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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  March 1, 2018 7:00am-8:59am EST

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bring rain, wind, flooding, and even some snow, to start the weekends. we break down the timing, and the impact, in your area. >> flames burn out of control in burlington county overnight, this time in delanco watcher we know about this fire that sent at least one person to the hospital. another bombshell exit from the white house. >> she is literally been there, by his side, from the very beginning. >> one of the president's most trusted advisors, suddenly resigns, as communications cents director. why hope hicks is out the door. >> hey, kids. don't touch that snow. a school tells its students, you can't touch the snow. the reason behind the unusual rule that's getting a lot of backlash.
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>> okay, we start straight up 7:00 here. we have to tell but this, gloucester county new jersey two school district are closed right now, one of the district got a threatening e-mail. >> the franklin township and delsea regional school district are both closed. the e-mail was sent to franklin township school district, and then because of the proximity to franklin township the delsea regional school district is also closed. one of the viewers weighed in, they said just to clarify the franklin township school district is the elementary schools and delsea regional high school is middle and high school, so same town, but share the same buses, also might be another reason why they're closed, as well. >> is that clementon? >> i want to thank dana for send that in. >> jen is he, there she will gave you a report in just a second here. but first we have to tell you it is thursday march the first, february is gone, okay, not coming back. >> that's right. >> and now that we have it is a new hour, it is a new way to introduce the word of the day. >> oh, good. >> don't be telling everybody what the word of the day is as you heard in the 6:00. shush. cut down your chance.
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>> mike, one of our viewers they asked: what's the percentage of us actually winning this? what are the chanceses in we need a percentage or something. >> well, i'm not a math major but i'll tubing somebody over at upenn and figure it out. >> or just do it and see if you win. >> all right. that will might be in the fine print on the website. >> what? >> there is no way we know the odds, because we don't know how many people entered. >> that's right. i was reading it yesterday it, said it depends on how many entries we get. >> we won't know that until 10:00 tomorrow morning. >> which is why you shouldn't tell people what the word of the day is, increase your chances cents. >> yes. >> anyway, we will reveal again in this hour. >> five out of ten is our number of the day, it will be kind of half and half day. because the rain arrives after lunchtime. >> so what you are telling me, 50% chance of rain. >> there is a chance. >> a chance. >> what you are telling me is. >> what i am telling you is, bus stop buddy has the rain gear. just in case. temperatures are in the 40's, right now, there is the rain that's on the way. you see a lot of it, there down in north carolina, but then there is the other one, the other storm up around
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chicago, and ohio, and indianna, all of that is going to merge, move off shore, and become our coastal storm. 44 degrees very cloudy right now, coming up we will have details on the heavy rain and some snow coming out of the storm, damaging winds, and coastal concerns as well, since this is a nor'easter, but today's high temperature, 58 degrees, with rain rolling in this afternoon. that's your weather authority forecast for today. all those details we just promised you coming up. bob kelly, good morning. >> hey, sue, good morning, 7:03, we begin in new jersey, northbound lane of 295, two separate accident on the northbound side. right near route 541, burlington-mt. holly, one of the crashes right here, off into the grass. there was another one on the southbound side. but looks like they cleared that bottom line northbound, 295, bumper to bumper, just north of route 541. if you typically head north this morning, into central new jersey, i would use the new jersey turnpike, you can jump right on there, at route 541,
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good to go. accident on the schuylkill expressway. we had one westbound at the south street off ramp. i don't know whether this guy he just pulled over to the shoulder here this is eastbound, maybe disable there, but a lot going on the on the schuylkill this morning in south philadelphia. leaving south philly and headed in toward the city, extra heavy because of that earlier crash. and in king of prussia, north, the northbound side of norristown, all of the traffic light are out at 202, airy, police at the intersection, four way stop when the lights are out. back to you. >> 7:04. so crews have been out all night in burlington county, the fire there, they say, is still not under control. i'm surprised. now, this is four hours later. so this is a 600 block of hickory street in delanco. it is one of those houses cents that, you know, split in
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two, two houses are connected. so the people that were in the house, the original fire, two adult, taken to the hospital. expected to be okay. and the neighbors in the adjoining house, they got out okay. >> 7:05. >> well, we are keeping watch on a powerful nor'easter that has taken shape. sue has been talking about this morning. >> yes, so we've sent steve from, well, basically atlantic city, then went to ocean sit, sea isle city, the wildwoods, he's headed for cape may, where are you now? >> we're hitting the fourth wildwood, so we covered the mall today. this is wildwood crest, new jersey avenue, right on the back bay, this will be underwater for sure, sometime this weekend. the cool thing about the back bay, and wildwood crest here, look at the sidewalk. it is super wide. but see how they made it look like the boardwalk? they cut the concrete. so it looks like boardwalk even with the nails in it, see that kind of cool. little thing people don't know even if they walk on it at night. you can see the slogan, mike,
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wildwood crest, sure beautiful. and i noticed as i continue to follow you on instagram without being on instagram because you can put it on -- >> twitter? >> i know you want to go to the exotic islands you've been saying, so alex how about these? island in the middle of the back bay back here, mike being you will have these islands all to yourself. okay? so even though you'll be close to home, you'll be far away from civilization, we can drop like sizzly from wawa to you or whatever. >> sure. >> or we can have you go with your personal chef in your normal entourage, with all of your bags, if you want. >> hey, either way, you choose ? >> steve, do you know anybody who has ever stepped foot on those little islands there? >> surely. >> shirley did? who is she? >> i don't know personally but you can go by boat and both letters tends to go out there put out the anchor and bring in the case of beer, or just drink there and have fun. >> oh,. >> no beach tag necessary. but look, there is a serious side to this.
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you can see,. >> hurricane shutters on here, they're smart. the other smart thing is bring in the docks now, and stack them up neatly, before mother nature does it. so, these floating docks, we always see these things in the street. here they know that storms will knock them in the street. we will finally end with this. alex, you can go to these islands with mike. because you're wondering how can we get there? here is a promo if i ever saw one. look how cool these little paddle boats are here at this local business. >> oh, i've seen those. >> they have big swan paddle boats, alex, you can steer, mike, she'll do all of the peddling i'm sure, alex you know, that right, if you were in the paddle boat you would be paddling, you would be going in a circle because mike wouldn't do any of the work. >> that's right. >> just a suggestion. but that would be the promo of the year. >> that would be so romantic? romantic, really?
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>> they have down at the delaware river. >> one of those cruises out, there as well. >> you got it. >> and then get in those big swans, with the big neck. >> the thing is he said you can do there is alex. he didn't say, you know, do you want to do this. there is a difference. >> you want to be stuck on island alone with me? anyway. 7:08. >> 7:08. >> let's get back to serious news here, man is in critical condition after a shooting this is in frankford last night. police say just before 10:00, matter of fact, someone walk up to the victim, this is on the 1500 block of ren street and shot him in the head at point black range. authorities say there is surveillance camera in the area that at least one or two, they are working to see in they can identify the shooter. >> 7:08 now. >> delaware county state law maker is facing accusations of assault. >> the philadelphia inquirer is reporting, two women have
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filed a confidential complaint against him. he is a state representative. nick maccarelli. they claim he threaten, stalked, intimidated and sexually as ousted them. both accusers dated him at different times between 2012 and 2014. two year periods. our jeff cole went to find him and ask him about it. >> other issues, in terms of allegations cents of behavior that's not proper. >> can you tell me about it? >> yes, all i can tell you is i've done mooing wrong. >> you can't talk to me? >> i'm at home on my personal property, jeff. i understand -- >> nick, i've known you for a long time, i'm here just to get your side. >> if you would like to have a conversation you know sit down and do that at my offers when i am not you know in the back of my house doing yard work. >> there you go.
