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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 5A  FOX  February 28, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EST

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increasing clouds throughout the rest of the day, it will be cloudy overnight, low of 44 . and then comes the rain. starting tomorrow. we will time it all out for you coming right up, bob kelly. >> let's enjoy one more dry one before we get soak on. 5:00, sue, good morning, everybody, here is a live look at the roosevelt billion right near fox street. most of the construction for the overnight crews pretty much gone, picking up the cones. so we're getting ready for the morning rush hour. live look at the freeway, no problems or delays at all, again, you have ' got the traffic pattern shuffle there along the 295-42 interchange over there in bellmawr, good morning to the benny, still working in the right lane. not really a tracking so much of a delay, but, the blinking signs are all over nine, a the schuylkill, and the vine expressway, saying watch out construction on the ben franklin bryn, there you are, only right lane taken out here headed into new jersey, good morning, allentown, looking
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good up and down the northeast extension, and masses transit running with no delays, karen, thomas, back over to you. >> bob, we want to get right to this breaking news, because it is happening right now, in burlington county. we had a barricade situation it has come to an end, tragically we know one person is dead, another injured, let's get right taught steve keeley. steve? >> police getting relieved, delanco police were helping edgewater park police, you can see in edgewater park officer taking control, blocking what is a deadened street, only few more houses cents, and the house where this occurred just one house away from the gates to the lot where the edgewater park water tower is above. and they don't get a lot of crime news out here. in fact, we are rarely here but what happened 1:30 this morning, word came that a person was shot here and was getting returned to cooper trauma. we don't know how that person was able to contact
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authorities, whether that person called 911 or somebody heard the gunshots. what we do know was that after that person got out, and we don't have a condition update yet from the people at cooper. police came here and they had a shooter inside the house, they didn't know if the shooter was alone, they thought there could be possibly another person in the house. and as we arrive, around 3:00, we see the police moving in from what we had was a staging area around the corner from here. , they hear gunshots, don't go response inside the house, we've since learned the medics standing by in case they were needed, for anybody being injured, were just called in to pronounce somebody dead around 3:00 this morning. so, what we have known at least now, just through following the events overnight, is one dead in the house, one shot condition unknown at cooper, was cents this a domestic? we just don't know just yet, waiting for authorities to
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tell us, but right now still bus which their investigation, and you can see them in our live picture standing at the door. the garage door you might not be able to make out where that light; has been open since we got here, as well. so police now coming and going, here comes a second unmark vehicle, coming, and state police generally help out around here, as well. specially when you have a barricade situation, and they can provide swat help when necessary, for these local towns that don't have large police departments here in burlington county. so as soon as we hear probably, get an update from the prosecutors office we'll have new news for you right now one dead, one shot condition unknown here from burlington county, thomas, car glenn still active scene, keep you posted, 5:03, following developing news out of philadelphia's parkside neighborhood. police searching therefore the gunman who shot and killed a 26 year old man last night it happened 52nd and heston street around 9:30, when police arrived they found a man shot twice. he parked his suv when we game
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up and just started shooting. >> in west philadelphia, investigators are trying to figure out what started that deadly fire, home 5600 block every race street around 9:00 they did finds a victim inside not sure, the medical examiner is investigate the second deadly fire just yesterday. heating school board meeting intensifies, at cherry hill high school east, after teach their is suspended, lauren johnson joining us from cherry hill this morning, those students are determined, lauren? >> dedicated, deliberate, to fight the good fight here at cherry hill east high school. start monday just beyond those doors here with a protest, and it was in the hallways, upset by the suspension of a teacher, then, last night, their movement continued at a school board meeting, parent, teach earns, administrators and students, packed a gymnasium to voice their
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concerns over school security and safety, meeting was emotional at times, students a chance to speak, and then school board members responded but still not saying too much. they refuse to release any details regarding the immediate removal of a beloved ap history teacher after his remarks landed him in hot water. and eventually, out of the classroom. so it was one comment last night from the school board president that sent the room into a roar of mumbling. the student walk out, the broadcast news stories are all relying upon conjecture and rumor. >> what? >> order. please? >> and speaking of orders, students been pretty orderly despite their strong feeling to re i am state timothy lock and to fight for safety at their school yesterday morning after 8:00 a.m. hundreds cents every student participated in the walk out to express their displeasure with the school's
