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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  March 1, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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joining us. i'm iain page. lucy is off tonight. taking a life look at reading in berks county in a few hours things will look different. it's not heavy rain, damaging winds and snow in the forecast. here's look outside of our studios in old city right now. kind of the calm before the storm. moving down the shore, that's going to bear the brunt of this system. as coastal communities in new jersey and delaware are going to get hit hard. also, outside our scott williams jumps with more on the storm's path tonight. scott? >> reporter: good evening, iain. good evening everyone. we're bracing for a major coastal storm this one will likely be the most significant storm of the season. the calling cards rain, wind, wet snow and also a coastal concern. take look at ultimate doppler. you can see what we're tracking that energy around parts of the great lakes. also, an area of low pressure developing out to sea. that energy will merge and intensify into this major coastal storm. let's take a look at several of
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the particulars. we have a flood watch posted philadelphia points north and east for moderate to heavy rainfall. ponding on the roadways expected in addition to that rainfall, we're talking high winds. get this. winds could gust 5060 miles per hour and also we're looking at a coastal flood warning. when i come indoors we'll go hour by hour, timing out that rainfall and also who will see significant snow. back to you. >> all right. scott thanks. scott of course will be back in just little bit with more on that storm's path. remember for the most up to the minute forecast any time just download our fox 29 weather authority app its p. it's easy, free and get it in both the apple i tunes and google play stores. just ten years old that is the age of the boy accused of sending threatening e-mails that shut down south jersey school districts this morning interrupting classes for nearly 4,000 students. fox 29's shawnette wilson has more.
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>> reporter: parents and students at the franklin township elk and delsea regional school districts woke up this morning to news an e-mail threatening a shooting. it forced all three districts to close for the day. >> i want it to be known that we will not stand for this type of behavior, and we will intensely investigate and prosecute these crimes to the full extent that the law will allow. >> reporter: police say a teacher at caroline ritter school in franklinville got the e-mail from unknown center around 1:30 this morning. that teacher immediately called police. >> while the investigation was on going, the person responsible for these actions couldn't to do send e-mails to not only teachers but now principals in our district. this person also sent e-mails to the superintendent. >> reporter: by late morning, police had identified the person they say was behind the threat, a ten-year-old student. >> he has admitted to making these threats towards the scho school. um, at this point in time, he is being charged with making terroristic threats and also
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causing false public alarm, and we are seeking psychological help for him and after that he will be release to do his parents. >> reporter: officers say the boy had no access to weapons. still district officials felt what happened called for a plea to parents. >> i do want to encourage the parents to please, please, please, pay close attention to what your children are doing online. whether it's social media, whether it's e-mail, i mean this is just an unfortunate situation where a student was online hiding behind a computer making threatening statements. making bad decisions. >> reporter: district will resume normal operations friday with an increased police presence. shawnette wilson, fox 29 news. >> a scary morning in cumberland county college. the school went into lock down after someone reported a hostile intruder. this happened around 9:30 this morning. the school's website posting a notice alerting students to secure themselves in a safe location. the school was on lock down for an hour and a half while police
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searched the campus. no threat was found. breaking news out of delaware right new york the state supreme court has overturned a teen's conviction in a school bathroom attack that left her classmate dead. 17-year-old girl had been found guilty of criminal negligent homicide and sentence to do sick months in a juvenile facility for the between 20 keep death of amy joyner francis the core says it would be unjust to blame her for the 16-year-old's death. an autopsy found she died of undiagnosed heart defect aggravated by the stress of that fight. another teen convict asked now on probation for 18 months. happening right now, pennsylvania republican leaders asking a state rep to step down. republican state representative nick mick carell out of delaware county accused of assault by two women. fox 29's jeff cole a life in ridley park where miccarelli's district office is. >> reporter: iain, along with that call for resignation, the dauphin countyrm to fox 29 he hs opened a criminal.
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both of this accusers admit that they have had consensual but now they've stepped forward to accuse himt delaware county home of state representative nick miccarelli andno been there. just up the street, there was sd like a gentleman and he was strictly borusin the township. >> reporter: a lawyer representing both of miccarelli's accusers confirms to fox 29 what the inquirer first reported ttfficial and a l consultant have accused of miccarelli sexual assault and domestic violence. >> what's going on inisburg? wp there? >> this week there's a couple things going on but i just got married. >> reporter: wednesday from his backyard, miccarelli proclaimed his innocence. >> allegations of behavior that's not proper.
