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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  March 2, 2018 3:30am-4:00am EST

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live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11:00. dangerous storm heading into our area rain already pounding the streets in wilmington and that's not all. we're talking about a nasty mix of heavy rain, powerful winds that can make your morning drive a rough one. this storm is something you'll want to keep an eye on. good evening and thanks for joining us at 11:00 tonight i'm iain page this storm is massive. no matter where you live, you will feel it. tonight our crews are everywhere for from you the shore where the surf is getting rough to the suburbs where neighborhoods are already bracing for what's coming and our meteorologists are on top of it all. let's get out to kathy orr and kathy it is coming down out there. >> pouring rain iain this is classic setup for major east coast storm. typically we associate it with massive snow not the case this time. this is the primary low transferring energy off the
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coast to the coastal low but the problems going to be how much moisture is left when the cold air moves in. not really a problem but that's going going to be the question. take a look at this flood watch from philadelphia county even in south jersey toward the north and east where we do expect at least one to 2-inches of rain ponding on area roads and some problems with our rivers and streams over the next couple of days. so tonight through tomorrow, rain, some wet snow moving in tomorrow morning with the colder air. friday afternoon through the evening, damaging winds in excess of 50 even 60 the shore and friday afternoon into the evening into saturday morning coastal concerns especially at times of high tide. we're talking about potential for property damage down the shore and of course beach erosion and flooding as well. so what about the wind and the timing of this? for more on that we'll send it over to sco scott. hey, scott. >> hi there, kathy. take live look right now at ultimate doppler. it is lit up with moderate to heavy rainfall. i think the most intense right now through about one, 2:00 a.m.
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we'll go hour boy hour and show you how things play out as star as the heavy rainfall. right now you can see it moving north and west along the i-95 corridor. but we're dealing with the rainfall overnight tonight. as we go hour by hour you'll see it eventually change over to some wet snow. from north to south as that cold air rushes in. so that will be the concern tomorrow especially north and west toward the poconos. but also, we're dealing with the gusty winds and we have a coastal concern. our team coverage continues. chris o'connell live down the shore in ocean city. how are residents preparing? chris? >> reporter: well, scott, whatever nasty weather you are forecasting has already started down here at the shore with some soaking rains and some very gusty winds. it is the kind of forecast people down here at the shore have heard and dealt with many times before. and, yes, they are preparing for
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a storm. some people out tonight stocking up on whatever they could for what could be a couple long days inside this weekend. up and down the shore towns businesses and homes they are putting out the sand bags. many are spending tonight moving their cars to higher grounds. some boarding up their homes and garages. they are anticipating moderate to major flooding here with four high tides and full moon in the coming days. earlier tonight the townsend inlet bridge between avalon and sea isle that was shut down for safety reasons. >> we're preparing for some flood water and got to get -- move the cars and being prepared to sit in the house for a day or two straight. >> sounds like you've been through this before. >> once or twice. >> the water comes up, covers the street and you definitely can't drive through it because then it ends up ruining your car because it's saul water. >> reporter: now take look from our ocean city boardwalk camera. that is some soaking rain that
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has already started and really after a very soggy february it is really going to make matters worse down here at the shore. let's bring you don here to the boardwalk level. we have heard from power companies who have already started mobilizing their utility crews from other states to bring them in here. because of the anticipated power outagoutages that the storm may bring. it is going to be very long weekend for people not only down the shore but across our entire viewing area. iain? >> chris, thank you that storm is in effect tonight and tonight there's warning for construction crews in philadelphia with strong winds in the forecast l andism trying to remind managers to make sure their scaffolding, fencing and cranes are secure. that storm is hitting more than just the shore. it will affect our entire area. let's get out to our shawnette wilson live in croydon bucks county tonight. shawnette. >> reporter: iain, we have certainly heard people say this before. living on the river comes with a
