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tv   Chasing News  FOX  February 6, 2018 3:00am-3:30am EST

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bill: this flu season is awful and deadly. a young girl died recently. she is just adding to the deaths that have been hap pep throughout the flu season which is now at epidemic levels. thousands of school skidded kes being kept home this woke as the virus spreads. this is the state here. the doors locked. i hope everybody is back. bill: check out this video. lit lair gang of bicyclists terrorizing motorists in chelsea. the cops are on the lookout for 14 to 16 guys on bikes to smash windows and terrorize drivers. more troubles on the rails. another deadly accident involving an amtrak train and check out this. doors are literally fry flying
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open on new jersey transit. >> it is like a little frightened. like what is going on? why would the door open like that, right. >> i am bill spadea. bill: we have a chasing alert for you tonight. the dow jones industrial average, the stock market on wall street dropped significantly today. the dow jone was down more than 1,000 points after a wild day on wall street. this set a record for the number of points dropped today; however, in term of percentage drop. not as bad as it has been in this past. we bring in our ex per, financial analyst and journalists dennis steel joins me on the weigh in on what this mean us to. welcome back to "chasing news." how are you? >> that was some day today. fear and greed the market. the billion lapse of that. today, fear. >> so what really happened? i mean, it was down as much as 1500 points. what hap pepped?
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what does it mean for the average invest snore. >> market bumming downlogical bit most of the day. suddenly at 3:00. it plummets 1500 points out november where. when something like that happens. some people are watching thought a biggerror. some kind of glitch but a moment when many people holding stocks investors decided or the computers did it is time to sell. so they did. it fell with incredible speed and it was rather frightening. i don't think it is that big of a deal. think it could continue going down from here. a hill bit more until it consolidates as they say. >> is it over? >> if you are young person, do not sell. if you have not sold, you have not lost. you stay in those markets. you keep buying four your retirement fund and take advantage of things like this. >> does it undermine any of the statements the president has made? a lot of folks saying the economy is really surging first year under president trump snoop now we are shall actually. trump really runs the risk of tapping so much of the economic troard the stock market. because the stock market gives us the stock
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market take eth away. i think those who oppose them will use this to say it is wobbly and bubble and watchout. remember, bit coin is down 50%. stocks fell 4.5% today. not to worry. all right. thank you, dennis. always appreciate your calm measured perspective. >> there you go. thank you, bill. ♪ ♪ bill: this year's flu season worse than many in recent memory? it is epidemic. thousands of schoolkids being kept home from school as the virus spreads. the question is? is there an end in sight our own nate rogerses the full story. what do you got for us? well, we are out here. take look at at this. this is the safety schools today am the doors lock. the school district superintendent says many of the school bus drivers were sick and could not find enough drivers to get students to school. she made the call to cancel school after at least seven school bus
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drivers reported flu-like symptoms. impact first 500 in k through eighth grade. has parents on high alert. >> it is unfortunate. the only thing i could hope. i hope everybody is healthy bass i don't want to spread to the kids. >> their school district hadden in ny flu related illnesses involving students but they are on track to what the state is saying in overall symptoms now throughout the day. they spent a lot of time inside and out and also sanitizing them the school district says they will take additional reveintive measures to ensure the buildings are as clean and safe as possible. i am nate rogers for "chasing news." bill: united states senator bob men den he off the department dropping all chaps ig having no in teaching trying him again. he is full steam ahead for the re-election campaigning in bergen
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county for the new county executive. ashley johnson has the full story. ashley? >> new jersey governor murphy kicked up the third week on the job. the newest senator bob menendez anchorry booker to support the re-election of of bergen county executive. the senators took the opportunity to speak about all federal corrupts charges and being dropped against mendenez last week. >> give testimony and in the path and within you. >> it was my first time in the last week sore. i am so grateful for bob menendez and serve with him and stand by him. the tow cusses with on making sure the dems with being relecked in move. >> who else has worked in public works? has worked in the private sect whore has been elected in council, mayor, firemen, fire chief, freeholder, now italian executives for over three years? he plans to work the governor on one of thing
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best initiatives improving transportation. he speck on the heed for bergen county light rain. >> so thousands of commuters have accessed the safe reliable public transportation. ealso advocated for the promise to raise minimum wage to $15 an hour. in hackensack, ashley johnson, reporting for "chasing news." bill: thank you, ashley. all right. democrats are on the move as we head into yet another election season rallying behind bergen county executive bringing out the big guns. bob menendez, cory booker and governor phil murphy. now there is another opportunity they seem to think they may be able to pick up as we head to the 2018 midterm congressional elections and that is the 11th congressional district in new jersey where retiring republicans rodney is leaving open seat. and there is a newcomer on the democratic side. she is a former prosecutor and navy
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pilot. her names mookie and she is hoping to turn that red district blue. we're joined by two people who know a thing or two about this. first i want to introduce brendan gill who is essex county free holder one of this the guys behind new governor phil murphy's incredible win and this past november. welcome to "chasing news." how are you? >> thank you, bill. thank you for having me. >> we are joined buy assemblyman who announced over this weekend the candidacy and the intent to fill that congressional seat being vacated by rodney. yeah, well only. how are you? >> thanks for having me in, bill. bill: what prompted to you decide to run? how competitive do you think the is race race is going to be? the race is competitive. so they are going to be disstrib like this a handful across the country that may decide the power in the house. we have that much at stake in the backyard. i thought i needed to step up and hold it for the country. bill: the 11th district. this is morris county.