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can you tell me about it? >> jeff, all i can tell you i've done nothing wrong. >> reporter: miccarelli's fellow republicans in harrisburg state house say, they've gotten law enforcement involved as a result of their investigation of claims they call alarming. a source close to the investigation tells fox 29 miccarelli must now enter the capital as the public does through a metal detector due to concerns he's carried a gun into the building. the attorney says one of her clients who had relationship with him claims the army veteran pointed a gun at her and threatened to crash his car while driving at high speeds. the other says he sexually assaulted her after had he broke up. >> i'm at home on my personal property, jeff, and if, you know, i understand -- >> nick, i've known you for long time. i'm here to try to get your side of it. i'm trying to do a fair job he here. >> you'd like to have a conversation, sit down do that at my office when i'm not in the back might have house doing yard work with my dogs. >> reporter: miccarelli says he's not seen the complaint that
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has been made against him. he said he is not the mandi picketed in news reports and he says he is running for re-election. live in delaware county, i'm jeff cole, fox 29 news. iain, to you. >> jeff, thank you. we're now getting a look at philadelphia mayor jim kenney's budget proposal for the fiscal year 2019. the mayor pitched a $4.9 billion budget to city council today that mainly focuses on public safety and improving the city schools. it includes a 6% increase in property taxes to help close the district's deficit. the mayor says it could bring the district $475 million over the neck five years. mayor kenney says there are new underdogs in town. >> these students are waiting for their shot at greatness. just like that team of underdogs we cheered on broad street and the parkway a few week ago. the truth is, i believe the real philadelphia underdogs are our students. hundreds of thousands of preschoolers, children, teens, young women and young men who have been poorly served by an
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under funded school district. >> kenney also talked about invest manies to the police and fire departments, the opioid crisis and the soda tax. a big crime ring spanning five counties busted tonight investigators say it brought big money and preyed on those addict to do heroin let's get out to dave schratwieser live in bristol for us tonight. dave. >> reporter: iain, they call this operation booster club after the opioid addicted professional thieves who stole items from big box stores and then sold them here at pawn shops in bucks county. today the attorney general said this fueled the drug trade and drug addiction and also hit consumers in the wallet. >> mr. stein, you want to say anything at all. >> reporter: pawn shop owner michael stein was tight lipped as he left court thursday with his attorney charged in wide sweeping conspiracy to resell merchandise stolen from big box stores and retailers across the region. authorities say the scheme netted nearly half a million
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dollars. >> this is ultimately in a nutshell a case about greed. >> reporter: stein and four others were charged with participating in a corrupt organization after state and local investigators uncovered the multi county scheme in which so-called boosters would steal new items still in their boxes from stores like home depot, walmart, target, cvs and giant. >> the boosters stole kitchen faucets and blenders and vacuum cleaners. >> reporter: the 27 booster who's were charged brought in 5,000 stolen items to pawn shops allegedly controlled by stein. they got paid a third of the value for the items. the stolen merchandise would then be taken to a warehouse and offered for sale online. >> mr. stein is not accused of stealing property. he's not accused of directing anyone to steal property. it's really just he should have known that the items that were coming in were stolen. >> reporter: state investigators say the so-called boosters were professional retail thieves who are opioid
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dependent. many times using the money to feed their habits. >> stein and his employees profited off the addiction of others. >> reporter: four months ago, fox 29 was there when the state attorney general's office rated pawn shops across the area including several in delaware county. they also seized items from this warehouse, more charges and arrests are expected. >> at the end of the day who pays for this much the consumers in pennsylvania pay for it because the price of their products have gone up. >> reporter: the attorney general points out that 15 people died from drug abuse every day in pennsylvania. 168od pods here in bucks county last year alone. that's a 43% increase. all of the defendants in this case were released on bail. more charges and arrests are expected. iain? >> all right, dave, thank you. pennsylvania governor tom wolf joining with hospital staff talking about fighting that
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opioid epidemic. the governor at crozer chester medical center announcing an initiative to remove barriers for people battling the addiction. governor wolf focusing today on fda approved treatments using medication he said that when combined with counseling and behavioral therapies, they are proven strategies to reduce addiction relapse and improve the chance for recovery. >> we're going to take practical steps to try to make sure that substance use disorder severers get treatment whatever they need. he is special physical it's medication assisted, mat that they get that as quickly as possible and we do practically -- >> today' as announcement one piece of the state's larger effort to fight the heroin and opioid abuse epidemic. in january, governor wolf declared the opioid epidemic a public health emergency disaster to bring together resources and try to focus efforts to fight it. bearing down. a nasty storm with rain a little snow and some hard hitting winds. the shore will get hit hardest. homeowners tell us they know how to get ready.
