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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  January 31, 2018 9:00am-9:59am EST

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>> eagles-patriots almost here. >> almost here. may need to defend her boyfriend. or exboyfriend now, blake given, who just told the worlds that he's a bad kisser. who did that? who says that blake is a bad kisser? >> i wonder. >> plus, it is almost ice fishing time. >> oh, god. >> all right, guys. this is what we will be riding in to go out on the ice to go ice fishing. yes, what you are looking at right now, is a lake. this is all a lake, frozen lake. so here we go. we're going out on to the lake. all right, guys. this is what we will be riding in. >> so, we're going to show you what finally happened when we got out on the ice. and when we started fishing doo are do we still have our fingers and toast? >> this took us to different level of colds. >> three above. >> yes, are you so dedicated
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to your philadelphia eagles, and super bowl lii, that would you get a tatoo to commemorate this? >> okay. if that tickle your fans what i if we told if you would be free, would you do this then. >> we'll see. lauren? >> evan said this has been his plan for years so getting inked, almost done, we'll tell but this tatoo place doing this on south street. and hear what people have to say coming up. >> thank you, lauren. i wonder if there is going to be long -- long line? free tattoos. >> we shall see. all right, so, are we gig fans of quincy jones? >> yes. >> does this take his legends up a northbound? >> right? >> ya, ya, ya. apparently he has, at this current moment, 2018, he has 22 girlfriends. >> twenty-two? >> twenty-two. >> what? >> ya. >> ladies have always loved him and his music, so maybe this makes sense?
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so, 22 girlfriends. >> i guess he travels all the time. so he's 84 years old, he's been married three times, beautiful children, and he says he's no plans to slow down, nope, none at all. >> if he's 84, what's the age range of all of these women, girlfriends? >> i'm not sure of the age range, but from all over, capetown, cairo, brazil, i'm sure all ages. >> i can tell you what they are. they go from about 28 up into the 60s and 70s. >> and i wonder if they're aware of each other? >> he says yes. >> he says i'm with all of these other people. >> i'm pretty sure the ages were 28 through zero six something. >> that's his lifestyle. as long as they're cool with it, who are we to judge? >> it gives me hope ♪ to carry -- okay. >> more love. >> i was looking at the philadelphia inquirer on line this morning, thus then it took me to the philadelphia
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daily news. >> who played the cover on the morning star? philadelphia? >> oh, maybe not referring to me? >> you've become starve morning television. no question about it. so, elizabeth wellington, famous reporter for and call i am just for followed you around a little bit. >> she d we got to hang out little bit. she so nice. we had great time. it has been kind of crazy couple of weeks with the event and stuff that have been going on, getting reds toy come out for the super bowl, going to minnisota so pretty cool. >> real niles a loft nice pictures. >> thanks, mike. >> but the article is lengthy, too. accurate, quote? >> well, she talked to me about, you know, where i grew up, what i wanted to be, when i went to school, did i think i would be in a job like. >> this so there was one quote though, because when i first came to philly i was in myrtle beach. so i didn't think coy go to
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big city like philly. when my agent came to me, hey, want to do. >> this i said wait, listen, when i was cents in college i like to sleep in, i didn't think i was cents a morning person, i didn't think that then. now i have learned. since i've been in it. v i've only done morning shows, even weekend, wake up early, get more out of your day. that's pretty cool. i was from texas so did i want to go somewhere warm. but funny how life takes you different directions sometimes what you think is best for you isn't best for you. >> so now doing early morning television up in the northeast. >> in the bolds north right now. >> in the cold north right now. >> yes, fun i how life works. but i couldn't be happier. i love philly t has been amazing experience, and in my fourth year now. >> i don't minds the quote of saying i hate morning. i still after all these years hate mornings. i just love morning television. and love good day philadelphia. >> good point. i like that. >> see? >> is that it? >> no, they also talk to my dad, as well. >> oh, no. >> they talk to glenn? >> he knows where all -- he knows where all of the bodies