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decision to keep lockout and to answer no questions, but changes are coming to the district in light of all of this, that's the good news. so how about a change of heart from dennis perry the principal here? who once threatened to punish the student by keeping them out of prom, out every graduation, offer of a school trip to disney, he has since rescinded his comments and inch stayed applauded the student for their determination and their maturity. >> we do have long proud history of public discussion specially among our youth. thank you, 5:06. happening today with this whole gun discussion lawmakers are taking it up, tackling some legislation, to tighten that state's already strict gun laws. the assembly judiciary committee will vote on seven bills, one is to reclaim guns, from those considered a threat by mental health professionals, and another would require background checks for private gun sales, if approved, these measures would then go to the assembly. >> more than 3,000 florida student returning to class today it, has cents been two weeks since the horrific
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tragedy there at the high school at stoneman douglas, killed 17 people. only going to be half day of classes today. and the building where the actual tragedy took place will stay closed forever, probably turn it into a memorial at one point, counselors will be there, therapy dogs on campus for anybody who needs them, we'll have live report coming up in just a matter of minute. >> back at home, lehigh county, jury deliberations are expected to begin today in the corruption trial of allentown mayor, ed pulaski, his lawyers argued in court yesterday, that prosecutors have no proof of any wrong diagnose you -- won diagnose, but michelle morgan outlined nine alleged bribery schemes involving the mayor saying he is quota liar who thinks he can talk his way out of anything. he denies all allegations. >> the former radnor township commissioner will remain in jail until his trial on child cd pornography charges. federal judge issued that order on monday, the defense claims, 67 year old phil ahr
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excepting responsibility for hills actions cents and has sought treatment. prosecutors say the hundreds every images of sexually abused children allegedly found on his home computer suggest otherwise. his trial is scheduled to begin in april. >> in camden county, there is cents a little birth just eight years old who survives a hit-and-run police are looking for the driver, her mom sales the little girl, and there is the little girl on crutches. >> police say liza was simply crossing the street when hit by that speeding car and on crutches after being released from the hospital. >> i never thought it was going to happen to me, i didn't plan for it to happen to me, and this has happened to somebody else, i know that i can feel their pain because i'm in pain right now. >> i'm trying to be strong for her, not letting heracy me cry, but it hurt her as much
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as it hurt me. >> police say the side mirror came off of the suspect's vehicle during the crash. so they do have that as evidence, but they're still looking for witnesses. >> two philadelphia police officers saving man, from a house fire. this is some new video, from last year, actually, at a home on the 1900 block of north 17th street. so the officers get there, it is officer donna hue and harper, they finds a man who is in a wheelchair on the second floor, so they carry him outside. doctors treated both the officers and that victim, for smoke inhalation. investigators now think the man started the fire in his home. prosecutors charged him with arson. >> some good news here, old parking tickets are weighing you down, some of those old particular rhett going to disappear starting tomorrow, all thanks to new program. the ticket amnesty program will eliminate all parking tickets, issued before 2013, but, yes, there is a catch here. you must sign up for the program on line, starting tomorrow. all current tickets from 2013
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to 2018 must also be paid in full or you'll have to sign up for two year payment plan. many say it is about time the ppa cut them a break. >> you can lose your carp, so that's good. >> it made me sad that i paid all of my ticket. because i could have made out on that deal. >> just wait little longer. not good idea, though. the olds tow goes to towing and storage fees as well. >> nothing better than when we come together as neighbors in a community and help each other out. that's going on right now. investigators are trying to figure out what started that huge four alarm fire that happened in old city. damaging homes, and businesses cents. four alarm err president's day weekend gut the apartment building above the restaurant, little lion. the good news is nobody was hurt. so they're trying to figure out what happens before they take the building down and demolish it, because it is a total lost. so several local restaurant are joining forces cents, to help the employees at the
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little lion get back on their feet. in fact, they are having a fundraiser, you can all come out to mad rex this sunday, it begins at 1:00. ticket start at 35 bucks. including food, two drinks, access to the virtual reality lounge. also and silent auction, as well. >> did you ever dream of mclaren forsment? well, philadelphia police right now are looking for some new recruits, they are holding some events, all around the city, and, you know, the good news, starting salary for officer who was accepted into the academy, $51,000. no too shabby. all right, we have an emotional return. >> still ahead here on "good day" philadelphia, student and park land florida headed back to class this morning. two weeks after the massacre at their school. we will take you there in just a moment. >> and we do have some serious concerns. if you need to go to the hospital right now, about the saline in the iv's there is alarming link between salt water solution and thousands of patient deaths? >> get a check of the roads this morning, bob kelly.