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around for decades. family shops and businesses longer than many of us have
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♪ >> huge water main break center geyser shooting in the air in wilmington today. leaving some people there and businesses without water. tonight city officials are urging drivers to avoid that area of 13th and washington as crews continue to try and work on it. they say a delmarva gas subcontractor hit a 12-inch main around 10:00 this morning causing it to break. water expected to be restored by late tonight to about a dozen
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customers. your fox 29 winter weather authority tracking rain, high winds, maybe even snow as we take look down the shore in cape may. folks who live in cape may are understandably concerned about all the rain that's heading their way. let's get more from fox 29's steve keeley in cape may. >> reporter: right here on the edge of south jersey, we are in cape may right here where the delaware bay meets the atlantic ocean. you can see the waves are tiny and the water is smooth as glass. it will look a whole lot different when the storm starts to roll in with big waves and a lot of coastal flooding and wind gusts as high as 60 miles an hour. the problem the back bay people have, they are used to flooding. but that they don't want to see any more flooding than they've suffered this winter on the oceanside they have not built the dunes back up finish building the protective sea wa wall. so now they worry if they have enough protection for those very expensive beach front and ocean front properties on the jersey
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shore. the question is, will the damage be bad? and will it be able to be all repaired at least beach wise in time for the memorial day weekend which is coming up fast. so as we end winter and begin spring, we have another march nor'easter to deal with. on the coast of south jersey, steve keeley, fox 29 news. of course keep it here on fox 29. scott will have your latest op those storms and the path coming up. you can take the fox 29 weather authority with you when ever go download our app. it is easy, free and available for you in the apple i tunes and google play stores. same weather system that's heading our way wreaking havoc in texas, severe flash flooding slamming the dallas area. one car just submerged. luckily the drive was rescued. authorities say more than a dozen people had to be rescued from flooding in north texas yesterday. the philadelphia police officer caught on camera body slam ago happened cuffed man has been charged with assault. the da's office says james yeager was arrested today. you might remember seeing this
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video in july. it shows yeager picking up a guy and smashing his head into the side of a pool. the da's officer says "his behavior was unacceptable and he needed to be held accountable" gayer was fired in august of last year. we all have our favorite spots, some are businesses open for years but when our cherished places close their doors, we lose a bit of our history and now a couple of beloved old philadelphia establishments are on the way out. our hank flynn has their send off. it's hank i'm in front of ricklin's hardware in narberth which is closing down after more than 100 years in business. my take is, i don't like it. i hate it like they say change is going to come. ricklin's was closed today a sign on the door announce add goodbye sale starting thursday after a hundred five years in business. ann holding out hope she's been a shopper there almost 40 years. >> and i was hoping that when terry tired that they'd keep it in the family or sell it to
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somebody who would keep it open as a hardware store. >> reporter: sure. >> maybe that's still possible. anybody out there with the interest come and keep it as our local hardware store. >> reporter: possible not probable. everything from every department is reportedly marked to go for the store's swansong sale. i decided to go bowling. i'm a crappy bowler but i won't get better high spot lanes in roxborough. they're shutting down too wednesday night after men's league. >> time to go, man. we're getting old. we can't do it no more. and time to go. >> we gave 100%. >> reporter: charles and john have run the high spot for the better part of the last 40 years. byob bowling a place where they were always friends usually family like john's daughter maryann. >> i shed a tear yesterday. i'm close to tears now because like i said it's part of my home. i grew up here. part of my home. >> get in there!
