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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 5A  FOX  February 6, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EST

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you need to know for thursday 's parade up broad, "good day philadelphia" at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. good morning, they are unloading trucks already. did you watch that video still can't believe that is for real that is us holding up lombardi trophy they really did it. >> i'm going to mcdonald's to get some fries. >> i'm coming back with a full set of hair in the morning. >> we all stopped on that one like wow. >> mcdonald's fries? i want to listen to that one. >> yeah, most weird non-sector >> yes. >> we will see what happens. our weather story is a good one, little milder then yesterday, we will get with a eight out of 10, seasonable temperatures and messy weather doesn't arrive until tomorrow, and players here, and warm coat on, because temperatures are only in the 20's, kind of cloudy as well, 28 degrees
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feels like 22. 7:04 is our sunrise time, they are starting to get kind of early for most of us that is a good thing and days get longer we have snow flurry activity up in the pocono mountains just where we want our snow on a winter morning, it feels like, the temperatures that it is in most places and that is 30 in philadelphia, 27 in wilmington and 24 degrees in reading. plan on a high of 42 degrees, we will see mostly cloudy skies, it will be a few spots of sunshine, sunset at 5:26 and then we will get ready for a parade. we will have a challenging rush hour tomorrow morning with a mixed bag of precipitation. >> that is enjoy the bookends we will call it today and thursday but tuesday we will all go to work this morning after a late start yesterday. we have some problems on septa chestnut hill west regional rail line services suspended this morning because of amtrak wire problems. so we will see how this
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develops throughout the morning, again just that one lane suspended because of the wire problems. here's a live look at the schuylkill expressway, westbound, heading into center , city, and, closed for overnight construction, that is backup, here you can see the police officers just pacing traffic. as you get ready to leave the house you will be okay by the time you get there live look at ben franklin bridge no problems or delays at all. here we go for thursday morning. parade starts down here at 11:00 at broad and pattison coming out of the novacare complex and we will go right on up broad street so pick your spot along the way, we will wrap it around city hall and right up the parkway to the art museum steps. we will see a parade set up crew all day to day and tomorrow, and that whole entire route they will put up the barriers, those wooden horses, and, of course, setting up jumbo trons on the inner drive of the parkway for thursday's parade, karen and thomas, back to you. >> thanks very much.
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5:02. philadelphia police are investigating is speed a factor in the deadly crash that killed a woman? it happened last night in oxford circle. lets get right on out to lauren johnson. >> good morning to you. trying to cross roosevelt boulevard is a tough task we have heard stories, many of them become tragic as people make their way across here time and time again, this one is very latest on and deadly consequences, it started last night around 11:00 o'clock and has a woman in her 20's maybe 30's get hit so hard that her body slideness to the road, leaving her shoes behind where she was walking. the force so hard, the 2009 honda accord suffered major front end damage and victim had severe injuries to her face, neck, entire body. she was taken to einstein medical center where she later died. as for the driver of that accord, police say that person is cooperating in their invest igation. >> the driver remain on the scene, the driver's 22 years of age.
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the driver does not appear to be impaired. however, according to police investigating the scene this driver does not have a driver's license. >> reporter: that could cause some issues for that driver. as for the victim no id either , and traumatic injuries making it much harder for police to identify who that woman is. back out here live you can see traffic, flowing through this area and this intersection pretty quickly as often happens on the boulevard, so, at this point police hope to konecny dots in this case to help them identify who this woman is so that they can notified her family of the tragic consequences karen and thomas. >> lauren johnson on the boulevard this morning, thank you. in philadelphia, they are setting the stage for a super sized party all to celebrate our super bowl champions the eagles. millions of people are expect to line those streets thursday for the eagles parade. it will start at 11:00 a.m. it will begin at broad and pattison heading up the
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parkway to the art museum. area schools will be closed so everyone can attend. the art museum as well will be shut down. steve keeley marking his spot for the next few days, he is not going going to move an inch. >> reporter: these other blame cities around the country that win championships, they have it almost the next day. we can't do that here in philadelphia we need several days to set up, because, we expect a way bigger crowd. so you can see the trucks arriving now, power generators , stage set up, you name it, we will need the extra time as we always say when it is bad weather to put the stage. the base of the stage is already set up, and look even the stops of the pillars of the great building here they didn't want rocky statue staying up there but they don't mind jumping on the eagles band wagon with everybody else. so we are using their steps again as rocky did to