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are burried. >> now, it was just about, you know, when i was growing up, what did i want to be. did i think i was going to be an anchor. you know when i said i wanted to be. >> astronaunt? >> no, i said i wanted to be an actress and waitress on the side. >> oh, the waitress. we even had you become a waitress on the show once. >> right. but then they talk to my dad funny because when i was younger they wanted me to become an astronaut, do something in aviation, something involved with the stem. so i did like would go to space camp and they realize i like to talk, i like to meet people, okay, maybe this is going to go a different direction. so i'm just glad that i got to talk with elizabeth. she thought i was worthy of a profile. so if you guys want to check it out. i can't wait to get home and actually see. >> more than worthy. you've really advanced and done so well in what three and a half years now. >> i feel like i've grown. >> went to novice to being the morning starve philadelphia television. >> oh, that's sweet, mikement
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look at you. >> that's pretty cool. >> well we know who the big star is here on this show. >> please. ironically, you wanted to go to space cam. there was one other place you wanted to go as a child. now there is might have seemed odd as a -- for her sweet 16 birthday, where did you want to go? >> i went to mall of america. i wanted to come to mall of america. >> and because it is, you're right, it is a place like no other. >> right? >> more than 500 stores. last night they had the media party. it was amazing. we were riding the rollers coasters and the rides and my instagram story someone message dollars me, is this all in the mall? yes, all of the roller coasters, restaurant, all in the mall. >> now when i think after mall, eh, a mall. but this is the prettiest mall i've ever been in with all of the sparkly, new sections of it, it is prep. >> i and i thought it looked different when i came. but someone told me one of the pr people said that's because over the past like ten years they've completely renovated it. so looks completely different than if you came 15 years ago. >> upscale and sophisticated now little bit.
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ya. okay, what are we doing? >> so comedians, did you see this? he does these videos every week with the eagles, owe pope end we're playing, makes a phonecall, sometimes it is to a particular football player. >> yes? >> sometimes he happens to be picking up a call and it happens to be a fan from the other team. >> i remember. >> but he lets them have it. >> when the vikings, it was telemarketer from minnesota. >> that had called him? >> so he basically cusses them out. >> not even that. besides. that will he was just saying funny things. >> this is him calling tom brady. >> hey, is this tom brady? hey, how are you feeling? listen, oh, man, no, i'm calling from philadelphia. pleasure to speak to you, man. i've never did anything like this before. no, listen, i'm calling to find out, what do you want on euro bit ooh area? ya. >> what did you say?
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>> let me explain something to you, tom. >> this ain't no game. and this ain't know super bowl. this is your funeral. i'm just calling to find out if you want open casket or not. >> okay. >> he gets more intense as the phonecall goes on. but we found that. >> freak i shallly this has been revealed now, not only the comedian's camera from a his house, there was a camera inside of tom brady's bedroom. he happened to be in bed with gisele. i hope not too graph i can for you. so here is the same conversation from both camera cameras. >> oh, hold on just a second. who is this? >> is this afraidy? >> yes, who is this? >> hey, how are you feeling? i'm calling from philadelphia. plesh tour speak to you, man. i never did anything like this before. no, listen, i'm calling to find out, what do you want on euro bit ooh area. >> what are you calling about? >> find out if you want open casket or not. >> he want to know if i want an open casts death.