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>> good morning, everybody, 5:11, hello delco. live look at i95, rolling up and down delaware county, so far so good. come on, let's take a ride on the reading. do not pass go. do not pass -- do not collect 200 bucks. get down on it, here is a throw back for you, cool and the gang, looking live at reading pennsylvania. what's a song that we can play for this morning to get you up and going, #trafficjamz on social media. and sue has got your forecast when we come right
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>> welcome back, little bruce, lifeguard down doctor in wildwood, new jersey, and a lot of you saw him walking the board. >> soon have those wildwood days, sue serio, good morning. >> every time i look at that, i think of how much money we spent at he had's cave, fun times. and, they're not too far away from happening again. but, first, we got to get through the rest every winter. so we've got 39 degrees in philadelphia right now, 38 in reading, 37 degrees in millville, new jersey, down at rehoboth beach, it is 42. if you live in ross weeing owe lake, it is cents 32 where you are. valley forge at 41. to start your day. now, we've got some clouds cover around. watching couple of systems, that are headed our way. this one to the south. this one, little further north, headed into ohio. all of that energy will
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transfer to the coast. and we see that happening here. as we look at this future cast, we see by tonight, some rain starting to get closer t moves in at least for philadelphia by lunchtime. little earlier in the day, if you're south of the city. it rains pretty heavily at times, on thursday, as we start developing a coastal low pressure system, and then colder air gets drawn into the storm on the back side, as we get into friday. so, it is a lot chillier on friday. we will see little bit more rain. and then, as the storm exit, we could see a couple of snowflakes north and west of the city, they may not get as far south as philadelphia. we will keep you posted. meanwhile, the average hi, 47 degrees. we were well above average yesterday. with all of the breitbart sunshine, beautiful tuesday, with a high of 56. today, we probably beat that, even with some extra clouds. and high of 60 degrees. okay, so the coastal storm arrives tomorrow into friday.
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we've got 55 degrees tomorrow. and then a chillier 45 on friday. and in the pocono mountains, from the storm, we could get a couple every inches of snow. but then things should dry out by the weekend, and you know this is the first weekend of march, coming up, bob kelly. >> that's right. big fundraiser, too, sunday for the saint patrick's day parade down there at the springfield country club. if you are looking for something to do on sunday, come on out. love to see you. south on 95, watch for delays, as you head on through route 413 here. this is the construction zone, where they are putting the turnpike fly-over ramps in. and we just had a quick accident right on the onramp here, from 413, to go south on 95. looking at the ben franklin bridge, headlight coming into philly. but heading into new jersey still have the construction crews here, taking out what would be the right lane, not really bothering anybody, most traffic during the morning rush hour, comes in from new jersey, so we will be okay there. coming in from new jersey on the freeway, the headlight passing our camera here, at creek road, some pocket
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already, time to make the donuts eastbound ramp closed with the construction, first avenue is your best alternate, and here is a live look at the construction zone. as you roll out of royersford, and collegeville, headed into king of prussia. buses trains, trolleys, so far so good. karen, thomas being back over to you. >> keep it flowing, bob, thank you. 5:18. three people in the hospital this morning after opening what's being described as a suspicious piece of mail at a military base in virginia. investigators say, the letter had some sort of powder inside. nearly dozen marines at joint base meyer henderson hall felt sick after opening that letter. plane of sore throats, burning hands. building was evacuated, hazmat brought in, and this morning the envelope being analyze dollars at f.b.i. headquarters. jared kushner no longer access to certain classified information. president trump's son-in-law security clearance has cents been downgraded from top secret, to secret.