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celebrate those real life rockies and the police have a serious job. there are other championship team here in town, that wear color blue, and they are ready to handle everything as well as even restaurant that is line the route among those handing out that free budd light now, since they are coming through with their bet with lane johnson. >> we have had parades before. we had st. patrick's day parade, thanksgiving parade, we have had phillies parade. i will figure it is all three of them together. it will be so big, it is all hands on deck. talking to a lot of the restaurants around here, to see how they are going to manage. we're all in it together. is there just going to be so many people. it is just a matter of taking care of everybody and making sure it is safe. >> reporter: it is supposed to be one and done with the free beer but people cannot stop at one beer so you beer drinkers will be happy because you have to say, help yourself or
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relief yourself afterwards. even the portable johns happen to be eagles green, how about that, that probably wasn't planned but everything just works in your favor sometimes, doesn't it. >> well coordinated everything is bigger and better here in philadelphia. steve, thank you. sunday night two philadelphia police officers, look at this right here they didn't let work dampen their excitement, they were jumping for joy the moment they heard the eagles have won. of course, now the most watched show in american tv history. drawing 106 million viewers. also on that list every super bowl for the last eight years and, of course, last episode of mash. philly loved pouring in from every where, eagles neighbors on pattison avenue with the phillies they switched out their banner wishing eagles luck in the super bell to one congratulate s them for bringing home vince lombardi trophy. >> we love how everyone comes
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together for this one. we will be covering every minute of the parade. if you have to work you can watch from your desk, watch from your couch and of course watch in person. we will have every single second right here on fox 29. lets get to more headlines , investigators are working to figure out how a car wound up in a west win or, new jersey lake, killing the driver, there is the vehicle right there. fire fighters and police found an eight five-year old man inside, they don't know, how long he had been in the water. new castle county now police found two people dead inside a wilmington home they are investigating this as a double homicide. officers found a 29 year-old woman and four three-year old man inside that home, on the 2200 block of lemont street yesterday afternoon. woman was found shot in the head, the man had been shot, stabbed, and police have not yet released their identities. hopping today a judge will review case of the amtrak conductor, involved in the fatal crash that happened,
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three years ago, prosecutors may have to have the chance to argue that brand an bostian should still face charges. different judge threw out involuntary manslaughter and other charges after finding that evidence pointed it was a tragic accident and did not rise to the level of the criminality. federal safety investigators determined that the bostian who track of where he was on the route when he heard another train that had been struck by a rock. it was a crash that killed eight people and injured 200 others. lehigh county corruption trial of the allentown married he had pawlowski is in the third week, yesterday, prosecutors started laying the groundwork for their case against pawlowski's co-defendant attorney scott allison in his role in the mayor's alleged pay to play scandal. pawlowski is accused of rigging city contracts in favor of the law firms and business that is gave him money for campaigns. the defense denies the allegations. lawyers for bill cosby admit they wrongly accused prosecutors, of withholding evidence in the sexual assault case. that evidence, centered on a
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interview with a woman whom defense says cast doubt on cosby's accusers. the lawyers acknowledged their mistake says cosby's former layer had been informed of the interview. prosecutors are calling it outrageous and reckless. they have to keep drawing new maps in pennsylvania because u.s. supreme court will not hear arguments about the congressional district, re districting, because ruled unconstitutional by the state supreme court. emergency repeal was reject from the republican legislative leaders, pennsylvania's supreme court ruled last in that the 18 congressional restricts commonwealth constitution because they unfairly benefit ed republicans. state court has given lawmakers and democratic governor until friday to come up with a new map, if they cannot make that deadline dominated by democrats, the court will to have come up with its own plan. this is dramatic, deadly pile up, it involves dozens of vehicles. >> still ahead we will give
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you a birds eye view of this major mess on that highway right there. lots of people always call tom brady the goat, greatest of all time but after sunday's win there is a new goat in town and his name is foles. hey, bob. >> good morning. 5:11 on this tuesday morning we are all up heading to work today after a slow start yesterday looking live at ben franklin bridge coming into downtown philly, lets check other cameras down the shore i could go for a slice of mack inn manco on the road again to the super bowl parade. singing it, is what the song that gets you going on your tuesday, put it up on social media #traffic jam and sue has your forecast when we come right back.