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i'm not dead. i'm tom brady. >> go ahead, keep talking. >> if it was an open casket? wouldn't you want to see there is right? >> when our front line get done with you you'll be sipping new england clam cloud err through a straw. >> you all going to do what to who? >> i'm tom brady, i've got five rings. >> guest net. >> buy full hands, beautiful rings. >> what about that ring i gave you, hone? >> tom, i don't care about your ring. when we get done with you you ain't going to have no fingers? you only need one finger there is one. >> you know what tom, i don't like your tone. okay? >> you don't like my tone? how about my phone up your butt. >> i got some friends in minnisota i'll make sure sure hotel room got bed bugs. >> what? >> i'm itching. oh, ah. >> okay. >> so, that was interesting. we were fully clothed. thank goodness. >> tom brady looks a little
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different. >> manny don't look good in a wig, doe? >> oh, stop t and karen cracking me up. >> concern, do you have anything to say? are you okay? >> just so much worse watching it, yes, in the after effect of that. so, and did you know, actually, there was a bed bug found at our station. true story. >> are you serious? no, is it a joke? >> if there was, that's the origination of it, that bed. >> that's all i got. >> that's it? >> that's it. >> that's all we need. >> is that a yes? gosh missing a lot then. being out here. >> okay. he's got five super bowl rings. who am i talking about? >> tom brady. >> but also did you know that he is a fashion designer come out with a line of pajamas. >> oh, are you going to sleep like a champion or something like that this? so he teamed up with underarm i have for athlete recovery sleep wear. so it has bio ceramic technology in the clothes designed to maximum comfort
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and fit. >> here, we bring this up, i'm outraged. i don't know what to do about it, tubing our boss, dennis, someone at our station wears these to bed. okay? >> what? >> jenny joyce. you've been busted. i don't know by whom. it wasn't me. it wasn't me. you wear these? >> i wear them. i got to show them off. so this is the tb12 athlete recovery sleep wear. and they're just so comfortable. i only got them recently. actually a christmas gift. little did i know what was going to be happening this coming weekend. so, it is a little bit unfortunate. and i wear these almost every single night now. but i promise, i'm not wearing them on sunday. >> good. or saturday night leading into sunday. >> no, no, no. no, no, no. >> does it really help you recover? can the material really help you recover faster? >> yes, i think people should look into it little bit more. but they're so, so
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comfortable. i lover them. but do not for one second question my loyalty to the philadelphia eagles because i want it show you what i had. i've had these tattered old philadelphia eagles nfl line from j.c. penney circumstance circa mid 90s, they have holes in them, faded and gross, and they've been through several moves, several different news markets and i can't part ways because i lover them so much. this is philadelphia tradition right here. i'll bewaring these sunday. >> as gross as they are. >> okay. we appreciate that. okay. i still don't like any part of t but okay. that was a good rebound. >> thank you, jenny joyce. >> she is balancing it out. that works. >> okay. happy birthday to doug pederson ♪ >> dougpeterson. >> you want to know? >> yes, turning 50. >> common in. >> so i guess he turned 50. >> i should have stood up to get awe better position.
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our name, sir? >> danny. >> dan what i? >> dragone. >> where are you from? >> new jersey, hoboken. >> so what are you doing in minnisota? >> making a cake. >> could you hold that real quickly here? let me show everybody s this looks like something from cake bosses. >> you got that right. >> here, i'll try to go across then. >> that's from cake boss. >> remind everybody who cake boss is, come on, hoboken. >> hoboken, new jersey. >> ya, everybody watches it on tv. >> and there is a carlos bake shop here in the mall? >> yes. >> so you guys have made it all the way out to minnisota how long has it been here? been here for awhile? >> got here monday. >> no the shop. >> the shop is about couple of years here already. >> couple of years. very niles. i'm glad people in minnesota are getting a taste of carlo's bake shop. >> today what's his name doug's birthday. >> what's his name. >> doug's birthday. >> head coach. >> yes, special cake for him. >> well, what flavor is it inside? green? >> no, not green. it is black and white with fudge.