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very heavily republican. you have got a complete newcomer coming in? how does she run successfully even though this is a midterm election. the fact we're even talking about the 11th congestional district at this point in the cycle shows you that a candidate like cheryl has tremendous opportunity. as know, bill, there is a democratic primary right now going on for that seat. there is a level of excitement within the party. that we have not seen quite some time in the studio 11. bill: this is the referendum on president trump? we're fresh off a huge victory for taxpayers by all accounts even liberal think thanks saying that 81% are going to benefit. this is about president trump or local constituent services. it is about good policy. hike what president drump does. i don't like what he says. in any event this is about issues and about the way it impacts people's lives in the district. bill: ok, thanks. ged sue. thank you, guy.
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appreciate. looking for toward the fight. >> thanks, bill t. all right. let's check out headlines we are chasing for you tonight. disgraced usa gymnastics doctor larry nassar sentenced to 125 years in price by miss michigan judge. this comes after previous conviction in which nassar was sentenced to 40 to 175 years from all molestation, 60 years in federal price or for possession of chile pornography be a acuted of aspiring than 20 athletes. lawmakers are pail though irs on the property tax prepayments many homeowners made in december to take advantage of deduction in 2018. senator chuck schumer held al news conference in hempstead monday demanding clarity on the mall poshing move the cap. they are advising anyone preprayed to consult with a financial expert. resident of new york and new jersey are at risk because of the state's high property tax. bud lights saying free beers forever in philadelphia the beer maker made a deal with
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lane johnson last summer saying if the eagles won the super bowl the company would spring for free beer. now bud light is making good tweeting 25 bars will offer free bud late to patrons. get them while you can. and, the first look, iraq has new game and that explains himself. tonight hollywood's mation. >> kevin hart is taking responsibility for bad beivier during the eagle's super bowl win. the comedian tried to grand rapids the stage while they celebrated the first trophy but turned away by security. he posted a video to instagram monday claiming he was drunk and calling the stunt definitely in the top things have ever done. dwayne "the rock" johnson has new tv gig and signed ton host and produce the titan game. a athletic competition series pitting contestants against anticipate other in head-to-head physical challenges. kylie jenner is a mon.
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the 20-year-old reality star and rapper boyfriend welcomed their baby girl last thursday to confirm the baby's' rival in the post sunday. >> and the much anticipated stand alone solo "star wars" story was pong the many trailers that premiered during the super bowl. the first clip featuresbright as a young han solo with amelia clrk and woody har lelson rounding out the all star cast set to open may 25th. we're are end in trouble far second. in hollywood. adam housley, fox news. >> don't go anywhere. we got a lot more "chasing news" coming for you today. more trouble as another deadly amtrak accident this is the third amtrak accident inside of two months and wait until you see what is going on on nj transit plus dan zarrow will have al the weather. bill, tuesday looks lake quiet weather dare.
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witness day will bring in the next storm system and taste was winter during the daytime hours. winter storm watches have been issuedment we talk about what this means or the wednesday are you teen in the local weather forecast, coming up.