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showing a massive multi car pile up on a interstate in missouri. you can see cars colliding during a snowstorm yesterday. visibility was so low that once the first couple of cars crashed the other ones could in the see the growing pile up officials say one person did die in that pile up, several others were hurt, gone for miles. we have messy weather that is moving into our area, it is part of the same system by the time it hits our neck of the wood. >> let's find out sue serio standing by. >> we have messy weather on
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the way for tomorrow just, of course, you have to be careful out there but not to day and not thursday when we are expecting good weather for the parade. it will be cold. we start at broad and pattison and go all the way to the art museum. for folks getting a good start early in the morning temperatures will be in the 20 's. parade start at 11. it will be sunny. 31 degrees. keep in mind throughout the parade it will be breezy, so wind chills will be in the 20 's all day so probably good idea for some layers, because standing out it may be warmer but walk in the shade it will be burr. it is february. we are just so happy that it is going to be sunshine on thursday. now this morning we have light snow falling in the poconos mountains and a couple flurries, out here in western berks county and parts of the lancaster county. we're not expecting this to come to us, it is tomorrow we are concern about and we will
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start future cast at 3:00 in the morning where it is behind and then by 5:00 here comes the snow. it does start out as snow and that line between snow and rain start to move northward with some sleet and freezing rain, very tricky travel for the morning tomorrow but by afternoon though, that line between rain and snow has moved pretty far northward but still icy in the lehigh valley and pocono mountains. we have heavy rain in philadelphia through noon or 1:00 o'clock even through evening rush hour and it will continue to rain. very challenging travel, different types throughout the day and by eight or 9:00 everything has cleared the coast and that is it and then we will get ready for sunshine on thursday. 28 degrees in philadelphia right now, 23 in atlantic city , it is 27 in wilmington. not much wind unlike yesterday when it was windy and cold, 6- mile an hour wind, makes it feel colder then it is, dress
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for wind chills in the 20's as you will gannon thursday. our average high with these longer daises now at 42 degrees, we are a bit below average with that high of 38 and it felt colder. forty-two where we are today. we are calling this a seasonal day, is there your mixture of precipitation for wednesday morning starting out as snow, sunnies back object thursday, for the parade and a high of 34 degrees, friday's high 43. a bit milder over weekend but saturday into sunday we are expecting, some rain. that is another cold front. so by monday it is a high temperature of around 40 degrees, so bob kelly, we have the parade all straighten out and we have to get through next couple days. >> crazy weather, parade, i think, will be smart move was thursday because of the weather. good morning, everybody. 5:17. chestnut hill line service suspend because of amtrak wire problems. trenton regional rail line
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problems running with 20 minute delays this morning. outside live look at the schuylkill in problems at all opening up both lanes east and westbound okay there no problems coming in on the 42 freeway heading in toward philadelphia how many parade have you attended? forget about showing your age here we have had two for flyers, two for phillies, both of those, sixers parade, throw in villanova parade. how many have you attended we had orange, receipt, sixers were the blue and we will paint broad street with green coming up on thursday, it will start thursday morning at 11:00 right here at broad and pattison in the stadium area, pick your spot. good thing about this parade route it is nice and long, 13 miles of broad street, plenty of spots licensing the way if you want to be part of the parade route and see big met or cade go by with all of the players, plenty of places to do so along broad street. hotels closer to center city.