5:19 am
white house chief of staff john kelly ordered that anyone who had not received permanent security clearance by last friday would lose access to the nation's deepest secret. a lawyer for kushner says the move will not affect his work. >> well, the reverend billy gram, he's going to be arriving, his body in washington, d.c. this morning. where his casket will lie in honor at the us capitol row pun did a, first private citizen, since rosa parks back in 2005, ann think only the fourth ever, gram's family will attend a private ceremony with members of congress this morning. then everyone in the public is invited to come there, and to pay their respect frost 1:00 until 8:00 this eveningment former president bill clinton visited north carolina yesterday to pay his respects cents. >> he was pro foundly good man who conveyed simple beliefs. that we can claim kin ship
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with god by asking, he lives, he showed his fate by his works and by his life. >> the funeral will be this friday, and of course he ministered to just about every president during the time that he was alive. he will be burried there at his library in charlotte. >> time is 5:20. it has been two weeks since gunman shot and killed 17 people at stoneman douglas high school. >> can't imagine what it is going to be like for all every those kids going book class today for the very first time. let's get down to that area. we have darryl nail joining us, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, it will expect to be very emotional day here at parkland classroom. this is park of week long phased re-opening of the school, and i want to gave you a look at why it might be so difficult for these student. this is the front entrance of douglas school where teachers, staff, students, will walk past the flowers and memorials on their way back to class.
5:21 am
the 3-story freshman building where most of the bloodshed remained on valentine day will remain fenced off and closed, school officials, parent, student, have called for it to be dem old irma. student say there are reminders every day, where 17 people were killed, 15 yards. snot only the memorials outside the school but the places cents where they hid inside the school, wondering how long the gunshots would last. and whether or not they would live through it. back out here, grief counselors will be everywhere on campus today, so, too, will law enforcement, they're at every intersection, surrounding the school. and we understand that school will only be a half day today and for the rest of the week. live in park land, now, back to you. >> it will be very difficult morning. 3300 student we talk about building 12, part of it being closed it, that's where the shooting took place, thank you. >> all right, it is 5:21, right now. let's talk about something that's sweet to bring us altogether on this day. >> romantic gesture, shall we?
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>> lays your hands, have you ever gone out to eat and left without eating? >> only once. >> it was an accident. one in 20 people have dined and dashed, the number one reason, customers waiting a long time for their check. in my case, though, it was cents a group of us, we left, we were all in the car like did anyone pay the bill? >> oh, lord. >> nobody paid the bill. i went back the next day, i paid it. >> did you really? >> scout's honor. >> 5:25, can you put a price on happiness? apparently there is a dollar figure. new study says, that is the ideal income for more life satisfaction in north america, because it is different depending where you live. in fact, higher salaries lead to lower levels of happiness and much above, that then all like keeping up with the jones' and stuff, researchers at purdue polled 1.7 million people to call cue that. that's when they said oh, sweet spot. >> prepare to, well, see less.
