. >> yeah, 60, yeah. >> that is why we brought it back, to new york and so exciting. i think of you, alex, of course you did a fabulous bruno mars and, of course, he was the biggest act of the entire grammys. and lets take a look at what everyone is talking about with the collaboration with cardi-b .
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> did you see it out there, alex. >> i did see part of it, and love it, love it. and keisha, who was also a me too story, to have a movie, music produce their she had, and perform her hit praying.
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>> that is a tribute to all of the women and singers come out , all dressed in white, and so many musicians and singers coming in here. a lot of the stars were wearing white, or the white roses. >> yeah, and karen, i find it interesting, too that the golden globe everybody was wearing white but to the grammys they were wearin white. as people put together it doesn't matter what color it is, just getting their point across and sending a strong message. >> what did you think of the fact there was only one woman. we have talk about word. only one woman had a major award.
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>> it just shows there is more work that need to be done. >> what else cow got. >> kendrick lemar kicking it all off. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> this is so neat, kendrick with u2 and one owe and edge performing and talking about our troops in the military and later with people all dressed in red, victims of gun violence a lot of powerful messaging and that was so interesting. it looked like grammys 1985 with you two and then, elton john as well, a fabulous number tiny dancer with silent dancer. i thought it would be funnier with him as a hoe, what was your opinion of him. >> again we did in the see the show. >> i only saw it toward the show. >> i was about to introduce the grammys, the operation of the grammys and made it sound like the president was going to come out, and performing, and everybody got excited, no just the president of the grammys. >> i thought he would be funnier. there was one bit, he had,
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this is political, book about the president, fire and fury and he had a lot of the stars reading it including hillary clinton. >> he had a long time fear of being poisoned. >> one reason yes liked to mcdonald's nobody knew he was coming and the food was safely premade. >> that is one. >> do you think so. >> yeah. >> grammys in the bag. >> in the bag. >> pretty clever, cher and other stars reading snoop it it was pretty interesting. moment was cute, sweet, every innocent way that you would like with blue ivy where she was shhing the mom and dad. >> oh, yeah. >> she was like be quiet, everybody calm down. >> and, parents are clapping too loud for her and she's most poised six year-old i have seen in my life. here's that moment. >> yeah, yeah. >> she was like the queen so
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she will be a queen, a queen in training i should say our little princess. >> they were pretty neat. >> i watch the gram thinks year. i enjoyed it. but people were saying there were not too many like really lively stand up songs that got everybody on their feet it was really dramatic. our pink and stuff like that. >> they were trying to send a message this year maybe that is why. >> yeah. >> thanks, karen we appreciate that. >> let me wrap this up by saying you know kendrick lemar , i like him a lot, he and sza were all among the stars. >> i like sza. >> i tried. >> yes. >> bob kelly, he is with the shaders right now. >> lets get to bob. >> we have been having fun with the shaders. here comes another bus load of kid, students from maple shade high school. we have been here live all
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morning long, this is vince's brick oven business a. some of local businesses have been coming out strong to give us a chance to see what maple shade has to offer. the folks from the voice studio has been singing, they have been pounding out the tunes. do you smell the wings. smell-o-vision get a load of this one right here, come on georgey, splits bar and grill, do you smell the wings. mmm1 of the great businessness maple shade. we have had cheerleaders and we also have been bringing in the pets because right up the street is paws, here in maple shade, new jersey. tell us about your business. >> we are a day care, grooming training center for dogs. >> tell us about the dogs you have here. >> we have peanut a a tea cork yorkie, we've live use, a golden.
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>> and this is boomer. >> yes. >> and you got to love it. the gang from maple shade, new jersey new look at them keep them coming. breakfast pizza for everybody here with the shaders, hey, back to you guys. >> bob goes to the town and people show up. >> he is having more fun then maybe we are. >> yes. >> because he is surrounded by philly fans it is cool to be here. >> oh, please, i wouldn't change it for a thing. >> is harry ready to go. >> i believe he is. >> harry connick junior thank you for being on "good day philadelphia" because we have a delay because we're in minneapolis but first welcome you, hey, harry. >> how y'all doing. >> we're told and doing well, how are you. >> i'm doing great, i want to congratulate y'all on making it to the super bowl. i love your town.
