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tv   Chasing News  FOX  February 2, 2018 3:00am-3:30am EST

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>> think twice before you let your kids carry foods in new york city public schools. a student journalist uncovered what is a crisis. >> on the range of critical violations, some are when you see mice, cockroaches, flies and other insects. >> the new governor, phil murphy wants new jersey to be clean energy dependent by 2050. that is cracking. some speculate there should be. >> new jersey will support efforts to permanently ban fracking within the entirety of the delaware river watershed. >> a crisis at a local congressman's office where joke on social media may be taken very seriously with the potential of infiltration in his
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office by state interns. it's not the first time this member of congress and his team have been threatened. i'm bill spadea, this is chasing news. world check in with john who has a story about student journalist who broke a story about deplorable conditions in the new york city public school cafeterias. >> bill, what is for lunch? how about 600 mice droppings and to roaches sprinkled in. middle school and ozone park, queens how about 1500 flies. that is what health inspectors found. those are some of the findings and the new report called food fight. it's from a new york city new service, and operation out of the school of journalism. here is what the report found. the department of education
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provides information online about the cleanliness of school cafeterias. it has to do this to comply with state law. the reports are not complete. they don't indicate the severity of the violations. the students went digging, they found nearly 700 school cafeterias, half of those inspected lester had at least one critical violation. take a listen. >> there is a range of critical violations. some of them are when you actually see mice, cockroaches, flies and other insects. another big one answers one was when food is cap too hot or cold which can create conditions for growing bacteria causing disease. >> some rice, rats, roaches, what's been done? here's the problem historically. the health department inspects the department of education, to state agencies. the city cannot find itself. so they go to education and try
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to inform those how not to contribute to the muscle cafeteria. the president of the union that represents the school food worker says hire more workers which is at what point though, roaches. >> is it that it sounds worse than it is because you there so many schools. when you aggregate these it sounds awful but individually pfizer not a huge deal, right? >> some schools have no violations. the average was two per school. it's been a problem for years. there's 1.1 million schoolchildren and they contribute to the mess. it's an extensive school network. a lot of people, a lot of waste and a lot of food. it's hard to manage. >> of the journalist students who had the job of county 1500 flies? >> i wonder how they asked me
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that question markets the health inspectors that came up with it. >> governor phil murphy in his first month of office. the guy has been busy. his latest announcement same he wants to make new jersey clean and energy efficient. some groups are pushing back and say where's the substance what are you talking about? george has the details. what he got? >> the issue of fracking is a divisive one. you have people like the president if you like we should be accessing our natural resources and reduced energy costs by getting what's under fee. on the other hand, those feel like fracking is bad for the environment and the water. and phil murphy falls into that camp. he was here pushing his agenda on the banks of the delaware on thursday morning. >> new jersey forgot the importance of protecting the delaware from one of modern times most dangerous threats,
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fracking. new jersey will support efforts to permanently ban fracking within the entirety of the delaware river watershed. [applause] >> the issue remains a hot button on bow shot sides of the delaware river. >> there's no room for fracking anywhere along the watershed in my opinion. you ta tanks. there is no way you can keep that dangerous water out of the watershed. it's almost impossible. >> governor murphy letting us know where he stands on the >> thank you. down.ring in the panel to break i'm joined by bill, good to see. and jeanette hoffman is here, , jeanette, i think the challengers that new jersey is
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one of the cleanest energy states in the what does the governor even neey 2050. what does it cost taxpayers to get >> there is no plan right now. he's not things that lce the budget, property such as taxes which are through the roof, and affordability. those are the issues new jersey cares about. not te fracking band because it's a false promise. we don't have fracking here. >> that's a it's too bad i wish i had some shale in my pr is, not only is it safe and efective but the truth is 80% of the homes in net safe and clean. isn't it what the goot it.