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wrap it around city hall. go right up art museum steps here and you will see jumbo trons set up along the parkway just like for papal visit. pick your spot? think about your game plan and throughout the next couple days you will see crews setting up those barriers for crowd control and jumbo tron will be set up here on inner drive of the parkway, karen and thomas, back to you. 5:19, developing story out of colorado deputy shot and killed three other law enforcement officers injured in the shoot-out. fallen deputy has been identified as 34 year-old mika flick, a father of two, yesterday was his 11th anniversary on the job. officials say deputy flick was talking to a suspect he believed had stolen the car and 2b again to struggle and that is when shots rang out. suspect was killed but police have not yet said how he died. 5:19. federal officials are looking in the possibility of disabled signals as a cause in that
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deadly amtrak crash in south carolina. they are putting in that positive train control at the time and that is why the signals were on manual. they were down for those upgrade at the time of the crash on sunday. ntsb is focusing on manually operated switch done by csx in control of the track there is not amtrak that led that amtrak train down the raining track. two people killed, american 100 injured when that amtrak train 91 from insuring down to florida struck a parked csx freight train head on. a third sentence for disgraced former olympics sports doctor larry nassar, this time he got 40 to 125 years for me less continuing young athletes. he had already gotten a lifetime in jail for two prior sentencing for abusing girls at u.s.a. gymnastics and michigan state, in this hearing the judge sentenced him for me less continuing gymnast at a private club run by an olympic coach. president trump's former chief strategies steve ban on
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is scheduled to be interviewed by house intelligence committee this morning but there are reports he will not show up despite at subpoena. the house intelligence panel voted unominously to release democratic response to the de classified fisa memo which alleged abuse during 2016 campaign. president trum celebrated the release of the g.o.p. memo and then during a rally in ohio he raised a few eyebrows for criticizing democrats for not applauding during his state of the union speech. >> they were like death and un american, unamerican, somebody said treasonous, i mean, i guess, why not. >> as for democratic rebuttal to the g.o.p. accusations president trump has five days to deciding whether the information will be made public. a sad passing to tell but from the entertainment industry, john mahoney has died, he played martin crane
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on frazier, he was 77 years old, he died sunday, hospice care in chicago. according to the most recent tv appearancing included the show hot in cleveland. >> funny man. still ahead a marketing what were they thinking making chips more lady like. >> we dent want to it crunch. was this a board room packed with men? we certainly dent like loud things. you are reacting all over the internet.
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dear january, we're sorry. we've made you all diets and cleanses. thing is, food isn't a resolution. it's fuel for our resolutions.
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fuel to power us, made for us. it's whole grains, fruit and iron. protein, almonds and quinoa. food that keeps us strong. january. you deserve better. you're not a bad month... you're our beginning. special k.
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all right. well, what were they thinking. people are having a field day on this one. doritos has plans to launch a lady friendly chip, specifically designed for women. yeah, they said research shows women and men they eat chips differently women preferring not to lick their fingers or crunch loudly on a chip. so that is why new chips are said to be quiet and less messy then the original. they will come in different packaging, maybe pink designed to fit better inside our purse s. in word when the new product will be making their way to the store shelves after ever after this. a lot of people are saying this is completely sexist and ridiculous. by the way if you or someone you know is in the market for a gently used space x rocket, you are in luck here
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check out this ad on craigs list, someone listed an orbital launch vehicle for sale, asking price about 10 million-dollar, or best offer. according to the listing rocket is in good condition and comes with a fully loaded on board flight computer with launch and landing hardware. >> major launch is supposed to happen today by the way. we are track that one. 5:26. feeling overwhelmed by this ever changing news cycle there is a psychiatrist who suggest help others get outside yourself, according to the study, sheer volume of the stressful events that occur on a daily basis can make you feel pessimistic, fearful with what you can do to gain a sense of control by helping others, something so simple, maybe even, make a donation or volunteer your time. >> do you love mcdonald's frenchfries? another reason to eat them. new study out of japan that says a chemical in the oil used to make frenchfries could
5:27 am
help cure balding. researchers say silicone can also be used to mass produce hair follicles on mice. while it has not been tested on humans yet it has been tested on humans. i have tested it for years. it doesn't work. it is not promising at all despite what researchers are saying. we will see. the problem is, you know, i don't know what is going on. 5:26. we are celebrating, and so excited. >> coming up in 90 seconds our steve keeley is live at the art museum with what you need to know planning on lining the
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did you see kevin hart trying to get up there on the stage, all kinds of things out there, he does have an apology , for his fans. we also, have you seen this full full trainer for hans solo movie's out. >> i cannot wait. >> good day everybody.
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>> good morning, guys. >> good to be back with everybody. i feel like i have been on the road for a week and a half. >> we will be board ago this bus and going down broad street. >> parties continue, and probably up until thursday, still celebrating. >> absolutely. >> accomplishments of our super bowl champions. >> say it again. >> super super bowl champion philadelphia eagles. our number of the day, still will have an eagle on it and little better then yesterday. i mean it is in the as good as yesterday because we went from a 10 to a nine because mike jerrick sade we should have number nine for nick foles. today is an eight. but it is cold. it is february after all. temperatures in the 20's. bus stop buddy has his warm eagles coat on 28 degrees feels like 22 outside right now and it is dry for most of us. now here from the mountains we are seeing snow showers or snow flurries, and that is where they should stay, for the rest of the day.