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price, but people around here hope that flooding this weekend doesn't cost them too much. >> you live on the river so you kind of like get used to that report roar ben greer and his adorable son little ben live on sixth avenue in croydon. just off neshaminy creek where it flows into the delaware riv river. flooding used to be a big concern for him until two years ago. >> they changed the area. they built a berm over here, and they changed the water line and so it hasn't been a concern. >> reporter: but he certainly knows the damage a deluge of rain like what is expected tonight into tomorrow could do to his property. >> it feels good now that i don't have worry about it i don't worry about my car, i don't worry about my equipment in the garage or my crawlspace and things like that. >> reporter: not far away on minot avenue the weekend weather is nerve racking to marta rivera pumping water out of her crawlspace for about three week now sin the last heavy rain. >> always concerned about when it rapes a lot because the water does reach, upping, very high. >> reporter: jim beller bee
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her neighbor across the street has had problems, too. >> problem we're so close to the river. the river is right down here, and, upping, the rain we've had lately, it might come up this weekend. if not this weekend, the first part of next week. >> reporter: and a few minutes ago we heard kathy orr talk about high winds. people out here concerned about that too. some of these neighborhoods iain have a lot of trees really big trees and you know what that could mean. the possibility of power outag outages. so flooding and that there's a concern. >> absolutely, shawnette, thank you. when you wake up in the morning turn your tv on to fox 29. sue serio will be on top of the storm. mike masco will be sitting in for bob with your traffic and they'll both help you to get to work safely fighting words between the philadelphia police union and the city's new district attorney. the police union president says the da told cadets how they shall be shooting their guns if they felt threatened the union says that's not his job. our dave kinchen joins us live
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from center city tonight with more on this. dave? >> reporter: iain, the police union put out a stern letter to philadelphia police officers telling them basically not to listen to the da when it comes to how to handle their guns when their lives are in danger. >> stay in your lane and go up speak about court speak about whatever else don't speak about gun stuff or whatever it may be on the street. >> reporter: clear message from the fop president to philly's da larry krasner. after sources say krasner told a group of cadets they should shoot for the arm rather than shooting to kill if confronted by a violent suspect or situation. >> it's tollly opposite of what they're taught. they're taught and trained to shoot for center mass. this isn't a wild wild west western. where you clip them in the shoulder, bang them in the toe or hasn't. >> reporter: john mcnesby fired off think letter urging them to listen to proper training and not krasner when it comes to handling their guns. police sources say krasner spoke
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to cadets at the philadelphia police training center wednesday as part of a program sponsored by the guardian civic league. the remarks would rattle top brass. >> listen to the people who taught you over the last nine months. go out, do your job and be safe and more importantly don't put your life in danger by listening to somebody that has no idea what they're talking about. >> reporter: fox 29 can confirm police commissioner richard ross has spoken with the district attorney about his visit to the training academy and what krasner said. ross did not want to say any more about that conversation. >> it's a hiccup. don't -- please don't do it again. >> reporter: spokesperson for the da tells a different story on twitter calling mcnesby's letter an a account quote wildly inaccurate saying krasner told cadets about hypothetical cases where the da would or would not charge officers based on the law. spokesman ben waxman tweeted "he krasner did not instruct the cadets on their use of force. the purpose of the event was to assist young officers in
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avoiding problems during their careers much district attorney krasner stands by the statements he made at that time ". >> the spokesperson for the da says that they have video of krasner making the remarks in question. they say they invited fop leaders to come down and have a look at the video. they say the fop declined that offer. back to you. >> all right, dave, thank you. happening right now, pennsylvania lawmakers calling on state rep to step down. this is a day after sex assault claims surfaced against rep nick miccarelli out of delaware county. two women in a private complaint accused him of sexual assault and domestic have i lense and now his fellow house republicans say he should resign. also, tonight dauphin county da says he's opened criminal probe when our gel he jeff cole went to his home yesterday, miccarelli argued he's innocent. >> what's going on in harrisburg? what's happening up there? >> this week there's a couple things going on but i just got
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married. all i can tell you i've done nothing wrong. >> the attorney for one of the accusers says miccarelli point add gun at her and threatened to crash his car while driving at a high speed both women have previously dated him. miccarelli says that he's not the person depicted in these news reports and he plans to run for re-election. a major crime ring that went through five different counties busted. the ring fed off people addicted to opioids and heroin. investigators say the men would steal merchandise from big retailers like walmart and target. they would sell them to pawn shops where they would get paid a third of the actual value the pawn shops resold the unopened merchandise on e bay or other online retailers at full value. the boosters stole kitchen faucets and blenders and vacuum cleaners. >> at the end of the day, who pays for all of this? the consumers in pennsylvania pay for it because the price of their products have gone up.