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>> we shut shores. we didn't do it based on science nothing based on murphy is up opening it up if we can start wind generation on the shores. it can be good for the environment and the economy. the plan will be developed as we go but setting goals is important. 2050 is a long way off to a good for murphy, for setting a reasonable goal. >> doesn't it frustrate you, we don't have fracking in new jersey, we could, there is shale, and we wish i bought a farm up there and could be lobbying for fracking. safe and clean and everybody is using it. doesn't that frustra you? >> i'm just worried about my taxes. i think we have to give him
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time. i think he needso in. he's out with some concerns, new jersey transit was a hugely. >> but energy, they want to chase windmills off the coast he will talk about oil or maybe the fracking waste which is largely water. >> there may be othe economic opportunities there. >> i know you dread your commute in the morning. dan says tomorrow may be messy. >> the storm system has developed mostly light rain. as temperatures drop overnight there will be a transition to snow by friday morning. on maybe half an inch on the ground. maybe a little colder and could see an inch on the ground. the biggest concern is the friday morning commute. some combination of snow, ice,
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slush and water. might want to wake up early to deal with this minor mess. a cool down on friday and the next storm system is sunday into monday. i'll tell you what to expect in your local forecast. >> let's check out the headlines tonight. including big news for newark families and teachers. the new york public school system back under local control. >> for the first time in 20 to use, the city of newark has control of its own schools. the city took control in 1995 after use of poor management. as of thursday the city is in charge of overseeing the schooling of 35000 schoolchildren. newark has it appointed an interim superintendent until they can choose a full-time replacement. >> it's an historic day. one that has to be about the young people in this room. >> the township of moloch, new jersey have settled with a
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jewish group over the place of a religious marker. the town will pay $10000 part of a religious orthodox jewish families to participate in activities around the sabbath. check out this adorable puppy headed to the pope label. he's name for the harry potter character. what makes this pitbull more special is that he is deaf. the big computing as part of a team for pops with special needs. those are some of the headlines we're chasing tonight. >> don't go anywhere. we're more chasing is coming up. including a mom suing the school system or what she calls islamic indoctrination.
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>> welcome back to jason's. we have a lot more show. including a mom suing the school system over what she calls islamic indoctrination. first, local congressman's office said that they were in danger of being infiltrated by fake interns.
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this isn't the first time they have been threatened. ashley has the full story. >> i, made in the close facebook group put a grassroots organization has raised questions for suggesting undercover interns spy a republican and congressman, tom macarthur who is the target of death threats last year. kelly clark said her comment, anybody willing to go undercover above a notice of internship opportunities with macarthur's office was just a joke. but matt really says the post was no left a matter. >> there's a problem with somebody tries to, not for the sake of journalism, but encourage summit to go undercover in a congressional office. there's matters of national security that run through these offices. in the case of congressman mcarthur sometimes they make threats against your life.
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>> mcarthur represents the third district said, it's deeply disturbing that this organization would actively seek to take valuable educational opportunities away from the students to push the radical political agenda. macarthur has been threatened because of his role in replacing the affordable care act. >> these folks in burlington county on the left with think that they're doing a good thing, they're hurting democracy. >> action together new jersey responded and said the represented mcarthur's team infiltrated a private facebook group and took an individual comment out of context. without checking and chrissy are completeness they broadcasted in the press release. >> thank you. let's bring in the chief of staff for congressman tom macarthur. frank joints me now. i understand there's been a
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serious threat of threats even dealing with. this didn't pop out of nowhere. >> had threats against congressman mcarthur in the same it's resulted in an arrest from the knights its capital please. people have sent mail to my parents mail that was resting. folks filming young female staffers without their will. others attempting to secure interviews. and here a member of their group was so conceern they sent it to our office. >> it seems like the congressman's office is under continuing a constant threat. is there separate security measure you taken? >> i think there's a fringe element of the society that so upset by president donald trump there resorting to tactics like this. we deal with the local police
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constantly. >> the woman he said it out said it's a joke. the bear to say maybe you don't have a sense of humor. >> may be. you could say people joke about screaming fire in a movie theater not something people take seriously. there's members of congress shot at in an open field by someone who happened to be a strong liberal democrat angry about republican policy. >> let's bring in the panel to break it down. bill, serious stuff, you have a congressman under constant fire people trying to get in the office and posing as journalists. a congressman was shot in an open field and softball game. clearly the threat level against members of congress have us risen. how stupid is this. >> that's an issue when he does the congressional office. we regular had to notify capital
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please. we notified our staff that is not their judgment. this is an attack on internships. internships are for young people to come and learn, nonpartisan. whatever you are you can learn about government and the safe environment will you'll be part of a process and learn. this but those kids in jeopardy. also i don't know when somebody comes in their truly here for the purposes to learn or something else. >> it's disgusting and irresponsible. it's just wrong. that's a problem with the resistance, they've gone too far and are making dangerous threats. i think it rises to the level of criminal charges and they're hurting their own cause. people won't take them seriously. they're doing nothing to promote responsible government. >> this woman came out said it's not a joke but clearly it's not.
