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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  January 29, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. live look at wilmington. our eyes on the skies. we have got snow in our forecast. we'll get to in just a minute. you know what else flys besides snowflakes? eagles. of course eagles fly, right? they have flown to minnesota. in week they'll fly home with vince lombardi trophy. we are sure hoping. we are amped tour super bowl l lii. thank you for joining us at 11:00. i'm lucy noland. can you tell we're excited about we're excited and we're just here in phil. imagine being in minnesota. that's where we find our chris o'connell. chris, is it electric there? >> reporter: it's starting to get there. opening night for super bowl week now in the books. this is used to be called media night where players get a chance to come out and talk to the media. more of an informal kind of
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venue but also there were fans inside. it was really one of many events focused on the fans. for fans it's the games before the game. minneapolis convention center is home to the super bowl fan experience. massive indoor nfl playground. fans can see super bowl rings of the past, throw pass, run the 40 and get to run the combine drills. >> what's this like for an eagles fan? >> this is awesome. >> you're giddy. >> i am giddy. it's weren't so long, and just to be here and experience all of this. >> reporter: call them the unofficial minnesota eagles fan club. jim, steve and james never new each other before they all moved to minnesota from philly. >> what's it like having your team here? >> it's fantastic. fantastic. >> one of the biggest attraction the vince lombardi trophy. fans have been waiting three hours just to get a little glimpse of this thing but don't worry you won't have to wait. that thing is coming back to philly on monday.
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that's the birds trophy, baby. go eagles much that's ours. you're going down brady. >> just one of many fan based events as the countdown to the super bowl now six days away. >> dilly dilly here comes phil philly. >> reporter: once again opening night just wrapping up. the eagles wrapping up just a couple minutes ago. they'll head back to their team hotel. i can tell you there were not many eagle fans in the -- with the fan base in there. patriots as soon as they were announced huge roar of applause. eagleeagles announced on stage a smattering i won't say a smattering the whole place booed except for one guy i told you lucy he had his eagles jersey. he was chanting he tried -- ooh did the eagles chant among all those patriots fans. it's get tock really good week so far. >> the lone voice in the wilderness there. i know that you said that you weren't surprised by that. but what have you found to be the most surprising thing since you've been there?
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>> well, i tell you, you know what, the eagles nation runs deep. we're back in philly we think it's philly based thing, but there are a ton of eagle fans not only here in twin cities. yesterday when the eagles came in, a dad and his daughter five and a half hours from carson wentz hometown just to seat buses came in. they barely got to see any players and they went back to north dakota. they say their eagles pride runs that deep. >> now that's super cool. i remember you actually interviewing them. that's great stuff. all right. go enjoy chris. we're holding down the fort for you around here. >> i know you are. >> okay. we'll talk soon. of course kristen rodgers will report in few from media night in st. paul. we've got you covered all week long. live from the twin cities good day is with you in the mornings and we're with you each night at 5:00 and 6:00 and 10:00 and 11:00. so much coverage. all righty. back to the weather and live look at cape may once again we're talking about snow. speaking of coverage, kathy,
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late it on us. how much. >> not a lot. under an inch in most locations, lucy. not that impressive. we have this coastal low push aig way mainly rain here temperatures too warm but this right here is a clipper. not a lot of moisture typically you get about a coating to twenty fours with these types of storms. but the storm is going to ride to the north and it's not looking all that impressive look at the temperatures well above freezing everywhere. so that ground is warm so when the snow hits it, we're not going to see much in the way of accumulation. mainly on the grassy surface as wet more sloppy snow. let's go hour by hour. let's take about 7:00 o'clock, 8:00 o'clock tomorrow morning a line from reading down toward wilmington. after that, we push into philadelphia could be late morning and then little bit of a squall develops about three, 4:00 o'clock and even by 5:00 o'clock some south jersey snow. most locations a couple tenths of an inch to about i'd say an inch as you get into higher elevations of the poconos and also the lehigh valley even into the areas of northern bucks and more than montgomery most of us
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not a big deal at all. actually all of us not a big deal. coming up we'll talk more in detail about that snow morning. watching friday for another chance and super bowl weekend we have that forecast coming up. >> hoping that friday is not a big deal. we know super bowl sunday big deal. >> it sure is. >> thank you very much, kathy b you leave your house tomorrow morning be sure to turn on "good day philadelphia". sue serio will have what's happening, bob kelly will let you know how the roads are looking good day of course starts bright and early at 4:00 a.m. developing story out of south philadelphia where just about 15 hours after police say a man tried to mow down people with his car many questions remain unanswered. off duty cop stopped him down by shooting him and killing him. police are trying to figure out why that man in the car with the out state plates today what he d our dave kin kinchen is live now at philadelphia police headquarters. dave. >> reporter: lucy, there's an active investigation taking place at this hour.