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well, governor tom wolf released a statement saying in part this report and the conduct detailed disturbing representative maccarelli must resign and these allegations must be fully investigated by all appropriate authorities. >> well stay with us. >> 7:10. emotions were running hyatt marjorie stone mal douglas high school yesterday. >> because the kids back in school. been two weeks now since that tragic shoot that killed 717 people -- 17 people. and yesterday they return for half day. >> thomas, around this time yesterday, we showed them walking into the school and it was such, i don't know, difficult site to see. all of these armed officers, escorting these students, into the school. >> can you imagine? do you have deal with this tragedy, the memory of going through this, and then you have all of the armed authorities near you, escorting you through that line if you will, into school. we talk about the half day. there was a reason they had a half day yesterday. it was to begin the fourth period for the nearly 3300 students. and they wanted to begin with
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the fourth period because they wanted the student to be around other student, and teachers, who were going through with, you know, that exact moment during the fourth period. we saw hundreds of grief counselors, they were on hand, some with therapy animals, spending the day talking about the tragedy you how to cope with t some of the student they shared their stories, they reflected ongoing back. >> it is very intense, no one seems to know what to do or where to go or just honestly everyone just wandering the hallways kind of looking lost. >> kind of weird. because most every my classes are in that building, and one of my teachers may he rest in peace mr. beagle my first period class. >> and he talk about that building, building 12, that building is closed right now. they're deciding whether or not they want to actually tear it down, school officials say that heavy police presence we saw yesterday, it will continue for the remainder of the school year. mike and alex, we mention 3300 student, a large part of the student body they went back
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yesterday. but there is a lot of people who transferred to other schools. >> you got it. >> and also stayed home for home schooling. >> we were just talking about this, thomas, while were you talking about the story, how difficult it must be to walk back in those hallways where this happened. and not think about it, and to just move on, be able to focus on your stud us. >> i can't believe that much police presence for the next three month, what are we -- >> through june. >> really? >> all right. i wonder, too, we should look into this, how much home schooling has gone up. up know what i mean, last month or so? i bet a lot. >> 7:12. one of president trump's advisors, yet another one, is leaving the white house, she is going to resign. >> hope hicks, made the announcement yesterday, that she is resigning. and doug the timing on this one is interesting, because this is just after she was questioned for hours, how many hours? >> nine hours, the day before that. >> hey, doug. >> yes. and was famously photographed exit that session.
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look, this is kind of a head scratcher. hope hicks is one of those people that just preferred to work behind the scenes, but her portfolio, her profile, have certainly been growing in recent weeks and months. and that made this decision, really, a stunner. >> hope hicks leaves the white house, with about as much mystery as she enters it. >> merry christmas everyone. and thank you, donald trump. >> that's about the only time we have heard hicks speak in public. back in 2016 just after the election, making her one of the president's language he is serving aids, with a lofty title communications director, and almost un parallel access to the boss. no one seemed to see this one coming. >> she is literally been thereby his side from the very beginning, and a person that he trusted, probably, more than anybody was in his immediate family. >> hicks has been facing two issues that clearly caused discomfort. a relationship with former trump aid, rob porter, who later left the white house following allegations of abuse from his two ex-wives.
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and just this week, while providing closed door testimony to the house intelligence committee investigating russia, hicks acknowledged that she had at times told white lies for the president, it is not clear what role if any those events may have played in her impending departure, but add her face to this wall of key players who have decided to leave the administration. >> there are very few left outside of his family now inside the building with whom he has those sorts every bonds. >> and now presumably the search begins for a new communications director. it is a stressful job, and any administration, but specially this one. mike and alex. >> oh, yes. >> so that graphic you put up, some people haven't been up long enough to have their picture taken, jaws blank. >> yes. well, and listen, a lot of pictures to track down. so that complicates the effort, as well. >> got to catch them before they resign or get fired. doug, see you tomorrow. coming up n 7:15, mayor jim kenney of the great city of
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philadelphia, revealed his plans for philadelphia this morning. >> we are talking about the budget. >> the budget of course. >> he will formally present his budget for the upcoming fiscal year to sit council. there are reports, his budget let include a property tax increase to help fund city schools. >> oh, oh. by the way a school is being mocked for banning student for touching snow on the school's campus. this is for little kids, mostly. >> so this is how the rule goes. don't touch the snow. if you don't touch the snow, you're not going to throw it. >> so they're trying stop with the snowball fight and things. >> yes. >> school leaders say it is meant to prevent snowball fight, potential lawsuit if somebody gets hurt. so, also, it says, that playing in the snow leaves children's clothes wet, and unfit for school. okay? the school, here comes, is in glands. >> oh,. >> and it is being called the
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snowflake decision. >> also concerned that sometimes you may pick up a rock and covered in snow, you may not snow about a snowball, something worse. >> right of passes and when you see -- >> getting hit by a rock? >> no. but, a snowball fight, right? >> oh,. >> and it can be dangerous, get had the in the eye. i've been hit by snowballs, especially when the snow is icy, get an ice ball right in the face. >> but you say just a part of growing up. >> don't touch the snow. common. >> and if it is snowing how do you not touch the snow, like it is falling on you? >> you know what they mean, pick it up, pack it into a ball throw it at your student the at some point, sue serio will pop up here and give us a snow forecast. >> there is a little bit of snow in our forecast, not for everybody, but if you live up in the pocono mountains, lehigh valley even, you should watch out tomorrow. specially tomorrow night. now, the storm has yet to become an off who are coastal
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storm. but it is working on it. coastal flood watch in effect, tonight into saturday night for moderate to major flooding at times of high tide. exacerbated by the fact that we have a full moon tonight. flood watch in effect tonight, through tomorrow night, for several inches every rain, and the most of it is expected to fall north and east of the city. we still have our winter storm watch in effect. that's for tomorrow. for four to 7 inches of heavy wet snow. high wind watch for just about everybody for tomorrow with wind gusts of 40 to 60 miles an hour, down the shore, coastal flooding, beach errosion, more than an inch of rain. the wind, the scattered power outages, that's our biggest concern. as is it always is when we have a nor'easter, in the forecast, so we will be keeping an eye on all of that tomorrow. so the rain start later on after lunchtime, rains through the night i have at night, ten to 1:00 switches over to snort snort and west of us and starts accumulating while we
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get rain here and very wind driven rain. right at the end of the storm tomorrow night, colder air moves in. it doesn't look like it will necessarily be cold enough for it to snow here in philadelphia. but, if you're north and west of the city watch out. it is 44 degrees, in philadelphia, right now, and 58 should be the high today. but we will be chillier than that tomorrow. úmuch chillier. with that wind driven rain for most of us, and chance of snow friday night, for some of us. clearing and windy, on saturday. nice day on sunday, stays with us seasonable temperatures in the four's, through the middle of the week, bob kelly. >> sue, good morning shall everybody, 7:18. couple of problems on 295. northbound lanes of 295, right at route 541. couple of cars off into what would be the grassy median. so we are bumper to bumper heading northbound, getting ready to leave the house, already an hour to go north on 295. your best bet, use the new jersey turnpike, that will scoot you right around it. there you can get on at route 73 in mt. laurel and totally
7:19 am
avoid the whole mess. hello fishtown. live look at 95 southbound, there is the skyline in back. got your normal delay headed through the construction zone, west on the schuylkill, extra heavy because after accident near south street. we've had two accident actually there. traffic lights are out along the northern side of norristown. all along dekalb street, airy shall marshall, chestnut, so police are on the scene, the first day of march so let's get the irish spirit and have some breakfast up at the green parrot in newtown. that's the scene of our breakfast segment today. great spot. we will be throughout from 9:00 to 10:00. you know i never go alone. ville some friends. , up there in newtown later this morning, mike and alex back over to you. >> newtown. >> newtown. >> all right. >> bucks count. >> i always love good eagles championship story right? remember whether. >> minnesota fans vandalized the rocky stat knew. >> vandalized, put a slitter ton. >> that's vandalizing. >> they didn't tear his head
7:20 am
off. they put a shirt on it. >> so, we would like to believe that kind of inspired event i had that before the super bowl. this is with massachusetts. made super bowl bet with rockland massachusetts mayor bill ca carpenter over the two rocky statue, in philly we have the rocky statue and there they have the rocky statue, which is mars ian owe. >> oh, rocky mars ian owe. >> exactly. >> so we know what happened in the super bowl. look at this. he finally honored his bet. so, he had to dress up the rocky statue in eagles colors, big e-a-g-l-e-s flag there, even the mayor put on nice scarf. and he tweeted the picture saying he's honoring the wager, although it is painful it is great to great some exposure to the statue. explained why it took so long, took him long time something big enough to cover their rocky statue. that's why it is a couple of weeks later, but at least he honored it. >> that sounds boeing us to me. >> what? did he it. >> great. i got so confused by that, when you started buying saying
7:21 am
minnesota fans. it was a bet between the patz, right, patriots and us. i guess i didn't do a great job. >> it was fine. i caught up at the end. >> all things involving our rocky statue there is time good one we approve of, it was tree planned. >> have an old unpaid parking ticket? oh, it is march 1st. this start the day. parking ticket amnesty. we mr. explain thousand works.