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>> yes? >> are you always this excited in the morning. >> yes. >> specially early in the morning. >> we're glad that you woke up, we appreciate it and got thus cake, so hopefully doug pederson maybe he is watching on line from his hotel room. you know the eagles are staying in a hotel that's connect today mall of america. >> are you going to try to give him the cake? >> if i see him i will give it to him. >> whatever you want. we doesn't want to make you mad. we don't want you throwing cakes or anything. have you thrown any cakes lately? >> no. >> good. >> say hello to everybody in hoboken. thanks, danny. so we will get to lauren while we figure this out. speaking of eagles, things going on, lauren people are getting free tattoos this morning? >> how is that going? >> reporter: yes, they are. never too early for a tatoo, right, snuck. >> no. i'm ready. i'm ready. i got my little e-a-g-l-e-s coming up. i'm stoked. >> you want to show off what tatoo you want. but here are the options guys for people to come in and see. so all eagles tattoos. listen, nick says he hasn't
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had a tatoo in 19 years. so them at home where this tatoo is going. >> right there. >> that's prime real estate. >> prime real estate. it must be, once in a lifetime opportunity. and i must mark the occasion with posterity. >> and i asked you, i said, did they make you guys wear eagles gear? >> no, it is cents swag week. it is pride week. you know, you just got to, you got to let the colors come out. you got let your -- just let it flow out all week long. >> brian, you already got one. he has got hoodie, hat, sweatshirt, you have one on your leg. >> right. >> hurt? >> no. >> how long did it take? >> about it end glint he got the clack i can eagle logo. noah over here. are you ready for nick, noah. >> get on over here nick. not allowed to show the noodle on tv don't worry. no noodling going on. we're at moo tatoo. >> just a no, ma'am end tar ink. com. decided to sponsor the event. we're mower than happy to help out with them. and everything military ink.
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com doses if you're not sure about permanent tatoo they offer tell tore area pa toes, and they offer to do permanent eagles tattoos cents. >> all right, nick will sit down. because he's ready. look he is dancing his way out. how many have you done so far? i've met what five, six people? >> five or six. >> free for the first 50? >> yep. >> still time for people to come out. >> absolutely. >> nick you ready for this. >> so red. >> i wait. you're not on the right side for your right arm. >> left or right, lauren? >> oh. what do you guys say, left or >> are you lefthander or right handed? >> righty. >> so you can always see it. >> right arm. let's do it. >> go eagles. >> all right, we won't show the inking. but he's excited guy, yes, mike and alex, tatoo early in the morning in philadelphia. people say they love this team. >> love them? >> i love them. >> hey, if you love the team, why not show in a permanent way like a tatoo.
9:17 am
>> as he drift offer. >> one guy tweet the me he's getting the tatoo, then just leave it blank that way when we win. >> yes. >> he can put super bowl champs right above it. >> maybe a long list of years after that? >> let's hope. let's hope. >> vince, what's up, my man. >> hey, great to be here. hello philadelphia. >> and yes, this is frank, my roommate, teammate, co-author of new book, ya, man. we had good time back there with dick vermeil and the eagles. >> you were an eagle late 70s? >> special teams captain, like vince, 78, 77. >> that's great. >> we got to meet a lot of people in philadelphia. >> so you're roommates? >> yes. >> this is the book here. >> yes. >> so it is called the lasts th. >> well the first thing is we believe that nfl we had dreams coming into the nfl. vince basically was too old to come in. i wa i'm offensive lineman. so all the things were against us. we were happening.
9:18 am
but the lasts laugh really pulls together all of the things that happened to us coming into the league. the next 40 years of our friendship as we grew in business, andso we put this toga code. and we have a hall ofd about the and how it helped them through t it is a real good self-help for entry ben franklin yours. >> sounds real inspirational. úyou can have the l can't make it. >> that's what it is about, that what we think our life ishe redskins back in 77. and dennised the guy fumbled the ball, dennis recovered the fumble. and boom. then we took a pictureine, had s thrown back like that, it is the last laugh, in the hall of fame. >> oh, there it is. >> there it is. >> oh, that's a goodheart i laugh, too. >> it was a good one. everybody said what were you thinking at that time over 40 years later we will be with the eagles in the super bowl and write a book. so getting the last laugh. >> sunday? >> who do you think wins sunday. >> what's the score?