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>> these communications were meant to cause annoyance and alarm. it's sad when it affects young people doesn't matter what your political affiliation is. someone has to tell someone your sense of humor is that much. >> or she's not a criminal she's at least an idiot. >> a story tonight in new jersey where mom is suing the school district saying that her student was subject to islamic conversion videos. the school teaches religion. but she said it was beyond religion. there's no study of christianity or judaism. only focused on islam. were joined by her lawyer. welcome to chasing news. >> thank you for having me. >> with the issue? her mama same the seventh grader was subject and it's a harsh
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statement saying that one of the best school districts and state some of the highest sat scores it's hard to digest they're trying to convert kids to islam. >> one of the great things that i love is you don't have to take that mom's word for it. there's a video on the google classroom that explicitly stated that said may god help us find the true faith, islam. we have the video, she they posted a video for everyone to see. there is a call for conversion. >> what does the school say about it. >> the school has ratified the curriculum. they stand behind the curriculum and have made numerous statements of such. for the legal aspect we don't have their legal response yet. >> of a same yes we want to convert the seventh graders to appreciate islam and take it up as a faith?
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>> there saying they support the curriculum there's nothing wrong with it which includes a direct call to the conversion of islam. >> is it under an islamic study course? is it an elective? >> it's a course required to graduate onto the next level. >> with the aim of the lawsuit? damages, change the curriculum? >> the aim is to change the curriculum and protect these children from the promotion of islam in the classroom. >> the school board did issue a statement saying they deny the allegations. they will vigorously defend the principal, teachers and curriculum. you can see the full statement on her facebook page let's bring in our panel. i'm joined by serena and trial attorney and former prosecutor, bob.
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just on the merits of the case, it seems to me a public school should not be pushing one religion over another. certainly in a required course. if it was a voluntary course and the parents wanted their kids to learn about it. >> it is violated. it violates the establishment clause. let's chew it up and reverse the scenario. let's say we have videos of saying jesus christ is the only god and christianity is the only religion. you have to go on a website and fill out answers, that would be correct either. the school should stop wasting wasting the taxpayer money. it will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to defend this. teach about islam and christianity and judaism. but you cannot indoctrinate kids were mandated by law to be in school. >> if you talk about how some of these persecute christians and homosexuals it could create balance? >> it may create more.
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>> the parents are going to win this. religious indoctrination should be taken out for any religion. >> thank you. let's check in with our meteorologist dan. what he got? >> happy february. a brief hit a wintry weather on the way overnight. rain changes to snow. it will be light unlimited from 2:00 a.m. until 8:00 a.m. not much accumulation. maybe a coating. it could be an inch and colder sections of northwestern new jersey in the catskills. overall not a big deal. maybe a little icy for the commute but that's the only commute were looking at. let's look beyond the snow. the next cold front will cause temperatures to tumble. pushes things downward on friday.
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that will set us up for cold start for the we can. overnight low temperatures 25 - 30 degrees. snow showers will push there with light accumulation. on friday will start in the lower 30s but by the afternoon will get to the lower 20s with a brisk wind. my son should but it went too much. you'll have to bundle up. lots of sunshine for saturday, cold and highs about 30 degrees. then sunday with a warm-up and highs in the 40s. on sunday the weather forecast is busy. could be a snow shower and the morning. sunday into monday is the next significant storm system. it looks like mostly rain. maybe a little snow to worry about by monday morning commute. >> don't go anywhere. more chasing news is coming up. stay with
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>> i know the big game is coming up this weekend. i will be watching the super bowl. i haven't watch the nfl all season. i'm disgusted with the politics and the bad behavior. this week i was reminded another reason why am not watching. it hurts this time, my wife and in-laws a big patriots fans. were not watching this year. two eagles players reminded me of why i'm done with the nfl. they came out wanted to tell everybody that president trump were not coming to the white house if we win. first of all, slowdown. you haven't even played the game yet. i like to see president trump tweet at them and say play the game and win and then maybe you're not invited
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♪ the teams there are, our fox 29 crews are there. and now the fans are there. spending big bucks to witness history. eagles, patriots, super bowl l lii. you counseling down the hours? we are. ♪ eagles coverage in just a minute. live look at wilmington tonight. can you believe it's february already? of course if you walk outside uri reminded of two things. one, it's winter and two as you can see from boat house row the eagles are in the super bowl we got few things to talk about tonight. thanks for joining us at 11:00. i'm iain page. they're the two big talkers and eagles and the weather. let's start with kathy tracking a super bowl storm system. >> oh, boy,


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