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(clucking noises) everyone wants to be the cadbury bunny because only he brings delicious cadbury creme eggs. while others may keep trying, nobunny knows easter better than cadbury. >> i flow a battle back and forth on twitter, we go through this every time. getting specific about towns, townships, counties, school district, are they middle schools. so, let's break into this here. gloucester county new jersey, two school district are closed right now, because one of the schools district, i believe, got a threatening e-mail. >> right. but now that jenny joyce is in the area, she can help explain everything. >> okay. >> jenny?
7:25 am
>> yes. good morning, mike and alex being so live here at the franklin township police department. right now, these investigators are working to figure out who sent a threatening e-mail to a staff member at franklin township school district. while they investigate, they decided to close schools in both franklin township, which is glades k through sixth, and delsea regional school district, which houses local student in grades seven through 12. so split up between two different school district, sister district, just made sense for them because of the close proximity to close both school district. so because police say a franklin township staff member received the e-mail, that leads us to believe that maybe the threat affected the elementary schools, but police have not confirmed that just yet. police said that they have been in touch with both school district, throughout the night, they notified parent of the school cancellation by phone, investigators say, they will continue to share information as it becomes available, they've been great about posting updates on
7:26 am
facebook, which i saw a pretty lengthy update, and it was great way for parents to see exactly what was going on, again right now, police are working to find out who sent the e-mail and squashed this threat as soon as possible. mike and alex. >> okay. >> understandable. >> do we know if the school is going to be closed all these schools are going to be closed all day long? >> pesumably. i did see some interesting wording on the facebook post. it said: closed, the school will be closed today, at this point, or something like that, something that made it a little bit if-ee. but i presume that they will be closed all day. >> i would think. >> there must be something involving elk township, number of messages from people on facebook and twitter, saying that, so i don't know if we can look into that, as well? because a mother reached out to me saying my daughter goes to aura, elk township. i got the call at 5:00 a.m. so there might be some other areas involved in this. >> trying to figure this out.
7:27 am
it is 7:27 now. hopeful we will resolve this soon. >> yes. >> if it is going to rain tomorrow i'm going to a movie called red sparrow. you know why? >> because jennifer lawyer sense in it. >> and it looks really good, jen, so do you. wow. >> oh, thank you. you have probably heard about the nudity, rid? i mean everyone is talking about it. >> oh, if. >> yes, it is. >> cents it is thing. >> well, we will talk about why jennifer laurence said she was able to pull this off. what key part of this whole thing, allowed her to do these pretty extensive nude scenes. we will talk about that, more& about the movie. life at theme this morning in
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♪ mom, we got girl scout cookies to sell. the girl scout cookie inspired flavors you love. now in the dunkin' coffees you love. only at dunkin'. >> coastal storm will be hitting our area, all of the details so you know what's happening tomorrow. >> and, almost time for the word of the day for this hour. >> ahr first clue, can you guess? send in your guesses cents we'll reveal the words of the day very soon. good morning, thursday, march 1st, 2018. starting off the month in a cold way, no, no, rainy way,
7:31 am
no, no, snow, too, sue. >> rain on the way, bus stop buddy ready for it, good idea, grab the rain gear yourself if you are headed out the door and out all day, get the rain getting closer not here yet. >> 44 degrees if philadelphia, we have details coming up, on the heavy rain we're expecting, some folks getting snow tomorrow. damaging winds tomorrow, and coastal concerns for beach errosion, maybe power outages, and details on all of it coming up. today 58 degrees the high temperature, so still on the mild side, like we were yesterday. we won't see as much sunshine of course, and that afternoon rain, especially toward evening, could get heavy at times. so, that's your forecast for
7:32 am
today. seven day just ahead. >> grab the best umbrella, hide it or take it with you, because you'll need it this afternoon all day tomorrow. maybe good set of wiper blades may not and bad idea if they're flapping, off the side of the car frm the last storm. accident in the grassy median, northbound north of route 541 because of the mess an hour to make it from route 73, to up route 541 best bet, use the new jersey turnpike, scoot around the mess, get new trenton, central new jersey and good to go. coming out of northeast philly, nothing out of the ordinary, rolling past the camera here, at girard avenue. airy, marshall, chestnut, again the northbound side of route 202 as you head into
7:33 am
norristown, so just expect delays, and gridlock at all of the cross streets, and downtown we go live look, broad street overthrew the schuylkill, a combination folks getting into 30th street, and keep in mind, too, the flower show opens up this weekend down here at the convention center will leave us with a lot of extra volume through the weekend, and all of next week. mike and alex back over to you. >> sue talked to you about this weather we will get friday into saturday morning, so steve going down the shore, started in ocean city. >> liz ' see where he is snow. >> just for you, mike. we came to the tip of south jersey, again, or as the out of town weather people like to call it, exterior new jersey, interior, extreme new jersey but anybody around here that has never used the terms it, tells you they're not from here whenever they say that. we are at the cape may lewes ferry, and what a beautiful morning it is. this will probably be another
7:34 am
one of those storms where they can't run the ferris out when you got 60-mile per hour gusts specially when in the middle of the delaware bay, with no buildings to block any winds. >> great sunsets lately see the seagulls, making perfect picture, by the way, mike, those seagulls, the loud ones you here, laughing gulls, that's why they're called that, right? they are your fans, most. stuff you say is funny. but boy, no waves, and remember the lasts time we were here, covered by chunks every ice, dinardo believe, so still in the winter season, and all of that ice melted and floated away, and, again, gorgeous day, right before the storm like it usually is whole flock of birds, maybe came back up thinking the winter
7:35 am
was over, then made u-turn, maybe flying south again, i can't really tell, jared what would you say that flock of seagulls over the light thing is there? are they going what direction? >> coming north. >> coming north. so they're coming north, you know, probably the lead bird probably going to get criticized, by the back birds going why did we come north? why didn't we wait for this last winter storm to pass before we came up smear. >> so, look, say, listening, look, now they're like yes, let's go, going back south, i don't think seagulls flying lie that. >> no, they're almost like starling, sparrows? >> they can be the endangered piping which feeds on delaware bay, crabs. if you follow new jersey wildlife. >> are they plovers. >> oh, that's magestic.& >> beautiful, almost calming. >> they feed -- laughing --
7:36 am
they feed on the horse shoe crabs here that's why they protect the beaches and the horse shoe crab. there go. we got the rap. we filled your time for you there. is a look at them, not wondering what direction to go in, sue serio, your next forecast, aim it at them, they seem rather confused right now. >> this is like one every our staff meetings, one direction, then go the other direction, all over the place. >> i find this very calming. like i could watch this for hours. >> do yourself a favor if you find this calming. birds in this type of behavior, around the world. huge flocks of birds. >> lets' hope we don't get alfred hitchcock type situation. >> run for your lives. tip i headrink was the star. whose mother? melanie grief.