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this was a quiet although probably busy morning drive that quickly turned frightening with gunshots and reckless driving. >> to be honest way you the way it happened i wasn't sure if if it was fireworks or not. >> reporter: it was gunshots and lots of them. investigators say it came from an off duty philadelphia police detective who confronted a reckless driver accused of running people down at broad and bigler in south filly. >> it was sort of like pop pop pop pop pop pop. maybe like ten shots that went off. >> reporter: gunfire killed the suspect. but it's the number of shots from a department issued gun that gives police commissioner richard ross pause. >> there are some concerns because of the way the shots were fired and the positioning of things like that. but at this time i'm just being very candid about the fact that we do have concerns about the discouragement. >> reporter: investigators say it went down around 7:30am the driver of the honda was reported to be driving erratically. cops say he struck one person
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and intended target who suffered minor injuries. a good samaritan blocked the suspect when the off duty got involved in a struggle that grew violent as the bad dye allegedly tried to disarm the cop. >> spinning each other around and around and at some point in time, there are multiple discharges. >> reporter: suspect was killed. police say he was a 31-year-old man from virginia though the car he was driving had maryland plates. cops don't know why he was in philadelphia. we're told the off duty officer and the person hit by the car both had minor injuries. police have video but they're not releasing it they say it is evidence they tell it appears the that the suspect was not arm. back to you. >> all right, thank you very much, dave. in reading, four men ended up shot to death inside a home. investigators say they do not remember time when this many people were shot at once in the city and now they're on the hunt for the killer. our brad sattin has the story.
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>> reporter: so far tonight not a whole lot of answers. behind me you see candles lighting up the front of this home where last night four young men lost their lives. >> through the day and into the night family, friends even strangers stopped by to pay their respects. >> rest granted them to oh lord. >> reporter: shock and disbelief among so many. why did someone gun down four men sunday night in what police believe was the worse mass shooting in reading as far bass anyone can remember. each victim shot repeatedly inside this first floor apartment on south third street where one of the men lived. by the time police arrived three were dead. the fourth died at reading hospital. so far no arrests but so many questions. >> we're prepared to spend an awful lot of resources to figure out who did this and why they did it and what we can do if we can do anything to prevent it from happening again. >> reporter: three of the victims identified all in their early 20's jar lynn tejada, juan
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rodriguez and josh santos. iris as czar yo was a close friend of one of the men. >> you can put that into word. there's nothing describe it. as you see they took someone's son, they took a father away from kids. you see how much they were loved. it's senseless and over what. >> police continue to keep a heavy presence as the memorial of balloons, candles and photos grew a neighborhood priest tried to offer some comfort. >> walk in the journey with them, being present to them. what can you say? four lives are taken like this. just be with people. be present. >> it's not fair. it's not right. why do you take four people' lives? for what? they didn't make anything better. you made things ten times worse report roar police are asking any witnesses to come forward and they're scowering through video tape hoping to identify any suspects who tonight have left this community in mourning. in reading, brad sattin, fox 29 news. montgomery county community coming together after a hit-and-run driver killed a father of two.