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>> reporter: that was part of the magic. charles says the close knit crowd and easy access to bowling practice made for 300 scores and a traveling team tough to beat. >> pittsburgh, cincinnati, detroit, we bowled everywhere. and they said here comes high spot lanes. god' honest truth. >> reporter: so what happens now? lion share of the speculation says high spot will get torn down for housing it was developers who bought the place after all like people, places have to go through the life cycle, birth, live, death. it is the way of things. it doesn't mean i have to like it. i'm getting old. i'm hank and that's my take. ♪ happening right now, the white house moving forward on the president' as jenn today the trump administration is hoping to shift the focus after another major shake up. fox news correspondent kevin cork in washington with more. when it comes to time when our country can't make aluminum and
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steel, you almost don't have much of a country. >> reporter: president trump getting back to business. announcing tariffs next week on steel and aluminum imports sending the dow tumbling the news coming one day after yet another major white house bombshell. the regular nation of long-time aid and communications director hope hicks. >> that's got nothing to do with the testimony from the day before. >> reporter: trump administration working to shift the focus back to the president' as jenn today with the first lady addressing a white house summit on the opioid crisis. >> our unified goal is that of all who have been affected by drug addiction. >> we need strength with rep to the pushers and to the drug dealers. >> reporter: gun control also remains a topic of concern as the president holds yet another meeting on school safety. >> he does want congress to come together and put forward a piece of legislation that addresses the safety in schools and gun violence specifically.
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>> reporter: momentum for reform is building on capitol hill. democrats and republicans each presenting safety proposals. >> do not hold hostage a piece of legislation that that would work and that we all support because it doesn't have everything you want. >> just passing fix 96 is not nearly enough. we need to do a lot more. >> reporter: given the reverend billy graham's death, lawmakers on capitol hill canceled votes for both yesterday and today and i should also point out tomorrow the president will be in charlotte for the late reverend's funeral. at the white house, i'm kevin cork, fox news. bucks county listen to this much these guys are after your money and your personal information. use credit card lately? look out. talk about a jammo right during rush hour and drivers had a couple of dogs to thank for it all.
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>> trial of a nanny accused of killing two children in her care got underway in new york today. 2012 marina kim walked into her apartment and found her two young kids dead in the bathtub. prosecutors say ortega stabbed to the two children to death before stabbing herself in suicide attempt.
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ortega has been charged with first and second degree murder. a man is now charged with sending a letter with white powder that landed drum injury's wife in the hospital. daniel frue sell low from massachusetts was arrested this morning. he sent the letter with the white powder. vanessa trump opened on februare hospital as a precaution. the powder turned out to be corn starve. federal authorities say he also sent letters containing powder to four other people. he's facing several charges. deliberations continue today in the corruption trial of allentown mayor. mayor ed pawlowski accused of trading city contracts for campaign cash much this is the second day of jury deliberatio deliberations. he's facing fraud, bribery, attempted extortion and lying to the fbi. the defense says he's innocent. coming up a triple threat, rain, wind known life look at the ben franklin parkway during rush hour. scott this storm is moving in right now. >> absolutely, iain. all of the ingredients are coming together for a major coastal storm.
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the break down, the timing and expected snowfall totals, yeah, we're talking snow march is coming in like a lion next.