7:37 am
>> i whose mother is she? >> dakota fanning. >> no. >> kate hudson. >> dakota johnson. >> wait the who is kate hudson's mom? >> goldie hawn. you see, melanie griffith at one point was married to don johnson. >> and antonio? >> that was her second husband. >> but she originally was married to don johnson the star after show back in the day called miami vice. they divorced and then she met antonio. but melanie griffith, melanie griffith, had a child, with don johnson starve miami vice, and she now an actress in those crafty mover us. >> fifty shades. >> those crumby movies. >> oh, 50 shades, yes. >> and dakota johnson now is dating somebody famous. he's very interested in her. >> how do you know he's very interested? >> i read it. >> oh, okay. >> somebody famous. >> oh, that gives us a lot of clues. >> chris martin, of --
7:38 am
>> cold play. >> who used to date gwyneth paltrow. >> or be married with. >> who is also friends with beyonce. we could keep going. >> don johnson says brother is bj johnson. >> oh? >> no, bj. >> don't. >> he plays -- he's football player. >> he is? >> or basketball player. >> for a local school. >> drexel, lasalle. >> anyway, time for the word of the day, which if you were watching in the 6:00 hour you know what it is. yes, now, this is a hint toward the word of the day. >> do we have any guess. cents yet? >> i'm guessing. >> get your guesseses in. >> cake. >> little on just. >> what is my favorite song? sung by the group cake. >> i don't know, what is it? >> shut the -- up. >> i don't know, what is it? >> shut the -- up. >> oh, is that a message to
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- honey, look what we got! >> i don't know, what is it? >> shut the -- up. - [narrator] going (yelling) - [narrator] isn't always best. - who's our little puppy? - sweetheart, daddy got you a new. sweetheart? elizabeth, where are you? she's under the bears! - [narrator] unless it's a aaa plus membership. - woo! - [narrator] get 100 towing miles and free emergency gas delivery. when going big is best. aaa. go ahead. - [man] woo!
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i can't believe it comes in... how great this tastes! vegaaaan. and organiiiic. enjoy i can't believe it's not butter!
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>> the goal bergs, a lot of people like to watch, big time
7:42 am
eagles fan his whole life. >> so of course have eagles >> few new the eagles would win a super bowl. >> let's set up this. let's set this up. big eagles fan, he has a scenario in the goldberg's, where there is high school football game, and he needs somebody to pretended like he's teacher but also broadcast the games, right? >> okay. >> he asked merrill reese to play, i think, like a teacher, science teacher whatever. >> and mike quick. >> and mike quick, to be un in the booth at a high school football game. want to see it? here it is. >> can you believe it, folks? i may just be the sixth grade late inch techier -- teacher but you can saferly say this is the come back after lifetime. touchdown. quakers win n all of my three weeks of announcing high school football i've never seen anything like this. >> there is mike quick. >> i guess we didn't want to hear from mike. i like mike. i don't know why our producers hate him.
7:43 am
>> he played assistant coach. look, howie is there, don is there. oh, he had everybody in there. he put congratulateses in there. >> isn't that great? >> i love it but i think written together and put together before the super bowl. >> but you think put in congrats. >> i don't foe for sure. >> i love. >> this come from philly, you made it up have, this new show, why not put philly in there. >> keep it authentic. >> i like that. >> william penn football. >> yes, some other reference, too. >> i know merrill reese had a watch party to watch it with his family, friends, very exciting. >> probably said merrill reese, can i get you some more popcorn. >> is it good? >> it is really good. it is not for children.
7:44 am
okay? russian spy thriller, so you know there is torture, what does torture and really bad sunburn have in common? only i can make that link and un-stop right there! i'm about to pop a cap of "mmm fresh" in that washer. with unstopables in-wash scent boosters by downy. ah, it's so fresh. and it's going to last from wash to... ...wear for up to 12 weeks. unstopables by downy.
7:45 am
7:46 am
>> 7:46, live look at the schuylkill expressway, heavy center city out and up the
7:47 am
hill into conshohocken, seven minute on the clock, still delays in new jersey, northbound lanes of 295, almost an hour, to make it from route 73, in mt. laurel, up to burlington, which is route 541, all because of earlier accident, your best bet, using the new jersey turnpike, if you're headed northbound and if you are headed through norristown, a lot of the traffic lights are out along the main drag here dekalb at airy, marshall, chestnut, police on the scene of each one of those intersections, so just be careful, especially now that the little ones are headed out there in the school buses, probably delayed, as well, coming in from new jersey on the freeway, your normal volume headed up toward the walt whitman bridge travel mess ahead of it, later on at philadelphia international airport, that storm that's coming our way will mostlily cause domino delays all the way through tomorrow. so may want to check with the airline, details on that storm, sue has got it in 15 seconds.
7:48 am
>> 7:48. so, these are the things to keep in mind, about our expected coastal storm. soaking rain, one to 2 inches, between tonight tomorrow, heaviest rainfalls tomorrow. high wind watch in effect for all of us, 25 to 35-mile per hour sustained winds, gusts to up 50 to 60 miles per hour and this is the tricky part change over to snow, definately snow in the poconos, possibly lehigh vale, may even see few snowflakes here in philadelphia. so looking at the satellite radar picture socked in with clouds, but the phasing is taking place now with the energy from this is moving off shore, north carolina will become our coastal storm. so today's high, of 58. much chillier tomorrow, wind driven rain, high of 53. winds hang around saturday, clears up, nice day sunday,
7:49 am
and we stay seasonable through the middle of the week, mike analling. >> here is the concept sue of this movie i want to see called red sparrow. so you got your jennifer laurence, she is a ballerina, right? call it a spy. and here is a tape. >> must learn to push yourself beyond all limitation. >> take off your clothes. >> so jen heard the phrase, take off your clothe. then got partially dress today do this particular report. here she is. >> is that what happens? >> yes. >> the cold should searching and i'm doing t i've seen this, it is so intense, as you just saw there, jennifer laurence, there a lot that she has put through in terms of the torture, what happens as she is at the school for sparrows. by the way the water that's
7:50 am
coming down on her that you just saw, she begged the director to make it warm. he was like no, we have to have it cold so it doesn't fog up the lens. those are some of the things that we talk becomes the other thing is, again, it is morning tv. we can't show you the real severe torture sequences cents. >> try to say the name, to the director, to the cast it, looks like they really know what they're doing, look like really bad sunburn, and they peeled it off perfectly. >> one of the parts of this kind of movie, is the obligatory torture saying, there is a few of them in this movie where characters have tone do your pretty horrible stuff. you want to do it in a new and interesting way. i mean, you want to find new and creative ways to torture a human being. i think -- >> really put our heads
7:51 am
together. >> i think the actual skill grafting tool was idea of mine because i had seen years ago, a documentary, about burn victims. and watching what happens when somebody is burned how they trial to heal the person. >> so people talking about the nudity that's, there we see jennifer laurence booty and other part of already body but also says that the accent, pulling off the russian accent, both of those were equally as difficult. she said she wouldn't be able to do either of them if she wasn't working with this crew, remember, this is the team that's known her for such a long time, this is the direct or from hunger games. >> so much of the crew i've known, so i just couldn't -- >> but you couldn't talk in a fake accent it, would have been so weird. >> i was pushing for her. >> which would have been ridiculous, all of my friend, i wouldn't have any.
7:52 am
>> okay. so, again, 20th century fox paid for me to travel to go and do thin view. so the movie guys, this is lou i've described it, casino every like an old tom clancey red october kind of real russian spy thing. mixed with like vincent tarantino like really graphic. but it is not grow too it is, what you need, when you need it to sell the story. i would actually pay to go see the movie. i know i don't stay a lot. i am curious to see what kevin mccarthy mr. film critic thinks of the move. >> i well -- >> not sure if kevin re strewing. >> yes, he'll do a row are review for us tomorrow matter of fact. >> i don't know, i wanted to see it, but all of the torture stuff. >> were you need it. i'll say you want to take a shower when you're done because that's all i'll say, you feel dirty. but the movies over the top.
7:53 am
certainly i wouldn't take a child to see this movie but it is like the shining. remember the shining where it is like creepy, and so scared? but when you need it you get it, kind of like that. >> all right. >> thank you, jen. by the way we're in conshy this morning. >> we'll get back to her. >> hey, popito ready to go with the cake? >> i am. >> and this has something to do with the word of the day, right? >> it does.