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pappa john commercials during the football season. it is cents a result of the nfl ending its official league sponsorship with the company. of course pappa john's had been the official pizza since 2010. but relations cents reportedly were strained this year when the ceo, pappa john, he was blamed for players, blamed players, rather, for protesting the national anthem, that led to decline in pizza sales. >> whatever. how about this one? this one something that could seriously affect your health or the health of one of your loved ones, if you go to the hospital. if you need a iv bag turns out some of them are causing patient a lot more harm than good. usually, they contain a saline, salt water, but the new research shows that using different fluids could actually lessen the risk of death, or kidney damage. every year, millions of people get a iv to prevent dehydration, or to get some medicines, but doctors say, if they changed to other fluids, that could save tens every thousands of lives a year. >> all right, dumb criminal again. soap, three guys think they you know what we'll do, let's
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>> breaking news from burlington county, one person dead, one injured. live reports from the scene. >> parent and student in cherry hill, they want their teacher back and they're willing to fight for him. >> from a prince, to a princess. oh, ya. play the music right there, fresh prince, well, rumors are swirling again, about a reboot. so talk about flipped up, turned up upside down on this one, interesting twist. >> big twist, 5:30 this wednesday, so very nice to have you with us. good morning, everyone. >> good morning. >> every morning, bob, good morning, and everyone looks up, oh, too much energy. >> maybe one or two people. mel and, hi, bob. >> i said good morning. >> you do sometimes. >> the funniest, the time check, he walks in right
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around 330. and when he's early oh, my gosh, we're running late, we're in the ready yet. >> you're here! >> and that's a peak into our live behind the scenes. now, let's get to the weather forecast, of today. >> it was ten worthy i thought. up to the upper 50's for high temperatures, today, a nine, with a few extra clouds, is all. temperatures in the 30's, 40's, bus stop buddy has a coat on, at least for the bus stop this morning, feels like 34, sunrise time, 6:36. we probably top off 60 degrees today here, in philadelphia, and trenton, and millville. close to 60 in wilmington, even in the 50's, in mount pocono, but there are chillier times ahead, and rainier times ahead. we will talk all about that coming up in just a few minute, bob kelly.
5:32 am
>> looking live 309 near the pennsylvania turnpike, checking 95 not bad coming out of northeast philly headed into downtown, hello to the benny, ben franklin bridge here, still working they got this right lane block heading into new jersey. but, all four lanes are open for your driving pleasure. coming into philadelphia, this morning, coming in from the freeway, where we are starting to see some volume pop from the expressway, headed in toward the walt whitman bridge. pretty much all of the overnight construction pick up, gone, but we still have this ramp closure. 422 eastbound ramp, to route 23, closed, all part of the long-term widening project. so, everybody has cents to head on down to first avenue. >> septa new jersey pat cope, all looking good at the moment. >> hey, bob. >> yes? >> good morning. >> 5:32, breaking news out of burlington county following one person dead another injured. as is a barricade situation comes to an end. steve keeley, on the scene edgewater park, steve?
5:33 am
>> first hour shot somebody shot, somebody dead on deadened street, the house is just one house away from under the edgewater park water tour, that is why this street dead-ends, and what happened was cents police got call at 129, somebody was shot, they got that person to cooper, we do not have a condition update yet on that person shot, but it is believed to be a woman, and a man, barricade in the house. they kept us back around the corner for couple of hours, at 3:00 we saw the police move in, they must have heard a gunshot. economy in and find a man dead inside the house. you can see, the front door open, the garage door open on the split level house, owned and tax records by couple of in their 50's, so, we don't know for sure whether that couple is the one involved in
5:34 am