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32-year-old michael house was a tow truck driver for k and s towing. he was on a call on the schuylkill expressway near the belmont skit when the driver hit him. state police say they have arrested 35-year-old emmanuel doxy of philadelphia and he now faces charges of vehicular homicide. >> he was a nice guy. it's cliche to say but, you know, he was -- every day he come in to work he had a big smile on his face. >> fundraiser is set up for michael house's wife and two young sons. if you'd like to donate you can stop by any bryn mawr trust bank and ask about the house children's memorial fund. we do have more information on happening right now, in new york city jury selection began today in the federal fraud case against joseph skinny joey mer lean gnome the notorious mobster from philadelphia on trial in manhattan on charges he returned to his life of crime after his release from prison. the 55-year-old has pleaded not guilty to charges that he was part of a health care scheme to
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bill insurers for unnecessary and excessive prescriptions. sick little boy a huge eagles fan. the ref of his family, though, giants fans. so how, how did that happen? some good old-fashioned philly kindsness much that's how. kristen? >> hey lucy i'm still here live outside the xcel energy center. we just saw the eagles team leave. what they to say here at hoping
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♪ new jersey transit light rail train and a car collided in palmyra. sky fox over the scene. this is race street and this happened about 9:30. new jersey transit says one person on the train has minor injuries. the driver of the car is also hurt. we don't know how badly. service as you might imagine is temporarily suspended. this is no miracle at the meadowlands. but it's a miracle nonetheless very sick little boy from a family full of new york giants fans became an eagles fan thanks to the power of kindness. our bruce gordon has the story you'll see only on fox. >> philadelphia fans are definitely the toughest i've seen. >> reporter: dan and maureen mulvey of chester, new york, visit philadelphia for the first time time since the death of their beloved son. >> it's absolutely devastating, you know, you just can't believe it. >> reporter: danny was
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diagnose with leukemia at four years old. for the next 16 years danny and his parents made the three hour drive from chester to children's hospital of philadelphia maybe hundred visits in all. during those treatments that dan began getting philadelphia from eagles players and coaches he got to visit their training facility where star players an lump signed autographs and posed for pictures family full of diehard giants fans, danny mulvey became the birds biggest booster. >> i knew it was going -- it was going to kill my dad, and i knew my husband was going to be upset about it, but, upping, to each his own. >> reporter: last september 24th danny watched his final eagles game on tv against who else the giants. time expired, jake elliot had 6o win it for the birds. >> good. >> i just look at him end picked his head up. he was so weak he flipped him off but i won't do that on camera but yeah. >> this is the g rated version
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of that exchange. >> danny passed away eight days later at the age of 20 before he died he was made honorary member of the us army challenge coin was created were phrase that embodied his all too short life, faith, family friends. that coin was at the linc when the eagles won the nfc championship game and will be at u.s. bank stadium in minneapolis for super bowl lii. >> come this sunday, um, the eagles are going to have a special angel in their huddle, and he may even trade his angel wings for some eagle wings. >> reporter: all this week and certainly through sunday much of chester, new york, right there in the heart of giants country will be lit up in eagles midnight green. maureen says a friend called her recent toll say only for the love of danny would he root for the bleeping eagles. lucy? >> whatever it takes. all righty. thank you much, bruce. take a look at this.
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the newest sign of eagles pride here at home. skyfox over a billboard ex tolling nick foles from wentz we came n foles we trust. visit philadelphia is behind these very clever billboards. betsy ross was a patriot that we know. but if she were around today you know she'd be an eagles fan. betsy ross in old city replaced the 13 star flag with an eagles flag. birds fans you hear them in the background cheers cheered from the courthouse as the betsy ross house raised the eagles flag this morning. heart warming epidemicking for woman in north philadelphia after someone spray painted her car after the eagles won the nfc championship for some reason someone or a few someones decided to be stupid and spray paint cars green near the 1500 block of north 16th street. why they thought that was he
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joinable at a mystery. after fox 25 viewers saw that story they were so upset that a couple of guys from eclipse ex too your cleaning stepped up to the plate to help the folks left with vandalized cars which is just great stuff right there. temple university by the way the police there they're still looking for the vandals. all right eagles nation. we got you covered all week live from the twin city. good day is with you in the morning and we're with you each night. in bucks county live look at doylestown on this monday night. you saw bruce gordon with his umbrella just a moment ago. so kathy, we've got a couple of chances of snow this week. >> we do. right now we have some rain in south jersey and delaware, and it's getting cold enough as that pulls away from the coast it could turn into light know. take look the mall cotler. we have a clipper moving in for tomorrow morning. you can see the cold air being pulled into south jersey. so you could be waking up to little bit of a coating in places like southern burlington county, owing, monmouth even