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
>> here we go, word of the day, get the words of the detective -- day, check all five of them, get a chance to win a trip to ireland, we'll tell you the rules. now, roberta popito here from homemade delicious. com. >> hi, guys. >> you're making a, what do you call this, a guiness stout cake? >> guiness chocolate stout
7:57 am
cake. >> i've heard of those. >> yes, very rich, very decadent, basically what you're doing is taking your beer. >> beer. >> ten tables spoons of but ther. >> okay. >> ten? >> good lord. >> is that normal. >> sure ago, sure ago, and you're buying that altogether. >> and you're bringing the chocolate like the cocoa, blooming that. so, and then you will add that syrup, all of that butter mixture into your flour mixture. >> it creates a cake. >> yes. >> now why have you cut a hole in it so it looks like a tire. >> because we will put some lucky charles in there. >> oh,. >> marshmellows. >> just the marshmellows. >> how long did you spend picking out the marshmellows? >> to boxes cents, took a little bit. >> ya. >> so this would be on cookie sheet normally in the kitchen? >> right. would you put this actually on what you want to is her of it on. obviously, because there is a hole there all right. >> so let's take your mash shall mellows. >> these are lucky whatever? >> lucky charles. put it all in. keep going. >> oh, yes. >> you missed one. >> sorry. >> i'll just take this.
7:58 am
>> okay? >> put it in there. >> then what? >> take your chocolate. >> take your chocolate. >> and just squirt it in there? >> no, around here. >> around. >> the word of the day is poo. >> alex, if you want to? >> smear it. >> smear it. >> smear me. >> okay. >> hold on. >> oh, baby. >> you don't to do that much. we should be good, mike. >> we're good? >> building up. >> oh, you got it on my shoe! wait a minute! >> eww. >> you think will come off? seriously? really? >> oh, my gosh! >> don't! >> these are sued. >> oh, they are? >> this is not good. >> almost something sexy about it. >> is there? i'm not so sure. >> fifty shades of brown. >> seriously, crystal, could you give me paper towel please? >> oh, they're suede shoes. >> oh, yes, not coming out. all right, so once we have
7:59 am
that smeared. take this top. put it right on here i'll do that for you. >> you want me to lick it off in it is chocolate. >> no, do you want to lick it off? >> well, kind of. >> oh. >> you're getting it all over the place, don't walk. look, it is all over the floor. >> oh, my gosh. >> i don't want to distract from the segment. it's fine. >> if you're going to do it, do it where we can see it. i'll buy you some shoes. >> look, take your cream cheese frosting. >> back at the table. >> uh-huh. >> cream cheese. >> cream cheese frosting. >> and just going to smear that. >> all around. >> here, alex, give me your other shoe, i have some white frosting now. >> oh, that's all right. >> this basically looks like a stat, like guines stout. >> what in the world does this have to do with the word of the day? >> why don't we come over here and i'll show you. >> okay? >> let's give your cutting skills to the test, mike, let's put you -- >> oh, don't give me big mike. >> magical moment. >> actually cake cutter. >> where should i cut it? >> where ever you want.
8:00 am
you want me to cut it? >> yes. >> because do you have reveal to that camera. >> right. >> so should we turn it. >> don't worry about t. >> which camera now? >> in the little, is that right. >> go. >> all right. >> so now, oh, because there are the bagpipes. >> am i late on that? >> god this is really -- >> all right? >> oh, i got to get in there. >> wait. >> here is a little piece of paper. you put some paper on there. >> did you. >> this casino so kind of -- >> there is your word! >> castle! that's the word of the day! >> castle. i love it. >> thank you, roberta. >> your welcome. >> remember go to contest enter by 10:00 a.m. each day. get a chance to win hotel stay in maryland -- ireland. live at the st. patrick day parade, remember new words every day this week keep watching, end tow win to
8:01 am
compete, well, not really compete but for complete rules. >> i think people know what you are talking about. >> fox 29/contest. >> against better judgemnt let's do another hour of the show. >> and i'll clean my shoes no now. >> rain is coming, win may be bigger problem than the rain down the shore. sue is all over this. >> following years every pain from endo meet trio is, but for other woman, is this an option? >> how you can take the chick never your fridge, transform it into five different meals this week. it is all about the sauce, boss. >> netflix is getting in on the action with the new comedy on my
8:02 am
>> the star is from philadelphia, and he's liver in the studio. we clean everything up here, let's get to the weather, five out of ten scale time. after lunch so eat your lunch and then get ready, five out hff kind of day. tranquil right now, but rain is on the way, bus sto he's gote gear, ready to go, temperatures in the four's right now, you canetting closert coastal storm, is starting it r. 46 degrees right detail on heavy rain and some snow that some of us will be winds, for all of us, and of course, the coastal tt ae with nor'easte of cloudy
8:03 am
sky skies, late rain, and more about what's coming, coming up. >> 8:03, live look at the problem we've had all morning, 295 northbound, bumper to bumper all headed into route 541, two separate accidents in this stretch here. over hour delay, getting ready to leave the house right four the new jersey turnpike is the way to go. runs parallel, over to trenton and on your way, otherwise, light out in norristown, the whole northern side of norristown, all of the traffic lights are out. along route 202, so at airy, marshall, chestnut, along the way, coming around the curve the saint gabe's curve live look here at route 422 headed eastbound, i should say, yes, eastbound, in toward king of prussia. >> back to you. >> breaking news we've been talking about out of gloucester county new jersey where two school district are
8:04 am
closed, but due to threatening e-mail. the franklin township and delsea regional school district are both closed, the e-mail was sent to the franklin township school district. the delsea regional school district closed because of its n township. >> okay. well, brace yourselves everybody. because sue told you what is mi up. so steve has gone from ocean city down to cape may. all the way to cape may. >> made it all the way, steve. l spots in all of new jersey the delaware bay. look how smo right now, loverly sound to hear the waves, you can tell on bay, gravel beach. really nice, really isolated, and a lot of truck, these two guys told me they come here every day to hang out a su. not much of one today.
8:05 am
>> they love it, never get tired of the sun come up over the bay. here is one, small horse shoe crab, talk about the piping clovers in the last hit at 73 the birds, they feed off the eggs of these horse shoes crabs who come here on the delaware bay, not a lot of people consideration lay their eggs on the beach and most of them that don't get eaten by the birds hatch. there is another flock of birds down in the distance, maybe the same flock that we saw over in the canal, where the cape may lewes ferry comes and goes, so chances cents are the ferry will have come concellations this weekend, with wind gusts cents expected to be 6 miles an hour, out here, you'll see, ducks, and see one floating, and they dive under the water, and do some fishing. stripe bass season started today for the official fishermen, and it is year around, no license necessary for the birds that just dove underwater, on cue for us, that is just cool to watch. they can hole their breath pretty good. so they actually we had an un water camera. spreading their wings and going after fish.
8:06 am
here, they came up 20 feet away. how cool was atlantis, which is old concrete ship that sank out here years ase are ducks, s, dry dock side, on their a fishig from a height until they see some fish move. but sand sharks, flounders, stripes everything out here the to the leftauful bay front d of isolated, great views, but wieands coming here, along the bay, and also a concern foras it looks today it, will turn real ugly over the next 24 hours or >> that's for do you know why they are called ducks? they duck into the water like. >> very sense then. all. >> oh, okay. >> well, you snow. >> not sure why they call them inckgs that you say to be true. >> true. but can you imagine if you called every animal whatever
8:07 am
their trait is? like a bird would be called a fly. >> oh, that's true. >> yes. >> there would be some interesting terms for animals out there. >> 8:07. well, two family house fire in burlington county is finally under control. this is after burning for three hours, officials say the home on the 600 block every hickory street in delanco is in danger of collapsing, two adults, were taken to the hospital. they were expected to be okay, though. neighbors were also able to make it out of their homes safely. >> all right, 8:07. >> evesham township police are hiring armed guards, for schools. the high school system already has police protection, but now looking for officers to patrol the elementary and middle schools. they're hiring retired law enforcement under the age of 65. evesham officials plan on training about eight officers at a time. they say they're flooded with applications already. >> i'm sure we will do more on our 5:00, 6:00 and 10:00 news and 11:00 about that story, all right. coming up on 8:08.