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(phone buzzing) i like these yogurt bites. (phone buzzing) and i like these yogurt bites... ah... ooh! apparently, i like them more than i like my phone. where...ah, oh! hello? ah, i missed it. it was my mother-in-law. i'll call her back. don't tell her i told you that. you'll like them both but love our price. award-winning little journey baby essentials from aldi. simply smarter shopping. ♪ fox 29 winter weather authority tracking some wild weather as we take look at ocean city, new jersey. the shore prepared to get hit hard. a lot of rain and damaging winds
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as well as some flooding. scott has got your forecast and will have the latest for in you just a few minutes. happening right now, the search is on for a couple of thieves who police say are trying to steal your money and information with skimmers on atm's across our area. our shawnette wilson has more from bensalem. >> reporter: they're brazen and up to no good. looking for your personal information and access to your money. bensalem police say these two men are putting skimmers on atms in the area. >> that's the size of it. >> that's the size of it i showed nancy and charlie richmond pictures of one. skimmers police find every found on drive up a tm at this bb and t bank near where the richmonds thing. >> it's scary small. you wouldn't see it report charlie says he's familiar with the scam and how criminals will put them anywhere. >> they've been putting them on gas pum pump also. >> reporter: police say the duo placed the skimmer at bb and t on january 9th. the bank was notified of unusual
5:30 pm
activity at the atm which started the investigation and led to the skimmer. >> i would never even notice. >> reporter: anna scope out grossing shopping with her son eric tries to take precautions with her debit and credit cards. >> i'm trying not to use any atm's like whether at the gas stations or like wawa or whatever. >> reporter: investigators say these same suspects also put skimmers in other locations. brian says he keeps an eye out. >> most places, yeah, most a tm' and stuff outside. but most stores, no. gas stations. >> reporter: investigators also want you to keep an eye out for the suspects. the obvious cameras they ignored captured clear pictures of them with the device in hand. >> definitely makes you want to pay attention. but i believe drugs has a lot to do with it. you know, i think that's causing a lot of the, um, crime want n not. >> reporter: shawnette wilson, fox 29 news. let's get back to your fox 29 weather authority. lot to get to as we start with a live look at wilmington.
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rain, wind and snow for some of us moving in over the neck several hours. what can you expect? scott has got your forecast in just 15 seconds. >> you name it we've just about got it with this storm. major impacts across parts of the delaware valley. so what about the timing? tonight through friday we're looking at the heaviest of that rainfall changing over to some wet snow tomorrow afternoon. tomorrow afternoon through tomorrow night. damaging winds. we're looking at that high wind warning, winds could gust well over 50 miles per hour. so now is the time to secure that loose lawn furniture, the backyard barbecue, we're looking at those damaging winds. coastal concerns. in in particular tomorrow evening through saturday morning i think the most significant
5:32 pm
high tide will occur saturday morning. but look at ultimate doppler right now. light to moderate rain developing north and west. but as we expand the view, energy around parts of the great lakes will combine off of the coast and that will set the stage for the rain and the wind. we'll go hour by hour. nine tonight we're looking at the heavier rain bands move in from the west. by 11:00 o'clock still looking at downpours moving toward the jersey shore. 1:00 a.m. we're still looking at the heavy rain. tomorrow morning, we have light to moderate rain but look at the cold air rushing in from north to south. the poconos a good thump of wet snow during the day but by 2:00 in the afternoon, we're looking at temperatures upper 30s. so wet snow will be mixing in but nothing significant south of the turnpike. but we are looking at at a dramatic change in the temperatures. how much rainfall on the order of about an inch maybe upwards of 2-inches in some locations
5:33 pm
but look at the winds. tomorrow afternoon, 2:00 p.m., gusts 40, 50 even 60 miles per hour. look at this. friday 7:00 p.m., 62. millville 62 miles an hour gust atlantic city soothes that's where the damage will occur. our in house power outage index indicating scattered to perhaps moderate power outages across the area. now look at change over. up to 6-inches of snow toward the poconos. less than that once you move a little farther to the south. but down the shore, significant coastal flooding. beach erosion those winds gusting 50, 60 miles per hour temperatures right now in the upper 40s to low 50s. but we are looking at those major problems developing during the day tomorrow. 44 degrees that will be the high temperature for friday. upper 40s for the upcoming weekend. but we still keep a breeze and then as we move toward the middle of next week, maybe some rain and perhaps some wet snow.