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checking some neighborhoods we have 26 degrees in trenton. atlantic city 23. 25 degrees in dover, delaware and out in lancaster county, it is 26. cold one this morning. today we are expecting, mostly cloudy skies, a little bit of sunshine, seasonal high temperature of 42. we have got messy weather on the way for tomorrow, clearing up just in time for the parade , we will talk about that and time it all out for you coming up, bob kelly. >> good morning, everybody, tuesday, come on, up and adam we will hit the office today after the weekend and celebrations, septa though having a rough start chestnut hill west regional rail lines suspended because of amtrak wire problems, trenton regional rail line running with 20 minute delays this morning, an accident along 202 and great cliff lane there in north wales, live look at i-95 heading to or from the airport no problems at all this morning. airport looking good. tomorrow rough travel day not only on the roads but also in the air live look at the
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freeway starting to see pockets working your way toward philly. parade route 11:00 a.m. we will kick it off in south philadelphia, pick your spot, think bit, we have an option, all the way up 13 miles of broad street pick your corner, pick your location, we will wrap it around city hall and up the parkway to the steps of the art museum, now they will be setting up the parade from the jumbo tron is here on the inner drive of the parkway to all of the crowd control, barriers today, so be ready for that all along broad street and around city hall and on the parkway for big parade on thursday, karen and thomas back to you. developing right now cities oxford circle section a woman struck and killed while crossing the street, lauren johnson along the boulevard this morning, lauren. >> good morning to you, thomas police need to figure out who this woman is who lost her life here at this intersection late last night we are here at roosevelt boulevard and large street. lets show you video from
5:34 am
roosevelt boulevard last night that is where police said an unidentified with man in her 20's or 30's was walking when she was hit. would the man unresponsive. police say she suffered severe damage to her head, face and body. she was taken to einstein medical center where she died a short time later. here's what else police said about the deadly crash. >> on the scene are both sneakers. she was hit with such force that she came out of both of her sneakers and there is also damage to the front of the striking vehicle. >> reporter: 22-year old driver of that honda accord did stop at the scene. police say that the driver did not though have a license, also did not seem to be impaired in anyway so we are he's unsure what charges that driver could face in this accident but we do know that people do race through here with speed being a factor a lot of times but priority for the police again, at this hour
5:35 am
is basically to identified who this woman is to let her family know what happened here tragically lear late last night. >> just happened again another tragedy on that horrific road, thanks very much. lets get up to lehigh county where corruption trial of the ed pawlowski will continue, it is in the third week. yesterday prosecutors started laying ground work for their case against his co-defendant, attorney scott allison, and his possible role in the mayor 's alleged pay to play scandal. pawlowski is accused of rigging city contracts in favor of the firms that gave him money for campaigns. the defense denies those allegations. hours admit they wrongly accused prosecutors of withholding evidence in the sexual assault case. that centered on a interviewed with the woman whom defense says cast doubt on cosby's accuser. entertainer's lawyer acknowledge their mistakes say cosby's former lawyer had been informed of the interview. prosecutors are calling it outrageous and reckless.
5:36 am
>> the philadelphia eagles are super bowl champions, eagles fans every where, this is for you. let the celebration begin. >> we're still celebrating and we are going to keep celebrating, in fact, lets just make this a holiday even the schools will be closed many in our museums, we will have an epic parade right now. steve keeley at the art museum where they are getting ready and steve, i think art museum had a bet where they are getting some kind of painting on loan. everybody is getting in to the betting and the action. >> reporter: they are all trying to find room, to find football in their blood right now even if they weren't sports fans they are getting into it. the same guys that took mike jerrick's personal care products and wardrobe up to minnesota now backing up, unloading some of the stage set up. that is size of the truck we need to take mike's personal
5:37 am
hygiene products, and his after shaves, his lotions and all of his clothes and socks, so, there you go, you get to see that in a few minutes, behind the scenes stuff we normally don't show. anyway of the 3 million expected at eagles parade, probably a few or maybe more than a few will be living line from the doors red house blues song when jim morrison sings well, i woke up this morning and had myself a beer. philly police hope they handle their beer and themselves a lot better than post game goof s that had to damage and disrupt property and philly's image around the world as police commissioner called them clowns and idiots. >> with this one it goes beyond just the size of the crowd but things we always talk about in large gatherings , things you have to be prepared for. this is a totally different
5:38 am
environment then the other night. i'm not saying that be in will be drinking but it is early in the morning, or late morning anyway and so you always try to be ready for things like this. >> reporter: so my collogue who does this shift at our fox station in boston whom we share stories with, mike hen rains rich he is breaking news that the super bowl loss wasn't rob gronkowski's only loss in minnesota. he comes home with the team yesterday, his house right here near gilette stadium and finds out his house was burglarized. so two losses for him. as you report that news i can hear a collective ahh, too bad coming out of the homes all around philadelphia today. >> ahh, to bad for him. all right, thanks, steve. we appreciate it. 5:38. kylie jen era pol guys go to fans for keeping her pregnancy