8:08 am
>> two weeks after one of the deadliest mass shootings in american history, marjorie stoneman douglas student went back to class yesterday. under heavy police guard, student returned yesterday for half day, which began with fourth period. so that the nearly 3300 students could first be with the people they were with during the shooting. and they're also more than 100 grief counselors on hand, most of the day was spent talking about the tragedy, and how to cope with it. >> yes, i still think i'm in a nightmare. so i'm going to wake up one day, and i'll be like everything will be normal. >> very hollow. you know, but throughout the day, i felt better. >> call me back. it is to feels amazing, a lot better. >> school officials say the heavy police presence will continue for the remainder of the school year. >> a youth softball program facing criticism after controversial ravel item. >> yes, talking about the lady dragons fast pitch program in oregon.
8:09 am
is traveling off a ar15, this is not the first one of these raffles, there is one in missouri last week, as well. the youth softball organization based in dallas oregon says it sympathizes but that the fundraise serra legal, well regulated ravel, and the win letter have to pass background, ar15, the same gun the guy used in iny schoolut there says the impress it gives is very distasteful. you know, people are saying could we h on them, maybe ravel off something else right disagree. so the ravel continues. as it did in the state of miss 8:09. this is littleks like an ad fort time nanny, but if you look dide
8:10 am
parent actually want to pay somebody to and the bees talk with their childrrtenable doing it themselves. so they'll hire somebody to do it. >> personal choice. actress lena dunham has been vocal about her recent hysterectomy following years every pain from endometriosis, but for the average woman is this an (steel-drum ringtone sounds)
8:11 am
hello? hello there! almond joy is tropi-calling! when you need a taste of vacation, pick up!
8:12 am
8:13 am
>> is this a guy an artist or what, look at ben there in the sand. so, he is going to help us with the word of the day. >> he'll make something out that far sands. if you watch his work, he'll do it live here coming up at fourth and market. he's amazing. >> hi, bob. >> hey, good morning, everybody, 8:13, we've got sands out front, and back up on 295-6789 look at this, 55 minutes, heading northbound, we've had couple, two major accidents, on the northbound side of 295, this morning. so, we are area heavy from
8:14 am
route 73 all the way newspaper central new jersey, your best bet, if you say cherry hill, mt. laurel, use the new jersey turnpike, your way to go that will get you up and around into bordentown, west on the schuylkill, heavy, city line out and up the hill in toward conshohocken. about 20 minute there. light out, in the northern side of norristown, all along 202, so the police are at airy, marshall, chestnut street, causing delays in and out of norristown this morning, we're can be g off irish month here with first breakfast segment, going to the green parrot, on my way, take you there l breakfast segment between 9:00 . sue has got the forecasts in 15 seconds. >> cloudy, very little sunshine if youee storm,
8:15 am
now, a lot still on shore, see the the carolina coast, what's going to start all of this energy, will transfer, and tha will mover up the coast so we have in effect ready, in coastal flood watch todayr moderate to major floodig at times of high tide. full moon, makes it even worse. effect, we are expecting one to 2 inches every rain. >> flood watch, winter storm watch for carbon, monroe county, four to 7 inches every heavy wet snow. everybody up under high wind watch also for tomorrow through saturday morning with win and power lines, rain arrives later today, doesn't crank up until tonight, tomorrow, get the heavy rain then could finish offer with some snow, especially north and west of the city before
8:16 am
all is said and done, wind driven rain, nasty day with the nor'easter, and beach errosion possible at the shore. 47 degrees, a we start to calm down saturday. sunday looks good with high close to 50, and we stay seasonable through the middle of next week. mike and alex. >> lena dunn hand known for speaking her mind, shared a personal decision to have her youth just removed. >> she did it on stain gram. here it is, she posted that photo more than 20 million women in america are leaving with his tore he can tomes, adding thank you to the village of women who took care of me through this entire process, i have broken heart, and i hear those -- >> don't mend overnight. >> they don't mend overnight, a broken heart. >> she wrote about her decision in the march issue every vogue, she suffered from inch dough metriosis, painful disorder in which tissue that normally lines the uterus
8:17 am
grows outside of the uterus. she said that at age 31 she had had to convince her medical team she understood she would never be able to carry child, but she felt she needed to take drastic actions, and in hopes of finding relief. >> she is the woman, ya girls, i guess how everybody knows her specially right now. so let's bring in somebody who knows what they are talking about instead of me. >> she is not even the youngest, i had someone tweet me, she had hysterectomy at 29 because every endometriosis. >> doctor, good to see you again, ob/gyn, obstetrician, gynecologist. first of all let's talk about lena before we get into a broader story about other women. >> she has heart shaped uterus. >> right. >> how rare is that? >> rare but not that rare in my career of over 40 years, i've seen more than dozen women with this condition.
8:18 am
>> some are capable of bearing children. >> she said for her felt like it was the rye decision, how do you know if it is right for you then, you said some women can still have children? >> do you have define endometriosis, so everybody understands. this is a devastating disease. and going back to my training, what one of my cancer specialists, my chairman, actually, des as the benign cancer of the pelvis inng the amount of pain that a woman suffers through, it isunb. to get to that point, where you want everything takenlong do whatever it is to get rid of your of endo meet trios us? define, defined s that lining inside the uterus, when younsual cycle, found outside of the
8:19 am
how a woman can have that condition. if you understands menstruation, ovarieshoones thas that lining, in preparation for pregnancy, and if you don't get there, it involves ofa period. imagine that same tissue, ouid uterus, being stimulated, just like the lining in the uterus, and now it will bleed at the proper time and george and cause pain. >> and cause incredible pain? >> exactly. so if you understand this tissue is stimulated by hormones, then the treatment are available today, actually, to stop either the production of those hormones, or to stop the pain, nothing is a cure, but alleve ate the symptoms, birth controls can be used, the mini pills, progesterone only pills, and there is lupon injections, that's proven to be much better agent injections, there is nothing
8:20 am
in her story that details to get to the amount of making this decision to have historic tomorrow. now, in the list of treatments, for this disorder, a hysterectomy is not on that list. >> say that again? >> hysterectomy is none on the treatment foreign de meet trios is. because legally, if it was a complication, and this patient really fully didn't truly understands the ramifications, and/or the potential complications long-term, after his tore ectomere during the surgery self, in a court of law how do you define yourself, 31 year old, there are other treatment available, doctor. >> we don't know all of the details. >> and in her case, as she describes her story, about the process of what she went through, emotionally, to make this decision, these choices cents, and there appears to be some indication that she had a
8:21 am
lot of therapy. >> well, if she is -- it sound like she felt she had no choice. but, it is her choice. >> it is her choice. but here are the consequences of that choice. if it indeed it was the endometriosis causing the pelvic pain, removing the uterus is not the treatment. >> is not the treatment. >> she still has her ovaries,& in there, and those hormones from those ovaries will continue to stimulate that endometriosis. >> why would she choose to keep the ovaries in there? >> because there is no place for the egg to go now. >> right. between her and her physician. she is dead-locked that this is what she wanted. this is what she had to convince a team of doctors to do to her. >> i'll be darn. >> okay? >> and -- >> well the danger is everybody thinks that's going to be the solution. >> right. >> if they're going through? >> exactly. >> that's not necessarily so? >> it is a very difficult choice to give up your
8:22 am
feminine at this your potential. >> would you hang around for a second. >> we do have to take a break, story, but a story want to get your response to. okay, you probably heard about this. listen to this. a doctor, a male doctor, says that menstrual cramps are as painful as a heart attack. how women are responding. i want to hear how you respond to that, doctor. okay? don't say anything yet. don't say. >> and piece of music history is for sale. what will it take to buy the bmw that rapper tupac was in, the night he was
8:23 am
-hey, did i mention i can save you $620
8:24 am
8:25 am
for switching to progressive? [ engine revving ] you cannot hear me at all, can you? >> time for the word of the day, revealing at this hour, well, look at this, a sponge bob made of sand. our first hint, or one -- one of the hints. >> that's the work after artist that's out at fourth and market right now. fantastic sand sculptor. >> we are just showing what he can do.