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i'm pulling for y'all i hope y'all come away with that win. >> did you hear that harry connick junior wants eagles to win the soup every bowl. >> we came very close to having to play your saints instead of the vikings but i will in the bring that up. >> that is okay, i actually as a saints fan i thought we were going to come play y'all and i thought we had a pretty good shot against y'all until i saw that nick foles is playing so well. the best team wins and i'm proud of my saints. we have next year. this year it business eagles and patriots and i hope y'all pull it off. i think y'all you have a really good chance. >> well, thanks. >> you know something about the super bowl. you performed at a super bowl. >> in fact it was in minneapolis i can't remember how many years ago it was, it was a long time probably 25 years ago but that was fun.
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>> harry, we will in fact quiz but that. >> this is him singing right now. >> pink, who is from philadelphia, will do this very job this sunday singing the national anthem so we are rolling your version of from it 1992. here's the quiz who was the half time perform inner 1992, you were there in the stadium here in minnesota. >> i don't i don't even remember. i don't no the whether or somebody like that do you know >> the who? >> gloria estephan, it seems like you might remember that. >> stop it, mike. >> i'm so focused on the game i never paid attention to the half time show but i'm sure it was gloria she did an amazing job. >> speaking of the game do you know who was playing in the super bowl. >> so focusing on the game. i'm pretty sure waits
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built had a whole bunch of trips to the super bowl. >> good guess. >> it was the bills and somebody. >> the redskins. >> was it the skins. >> he gets half a point. >> washington. >> it is funny how you just forget who plays, i remember last years game we are not going to let that happen again , are we? >> love the show. anything new you want to tell us about the show. >> i'm really excited bit. it is a show that continues to be fun for me. we have great guest. this week william dafaux and founder of the me too movement , tamara berk is on the show. we have have a lot of music, fun, when we started it last year it was an amazing, amazing first year and we were so lucky to get a bunch of
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emmy nominations and critics choice nominations and this year is our second year and we're growing and having a blast and i'm just so blessed to be able to come into peoples living rooms every day , it is really fun. >> it is just a fun show to watch, harry, we will see you down the road. >> thanks, guys. >> thank y'all. william dafaux, is up for an oscar and guest on his show and i think he is from wisconsin. >> it all comes together. >> yes. >> you were right he didn't remember. >> he didn't remember a thing. >> he has done lots of things. >> i don't remember what i did yesterday. >> we have breaking news in the back in the delaware valley, karen and thomas. >> shooting involving an off-duty police officer in south philadelphia. it happened at broad and bigl er streets shortly before 8:00. looking at still images. a man was driving erratically and then ran into a pedestrian
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>> so that black vehicle right there honda is vehicle involved in this police were saying that the vehicle tried to head pedestrians several times and when office duty officer approached the driver the driver exited the car and began wrestling with the officer. the officer ended up firing off a number of shots. shooting the suspect, who was hit certainly in the head. he was raced over to the hospital and in extremely critical condition. massive police presence there right now and so this was scene that just unfolded as kid were getting ready to head ever to the school. >> this happening at south philadelphia broad and big letter street, suspect in critical condition. we will follow this very closely, for new back to you mike and alex in minnesota. >> we will go back out to car western new developments. >> lets get tout jen right now somewhere in the twin cities. >> she's all over this place.
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>> i'm in the coldest place i have ever been in my whole life, it is a lake, it is 2 degrees. those are the ice huts. there is people fishing in there they are lake rvs on a frozen lake. i got to go inside. we will
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baby wipes. >> how many do you need. >> i'm
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did i tell you i did a dog under dog made out of butter. thinks landolakes, landolakes butter, 10,000 lakes and that is what i'm looking for. >> we need under dog a day. we have to keep ago thissing. >> butter this one up, karen and toll as. >> thanks, guys. >> that is not us panting by the way. >> thanks, mike and alex. >> this is don. >> officer don. >> under dog of the day. >> so cute. >> what does he do. >> sergeant paul bryant good to see you.