5:39 am
a secret. >> she's letting us in, sharing a video but who else showed up, someone else trying to steel her sunshine? we will
5:40 am
5:41 am
good mourning i'm sean bell. i cannot believe eagles are finally super bowl champions. parade is on thursday. i can't believe it. nick foles has come a long way in the last couple years. that is exactly why he is
5:42 am
where he is. >> failure is part of life. that is part of building character and growing. without failure, i wouldn't be up here if i hadn't falling thousands of times, and made mistakes, we all are human. we all have weaknesses. >> players came home to a mob of fans, mob scene at the airport, unbelievable, people trying to get a glimpse of the players and show their support for the team but there was one player that wasn't on the plane? of course, it was nicki foles because when you win super bell mvp, you have to go to disney world, congrats to the squad. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. another reason to celebrate. >> star wars fans get ready. >> we will show you the first full trailer for the new hans solo movie up
5:43 am
-if you told me a year ago where i'd be right now...
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aah! ...i would have said you were crazy. but so began the year of me. i discovered the true meaning of paperless discounts... and the indescribable rush of saving drivers an average of $620. why does fear feel so good? i fell in love three times -- once with a woman, once with a country, and finally... with myself. -so, do you have anything to declare or not? -isn't that what i'm doing?
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-so, do you have anything to declare or not? let's check the road this morning with traffic and transit. >> good morning everybody. 5:45. septa having some problems this morning rather would have a problem this morning then thursday morning. chestnut hill west suspended because of amtrak wire problems. they have alternates on their web site and depends upon which station you would have originated from and where you are going.
5:46 am
trenton, running with 20 minute delays outbound and then a accident out here on 202 right here at gray cliff lane outside north wales. kind of quiet. no problems the blue route, schuylkill, 95. we will see a crazy rush hour. everybody heading to the& office today on time, you went in late yesterday, maybe took an eagles holiday. we all have to show up this morning to show our face to get you ready for parade on thursday. we kick it off at broad and pattison. think about where you want to see this parade, think about your spot, and you have 13 miles of broad street. we will go all the way up, wrap it around city hall and then go up the parkway to the steps of the art museum, they will set up jumbo tron is a longer in drive of the parkway today and tomorrow and you will see those barriers being dropped off, along that whole entire parade route. sue has the forecast in 15
5:47 am
seconds. so we have got a little bit of precipitation in the northern and western parts of the viewing area, a little bit of snow in the pocono mountains western berks, western lehigh counties, we are expect ago this all to stay there today, today's not the issue that we will have tomorrow with a change over from snow to rain, freezing rain, you see by 10 we don't have anything on our future cast for today, tomorrow different story. look at 6:00 in the morning the height of the morning rush hour and we have snow, falling in philadelphia, we have some freezing rain to the south of us and rain to the south of that, and that line moves further northward throughout the rest of the morning, and then we will see a change over to rain and it is heavy rain at times in the middle of the
5:48 am
day. we will go from that snow mess to a rain mess and then rain continues through evening rush hour and then it will all move out of here from west to east. this is an all day event on wednesday but it will dry out on thursday and we are having the parade, on thursday, for the eagles. 28 degrees is our current temperature in philadelphia. other temperatures are in the 20's, lighter winds then yesterday so wind chills are not dramatically different just a few degrees cooler then our actual temperatures. dress for temperatures in the lower 20's, today. average high temperature is 42 , we were below average sunday and monday, sunday, such a sweet day, and yesterday we had to recover from sunday so today seasonal, calm, nice, the mess is on wednesday with the snow, wintry mix and rain and high of 45. thirty-four is our high on thursday, but keep in mind out at parade wind chills will be in the 20's throughout the day
5:49 am
, quite breezy, 43 degrees on friday, 50 saturday with late rain into sunday and then after that is over because cold front it will chill out gannon monday. so thursday is the day, plenty of sunshine but you will to have layer it up, if you get to the parade. >> absolutely, sue, thank you. kylie jener setting the record straight here after months of rumors. >> so excited about this one thomas is. here's details. she gave birth to a baby girl last thursday and now giving fans out there an update in her video documentarying her pregnant i. >> you are a teenager, just becoming a young adult and there was one thing that your mom knew for sure and that was you. >> so that is her best friend jordan woods narrating the lengthy recap titled to our daughter, kylie released a statement apologizing for keeping fans in the dark explaining that she wanted to keep it private, and stress
5:50 am
free. meanwhile what do you think of this one her sister, who also came out showing her little baby, three week old baby chicago west, you can see kylie for first time and she resembles her other two kid north and saint but i wonder if this is stealing your sister's sunshine you show off your baby when she's showing off her baby. >> everything has to be timed out right, publicist involved. >> here's my baby. all right, star wars fans rejoyce here get excited first full length trailer for next film in the series is out. >> during super bowl you saw the teaser like wow, but now the full official trailer for hans solo debuted just yesterday.