9:19 am
>> twenty-eight to 20. >> okay? >> i'm going 35-24 eagles. >> eagles. >> i love this by make wahlberg, hope you're talking to him. >> making sure it is 83, too. >> thank you. >> what did you say, this book is going to be released on march the fifth, nationally, but it is available now in pre release through shop. com. >> thank you. >> nice meeting you guys. we appreciate it. >> go eagles. >> go eagles, yes. since we've been here talking about ice fishing, finally almost time. so yesterday we went out to go ice fishing, right? and there was an employment where it got little interesting. so i want you see this little snip it, on my instagram. there is something happened. this is important reminder why you s news. you won't believe. >> this breaking news. >> ya. my gosh. >>
9:20 am
>> you guys can rock >> ya! >> wait. so there is cents a chance, you say, we probably won't die. there is cents a >> always a chance, when you're out on the ice, always a chance. but when you're in the car there is always a chance you can die, too. >> i guess, not the same thing, we could go into water. >> yes. >> 30 feet deep? >> what? no. >> oh, my gosh. you said this wouldn't happen! >> i said you don't fish until you go through the i. >> that actually happened folks. can you imagine? out in the middle of aze and thn actually on the news, someone went throughou. >> you can't make this up. >> well, what would be even worse, after we saw the news storey?
9:21 am
at least it was out of the way, you knowh been in my head e entire time. >> already in the middle of the lake. do you have stay there. we'll tell you w fishing. but that was fun little moment. >> fun thing to do here i into a hot sauna.y cold and >> i've been told jen is naked in the snow? what's going on? >> you can't see me. i'm fully naked. no one tweet her and tellout ho. we are at surly brewing, something eagles fan out. i'm leaning this way was it is windy
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>> fly, eagles, fly, on the road to victory. e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles! >> i love it. in soul, south korea. >> you like soul music, don't you? >> i do, i love we have eagles
9:25 am
fans all over the worlds. >> fly like an eagle all around the wormed. as we know, we've seen a lot of shirt here in fact, at this mall, mall of america, you can buy underdog shirts at certain stores. >> they're everywhere. >> and i love the fact that we have an underdog of the day. so let's meet our underdog of the day. >> okay. >> karen? >> what's going on? it is multiplying. >> we got double trouble of the furry kind. and then w have the parent kind, as well. thank you, guys. >> so we have august i, tilley, courtney, jason. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> thank you for coming in. so tell us when did you get the dogs and how old are they? >> so we got august i -- augy in december. >> this is augy the boy. >> 2016. he's 15 month. >> fifteen month. >> here, augy. this is your close up. >> then we got him a sister in july. >> because he was lonely. >> tilly is seven month. >> what's in a name, augy? >> august gust it is, courtney's favorite charge nerve willy wonka.
9:26 am
>> love it. >> and then tilly another german name that we use. >> what do you think about this whole underdog frenzy right now? >> i this is it is great. they both love it. and we are all cheering for >> well you have your pride, your shirt on right there, i like the pink eagles shirt. >> yes, thank you. >> what's typical augy and tille house? >> usually their day consists cents of waking us up at 4:00 a.m., then we let them out. they can run outside without us now. that's good. and whenever they're tired they're really good. so but they've, you know, just dogs in general, they've brgh lives. >> oh, so wonderful. we love your underdogs, certainly take the cake. every e one we want to bring in hopefully tilly won't eat the cake. we have wonderful friends over there at the shoprite. appreciate it from williamstown, made this amazing pull apart cupcake cake thing. >> can you believe this? it is not an actual cake-cake.
9:27 am
twenty-four chocolate, and vanilla cupcakes. you just pull them apart with butter cream icing. so the shop rite, williamstown, thank you so much. proud sponsor. love partnering with you, especially when you bring in the cupcakes. all right, tilly. >> augy. >> jason. >> i was going to say august gust that. >> back to you, trying to remember all of the names. mike and what? alex. hey, guys. >> from augy to augusterr. >> finally time to ice fish. >> time to load up on hands warmers for every single part of your bod. >> i i think we'll show one more clip of it. this is you getting dressed. actually we will show you what happened. >> okay, so getting ready to go ice fishing. mike, what do you need help with? what's going on. >> i mean body warmers, i have úthe long johns on like you said. >> okay, great. >> this is just to catch a fish. tow warmers.