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bill: welcome back to "chasing news." i am bill spadea. meteorologist dan zarrowial this have the full forecast. could there be more snow on the wayne our zr stay with me on that but first wait until you hear this 14 to 16
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bookers, not motorcycles, die guys on bicycles terrorized drivers smashing windows in can sy around 5:00 on saturday over the weekend, don has the story. what happened? >> well, here is what we know right now. witnesses say that group of 14 to 16 cyclists were going the wrong which on west 23rd street 7th avenue, that area, there was some sort of altercation with a driver of a honda accord. the pack turned on that driver, the cyclists smashed his windshield and then punched him in the head before they fled. of course, the driver made things worse and made a you turn to chis after the group and hit a police officer. who was on foot. the officer suffered minor injuries. the nypd is investigating. collecting surveillance video breaking up these gangs, bill shall is a challenge and not a nu sance. >> this one here tends to be particularly
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violent and i pane, they are going to investigate it what this group is about and what they are trying to do. a bunch of kids that get together and do something like this. >> now, bill, of course you railroad the mote motable attack of a similar nature. maybe even worse. a couple of years ago, a group of buchers on motorcycles on the west side highway and the story made international news and the mom chase at driver. the driver reason over one of theskillses and caught up. there was fight. >> what happened a few year ago. got a bunch of criminals that attack that father, dragged him out of the car. this seems even, this seems even harder to go after because how easy disappear the street fuss or on the bicycle. you can railroad car rite up if you need to get away from police. do cops have any leads at maul no leads as of ow. they are looking at video. the cash cam video, can see one person's face. in listen this is impossible thing to stop and i a stock market
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which 8 plus million people. what the police do them they look at social media. they try figure out when the things will happen before they happen. so they are in place to arrest someone and then stop. >> thank you, kwon. appreciate your time. all right. a good report. all right. bring in the a-plus panel joined by a pop culture expert. always good he sue, lisa. welcome back. an attorney, always nice to have you here. peter bron is here councilman in linden. the only government gy on the panel. what do you do about this? this is a real menace? talk about pup blick safety. you are stuck in traffic. in manhattan, you have got bookers breaking a window. this is horrific. >> hov riffic. it is. it angers know hear things like this. because you know, some people call the groups of gangs and the group of losers. to be honest with you. you know, things like this. it really affects the neighborhood. then, it frustrates me. you know what the police can do everything they can to prevent this. i hear it as elebbed
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ohsal and complains like this. we put as much resources we can to stop things like this. it is very hard. as we heard, the police are looking at surveillance. i am sure they canvas the street. they may be able to catch the guys. well, the problem is how do you prevent it from happening again? well, all you got to do is get one, bill, because once you get one, they are going to be singing the names to the other people. are talking about a group that is throughout just to cause mayhem. you catch one. you catch them all. >> is this about how entitled bicyclists fell on streets this they feel look the street are there is the streets for the cars. they know there which waste bicycle to swap swoop in here. you cannot get caught. every tep ten yers or so. there is something going on where they are going the things? when was in new york in '89 they take brick and drop them on cars. new single. if you catch one that person will go on every single. >> maybe it is to imtreat the bicycles look the cars. and have to obey the
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traffic laws. look at that. >> all right. crazy idea. >> all right. >> we'll leave it there. >> thank. >> all right. >> i am sure you heard about the deadly amtrak accident over the weekend. this is the third amtrak accident inside of a two two months and wait until you see what is going on with new jersey transit literally doors are flying open. allison, what do you got for office. >> a set of doors open on the new jersey transit train without warping mid ride friday. this is not the first time it happened. the doors opened suddenly on the new jersey transit train in january. according to passenger scott david opp, the trains with on the northeast corridor hedding to penn station friday. think it is like a little frightened like you know, what is going son in why would the doors open up like that, righting into we reached to new jersey ran sit and they told us the tran was removed from service immediately and then that the investigation is ongoing. over the weekend, a new new york city to may. i amtrak train crashed in a freight train
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killing two people injury mog are than 100. it was the fourth fatal amtrak crash in less than two months. i am allison gormly reporting for "chasing news." >> thank you, allison. all right. bring in the a plus panel to break this down and joined by lisa, misty and peter brown. well start with you. now, he is lake one thing after another. clearly, the issue is new jersey transit and the door opening could have been worse. well, you consider that people are dead from amtrak. crashed. >> well, new jersey ran sit is a hot mess. most of these things are hot mess. my brother actually, he is 6's he. the doors opened on him. he is back up against the door. he was going to work in new york. the door open. he fell through the door. the foot looked to the stairwell and fell down. he looked into lawsuits key not. he could not sue because it is the state. why can't we make sure they are responsible for that. >> well, it is a lot more difficult to sue a government entity because of what is
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called the qualified nine. >> that is possible there is a lot more. commentaries in general. so you can say we see these problems because a ledgetive tax on the damages to be recovered so it attack is a way. well, let me put think it way. upper manage. they got a clear out. within thing dow prove. he came to linden actual lay couple of weeks ago when we talked about the infrastructure problems that we have the airtrain station. the new jersey transit has it. whether they can run trains and don't run trains on time. the trains are broken the structure is broken throughout the state. so it is time we clear the house and hov forward. >> is it time to rye vittize it even if it is a pubic private part mer ship look you have in tokyo, hong tongue. can in you talk. come and visit it. you know, the system is so broken in new jersey. >> conductors have been caught. >> that is more disappointing. >> leave it there. thanks.