9:25 am
>> he is also, 2016 national champion. >> wow. >> look at that. >> that is. >> he is a puppy, right. >> he is very mature, he loves people, he loves working, he is a very good dog. >> yeah. >> yes. >> nicely done. >> nicely done. >> how many dogs you have to to work in the department with you. >> we have 10 dogs at chester county sheriff's office. we are one of the few agencies that have cadaver, we have arson dogs, narcotics dogs and we have a courthouse comfort dog, so when victims come in, children, you know, to spend sometime, and everything. we a full service. >> will you play with don. >> he just loves to play this is his job, that is yes ace i good cadaver dog.
9:26 am
>> how many hours a week does he work he works a regular four hour a week but he goes out and he works, he trains 16 hours a in to keep officer cert asians up. he finished first in pennsylvania in 2015, 16, 17. don's good. >> does he get this excited watching the game. >> he gets this excited doing anything. we watch the game, give him a toy, so we can watch the game, if not he is there, right in front but he is a very good dog. >> sergeant, thanks very much. >> thanks, don. >> officer don, appreciate it, go eagles. >> here we go. >> back to you. >> fun one all over the place. >> that is how i react every time i see you, alex. good to see you again. >> if only that were the case. >> if only that were the case. >> okay. >> did you talk about the grammys. >> i have been looking through all of the different looks from last night, alycia
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fredricko pick out her favorites to go
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>> live look in old city right now, checking on things there because we are here in minnesota but no matter where were you a lot of people were watching the grammys last night. >> we went from philly back to minnesota back to new york city, madison square garden for the grammys. >> we will talk about the looks, her fives and also the ones not her fives. good morning, alycia. >> good morning, you guys. so fun to see you. >> you're sparkling. >> that's right. i had to bring a little sparkle. we are talking grammys, guys. >> if you don't talk lady gaga then it is just sill. >> i weep ' -- we will ' open one lady gaga, my pick for best dressed all the way a was interesting to me to note besides her outfit she arrived at the red carpet actually when it started. and usually stars don't do that. the big stars like her, they
9:31 am
want to wait until the end. she needed to own that red carpet with that look, and that's exactly what she d if you see she's wearing an armany full body cat suit. it is lays. do you see that legging there, all of that, with a big gigantic ball gown skirt. then to top it all off she finished with those corset details in double french braid in her hair. >> i like it. i thought she looked good. >> she looks stunning. >> let's move onto rita orr, also wearing black. >> also wearing black, but gave thus really old world hollywood glam look, wearing ronald mcdonald house and russo, i love it, i thought she looked very sophisticated and very sexy, finished it off with the fabulous looking hair, good thumbs-up for me. >> well she used to host what america next top model for little bit. so she has to bring it. >> she has to bring it. >> what about siza? >> i like this, i thought it was light and flow. >> i light and flow i. along, she is so actually really shy, and under stated
9:32 am
so this sexy number versace number, she lookedthe actual, sd but i think she looks absolutely fabulous. >> she did. >> january 29th is kansas day, i'm from kansas, so is john elle fan. >> i love joan he will mo'ne, what she was doing here on in this embroidered suit, giving us the powerful presentation speech that she d she looks absolutely fabulous. she topped it off with the bowtie, and she even added that amazing blondes accent into her hair. again, thumbs-up to janelle monet. >> i thought she looked good, always bridges her own style to the carpet. we've done enough of the good, right? time to move onto some of the bad looks. >> ya. >> cared b? >> card i bad is exactly what that was, i'm sorry, cards i b, i -- this instantly brought me back to the 2001 whether wore that swan dress? now, let's talk about the
9:33 am
dress, not that the dress is bad, but the dress is bad for cardyb. she tiny. this is an editorial piece that like you know, a 6-foot amazon model should bewaring in a photo in a magazine. not a little pint size cardyb. overpowering, it looked like a costume if you ask me. >> so really you just wanted something that more showed her instead of bringing attention to the dress and how big it was? >> 100%. she had the train, big shoulder detail, like she is way too little for this look. maybe if it was altered to fit her, but it was not a five. it was an absolute fail for me. >> and at least i can say this, little, petite, she knows her petite stuff. >> we are going to meet one cardyb in about two days, will be in minneapolis, we'll mention what you. >> i fabulous, just don't give her my phone number. >> pink will be with her here. >> she is sing the national anthem. also made your bad list? >> she made my bad list, guys, if you're with pink please