9:28 am
in the shoes. >> do you have a scarf? >> no. >> seriously? >> all this to catch a fish. >> if the glove doesn't fit? >> you can't go fish. >> you can't go fish. >> put the hood up. let's go fish. >> i
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new knorr one skillet meals discover organic ancient grains, like barley or quinoa. just add protein and vegetables to create delicious new flavours. new knorr one skillet meals don't just eat, discover.
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yes, we will. >> couple things to clear up, a lot of our viewers want jenny joyce to burn the tom brady pants. throw them under a septa bus get them off your body, forever. quincy jones girlfriends ages are 28 to 43 the same age as his daughters. >> well, thank you forgiving us the very latest on that. >> i'm a font of information. >> can we do ice fishing. >> so we got everybody together we have a nice little crew together and we went out to lake mintonka and we saw glacier ice house to do ice fishing. >> it wasn't as cold or as bad of an experience i thought. >> it was fun. we have to go out on a snow band. only a couple hundred of them around the world.
9:32 am
>> yes. >> so, here it is. >> all right. all right. >> they are letting me get behind the wheel, are you ready. >> absolutely. >> yes. >> oh, my gosh. yeah, babe. >> good job, alex. >> all you have to does watch out for snowmobiles and fish holes. >> just slow down, just slow down. >> keep it going, keep it going, keep it going. >> when you make your turn just slow it down just a little bit. just like that, yeah. >> are you guys ready, i am going to jump on it. let's go.
9:33 am
>> ahh. >> hello. >> wow. >> hi there, chelsea mcdonald with. >> you have been on the ice. it is our turn on the ice. how many fish did you catch. >> two in five minutes. >> oh, mike we have to beat them. >> we have to beat them. >> we will do it in two minutes. >> okay. >> where is that water. >> that is my hole. >> big lake, small pole. >> it is closer to the ice hole. >> you just call meehan ice hole. >> where is the fishing pole. >> we will chase some sunnies today. >> good days. >> it could take minutes too.
9:34 am
>> just hold it and wait. >> well, alex, good luck with this. >> what do you mean good luck with this. >> take as long as you need. >> where are you going. >> the other reporter got two in five minutes. >> wait a minute you will leave me out here. >> come on, please, please, please, fishy. >> any fish? >> you can't make this up. >> how do you like your fish? it is 3 degrees. they are in the biting out here. maybe if i go in the ice house that is what they are there for.
9:35 am
i will go in there and maybe have some better luck in there . >> what are you doing? >> you are scarring the fish. can you get me a pepsi. sit down, the bold and beautiful is on. >> mike, can i have your line i'm the one who is fishing. give to it me. >> i got another line back there. >> oh, got a fish. oh, got another one. >> really. >> really. >> i thought it was a very pleasant experience this ice fishing. >> yes, because you were in the ice house but my gosh they were so cool all of the things you can have there, kitchens, campfires so thank you to glacier ice house they took us out there dan took us out in the snowmobile and corry and jeremiah helped us fish n real life, no, i did not catch anything.
9:36 am
>> no. >> but i am proud that i stayed out there for about 20, 25 minutes in 3-degree weather >> that is right. >> that is my batch. >> yesy feel like i have to go again. >> we made it look like were you out there five hours. >> twenty minutes. >> 3 degrees. >> you were out there. >> i was out there two minutes people in minute so the eighties no question it is cold in the wintertime but they figure out a way to accept it and embrace it and celebrate it. >> they even have, all of these ice houses, they have one that was a bar, coors light ice house to go in the bar while out in the lake and it is cool and ice was so thick you could put a semi truck on to that lake that is how thick that was. >> ice we were driving on, two to 3 feet deep. >> yeah. >> pretty cool. >> thank you to the nice people we met yesterday. >> so next up, dog sledding, and then i'm promise. no, is there one other thing i want to do too. i will let you know. kendell jenner did you hear
9:37 am
she is calling a bad kisser. >> no. >> um-hmm. >> yeah, her boyfriend, can you say that about her boyfriend. >> blake griffin the basketball player who just got traded, someone telling world he is a bad kisser. >> get him out of
9:38 am
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(phone buzzing) i like these yogurt bites. (phone buzzing) and i like these yogurt bites... ah... ooh! apparently, i like them more than i like my phone. where...ah, oh! hello? ah, i missed it.