5:51 am
>> kicked out of flight academy grabbing a mind of my own, i will be a pilot. >> he is going to be a pilot. we will have more on this one so exciting so watching that with your kids, ron howard took over as director in june and it opens up in theaters may 25th just in time for the holiday weekend. trending right now, kevin 's sorry, he made a, um of himself at the game. >> comedian certainly a huge eagles fan, this video was shown yesterday. he says he just wanted to be part of the celebration, right , hart tried to get on the stage for the team for trophy presentation but security push him back. hart was kicked off during an interview with the nfl network he went on instagram and said i was pretty much drunk. >> to all of the kids out there i just want to say don't
5:52 am
drink. when alcohol is involved you do dumb stuff. me trying to get on stage with the trophy is definitely in the top two stupid things i have ever didn't but who cares eagles are in the super bowl and my wife was first one to say don't go up there i said, honey, chill out, i got to be up there with my city. >> how did that work out. >> it didn't work out. >> hart says trying to go on stage during the trophy presentation, and the top two most stupid things he has ever done, he never revealed the most stupid thing. >> wife, cheating and all that kind of stuff. >> oh, yeah that is probably number one. >> i would think so. >> here's the thing, i learned this over the years when you make your apology tape you should sober up first before you apologize for being drunk.
5:53 am
>> but then you would never probably make it. >> time is of the essence. >> he did put out a tweet last night saying, in a sober voice i'm so sorry. >> we have a special planned today when is parade? thursday. we will do a mini parade, mini parade, so just keep your shirt on. don't you love that shirt. >> i do love that shirt. >> with the blood on it. >> here's the thing. we will do same route starting at the pennsylvania son, south broad and pad son and then, walk to the art museum today, and what we want to you do is come out and write a little net to the eagles. we will deliver to players and coaches like a little greeting card. >> who is going to do that? >> jennifer fredrick will do this at 7:00 o'clock at broad and pattison. she's walking there now as a matter of fact. >> thanks, jen.
5:54 am
>> there she goes. >> she's not going to get far if she's walking in circles. >> she has been walking in circles her whole career what are we talking about. >> that way. >> the door opens. >> look for the pony tail. >> "good day philadelphia"
5:55 am
i'd like the "my wife is out of town and i'm in over my head meal". sleep over! sleep over! sleep over! so you said 5 chicken mcnuggets happy meals and a classic chicken sandwich for 3 bucks each. exactly. build whatever meal you want with favorites on the new $1 $2 $3 dollar menu from mcdonald's.
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with favorites on the new $1 $2 $3 dollar menu her husband's super bowl loss, it seems innocent enough but
5:57 am
rumor is, there is more to the story, we will let you know, "good day philadelphia" continues in 902nd stay with us.
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5:59 am
well, we have been waiting
6:00 am
58 years? okay. it has been 58 years we have been waiting on this vince lombardi trophy touches down in philadelphia and i want to touch it. do you? i can even kiss it maybe? we will talk about that, parade plans are out there. plus foles follows through on tradition he went to disney world. the age old question what will you do if you win the super bowl? that is right. we have video. there is controversy about mickey, goofy and what they were wearing. >> what was mickey wearing. >> look at goofy. >> that is totally goofy. >> come on, they didn't know who would win. >> did you hear why mickey is divorcing mini? corry clement and jay ajayi sat down with jimmy kimmel last night, how much fun is that? could kimmel necessity something we don't. yes said nick foles


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