here, and whether this was a domestic or not. as investigators still try to figure out exactly what happened, and they likely have the 911 call. and they probably may have talked to that person they got at cooper hospital. but obviously they got a call telling them that they had a gunshot wounds here and then at least there was man inside. that's the situation here in burlington county not far off route 130 the main corridor here through south jersey? certainly a lot of layers, thank you. 5:34, three suspect get more than they bargain for when they try to rob a pizza hut in germantown last week, one of the employees being hailed a hero. deem eat tree us was off the clock, stopped by to visit his sister while three men with guns barged into the pizza hut, see one hopping over the counter, another one there he goings. guess, what he knock one of the robbers backward, while another robber appeared ready
5:35 am
to shoot. >> eventually they had enough, left empty-handed. he tells us why he did what he did. >> through my head, you know what, just go into security mode and take care whatever i have to take care of. obviously didn't know if it was real or not but i had to take my chance, anything could happen after they got the monday. >> i so what he did, would he do it again? he said absolutely he would. >> all right, 5:35. in camden couldn't, we had some student walking out of their school. we've been seeing a lot of cases in the wake of security issues at different high schools where this has been occurring. big meeting last night, because a lot of these kids are concerned about a teacher who made some comments. lauren johnson is out there now. and interestingly, the superintendent of the school is changing what he had been saying before, lauren? >> student protesting, outraged, started monday, now
5:36 am
changes are coming to her i chill, so let's talk about what happened last night. student showed up at board education meet to go fight for the teach he's fate and to fight for their own safety, timothy lock was ousted after making controversial comment in his ap history class last week, made mention every past history of school shootings and he was gone before the weekend dollars. school leaders called the social media protest the student walk out and the media reports conjecture and rumors. they assure students that changes are coming but some say not soon enough. >> well, i understand cherry hill 2020 plan will put in place vestibules and cameras, i urge to you take more immediate action as well as take the police force in your hands. above all else, student safety should be your number one concern. 2020 is too far away. the time to takings is now. (applause). >> and the police chief agrees with her, saying that the changes need to include his
5:37 am
officers who are armed versus the current district unarmed officers, student are also going to get a chance it meet with administrators weekly to voice their concerns in general, all of this the result of emotional week at the school that started monday with the protest yesterday with the walk out. and as you mentioned, at the beginning, karen, the principal had threatened student who took part would be punish by missing out on prom, graduation, school trip, since changed his tune and now applauding the student for their bravery. and for their maturity through all of this. >> all right, thank you, lauren, we appreciate it, 5:37. in lehigh county investigators say, they may never be able to figure out what caused so many busses to catch on fire. there were dozens of park land school district busses destroyed, in a fire, on friday. it was such a dramatic scene out there, because the entire building burned to the grounds as you can see, there is the smoking buses. they were not able to pinpoint where this whole fire started because that's how bad the damage was. the superintendent there says there is no reason to believe it was suspicious, the loss is in the millions. >> in lehigh county, new
5:38 am
parade is in the works to celebrate saint patrick's day in bethlehem. the first saint patrick's day parade will kick off at 1:00 in the afternoon at the arts questions steel stacks campus on march 17th. you can expect to zip on free shamrock punch, enjoy free festive smacks, also a whole lot of activities for the kids. >> labron james just gave us another reason for wanting him here in philly. >> oh, my gosh. did you see what happened last night? it was historic. we'll explain. >> oh, do you want to go to ireland? all do you have do is watch "good day" live this week. up until 10:00 a.m. and wait for the word of the day. once you have the word, you can enter on our website, every day, by 10:00 a.m. there is going to be new word every day. and the new one is coming up pretty soon. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> the sixers won seven have straight games before their streak ended, no mother they look to make it one in a row against miami. sixers up one with 232nd left to play. dwyane wade, steps back the jumper here, takes one point lead. winding down, jj reddick the wide open look. it doesn't fall. sixers fall miami 102-101. st. joe's taking on 17 rhode island, hawks up in the first, james, gets the steel here. he's going to take it coast-to-coast for the lay up and the foul.