9:40 am mother-in-law. i'll call her back. don't tell her i told you that. you'll like them both but love our price. award-winning little journey baby essentials from aldi. simply smarter shopping. every day, minneapolis, minute so the becomes a place that we like to calling will ville but you know there is a reallying willville. >> that is where bob kelly is. >> yes. >> eagles, eagles, eagles. >> hey gang, good morning everybody. we can't have an eagle pep rally without coming to eagleville. we are live at eagleville elementary school. >> eagles, eagles. >> look at this crowd. oh, baby, look at them all, come on, we're here eagleville elementary school, the principal, doctor reddish,
9:41 am
thanks so much for inviting us out. >> absolutely, thank you for coming. >> this is great, big pep rally with all of the kid fired up for green and then gang from the township we have here as well. >> it is a whole community. >> we have pclamation. >> proclamation to read where as the philadelphiaedo a 13-thre regular season record tying best record in franchise history and minnesota strike to claim nfc champion ship. we are a resilientdaughters wile field begins new england patriots lii. >> we love it. each individual grade here, well, predictions together. we can ask all of the kid with the big mike here,d up their predictions for the camera. hold up your george. let's go around and see what we have here. all right. so far, so good, we got all eagles. all eagles.
9:42 am
looking good. they are all fired up, oh, this is like recess in here. now, you also practiced the fight song, right. >> we did practice the fight song. >> okay. >> and before we do that we have to talk about this is a whole community effort, the entire eagleville community came together with our superintendent of the schools and collegeville bakery and our, lower providence township so we are excited to cherrying also on to victory this weekend. >> who want to be here, where are all of the eagles fans. >> let's dot fight song, started, you go ahead. >> here we go, guys, fly eagles fly, on the road to victory. fight eagles fight, score a touchdown 123. hit them le, hit them high, and watch our eagles fly.
9:43 am
fly eagles fly, on the road to victory. e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles. >> you got it, we're ready for the super bowl. george, back to you. i love all of the different signs, that the kid made, great stuff. >> that is what it is all about. >> you know if you are in eagleville you have to represent. >> that is right, drop down and get your eagleville on. so jen says and i have experienced this too, minneapolis, it is beautiful, it is very cold, so we will get really cold and jump in a sauna. >> is that what jen's doing. >> is she still naked. >> it stings and it hurts when you are naked. >> i'm definitely still naked but now roasting marshmallows by the fire and the wind, it is good, the wind chill of
9:44 am
negative 87. this is something we need to do. get a hold of this outdoor stuff. we are at surly brewing company. i'm not surly. company. i'm not surly. come on, company♪ strummed guitar i'm not surly. come on, you can't experience the canadian rockies through a screen. you have to be here, with us. ♪ upbeat music travel through this natural wonder and get a glimpse of amazing, with a glass of wine in one hand, and a camera in the other, aboard rocky mountaineer. canada's rocky mountains await.
9:45 am
call your travel agent or rocky mountaineer for special offers now.