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coming up, we'll talk about those high tide cycles and more on the coastal flooding. iain back over to you. >> scott, thank you. meanwhile down under they are picking up the pieces after torrential rains more than 14-inches dumped on townsville in northern eastern part of australia people living in low-lying areas have been told to sand bag their homes as the threat for flooding will continue for the next few days. authorities in some areas were forced to make emergency rescues after drivers got stranded in their cars as you can see because of that flash flooding. tidal for -- tight for one college course raising eyebrows and causing controversy and it all has to do wit
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♪ man's best friend causing a commuter nightmare in arizona. major traffic delays on highway in phoenix when a couple of dogs got on the loose and made a dash for the freeway. officers were dispatched to catch them but the dogs kind of bobbed and weaved through traffic. they were eventually caught and they're okay. a controversial college course san diego state university is getting a name change after getting national
5:38 pm
attention. the class was originally called trump impeachment, removal or conviction. fox's jamie chambers talked to some frustrate students pushing back. >> reporter: the title of course has riled republicans on campus and across the united states. the one unit class was originally called trump, impeach. , removal or cop vick. >> when you put specifically president trump's name in the title, you're targeting president trump. >> reporter: brandon jones young republican senior at san diego state says when he saw the title posted he wasn't surprised but disappointed. >> when i came to college i was expecting a marketplace of ide ideas. kind of free flow back and forth exchange of ideas. that's unfortunately not happening on college campuses today. >> reporter: school officials changed the title of the course dropping trump's name posting similar impeachment, removal or conviction. declining an interview, officials released this statement "we would like to
5:39 pm
acknowledge those who have been offended by the course. retrospect well we realize the tile of course trump impeachme impeachment, removal or conviction is inconsistent witness course couldn't at the present time described ". >> they are backpedaling because we put pressure on them which is good in a sense. they're stepping in the right direction. however, if you look at the textbook and i use textbook loosely requird for the course it was written by a liberal nut job. >> reporter: more liberally minded students say it's a class they've been waiting for. >> that just sounds fascinating to talk about, right, and to look at the evidence and to see, um, what is and what is not fact versus fiction. >> reporter: school officials say the curriculum will look at the 19 times that impeach many hearings have been brought up in the history of the united states and will look at the 25th amendment as a hole. jamie chambers, fox news. two homes destroyed by a fire in delanco burlington county. flames broke out at a twin style home around 2:00 this morning on
5:40 pm
the 600 block of hickory street. firefighters battled the smoky conditions as flames shot out of the roof. two people were taken to a hospital with minor injuries. firefighters say the building is in significant danger of collapsing. so far we don't know how that fire started. parking meters can you imagine all the coins in there. someone did and they saw a way to make quick cash. can you make a living playing video games some people are and let's just say they're doing really well. tom? >> good evening. hottest team in hockey is your philadelphia flyers. just ahead why tonight's game looks like it might be too easy and the hottest college basketball team in philadelphia it isn't villanova. we're talki
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following breaking news for you right now out of delaware coun county. as you can see skyfox over a search on fords road in glenns mill big police presence there. we don't know what the search is in regards to right now. but we of course will stay on top of this and bring you knew information as soon as we get it. checking back in with your fox 29 weather authority. folks in old city bracing for rain but down the shore like here in cape may, it's a whole other story. the worst of that rain still hours away but people already concerned about damaging winds and the high tides this weekend that of course your fox 29 weather authority tracking it all. scott joins us now with more on this. scott? >> absolutely, iain much watching this major coastal storm develop and it really will create a tight pressure gradient much those are lines of equal pressure so take a look as this storm just kind of explodes out to sea during the next couple of days. we are going to look at the wind picking up tomorrow afternoon and evening with gusts 50 to 60 miles per hour but one of the hardest hit areas will be along the jersey shore.