9:34 am
actually give her my phone number. i would love to help her. again after the american music awards where she failed once, she has failed us again, and i hate to say anything negative about her, because i think she is such a positive roll model, i love her music, her music, but guess what, fashion is not her thing, she looked like telae from sesame street. pink, please call me, i'll help you next time. >> oh, my gosh. >> alycia. >> i'm sorry. >> you know she from our area. >> i know, that's why i want to help her. she is a philly girl. >> all right. >> well, how about some more good then? >> let's dot best look of the night. i think this is your best look? >> christie teigen, favorite couple by far. >> yes. >> she is amazing. she is absolutely stunning. now, don't forget. she works with monica rose, who is a very famous la stylist, works at the kardashian's, tons of big celebrities. she is pregnant, i've been pregnant before, too, very hard to dress up like a red carpet like this, but i think she absolutely nailed t what she did, she took trends product but put that belted
9:35 am
detail right above the bump. it is actually a great slimming technique for anybody who might want to disguise the belly little bit. but she brought her game and i absolutely loved it. >> all right, all right, so for the fellows then, who represented? >> so big sean looks absolutely amazing. that suit, i love that he chose the blue, he has the turtleneck. i think that was actually one of the most exciting thing foremen, hard to in men to get dressed for these red carpet events, but i love that everyone was doing this turtleneck. really sleek. it looks really updated. >> can i just say something about, well, something that i saw saturday night in philadelphia? >> yes, i'm waiting. >> i went to the academy ball. and this broke out. alex holley. wow. >> oh, hey, hey. >> did you two work together on this look. >> yes, thanks to alycia, she tries to get me to step outside of my comfort zone. red. >> yes. >> and she was laid any red, and she owned that foyer there at the academy of music.
9:36 am
>> yes. >> it was kind of pretty woman. but without, you snow. >> without, you know. >> well, sure, let's hope so. >> what's real exciting about alex's look -- >> mike looked great, too. >> yes, mike you looked stunning. >> go ahead? >> i was going to say about your look, what's real excite something you have this big major, and white tie function, the academy ball, but your dress was oak with a from blooming dale's, actually under $300, so you can look that fabulous and that put together, looks for less, right? oh, and then this. i love this. this is elizabeth. >> oh, i was thinking it was thousands. >> alex's dress? >> oh,. >> these are great looks from the nightment i love the divert at this, i love the couple, everybody brought their game, that's amber wearing red velvet, looks stunning, this is yasmine, a and john giordano, the wedding of the century this year in philadelphia, you guys have probably red all about them, but a lot of different differs looks, we had absolutely fabulous night. >> it was, it was. so thank you for having us,
9:37 am
alycia. steve martin and his banjo, steve martin orchestra, at one point did fly eagles fly. >> amazing. >> steve martin is whether it comes to bong owe, thank you, see you back in philly. >> so apparently, on saturday night live, i missed that, too. they were mocking philadelphia. basically calling us eagles fans stupid. >> the only reason why i'm semi okay with this, also making patriots fans. if you mock us, mock them too. >> okay, play the whole darn thing for hello, peco. hi. can you help me save on my energy bill? old appliances. like a hot water heater? it's around here somewhere. nope. nope. what is this thing?
9:38 am
sir, have you looked in the basement? huh. oh, yeah. no wonder. it was hidden behind all of my free weights. if you're not an expert, peco can help. we have lots of ways to help you save energy and money. peco. the future is on.
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>> everyone talking s&l, i know eagles fans, you talk personal. and s&l, well, also the patriots, too. >> , the watch. >> the philadelphia eagles will face the new england patriots in this year's super bowl. making it the first super bowl where the fans have even worse brain damage than the players.