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into parts of atlantic county overnight tonight. right now we're looking at temperatures though well above freezing any snow is going to be in like the wet slushy variety at this beau this pope overnight low temperatures will be falling closer to freezing. let's go hour by hour here on the fox future cast. overnight you can see our model pick up on some snow mixing in with that rain before that storm moves off the coast. then this comes in. a wall of snow but very light snow. it's going to be entering a very warm atmosphere because the ground is still warm temperatures in the 30's and 40s right now. so this is 8:00 o'clock. reading, lancaster, the western part of the new castle counsel fee seeing very light snow. philadelphia little bit later by the late morning into early afternoon. we could see a few little squall lines forming as well maybe a little bit of a burst of snow so please be aware of that and then even by 5:00 o'clock south jersey seeing light snow. not a lot of accumulation. a coating to an inch for most of the region. i think our higher elevations have better chance of seeing
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that inch especially north and west. so coming up we're looking at more details in this. of course we have our super bowl forecast as well. saturday looking at 32 degrees. and then as we look ahead to sunday, 39 degrees. on ultimate doppler we are going to be continuing to watch these changing conditions. have that coming up. i'm having an issue with my clicker. lucy we're talking about cold coming and then a warmup that's going to get underway as well and another chance of snow coming by friday. at least it's not as cold as in minneapolis right, kristen? >> it was 8 degrees at last check but, hey, that is why this game is being played indoors. any way, coming up we just wrapped up opening night here in st. paul. hear what the eagles had to say and why they
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outside of the xcel energy are arena. media day i should say opening day for super bowl lii just wrapped up. and stay the moment that has been what the eagles have preached this and tire season and it keeps working. but here at opening day there are a lot of distractions. people asking crazy questions. international media coming in. in fact we showed you my austrian friend dressed in a football pads and leader hose zen but torrey smith is a very thoughtful guy and he knows that the eagles after blocking out all that clutter are going to have a great chance against the patriots. >> for us it's just been about family the entire time. sounds cliche but that's really been our strength. a team that gets together all the time. locker room that's together. you can see a veteran sit wig a rocky. guys from different position groups just messing together so for us i mean it's been about that. >> torrey is just one of my favorite interviews much he's
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been through all of this. he knows what it takes and he's just such a thoughtful guy. our good day crew mike, alex and jenn all inside with us earlier tonight. they're going to have great stuff coming up for you tomorrow. we'll have a chance to speak with doug speed son and eagles and patriots tomorrow. getting back to more of a regular schedule. we've got great content coming your way tonight really was opening night. super bowl lii is coming your way soon, guys. >> cannot wait. all right, thank you very much, kristen. actress meryl streep has just applied to trademark her name so says tmz. street streep filed an application asking for a hannon plea on the use of her name when it comes to entertainment services application covers public speaking engagements and autograph signings and stuff related to motion pictures. there you go. >> for tom hanks it's about to be a beautiful day in the neighbor. the actor starring movie about mr. rogers. love mr. rogers called you are my friend. the film inspire race comes from the real life friendship between
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fred rogers and award winning journalist. the film is slated to begin in the fall. >> i love mr. rogers. one of my favorite shows. >> your seven day forecast. let's look ahead. tomorrow we'll have that snow it will be on and off throughout the day there could be a few squalls lucy like a thin band moving through with bursts of snow and of course as we move through the week, 36 degrees as we move through wednesday, thursday 48. grand groundhog day another chance of snow. >> already. >> can you believe it? saturday the day before the big game 32. sunday a chance of rain or wet snow for super bowl sunday 39 and then monday the day after the victory 34. >> all right. we're back here at 4:00 a.m. for "good day philadelphia". sue serio, bob kelly have your weather and traffic covered all morning. have a
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harvey: ok. it looks like justin bieber knew things were not going to go his way last night because he was a no show for the grammys. >> so we got justin. we talked to him about the best new artist award. >> a lot of people are saying if you win the best new artist, it's a curse. >> i don't think i won it, so -- >> of course, you're a success. >> the year justin bieber lost was one of the most examples of it, drake florence and the machine, justin bieber, mumford & sons, and the winner, esperanza spalding. [laughter] >> jamie foxx, he was in new york. his sunglass' company had a pop-up. there was a band and jamie foxx started playing with the band. he gets on the bongos, doesn't miss a beat. he's so talented. harvey: best entertainer in entertainment. >> he is but donald glover is giving him a run for his money. >> he's a writer, producer. >> but can he play the bongos? >> d


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