8:26 am
>> that's liver shot of his hands and his tools. what is he making? it is the word of the day. if you don't get this one, i mean, this is becoming obvious, isn't it? >> yes, definitely is. but i don't know. we will see. >> well it, has to do with ireland, of course. 8:26. >> well, here is a morbid piece of history. i guess you can call it rap history. it is on the auction block, the car that tupac was riding in, when he was killed. this is what, 22 years ago when he was shot to death? that car, it is a bmw, 1996, bmw, it is a seven series. it is being sold, now, listen to what somebody is going to pay for this. $1.5 million. still has the bullet holes in
8:27 am
it. the broker called celebrity cars lasts vaguest, says the new owner will receive documentation proving ownership and history. >> so what's a new owner going to do? i think though should put it in a museum. >> you won't drive it. well, we don't know who it is, it could be like a music museum, something like that? >> yes. >> , can i see that. but, yes, let's hope it is for a museum, unless you have a car collection? >> whatever happened to the limousine that jfk was shot in? >> i don't know. do you know? >> i think it might be in a museum somewhere. >> you think it would be in dallas. >> the car that i've seen was a bonnie and clyde collide car, i've seen that. >> yes? >> someone will get on twit near matter of second and tell us the answer to. that will okay. i love this. because i watch this woman on tv, almost every weekend. i can't believe you're here in studio live.
8:28 am
>> you know what's worse, you want to cook something up, on sunday, what do they call it meal preps. by the time wednesday comes around i'm over it, it is so boring, how do we change it up? >> okay. i want to know, how you wrote whole cook book on nothing but sauce. were you in the sauce? >> i tasted everyone of those sauces. >> okay. >> sauce makes the meal. >> we will take five pieces every chicken, dip it in five sauces, okay? >> you have got it,.
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
>> bus stop buddy ready for the rain later on today. temperatures in the chilly 40's, this morning, and a lot of cloud cover, yes, those nice sunny days, we had past couple every days, that's about out of here, here comes the storm. now, the energy from all of that rain you are seeing on land, is going to move off
8:32 am
shore and that's where coastal storm will come from. so it is still in the process of forming right now, it is 46 . we're talking about heavy rain, tonight, and tomorrow, some snow tomorrow, specially in the poconos. but other could get it as well before the storm is out of here. damaging winds, we have high wind watch in effect, and coastal concerns, as well, including for beach errosion, this is a nor'easter that's forming after all. 58 degrees, is our high temperature today. and once that rain get started it could be heavy at times, especially this evening, and overnight. so that's your forecast for today. we will sort out all of the rest of the mess, coming up next time. mike and alex. >> sue, i'm having real hard time right now. >> why? >> because, you guys know what i gave up for lent, mike he wants to torture me, all of this great food being cooked right now, a and it smells amazing and i can't have any of t so i'll dot work and get the information and you'll dot taste testing. >> okay. >> just chicken. >> just chicken? >> that's meat. >> yes, it is good.
8:33 am
okay, and not just any casino every chicken like we were talking about you cook for the week right? try to cook chicken, then it gets kind of blands after a while. >> yes. >> you agree? why don't you just add sauce? and then adds whole new flavor. >> can i just say this, one of my favorite people in the studio, our friends, over at america's test kitchen, which i watch every week. >> you've been fan -- >> huge welcome. >> thank you, sews nice to meet you. >> you're so recognizeable. >> nice to meet you. >> how long have you been on that show? >> i've been on that show for almost 20 years, 18. eighteen a change. >> never thought i would meet you. >> awe. so nice. oh, so lovely. >> yes. >> seriously, i watch it all the time. >> you know, are you a cook? >> no, it just makes me incredibly hungry then i go eat. >> do you learn a little be? >> yes. >> and pbs is all about education so how to cook at home n aim he firm believer if you look to cook at home your life will be better.
8:34 am
>> please explain to him. >> condiments. >> yes, basically, and water. all right, so sauce, sauces are easy to make, i bet chicken, whole country eats a lot of chick glenn and east. >> i easy way. >> you wrote a whole buy all about sauce. >> all about sauce. >> the book has dessert sauces, chicken, pork, beaver, has dips for tortilla sauce, but today chicken breast. >> so take this same chicken breast on all five things here. >> you got it. >> and put different sauces on it. >> just want to get eating. >> yes, he does. >> hold on second. start with the first one. >> is romesco, non-cook sauce using roasted red peppers and almond, do it in the food blender or processor, tastes cents amazing on grilled food, grilled shrimp and romesco delivers, easy way to guts up boring chicken breast. >> he's waiting for it. wait for it.
8:35 am
how does it taste, mike? >> fantastic. >> i've never had that before. the almonds. >> almond, roasted red peppers, little vinegar, little garlic, but again, it is a no cook sauce, you just wiz it up in the ben franklinner. >> i love. >> pesto, big fan of pesto. >> looks like a pesto, called it is french perciad sauce. >> so fancy pesto. >> fancy pants pesto. it has some capers, some cornish -- now when i make this i actually just eat it from the bowl because it is one of my all time favorites t makes cardboard taste goody put this on everything, ya. >> i like the first one better than the second. >> all right. >> getting even better. >> here we go. >> this is just basic stir fries, when you by them, they have a lot of junk this them, fillers, chemicals. this is what's in ours. so sauce, orange jews, chicken - >> sugar corn staff, hoist end, little yes.
8:36 am
>> on your show you oohs a lot of orange juice. >> not a lot. >> oh, i think so. i watch it more than do you. >> i stand corrected. all right. and so when you want to add stir fries sauce, cook it know end, cook things in batches, return to the skillet. do you have bring this back to sim nerve order to thicken, on this little hot plate it will take a while, but on your stove obviously it would happen right away. >> so just stir it up little bit. >> stir it up little bit. >> mike just want to try it. >> it hasn't had a chance to thicken yet because it needs to boil. >> that's just thickening. >> nice. >> congratulations on the book it, out there now? >> it is, it is out there now. >> you want to see the rest of it, real quick? do you have time? >> hold on second. we'll dough that in the commercial. but tv for you and me and alex, okay? we'll take a break here, because we have it hear about something, spring fashion. >> something. >> yes with jenn fred. jen? >> well that's worth a break. >> now, listen, don't look at everyone's outfits.
8:37 am
it is back, it is march 1st, spring is here, 2018. what are the trends? who else would we have, but cara kahn in the lovely bloomingdale's, come okay ban, we'll tell you everythin [a5df]
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
>> the first day of march and spring is in the air becomes three weeks away it, means it is time to get your wardrobe together. jen, is at the place to do it, king of prussia. kop. >> kop. thank you very much, kaca kahn is here. good morning. spring is here, i asked you what to get rid of and your answer is? >> nothing. i think if you can save it, save it, because the truth is, you want to wear what speaks to you, what you feel good n so if you still feel good in it, keep it.