9:41 am
ya, ya. go giants. go giant. >> sorry, got little distracted. so we're live next to the boston station here, so philly versus boston right now. so she was talking little trash. so we got distracted we decided to let her know we hear her because she next to us, but she great. melodia lot of fun, it will be fun week being next to the competition all day, ya. but as far as that s&l clip, i'm only okay with it because if you dis one of us, dis both of us. >> but saying we're stupid, concussions, has cents my nose been running the entire show? >> they're tweeting me, mike, please wipe your nose. >> lets guess to jen. hold on. >> get this man a tissue. here. >> thank you. >> geez. >> geez. >> all right, guys? we're here, we're trying to look cute while we stay warm. >> you are cute. >> we are cute. okay, we'll be right back, in
9:42 am
the town of wisetta. yes. and it i there. >> don't
9:43 am
9:44 am
>> homy moly, we may get some snow in the delaware val. >> i we're getting ready for some snow. we want to find out how much exactly let's listen to sue, oh, wait let's wait 15
9:45 am
seconds. >> today it is rain. tomorrow snow. and up in the pocono mountains, i guess they could use a little snow up there. we'll see what we can do to deliver tomorrow t won't be much but colder air moving in. so with this system from yesterday, stalled, just to our south, and a little bit of rain, that is moving into the sussex county area, delaware, and it is raining again in cape may county. i think that's going to be the situation on and off for them today. for us, stays dry, cloudy, 41 degrees, right now. we're going to only get to 46. so, temperatures aren't going to move very much. thirty-six tomorrow light snow, maybe about an inch, maybe an inch and a half. then it get colder, it gets milder, we have another chance of snow on friday morning. and maybe even a wintery mixon super bowl sunday. but mike and alex, i have to
9:46 am
tell you, i was in baltimore over the weekends, and every ravens fan that we encountered, everybody said we're rooting for your team. they all want the eagles to win. >> yes. >> the eagles are basically now america's team. sorry, cowboys. >> yes, i would say 95% of the people watching super bowl sunday will be rooting for the eagles. >> if you're not a patriots fan. >> if you're not a patriots fan. >> only 5% of america is a patriots fan? >> i think majority of people say they've won enough, that casino every thing. >> switch it up a little bit. let somebody else win for a change. >> jen, lost in the twin cities. hi, jen. >> reporter: okay, here's where i am. ' in lake wisetta. >> no, in the city of wisetta15 minutes outside of downtown minneapolis. >> literally frozen lake over there? >> that's a frozen lake, yes. >> so if we're going to be around frozen, allison kaplan
9:47 am
from minneapolis style magazine, the shopping editor, so let's go into this store. you love this store. by the way it looks like i just broke out of the dumb and dumber, like, it is cents a little -- >> you have lot of fringe, fringe is in style, doing fringe on fringe. >> yes. >> beading detail, you have to have the fur. >> fringe on fringe a thing? >> little bit. updated elmer fudd. that's kind of what you have going here. >> now, did i ask you, what's the number one mistake, i mean, if philadelphia we have to dress warm, but his is like next level. because there is concert outside, people are going to want to see all of the events that are at the nick little mall, so will need to look adorable and warm, what's the biggest mistake that you think we make when trying to look cute and warm? >> by being too puffy. >> new technology so that you can be layered up and actually be warm but not look like a marshmallow. >> okay, we have the gorgeous josie here. good morning, i said to you, i'm pretty warm. my bottom is like a popsicle. like a butt popsicle.
9:48 am
>> she gets cold. so you need a down skirt. this is scoops and made in alaska. >> so they know what they're doing. >> they know what they're doing, seriously you'll see moms wearing these at the hockey games, you'll see people putting these on after skiing. just the tushy needs to be warm. >> minnesota vikings? >> yes, under layer made by wsi right here in minnesota. and the vikings and other professional athletes use those because they work with your own body heat to keep it inside and they really keep you warm. >> the boots are nice. >> those are italian. >> you're beautiful, by the way, these are beautiful. >> we just found some miss society assist terse right here sun and slope. this is lexy. you know about the canada goose jack. this is next, so pajar and pair of jumpers, if you want to be cooler, if you want to be ahead of the trends.