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thank you, lisa. all right. check win meteorologist dan zarrow the weather. dan, i hear there is one snowflake in the forecast. dan: winter is officially half which over today. it was the midpoint. between the winter solstice in he is system ber and the spring equinox in march. that is good new. the season tyne during the day but it was little bit cold and blusty. we'll am prove on tuesday to more seasonable conditions. it will be near 40. that is rig on the normal to this time of year. then, sunshine, some clouds, lighter winds that is good new. then, the next storm system around the corner is coming up on wednesday. overnight tonight is going to be cold. lows around 20 degrees. clouds fill back in. we could see a few snow showers as well. tuesday dabble quiet, seasonable, partly sunny. still a bit of a breeze. highs on either sited of 40. wednesday, gets testy again and potentially within try the further north you are there could be travel troubles during the day wednesday. highs between 36 answer 40's. so also talk about this wednesday storm system
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and here is how it plays now. i think most of us will start in the morning with snow and wintry mix. then, transitioning to rain as warmer air moves then possibly back to snow again wednesday evening. well, there is a s.w.a.t. of significant snow set toals north of us through season cep trillion new york and to the capital district. wearying on the edge of that so northern new jersey into the catskills could see three sticks inches of snow accumulation and we have a winter storm watch that and bit of snow accumulation further south of that that would include the five boroughs of new york city. again, at least potentially wintry and messy on wednesday. hen, well keep you posted as it gets close. he aim meteorologist dan zarrow. >> don't go epp where. a lot more "chasing news" coming up four tonight including george kozlowski's supports report cheer lay big game on sunday night. not without contro visor off the field this time in
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bill: welcome back to "chasing news." i am bill spadea. some of you may have watched the football game sunday might. if you did you may have noticed an ad full of controversy causing a bit of a backlash. >> wonderful. reck my. ram's truck used forces of martin luther king speech to sell trucks now it doesn't seem that far off the march and let's face it. these guys will do about anything to get to you pay attention to their ads and they had about it of a captive audience a the super bowl and george kozlowski has the full story. there was football game yesterday and we go to minnesota and mvp with a play of the game late second and fourth in goal just in side of the two. there is the trick hey. sells it. he catched it. made it it 22-12 for thoughles made it to the win and very brief. you know, we played this game once since we were a little kid.
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we dreamed about this moment to be here with my daughter, my which have, my family, my teammate this season. we are blessed. >> we began the sports with talk of commercial and going to end it with one as well and it was the eli manning odell beckham dirty dancing redo and i will tell you a lot of giants' fans know were shocked a lot more sounded funny as i did. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i can't get enough of. >> pretty nice by ally and o'dell next season the bottom line is this stands back from the internet i saur sunday night and tom brady now 0-3 when eli manning guess up at the same super bowl one way or the other. that is today in sports i am gorming kozlowski. bill, also ge eat it back to you. >> i am bill spaed de. thanks for watching today. remember follow oh me on twitter and i will see you tomorrow night on "chasing news."
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live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11:00. city of champions, sounds good, doesn't it? get used to it because right now, the city of champions is this one. philadelphia, pennsylvania, now the home of the reigning super bowl champs. thanks for joining us at 11:00. i'm iain page. the excitement has not died down at all. the biggest question asked all over our area today, can you believe it? this is such an incredible feeling. you want some team coverage? we got team coverage for you. dave schratwieser and dave ken chen out with preparations for the big par regard and shawnette wilson got you covered if you're looking for gear. let's start with brad sattin lifer in south phil. brad. >> reporter: iain, you know, we're hearing a lot of compare sons to the 2,008 phillies world series. this parade expected to be


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