8:41 am
>> okay, so ruffles, pastels, and one other? >> feminine stuff, flowers, feminine, feminine. so starting here. >> love it. >> we've got floral lays. >> okay. >> just because floral is in doesn't mean you have to wear floral print. you can do beautiful floral lays, soft feminine touches, fabulous ruffles with the soft sort every petal pink, i like that. >> spring, feminine, now, sometimes you want to anchor your spring feminine stuff with a little hard edge, so i want to show feel free to always throw a little bomber jacket, jean jacket, something little more structured, maybe little bit more edgey. over any of your flowing floral truely feminine stuff. >> talking to salespeople who are here, rocking these looks, as well. >> absolutely. >> i know last year we talked about there is i was still unsure of it, you say. really can. generally you want them, you don't want the stripes and stripes, but this lovely floral with some stripes,
8:42 am
again, anchoring it with something little more solid, you generally want them to be in the same color family but don't have to be. trust your gut. always. when it comes to dressingment trust your gut. women don't trust themselves. think what would you say to friend if she were wearing it, if it is get often get it off. >> i love. that will pastels still here. flattering on any skin tone. >> they are, they're feminine, sort action flattering and there is something fresh about a pastel, nothing sort of says spring more than these beautiful soft pa cents tells. >> my, you know i am crazy pant and love a breitbart color. >> why we love you. and yes, so here is a example every like a true, i mean, this is address, you could wear this to cocktail party, and this is fabulous fun big floral print, even do floral in your accessories. >> the thing you said to me couple of times off camera, on camera, if you feel good in it, build off of that. right? >> absolutely. i don't think we all have to prevent end the wheel. if you find something in which you feel good. wear it. you know, wear different versions of it, how many bomber jackets can you have in answer, 13.
8:43 am
>> oh? >> so truely if that's something, it is okay to sort of have a go to look. if you feel good in it, you don't have to re-invent the wheel. >> okay. a lot of these images, and ideas we've seen before. you say for spring, for shoes, it is brand new, you're real excited about that. >> footwear, again, there is no fashion rules any more. so you can wear whatever you want and whatever you feel good in. but there are some like some fun new fashion footwear stuff coming your way. >> i love it, show to you at 9:00. we're in bloomingdales, thank you, seriously the most gorgeous people that sell stuff are right here. >> do they live around here? i mean, everybody's good looking in this whole shot. >> where you say where have you been all my life? >> they all live in the philadelphia area. he's like do they live around here? come to the mall, mike, you'll see all every these people. >> i hate the mall but i love kop mall. after going to minnesota i never want to be a mall in again. >> i like mall of america. >> just so, anyway. >> anything you would ever want. >> there is a guy named john gaudy, famous for his sand
8:44 am
sculptures, out at fourth and market. you want to see another piece of his work? >> oh, look at that. >> is that a dog? >> in a sneaker, yes. >> well who ordered that one? you know what what i need? i need a dog in a smoker. there he is right there, live shot at him. >> for a second i thought he look like richard gear from the side. >> oh, he kind of does, ya. well. >> from the profile right there, richard gear, see it? >> what's the word of the day, he's building one right now.
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
judge we have a list every things for this upcoming storm but i've posted on twitter and facebook, handle for both is sue serio fox 29 soaking rain headed our way, one to 2 inches, the heaviest tomorrow, but then rain starts high win watch northwest 25 to 35 miles an hour, that's windy enough. gusts cents 50 to 06 miles per hour and the tricky part, change-over to snow possible, friday night, how far south will that snow extends?
8:48 am
the big question. right now, we're just looking at cloud cover, the rain is on the way win driven day, 40 degrees we start to dry out saturday. this time the weekends won't and wash out. sunday looks pretty good sun and high of 49 degrees. we stay pretty seasonable through the middle of next week, so like sands through the hour glass, so are the times of our lives. >> time for the word of the day, it is cast he will, we have john gaudy, he knows how to make huge, beautiful castles but all sort of other sands sculptures. good to see you, man. >> good to be here. >> he is from atlantic city. were you born in ac? >> born in ac, yes. >> where do you live snow. >> i live in italy near venice. >> oh, my gosh. but you're the with the ac fire department for how many years? >> twenty-seven years, half that far as captain, yes.
8:49 am
>> did you start working with the sands of atlantic city? >> yes, the rowdy gaudy's. >> so lots of people were just using buckets and putting castles, were you doing stuff like this? it evolved into something like this after 30 yeas of carving, so -- >> well the castle looks great. also pictures of your other work. >> thank you. >> how big can you make them? >> we went for the worlds records 28 feet, hands shoveled. >> what's the weird he thing anybody ever asked to you build? >> the weirdest thing? man. wow. >> this is normally normal stuff? >> well, you know, did i the thing for the white house at normandy beach, actually on the beach of nor andy of the soldiers landing i don't know in in that's weirds. >> not weirds, beautiful. >> really cool. >> real quickly if you don't mind, so are youing it going
8:50 am
to finish the word castle for us? >> ill. >> see you after 9:00. thank you. >> see you john. >> good seeing you. >> beautiful castle. words of the day. >> how are you going to get it home? it is on wheels right now. >> does it make you sad when the water takes it away? >> i don't work on the beach any more. >> too painful. >> bye. here is a weird story we will do next, i don't know how weird it is. but, these people are hiring a woman kind of a nanny, and they hire her to give her children the birds and the bees talk because the parent ♪ mom, we got girl scout cookies to sell. the girl scout cookie inspired flavors you love. now in the dunkin' coffees you love. only at dunkin'.
8:51 am
(clucking noises) everyone wants to be the cadbury bunny because only he brings delicious cadbury creme eggs. while others may keep trying, nobunny knows easter better than cadbury.
8:52 am
8:53 am
>> sugar limbs just wrote me on twitter. >> what did she say?
8:54 am
>> sugar lips. >> hi, sugar lips. >> oh, it wasn't actually her. it was dan. no, no, that wasn't it either. >> what are you looking for? >> she wanted to know the name of one of the sauces, the french sauce, from that cooking segment we did. >> do you remember? >> do you think i listen? i have no idea. >> were you eating. we know the book is called just add sauce, get the book, you can find it in there. >> also go to that will segment will be there probably in the next hour. >> also, very true. >> okay? >> okay. let's get to. >> this because people are hysterically laughing over a real life teddy bear. a brother and sister duo, decidedecided to have some fun h customers shopping at walmart and target. >> that's so good. >> they cut a hole inside giant teddy bear, the sister got in, they strolled around the store. >> look at the dance moves on that one. >> that's great. so the store didn't come up with this, this is just random people? >> i wonder if this is a costume, too, because i've seen some videos on the internet. of the bear. so i don't know? >> oh, see the back is cut open.
8:55 am
>> yes, look at that. >> oh, my gosh. >> how cute though? >> but how claustrophobic. >> can she breathe? >> oh, ya. how, how are they seeing? >> how do they get kept in the store? >> ahh! >> oh, so cute. >> i got to like this. >> oh, i betty could fit in one of those. >> i bet so. >> where can you get a giant teddy bear like that around here? >> well, trying to put me in a bear now. >> yes. >> i would get one on amazon. >> toys are us? is toys "r" us still open? >> yes, still open. >> yes. and what would you have me do, just wander around the studio around old city? >> cut a hole in the back, get some of the stuffs out, get in, there cut some eye holes, run around. >> sound like a fun time. >> that's a segment. all right, did you hear this? a doctor says menstrual cramps are as painful as a heart attack. a lot of women responded to that statement. uh-huh. >> hey, kids. leave that snow alone.
8:56 am
a school tells its students, you can't touch the snow. there is a reason behind the unusual rules that's getting all of the backlash, and i've been hearing that there are some schools in our area that actually have this rule. >> yes, a man in this build hadding they will this rule at his school. we'll reveal him next. in a big break t
8:57 am
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8:59 am
it was hidden behind all of my free weights. if you're not an expert, peco can help. we have lots of ways to help you save energy and money. peco. the future is on. >> oh, stop that. >> no, i like him. >> he's back with selena. >> oh, okay. >> i like justin bieber now. >> do you? >> happy birthday to him. he's 24 years old today. he's all grown up. >> yes, this is old school westbounder. >> when was he first
9:00 am
discovered? >> usher saw him on youtube video when he was 13, 14? >> and then ellen, it blew all up. >> so we've known him ten years now. >> but his purpose albumn. oh, i know some of his song, but his turn albumn is good, >> where are you now? >> where are you now? where are you now, that i need you. >> almost embarrassing to be a bieberbeliever. but so many good songs. >> ♪ >> kind of mean. >> it is mean? >> just go love yourself. don't be worried about me. >> this woman, you come back no my life. what he's telling her to do, go eh herself. >> she came back, back together again, and sometimes -- >> it is about salina? >> of course it is about selena. >> song like that? you k


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