5:42 am
had 21-point, st. joe's, get the win, 78-48. >> eagles punter johnny jones can keep the sweats on whenever he want now after 14 years in the league he's retiring. jones is going out with a superbowl ring and the record for most regular season games played by a punter. >> phillies-tigers, phillies down eight-nothing in the bottom of the fourth. goes left. gets his first homerun of spring training. phillies fall though 11 to six. that's sports in a minute, i'm kristen rodgers. >> thank you, kristen, well those harlem globetrotters back at it again. >> this time they stop by the linc, let's call it the philly special. globetrotter style, right? more on this trick shot, they did it again coming up next. >> ♪ >> ♪
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the pennsylvania lottery. with millions in prizes! hot diggity dog! keep on scratchin'! >> bell come back, it is 5:45,. >> let's get a check on traffic and transit to morning, bob. >> you do say hi to me sometimes. you know what i think it is, you have your ear buds in. >> i'm locking some video looking at some stories here. every morning, though, i know it is bothering you, because every morning i turn around, hey, bob, hey, good morning to you cheery pepper full of energy kind of guy. >> hi, bob. >> little pop there in your chair, having some fun there in the morning, 5:45, on this wednesday, good morning to everybody. up and out, live look at the blue route, 476, no problems between mid-county and the
5:46 am
schuylkill expressway. all of the overnight construction, pick up, and gone. so, we're okay there. zoomed on in on the benny here, the ben franklin bridge. you've got four lanes coming into philly. now, leaving philly, headed into new jersey, working in the right lane, on the upside. so just look out for. that will that's really the only left overactive construction project. hello to delco. live look at i95 in delaware county. no problems if you're headed up toward philadelphia international airport, just check the tote boards, good to go today, however, with what sue is going to dish out for you tomorrow, you may want to check your flight status, here is a live look, montgomery county, outside of route 202, looking good. and northeast philly, no problems at all coming down 95, forecast for tomorrow and the rest of the weekends, sue has got it in 15 seconds.
5:47 am
>> the rain rolls in tomorrow. it will be coming in from the south. we'll see this system, merge with one up to the north, it gets little complicated, comes coastal low. and those are notoriously difficult to predict. exactly what is going to happen. so, here's our best estimate for now. first of all, today, extra clouds, little more than we saw yesterday. and they'll get a little thicker by the end of the day. then we get into tomorrow morning. and that will start off as a cloudy day. rain rolls in by lunchtime in philadelphia, earlier, if you're down in delaware, maybe over in lancaster, gets heavy at times throughout the afternoon and evening, little break from the action, as the system moves off shore. we're on the back edge on friday, we get some more rain, we get high winds, and we may get a little bit of snow, especially north and west of the city, it is little tricky forecast to see what happens here in philadelphia before
5:48 am
the storm pulls off shore, and get out of our way. but, it looks like most of the rain now from the storm will probably fall on thursday, rather than friday, but it will still be some rain around on friday, as well. we can assure you of that. 39 degrees walking out the door right now, 34 in mount pocono. thirty-eight in lancaster, down in dover, starting off in the four's, so you still need a coat. but it is not as chilly as it was yesterday. and we're at an average high of 47 degrees now for the last day of february. second to the last day our high was 56. today, we're going with 60. so, i guess you could say, march will come in like a lion, with this coastal storm, and all of the rain could get one to 2 inches of rain between thursday and friday. it calms down little bit on saturday. looks good on sunday. seasonable temperatures, and the nice weather lasts cents until monday of next week, guys. >> getting those flowers red. >> i yes. >> sue, thank you. 5:48. ryan seacrest speaking out
5:49 am
against sexual harrassment allegations that is public statement revealing after two month investigation his name has been cleared. susie hard i former stylist made the claims back in november. she was out there, she made herself pun. she claimed that seacrest acted inapropriately toward her and that two weeks after she came forward she was let go from the e network. representatives for e and abc have both said ryan seacrest will continue to host his previously scheduled on air gigs despite the allegations. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> oh, ya. well, it may not and prince this time around, could we have a fresh prince reboot happening? well the classi the's citcom is coming back, with a princess. according to "tmz." saying that the company that owns the rights to the show is in very serious talks about securing a new version of it,
5:50 am
with a woman, as the lead. they say the company's filed a trademark application locking down the right to the fresh princess for a tv program. we don't know if will will be involved or not. but it would be a lot of fun. >> and we'll start the speculation of who will star as the princess. >> all right, so we've been seeing billboards all over the place when it comes, the movie the three billboards in missouri up fueros cents, a big oscars this weekend, then saw the billboards out there for labron. so we have a combination about all of this one. >> so i tell this time around the billboards, they're going to win this guy, alexis, husband of the year. he put up total of four billboards to surprise his wife, serena williams, and of course to celebrate her return to tennis. look at the little one there. the billboards were placed along the drive to one of her upcoming tournaments in indian wells california. and you see them, they feature adorable photos of the couple's five month old daughter, alexis junior and together they read: greatest mama of all time.