5:45 pm
we have coastal flood warnings that will run tomorrow morning through sunday morning. multiple high tide cycles combine that with the full moon and we're talking about a lot of moisture that will really just pile up. look at the wave hide heights friday offshore. five to eight footers. nine to 12-foot waves by saturday and we're watching several high tide cycles the first one tomorrow morning between 8:00 and 9am then friday night and then saturday morning between 8:30 and 10:00 a.m. i think that will be significant. we'll also have to watch saturday evening as well for beach erosion, flooded roadways property damage and also power outages. much more coming up at the top of the next hour. back over to you. >> all right. scott. thanks. we move to ocean city. keep it right here on fox 29. our chris o'connell is down the shore checking on conditions down there. he'll have live report for us coming up at 6:00n delaware county instead of dee pouffing money in parking meters, someone
5:46 pm
was making unauthorized withdrawals. like hundreds of dollars worth. now police are saying it was an inside job. our dave schratwieser has more. >> we immediately launched an investigation. >> reporter: surveillance cameras were rolling as police say 28-year-old parking enforcement officer tiffany blackston made her way down marshall road emptying coins out of parking meters. there's only one problem. police say she was pocketing the money. >> she stole $500 approximately $500 in change that she changed the change into dollar bills at giant supermarket. >> reporter: she's facing long list of charges from burglary to theft and receiving stolen property. investigators say she broke into the borough manager's office in millbourne borough where she works and stole the keys and a tool to open parking meter glass that's a criminal. >> reporter: superintendent chitwood says she opened up over 20 parking meters in millbourne and upper darby and made off
5:47 pm
with the cash. she also caused a thousand dollars in damages. it all fell apart when she was caught in the act on camera. millbourne officials quickly identified her as a borough employee on the take. >> she voluntarily came in, subsequently we took a confession from her where she admitted the thefts. >> that baffles me big time. that really does balmy because there's -- why? you work for the city but you're capable of doing such a thing like that. >> reporter: parking meter theft surprised folks on the streets where the meters were broking into. many saying she be trade the public trust. >> at the end of the day you had a good job and you ruin it. >> superintendent chitwood says she blamed it all on an opioid problem. she's been ordered to a rehab facility for help. >> this kid, her life is destroyed. i mean, you know, has been destroyed. so hopefully she gets the rehab she needs. >> reporter: dave schratwiese schratwieser, fox 29 news. >> question a lot of 76ers fans
5:48 pm
have. will lebron be coming here to complete the process? rumors started circulating and they were rumors that the three-time nba champ was scoping out schools in philadelphia over the all star break. lebron says that was not the case. >> pennsylvania? >> um-hmm. >> no. what you talking about? >> no. over the all star break, no, i was on vacation i went to los angeles. >> well, just days after three billboards popped up to entice the king toison witness 76ers, when and if he becomes a free agent this summer looks like we'll have to wait and see what happens. becoming a millionaire playing video games. millennials are getting rich by becoming professional gamers. foxes toes tom johnson explains how they're doing it. >> reporter: i know what you're thinking. hey, there's a guy playing video games and while technically you are right, there is so much more here.
5:49 pm
meet juan, though that's not exactly how a lot of people know the orlando man. >> most people know me by hungry box or h box. >> reporter: his game of chews super smash brothers melee. and at 24 years old, you could say h box is pretty good at it. >> ranked number one player in the world. >> reporter: so what you say? well, here's what. despite having a chemical engineering degree from the university of florida, h box makes his living doing exactly what you see here. playing smash. got hooked on it in fifth grade good i was always way too competitive for my own good. >> reporter: he and his best friend started entering tournaments. >> we just got destroyed. >> reporter: but decade or so later -- >> crazy win. >> reporter: he's making ban. >> 30 grand this one. >> reporter: e sports tracks the stuff career earnings for h box, nearly 300,000 bucks.
5:50 pm
97,000 in 2017 alone playing smash h box's career. he's a professional gamer. employed by team liquid. >> fly me out to events, paying for my hotel, my flights, and having a fan base that supports me through twitch and live streaming. >> reporter: there are actually thousands of gaming pros playing e sports all over the world. >> there's a lot of money to be made. >> reporter: scott tidwell started out in the hard wary side of gaming. now he's an exec for online e sport site pvp life and he knows the crazy numbers. >> 40 to 50 people who have earned through over million dollars a piece. >> reporter: by 2020, e sports expected to be a $1.4 billion global industry. >> crazy part about the phenomenon if my mind is that there are hundreds of thousands of people that watch these
5:51 pm
people gaming. >> reporter: exactly why orlando magic ceo alex martins jumped at the chance to have a pro team. in the nba is coming nba2ke sports league. >> nailed from three-point land. >> reporter: for old pros like h box it's not a surprise traditional companies are getting on board the e sports money train. >> they've seen the trend. >> reporter: trend that's making a lot of people a lot of money. >> you love doing this and i get paid for it. >> reporter: and gives juan -- >> it's a dream job for a lot of people. >> reporter: a life he absolutely loves. >> it's been awesome. >> reporter: playing games. >> it's been nothing but blessings. >> tom johnson, fox news. >> how much would you pay for really good meatball? how about 100 bucks? that's how much today of 83's northern italian steakhouse in new york is charge fog a meatball one day only on march 9th. that's because it's on national meatball day.