9:49 am
>> 2018. >> this is the way to go. we put her in a paja jacket, super warm, super sheik, as well, you got to have the fur hood. everybody's got the fur hood. and the dale way sweater. here in minnesota we love all things scandanavian. >> and the boots surrell. >> adorable. see people wearing these everywhere, wear them to coffee, wear them to yoga, wear them out when actually on the frozen lake. >> okay, so scale of one to ten, how much do i look like i'm from philadelphia? >> probably put it at a 7.5 and eight. it is a double up. it is a lot of textures, but we can work on this. >> i'm not letting her go. she is going to be with me all week, by the way, you can't see these things, mike and alex, but what i'm wearing are these, like, moccasins for your hands. >> exactly. >> right? they're like toasters. they're so good. >> and i'm with the fringe. bye, guys.
9:50 am
>> she is saying bye but we'll see her later. >> tonight, media night. >> casino every late from 9:00 . so we will be giving you all kind of cool stuff. >> remember back in the day, marshawn lynch, i'm just here so i won't get fined. >> do you think we'll have a moment like that? >> they used to do it during the day, now in prime time. we can't even go to that until 9:00 or 10:00. >> we'll have all of the stuff for you and i will very it on my instagram. >> by the way we should just be a wreck in the morning, that will be fun to watch. >> it will be late. so lets guess to bob doing his town take over. we're going back to maple shade. >> bobby? >> gang live from maple shade new jersey with the cast of rent from maple shade high school. it is our town take-over. hello, to the shaders here, this morning. stay there. coming right back.
9:51 am
9:52 am
9:53 am
>> this is a live shot out of foxboro, massachusetts. the patriots getting ready to come here to minneapolis, the home of prince. >> listen to their choice every music, yes, let's go crazy, because they're going crazy for the patriots.
9:54 am
>> well, little too late for the patriots fans, because they've been crazy for years. this is what, their eighth super bowl? oh, my. >> and it isn't even exciting at this point. keeps going every year like another game. >> they look fired up. but you're right. is it still exciting for the fans? >> looks like it. >> oh, i'm getting a call from red wing minnesota. i believe it is our ice fishing. they were doing tomorrow, probably calling about that. >> have we committed to ice fishing tomorrow? >> done. >> really? >> i think so. >> hello? >> this is alex holley, high. >> okay, well we work on ice fishing, bob is with the shaders, say good-bye. >> hey, gang. you know, the shaders here just looking at that video. we know how to party! (cheers). >> oh, foxboro's got nothing on the gang here in maple shade, new jersey. the home of our town take-over. all morning long. coming to you live from maple shade, new jersey, all of the
9:55 am
business that is come out. and maple shade high school is here. they just won big environmental awards. >> we won the contest for conservation at the stein hour pounds and the effort we take to conserve all of the animals and their habitat. we plan on continuing our conservation efforts this year with addition of the electrical factory. >> sounds great. the media club is here. (cheers). >> maple shade and the theater club, hit it, gang, they got their musical rent coming up march 23rd, 24th, and 25th at the high school. so, from all of us in maple shade, to all of you at home, thanks for joining thus morning. getting made in maple shade. >> back to you guys! >> he did say getting made? right? in maple shade? >> getting made in maple shade. >> all right. i love bob.
9:56 am
i'm so glad he's with us, he can turn a town upside down. >> all right, you got one more beyonce storey? >> it is because imagine if you were just in your hotel, minding your business, then beyonce and jay-z walk by, this photo that she posted walking down the hallway, there is this woman off to the side and her mouth is open. i think i would be freaking out. not just staring like that, think freaking out maybe little tears would come, but just like oh, and then, who is this woman to be staying in the same place as beyonce? like i need to know her life. >> you know, i ran into them over at talula garden. >> i hear that's where she likes to go whether in philly. >> i go in there to get little muffin or whatever, and boom, there she is, with her husband. >> all the time you have left on the show? wow. >> okay, so you guys are saying you see what's behind you, as soon as the show is over we will show some video, roller coasters things going on at mall of america. don't worry, we will get you covered with, that also busy day today. the eagles tonight, they have their media night.
9:57 am
>> yes it, will go late. and we might squeeze in dog mushing, what's that, dog sledding? >> or bald eagle viewing. >> i would rather do that, i would like to look at the eagles. >> either way we're out in new knorr one skillet meals discover organic ancient grains, like barley or quinoa. just add protein and vegetables to create delicious new flavours. new knorr one skillet meals
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don't just eat, discover.
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