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♪ >> so, we're going to talk to
9:47 am
sue because earlier this morning when we first got on she said it was colder in philadelphia yeah, in philly then here in minute so the. that is right. >> i wonder if that is still true or if that will change. it is like in the 30's here n 15 seconds we will find out. >> 9:47. we still have temperatures that are in the teens in someplaces, 18 in pottstown and allentown, gotten up to big old 21 in philadelphia but check out these wind chills, still n'synx will digits. we have enough of the breeze for rest of the day that it will feel colder then it is. keep that in mind if you have in the gone outside just yet. real look at tomorrow evening we have rain moving through, through like seven or eight or 9:00 until 2:00 in the morning and may change over to snow
9:48 am
before it end but should not mess with our morning rush hour on friday which is gun hog day and saturday is very cold. sunday gets milder so we have a wintry mix changing over to rain but nothing will dampen, our spirits, on super bowl sunday, right, mike and alex? >> that is right. >> that is true. >> everybody, what is the term everybody in the pool everybody in the sauna. >> everybody in the zahn. jen finding a way to keep warm outside. >> okay, so here's the situation if you come to minnesota you have to go to this place called surly brewing company, perfect for you because you are so surly. then they have a big fiesta tonight by the way. then you make a reservation to go in the sauna this is your changing room, you go in there i have always changed obviously, bring your bathing suit. they say people walk from there, to here, and this is what they do. new there is no beer, hi, guys >> hey. >> there is, can you help me up here, there is no beer
9:49 am
allowed here but you just chill in your zahn a first of all. >> this is a sauna cap. >> it helps keep your head, and your body and more even temperature because it is hotter up here then it is down here. >> mike the camera guy said i look ridiculous in this. by the way these are your colors for the brewery. >> yes, they are not patriots colors. >> okay. >> so... i like your beer. >> this is something that people do, it is a pop up sauna at different bars and restaurant. >> so john and his team have a awesome residency program around the city and they kicked it off here last january and new they have been here. >> we are in a trailer this isn't here in the summertime. >> no, we have a fake party te nt back here in the summertime. >> okay. >> in terms of the making a reservation how long is your reservation for. >> up to two hours.
9:50 am
>> do you want people in here for two hours. >> yeah, yeah up to two hours and it has been full here so pee taking full advantage. >> when i called yesterday i was told all be in bathing suitd to wear.w you, john and y >> a sonic cap. >> bathing suit. wear bathing suit. >> so where is your bathinge it. i will saunahi will put it on r. >> overall health. >> very good for you physical, mental, social, full winter weles your bathing suit that is not lud tor in here but you can beer, zahn , beer, s yeah, absolutely. >> can i do the thing with the >> so what does this actually
9:51 am
do. >> everything around here is child of finish, oh, yeah am i doing it right. >> camera might be fogging up soon is that enough. >> yes, sorry. >> when you make a reservation are there strangers in here, stop laughing. >> i'm a journalist, come on. >> great job. >> basically a journalist. >> you are doing great. >> with their be strangers in here. >> yeah it is a community public sauna thinks a co-op so you are usually with members of the co-op so it is usually half members and half public. we are hosting sauna forming. >> you saw sauna, yes, my pronouncing is different. >> i'm a journalist and i'm sticking to it. >> i got to go, close the door , get out of here.
9:52 am
we have to sauna. >> i like mike wiping the camera. >> where ever jen goes she is steams things up, for sure, she fog it up. the sauna, seinfeld, that is where we learned that c idr a's were real and spectacular. >> lets get to sue. >> hey, pucker up this blake griffin guy who got traded from the clippers to the pistons they say he was a bad kisser so one talking and it is not his girl friend. i didn't know he dated kendell
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
♪ guess you know how that song goes, students from both middle school and springfield high school, springfield, delco. >> love it. >> i love different versions of fly eagles fly. >> i know. >> that we're getting. >> we are seeing it, for longer then usual because season has been extended, so we might as well find
9:56 am
different ways to do it. >> i know. >> real quickly here let's clear up this thing about blake griffin, pretty darn good basketball player just signed with the clippers, and then traded to the detroit pistons. now somebody say he is a bad kisser. >> lolo jones the olympic athlete. they went on a date, this was in a interview. he is concernedly linked to kendell jener and they have been dating past fewlling out hg skills which started with instagram, espn, somrtne commenk lolo jones has a date with him. war date of my life and terrible also the worst date of her life. >> hawow. >> she has got some kind of a issue with blake griffin. >> he kendell jener hasn't said anything bites and tell. >> you shouldn't, itmptant, ple.
9:57 am
but i would be upset if don't want a bad kiss >> is there only one way to >> we're going dog sledding. >> o, god
9:58 am
9:59 am
10:00 am
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