5:52 pm
as you can imagine it's pack with directable up grades. >> you've got way go beef stuffed with truffle cheese and then top it off with a champagne shallot sauce and it served with 2,000 bar rollo. >> sounds delicious. if you want it. you'll have to make a reservation it's only being offered one day in new york city. that's next friday. gotham is back tonight right here on fox 29. we're going to get a preview from the show's i work overtime when i can get it.
5:53 pm
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peanut butter lovers it's your day. today is national peanut butter lovers day. it doesn't matter how much -- how you like your pb in sandwich or paired with chocolate, how about this little fun fact. peanut butter was first sold in the u.s. back in 1904 at the universal expo situation in st. louis. today americans spend nearly $800 million a year on that delicious spread. many after winter hiatus gotham is back. steve rappaport talks with cast members about what fans can expect in the second half of season four. >> this isn't about gotham. this is revenge report roar spring final for fox' hit comic book series gotham. very few are brighten up around the dark city unless you're a villain. >> it's second half of gotham season four is a lot of people struggling for power. it's about to be juicy. it's about to be chaotic and it's about to be so fun. it's action packed. >> there are some riddles.
5:57 pm
there's some violence. shares in riddles. there's some ambition. there's some law breaking. >> really put out the stops. >> it's everything you need in relationship really. >> it's destined to be successful. >> expect more alliances to be formed including one between the riddler and lee tomkins. >> it means they have spark going. whether or not that's going to manifest a full blown relationship we'll have to wait and see. things get complicated. but he sees her in a way that she has not been seen by anybody meaning she's changed, and these two kind of compliment each other really well right now. are feeding each other's needs in the narrows as things evolve. >> per happen the riddler can describe this next chapter best. >> i'm the revealer of masks. when i appear, friend becomes foe and the one you love becomes the one you hate.
5:58 pm
what am i? be trail. >> that is so gotham. >> in hollywood, steve rappapo rappaport, fox news. >> you can watch the spring season premier of gotham tonight right here on fox 29. that will do it for us at 5:00. your news at 6:00 starts right now ♪ >> after a warm february that broke records march is coming in like a lion. your fox 29 weather authority tracking rain, damaging winds and flooding. whether you're in the suburbs, city or down the shore what you need to know at 6:00. live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 at 6:00. >> here's life look at rehoboth beach. big weather system moving in and first comes the rain, then the major wind. thanks for joining us tonight at 6:00 i'm iain page we have team coverage for you tonight. our chris o'connell is live down the shore in avalon but we begin
5:59 pm
outside our old studios with meteorologist scott williams. scott, our coastal communities could see the worse from this. >> absolutely iain. we're talking about significant impacts not only down the shore but as you move inn lapped and farther north and west toward the pocono mountains where they will see significant snow. look at ultimate doppler. you can zoo see two areas of low pressure those will come together merge right over the open waters of the atlantic basin. that will set the stage for the rain, the wind, the coastal flooding and also the beach erosion. so the main timing tonight through friday we're looking at that rainfall changing over to wet snow by tomorrow afternoon. friday afternoon and evening, the strongest of those damaging winds bringing down some trees also power outages likely and then we're watching for those coastal impacts. we have flood watches in effect tonight through friday night. philadelphia points north and east. but ritch the entire area we're talking about winds that could
6:00 pm
gust up to 60 miles an hour by tomorrow afternoon and evening with that high wind warning and of course down the shore we have the coastal flood warning for multiple high tide cycles. they will take a battering down the shore as that system just kind of cranks up and you can see those lines, those isobars indicating very tightly packed gradient so that will mean those strong damaging winds. when i come indoors, we'll go hour by hour, timing out the snow, timing out the rainfall, and also preview the weekend. iain, back over to you. >> scott, thank you very. we have high winds and they prom add warning to construction companies around philadelphia. especially when it comes to high rise buildings. l and i reminding managers to make sure your scaffolding fen fencing and cranes are secure. meanwhile our chris o'connell is down the shore in avalon. people getting ready for big hit there. chris. >> reporter: that is right, iain. ya, the shore bracing for exactl


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