5:51 am
and that one right there just says mama. says it all. >> that's so cute. let's get back to the first one. >> speaking of billboards, told but a mission to get labron james to philadelphia using of course billboards. >> he came into our studios here on "good day." these are the billboards out there in cleveland. so, you know, all encouraging him to have labron come here to philadelphia. so, labron sales, he hasn't actually seen them yet, but yes he's heard all about them certainly on sports radio and he's flattered. >> i'm sit hearing at 33, my 15th year, and teams, guys, i say teams because, you know, people in their respective city want me to play for them. that's cool. i think that's dope. >> that's dope man. he is 33 right now. the billboards not too far from the bigar rena out there where the cavs play. only matter of time before he does see them with his own eyeballs. >> speaking of labron, he has been breaking records since he enters the nba15 years ago and
5:52 am
last night he surpassed a milestone that no one in the history of basketball has achieved, the first play in nba history to get 30,000 points, 8,000 assist and 8,000 rebounds. he reached the milestone, while record ago triple double against the nets last night. we face-off, 76ers, with them tomorrow. >> oh,. >> barbara streisand, seeing double. kind of. >> well, she announce that she has cloned her dog, and has done it twice, in a variety interview she admitted two of her dogs were actually cloned from her beloved samantha, who is 14 years old, she ended up dying last year. so one of the pictures of the beloved pet, another picture with the two clone dogs and cousin. this is miss scarlet, and miss violet. she directions the clone dogs in different colors the red and the lavender, so she can tell the two apart because they do all look alike. >> keep that love going. 5:52, good day coming back in about 90 seconds. we take you up to blue mountain this morning, another great day for a run. coming right back.
5:53 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
5:54 am
oh no. oh no. oh no. i hate this belt. man oh man. mom, we have a situation. life's bleachable moments need clorox bleach.
5:55 am
>> the harlem globetrotters back at it again, we've got our friend zeus and swish, swish of course from west philly appeared in new video showing them making trick shots that are amazing at the linc. so, they're making them the second level concourse down there, and they also decided
5:56 am
then, come on, look at the kids, cheering, too, they took it up a notch. >> fly baby fly, swish through the net. afterward z. us and swish given a jersey from harold carmichael. >> it is 556. breaking news continuing, deadly barricade overnight. we know, now, one person has died. there was a shooting, a stand-off in south jersey, we're got the breaking details from burlington county. >> and also, flying high. just like our birds, how about our fly guys, oh, they're next underdogs. the striking similarities between the orange and the
5:57 am
black, and our supe bowl champs.
5:58 am
i'll take that. hey, l'eggo my eggo. i don't see your name on it. really? ba bam! know the rules. keep your eggo. l'eggo my eggo. okay.
5:59 am
>> something bad happened inside this south jersey home. that's what police are trying to figure out exactly what did go down after a deadly barricade situation, last night, this is edgewater park. what we're learning, what
6:00 am
happened inside this house. why did they have to barricade it. >> so i'm hoping that tonight is the beginning of change for our district. >> parent and students in cherry hill demanding answers from the school board, after a teach is her suspended for his comment on school safety. what we learned from last night's meeting. emotional returns, student at stoneman douglas high school will be back for the first time since the deadly shooting two weeks ago, the focus at school today as they try to move on from the tragedy. >> striking similarities between the orange and black and your skype champion eagles. it is wednesday, yes, wednesday the last day of february, in 2018. hi,. >> the last day. >> hey, happy birthday to all of the leap year people, because do you have do it today. >> and to all of the people who aren't leap year, like my mother. >> oh, that's right. >> h


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