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>> all the defendants have been released on bail but more charges and arrests are expect expected. president trump is calling on tough policies in the fight against the opioid epidemic. today at a summit at the white house was a follow up to last objection. when the president declared the crisis a nationwide public health emergency. today he said the ultimate penalty may be in store for drug dealers. president trump also said his administration will be rolling out a policy on opioids in the next few weeks. at ten years old, most kids are playing video games. not this south jersey teen. he's rupp ago business to find your long lost family. >> and you can't sleep? well there's one thing do you care that doctors say will put you out for the night. big night for woman in film and television the elevation award gala and philly's who of women walk the red carpet into the event tonight. proceeds from the gala will benefit the palmer in field director's
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♪ it's raining all over the area including in allentown he here. something else we'll see some high winds and major concern just how strong the wind gusts will be getting in your area that's coming up in your weather authority forecast in just a few minutes. you looking for a long lost ancestor can be a tough and time consuming. you can hire auguries she would
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old timer to sift through dusty logbooks and records, or you can kind of go a different route. bruce gordon joins us a store of a research cher barely old enough to drive. >> in fact he's hoping to get his license in the next month or so. but that does not impact eric shoe gert bert's drive to help others find a piece of their past. >> eric schubert's medford lakes home surround beside pine trees, but it's family trees that are on this 16-year-old's mind. >> how much of your time does this take up now. >> that's a good question. all of it i would say most of it. pretty much all of it eric was a sickly tepp-year-old lying around the house killing time when his mom lisa saw one much those type commerce on tv good how about you try that, maybe that will use up some of your time? so i did. haven't stopped. i don't know if she regrets that now going down that rabbit hole. >> i couldn't stop him if i wanted to. i always say that like it's -- it's taken on a its own. i can't keep up with him.
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>> reporter: eric now runs a business. es through which he's helped torn 500 clients find lost long ancestors. >> it's really just knowing where to look, knowing where to find things, knowing who to contact to get things report rohrer rick you've his skills to track down the birth father of his dad's grandmother. she'd been given up for adopti adoption. err are ick got a hold of her birth certificate and followed the leads and a few dead ends before tracking down his late great grandfather james. >> it was crazy because it just consumed so much of my life for so many years. trying to track this down and it was just so emotional. >> reporter: that find led eric to other lost family members much his dad's uncle and cousins living in bucks county. they've since met and become facebook friends. >> we owe a lot to eric for that. we really do. i mean, you know, can drive me crazy sometimes, but he's just so passionate about it. >> reporter: eric says finding birth parents are his favorite case glass they're just such
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unique opportunity to make an impact some unin someone's life. >> reporter: eric does lots of his genealogical research free of charge in fact he's visiting a senior center in marlton a in few weeks to help residents find their loved one. mom will drive him until he gets his license, iain. >> all right, bruce. great story, thank you n your health tonight you having trouble going to sleep. researchers at baylor university say the answer is pretty simple make a to do list let all that tension go. when you write something down your brain doesn't feel like it has to keep everything circulating. making it easier to let go. >> the idea is that if you can just take ideas that are just in your head put them on paper it let's your mind go to rest. you can put it aside, peck it up the next day. >> the researchers say don't write it on your phone because they don't recommend having your phone in your room but actually do it on pen and paper. old school. the heavy rain coming down tonight in wildwood, new jersey. the intense storm expect the to
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hammer our beaches. kathy how big of an impact we talking about here. >> a huge impact down the shore, iain. we're talking about flooding rain, beach erosion, maybe even property damage down the shore. it's not going to come all at once much it's going to be gradual. first we have the rain. the heaviest rain from philadelphia north and east. you can see the pocks of yellow and orange moving toward the northeast. s were he take zoom in right along the i-95 corridor even extending down through south jersey 42 freeway even into the garden state and also into the expressway see this circle right here? you can see a little bit of a loop. that is our primary low. it's actually losing a lot of its pressure and actually it's losing a lot of its strength redeveloping off the coast. that cold air coming in hyped it changing that rain over to snow by tomorrow morning. so this is what we're talking about. that soaking rain overnight. the highest winds tomorrow into tomorrow night gusting to 50 even 60 miles an hour down the shore. and then we'll be talking about the change over to wet snow. that will be friday during the day and into the afternoon
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hours. as we go hour by hour tomorrow morning 7am, some remnant rain heavier rain in north jersey and new england. but look at this. there's the snow as the colder air comes down from the south or i should say toward the south. the poconos 33 degrees and wet sloppy snow by 7am it will be getting colder during the day. so that snow will change texture in the poconos possibly 6-inches of snow there. even some snow showers toward philadelphia. but look at the dem temperature they've degrees. so if it falls hard enough just mainly on the grassy surfaces there and a better chance of any type of accumulation on the grass to the north and west. even by 5:00 o'clock in the afternoon a few snowflakes and then by 11:00 o'clock, out of here. as far as the snow is concerned, we're talking about the poconos seeing the most which is where we want the snow and possibly an inch to the north and west of philadelphia. mainly on the grassy surfaces during the day tomorrow. so we have the rain and the snow as the first part but then really the wind and the flooding
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come after for more on that let's send it over to scott. >> kathy, that storm is really going to crank up and take a look at the isobars. they're tightly pack so that will mean very strong gusty winds. we'll talk about the potential for power outage out there. so secure that loose lawn furniture across the delaware valley. as we go hour by hour, you can see by tomorrow afternoon and evening, we're talking about scattered power outages across the area. the most intense likely cape may county also as you move into southern delaware and then north and west toward sections of the pocono mountains. so here's the timing. what you need to know as far as the gusts. tomorrow morning, gusting 20 to 35 miles per hour as we move toward the afternoon, 35 to 50. and then take a look at the evening. gusts 45 to 60 miles an hour. so that will cause a lot of the water to pile up down the shore we're looking at waves building saturday nine to 12-foot.
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high tide cycles friday morning and then again the major concern will be saturday morning's high tide cycle we're talking beach erosion, coastal flooding. we have the full moon and we have multiple high tide cycles to get through. kathy? >> all right, scott. yeah we're looking at big problems down the shore for sure and as we look down the shore, look at this. some heavy rain and some gusty winds. that's in wildwood and overnight tonight temperatures will be mild. in the 40s and 30s. and even during the day tomorrow, temperatures in the 40s but falling during the day and of course that rain and wet snow falling as well. on your seven day forecast from the weather authority still wind on saturday, scott talked about that high tide being critical saturday morning down the shore i think that's we'll have the most damage and flooding. sunday 48. monday 50. next chance of rain will be next wednesday a very chilly rain and that's a look at your seven day forecast. iain. next couple much days are going a little rock coo. >> all right, kathy, thanks. big night for you tonight kathy
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honored at the sain st. francis desales school. receiving the spirit of the desales community stewardship award. congratulations, kathy. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. all right. tom what's coming up in sports. >> well deserved guys. 76ers talk about them iain and kathy taking on the cavaliers tonight which gave sixers fans another chance to dream about lebron james. my thoughts on
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♪ it is march 1st so much our basketball focus should be on march madness. instead here in philadelphia, we're led to chase lebron james rumors like peter contemplating a crime not the year of the cat the week of the misguided information. rumors swirled lebron james spent time here before the all star break. he was looking at potential houses potential schools. billboards in cleveland begging him to come to philadelphia sprouted up like early bubs in 50-degree february temperatures truth is i don't know where he's going. you don't know where he's going either. i don't think lebron james knows where he's going. you know what, he keeps that
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stuff tight. but let's be honest. lebron is not coming here. the updated odds in my opinion -- 0.0. >> please end the rumors. stop the insanity. caller on talk radio was 70% sure he saw lebron at a convenience store in the subur suburbs. he has million dollars houses in brentwood california he's worried basis lease. stop the insanity before we redefine march madness. >> a good point. i like it. >> check out rehoboth beach. messy. >> the delaware beaches we're talking about significant flooding
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here we go radar says it all a dangerous coastal storm slamming region a milk bag here we have it all heavy rain destructive winds flooding and even snow and this nor'easter is not going anywhere anytime soon. also, guilty how about this married he had pawlowski found responsible for rigging city contracts in exchange for campaign money? what is next for allentown. it is a rain i, windy, cold but guess what spring's in the air 2018 flower show, so beautiful, isn't in full bloom. >> good morning, i'm so excited for that this weekend but right now we have wild weather that is happening on this march 2nd. good morning. >> good morning, car even. i'm thomas drayton. rain's starting you probably heard it last night, shows no signs of slowing down.
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lets go back outside wilmington, good morning to you, we're about to say hi there all around the delaware valley. you just saw another shot there on the park way. no matter where you they're morning you will get hit with rain. >> we have he got team coverage. we have put our reporter and crews all over the place. steve keeley is down the shore because they will get pounded so steve's down there here's our team coverage. here it comes. and, take steve. well, anyway. >> one of those dramatic moments, it really is a dramatic storm. >> and wait for it. >> yes. >> all the way down north caroline we want to talk about this up to maine will just get pounded. we have steve keeley, mike mas co in the center of it all let's start with you, sue. >> we have a very low number. we always start with the number of the day and this one , remember last, well, couple days ago didn't we have a 10. today is a three. very messy, rainy, breezy
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right now. winds will be kicking up more and bus stop buddy has rain gear on as we get started this morning. you can see rain, lot of it heavy rain, southern delaware being spared, but as you are watching the circulation around this storm you see a lot of this will come down and effect our entire viewing area we will show you future cast and talk about the changes, of precipitation because some folks will switch over to snow but we have heavy rain moving through the area right now. so, this is what you have to deal with, rain, and some wet snow, even here in philadelphia, damaging winds throughout the day we have a high wind warning in effect and coastal concerns, as well. so those are our main weather headlines for today, we are in the mid 40's to start, and then we will be in the lower 40's by end of the day, and we could see wet snow before all is said and done. again, we will break down the timing of all of this for you, tell you what, bob kelly pick a good day to take a


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